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226 Arty Regt: Officers and Jawans clash at Mahe Field Ranges

Officers-jawans clash in Ladakh not mutiny: Army
Ladakh, May 12 (IBNS): The Indian Army on Saturday said the 'minor scuffle' between officers and jawans in Ladakh is an 'isolated act of indiscipline'.
Army officers and jawans of an artillery unit clashed at the Mahe Field Ranges in Ladakh Region during the field firing exercise of Field Regiment on Thursday.
"The entire episode can at worst be seen as an isolated act of indiscipline. It can in no way be termed as mutiny," read a media statement issued by Army spokesperson Colonel Jagdeep Dahiya on Saturday.
"No arms and ammunition have been used by anybody. The armoury has not been captured by the troops as is being wrongly reported."
"Misinterpretation and mischievous reporting to sensationalise the incident by some sections of print and electronic media need to be dispelled," he said.
Dahiya said the Brigade Commander of the Artillery Brigade and General Officer Commanding of the Division interacted with the troops on Friday.
"The situation was brought well under control and the Regiment is being moved back from ranges to its location with effect from 12 May 2012," said the spokesperson. "A Court of Inquiry to investigate into the circumstances under which the incident took place has commenced," he said.
"The Court of Inquiry will identify the complicity of the officers and men. However, nobody has been removed, dismissed or suspended," said Dahiya.
"Col P Kadam, the Commanding Officer was not assaulted by other officers, as has been wrongly reported. The CO as well as Maj AK Sharma and Sepoy Suman Ghosh who suffered superficial injuries, have been given medical treatment," he said.
"The situation is well under control," said the Army spokesperson.
Officers-jawans clash in Ladakh not mutiny: Army

Army officers, jawans battle it out in Ladakh
Rajat Pandit, TNN | May 12, 2012, 02.17AM IST

NEW DELHI: In a shocking breach of discipline in the Army, officers and jawans of an artillery regiment deployed in the Nyoma sector of eastern Ladakh violently clashed with each other on Thursday evening. The ugly brawl ended with the commanding officer (CO) of the 226 Field Regiment deployed in Durbuk, Colonel Prasad Kadam, a Major, S K Sharma, and two jawans being admitted to the military hospital at Leh with multiple injuries.
The entire artillery unit of around 550 soldiers, which was at the high-altitude Mahe range in Nyoma to practise firing of their 105mm guns, was subsequently "disarmed" by additional forces rushed to the spot.
The incident sent ripples down the 1.13 million-strong Army, justifiably proud of its disciplined ethos and esprit de corps, and the entire defence establishment in South Block. Even as Karu-based 3 Division commander Major General A L Chavan rushed to the spot, Army chief General V K Singh briefed defence minister A K Antony on Friday morning after talking to Northern Army commander Lt-Gen K T Parnaik.
The artillery regiment will "eventually be disbanded", much like a few Sikh regiments were in the aftermath of Operation Bluestar in the mid-1980s, after the court of inquiry ordered into the incident establishes the chain of events and identifies the guilty. "It's an isolated act of indiscipline. The situation is under control...the accused will face court martial,'' said a senior officer.
Army officers, jawans battle it out in Ladakh
Comment: Sadly this a complete command Control breakdown in the Regiment. Undue coverage by media will surely dent the image of the Indian Army. Units undergoing training in harsh conditions need good leadership to acquire requisite skills for warfare... one must remember the Chetwode Motto. Veterans should reserve and control their comments in the public domain.

