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For every success in fighting corruption, there’s a fresh backslide

Newsweek- Pulling Hands Out of the Till
The best countries keep public and private sector graft in check.
For every success in fighting corruption, there’s a fresh backslide. Although the U.S. and Europe have made spectacular gains in cracking down on corporate bribery, the financial crisis and its $20 trillion in bailouts and stimulus spending created a rash of opportunities to shift public resources to private pockets. It didn’t help that the programs concentrated on some of the most fraud-ridden sectors, such as banking, real estate, energy, and infrastructure. China alone has arrested more than 3,000 officials for graft related to its $586 billion stimulus.

Go to the Head of the Class What’s clear, however, is that some countries do much better than others in rooting out corruption. Their lessons, according to corruption experts at Transparency International, the Basel Institute on Governance, and the Brookings Institution:

Get government out of the shadows. Corruption thrives not just on plainly illegal bribes, but even more on legal practices such as political donations, lobbying, and the revolving doors that reward lawmakers and regulators with juicy jobs in industry. Sweden, a star performer in the corruption rankings, has cleaned up government by opening virtually all government records to the public. It’s no coincidence that economists consider Sweden the world’s textbook example for how to resolve a banking crisis resolutely and at minimal cost to taxpayers.

Peer pressure. For years, the U.S. was the only country seriously pursuing corporate bribery. After relentlessly exposing many of the world’s biggest companies, the U.S. shamed others into stiffening their laws and stepping up prosecution. Britain, where Prime Minister Tony Blair once snuffed out an inquiry into British Aerospace payments in Saudi Arabia, just passed the world’s toughest anti-bribery law. Germany, until recently, considered bribes standard business practice and even made them tax-deductible. Reluctant German prosecutors didn’t start investigations of their own until after German companies kept showing up in U.S. courts.

Litigate, litigate, litigate. Massive fines have made bribery a high-risk game. Germany’s Siemens has paid $1.6 billion and still faces prosecution in several other countries. That both the U.S. and U.K. can litigate any bribe anywhere as long as the company involved does business in America or Britain could one day make even Chinese, Indian, and Russian companies come clean (they now count among the world’s most corrupt, according to Transparency International’s Bribe Payer Index). Already, über-corrupt Russia has begun to cooperate with OECD anti-corruption fighters as the country tries to raise its standing in Western trade and economic bodies.
Courtesy: Newsweek: The most corrupt countries

India’s leaders remain mired in debate and stifled by bureaucracy
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  • What Ministry of Defence wants from Obama's visit

    NDTV Correspondent, Updated: November 06, 2010 07:54 IST
    New Delhi: On his three day visit to India, beginning today, US President Barack Obama is likely to push for more defence sales. On the agenda would be:
  • The Indian Air Force (IAF) wants to buy 126 combat jets worth nearly $11 billion, which are up for grabs. Lockheed Martin and Boeing are two among the six worldwide contenders currently competing for the order.
  • India has shown interest in buying C-17, heavy lift transport aircraft for the IAF through the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) route where multi-bid tenders are not required.
  • In 2008 and 2009, India placed orders for American C-130J Medium lift military transport aircraft and P-8 Boeing long-range Maritime Reconniasance (LRMR) planes together worth more than $4 billion. Obama is likely to push India to buy more of these.
  • India is also interested in buying the Javelin anti-itank missiles, sensor fused weapons and harpoon missiles from the US.
    Read more at: What Ministry of Defence wants from Obama's visit
  • Official status of OROP: "Difficult to reach the goal in one go"

    The Hindu NEW DELHI, August 26, 2010
    The government on Wednesday said it was difficult to implement in one go ex-servicemen's demand for ‘one rank, one pension'.
    Appealing to agitating ex-servicemen not to return their gallantry awards, Defence Minister A.K. Antony said the government had started implementing the recommendations of a high-level committee on one rank, one pension. “We will not be able to implement it in one stretch, but we are near that goal.”
    The government had implemented recommendations including pension benefits to personnel below rank of officer, costing the exchequer about Rs. 2,200 crore.
    The Minister was responding to the issue raised by Leader of the Opposition Arun Jaitley, who said several ex-servicemen wanting to surrender gallantry medals was a “sad spectacle.”
    While urging the government to look into their demands “seriously,” he also appealed to ex-servicemen to desist from that extreme step.
    Ex-servicemen are agitating to press for an equal pension for personnel retiring in the same rank irrespective of their date of superannuation.
    ‘One rank, one pension' difficult in one go: Antony

