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Home Minister keeps his MHA on the toes

We need to congratulate Home Minister for keeping his Ministry on the toes. Read the Report card of Home Ministry for April 2010
P Chidamabaram's Profile
Background & Education: Palaniappan Chidambaram, or PC, as he is popularly known in the Indian press, was born on September 16, 1945 in the village of Kanadukathan in Sivaganga District of Tamilnadu state, India. He studied at Presidency College, Chennai, India and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree and then received his Bachelor of Law degree from the Law college of the University of Madras, Chennai. He later went to the Harvard Business School where he took his Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. In 1968, he married Nalini, a successful lawyer in her own right. They have a son, Karti P Chidambaram.
Click here for complete Profile of P Chidambaram

Report Card of Ministry of Home Affairs for April, 2010
The Union Home Secretary, Shri G.K. Pillai presented the Report Card of the Ministry of Home Affairs for April 2010 here today. Following is the text of his statement:
“I present before you the report of the Ministry of Home Affairs for the month of April, 2010. I also take this opportunity to present the achievements for the full financial year 2009-10 under certain heads. As the month draws to a close, we remember with great sadness the tragedy that occurred in Dantewada, Chhattisgarh. 75 CPRF and 1 State police personnel were killed by the CPI (Maoist) in an ambush on April 6, 2010. The Home Minister visited Jagdalpur on April 7, 2010 to pay homage to the brave officers and jawans. Home Mimister’s statement at Jagdalpur and in Parliament contain the Government’s response to the tragedy. While many lessons will be learned from this incident, our resolve to fight the menace of naxalism remains strong and undiluted.
Read the detailed Report Card
Report Card of Ministry of Home Affairs for April, 2010

Comment: The Home Ministry will do well to get rid of all the corrupt bureaucrats and set an example to the other Ministries. The IB, CVC, CBI should be tasked on rigorous sting operations to expose the Bureaucrats reeking in Hawala and Black money and Money Laundering and a few having Swiss Bank and similar accounts.

Veteran Lokesh Batra takes on the Government on behalf of the poor

Lokesh Batra has used RTI to expose government indifference and failure in handling Nithari massacre
The calm that rules Lokesh Batra's Noida home neither betrays the fair bit of adventure he had had in his life as a lieutenant in the 1971 war with Pakistan nor his tireless struggle over the last three years to bring out the truth behind government's handling of Nithari massacre. The tranquillity of his abode is also in contrast to the restless spirit of this 63-year-old retired commodore. It's this spirit, perhaps, that impels him to take on the government machinery on behalf of the common man.
Read the full article:
The man who nailed Nithari’s lies: Lokesh Batra is out to prove how agency after agency failed the poor of Nithari

Friday, April 30, 2010

Internal Security: Two CRPF jawans among four held for 'supplying' arms to Naxals

Two CRPF jawans among four held for 'supplying' arms to Naxals
PTI, Apr 30, 2010, 02.58pm IST
LUCKNOW/NEW DELHI: The Uttar Pradesh STF today arrested four people including two CRPF jawans in the state for allegedly stealing arms and ammunitions and supplying the same to the Naxals.

UP police said the arrests were made following an operation based on a tip off received in the aftermath of the Dantewada massacre, in which 76 security personnel were killed by the Naxals.

Official sources said the STF carried out searches in Moradabad, Rampur and Jhansi and arrested Vinod Paswan and Dinesh Singh of the CRPF.

They said one retired sub-inspector of Provincial Armed Constabulary, identified as Yashodhanad Singh, was seen moving in different armory centres of the CRPF and PAC and collecting empty shells of bullets fired during the training.

These shells were later replaced at the main Rampur armoury with live bullets and finally supplied to Naxals, sources said.

Over 5,000 live cartridges, 16 magazines of INSAS rifles, .25 bore guns, SLR and AK 47s were recovered besides 245 kg of empty shells.

The CRPF, meanwhile, has suspended both its personnel arrested by the STF and ordered an immediate Court of Enquiry.

"We have suspended both the personnel and have also ordered an immediate Court of Enquiry. We are in constant touch with the UP police and are extending all help to them," CRPF Director General Vikram Srivastava said.

Later, addressing the media, Additional Director General of UP police Brij Lal said, "We have also recovered large number of arms components, mobile phones and Rs 1.76 lakh in cash."

He said the network of the racket was large and has been running for more than six months and the police is questioning the four to look at the possibility of involvement of more persons.
Two CRPF jawans among four held for 'supplying' arms to Naxals: PTI, Apr 30, 2010, 02.58pm IST

Are IPS officers Accountable?
Reading books cannot substitute. We have successful Mizoram, Punjab and Andhra Pradesh models from which to learn; but these 'security experts', not accountable to anyone for incorrect advice, are influencing policy as never before.

Hysteria and wishful thinking are no substitute for cool and calculated thinking. It appears that even the massacre of CRPF personnel in Dantewada on April 6 has not woken up all our policy-makers. It is business as usual for them! Otherwise, how can one explain the continuing blame game between the ruling and the Opposition parties on the one hand, and between the Centre and the state on the other? The situation will only worsen if we refuse to learn from experience.
By Ved Marwah, 29/04/2010:Tackling Maoists, the buck stops at everyone

Soldiers are honoured and respected the world over

The soldiers all over the world sacrifice themselves for their country.
Almost all countries give utmost respect to their soldiers – among the exceptions – India is on top to humiliate its soldiers. – Very sad story.
The Public needs to rise against this gross injustice to the Soldiers of India and wake up the Indian Government.
We once again thank you for your kind donations to IESM, which is fighting against Injustice to Defence Services in most disciplined and peaceful manner.
Very fond regards,
Veteran Chander Kamboj

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Slush money, laundering and corruption: Can we win over Naxals and Maoists?

Report: Slush money trail links BCCI-IPL teams
29 Apr 2010, 1141 hrs IST
According to reports, a maze of dubious transactions across tax havens links the BCCI to IPL league franchisees.

Media reports say that Swiss accounts have now emerged in the IPl probe and that overseas links have surface to IPL's dirty money. Reports state that the BCCI as well as IPL franchisees may have links to the dirty money laundering in the scam.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India's media cell chief is refusing to answer any questions in this regard.

Times of India reports:
The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) was put on notice two weeks ago, after a controversy over money laundering and funding sources hit cricket and the games' administrative body in India.

Tax authorities sent out summons asking BCCI to disclose the balance-sheet of its arm, the Indian Premier League (IPL), ownership and shareholding of franchisees since inception and their contracts with IPL. After searches and surveys, taxmen are now sifting through a mine of information, hoping to track the money trail.

