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MOD to be penalised if orders not complied by 05 Aug 2011

Military tribunal verdict brings respite for ex-servicemen
Ajay Sura, May 5, 2011, 05.09pm IST
CHANDIGARH: In an order with the potential of wide ramifications, the Chandigarh bench of the Armed Forces Tribunal (AFT) has ruled that the revised pay scales and consequently pensionary benefits on the recommendations of 5th Central Pay Commission to the Persons Below Officers Rank (PBOR) should be applicable with effect from January 1, 1996 instead of October 10, 997. While setting a deadline of three months to comply these orders, the military tribunal has also held that if the ministry of defence (MOD) failed to follow these orders, it would be liable to deposit Rs 10,000 to the tribunal as penalty.

With these orders thousands of soldiers who retired from January 1, 1996 to October 10, 1997 would be eligible for higher pay and pensionery benefits as per the recommendations of Ajit Kumar committee of the central 5th Pay Commission. The committee had revised the pay and pensioner benefits of Persons Below Officers Rank (PBOR) of Army, Navy and Air Force by removing anomalies.

Bench comprising its judicial member, Justice NP Gupta and administrative member, Lt Gen NS Brar of the AFT of has passed these orders while allowing various petitions filed by the ex-servicemen, Adarsh Pal and others. The petitioners were hailing from various districts of Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh.

All the petitioners had retired from January 1, 1996 to October 9, 1997 were receiving lesser pension than those who retired on or after October 10, 997 because the Ajit Kumar committee recommendations were made applicable with effect from October 10, 1997 onwards. The grouse of the petitioners was that the cut off date of October 10, 1997 was not only illegal but arbitrary also as there is no objective and rationality of this cut off date to be achieved. Arguing before the bench, counsel for the petitioner, RC Chatrath contended that said cut off date has no nexus and objective to be achieved and also in view of the fact that the anomaly should be removed from the date it arose rather than subsequent date.

Accepting the contentions, the AFT, for the first time has also made a provision of penalty of Rs 10,000 in its orders, in case of non-compliance of its orders.
Military tribunal verdict brings respite for Ex Servicemen
Comment: The term PBOR is derogatory in nature. MOD drops term PBOR- click here

Ex-servicemen to help curb power theft

Vivek Narayanan, TNN, Jun 3, 2011, 12.04am IST
CHENNAI: They guarded the borders during their tenure in the army. Soon ex-servicemen will be lending a helping hand to the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (TNEB) to crack down on power theft in the state.

This is part of the new government's initiative to bring down electricity theft in the state which forms a major component of the state's transmission and distribution losses that take away 18% of all power generation. "If power theft is reduced, crores of rupees can be saved. The board's financial situation will improve to a great extent," said a source.

During the financial year 2009-2010, the TNEB's enforcement wing detected 6,230 cases of theft. Next year, that number increased by 5%. "We have been seeing more and more incidents of theft. We need to crack down on at the earliest," said a senior TNEB official.

Though the TNEB's enforcement wing nabs such offenders quite often, they are helpless while confronting unruly elements. The staff are not trained to handle rough situations. Hence, the power ministry has decided to take the help of the ex-servicemen. "They are well trained and not afraid of confronting people who sometimes use physical violence on officers," said the TNEB source.

There are over a lakh ex-servicemen in the state and the TNEB's vigilance and enforcement wing needs atleast 250 of them to help crack down on power pilferage across the state. The former soldiers will gather information about electricity theft and accompany the TNEB officials to the site and nab the pilferer. As the job involves physical strain, the TNEB is looking out for candidates between the age of 40 to 50 years.

Captain M David, incharge of Tamil Nadu ex-servicemen helpline in Fort St George, said former army personnel will only be too happy to help. "Most of them serve as sentries in front of houses or offices. This has brought their morale down. But such a task will motivate them," said David.

