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Inclusion of DA for Calculation of Gratuity

From: Lt Gen Raj Kadyan, PVSM, AVSM, VSM
Chairman IESM
01 Sep 2011
To:Secretary (ESW)Ministry of Defence
South Block, New Delhi – 110011

Inclusion of DA for Calculation of Gratuity
Reference Ministry of Personnel and Pensioners’ Welfare OM no 38/42/2005-P&PW (F) dated 17 February 2005 (copy attached). As per above OM, in pursuance of recommendation of Fifth Pay Commission, the Govt had approved 100% of DA to be added to the pay for calculation of retirement/death gratuity. This was made effective from 1.1.1996. However, it has been reported by the ESM environment that those pensioners who retired between 1.1.1996 and 4.12.2001 have not been given this benefit. You are requested to kindly have the anomaly checked and rectified.
Yours sincerely,
Lt Gen Raj Kadyan
Copy to:
AG (PS)Integrated HQ of MoD (Army)South Block
New Delhi – 110011
Director (PP) Ministry of Personnel,
PG and Pensioners’ Welfare Department of Pension and Pensioners’ Welfare
III Floor, Sena Bhavan, New Delhi – 110003
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Additional Gratuity for Pre- 2006 Retirees is a Fake Order

Lt Gen's move AFT against Defence Secretary

Seek criminal contempt proceedings against him for defying Tribunal orders
New Delhi, August 31, 2011

Two serving Lieutenant Generals have approached the Armed Forces Tribunal (AFT) seeking criminal contempt proceedings against the Defence Secretary, accusing him of “open defiance” of the Tribunal's orders.

In their pleas, Lt Generals J S Bajwa and P G Kamath have urged the AFT for initiating “appropriate criminal contempt proceedings against the named contemners as well as their subordinate officers who are responsible for open defiance of order dated June 2 passed by the Tribunal.”

In the order passed on June 2, the Tribunal had asked the government to keep one vacancy each of Corps Commander vacant for the two officers but the respondents did not do so, said S S Pandey, counsel for the two officers.

In the petitions, the officers have asked the Tribunal to “safeguard the dignity, efficacy and the authority of the Tribunal, and to give a clear message to the respondents/ contemners for such open defiance of the order by challenging the authority of this Tribunal.” This alleged act “needs to be viewed seriously,” they pleaded.

The two officers have named Defence Secretary Shashikant Sharma as the main respondent in the case.

Bajwa and Kamath had filed a case before the Tribunal for being appointed as Corps Commanders, for which they were cleared by an Army selection board but were not given the charge as they did not have the required residual three years of service.

The officers had contended that three other Lt General-rank officers, including Lt Gen Chetinder Singh, N K Singh and present 15 Corps Commander Lt Gen S A Hasnain, also did not have three years of residual service but were given Corps Commander appointments by the government.

Bajwa is at present the Chief of Staff at the Kolkata-based Eastern Command and Kamath is holding the same office at the Central Command in Lucknow. — PTI
Lt Generals move AFT against Defence Secretary

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Resettlement Defence Scam

TIMES NOW's Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami discusses the issue of the defence scam with Mahroof Raza, Strategic Affairs Analyst.
First, it was the Sukhna Land scam. Now, TIMES NOW has accessed an inquiry committee report which indicts several ex-servicemen of being deeply involved in corruption in resettlement schemes for retiring defence officers. The inquiry report alleges that many ex-servicemen misused schemes by subletting contracts to private firms and also violated norms by colluding with resettlement officers to get multiple benefits.
The most disturbing part of the report, however, is the allegation that security of national assets could have been compromised by handing it over to anti-national personnel by ex-servicemen for monetary gains.
The defence ministry is looking into the matter with great seriousness and in all likelihood, there could be a CBI inquiry initiated into the case.
Reports question the moral and ethical practices of our defence establishment.
Defence scam exposed
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Defence ministry completes probe into alleged scam in DGR
Press Trust Of India New Delhi, September 01, 2011
Defence ministry has completed an inquiry into an alleged scam in the Directorate General of Resettlement (DGR) to provide post retirement career opportunities to retired officers and jawans of the three services. The inquiry committee has completed its report on alleged malpractices and submitted it on Thursday. It will now be put up before secretary, Ex-Servicemen Welfare (ESW) for further actions, defence ministry officials said on Thursday.

