Thursday, November 8, 2012

Closing of RMS Blogs

We have decided that the Report My Signal Blogs will be closed down.
There are many avid readers but sadly very few contributors. It is difficult to maintain and sustain blogs solely based on the print media and TV news broadcasts.
We thank all the readers for the patronage.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

CAG Report: Can the Generals deliver if they are indicted?

Root out corruption to improve standard of administration: CAG
Shillong, Nov 6, 2012 (PTI)
India will not be able to raise the standards of efficiency in administration unless corruption in high places is not destroyed and nepotism and black marketing is rooted out, Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) Vinod Rai said today.
The CAG also noted that citizen groups have become very discerning and more demanding.
"Unless we destroy corruption in high places, root out every trace of nepotism, love of power, profiteering and black marketing which have spoilt the good name of this country in recent times, we will not be able to raise the standards of efficiency in administration as well as in the production and distribution of the necessary goods of life," he said quoting the speech of first Vice President S Radhakrishnan on the eve of India's Independence, towards midnight on August 14, 1947.
The CAG was addressing the 20th convocation of the North Eastern Hills University here which conferred degrees to 8,035 students including 94 who received doctorate degrees in various disciplines.
Reminding the students that there are great opportunities ahead in their career, Rai warned that "when power outstrips ability, we will fall on evil days." He said, today the issues of ethics, accountability, probity and transparency have come at centre stage.
"Citizen groups have become very discerning and more demanding. What was earlier the silent and hence probably the suffering majority has begun to speak up," the CAG said, adding, "Time has come when we will all be held responsible for our actions, the way the foundation of an ideal society are laid."
Maintaining that ethical management and leadership is the corner stone for any business enterprise, Vinod Rai said, one "cannot compromise" with integrity whether in public administration or in corporate administration.
Stating that while the world is emerging from a severe economic stress and resetting itself to face newer economic realities, Rai said "India is becoming a major economic power."
The CAG urged the graduates to ingrain integrity and honesty in their subconscious and not to compromise under any circumstances despite the testing times and temptations.
"History tells us that many countries have been destroyed not by external aggression but by internal malfeasance," he said.
Expressing concern that the country’s performance in events such as the Olympics, Nobel Prize and registration of patents globally is low, Rai said, "the performance appears even more discerning in the context of our population, number of universities and contribution to global economy."
He said, "This poses a question of quality of education and a mindset of being content with mediocrity rather than being wrong."
Acknowledging that knowledge is power, Rai said the fact that we were conditioned to the hero worshipping of success and frowning upon failure makes us "risk averse".
"We need to strive for excellence, walk the extra mile with clear vision and mission taking every member of the team along," he said.
Root out corruption to improve standard of administration: CAG Comment: The Military needs to improve its image when resorting to local purchases including all types of grants. The commission/ bribe regime should end from top to bottom.

Rank Pay Arrears: Draft Implementation Order Status

06 Nov 2012.
Dear Veterans,
Jai Hind.
After clearance of the Rank Pay Case by the Ministry of Law, Ministry of Defence, Government of India, has cleared the file for payment to the affected officers. MoD has asked the Services Headquarters to prepare the “Draft Implementation Order” and sent it to the Ministry of Defence.
It is reliably learnt that the Pay Cells of the tree Services had anticipated such a letter from MoD and have a draft order ready.
As already informed to you, a senior officer of the AG’s Branch Army Headquarters is/was at Pune to discuss the information that is needed by the PCDA (O), for implementation of the order. Ways and means will be found to get such information with least trouble to the affected Army Officers.
The AG’s Branch Officer now at Pune is the son of a retired Army Officer – so he very well knows all your problems.
As regards the other two Services, Navy and Air Force, their accounts offices have all the information required for implementation of the Rank Pay Case. In case of Army Officers the problem has arisen because of a major fire in the office of PCDA (O) about a decade ago. Lot of records were destroyed in that fire.
In service of Indian Military Veterans.
Chander Kamboj
SC Judgement 4th CPC
1. It is reliably learnt that RM has cleared the file for Implementation of the Supreme Court order of 4th Sep 2012.
2. MoD has asked Service Hqs for draft implementation orders.
President, RDOA
What the PCDA Pune webpage says
Regarding the implementation of Hon’ble Supreme Court Order dated 04/09/2012, it is reiterated that this office has not received orders from the Government. However PCDA(O), in order to prepare itself for immediate action on receipt of Government orders, decided to approach Retired Army Officers for the information, which might be required for calculation of arrears, but is not available with this office. We realize that there is little likelihood of availability of all this info with the Retired Army Officers. Therefore we are in touch with higher authorities for formulation of the alternate means of retrieving relevant information for calculation of arrears. This office is also awaiting decision of the Government on the matter.
CDA Form for Calculating Rank Pay Arrears


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