According to TNEB officials, the most rampant type of power theft now is misuse of electricity connection. "The consumer takes a domestic connection, but uses it to run a small business. Such pilferage is on the rise in Chennai and other districts. But we are cracking down heavily on such people, too," said the official.
Ex-servicemen to help curb power theft

Civil Society of India wages war on corruption

Only a month or so after prominent Indian activist Anna Hazare went on a hunger strike to protest against the lack of anti-corruption measures put in place by the ruling Congress Party, India's most famous yoga guru, Swami Ramdev (pictured here) is threatening to start a hunger strike on Saturday in Delhi for the same reasons.

While Swami Ramdev insists that his protest is apolitical, various BJP commentators say that it is Congress that will suffer if holders of black money are made public, offering a political explanation as to why many prominent Congress politicians have pleaded with Swami Ramdev not to carry out his plans.

The now-famous Indian anti-corruption activist and former police officer Kiran Bedi was quoted as saying that "You will never have this kind of mass movement for the wrong reasons".
For the original article from International Business Times, please click here.
Please note that the photo of Swami Ramdev comes from Breaking news online, here.
Courtesy: Civil Society Against Corruption

War against corruption
A recent series of big-ticket corruption scandals in India ranging from the Delhi Commonwealth Games to the 2G telecom scam have plagued and electrified the nation, triggering massive public outrage. Earlier this month 71-year old social activist Anna Hazare held a four-day fast to pressure the Indian government to form a committee of politicians and social activists to finally come up with an effective anti-corruption bill.
For the link to the article, which includes the 25-minute Video with Ms Bedi and Prof Bhagwati, please click here.
Related Reading: The Swindlers List
Tehelka reveals name of 15 Indians with black money in Swiss banks- Indian Black Money

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  • Pension relief for JCOs

    Vijay Mohan/TNS Chandigarh, May 31, 2011
    Providing relief to personnel below officer rank (PBOR) granted honorary commission in the services, the Chandigarh Bench of the Armed Forces Tribunal (AFT) today ruled that those who had retired before January 2006 are entitled to the same post Sixth Pay Commission pension scales as applicable to similarly ranked Viceroy’s Commissioned Officers (VCOs) of the erstwhile British Indian Army.

    Consequently, the pension of pre-2006 PBOR retirees would be increased by about Rs 3,000 per month, lawyers representing the petitioners said. While a bunch of petitions were disposed off collectively today, the order could affect several thousand similarly placed PBOR.

    The petitioners contended that there was parity in the pensions of the VCOs and their post-Independence successors - the JCOs - till December 2005. However, they were placed at a financial disadvantage following recommendations of a committee set up to redress the Sixth Pay Commission (SPC) grievances.

    The pension of VCOs, according to the petitioners, was correctly fixed by the government prior to June 1953 and they were granted honorary ranks of Lieutenant and Captain that continued thereon. On implementation of the SPC, the government, however, introduced a “specific non-applicability clause” vide its letter dated March 8, 2010, thereby fixing their pension lower scales. In its order, the Bench comprising Justice Ghanshyam Prashad and Lt Gen NS Brar observed that the VCOs and the JCOs form one class and were treated as such with parity till 2005. “Fixing pension of the VCOs correctly and denying the same to the JCOs is discriminatory and arbitrary and they cannot be placed in different categories.”
    Pension relief for JCOs