DGR, an inter-service organisation which operates directly under the defence ministry, provides various resettlement and rehabilitation opportunities to ex-servicemen under various schemes of the central and state governments.

It provides job opportunities to ex-servicemen in government, semi-government and private sectors and also provides the facility for training to promote self employment avenues among officers and men.

Recently allegations of a scam in the DGR had surfaced after certain RTIs were filed enquiring about the functioning of the directorate following which an inquiry was ordered by the ministry.

The RTIs were filed inquiring into the functioning of the organisation and schemes introduced by it for training and resettlement of officers in government and semi-government sectors.

It also asked for details of self employment opportunities promoted by the organisation and its beneficiaries.
Defence ministry completes probe into alleged scam in DGR

National Security
Officers have further deposed that since "the DGR sponsored security agencies are providing security services to vital installations of the Government of India, the possibilities of terrorist organizations/ anti-social elements funding and orchestrating a wider security threat cannot be ruled out and therefore want the convening authority to thoroughly enquire into the matter." Will the Secretary, Department of Ex-servicemen Welfare, act... Read more click here...

Comment: Why should Colonels and Brigadiers be given employment after retirement when they are earning full pension of over Rs 40,000 per month? Very lopsided and skewed resettlement schemes. Only employment should be given to Jawans and Short Service Officers who retire earlier than 18 years of service.

No unity with MoD: Forces tell PM

Josy Joseph, TNN | Sep 1, 2011, 02.31AM IST
NEW DELHI: The old debate in the Indian defence establishment, about the lack of integration between the bureaucracy and the military, is back - and as expected the civilian bureaucracy has disagreed with the military leadership.

Authoritative sources said the Chiefs of Staff Committee, comprising the three Service chiefs, has complained to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh about the lack of integration between the ministry of defence and the three Services, saying it was contributing to prolonged delays in procurement and hampering other higher defence management activities.

According to a senior official, Air Chief Marshal PV Naik, who was the chairman of the Chiefs of Staff Committee, in a detailed communication to the PM put forward the military concerns. It was among ACM Naik's last communications to the PM before he retired on July 31.

Sources said ACM Naik pointed out to the PM that the Kargil Review Committee, appointed after the 1999 conflict between India and Pakistan, had recommended integration between the defence ministry and the three Services, and it was duly approved by a Group of Ministers. The Committee had recommended that the "structure and interface between the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and the Armed Forces Headquarters be comprehensively studied and reorganized". Many decisions of the GoM were implemented, resulting in the setting up of the Integrated Defence Staff (IDS), Defence Intelligence Agency etc.

Some aspects specifically regarding the integration between the MoD and the Service headquarters were also implemented, among them being the concept of the single file system. Earlier, the MoD and Service headquarters used to maintain separate files on the same subject, but this was given up. The Army and Navy headquarters have been renamed "Integrated Headquarters of MoD".

However, ACM Naik complained to the PM that the level of integration was not enough, with the civilians in the MoD having overriding powers over most crucial activities of the military, especially big ticket purchases. He suggested that it was high time that the government appointed senior military officers in the MoD, at the level of joint secretary etc, sources said.

In response, the MoD in a recent communication told the Chiefs of Staff Committee that the integration was in fact complete and was visible in several aspects. The MoD cited the single file concept and the renaming of the military headquarters to back its claims.

The Kargil Review Committee had pointed out that India perhaps was the only major democracy where the Armed Forces Headquarters were "outside the apex governmental structure". Thus the Service chiefs have "assumed the role of operational commanders of their respective forces rather than that of Chiefs of Staff to the Prime Minister and defence minister". The committee said the "Prime Minister and defence minister do not have the benefit of the views and expertise of the Army commanders and their equivalents in the Navy and Air Force so that higher level defence management decisions are more consensual and broadbased."
No unity with MoD: Forces tell PM

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dr Singh, how do you want to be remembered?

By Rakesh Khar/DNA-Daily News & Analysis, 16/08/2011
Dr Singh, how do you want to be remembered?