    Friday, November 5, 2010

    Veterans fume over Adarshgate

    Published: Sunday, Oct 31, 2010, 3:21 IST
    By Rajshri Mehta Place: Mumbai Agency: DNA
    Even as an inquiry is on to detect duplicity, if any, by serving/ retired officers in the reappropriation of land occupied by headquarters, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Goa (MGG) area for the past 60 years, defence veterans are seething with anger.
    On Saturday, Mumbai Citizens Group, a non-profit organisation, and other defence veterans demanded that chief of army staff General VK Singh initiate a court of inquiry to recover the land and the assets abandoned for use by the army and obviate the security concerns.
    More importantly, they have sought an inquiry into the role of the alleged kingpin, Major General (retired) Tej Kaul, during whose tenure as general officer commanding (GOC), MGG area, the land was handed over to Adarsh, and RC Thakur, a junior officer in the defence estates department, where both own flats.
    In their letter to Singh, the veterans said that since 2000, each of the GOCs, Maharashtra and Gujarat areas — Maj Gen AR Kumar, Maj Gen VS Yadav, Maj Gen TK Kaul, Maj Gen Tejinder Singh, Maj Gen RK Hooda — have become members of the Adarsh society for allotment of flats to them or their relatives.
    The letter alleges that in return, these officers remained silent about the scam. “Kaul’s role should be probed well. It is the first time that an individual (Kaul) was first posted as sub-area commander of the MGG area, and he returns as the GOC in the same area," said a colonel based in Bengaluru.
    “All those who approved the file, starting from Lt Gen Sihota, a beneficiary based in southern command at Pune, vice chief of army staff Lt Gen Shantanu Chaudhary, and the chief of army staff Gen NC Vij should be tried for criminal conspiracy and breach of trust," said a senior army officer.
    Defence veterans have not taken kindly to the offer of the three chiefs: Admiral Madhvendra Singh, then chief of naval staff, Vij, and Gen Deepak Kapoor, to now return the flats. The letter demands that the trio be stripped of their ranks.
    Veterans fume over Adarshgate

    Related news
    Earlier, the navy had informed the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) that it had not given clearance for the construction of the building.
    According to sources, Navy has written to them that it never issued a no objection certificate (NOC) to the Adarsh Housing Society.
    Army is also expected to submit its internal report later this week. The Maharashtra Government will also submit its first probe report to the Defence Ministry in next two days.
    Navy to submit Adarsh Society scam final report
    Adarsh Society Members List: Click here

    On Diwali business, China beats India

    New Delhi: With the huge availability and growing demand of festive items made in China, local artisans are facing stiff competition to sell their products during this Diwali season. From fancy lights, lampshades, Ganesha and Laxmi idols to crackers and other such sundry items, the market is surging with Chinese products and consumers seem to be making a beeline to buy these attractive and cheap knick-knacks.

    Conventional potters, who make products using a spinning wheel, seem to be worst-hit. Manohar Lal, a trader in South Delhi's Munirka area says he has seen the demand for his earthen diyas dipping year after year forcing him to create fancy and designer diyas for this Diwali to attract buyers.

    "There was a time when my family used to start making Diwali products two to three months before the festival. People now are more interested in fancy and cheap lights from China," says Lal. According to traders, the popularity of China-made fancy lights is because of their cheap prices and the wide variety available.

    A Chinese string of 100 tiny bulbs can be bought in the range of Rs 50 to Rs 70. Lights in the shape of pineapples, pomegranates, rice and net stars among others are seen to be popular among buyers.

    Readymade rangolis that can be displayed on the floor or the wall are also available at affordable prices. Even though they are popular, not everybody is happy with the 'Made in China' products.

    "The fancy lights from China have thin wires and they come out of holders easily. There are complaints of total failure of the product in some cases as well. So, I do not stock Chinese products at all," says Aman Khanna, a shop owner in Karol Bagh.