Their task is daunting, given the complex shareholding structures of some of the IPL franchisees that have registered their companies in off-shore tax havens. Private companies that own IPL teams are not obliged to make public disclosures of their shareholding.

However, if the BCCI does not come clean on ownership of the franchisees, tax authorities can lift the corporate veil and source information from countries where these companies are registered. The holding company of one franchisee, for instance, is registered in Mauritius.
Read more:
Report: Slush money trail links BCCI-IPL teams
Bullet-proof jackets scam: Babu endangered jawans
MCI is one of the most corrupt institutions in India

The Indian Armed Forces under siege?

6 February 2010 India’s Ragtag Army
It is low on money, officers, equipment and strategic vision. It just does not seem to have what it takes to fight a war—and win. By Ninad D. Sheth

The Indian Army is clearly under siege, and has trouble closing in from almost all directions— the lack of weaponry and missing officers to the failing morale and central question of its military doctrine. The force’s adhoc approach, however, continues as usual— as senior officers go golfing, lulled by the long period of peace since 1971, peace defined here as an absence of war. Four decades is a long time indeed. An entire generation of soldiers and officers has grown up with no record of action. The mess in the Army calls to mind words of the Prussian master of strategy, von Clausewitz. He once said that everything is simple in war, but the simplest thing is difficult. The Army must break out of its current crisis. But it will take more than a restoration of its image for probity.
Read the complete analysis:
India’s Ragtag Army

Short service commission officers to fly IAF fighters
[The Indian Express] Battling a shortage of 1,343 officers, the Indian Air Force has started allowing short service commission officers fly fighter aircraft. Officers who join the service for 14 years now get to fly fighter aircraft. Until now, only permanent commission officers were allowed to train for fighter operations. It takes almost four years and over Rs 4 crore to train a fighter pilot — short service officers will be able to do active fighter duty for a maximum of ten years. In the past, these officers had joined the helicopter and transport streams.

The acute shortage of officers in the flying branch — the IAF is over 300 pilots short against the sanctioned strength of 3,278, most in the fighter stream — seems to have necessitated the decision. “To overcome the shortage of pilots, we have very recently started short service commission for fighter pilots also. Initially it was only for lady officers, now it has been started for fighter pilots. After 14 years, they will also be given an opportunity to leave,” a top IAF officer told a parliamentary panel after being questioned on the shortage of pilots.

The decision is also in line with the policy of creating more posts of short service officers in the armed forces and having a leaner cadre of permanent commission officers. There is also an urgent need for fighter pilots. Over the next decade, the IAF is expected to get close to 400 new fighter jets.

The first batch of short service commission fighter pilots will pass out at the end of this year.
Short service commission officers to fly IAF fighters

Thursday, April 29, 2010

IESM: Military culture and ethos needs to be embellished and cherished

Dear Friends,
The main plank of our OROP demand is that we as soldiers are different from others. Our claim by itself is not sufficient; this difference has to be visibly reflected in our behaviour as well as in our actions. We should not forget for us means are as important as the ends. We are responsible to pass down a legacy that the posterity talks of with a sense of pride and not with a sense of guilt and embarrassment.
Undoubtedly, the suggestion for more reckless forms of protests has been mooted, out of impatience and frustration at the continued stone-walling of our demand for equity and justice. We need to remember that an old and intricate problem where the regime has long taken an entrenched position is not expected to lend itself to a quick solution. It is a marathon, not a sprint. We need patience and perseverance. Let us not compromise on our dignity and our core values.
The Movement is making progress and there is no cause for undue concern.
Best regards,
Lt Gen (Emeritus) Raj Kadyan, PVSM, AVSM, VSM
Chairman IESM

Readers Responses
I have always looked upon Gen Satbir as our Sardar Patel and Guru Govind Singh. But this mail has elevated Gen Kadyan to the level of Mahatma Gandhi, - the truth loving, gentle but firm, peace loving architect of IESM. May the Great Architect of the Universe long preserve him, not only for the ex-servicemen/ servicemen but for the security and safety of our motherland. When a soldier has to look back for his own safety and the safety of his family, the need for the bureaucratic set up will cease, as there will be no independent country to rule and loot.
Col Krishnamoorthy (Retd)- the young veteran 90 yrs 7 months and 12 days of age- young when compared to the 103 years old veteran who blessed our last rally in U P /Bihar Border.

Dear Gen Kadyan,
May God grant u blessings and preserve u to lead this movement. It needs ur mature advice and guidance at this stage. No doubt the core group and u have given enough thought to the next step. In my opinion, whilst Mr. Manmohan Singh, is the PM, nothing would happen. May be the Core Group would like to consider somehow persuading the three chiefs to lead a delegation of the the EMS, to the PM and the President. It may not yield any result but would be in line with our peaceful intentions. At the same time we may like to approach some Rich Ex Service Men to seek donation. For Example, K P Singh. I am sure, KP would oblige.
Lots of love and blessings.
Pran Parashar
(Cdr Pran Parashar. World War II veteran, Founder Member of Naval Aviation)

My Dear General,
The recognition of what soldiers do to serve their country is somewhat hazy in the minds of the masses. The rich and corrupt do not bother; the suffering majority have neither the time nor the patience to know more about us. The world over armed forces/ veterans are honoured by the nation and leaders by Parades, visit to memorials, wreath laying etc. There are very impressive and informative museums and memorials to familiarise the new generation about the sacrifices made and crucial role played by Armed forces. OROP is a just demand and will be met sooner or later. The veterans with their values, physical and mental fitness, professionalism should perhaps look further ahead and ponder as to what can we do to serve the Nation as a very strong viable force. A small beginning could be made; this will also helo spread the word about our glorious achievements. There are thousands of NGOs but they do not achieve much. Our selfless service by various regional ESM organisations in all the states duly guided by a vision created by the apex body will start showing results.
Warmest Regards,
Veteran Ved Ahuja

Assured Promotion Prospects for JCO's, NCO's and Sepoys

PIB Monday, April 26, 2010 19:52 IST
Government has not restricted promotion opportunities for the Personnel Below Officers Rank (PBOR) in the Armed Forces. The Government has, in fact, improved the career prospects by approving grant of three Assured Career Progression (ACP) to PBOR at 8, 16 and 24 years of service as against three Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme (MACPs) for the Central Government Civilian Employees at 10, 20 and 30 years of regular service. At the time of each financial upgradation under ACP, the PBOR would get an additional increment and next higher Grade Pay in hierarchy.