AHQ CSD Liquor Smuggling: MOD, Civil Staff and Politicians

Who else is the beneficiary of CSD Liquor?
By Maj Gen Chander Nandwani
Issue: IDR Net Edition | Date: 11 May, 2012

Way back in 1995, I was posted as Additional Director General of Supplies & Transport in Army Headquarters. Apart from my routine responsibilities, I was also given additional charge of managing Army Headquarters (AHQ) canteen, as its Chairman. It wasn’t much of a prized post, since a retired Colonel appointed as the Canteen Manager with around 50 to 60 civilian employees working under him, was essentially accountable, for the day-to-day functioning of the canteen.
Therefore, my area of focus would be to strictly monitor the indenting and sale of such items. For this purpose, computers would be installed in the canteen and sale of liquor strictly regulated through issue of new cards after due verification of the cardholders. Soon after taking over the additional responsibility, I decided to pay a visit to the AHQ canteen during the lunch hour break to get a ‘Feedback’ from the employees with regard to their working conditions as also motivate them to provide better service to the customers. After patiently listening to their woes and giving ‘on-the-spot’ decisions to improve their working conditions, I made a remark that while being posted at Delhi on three earlier occasions, I had never patronized AHQ canteen, as more often than not, all the attractive consumer items including popular brands of liquor were seldom accessible to the customers. Therefore, my area of focus would be to strictly monitor the indenting and sale of such items. For this purpose, computers would be installed in the canteen and sale of liquor strictly regulated through issue of new cards after due verification of the cardholders. Further, the existing liquor cards in use would be discontinued straightaway and destroyed.
The next day, all hell was let loose against me. Big posters were pasted at every nook and corner of Sena Bhawan and South Block, making serious allegations against me. Radhe Shyam (name changed), a labourer and the union leader of AHQ Canteen civilian employees, having three buses and two flats in Delhi, threatened that there would be ‘Mass Joint Self Immolation’ by all employees at Jantar Mantar on the Republic Day (due after 10 days or so), if Maj Gen Chander Nandwani was not immediately removed from the post of Chairman of the canteen. News items on similar lines were also published in the reputed national dailies. The allegations made against me included taking of a big bribe for purchase new computers, favouring purchase of specific liquor brands, coercing women employees for sexual favours and so on. I was particularly tickled by the allegation of sexual favours and cheekily informed my wife that surely my standing in this regard was now far better than what she had imagined during past several years of our married life!!!
I was immediately summoned by the Quarter Master General (QMG), under whom the canteen functioned, and was asked to brief him on this sudden turn of events when everything was going on so smoothly before I took over the charge of the AHQ canteen. I requested for a couple of days time to make discreet enquiries. Before I could say ’Jack Robinson’, there was a note from the MOD signed by a Director level officer asking the Chief of Army Staff (COAS) to comment on the allegations made against me and take all possible measures, including removing me from the post of Chairman, to avoid any embarrassment to the Govt., should the threat of ‘Mass Self-Immolation’ materialize, just prior to the Republic Day. What a joke! The matter did not end there. This note from MOD was followed by another note through which, a memorandum signed by 13 MPs and addressed to the Defence Minister, was also forwarded to the COAS, urging him to remove me from the post. This raised the hackles of the then COAS, late General BC Joshi. He called the QMG to his office and asked him to take the matter very seriously and put up a draft reply to both the notes of the MOD, for his approval. In the meanwhile an interim reply was sent to the MOD that the matter was being investigated.
