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Ex-servicemen Association rues neglect by Government

Pioneer News Service Rishikesh
Expressing displeasure over the step motherly treatment meted out to former soldiers, the Uttarakhand Ex-Servicemen Association has appealed to the Chief Minister to offer a speedy solution to their problems.

Association head Lt Col Ganga Singh Rawat claimed that he along with his colleagues had visited families of ex-servicemen in Lachchiwala, Doiwala, Badowala, Jolly Grant, Munnawala, Ranipokhri, Rishikesh, Dandi, Bapugram, Gumaniwala, Chhiderwala and Raiwala and most of them had said that the local administration was ignoring their problems.

They had high expectations from Chief Minister Khanduri but had so far met with disappointment. Rawat expressed the hope that along with development the Chief Minister would look into the problems being faced by ex-servicemen and also retired personnel of other security forces .Rawat also claimed that some other ex-servicemen's associations were misleading the CM and were spreading false stories when in fact they had no links with his organisation.
Ex-servicemen Association rues neglect by Govt

In February 2007, he led the BJP to victory in assembly elections in Uttarakhand and was subsequently chosen to be the new Chief Minister of the state. His runner-up in the 2004 Lok Sabha poll, TPS Rawat, has resigned from Dhumakot seat with expectation for Khanduri to contest this seat when its bye- election is held.

Among Khanduri's first accomplishments as Chief Minister has been to cut expenses by reducing security to politicians and administrative officials, cutting back on their allowance for foreign trips and has restricted the use of the Chief Minister's discretionary fund to only district magistrate-approved projects. Following his election, he toured all districts of Uttarakhand to assess the peoples' concerns.

Comment: The Chief Minister is a Veteran none other than Corps of Engineers stalwart, Maj Gen BC Khanduri, AVSM (Retd). How is that the woes of ESM are not addressed? Is the General playing Politics or is he being misled by Babus? Military Leaders ought to succeed even if defeat is inevitable!

SCPC: Government rejects pay panel suggestions

Four recommendations of the Sixth Pay Commission, including only three closed holidays for government employees, flexi-hours for women and flexi-weeks for the disabled, have been rejected, says the official notification and resolution of the revised central government pay rules, issued on Friday night.

The proposal to provide a liberal severance package to those employees who wish to leave service between 15 years and 20 years without taking pension has also been rejected.

The government will also examine as many as 10 recommendations, including granting bonus and overtime allowance, corporatising Indian Railways, abolishing the Indian Telecom Service and the Telecom Commission and introduction of a health insurance scheme for central government employees and pensioners, the resolution states.

The proposal to outsource the process of commutation of pension to a public sector bank or institution will also be looked into separately. No time frame has been specified for the same.

The government has also notified the improved and modified three pay bands, and changed grade pays. It has also notified the additional increment of 3 per cent to Indian Administrative Service and Indian Foreign Service officers over other services in three grades. The dearness allowance has been made effective from January 1, 2006.

The resolution makes it clear that the chairpersons and members of five regulators — Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai), Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (Irda), Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC), Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) and Competition Commission of India (CCI) — will receive Rs 3 lakh and Rs 2.5 lakh per month, respectively.
Govt rejects four pay panel suggestions

SCPC: Latest Inputs

Friday, August 29, 2008. See it here first : It’s finally here - the govt resolution / notification on Sixth Pay Commission. So friends, here is the resolution on the 6th CPC. Nothing to gain for the armed forces as far as the status aspect is concerned.

Now officially, a Major has been brought down to Senior Time Scale (STS) level. A Lt Col is now equivalent to Junior Adm Grade (JAG) and a Col has been equated with Non-Functional Selection Grade (NFSG). The rank of a DIG who was till date between a Lt Col and a Colonel is now officially equal to a Brigadier. Both are now on a Grade Pay of Rs 8900.
Notification Page 1
Notification Page 2
Notification Page 3

Maj Navdeep Singh TA

We thank Maj Navdeep Singh for giving us the advance information. Kindly visit his web page at SCPC Official Release
for more details and linkages connected with 6th Pay Panel Recommendations, Rank and Status implications. Disappointing for the ESM no doubt!
Pay panel bonanza for babus finally official

Army and Air Force assist in Rescue and Relief Mission in Bihar

Army Rescue and Relief Mission

PATNA: Army and airforce contingents continued to assist the state machinery in rescue and relief operations as the flood situation in Bihar remained grim, 12 days after river Kosi breached its embankment affecting over two million people in Supaul, Madhepura, Arari and Saharsa districts.