Army: PBORs (including Jawans) are eligible for grant of commissioning into Officer Cadres through various In Service entries i.e. Army Cadet College (ACC) / Special Commissioned Officers (SCO) / Permanent Commission Officers (Special List) [PC(SL)].

Navy: Adequate promotion avenues exist through time based, roster based and selective promotion for sailors. Promotion upto the rank of Leading Seaman/equivalent for non-Artificers and upto the rank of Artificer 3rd class for artificers are time based. Roster based and selective promotions are for higher ranks against the available / anticipated vacancies. Promotion avenues also exist for sailors to be promoted to officer rank through the Commission Worthy Scheme and the Special Duty List Scheme.

Air Force: A PBOR during his service career can be promoted upto the rank of Master warrant Officer (MWO) subject to fulfilling eligibility criteria and availability of vacancies.

Government proposes to review the promotion policy for PBOR to ensure greater opportunities for PBORs. In the Army, review of the promotion policy for PBOR is under process to ensure better opportunities. A cadre review for the PBOR has been ordered in May 2009. The Navy is also working on a proposal for cadre restructuring of sailors, which would enhance their promotional avenues.

This information was given by Defence Minister Shri AK Antony in a written reply to Shri Arjun Ray in Lok Sabha today. PK / RAJ
Read the full article:
Promotion Prospects for PBOR

RTI: The first four years

Dear Mr Alasdair S. Roberts
This refers to the report click here
While the overall thrust of the report is correct I am writing to highlight two misplaced priorities.
The first reason you have given for the non-effective implementation of the RTI Act is the ignorance you have attributed to the majority of the citizens. But by your own admission a good 15 percent of the population is aware of the Act. And that is a pretty 150 million people! The number of applications filed under the Act in the first two and half years is also an impressive two million! The beauty of this country is that if something works people, irrespective of their literacy or lack of it, will surely line up to use it. Unfortunately, when things do not work, instead of making determined efforts to make it work they just give up. This is the problem with the implementation of the RTI Act in India. It has already been put on the ventilator by the two institutions that could have really helped to use this Act for ushering in real democracy in the country. The first is the office of the information commissioners (ICs) who have been given the tooth and nail to enforce the Act. But activists in this area believe that there is blatant misuse of office and corruption when the commissioners who are required to mandatorily impose penalties on public information officers (PIOs) for as much as not sticking to deadlines for providing information, fail to do so. It is easily argued that where the IC is required to impose a penalty of Rs 25,000/- he/she can 'fail' to do so by accepting, say Rs 15,000/- as grease money. And there may be PIOs who are willing to pay even the whole Rs 25,000/- or more as bribe than pay it as penalty! The second instituion that has contributed to the failure of the RTI Act is the judiciary. The claim of the Chief Justice of India that his office is out of purview of the transparency law speaks volumes by itself.
The second wrong premise I have noted in the report is the assertion that the lower level staff do not have the training, authority or the resources needed to respond to the requests properly. The fact is otherwise. What is appalling is the mindset of the people- starting with the lowest office attendant to the highest, who ever it is- in public authorities which is still to come to terms with the needs of a democratic society. Even here the best example is from the judiciary which has many orders to its credit asserting the right to information as part of the fundamental right of freedom of speech and expression. But I can vouch from my own experience that the courts have even refused to give copies of even its earlier orders under the Right to Information Act! It has also refused to provide information on the facilites available to a citizen in a court when he/she is appearing as a litigant in person! The effort to deny information by the judiciary is also evident in the fact that it is only the judiciary that has exhorbitantly fixed the various fees/cost for seeking/providing information. Against the nominal Rs 10/- fixed as application fee by other public authorities the Delhi High Court had fixed the application fees as Rs 500/- but reduced it to Rs 50/- with the intervention of the Central Information Commission! The courts have also introduced a totally unwarranted fee of Rs 50/- for the first appeal which is just an opportunity given to the public authority to correct any mistakes/shortcomings in the response of its PIO. The cost of providing information is also similarly very high, if not exhorbitant. For example, Rs 5/- for an A4 size page of information against Rs 2/- for other public authorities!

The RTI Act is a very simple and unambiguous law that can be read and understood by even an upper primary school kid. But the way it has been wilfully misinterpreted and abused by the ICs and the judiciary has highlighted the need for certain amendments. The suggestions I had given to a parliamentary committee on the subject is attached. But today the activists in this area are so wary that their only demand is 'No amendments, implement it right!'. This is because they expect the law makers to bring in all amendments that would dilute the Act rather than strengthen it. For example, denying file notings and also making it necessary to disclose the reason for which the information is being sought etc. The only silver lining available now is the freedom and ability to communicate with like minded people and that is no mercy of those in offices of authority. The civil society does have a chance to make its presence felt. And they need to succeed if real democracy has to take roots here.
Your's truly,
Veteran Major P M Ravindran

IESM: A path breaking Mission

Dear Raj and the IESM Core Team,
It has been some time since I applauded and admired your awesome 'labour of love' and 'selfless service'. The leadership, enterprise, energy and endurance displayed by all of you is unprecedented, inspired and inspiring. You, Raj, have been a great Team Captain- wise, mature, righteous and determined. Bravo.

Satbir is an old colleague- of some rough times- rock solid and resolute, as ever. He has truly been a revelation in this role. In my book, being No 2 was always the most 'difficult' experience. You two have turned that conventional wisdom on its head- more credit to Satbir.

My apologies for not personally commending other Members of your highly dedicated Team- they have all been exemplary.

Someday, if we meet, would love to hear as to how you built such an amazing Team. My warmest compliments to each one.

It is going to be a long haul ahead. Keep at it- is a path-breaking mission. The diversified format that you have chosen is most prudent, in terms of pay- off. Indian Veterans deserve and need your 'sacrifice'- so far none had measured up to the cause.
May God bless you all.
(Lt Gen YN Sharma, Former Army Commander)

Do we need harsh laws like AFSPA to fight insurgents?

Ref: AFSPA doesn’t need change: Harsh law helps in the fight against insurgents by Lt-Gen Harwant Singh (Retd): click here

1. I have, since long, held Gen Harwant's professional views in high esteem. Therefore is justified, historically proven and merit in his defence of AFSPA. He is also in good company on this issue, presently- on the highest table in fact- the new Chief is as a firm proponent of this 'good' law which has lately acquired an 'odium' in local perceptions?