My preliminary investigations revealed that a perfect nexus existed between the canteen civilian staff union leader Radhe Shyam, a few officials of MOD and a large number of politicians, to whom liquor was being supplied from AHQ canteen, on a regular basis. Of course the demand increased manifold during the time of elections. What intrigued me the most was the ‘modus operandi’ of smuggling out of such large quantities of liquor, with the Military Police and several other security agencies working in the highly sensitive areas of Army Headquarters and MOD. The actuality came to light when a disgruntled ex civilian employee of the canteen spilled the beans to me on promise of strict anonymity. I was shaken out of my bones when the truth came to light and immediately ran to the office of QMG to give him the details. He dis-believed me and decided to get the facts verified through a field security agency of the army and learnt to his horror that what I had disclosed to him was the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
The court of Inquiry proved these allegations to be false, baseless and malicious with the sole aim of having me removed from the post due to ulterior motives.
Well this is how the system worked. The union leader had in his custody hundreds of old liquor cards of servicemen and/or ex-servicemen who had either left the station or had died. He drew choicest brands of liquor from the canteen in the names of these personnel and had simultaneously perfected a distribution system through which the liquor was delivered right at the doorsteps of the selected MOD officials and several politicians apart from other influential clients in the ministry. Surprisingly, right next to the AHQ canteen was the parking lot of VIP staff cars and some of these staff car drivers had been bought over by Radhe Shyam by giving them free bottles of rum and other lucrative canteen items such as expensive watches etc. During the lunch break when security was lax, these drivers would reverse their cars next to the canteen bulk store, wherefrom crates of liquor were loaded into the dickey of these staff cars. Radhe Shyam instructed these drivers to deliver the liquor crates at various locations after dropping the VIPs at their respective residences. Wow what an ingenuous idea! The irony of the matter is that the staff cars with the flags & star plates of Generals, Admirals and Air Marshals (including the QMG), without the knowledge of the occupants, were being illegitimately used by unscrupulous individuals for their unholy deeds. Sadly these very senior officers had unknowingly become couriers of liquor for the politicians. No wonder there was such a sharp reaction from all quarters, when I had only hinted at introducing computers to check the sale of liquor from the AHQ canteen!
The Chief on being informed of the facts of the case directed the QMG to give me full protection and total support to cleanse the system. I obtained legal advice from a leading civilian lawyer. He advised me to request for an enquiry against myself since I had taken over the post barely 10 days earlier and had nothing to hide. Thereafter, on my specific request on file, a court of inquiry was ordered by the QMG to investigate into the allegations made by Radhe Shyam, which were supported by the MOD and the MPs. The court of Inquiry proved these allegations to be false, baseless and malicious with the sole aim of having me removed from the post due to ulterior motives. To avoid several heads from rolling, the MOD and the MPs were politely told by the then COAS verbally that the matter had been thoroughly investigated by a high-powered court of Inquiry, which had opined that there was no truth in the allegations made by the union leader. Hence the matter was not being pursued further to save all concerned from grave embarrassment.
On directions of the QMG, the services of the union leader were terminated under my signatures and the whole system revamped with the introduction of computers, thus bringing to an end the sordid drama of “The Canteen Liquor Connection of MOD!”
My only regret still remains that the allegation of my so-called sexual exploits with women employees was also quashed in the bargain, thus proving the obvious!!!
Who else is the beneficiary of CSD Liquor?
Comment: We need officers with courage and guts like Maj Gen Chander Nandwani to take on the growing corruption in CSD. Even officers in staff college use liquor for bartering with servants and for other services. The malaise is much more deep routed than in 1995...