    Thursday, June 2, 2011

    Hundred Years of Signalling 1911 to 2011

    100 YEARS OF SIGNALLING (1911-2011)-SEMAPHORE TO SATELLITE (Lt Gen Harbhajan Singh, PVSM)

    The journey of Corps of Signals through 100 years of its existence has been aSaga of rich heritage, providing communications often under fire, in hostile climatic and terrainconditions, in undivided India, after independence and in many corners of the world. The Corpshas excelled in fulfilling its role during war, in insurgency milieu, peace, in aid to civil authorityduring man made or natural disasters and for peace keeping under the United Nations in a number of countries. Its performance has stood up to its motto of Certa Cito,Tez-o-Sahi(after Independence) and afterwards Teevra Chaukas. Many brave Signallers paid the supreme sacrifice but kept the communications THROUGH, in the best traditions of the Corps of Signals and theIndian Army. We pay homage to them.The means of signal communications available at various times through these 100 yearsdepended on the technology in vogue, to fulfill the war and peace time requirements of the IndianArmy at different times. Before Independence, the British brought in the technology, ideas andmeans of communications from England, for both military and civil communications in India.After Independence on 15 Aug 1947, the sources of technology and equipment were diversified.While, the Soviet Union became major supplier for lethal weapons and platforms like aircraft, shipsand tanks, the communication equipment bore the stamp of Western countries. Gradually, localassembly and manufacturing capacity was set up in India, mostly in the Public Sector. After theeconomic and industrial liberalization in 1991, the electronics scene in India changed and it became possible for the civil sector to start supplying equipment, at times with foreign collaboration. Thecontributions of our Defence Scientists and the public and private sector companies has been of very high standards.
    The Corps has excelled in adapting available technology and modernization/updating of means of communications to meet the changing operational scenarios. Those at the helm in SignalsDirectorate showed great vision and organizational skills to keep the Corps contemporary in itsthinking, communication systems, equipment, training and organizations.The Corps of Signals has also been responsible for introducing new systems likeComputers electronic warfare, signal intelligence in the Army and training personnel of all armsand services as also the Navy and the Air Force.
    Read More:
    100 Years of Signalling 1911 to 2011 by Lt Gen Harbhajan Singh, PVSM
    Note: A thirteen Paged Article- an abridged version has been published in SIGNALMAN Feb Issue. Download and save it for reading at leisure. This is published in SCRIBD. Use + and - signs to increase/ decrease font and up and down arrows for pages.

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    ECHS FAQ's

    Frequently Asked Questions
    FAQs on ECHS

    full screen link click here

    General HL Kakria Takes Over as DGAFMS
    Lt Gen HL Kakria has taken over as the Director General, Armed Forces Medical Services (DGAFMS). Before taking charge as the DGAFMS yesterday, Lt. General Kakria was working as the Director General, Medical Services (Army).
    An alumnus of GSVM Medical College, Kanpur, Lt Gen Kakria joined the Army Medical Corps on February 14, 1972. A Post-Graduate in General Surgery and Orthopaedics from the Pune University, the General officer has been a renowned surgeon, teacher and an academician. He has published numerous research papers in various National and International journals. He was awarded the Major General Amir Chand award in 1990 for the best research work in Orthopaedics on Knee Joint injuries. An Executive Member of 'Bone and Joint Decade '(BJD) 2000-2010, Lt Gen Kakria has attained global recognition for his pioneering work in joint replacement and spinal surgery.
    During his illustrious career spanning over 39 years, Lt. General Kakria has held key positions including Commandant, Base Hospital Delhi Cantt., Commandant of Artificial Limb Centre, Pune and Commandant of Command Hospital (Southern Command), Pune. He has also held the staff appointment of Major General (Medical), HQ Southern Command and later became the Commandant of AMC Center & College. Appointed DGMS (Army) & Colonel Commandant on June 1, 2010, Lt. General Kakria has been awarded the Vishisht Seva Medal in 1992, Bar to Vishisht Seva Medal in 2002, Ati Vishisht Seva Medal in 2009 and Param Vishisht Seva Medal in 2011. DM/PK (PIB Release ID :72444)
    General HL Kakria Takes Over as DGAFMS