Three IAF helicopters and two army columns (two more on its way) equipped with motorboats, besides over 2000 personnel drawn from National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) and various wings of state police, were deployed in the four districts to evacuate the marooned, Additional Commissioner of the Disaster Management department Pratyay Amrit said.
Bihar: Rescue operations on, situation grim

Friday, August 29, 2008

Army Right to Information Cell

With loads of queries coming in everyday, the Army headquarters planned to set up a separate Right To Information (RTI) Cell to function under the Public Information Directorate from April 2007 onwards.

The cell to be headed by a Brigadier- ranking officer along with a Colonel and two Lieutenant Colonels and clerical staff will only look into queries received under the Act. Out of the four officers functioning in the cell, one would be from the Judge Advocate General (JAG) branch of the Army, to look into the legalities of queries received. The cell to be activated by mid 2007.

With approximately 600 queries received a month, after the Right to Information (RTI) Act came into effect last year, the number of queries being posted to the Indian Army is on the increase.

Officers are being preferred from the 'A' branch of any establishment of the Indian Army, but staff appointments are being held up citing shortage of officers in the Indian Army. The army's 'A' branch deals with pays and allowances and other administrative matters pertaining to serving and ex-servicemen.

The Right to Information Act has opened the door to people seeking information ranging from commercial information with vendor details to defence deals, acquisitions and procurements.

Traditionally shy of asking for information about their personal matters, the officers and men are now inclined to asking questions. The bulk of the queries from officers are mainly about postings, promotions, progress in disciplinary cases and policy matters.

Sixty percent of the queries are said to be from ESM, while five percent are from serving officers and men, and the remaining from civilians.

Multifarious queries are being posed by officers of ranks ranging from Lieutenant Colonels to Major Generals. Non- commissioned ranks too have been filing queries mainly pertaining to pay and allowance with the Pubic Information Directorate.

The queries are required to be addressed directly to the Additional Director General of Public Information with a fee of Rupees 10. The queries are then sent to the appropriate agency. The time frame for the query to be answered is 30 days, but sometimes it takes longer if it has to go through many agencies. The query which is answered in a written hard copy can sometimes prove to be a little expensive as the information seeker is asked for an additional amount if the answer is to be accompanied with photo-copies of documents supporting the answer.

Army's independent RTI cell
Army RTI Cell

Comment: Every application received must prove his Indian Nationality. ESM has an official identity card containing his service particulars. Will Quoting his service details prove his nationality?

Politicians seek endorsements from Veterans

Admirals, Generals Who Served under Last Nine Commanders-in-Chief Cite Obama’s Judgment to Lead. Citing his judgment and ability to lead, admirals and generals from the United States Army, Navy and Air Force that together have served under the last nine Commanders-in-Chief today announced their endorsement of Senator Barack Obama for president.

In offering their endorsement, the generals and admirals recognized Obama’s judgment to oppose the war in Iraq before it began, his respect for the Constitution and rule of law, his leadership on behalf of America’s servicemen and women and his ability to conduct the diplomacy necessary to restore America’s standing in the world.

"Those of us who have served, worn the cloth of our nation, and gone into harm's way know that to be successful we must have the strongest sense of trust in our Commander in Chief. We must be confident that he or she has listened to the best possible advice, that he or she has garnered the best possible information from all possible sources, that he or she has analyzed and weighed all the possible consequences and outcomes, and that he or she has made the decision to exert military force as a last possible resort,” said Admiral (Ret.) Robert “William” Williamson (USN). “Of this I am certain: Senator Obama will do all of those things and much more to ensure the safety and freedom of our citizens, our allies, and coalition partners. He has all the great qualities and attributes required to carry out the most difficult duties of the Presidency.