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First President Vs Present President: Comparative Study

First President Deshratna Dr RAJENDRA PRASAD
He remained and lived in a thatched-roof house before he shifted to DELHI in 1946 & took to office as MINISTER, FOOD & AGRICULTURE, later as PRESIDENT of the CONSTITUENT ASSEMBLY (1946-1949) & still later, as the FIRST PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF INDIA (1952-1962). After relinquishing the office of the PRESIDENT OF INDIA in MAY 1962, he returned to PATNA on 14th MAY 1962 and preferred to stay in the campus of BIHAR VIDYAPEETH rather than anywhere else. He lived for some months in the old house with thatched roof, which he had occupied earlier till 1946. This house was not at all suitable for his age and the state of health. Therefore LOKNAYAK JAYPRAKASH NARAYAN volunteered and collected some funds to get a small house constructed in a corner of BIHAR VIDYAPEETH'S MANGO-GROVE. DESHRATNA Dr. RAJENDRA PRASAD lived in this house until his passing away on 28th FEBRUARY, 1963.

Present President Her Highness Pratiba Patil
Contrast this with our (Madame) Present President Pratiba Patil
Pratibha Patil has been indulging in luxurious life. Since becoming the President, Pratibha Patil made twelve trips to foreign countries with her family to 22 countries. This has cost the government a whopping Rs.205 crore. Her last visit with her family members ended yesterday with trip to South Africa before her term ends. On all her foreign trips, a chartered Boeing 747-400 was kept ready for her entourage including her family members. She also made the government incur expenditure on her luxurious accommodation in five star hotels, local travel, miscellaneous expenses and daily allowances. A life of lavish royalty. Will she be forgotten for her misdeeds? She attempted to ursurp military lands at pune for her family and build a Palace worth Rs 5 crore ... she just failed! She moved in with a dozen boxes to Rashtrapati Bhavan and she will leave with a couple of container loads of artefacts and furniture... totally denude the Presidential House! A shameful present President indeed.... Watch out for more news in the media...
India's growth story is really continous history.... slaves, feudals, political criminals, intrigue, Indian bureaucracy, Swiss secret accounts, terror, black money, money laundering, hawala transancions, benami operations and exploitation of the weak.....
A Banana Republic-
New Avatar of Democracy.... India's Growth story is worth watching... The President leads the nation in morals and ethics!

Rajeev Chandrasekhar in Rajya Sabha speaks for the Honour of Soldiers

Military Veterans are proud of the fact that Shri Rajeev Chandrasekhar is son of Veteran Air Commodore MK Chandrasekhar, VM, VSM, an ace transport aircraft Pilot.
    Please hear Shri Rajeev Chandrasekhar speak forcefully in support of the Soldiers, in the Rajya Sabha in Video above
    Webpage: click here
    Military Veterans who wish to thank and express their gratitude to Shri Rajeev Chandrasekhar may email Shri V Anand PS to RC
    Col Rajan
    Convenor, Military Veterans INDIA
    Bangalore, 9449043770
    Brig V A Subramanyam (Retd)

    Corps of Signals Veteran, Bangalore
    Dear Veterans and would be veterans sooner or later!!
    The speech by Mr. Chandrasekhar in the Parliament is so powerful, to the point and crisp. One has also seen Mr. Chandrasekhar on TV Channels very ably articulating soldier's points of view. Time and again he has been peaking in the Parliament and writing to the PM and the RM supporting the cause of the soldiers and in support of the Defence Forces issues.
    While quite a few veterans will and have sent messages to him individually, it would be befitting if thousands of us append our signatures to a communication thanking him and appreciating his efforts for his concern for India's Defence Forces and its personnel. May be Lt Gen Kadyan/ Maj Gen Satbir Singh the Adhikaris of IESM can take the initiative. Jai Hind
    Harbhajan Singh
    Lt Gen
    Former Signal Officer-in-Chief
  • Thursday, May 10, 2012