    Host of Questions? GOI dilly dallying the Lokpal Bill

    Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions 31-May, 2011 19:51 IST- PIB
    Centre Seeks Views of State Governments and Political Parties on Lokpal
    The Centre has sought the views of State Governments and Political Parties on certain issues related to drafting of Lokpal Bill. The text of the letter written by the Chairman of the Drafting Committee, Shri Pranab Mukherjee is as follows:
    “The issue of setting up of a Lokpal to curb corruption in high places has been under the consideration of the Government of India for some time. In this context, the Legislative Department had prepared a draft Lokpal Bill in 2010, a copy of which is annexed. Simultaneously, some members from civil society have been advocating setting up of a Lokpal and a draft bill prepared by them is also annexed.
    AYou would be aware that the Government of India have constituted a Joint Drafting Committee in April 2011 (copy annexed) which has had five meetings so far. There are, however, some basic issues where the Government feels that consultations with all stakeholders is necessary before we finalize the draft of the Lokpal Bill. As Chief Minister of State Government, you are an important stakeholder and we would like to have the benefit of your views on these vital issues... click here to read more
    Comment: Bureaucrats scheme to endlessly delay the Lokpal Bill. Will the Bill ever see daylight? Impossible for the corrupt Politicians to enact laws that will infringe on their democratic right and freedom for looting the Nation!

    Tuesday, May 31, 2011

    Ex Service Personnel Welfare News

    Ex-servicemen urged to register their new addresses by May 31, 2011
    Bhopal: May 28, 2011 (Ataullah Faizan): The Directorate for Ex-Servicemen’s Welfare has urged the ex-servicemen of Bhopal, Raisen, Sehore and Vidisha districts, war widows and dependents of ex-servicemen registered with the District Ex-servicemen’s Welfare Office, Banganga Crossing, Bhopal, to get their correct address registered by May 31, 2011. According to Joint Director Col. V.K. Chaube (Retired), the directorate is unable to make contact and correspondence with a majority of ex-servicemen, widows and dependents on the addresses registered with the District Ex-servicemen’s Welfare Office, Bhopal. Due to this, difficulties are being faced in giving timely information to them about the welfare schemes meant for them and functions held on national festivals and other occasions.
    In this context, the directorate has urged ex-servicemen of Bhopal, Raisen, Sehore and Vidisha districts, war widows and dependents of ex-servicemen to get their new addresses, phone number and mobile numbers registered with District Ex-servicemen’s Welfare Office, Bhopal, by May 31, 2011.
    Ex-servicemen urged to register their new addresses by May 31, 2011
    Comment: Why this urgency and a cut off date? The process should be continous. Updating veteran information is the main task of Zilla, Kendriya and Rajya Sainik Boards.

    Plan to recruit ex-servicemen as postmen Special Correspondent
    VILLUPURAM: The post offices at Kallakurichi and Thirukkoilur have proposed to recruit ex-servicemen as postmen. The interested ex-servicemen, up to 65 years of age, could apply to the Inspector Posts, either at Kallakurichi east sub-division or the Thirukkoilur sub-division. Further details could be obtained from the Assistant Director of Ex-Servicemen Welfare Association, according to a statement from the Villupuram Collectorate. click here

    Ex-servicemen rally evokes massive response in Kupwara
    Sringar Wednesday, May 11 2011 IST
    An ex-servicemen rally evoked a massive response in the frontier district of Kupwara, once a hub of militants in north Kashmir, a Defence Ministry spokesman today. The rally was organised by 18 Rashtriya Rifles (RR) battalion under the aegis of Sector 8 at Krusan, Lolab yesterday. The rally was a part of welfare activity undertaken by Army for the ex-servicemen and veer naries of Kashmir. The rally evoked tremendous response from the retired soldiers of Lolab, who were apprised of the latest welfare schemes that have been launched by the Army for them.
    The rally was inaugurated by Officiating Commander, 8 Sector RR who congratulated the ex-servicemen of Lolab for turning up in large numbers and making the event a huge success. He also appreciated and highlighted the role of ex-servicemen in development of Lolab Valley and expressed hope that the younger generation would be inspired by their patriotism and loyalty to the nation and follow in their footsteps.
    Representative of Zila Sainik Board, Srinagar and Officer-in -Commander ex-servicemen Contributory Health Scheme also addressed the rally. They interacted with ex-servicemen and educated them about the various schemes being run for the benefit of ex-servicemen.
    Ex-servicemen rally evokes massive response in Kupwara
    ESM Guide Book
    This latest edition of ‘Guide Book’ is published with a view to keep
    the ESM well informed. This book will provide necessary information on the facilities available for them and also guide them on the procedures to be adopted to avail those facilities including details of agencies involved in the chain of assistance. Click here

    Can Bombay Sappers help be sought?