“I spent a career involved in coalition warfare, and I am keenly aware of the importance of working with allies,” said Brigadier General (Ret.) James Smith (USAF). “Senator Obama brings a powerful approach to dealing with national security challenges by truly leveraging multinational relationships. He brings a new face of America to the rest of the world."
Read the full story:
Obama Receives Endorsement of Flag Officers from Army, Navy and Air Force
Ex Servicemen endorse Obama

Comment: American Poliitical System Honours Veterans and their advice has always been valued. Indian Politicians need to emulate a good precedent and value the advice of our outstanding Military Leaders who have ensured and preserved Security of the Nation.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

ECHS: CFA for Medical Expenses


1. Reference GOI, MoD letter No. 24(8)/03/US(WE)/D(Res) dt 19 Dec 2003 and this HQ letter No. B/49778/AG/ECHS/Policy dt 16 May 2007.
2. Presently, all individual medical bills are being processed through this HQ. It has been decided that the time taken for processing of these bills needs to be reduced without compromising on the efficiency of scrutiny.
3. Over five years of experience, the following problems have been noticed in the above procedure. The procedure is time consuming:
  • Virtually no valuable addition after SEMO/Stn HQ level.
  • Avoidable paper work and addl effort.
  • Results in dissatisfaction amongst the veterans.

    In order to overcome the above difficulties and based on the directions of Secy(ESW), the authority is delegated to lower HQ since there is no loss to the State. Therefore, the individual medical claims will also be processed and sanctioned like claims for reimbursement to empanelled hospitals, by the appropriate CFA.

    Diagrammatic representation of the revised system is as per Appx A shown above. For bills below Rs 2 Lakh, Regional Centres have been kept out of this loop to save time. This procedure will be implemented with immediate effect. Bills already despatched to Regional Centre/ Central Org, ECHS will be processed as done hithertofore.

    Sanction by the CFA on behalf of Central Org, ECHS will be granted. A sample of the sanction is attached as Appx B shown below the letter. Necessary amendments to Govt letter will be carried out after the overall review of ECHS.

    (KJS Makker)
    Wg Cdr
    Offg Dir(Med)
    For Managing Director

  • IIM course helps 66 ESM land corporate jobs

    AHMEDABAD — All the 66 former defence personnel, who cleared the six-month business management course, have been offered lucrative jobs with annual salaries ranging between Rs2 million to Rs4.5 million.

    The course was specially designed for them by the IIM, Ahmedabad. As many as 84 reputed companies queued up on the IIM campus with 304 job offers for retired colonels, wing commanders and squadron leaders who hitherto took home Rs20,000 to Rs 40,000 every month.

    Top firms, which absorbed these officers from the Army, Navy and the Air Force — 12 of them women — included the Tatas, RPG Group, Zee Telefilms, Cadila Pharma, ICICI Foundation, etc.

    IIM-A director Samir Barua told Khaleej Times the ex-servicemen would begin a second innings to conquer the corporate world by working mainly in fields like administration, human resources development, marketing, corporate communications, strategic planning and designing.

    By Mahesh Trivedi
    (Correspondent- Khaleej Times)
    24 March 2008
    IIM course helps 66 ex- defence personnel land Rs4.5 million jobs

    ESM Harrassed by PFC

    Ludhiana, August 27 Members of Ex-servicemen League said in press conference here today said that Punjab Financial Corporation (PFC) had been unnecessarily harassing some 180 soldiers or the widows of the soldiers with regard to objections raised against them under the scheme for rehabilitation of ex-servicemen. About seven members, whose cases have been listed in a critical category among 180 cases and related to loans from PFC under the scheme for rehabilitation of ex-servicement during insurgency in the state.

    President of the organisation, Lt Col (Retd) Chanan Singh Dhillon said that the ex-soldiers are being harassed by the corporation on various counts. He said that though the government in 2004 waived off all the interest till that year, PFC had not adhered to it. Besides, he said PFC had made the deductions in the principal amount rather than the interest, which should have been done as per the rules.

    Speaking on the occasion, Capt (Retd) Gian Singh Rayya from Amritsar said even after the termination of the agreement with PFC, the corporation has been sending him letters to pay the balance amount of the loan which he had already been returned. He added that even the objection was raised four years later and the corporation added interests for this period too.

    Another ex-serviceman, Subedar (Retd) Kulwant SIngh from Dakha village, said he had taken a Rs 4.34-lakh loan for buying a truck and though he returned more than half the amount, PFC did not issue the permit after five years and the vehicle could not be used for any income generation.
    Ex-Servicemen rue ‘harassment’ by PFC

    Wednesday, August 27, 2008

    A Wake Up Call from Beijing

    Beijing Olympic Closing Ceremony

    We are not a sporty nation. We have no sports facilities. The government needs to fix a lot of the infrastructure.” I could go on and on about what we say and hear, when we talk about sports in India. But there are two important lessons India must learn from Beijing and the Olympian athletes, whom we have watched and admired.