2. I can also claim some 'hands on' experience of CI ops, incl as a BM in Nagaland and cdr of two Bdes in Manipur. Personally, I cannot recall taking cover behind or flaunting a copy of the AFPSA to conduct successful ops. In fact one did a lot 'worse' to get results, provided one did not "alienate" local perceptions, in the long run. Indeed, existence of the law had a prophylactic value but its use was as rare as the contested 'excesses' .

3. In the ultimate analysis, the key determinant of success(or otherwise) in CI/ CT ops is the support/ alienation of local population - all the force in the world cannot neutralise its loss. If in doubt, check with the US/NATO forces further West? For whatever reasons, AFPSA has become a huge red-flag 'alienator'- witness Irom Sharmila's 10 yr long fast and so on. Public support is a function of 'perceptions' and IA was(?) not very skilled at perception management. Our fixation with the 'tried and tested', in this case, can thus become counterproductive to our own cause. Perhaps, it is time to get flexible and innovative.

4. The conventional objection to a 'revision' or the law, as expanded in the Article, is that it will dilute the 'essentials' of legal protection. But why and who said so??? Let us get smart and don't let there be operationally unacceptable dilution of the enabling legal provisions. Surely we can manage that- it is our own Govt, ain't it. My vote is ,therefore, against a 'fossilized' approach - sorry Harwant and all the like-minded worthies (means the majority)!!!
But then I have always enjoyed sticking my neck out.
(Lt Gen YN Sharma, Former Army Commander)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Disaster Management Secretary takes Rs 5 Million from Distiller

Top IAS officer held on corruption charges
NDTV Correspondent, Wednesday April 28, 2010, New Delhi
A top home ministry official, O Ravi, has been arrested for corruption after the CBI raided his residence.

Ravi is a 1983 batch IAS officer and posted as Joint Secretary Disaster Management and Policy. He has been charged with taking Rs 50 lakhs in bribe from Alok Khimani, a distiller from Daman and Diu.

Sources said Khimani faced huge tax evasion charges slapped on him by the present administrator posted by the Centre in the Union Territory and wanted him removed.

The CBI has also raided another Home Ministry official, a Director-level Indian Railway Services officer for allegedly taking Rs 10 lakhs in bribe for awarding contracts.
Top IAS officer held on corruption charges
Rs 100 crore earmarked to Revamp Civil Defence
Top bureaucrats linked to big bribes

Comment: No wonder the Home Ministry bureaucrats cannot handle/ manage a Disaster or Crisis like that of Mumbai Mayhem. The home ministry officials are just filling up their own coffers instead of enumerating or implementing any policy on disaster management. The Home Minister needs to get the dead wood weeded out quickly! We have many similar bureaucrats in every Ministry who take refuge in the cancerous corrupt system who seldom get caught or exposed. The CBI, IB and others must use the sting operations to catch similar culprits and expose them through the media.

4th Pay Commission Rank Anomaly: GOI Prays before the Supreme Court

Dear Brig,
Union of India has moved an application in SC for Directions seeking Modification/ Directions/ Recall of Order dated 8th March 2010 regarding their Rank Pay Case.
May I, request you to give this a wide publicity.
With best regards,
Lt Col BK Sharma (Retd)
President, RDOA

It is, therefore, most humbly and respectfully prayed that this Hon'ble Court may be pleased to pass the following orders:-
(a) Recall the order dated 8th March 2010.
(b) Upon notice, re-hear all the cases on merits.
(c) Admit Writ petition Nos. ... grant rule and hear them finally.
(d) Call for the records of the Writ Petitions filed in the various High Courts and after the completion of pleadings, hear the same finally.
(e) Pending further orders on the application grant an ad interim stay of the order dated 8th March 2010.
(f) Pass such other and further orders as this Hon'ble Court may deem fit and proper in the facts and circumstances of the present case.
Filed by: Advocate for the petitioner
Settled By: Sh Gopal Subramanium, Solicitor General

1. Another delaying tactic route taken by bureaucrats to confuse the Politicians and the Public. Intention of GOI is to cheat the Military fraternity and stall the implementation of the Judicial Rulings. The Army, Navy and Air HQs seems to have no visible influence to ensure justice for its ESM! Sadly the bureaucrats have removed the sting of the armed forces literally. It is now to be seen whether we are geared up to fight any battle or will they forever remain belittled and buckled? The only Veteran who has got his entitlement is Maj Dhanabalan Click here: Danapalan vs Union Of India on 13 September, 2001
2. ALL SERVING Offrs commissioned from 1/1/86 upto 31/11/05 are also affected. Therefore respective Service HQs MUST counter this move by babus.
Brig Autar Singh (Retd)
3. The judgement has far reaching consequences. The Pay and Allowances and pension 4th and 5th Pay Commission would have to be worked out afresh. The Govt has no grounds to make prayer to recall the judgement. We must fight this tooth and nail to defeat the unjustified designs of the Govt. Why are they heaping injustices upon the soldiers is a matter of great concern to the whole Nation? Let us give it widest of publicity to tell the people of India our grave concerns and the Govts negative attitude.
Maj Gen (Retd) Satbir Singh, SM
4. Is there NO ONE IN THE COUNTRY (OPPOSITION---BJP, Left, SP, RJD. BSP etc, OR our dear SUPREME COMMANDER or JUDICIARY or RULING PARTY i.e. UPA-II) who can see the truth/realty/injustice to the Nation/Public (at large & the personnel of the Defense Services, both Serving/IESM; in particular) and raise their voice against the INJUSTICE being done to ALL THE DEFENCE SERVICES' PERSONNEL (both SERVING and RETIRED) who are directly affected due to the game played by the AUTHORITIES, RESPONSIBLE FOR IMPLEMENTING the awards of the CPCs. EVEN THE SERVING PERSONNEL too would be directly affected by the increase in their Pay a result of higher basic pay, after the award of IV CPC and also the subsequent awards and also the FUTURE CPCs..which are based on the last pay drawn. This is causing such a SEVERE BLOW TO THE PEOPLE IN UNIFORM and whose morale (and hence the health of the Nation) is directly affected by such IMMORAL ACTS. I am surprised that these things (i.e. filing of review petitions and all) are happening during the premiership of one of the best and highly educated & respected (and not an illiterate POLITICIAN---in the real sense) PMs of Independent India. I pray to God that good sense prevails in the minds of the POWERs that be and they do not take the DEFENCE SERVICES for GRANTED and it does not BOUNCE BACK. The politicians will realise this on their own peril BUT BY THAT TIME IT MAY BE TOO LATE! LET US INITIATE SOME DRASTIC ACTION and MAKE IT A MASS MOVEMENT.
Wg Cdr Subhash Bhutani (Retd)
5. Mr Anthony gave a stealth blow beneath the belt. Let us not panic. Any quick knee jerk reaction will do lot of damage. The game being played is to gain time and pass on the buck to the next Govt. Secondly it hurts their political vote catching plans of doling out money. So much surprising is that we are not asking for any favours. We are asking for our legitimate dues. Having robbed us and our families for 25 years MOD is playing their favorite game of litigation. It anger should be expressed in parliament. Let us stick to the Panchtantra saying: "UNITED WE STAND and DIVIDED WE FALL". MOST IMPORTANT FEATURE OF THIS CASE IS THAT IT AFFECTS NOT ONLY THE RETIRED BUT ALSO THE SERVING OFFICERS. I AM SURE AT LEAST TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND SERVING OFFICERS ARE AFFECTED. IT IS FOR THE CHIEF TO STAND AND UP AND ASK THE CDA TO RECTIFY THE WRONG. We must also insist the culprits should be punished.
Brig K M Rao Veteran.