    Lt Gen Tejinder Singh makes a monkey of all investigative agencies

    Revealed: How another Army officer got away with scams
    New Delhi: There seems to be no end to troubles for the Defence Ministry, which is already having its share of corruption allegations. Adding more embarrassment to the corruption-hit Ministry, another allegation on an army official has come to the fore.
    According to a report published in DNA, a Lieutenant Colonel, accused of misappropriating the ministry's youth funds was allowed to wrongfully use naval facilities as a private operator and got away with one scam after another.
    In a case dating back to May 2005, Lt Col Gautam Dutta was named in serious wrongdoings that ranged from over-invoicing of coach boats to excess claim of dearness allowance during international participationbr.
    Reporting an incident of financial imporpriety, Commodore AS Bajwa, the then honorary secretary general of the Yachting Association of India (YAI) had named Lt Col Dutta of the Army Yachting Node in Mumbai’s Colaba in a case of financial impropriety.
    Even though, A board of inquiry was set up by the Indian Navy in August 2005, Lt Col Dutta’s case was never referred to the Army Headquarters. But even though he was the only Army officer who had been found guilty of misappropriation, no action was taken.
    A senior official who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said, “This was mainly due to the fact that Maj Gen Dutta (Retd), his father, had been intimidating the concerned officers with dire consequences.
    According to the DNA report, Lt Col Gautam Dutta’s father, Maj Gen S Dutta, had threatened the inquiry officer Commodore Bajwa for daring to go against his son.”
    Further, to avoid inquiry, Lt Col Dutta resigned from the Indian Army toward the end of 2006 and joined his father in selling boats and motor yachts.
    In 2007, the YAI initiated disciplinary action against Lt Col Dutta and in Dec 2007, his Life Associate Membership to the YAI was terminated by the General Body. (A copy of the AGM 2007 minutes issued by the YAI is now with DNA).
    Tejinder defended Dutta
    Interestingly, Adarsh scam beneficiary Lt Gen Tajinder Singh, who was recently named in Army Chief General VK Singh's bribery complaint, was found shielding Lt Col Dutta in the Board of Inquiry from Commodore Bajwa and Captain Rajesh Sarin, the board’s president.
    Lt Gen Tejinder had his reasons for defending Lt Col Dutta. As per the reports, Singh went ahead to hush up the Annual Confidential Report (ACR), which listed complaints against Lt Col Gautam Dutta since Maj Gen Dutta was the legal guardian for Tejinder Singh’s daughter when she was studying in Mumbai.
    Partners in crime
    Gautam Dutta reportedly refunded a sum of Rs 14.86 lakhs to the YAI in 2008. Though this was money that belonged to the government, it was not returned to its source, but signed off as a donation to the YAI, suspending the flow of inquiry.
    Some of those who were seen to have helped Dutta continue his corrupt endeavours have since been implicated in the Adarsh scam, while some have been unfortunately misrepresented and have gone on to receive Drona awards.
    Surprisingly, all those found guilty of financial irregularities had donated huge amounts of money to the YAI and have resigned from the defence services, and no criminal action was ever taken.
    After giving a false statement to the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs, Secretary General rear admiral Monty Khanna has helped the aforementioned offenders get a clean chit.
    The donors list on the YAI website shows that Commander Motivala has donated Rs 7.5 lakh and that Applied Nutrition Science (owned by Commander Farookh Tarapore, recipient of Arjuna Award) donated Rs 2.2 lakh after an inquiry found them guilty. Both resigned soon after and returned the cash award money as donation to YAI.
    Lt Gen Tejinder Singh and Adarsh Scam
    Tejinder Singh withdraws from SC plea against Army chief Gen V K Singh
    Comment: Tejinder Singh is well connected with all the Investigation Agencies. He seems to be a conduit for Tatra Scam too- to siphon money to Swiss or similar secret banks. Where did Tejinder Singh get money for booking a flat in Adarsh Housing Society? He is integral to a litany of scams and money laundering. His Political connections needs to be investigated to get to the bottom of all scams. Why is he linked to all the three former Army Chief's. He seems to be making a mockery of Chetwode Motto of IMA. We Veterans pray that Field Marshal Philip Walhouse Chetwode, 1st Baron Chetwode, 7th Baronet of Oakley, GCB, OM, GCSI, KCMG, DSO gets up from his grave and gives Lt Gen Tejinder what he really deserves!