    First: building a sporting culture in the country. Each of us has to play a role in this, you included. When was the last time you played a game, or swam or cycled or ran? Last year? In college? In school? We are a cricket crazy nation but 99 per cent of us are spectators — that too, television viewers —

    A new Army Sports Policy had been formulated in 2003 to replace the Regimental/ Corps Centric policy as it had failed to achieve the requisite benchmarks and organizational aspirations. Salient nodal policy envisages Inter Command (Army) Championships will be organized under the aegis of the Army Sports Control Board, which will also bear the entire expense of conducting the championships. Both, the Services and Army level sportsmen will be trained at the designated Army Sports Nodes as part of the Mission Olympics.

    Five years since inception of the new policy there has been no dramatic improvement in the quality of sportsmen in the Armed Forces.
    A wake-up call from Beijing Government of India Ministries, Organisations and Institutions

    The concept of this website was initiated in February 2000 with the sole objective of disseminating information related to the Government Sector which is useful to various users groups at large. To start with the basic contact details like website, e-mail, telephone and fax numbers of the Government hierarchy was put on the site. The information varied from the President of India, Prime Minister’s office, Council of Ministers, Government of India Ministries/ Departments, Public Sector undertakings, State Governments and Union Territories. Foreign Missions based in India, Indian Missions/ Posts abroad was hosted on the site and was updated regularly as and when there was a change in hierarchy. With this website became an instant hit.

    The website was inaugurated by Shri Ram Vilas Paswan, then Union Communications Minister, Govt. of India, on August 27th, 2001, then Rajya Sabha Dy. Chairperson Dr. (Smt.) Najma Heptulla was the chief guest at the inaugural function with top bureaucrats, technocrats, information technology experts and students. The Ambassador of Peru was also present on the occasion. The Hindi version of the website was inaugurated by the then Hon’ble Lok Sabha Speaker, Shri Manohar Joshi on October 17th, 2002.

    With time many value additions have been done on the website this includes news section (covers national & international news), corporate news, photo gallery section, useful public utility links health for all section. The website presently is being accessed from more than 125 countries with around 3.9 million hits per month. The website is not only popular in the Government sector but in the public sector. With a sustained encouragement and support from all our associates we are planning an e-newspaper which would further strengthen the website utility and enhance the user base. The site intends to promote the Government policies and programmes beneficial for the masses thus would act as a facilitator between the Government and the common man.

    The website also intends to incorporate a section which would be devoted to e-commerce that would include online shopping of various products like air tickets, books etc. To add a new feather to the website a new section which would be devoted to the Diplomatic core would be added to the website. This would entail:

  • Basic contact details of the Embassy like address, telephone, fax, e-mail, website etc.,
  • News of the diplomatic core which would focus on bilateral ties, trade, economy, business, investment opportunities, current events organized by the Foreign missions, delegations coming from various countries,
  • Country profiles and demographic details,
  • Who is who in the embassy, visa information,
  • useful links will be part of the section.

    This is private initiative, which intends to bridge the gap between the government and the common man. The website would serve as a gateway to Government for the common man. The site offers to serve as a facilitator for Government to disseminate information related to their policies and programmes. The information which is already available on the site is

  • Free E-mail Facility
  • Telephone Numbers / Website Links / Email Addresses of Government of India
  • Latest News Headlines
  • International News Headlines
  • Photo Gallery Section
  • Corporate News Section
  • Health for All Section.

    With the constant support and feedback from the users and advertisers the website has emerged as one of the unique website which disseminates information of the Government sector which is updated on a regular basis.
    Ameya Sathaye
    CEO & Editor

    Comment: A very useful website for ESM and its Organisations. A useful ready reckoner for everyday use by journalists, military writers, historians, professionals and NGO's.
  • Royal Commonwealth Ex-Services League supports Indian ESM

    India Case 1
    Mrs Fernandez is the widow of Corporal Farnandez Hyderabad. She is supported by grants from RCEL.
    India Case 2
    Chief Petty Officer Aitkin, then aged 93, still rode his motorbike in the streets of Poona in India. He is cared for by his daughter with grants from RCEL.
    Member Organisations (India)
    Indian Ex-Services League, New Delhi
    Ex-Service Associations India, Chennai (Chennai, Bangalore & Deccan)
    Ex-Service Association India, Mumbai
    East India Charitable Trust, Calcutta
    Royal Commonwealth Ex-Services League