IESM: Rally at Gahmar on 25 April 2010

27 Apr 2010
Dear Colleagues,
A rally was held in village Gahmar in Eastern UP on 25 April 2010. It was attended by Maj Gen Satbir, Colonel Rakesh Chaturvedi and Hony Lt Kameshwar Pandey. (I had to drop out after accepting the commitment due to some personal problem). Hony Capt Sharma from Kanpur had basically anchored the rally. Ghamar is perhaps the biggest village in Asia; it has 5,000 serving military personnel and 10,000 veterans. The rally was attended by over 5,000 ESM and was the biggest in the States till now. The enthusiasm towards the IESM expressed by the assemblage was simply overwhelming.
Best regards,
Lt Gen (Emeritus) Raj Kadyan, PVSM, AVSM, VSM
Chairman IESM

Kindly click link below:
Detailed Report by Hony Lt Kameshwar Pandey

Indian wizard behind bars for hacking accounts and online computer frauds

Chennai-born man sentenced to 81 months' jail
WASHINGTON: A U.S. court has sentenced Jaisankar Marimuthu, a 36-year-old native of Chennai, to 81 months in prison on charges of identity thefts, hacking and perpetrating an international fraud scheme. The accused was hacking into online brokerage accounts in the U.S. and used the accounts to manipulate stock prices, said Lanny A. Breuer, Assistant Attorney-General with the criminal division. Marimuthu pleaded guilty on February 5 to one count of conspiracy to committing the online securities and computer frauds, as also aggravated identity theft before a district magistrate at Omaha, Nebraska.

The accused, who was extradited to the U.S. following his arrest in Hong Kong, was sentenced on Tuesday before U.S. District Judge Laurie Smith Camp, and ordered to pay $2.4 million in restitution, court officials said.

Marimuthu was part of a conspiracy that operated out of Thailand and India from February 2006 to December 2006, in which the prices of thinly-traded securities were fraudulently inflated by hacking into U.S. brokerage accounts. — IANS
Chennai-born man sentenced to 81 months' jail

National Security: Mole in MEA a reverse honey trap

New Delhi, April 27
Madhuri Gupta may have been lured into a ‘friendship’ with an ISI agent — a reverse honeytrap — to pass on information detrimental to Indian interests in Pakistan and Afghanistan. The ISI man has so far been identified as Rana and was meeting her frequently.

The close nature of friendship between Gupta, a 53 year-old spinster posted in the Indian mission at Islamabad and the ISI man had caught the attention of Indian agencies, who had been monitoring her movements since she was posted to Pakistan in 2008, top-level sources here revealed.

Gupta had expressed a keenness to serve in Pakistan indicating that she may be having cross-border links even before her posting. Pakistan is anyway considered a tough posting for anyone. The nature of information accessible to the ISI through her was classified, including some sensitive documents pertaining to Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) agents posted at the Indian High Commission at Islamabad. Also, the diplomatic strategy and list of officials, who were expected to visit Pakistan and Afghanistan, besides other secret government papers may have changed hands, sources added.
ISI’s mole in MEA held: Tribune News Service It was ‘reverse honeytrap’ Ajay Banerjee & Sandeep Yadav

The Dangers of Digging Up the Truth in India: RTI

Last autumn, when New Delhi resident Ajay Kumar saw that private buildings were encroaching on government land under the aegis of a local politician, he asked the city authority to look into the matter. He was just being a law-abiding citizen. He couldn't imagine his query would put him in the hospital.
Read the gory episode in full
The Dangers of Digging Up the Truth in India By Daniel Pepper / New Delhi Tuesday, Apr. 20, 2010
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Right To Information Act 2009 by M S Siddiqui
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Compelling speech on Integrity at the Naval Academy by Secretary US Department of Defence
Remarks as Delivered by Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates, Annapolis, MD, Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Misuse of Police Force for VIP Protection: Can we defeat Naxals?

Difference between Canada and India
Dear Friends,
My grandson is in his school's volleyball team. The other day I drove him to a big sports complex about 80 kms away for taking part in All Ontario school matches. He said his first match was against an Ottawa team. While the teams were warming up, guess who walks in ...... none other than Stephen Harper, the Prime Minister of Canada. He had come to watch his son play for his school in Ottawa. He was received by just one official, was ushered to a spectator bench where he sat along with all the other parents. No sniffer dogs, no black cats, no automatic weapons, no gun toting guards, no mobbing, no hysteria, no fawning over the Pradhan Mantri Ji !! To emphasize the informality of the occasion, he wasn't even wearing a tie.

Our eyes met and I asked him if I could have a photo with him ( I had spotted his official camera girl taking a few of them ). Sure Sir, he said, what's your name. I told him it was Krishan. It's my pleasure Krish-anne, he said, and his right arm went around my right shoulder. I asked him if it was done for the PM to put his arm around a very ordinary citizen. Absolutely, he said, unless the citizen objected. I assured him I did not object but it was a pleasent surprise.
The pic was shot and the camera girl gave me a card with her name and email id plus my photo number. One e-mail to her and I received the attached photo.
I had a dekho outside. Just 3 cars, no police escort cars with lights and sirens. Not a single policeman on the vast grounds or on the roads leading to the venue. Apparently, all the police men and women were busy doing their normal policing duties to live upto their motto of ' To Serve and Protect'.