    Wednesday, May 9, 2012

    Army chief Gen VK Singh trashes Adarsh report

    03 May 2012, 7:23PM IST| Duration: 03:14

    Adarsh Housing Society Enforcement Directorate finds involvement of former Maharashtra CM Kanhaiyalal Gidwani in Adarsh scam Mail Today Bureau Mumbai, Saturday, May 5, 2012 | 08:45 IST
    If the Centre wants information about black money, they need not go far. They could well start with Adarsh, feel investigators probing the multi-crore housing society scam. They claim to have unearthed unaccounted transactions worth crores that have been paid in order to purchase flats in the 31-storey housing society.
    For starters, the Enforcement Directorate (ED), which had registered a case of money laundering against 13 people on March 5, has found the involvement of another former Maharashtra chief minister, who has two benami flats in Adarsh.
    The politician in question was a chief minister prior to 1990. Investigators claim this politician has two flats, one of which is on the 26th floor of Adarsh. The flats have been brought through a third party. These two were part of the four mystery flats whose real ownership the investigators were trying to ascertain for some time now.
    The other two flats in question are located on the 15th floor and were meant for another former chief minister as a favour for clearing the Adarsh file. The flats are in the name of Amol Kharbhari and Kiran Bhadange and money for these flats came from Kanhaiyalal Gidwani, who gave loans of Rs 55 lakh to each of them. But before the flats could be handed over to the former CM, the Adarsh scam broke out and the transaction could not take place.
    What's interesting is that Kharbhari managed to get a loan from Gidwani even though he didn't have a PAN card nor did he manage to furnish income-tax proof for the past three years. They are also probing how a former collector and MP managed to buy a flat despite claiming his income to be Rs 12,000. Incidentally, as an MP, his allowances would be more than Rs 25,000 per month. They also claim to have found evidence that a part of the payment for a flat that was in the name of a relative of former chief minister Ashok Chavan, was not made by the Congress leader, but by another member of Adarsh society, as a favour for him being allotted a flat. Chavan was also Chavan was also alleged to have received Rs 65 lakh from former joint commissioner of traffic, Sanjay Barve, towards payment of a flat which is in the name of the former's motherin-law. Barve, in return, got a flat for his father.
    It's not just politicians. Investigators claim a number of bureaucrats are also under the scanner. They are astounded as to the number of bureaucrats' children, who despite claiming their salary to be Rs 12,000, still managed to purchase flats worth Rs 65 lakh and above in Adarsh. The ED is now issuing summons to the owners, asking them to provide payment details while buying the flats and also give supporting documents.
    "There are several owners, who by their financial standing, could not have managed to purchase the flats. These are the people who are under suspicion," an officer said.
    Enforcement Directorate finds involvement of former Maharashtra CM Kanhaiyalal Gidwani in Adarsh scam

    Tuesday, May 8, 2012

    Raksha Mantri's Statement in Parliament: Welfare of Troops

    Ministry of Defence
    07-May, 2012 16:35 IST Pay Parity in Services
    Recommendations of the Sixth Central Pay Commission and several improvements made thereon by the Government have been largely well received by the armed forces personnel. Some issues regarding service conditions, pay and allowances have subsequently been received. These issues are examined by the Government on case to case basis.
    In the matter relating to retirement benefits, an Anomaly Committee was set up under the Chairmanship of Secretary (Defence/Finance). This Committee identified some anomalies which have since been addressed to by the Government. Improvement of service conditions, pay, allowances and retirement benefits of armed forces personnel is a continuous process.
    This information was given by Minister of Defence Shri A K Antony in a written reply to Dr. P. Venugopalin Lok Sabha today. PK/NN
    Related statements by RM
    Pay Parity in Services
    Reservation for Ex-Servicemen
    Training to Retiring Personnel
    Tatra Trucks Deal Scam
    Rehabilitation of Ex-Servicemen
    Wards of Ex-Servicemen
    Dispute on Annandale Ground
    Scoop of MOD: Governance
    Darkness engulfs decision-making authorities in the Ministry of Defence