    Comment: Very few Veterans are aware that such Benevolent veteran Organisations exist. IESL boasts of 5 lakh plus membership. The mute question is how is membership drive conducted? It is like the recruitment Rally with promises galore and veterans are made to sign on the application and collect the registration fees. Bingo you have a vast membership. The funds so collected are utilised for the up keep of posh offices and travel expenses for the Governing body. The President of India being the Patron more funds collected by quoting the statistics of membership.
    On the other hand you have the Royal Commonwealth Ex Services League (RCEL) which has two Indian Veterans who are provided relief and monetary assistance. We have four other Indian Member Organisations affiliated to RCEL but no website and no indicators of beneficiaries? Can our Organisations emulate RCEL?

    Tuesday, August 26, 2008

    Indian Economy Stripped of its Wealth

    $1.4 trillion Indian ‘black’ money in Swiss banks
    Despite condemning black money, non-resident Indians have only helped to increase it. According to Aman Agarwal, professor of finance at the Indian Institute of Finance, New Delhi, the total amount of black money globally is estimated between $2.1 and 2.5 trillion. This is roughly about seven percent of the world’s GDP.

    Indians have stashed away- hold your breath - no less than $1.4 trillion in black money in Swiss banks, according to a Swiss Banking Report quoted by Naman Sood. Indians are trailed by Russians at $470 billion, Britons at $390 billion, Ukrainians at $100 billion and Chinese at $96 billion. This means that Indians have more black money than the four largest depositors that follow them.

    Black money in India has been variously estimated by economists between five and 48 percent of the economy. Economist Shanker Acharya estimated it at 20 percent of the GDP while Arun Kumar put the figure at 40 percent. Who keeps their illegal cash abroad? Politicians, businessmen, babus and criminals. With the liberalisation of the foreign exchange rules, businessmen have fewer reasons to keep their ill gotten gains abroad.

    "Let us bring back our money," says M.R. Venkatesh, an NRI in the US. "It is one of the biggest loots witnessed by mankind - the loot of the ’aam aadmi’ (common man) since 1947 by his brethren occupying public offices. What is even more depressing is that this ill-gotten wealth of ours has been stashed away abroad into secret bank accounts located in some of the world’s best known tax havens. And to that extent, the Indian economy has been stripped of its wealth."

    But how have the NRIs contributed to increasing the quantum of black money? In an exclusive interview, Agarwal said Indian workers in Arab countries cannot transfer money back home due to local laws. So ’hawala’ is the only route -- by handing cash to local ’agents’ for delivery to their families in India. The other method is buying gold and bringing it to India. No wonder huge gold markets or ’souks’ have come up in these countries. Due to the bulk of gold for higher amounts, NRIs bring in diamonds.

    NRIs in Eastern Africa faced tight exchange control regulations until mid-1990s so they sent their cash to Britain and the US as ’a lifeboat’. They deposited it in banks or purchased properties with this money. NRIs from Britain used the ’hawala’ route to send money to their families for a better exchange rate and less hassles with banks for their relatives.

    Agarwal adds that some NRIs in the US transferred money by ’hawala’ 10 years ago after India’s nuclear tests at Pokhran because they feared that they may be pressurised to leave the US.

    After 9/11, a new element of financing terrorist operations has crept in -- black money transfers, in addition to financing drugs. Terror groups are using ’wire money transfer’ channels and credit cards to send money for terror strikes in India. So the Indian government set up the Financial Intelligence Unit - India (FIU-IND) in 2004 for receiving, processing, analysing and disseminating information relating to suspect financial transactions.

    All banks and finance companies are bound every month to inform FIU-IND about all cash transactions of over Rs1 million and its equivalent in foreign currencies; all cash transactions below Rs1 million and its equivalent in foreign currencies; all cash transactions in forged or counterfeit currency notes and all suspicious transactions.

    This unit has unearthed an impressive number of underhand dealings as detailed in its annual report and has been granted more powers to track down more. Now Indian outlets of foreign wire transfer services and casinos have also been ordered to report their transactions every month.