My friends, this is the difference between Canada and India. If the Prime Minister and all politicians intermingle freely with and listen to the common folks, if the police are not used and misused in the name of VIP security, then dragons like maoism and naxalism do not get to spawn.

So, have look at the photo. If you cannot make out who Stephen is, well he is the one with specs. AND, ham bhi kisi Manmohan Ji se kam nahin, ham ne bhi Harper Ji ke saath tasveer khichai hai!!
Cdr KK Punchhi (Retd), 7th JSW Course, Naval Aviation, settled in Canada

Do VIPs need security in India?
Not really. Hardly 0.0001 percent population own licensed guns. Hence chances of getting shot is negligible/ remote. Instead of misusing Police for VIP security they should be employed to apprehend illegal gun- toting criminals and assist in decriminalisation of citizens by the state who presently encourage citizens to participate in corrupt/ illegal activities.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

NDA: An Ideal Instructor

1st POP at NDA, Khadakwasla... 10th course POP reviewed by Pt. Nehru : 5 Jun 1955

ABOUT RSM AYLING of NDA by a former cadet
Many of us had associations with RSM Ayling. I have cut and pasted what a 10th course cadet had to say about him... Lt Gen Harbhajan Singh (Retd)

An Ideal Instructor
This June, 10th Course of the National Defence Academy (NDA) would complete fifty years. This course had 232 cadets-one of the largest at that time. We first went to the Joint Services Wing, Clement Town, Dehra Dun in 1953. After completing eighteen months, we were shifted to NDA, Khadakvasla. The Academy was being developed at that time and roads were under construction. Only one wing of the Mess was ready. Most of the time we were carrying cycles on our heads.
Our course became one of the most illustrious courses. It poduced Chief of Army Staff, Gen S Roy Chowdhry, Vice Chief of Air Staff, one Army Commander-Lt Gen Jameel Mahood, Lt Gen Sher Amir Singh, Vice Admiral Kasz Raju,Vice Chief of Army Staff, Lt Gen Surinder Nath, Lt Gen RN Batra, Lt Gen Surinder Kumar and fifty more Brigadiers, Admirals and Air Marshals.
In the process of becoming officers from Boys, some of the great staff of officers, civil professors and JCOs are always remembered for they “shape up” the future. One such great instructor was Regimental Sergeant Major Ayling. He was the first one to receive us at Dehra Dun. Monsoons had swept the Aravali Range of mountains and the train, with its steam engine puffing, was negotioating the slope from Hardwar to Dehra Dun. There was anxiety, uncertainty and fear writ on the faces of all. The only silver lining was the pitter-patter of rain and the lush green Dun Valley. Trees were laden with lichees, mangoes, grape fruit and there was abundance of flowers. The train screeched to a halt and number of whistles wer blown, followed by a stern bark of an order: “All future cadets, bring out your luggage and fall-in in front of your compartments”. No coolies were permitted and it was back-breaking to carry huge trunks and beddings in, now outdated, “holdalls”. We all somehow dragged the luggage on to the waiting trucks. The sight was quite close to the modern-day trucks which carry poultry for slaughter.
Half an hour later the trucks reached the Academy. Again a set of whistles and a voice thundered, “Get off, double time, fall in, get a move on!” Totally shaken up, we jumped off the trucks and stood in a line. Dressed in a spotless uniform, a man, 6 feet 3 inches in height, was the one who was shouting the orders. He shouted again, “Stop fidgetting like girls, stop moving and stop talking”. Soon there was a pin-drop silence and the voice thundered once again, “From now onwards you have no fathers, no mothers. I am your father, I am your mother, pick up your boxes and beddings and move to your Squadrons”.
Totally subdued and terrified we moved on. Later we discovered that the voice belonged to Regimental Sergeant Major Ayling of Grenadiers Guards of the British Army. The RSM was on deputation to teach the cadets the rudiments of discipline and drill. This very soldier honed, trained, disciplined and prepared us to become the worthy officers of Army, Navy and Air Force. Many of us won the highest bravery awards while some rose to the highest ranks in the three services.
When the words of command changed to Hindi, in the fifties, we thought that the world would come to an end. Sergeant Major Ayling just took one month to master the Hindi words of command and never faltered-not even once while training us. Though he owned a small Ford Prefact car, he always walked or cycled to the drill square since our Adjutant, Capt ML Whig owned only a cycle. For that matter, those days most officers owned only a bicycle.
His sense of humour was a legend. During a passing-out parade rehearsal, Corporal Kasz Raju (later Vice Admiral) and myself were the Right and Left Markers. For some reason the parade was halted but we the Markers did not hear the order and carried on slow marching towards the Quarter Deck. Sergeant Major shouted, “When you two reach the Quarter Deck, drop us a postcard” and of course all the cadets in the parade had a good laugh at us.
As we celebrate the Golden Jubilee at the National Defence Academy this June, this great soldier of Grenadier Guards will be remembered by the cadets of fifties who always hold him in veneration.
-Brig (Retd) Sudhir Arora
An Ideal Instructor

17 Course NDA Golden Jubilee Celebrations
The 17 Course NDA (1957-1959) celebrated their golden jubilee (50 years) from 7 to 9 December 2009, at NDA Khadakwasla, Pune, Maharashtra, India.
See the cadet’s photos here.
It was attended by 88 former cadets of the 17 Course. Most of them had brought their wives. Also present were 4 grandchildren, 2 children, 2 daughters in law, and 4 ladies. Those who could not attend were sadly missed. See the participant’s photos here.

Empty promises on One Rank One Pension

Our indomitable Vice- Chairman deserves kudos for critically confronting on the issue of OROP so clearly bringing out hard facts which would be difficult to ignore. I had written on OROP late in the afternoon yesterday -so far DNA & one local papaer Sakaal Times have published it. Veterans may like to read.