    Monday, May 7, 2012

    Madam President Pratiba Patilji- Blows her own Trumphet

    Full transcript: President Pratibha Patil's interview to NDTV | Updated: May 07, 2012 01:21 IST
    Amid controversy over her foreign trips, President Pratibha Patil, in an exclusive interview to NDTV's Rahul Shrivastava, says the visits go a long way in boosting India's image internationally. She has also made it clear that the President's travel plans are drawn up by the government.
    Here's the full transcript of the interview:
    NDTV: Hello and welcome. India has begun the process of choosing its next President. Some have chosen to call the post ceremonial, but in the 21st century managing the aspirations of over a billion people and the diktats of a Constitution is a tough job. How tough is the job? Who better to answer the question than Madam President Pratibha Patilji. Prathibhaji really nice of you to speak to us.
    click here for the full transcript
    Comment: Shakespeare sums up Pratiba's Pretence in a sonnet
    Tired with all these, for restful death I cry, As to behold desert a beggar born,
    And needy nothing trimm'd in jollity,
    And purest faith unhappily forsworn,
    And gilded honour shamefully misplaced,
    And maiden virtue rudely strumpeted,
    And right perfection wrongfully disgraced,,
    And strength by limping sway disabled
    And art made tongue-tied by authority,
    And folly, doctor-like, controlling skill,
    And simple truth miscalled simplicity,
    And captive good attending captain ill:
    Tired with all these, from these would I be gone,
    Save that, to die, I leave my love alone.
    The poet laments the corruption and dishonesty of the world, from which he desires to be released. This is a sonnet which strikes a chord in almost any age, for it tells the same old story, that graft and influence reign supreme, and that no inherent merit is ever a guarantee of success. For that depends on social structures and conditions already set in place long ago. As often as not they aid and promote the unworthy, the malicious, the wealthy, the incompetent and those who are just good at manipulation of the system.

    MHA now has Fake CBI Officials

    Three arrested for cheating people by posing as CBI officials Press Trust of India | Updated: May 06, 2012 22:58 IST NDTV Report
    New Delhi: Three persons, including a senior scientific officer of Central Forensic Science Laboratory and an employee of Revenue department, were today arrested for allegedly entering into a criminal conspiracy and cheating people by posing as CBI officials and demanding bribe. The CBI conducted searches based on a complaint from a property dealer in Ghaziabad against A R Arora, Senior Scientific Officer working with CFSL, alleging that he had threatened him with police action by lodging a complaint against him.
    CBI examined the complaint and registered a case against Arora, an assistant posted in Department of Revenue Shiv Charan, a private person identified as Manish Sharma and an official of Central Excise Department under various sections of IPC and Prevention of Corruption Act, CBI spokesperson said.
    After registering cases, the CBI carried out searches at various places in Delhi and Karnal in Haryana and claimed to have recovered Rs. three lakh in cash from Arora's residence.According to the CBI spokesperson, it was alleged that the Senior Scientific Officer, while introducing himself as Additional Deputy Director CBI, falsely informed a property dealer based in Ghaziabad that a complaint against him was pending, for which the property dealer was required to visit h Arora is alleged to have threatened the property dealer that he would use his powers and register a criminal case against him and later advised him to get the matter pursued through Sharma by giving illegal gratification for settling the "complaint", which was false, the spokesperson said.
    In another case, Arora is alleged to have actually carried out an illegal and unauthorised search at the premises of some businessman in order to obtain illegal gratification, the spokesperson said.
    It was alleged that an employee of Shiv Charan, an assistant in the Department of Revenue, Ministry of Finance, an official of Central Excise and Manish Sharma introduced themselves as public servants with powers to carry out search operations, and conducted illegal and unauthorised searches.
    After the searches, they demanded an illegal gratification from the businessman to abate the search proceedings and allegedly received a huge amount as bribe, the spokesperson said.
    click here for the original post: Three arrested for cheating people by posing as CBI officials
    CBI and Chidambaram
    CBI likely to whitewash Armsgate scam: ROOTS OF POWER by MADHAV NALAPAT

    2G Scam: One more culprit surfaces

    Published on Apr 26, 2012 by newsxlive Janata Party President Subramanian Swamy has made fresh allegations of corruption against Home Minister P Chidambaram's son Karti. Speaking Exclusively to NewsX Swamy demanded Chidambaram quit as Home Minister. Swamy also demanded that CBI should include him and his son, Karti, in its investigation on the sale of telecom company Aircel to Malaysia-based investor Maxis. Comment: Is PC the fitting person to head the investigating agencies. Why should he head the anti terror agencies. Terror financing is through Hawala Transanctions. Can he investigate his own son's involvement?


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