    Banks and finance companies now implement strict rules to identify everyone who operates or opens an account with them. This concept, ’Know Your Customer’, has been advocated by Agarwal for some time. He has also devised a CD-ROM Principle for India’s Black Money where C stands for pay Cash Carry Certificates; D for Delays, Deficiencies and Denial of certificate; and ROM for Rest on Mat as cases are never taken up and gather dust!

    Comments Agarwal, "Unfortunately, the least respect for law and the maximum violation of law is the order of the day by some people in authority - as they are charged with the responsibility of enforcing laws on mafia groups, gangs, and/or nexus of the two. The former enjoys the constitutional security and the later is outside the framework of the law. A common man does not question either of them."

    Both Indians and NRIs are equal partners in this crime.
    Black money in Swiss Banks

    Comment: Has the Finance Minister devised any means to identify black money in foreign banks or he too is victim of this malady? If new transparency laws being mandated by SWISS Banks become a reality then alone we will know who is launderinng money. Frequent Indian fliers to Switzerland is another indicator of who is who in the black money business. FM has no money for the Defence Forces and ESM (OROP), but nearly 30 percent of GDP is black money. A parallel economy used for the Gold Rush, Drugs, Smuggling, Terrorist Activities, Corrupt IAS babus stashing money abroad, financing criminal activities, Politicians becoming richer, benami transactions and so forth. $1.4 trillion works out to about Rs56 trillion which is Rs56,000,000,000,000. This a is staggering amount of Rs56,000,00 crores. If each one below the poverty line in India is given a share of the loot, the poorest of the poor would receive Rs 2 lakhs ($5000) as one time bounty. Who says India is poor?

    Monday, August 25, 2008

    Likely Hike in the Grade Pay of Armed Forces Officers

    Grade Pay

    The increase in grade pay is as per chart given above. The basic pay scales of the armed forces as well as civilian officers as recommended by the SPC were increased after a review committee put in fresh suggestion.

    Approved 6CPC has good news in store for people who desire to quit, a development that could well encourage more armed forces personnel to opt for careers in the private sector, the government has decided to grant full pension benefits to all employees who leave after 20 years in service, against the current 33 years.

    Officials said the final award for pensioners accepted by the government implied that central government pensioners would receive an overall increase of 40 per cent in pension. As a result the total estimated pension liability of nearly Rs 29,900 crore of the central government will go up by nearly Rs 1,400 crore annually.
    gconnect: SCPC Updates

    Who is behind GConnect?
    Hi, This is Raman and Suresh. We are presently working in Customs, Trichy, Tamilnadu. The idea of GConnect was born one afternoon after we had our lunch and were chatting. We don't exactly remember how the topic came up, but somehow the idea of starting a website which could be both useful and entertaining to all officers in various Govt. departments just came up. Frankly, we hadn't actually decided then. It was just a thought. But over the days, the thought grew stronger and then we seriously discussed about putting the plan into action. And soon enough, GConnect was born.