DNA-24 Apr 2010
Empty promises
It needed an upright AK Antony to come clean on the one-rank, one-pension plan (OROP) after much bluster and statements to the contrary on the floor of the house. At least now it is official that OROP cannot be given due to legal, financial and administrative reasons. Plugging the leakages in our welfare schemes by even 5% and levying taxes on money-spinners like IPL can yield enough funds to pay for soldiers' pensions. Administrative problems can always be overcome by proper management. As far as legalities are concerned, justice has always been on the side of ex-servicemen, as has come out in various cases. Very recently, moved by the plight of Capt CS Sidhu, who had fought a long-drawn, one-armed battle (having lost one arm in the service of our nation), the Supreme Court expressed its indignation that army officers were being treated shabbily by the government. Denial of OROP is a continuation of the same beggarly treatment.
—Raghubir Singh (Veteran)

ECHS Secunderabad a model to be emulated

Dear Wg Cdr Bhushan,
HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS for the wonderful work that U R doing @ Secunderabad for the ECHS. It goes without saying & proves the point too, that 'GOD HELPS THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES'. We ESM have to take the lead fm U elsewhere too to emulate the Secunderabad Model.
General A.J.B.Jaini, AVSM (Veteran)
Member Governing Body & Core Gp of IESM

Lalgudi Rajgopal
25 April 2010 02:50
Though I have moved to USA about a month ago, I am personally aware of the good work being done in ECHS Polyclinic Secunderabad. With the attitude of the present Sub-Area Comdr & O I/C Clinic and their staff, I am sure that more & more ESM will come forward, voluntarily, to further improve the functioning of the Clinic. One ESM has provided intercom facility in the Clinic & also note books for keeping the medical records of the ESM.
Lt Gen Rajgopal (Retd)

The fear of the Audit

My late eldest brother was an Audit Officer in CAG's Test Audit about which you read in the last para of the article The fear of audit by Brig A N Suryanarayanan (Retd) click here

Even today, the Army fears the annual visit by auditors.!!
CDA once objected to purchase of “snacks” from the Annual Training Grant by College of Combat. The CDA also pointed out carelessness in spelling “snacks” and “snakes”.
In reply the College of Combat said - “ It was not snacks as pointed out by the auditor but correctly spelled as snakes which were purchased for training of commandos”. Audit objection was waived off.
Brig Chander Kamboj (Retd)

Monday, April 26, 2010

IPL Scam: Will the big fish ever get caught?

Will IPL scam die a natural death, too?
By: Varun Singh and Vinod Kumar Menon Date: 2010-04-24 Place: Mumbai

Do scams in India reach a logical end? A look at past scams reveals they don't. Will the IPL's can of worms go the same way? MiD DAY gauges the public view on the issue.

Blame it on short public memory. The media too keeps the news story alive so long as it generates public interest and then all is forgotten. In the past, big names involved in scams have never come to the fore. A few scapegoats get butchered but the kingpins are let off the hook. I think the IPL saga too will see a repeat of this. Modi and Tharoor are scapegoats, other big fish will go scot-free.
Medha Patkar, social activist

Usually, all scams tend to get forgotten. But the IPL scam could remain in the public mind for a long time as it is connected to cricket. That's something that Indians tend not to forget easily. But how long it will be remembered is something nobody can say.
Gerson da Cunha, founder, AGNI

I believe justice will be done. IPL is the scam of scams in the country and people won't forget it even if the government fails to do justice. The common man's faith and confidence have been shattered. Cricket, after all, is a game so highly regarded here.
Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, BJP leader

Forgotten scams of the past
  • Bofors
    It involved the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and others. The scam that ran into Rs 40 crore came to light after Gandhi lost the post to V P Singh. There are many big names associated with the scam but, so far, hardly any conviction has taken place in the case.
  • Telgi
    Abdul Karim Telgi learned the art of forgery while in prison. After his release, he started making duplicate stamp papers and sold them to banks and other institutions. The scam was estimated to up to Rs 20,000 crore. There were many top politicians named in the scam, but these politicians are still in power while Telgi is behind bars.
  • Harshad Mehta
    Nicknamed 'big bull of the stock market', Mehta was named in the Rs 4,000-crore scam. He siphoned off funds from inter-bank transactions and bought shares at a premium, triggering a rise in the Sensex.
  • The Satyam
    Owner of Satyam, Ramalinga Raju, is behind bars for fabricating books of accounts. The scam ran into several hundred crores of rupees. Although names of a few political leaders cropped up, no politician has been arrested.
  • Ketan Parekh scam
    Parekh borrowed over Rs 1,000 crore from various financial institutions by buying shares from smaller exchanges under fictitious names.
    Will IPL scam die a natural death, too?
    IPL gate makes a good story for a Bollywood masala movie!
    Can Modi swat away the Money laundering and Black Money generated in connivance with BCCI members? We have 3 Bollywood stars in the IPL Gate to give the requisite momentum.
    IPL money-laundering scandal threatens Indian government

    The man Modi, who became the youngest BCCI vice President in 2005, was known for his brash style of functioning that often rubbed people the wrong way and probably hastened his fall once damning revelations of financial irregularities in the IPL came to fore. The 46-year-old was just another businessman before becoming arguably the most influential authority in Indian cricket with his brain child, the Indian Premier League, that became a cash cow for the BCCI within three years of its inception. But one look at his past before he became the all-powerful IPL Chairman and Commissioner is enough to know that Modi led an eventful life.
    Lalit Modi suspended from BCCI, issues show-cause notice
  • Sukhna scam: Parliament panel wants regulator for defence estates

    Press Trust Of India, New Delhi, April 15, 2010
    The Sukhna land scam allegedly involving four Army Generals, including former military secretary Lt Gen Avadesh Prakash, on Thursday came under sharp attack from a Parliamentary panel which strongly recommended setting up of "an independent regulator" by the Defence Ministry to manage its estates.

    "The committee is of the strong view that land scams such as Sukhna land scam affect the image of Army and the defence services as a whole and as such it is utmost necessary that the country should have the fool-proof system to regulate the defence estates," the Parliamentary Committee on Defence said in its latest report tabled in both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.

    The Defence Ministry, however, has conveyed to the committee that there was no need for a separate regulator in view of adequate existing system within the ministry.

    But the committee, headed by Congress member Satpal Maharaj, recommended that "their suggestion of having an independent regulator should be considered by the (Defence) Ministry positively" and it be apprised accordingly about the action taken in this regard.

    The committee was referring to the recent controversies regarding the use of defence land reported by the media including the Sukhna land scam, which involved issuance of a No Objection Certificate (NOC) by the Army officers for setting up an educational institution at the military base in Darjeeling district.

    Other officers allegedly involved in the scam were Lt Gen PK Rath, whose appointment as the Deputy Chief of the Army was scrapped following the unearthing of the scam, 11 Corps commander Lt Gen Ramesh Halgali and Major General PC Sen.

    The Army has ordered disciplinary proceedings in the form of court martial against Prakash and Rath, while the other officers would face administrative action.

    Prakash's plea -- first in the Armed Forces Tribunal and later in the Supreme Court -- for scrapping of the court martial proceedings on the ground that the inquiry into the scam did not follow procedures was not accepted by the tribunal or the apex court.