    Foreign know-how for drainage, toilet, potholes
    SOMETIME ago, I don’t remember exactly when – a group of municipal councilors went to London to study the drainage system. They stayed in London for quite a while, looking down the London drains, holding consultations and discussions. What exactly they did during the free time they had – that must have been quite a lot – is not known. On their return, they spoke about London drains. It is not known what suggestions they made and whether any of their suggestions was accepted and implemented. The citizens of Mumbai did not notice much change.
    In fact, the drains continue to stink and it looked like the councilors had a good holiday in London. There are so many sizzling things that keep happening in London. ‘strip tease’ for instance.
    A couple of years ago, the railways are said to have consulted a UK company to build a toilet at Churchgate. Why a foreign consultation was necessary to build a toilet is not known, but the railways are said to have gone ahead and got the know-how. It must have cost a pretty penny, but having a good, modern toilet was considered absolutely necessary.
    India boasts of a great civilization, top scientists were born in the country.
    But they could not build a toilet at Churchgate. They had to go for consultation.
    There is not much change. The toilet stinks like before. A river of urine keeps flowing on the floor. And there is no smell of any disinfectant.
    And now one more ‘foreign happening’ is about to take place.
    The Mumbai municipality is reported to be making Herculean efforts to cover potholes which unavoidably occur during the monsoon. All the desperate exercises in this regard for the last ten years have failed. A few showers are enough to create potholes all over the city and suburbs. Whatever they put on the road is evidently some bad stuff. What sort of a surface is it if it cannot withstand a few showers?
    The truth is some of the corrupt BMC staff and road contractors want potholes to occur. Hundreds of potholes help them make extra money. It is just unfortunate that we cannot have a road surface that can withstand rain.
    And now, this season we are getting German know-how and German products to make roads. There is going to be an experiment: road with German product will be constructed and it will be watched as the rain falls on it. It is quite sad that we have to depend on foreign know-how for tackling drainage, toilets and potholes….
    Round up by AR Kanangi:Foreign know-how for drainage, toilet, potholes
    Comment: Similar schemes envisaged for Singara Chennai 10 years ago (after visits to Singapore and USA)- All schemes down the drain once monsoon rains lash Chennai City!
    Sad commentary on city sewage and storm drains- really they are perennial pipelines for making money by Political Criminals. The citizens safety comes last every time after each election.
    Can BEG help Mumbai?
    The Bombay Engineering Group, or the Bombay Sappers as they are informally known, are a regiment of the Indian Army Corps of Engineers. The Bombay Sappers draw their origin from the erstwhile Bombay Presidency army of the British Raj. This regiment has its centre in Khadki, Pune in Maharashtra state. The Bombay Sappers have gone to on to win many accolades in battle throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, both before and after Independence, including the British Victoria Cross and the French Legion of Honour before independence, as well as the Param Vir Chakra and Ashok Chakra as part of Independent India. The Group has also made its mark in peacetime activities such as sport, adventure, aid to civil authority and prestigious construction projects. The troops of the Bombay Sappers are renowned for their endurance, courage and valour on the battlefield.