The basic challenge of our time is to ensure that wealth creation is not only tempered by equity and justice but is harnessed to the goal of removal of poverty and development for all,” declared Dr Manmohan Singh in his famous July 24, 1991 budget speech.

Twenty years have passed since Dr Singh came to be recognized as the architect of the economic reform story in India but the challenge of either the goal of removal of poverty or development for all is far from over. The challenge has actually become bigger, tougher, and more complex, with no easy solutions in hand.

Ironic as it is, nobody is celebrating the 20 years of reforms era including Dr Singh himself. This is because the ground reality today is that the reform story, despite its many successes, faces the biggest credibility test: the ever growing chasm between the haves and have-nots.

It is a throwback to either the regulatory powers reigning supreme or a total policy paralysis for fear of being caught in the twin spin of judicial and media activism, a space created due to the total governance failure in the second stint of Dr Singh at the top job.

Dr Singh's supporters are out to trot some numbers but the significance of these is lost on the fast gaining view that the poor became poorer and rich became richer during the last 20 years. This has pitch-forked Dr Singh and his reform policy as the villain.

Consider the following:
Estimates say between a low of 37% (Tendulkar Committee) and a high of 77% (Arjun Sen Gupta committee report) Indians live in poverty (these are figures drawn from government appointed committees). For company they have about 25 to 35 dollar billionaires (Credit Suisse Wealth Report 2010). The same report said there were 1,080 Ultra High Networth Individuals (HNIs) in the wealth strata of $50 million-$500 million and 7,800 HNIs in the wealth strata $10 million-$50 million.

Worse, India's performance in the UNDP Human Development Index (HDI), which is a comparative measure of life expectancy, literacy, education and standards of living for countries worldwide, has got worse in last two decades, receding from 95 in 1990 to 119 in 2010. Yes, there is a counter figure as well: 390 million Indians now belong to the middle class; one-third of them have emerged from poverty in the last 10 years. At the current rate of growth, a majority of Indians will be middle-class by 2025.

But the truth of the curse of poverty in the country is as cold as death. It is visible all over like a scar on our psychology. Blaming it purely on the reform programme is being as simplistic as it is a wishful thinking that more reforms would redeem India of all its problems.

Lack of nuance in our public debate as also Dr Singh's inexplicable silence in wake of falling credibility of his government due to a plethora of corruption scandals has only added to his woes. The PM has made it worse for himself and his paltry supporters by repeatedly saying "he has a job to do". The truth gaining ground is that he has merely a job to keep.

Management thinker Subroto Bagchi wrote in 'The Professional' that "if you qualify to be called a professional than you should be able to self certify completion of your work without supervision. And that is all about integrity. That is how only a true professional as opposed to a tactical climber can scale the summit of his profession and remain there."

Dr Singh, time you switched off for a while, to self-introspect. If not anything else, you might as well let us know how would you like to be remembered for posterity?
(The writer is Editor, Zee Research Group)
Copyright restricted. Under license from
Dr Singh, how do you want to be remembered?

Monday, August 29, 2011

Unheard, Uncared and Unsung

A friend from my organisation of yesteryears, Brigadier Pradeep Bali, sent me this piece written by his young daughter, Sarvar Bali. It is pathetic while the nation was engrossed in fighting the wrong-doings of our powers that be... our young ones were laying down their lives unheard, uncared and unsung on the borders. While our soldiers lay down their lives to protect their mother India, her better placed sons are robing her off not only her riches but also her chastity. This young girl, Sarvar Bali, has beautifully penned this piece on youngman's sacrifice in GUREJ SECTOR of KASHMIR on August 20, 2011. What a sad thing while soldiers are laying down lives, the GOI is concentrated on immunising its Prime Minister from investigations on charges of corruption.
Read here
This piece was written by a young Girl, SARVAR BALI, daughter of a serving Brigadier of Indian Army Brig Pradeep Bali.
The girl is barely out of the college, LSR of New Delhi, after graduating in journalism. I believe some corrupted versions of this are available on other various sites on the web where the site owners have not given the credit to this young girl. And some therefore do doubt the authenticity of this authorship and the story. This note is to dispel this doubt.