    Referring to the Defence Ministry's view that there was no need for a separate regulator, the committee said, "In spite of internal mechanism to regulate defence estates, such (Sukhna land scam) incidents are happening."
    Sukhna scam: Par panel wants regulator for defence estates

    The MES and DEO are the most corrupt organisations directly or overtly controlled by MoD. We certainly need a Par Panel to probe the Land Scams and Encroachments by Criminals.

    Sunday, April 25, 2010

    Army wants more short service officers

    -by Ritu Sharma 27 January 2010
    "The army has submitted the proposal to increase the intake of short service commissioned officers by making it more lucrative. The proposal is lying with the defence ministry," a senior armed forces official told IANS, requesting anonymity. Currently, people who are not certain about committing to permanent positions in the army join under SSC and serve the army for five years. At the end of the period the officer is allowed to either opt for permanent commission, choose another five years of service or retire. In contrast, an officer under permanent commission has to serve for 20 years. The SSC acts as the support cadre to the regular cadre, which is twice its strength. The proposal seeks to reverse the proportion. "According to an internal report the shortfall of 11,000 army officers would be bridged in 20 years. The proposal is to take two short service officers for every permanently commissioned officer. This will help make up the shortfall in due course without affecting the promotion aspects caused by the pyramidal structure of the army. "In short the proposal is to increase the proportion of short service commissioned officers from the current one-third," the officer told IANS.

    The army's sanctioned strength is 46,615 officers, but it has been facing a shortage of 11,238. For the world's fourth largest army middle-rung officers leaving for better-paying corporate sector jobs has been a constant problem.

    The problem has been aggravated because the army is unable to get enough numbers to join its officer rank. The defence forces need 2,100 officers every year.

    The army is now opening a second Officers Training Academy (OTA) at Gaya in Bihar. Set to house 500 cadets, the academy is scheduled to start functioning by the middle of the year.

    However, in the existent OTA at Chennai the cadet intake has come down from 407 in 2008 to 315 in 2009, against an authorised strength of 700.

    "The army has sought to make SSC more lucrative by increasing the number of serving years from five to 10. Another proposal is to give them a two-year study leave at the end of their service to help them find a better second career option," said the officer.

    Now, the army is hoping the financial crisis in the corporate sector and the Sixth Pay Commission -- which has increased their salaries -- will help bring in many more officers to the armed forces.
    Army wants more short service officers -by Ritu Sharma

    Internal Security: Can CRPF neutralise Naxals and Maoists

    Union Home Minister P. Chidambram’s statement that the Naxalites are active in 20 out of 28 states is alarming. Clearly, it has become a huge inter- and not intra-state problem. It has to be tackled at both the Central and state levels, requiring close coordination and perhaps, under a centralised operational command.

    If each affected state goes its own way with little coordination, it will be playing into the hands of the Maoists. Perhaps a new legislation has to be brought out for Central intervention to ensure unity of command and effective coordination between the states.

    An armed struggle has to be met with the armed might of the nation and it just cannot be left to individual states with different political parties in power. A state of emergency may have to be declared in affected areas. However, the real battleground of this ‘war’ is not in the forests of Jharkhand’s Dantewada but in the national and state capitals. The political challenge the Naxalites pose seems greater than the military one. Consider what happened in Nepal. Therefore, we should not lose time anymore.

    The Naxalite movement is neither a classic war nor a law and order problem but in between. The jungle/semi hilly terrain in and around Central India, the kind of arms and weapons being used and the reasonable high level of tactics employed by them necessitate use of specially trained paramilitary forces. They should be well armed with mortars and machine guns on the lines of the Army and be highly trained and motivated.

    These forces should be able to live and fight in inhospitable areas and be tough physically and mentally. Above all, they should be trained by those who will live, fight and lead from the front as Army officers do, leading to high morale and operational domination over the rebels.
    Read the full article:
    Wanted: A specially trained force to combat Naxalites by Lt-Gen Harbhajan Singh (retd)

    Defence Preparedness: Ten challenges that needs to be tackled

    Given the security situation in the peninsula, it is but natural that India's defence preparedness levels will keep haunting both policy makers and the man on the street. After all, we have fought as many as five wars with our neighbors since 1947, four of them being against Pakistan.

    Though non-proliferation experts believe that future wars would be fought without weapons and on the strength of economic muscle, India has enough on its plate by way of fidgety neighbours and internal trouble makers, for us to constantly monitor our military might.

    In the subsequent pages, we have attempted to list out the top-10 challenges we believe is adversely impacting India's defence...
  • Strategic Incoherence
  • Inadequate Defence Research
  • Corruption in Arms Deals
  • A Farewell to Sophisticated Arms
  • Technological Obsolescence
  • Effective External Defence
  • Fidgety Neighbours
  • Internal Security Threat
  • Unclear Nuclear Strategy
  • Tactical shortcomings
    Read the full article:
    Defence Preparedness: Ten top challenges

    Asish Mittra Tuesday, 20 April 2010 22:14:53
    It is hard to believe our forebearers were the Guptas and the Mauryas. What happened to our political and administrative might? Even the politicians (such as they are) and bureaucrats of Pakistan look better!! Do we believe in India or are we just passing the time till we get that overseas visa? I sincerely hope that the younger generation can come out of the shadows of the dwarfs that inherited the political leadership of post-independence India. Only a deep seated faith in the destiny of Bharat can produce a new direction and purpose, political and military.
  • IESM: Rally at Jantar Mantar on 14 March 2010

    Ex-servicemen demand one-rank one-pension

    Tribune News Service Dehradun, April 24
    Against the alleged exploitation and being neglected by authorities, members of Purav Sainik Welfare Association, a body of ex-servicemen, held a dharna at the Gandhi Park here today.

    The sainiks protested against the authorities in favour of their long-pending demands and threatened that if their demands were not agreed to, they would intensify their agitation.

    The association’s main 50-year-old demand was one-rank one-pension for all. They said it hadn’t been implemented fully.

    The sainiks also criticised the issue that after toiling hard for 17 years in severe service, they sat idle at home and there was no help for them in this regard.

    They lamented that the property of sainiks was not saved even after they fought to save the country in three wars.

    SS Thapliyal said civil and military officers were both into corruption, while the sainiks who are of lower ranks were made to suffer. “It is we who fight on the borders putting our lives in danger, not the officers, then why this step motherly treatment with us?” he questioned.
    Ex-servicemen demand one-rank one-pension


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