    Monday, May 30, 2011

    Defence Land scam in the offing in Andhra Pradesh

    Ex-servicemen to stage protest today Special Correspondent
    The hindu Online edition of India's National Newspaper Wednesday, Apr 06, 2011

  • Association seeks allotment of house sites for the welfare of ex-servicemen
  • Alleges handing over of Defence lands to others without permission

    KADAPA: Ex-Servicemen's Association members will stage a protest rally and demonstrate before the Tahsildar office in Badvel on Wednesday against non-implementation of GOs 1241, 243 and 244 issued for allotting house sites to them on payment basis since four years.
    No response
    The association has represented to the Governor and Chief Minister Peshi and several leaders that house sites be allotted for the welfare of ex-servicemen, shift the congested military canteen, allotment of land to a military hospital and against handing over of Defence reserve lands to others without any permissions, but there was no response from the powers that be, association president P. Lakshminarayana, general secretary M. Penchalaiah, treasurer M.C. Ramaiah and members alleged in a statement.
    The 30 Andhra NCC Battalion want to shift the CSM military canteen from its present congested location to any government accommodation. Sites reserved for defence personnel were being distributed to others without permission from higher officials, they said.
    Site for ECHS Polyclinic
    The Ex-Servicemen Association sought allotment of a building or sites for a hospital for men's contributory health scheme, but the plea was pending although thousands of rupees were paid to the government, they said.
    Brig. Vidyasagar wrote five D.O. letters to the Secretary, Revenue.
    They represented to the Collector Shashi Bhushan Kumar, Superintendent of Police Tarun Joshi, 30 Andhra NCC Battalion Commandant Lt. Col. V.N. Shasidharan, Zilla Sainik Welfare Officer Major A. Ahmad Basha and Director of Sainik Welfare Brig. C.S. Vidyasagar.
    Ex-servicemen to stage protest today
  • Clueless: Government Commissions Study to unearth Black Money

    PIB 29-May, 2011 11:24 IST
    Government Commissions Fresh Study Through Top National Level Institutions for Estimation of Unaccounted Income/Wealth both Inside and Outside the Country.
    Ministry of Finance, Government of India has commissioned an in-depth and fresh study, engaging three top national level institutions for estimation of unaccounted income and wealth held within and outside India. This study will bring out the nature of activities that encourage money laundering and its ramifications on national security. The study has already commenced in March, 2011 and is expected to be completed within a period of 18 months. The study is being undertaken by the following national institutes:
  • National Institute of Public Finance and Policy (NIPFP);
  • National Institute of Financial Management (NIFM) ; and
  • National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER).
    The terms of reference of the study are as follows:
  • To assess/survey unaccounted income and wealth both inside and outside the country.
  • To profile the nature of activities engendering money laundering both inside and outside the country with its ramifications on national security.
  • To identify important sectors of economy in which unaccounted money is generated and examine causes and conditions that result in generation of unaccounted money.
  • To examine the methods employed in generation of unaccounted money and conversion of the same into accounted money.
  • To suggest ways and means for detection and prevention of unaccounted money and bringing the same into the mainstream of economy.
  • To suggest methods to be employed for bringing to tax unaccounted money kept outside India. (vii) To estimate the quantum of non-payment of tax due to evasion by registered corporate bodies.
    The issue of black money has attracted a lot of public and media attention in the recent past. So far there are no reliable estimates of black money generated and held within and outside the country. The different estimates on quantum of black money range between USD 500 billion to USD 1,400 billion. A recent study by Global Financial Integrity has estimated the illicit money outflow to be USD 462 billion. These estimates are based on various unverifiable assumptions and approximations. Government has been seized of the matter and has, therefore, commissioned these institutions to get an estimation and sense of the quantum of illicit fund generated and held within and outside the country. ******* DSM/SS (Release ID :72383)
    Government Commissions Fresh Study to quantify Black Money
    Related Reading
    New Directorate of Income Tax Criminal Investigation Created; to be Headed by an Officer of the Rank of Chief Commissioner of Income Tax; to Look into Criminal Matters Having any Financial Impliaction Punishable as an Offence Under any Direct Tax Law
    Baba Ramdev: 'No question of calling off fast' NDTV Correspondent, Updated: May 31, 2011 12:05 IST
    UPAII Visualises the next elected PM to be tainted or a scamster?
    Govt opposes inclusion of PM in Lokpal Bill: click here
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