War on Corruption- Strategic Impact

Dear All,
I am appending below an advance copy of an article titled "War on Corruption - Strategic Impact" that has been sent to a magazine for publication. It is too long to be published in a newspaper, for which a shorter version has been sent, but has not yet been published. If you have the time, do peruse it.
Vijay Oberoi

By Lt Gen Vijay Oberoi and Ashish Puntambekar

Corruption is undoubtedly the hottest subject in India today. The credit for bringing it in focus must naturally go to Anna Hazare and the team that had the brilliance of making him the leader of the movement. Today, Anna is drawing crowds because the populace is fed up of mounting corruption in all fields of official and private interaction in our country. While a strong Lokpal Bill will help in prosecuting many corrupt leaders and officials, it is just one action that will rid the country of massive corruption. It will undoubtedly help, but much more effort would be needed at many levels. Besides enactment of the Lok Pal Bill, the government will have to carry out a major exercise on simplification of rules and procedures in all ministries and departments, especially relating to permissions/sanctions and to prepare clear and precise guidelines relating to business activity. In army parlance, corruption is being currently tackled at the tactical level. For much higher dividends, we need to upgrade it to the strategic level and fight a war against corruption, consisting of many battles. Besides benefits at the individual levels, India would reap major strategic gains by eradicating corruption or at least bringing it down substantially.

Corruption Status
Corruption in our country has now reached every nook and cranny of our daily living. It is not just the political leaders; senior bureaucrats; judiciary; and the hierarchy of the police; that are manifestly corrupt, but most if not all government servants, at all levels are as corrupt to a lesser or greater degree. Similarly, the corrupt include revenue officials; lower judiciary including their subordinates; the rank and file of the police, besides the hierarchy; and railway officials at every level. While the Lokpal Bill focuses on the big fish, the huge shoals of smaller fish in every walk of life, amounting to nearly 95%, will also need to be tackled simultaneously. The Media debate has not highlighted this, though it is included in the Jan Lokpal bill
We must also not forget the private sector. Here too corruption prevails at all levels, from corporate houses to the fields of education, medical practice, law, chartered accountancy and especially the entire entertainment industry. Even the media has its share of corruption. It manifests itself as biased news, paid news, suppressing of facts; manipulating statistics and facts and even actively working for influencing decisions of the government, as it was clear from the Radia Tapes episode.

Multi-faceted Approach
The aim of listing out the above is to emphasize that corruption has to be attacked at all levels and not just at the Lokpal or Lokayukt levels. In military terms, what is being attempted by Anna’s Team is to fight just one battle in the big war against corruption and that many battles of varying intensities need to be fought at successive levels of governance as well as in the private sector. Only then will we be able to make a substantial dent in achieving a relatively corruption-free society in our country. Let us now reflect on how widespread corruption has adversely impacted and continues to impact at the strategic level. Since Independence, we grew at the so-called Hindu rate of growth of 2.5 to 3 per cent for decades, on account of the ‘command economy’ and the overbearing controls of the government, better known as the ‘licence – permit raj’. That was the start of corruption. In the early Nineties, we opened the economy somewhat and the results were spectacular, but now on account of rampant corruption that has increased exponentially, the Growth Rate is slowing down. The reason is that no attempt was made to change the system of governance, as it suited the corrupt leaders and officials eminently!

Impact at Strategic Level
Now, we can come to the main purpose of this article, which is to show how widespread corruption has adversely impacted and continues to impact at the strategic level. Our economy is currently stagnating on account of slow decision making; bureaucratic red tape; lack of transparency; and widespread corruption. The military is hollow on account of no modernization and its downgrading in society, which is both misguided and intentional. A powerful and prosperous nation needs a vibrant economy and a strong military. One complements the other. The following paragraphs will highlight the economic and security benefits that eradication of corruption at all levels will deliver to the nation. A substantive dilution of corruption will bring about a major change in the investment climate through transparent decision making at all levels of the government and the reduction of money being sucked away by the corrupt, which finds its way in non-productive assets or is whisked away abroad. This transparency will then macro impact on both the economy and the military.
Click here to

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Anna Hazare arouses the Nation's Conscience