    SCPC Updates

  • Minimum basic Salary - Rs. 7000
  • New allowances to be effective from 1st September 2008
  • IRS officers demand to be considered a superior service to IAS and IPS rejected
  • Education Allowances for employees for upto two children - Rs. 1,000 (Earlier, it was Rs. 100)
  • Maximum Basic Salary - Rs. 90,000 (Cabinet Secretary)
  • National Holidays - 3
  • Gazette Holidays to be canceled
  • Pay hike will be implemented from January 01, 2006
  • Maternity Leave : 6 Months
  • HRA in A-1 Cities - 30% (Unchanged)
  • HRA in A, B, B-1 Cities - 20%
  • Incentive Schemes to be announced
  • New Medical Insurance Scheme to be launched for government employees
  • Market-driven pay for scientists and all other jobs that require professional skill set.
  • Total number of salary grades to be reduced from 35 to 20.
  • The wage hike would increase the financial implication for the Centre by Rs 17,798 crore annually and the arrears with effect from January 2006 would cost Rs 29,373 crore, Information and Broadcasting Minister P R Dasmunsi told reporters after the Cabinet meeting.
  • The government increased the minimum entry level salary of a government employee to Rs 7,000 against Rs 6,660 recommended by the Commission headed by Justice B N Srikrishna who submitted the report in March this year.
  • Consequently, it would push up the total emoluments of an employee at the lowest level beyond Rs 10,000 per month including allowances.
  • It also increased the rate of annual increment from 2.5 per cent to 3 per cent.
  • In the defense sector, it approved at least three assured promotions for all defense forces personnel and civilian employees under the modified Assured Career Progression scheme.
  • While civilians would get this after 10, 20 and 30 years of service, defence forces jawans would be promoted under ACP after 8, 16 and 24 years.
  • The hiked salary would be given to the employees beginning September this year and the arrears from January 2006 would be given in cash in two installments - 40 per cent this fiscal and 60 per cent in 2009-10.
  • The financial implication of Pay Commission on the General Budget would be Rs 15,717 crore and Rs 6414 crore on Railway Budget in 2008-09.
  • The government’s present salary bill is over Rs 70,000 crore and the pension bill is over Rs 30,000 crore.
  • Finance Minister P Chidambaram said the budget deficit target would be adhered to, despite the implementation of the Pay Commission recommendations.
  • The government for the first time approved Military Service Pay for armed forces personnel, under which officers would get Rs 6,000 over and above their pay per month.
  • The lowest limit of disability pension for defence personnel would be doubled to Rs 3100 a month.
  • No Cabinet Secretary rank for Intelligence Bureau chief, the three Service chiefs or the Chairman, Railway Board
  • Group D personnel to stay (peons in ministries and porters in Railways)
  • Military service pay for persons below the officer rank (POBR) would be Rs 2,000 per month
  • DIG-scale abolished in IPS and Indian Forest Service
  • The salaries of Brigadiers will be in Pay Band 4 (Rs 39,200-67,000) as against the suggested pay band 3 (Rs 15,600 - 39,100) previously.

    Sixth Pay Commission Calculation to be finalized
    Sources said a wait for one more week may bring Sixth Pay Commission Report in Black and White as Men in charge are making the 6CPC report finer which was earlier approved by cabinet broadly a week back.

    One of the senior level officers who are finalising the 6CPC implementation told that after the approval by the Cabinet, the report has been handed over to DOPT (Department of Personnel and Training) for making it executable. The Official has also told that the following areas are being concentrated by DOPT now before implementing the report.

  • Pay Fixations relating to Group D cadre as the same is to be retained as per Cabinet’s approval against the 6CPC recommendations otherwise.
  • Workability of Uniform Date of increment (during every July of the year) recommended by 6CPC.
  • Possibility of reducing HRA to higher level Officers stationed at A1 Cities, as 30% HRA on the Pay of certain high level cadres exceeds Market Rent prevails at Metropoliton Cities.
  • Adjustments in Grade Pays relating to certain Pay scales of Group C and Group B which were merged by Sixth Pay Commission recommendations.
  • Modility in the Grant of Personal Pay in the background of fixed annual increment which was the basis for payment of Personal Pay so far has been replaced with percentage based annual increment.
    Sixth Pay Commission Updates
  • Defence Forces Contribution to India's National Asset twenty lakh Ex- Servicemen

    Debt of Honour. Do we have a National War Memorial?

    Indian Army by its grit and dedication to the Indian Republic thwarted Pakistan in four wars. The only time it went under was against China in 1962, not because it lacked valor or leadership but because of the political leadership of Nehru who was found wanting both in terms of misreading China’s intentions and not allotting adequate resources for war preparedness to the Indian Army in the preceding period.

    In the last nineteen years the Indian Army has faced the onslaught of Pakistan’s proxy war and terrorism and losing hundreds of lives and others maimed. In combating this threat the Indian Army has had to fight with one hand tied due to the political considerations of successive Governments, either due to electoral considerations or external pressures.

    Whenever the civilian machinery fails whether it be law and order, natural calamities or disasters it is the Indian Army that steps in for relief and assistance. The relief assistance provided by the Indian Army during the Kashmir and Maharashtra earthquake won not only the gratitude of the average citizens but also of the international community. The Indian Army has also done India proud in the many UN peacekeeping operations all over the world for which it has been highly praised by the United Nations.

    A glorious record of such services and sacrifices of the Indian Army surely deserves the nations gratitude not by rhetoric on every Republic Day but by more meaningful manifestations which surely every Government is aware of but does not concede. The average Indian citizen can contribute by being more aware of India’s defence preparedness and monitoring the Government of the day in terms of allotment of adequate financial resources for war preparedness and that extraneous political considerations do not delay defence acquisitions. More importantly, they should ensure that the political leadership of the day provides realistic political component of national threat assessments of actual, potential or adversaries in the making so that like 1962 the Indian Army is never again has to face a military humiliation for no fault of its own.