Dear Colleagues,
It is a historic day for India. The peoples’ power has been recognized. Our heartiest congratulations go to Anna Hazare for bringing about this momentous change. He has been an epitome of steely resolve, stoic determination and civilized behavior. The government failed to see what had become abundantly clear to the whole world. Had they shown more perspicacity and grace the physical suffering of this true crusader could have been greatly ameliorated.
A battle has been won. The war will be truly won only when the bill is finally enacted, a Lokpal is in place and people start feeling relief from the cancer of corruption. But a beginning has been made, and a very good one. Knowing Anna as the country knows him now, he will carry the baton till the finishing line. We wish him good health and long life. The IESM was happy to be fully visible in the event and its support and contribution was duly recognized.
If events of past two weeks are any indicator, it should lead to another positive; Delhi police may become more people friendly. Hopefully.
Best regards,
Lt Gen (Emeritus) Raj Kadyan, PVSM, AVSM, VSM
Chairman IESM

Witnessing power of people: Army chief

Press Trust Of India Mumbai, August 25, 2011
Indian Army Chief General V K Singh feels that the support the anti-corruption movement is getting in the country is an indication of 'the power of democracy and power of the people'. "We are passing through an interesting and turbulent period. Interesting in terms of how we are witnessing the power of democracy, the power of the people.. Interesting in terms of how we are seeing our leadership cope up with these things..," he said.

The Army chief was speaking at an interaction with members of the entertainment industry, organised by former MP Santosh Bhartiya in suburban Juhu last night.

"A lot of things are happening, from Kashmir to Kanyamkumari and from Gujarat to the most north-eastern part. There is a certain amount of unrest in the country, for various reasons -- some sponsored, some genuine (and) some which started with genuine thing and then got into something else.

"The theme is only one -- how do we take the nation forward from the morass, the 'daldal' that we are in.... It is not who is leading the movement but it is why it has come to this stage," he said.

The Army chief equated corruption to a hydra-headed monster. "Because we all are involved in its thriving. If we introspect, we will see that at one point or another, we are all involved in it," he said.

"When the Naxalite movement (issue) was presented to us, we were very clear in our minds that it is a socio-economic problem, a problem created by bad governance," he said.
Witnessing power of people: Army chief
Random Comments
Ram Gulrajani 19 hours ago
I am glad to see the comment of Army Chief on peoples' movement led by Anna Hazare. I wish the Chief will also comment on many other things going wrong in the country through a nexus between politicians and babus. It is this nexus which is responsbile for most of the ills in the country. It is a pity that because Defence Forces have acepted to serve under the civil rule and have renounced their right to descent/retort, that they have been discriminated against, their dignity trampled, their emoluments curtailed, their heroes, veterans, widows shabbly treated. All because our Chiefs have kept their mouth shut. I think it is time the Army Chief periodically gave a statement on the State Of The Nation to make sure politicians and babus know the mind of the Defence Forces and accept them as the strongest pillar in the democracy because of which we enjoy internal and external security coupled with freedom.

Lalrohit 1 day ago
The Army chief should first be cleaning up his area of operation.In the Indian Army itself there is widespread corruption in the procurement of medicines. The jawan's don't treated with the best quality of medicines, but with medicines of generic type....which are next to garbage. There is wide spread corruption of Army postings in the J&K area. Posting's are sold to the higest bidder. Army Chief shud be aware of his area of jurisdiction. Same type of corruptions are still found in the appts made in Public Sector enterprise like SAIL,Coal India, ONGC etc. There 3 dept are heavy corrupted area of the federal govt. Mines area are filled up with people who's main intentions are to grab the post by hook or crook. CBI is a useless govt entity. Only excellant in cleaning up the corrupt acts of our USELESS/ CORRUPT/ IRRESPONSIBLE minsiters. The P.M shud first clean up those dept's first....then talk about the other aspects.In India the gap between high & poor people is just too huge....THANKS CORRUPTION IN INDIA.

Read what Ms Neelam Nath tells Veterans before retiring on August 31, 2011
Ms Neelam Nath Secretary Ex Servicemen Welfare in the GOI is going to retire on August 31, 2011. She is an IAS officer of 1975 batch who belongs to the Jharkhand cadre. Ms Neelam Nath
Why the Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare should be disbanded

PM's Letter to Anna Hazare

The Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh, has written to Shri Anna Hazare, informing him of the resolution adopted by both Houses of Parliament today. For the full text of the letter is as given above. (Release ID :75159)


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