    India will once again celebrate its Republic Day on January 26, 2009; it’s fifty-ninth. Indians will once again look forward to witness the grand spectacle of the display of India’s military might by the Indian Army and the other two Services on Rajpath in New Delhi and beamed across by TV to millions others. It is preceded by the Prime Minister laying a floral wreath at the Amar Jawan Jyoti at India Gate (memorial to the Unknown Soldier) paying a national tribute to the thousands of Indian Army officers and soldiers who since 1947 have laid down their lives to defend the Indian Republic against external and internal threats.

    Can the Nation utilize the twenty lakh ESM Asset so created, with dignity and honour, towards enrichment of its citizens?

    India's National Debt of honour to The Indian Armed Forces

    War Veterans Party: Some Suggestions

    ESM Organisation Concept feedback loop

    I strongly feel that there is a need to strengthen the base. With this in view I had sent a paper to the Air Force Association about six year's back and a couple of month's back to the IEsL and to the DGR. A copy is enclosed. The ESM retired from service and not from life but have a good physique and ability to work hard. I spoke to a very senior Air officers. They feel that somebody should take the lead. The endeavour will ensure a strong base of ex servicemen which in turn becomes a potent and reckoning force in the political arena. If the suggestions are of some use, you may consider implementation.

    Group Captain B U B Murthy (Retd)
    War Veteran Party
    Link to Concept Paper: Rehabilitation and Resettlement of Ex- Servicemen: A concept Paper

    Copy of letter reproduced below:
    To: Brig R K S Gulia, President, Indian Ex Servicemen’s League

    With the Sixth Pay Commission submitting its recommendations, the efforts and running around by you, in the various Organizations to get a reasonable Pension to ESM is quite laudable.

    With the abundant human resource capital, in the form of disciplined and skilled ESM on hand with us spread over the nook and corner of the country, I am sure that we will be able to establish ourselves as a potent organization, by creating rehabilitation avenues for ESM even to the District level.

    I enclose herewith copy of the concept paper forwarded by me to the Air Force Association in Jan/ Feb 2005. The paper is prepared with special reference to ESM of Air Force. The fate of the paper is not known.

    The Govt both the Central and State, will be happy to support us since the scheme envisages generation of (create) employment avenues to the local youth as well besides the ESM. Our organization could be participative even in ventures like Universalising of Education, Skill Training to Uneducated youth and other ventures even in the remote areas.

    The proposal envisages setting up of comprehensive units of Workshops/ Education/ Technical/ Management/ Other Institutes/ Services at the State HQ/ Regional level extending it later to the District Level with the ESM as nucleus.

    Moreover, this venture will also help as a catalyst in motivating and guiding the youth to join the services. If you feel the concept is of any appeal, you may consider the same on the tri- service basis.

    Copy to:
    Director General of Resettlement

    Sunday, August 24, 2008

    XXIX Olympaid Host China wins gold medal race

    BEIJING (AP) — China proved an acquisitive first-time Olympic host, topping the gold-medal chart with one of the most dominating and diverse performances ever. The United States, Britain and an array of small nations also had reasons to celebrate.

    China's haul of 51 gold medals was the largest since the Soviet Union won 55 in Seoul in 1988. Fielding athletes groomed since childhood in sports academies, it won medals in 25 different sports, including its first ever in sailing, beach volleyball and field hockey.

    Not since 1936, when Nazi Germany prevailed at the Berlin Olympics, had a country other than the USA or the Soviet Union/ Russia led the gold medal list.

    The United States trailed well behind the Chinese in golds with 36, the first time since 1992 it didn't lead the category. But the Americans did break their own mark for total medals in a non- boycotted Olympics; they won 110 in all, two more than their previous high set in 1992 and 10 ahead of China's overall tally this year.

    Welcome to Commonwealth Games 2010 web site. It's just about time that you get informed about Commonwealth Games 2010 that is to be held in India. Information that will make you a part of the international event the whole world is waiting for. The event that involves the elite of the athletes and the best of the nations. The 2010 Games also presents an opportunity for India to showcase itself as a sporting and cultural nation and economic power.
    Welcome to Commonwealth Games 2010
    2010 New Delhi: CWG
    2010- Commonwealth Games


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