    Shopkeepers say crackers from China produce more smoke and are also more dangerous for children. While the buyers are having a ball both in terms of cost and variety, the affected artisans are trying to devise ways to increase the sale of traditional goods.

    "My business of fancy lights has been hit badly but I do not compromise on quality. Chinese lights are 'Rakhi Sawants' who will attract buyers only for some time. Once people know their truth, they will get back to us," says Rajender Kumar, a small businessman in the capital.

    Experts say there is nothing much that can be done at the moment to help the small businessmen and the local artisans. "Chinese products are competing with domestic items in other countries also. A lot of artisans are suffering due to the competition. But, once you open up your economy, it's open to all. Artisans have to produce better goods than Chinese ones. Nothing else can be done," says Professor S K Jain who teaches at the Jawaharlal Nehru University.
    Source: Agencies Images: AP/Reuters
    On Diwali business, China beats India

    IESM Gen Secretary writes to Shree Rajiv Chandrasekhar, MP

    Dear Friends,
    Jai Hind.
    An email received from Maj Gen Satbir Singh and its enclosures click here.
    The letter of Shree Satpal Maharaj addressed to the RM, was received as a large PDF file, which could not be used for mass circulation. Therefore, I have typed the relevant portions of that letter in MS Word format.
    The printed letter heads of both the letters had to be excluded to reduce the size of the email.
    I also take this opportunity to add that whenever any one says that “ If we give OROP to the Indian Defence Services, other government services will also demand the same”, please educate them about the following important things which differentiate the Defence Services from others:
    I. The Three Defence Services are the only services, which are denied “Fundamental Rights” granted by the Constitution of India to all its citizens. The serving soldiers cannot even form associations to represent their grievances.
    II. Defence Services are the only services, where the personnel retire much before reaching the age of 60 years, the prescribed age of retirement for all other Government Services.
    III. The Defence Services suffer the maximum casualties when defending the nation externally or internally.
    IV. The Defence Services are the last hope of the Indian Nation, when everyone else fails miserably. CWG is the lastest example.

    Therefore, the usual excuses given by the bureaucrats that if OROP is granted to Defence Services, other services will demand the same – are deliberate attempts to mislead the political leaders. Other issues which need attention are:
    A. Ex-servicemen Welfare Commission. This was strongly recommended by the High Level Committee headed by Shree KP Singhdeo and is essential for the redressal of our problems besides protecting us from the wrath of the hostile bureaucracy. This needs to be put in place at the earliest. The Ex-servicemen Commission should consist of Armed Forces Veterans, including war wounded, and the Defence Widows.
    B. Staffing of ESW Department of MoD. At present, the ESW Department of MoD has no representation of the Defence Services. The present staff of ESW Department, who do not know even the fundamentals of the functioning and working conditions of the Armed Forces, how they can understand our problems and look after our welfare. The entire staff of the ESW Department of MoD should be from among the serving and retired Defence personnel.
    Another issue, which Col Inderjit Singh, Chairman All India Ex-Services Welfare Association, is pursuing with the Government since long (he is the eldest veteran who started the struggle of OROP) is (these are extracts from one of the letters of Col Inderjit sent to RM) –
    Representation at the MOD. Every uniformed service other than the Armed Forces is represented at all levels of decision-making processes, which affect the functioning or welfare of that service. However, for the various committees appointed for Defence, whether it pertains to functioning of Defence Services or the welfare of serving and retired Defence personnel, no representatives of the Defence Services are included. This sidelining of the Armed Forces has created a feeling that they are suspect in the eyes of
    their own leadership and, therefore, that of the Nation too. This has resulted in demoralisation and humiliation among the serving and retired Defence Forces personnel. Such demoralisation of the Defence personnel can be disastrous for the Nation itself. We, therefore, appeal to you to kindly set this aberration right, which is existing inspite of sixty-three years since we got Independence.
    Friends, it is time that All ESM and ESM Organisations stand shoulder to shoulder and speak in one language. All ESM Organisations are doing very well in their own way to get Justice for Defence Services. We need to continue that multi pronged approach to achieve our aim.
    I once again appeal to all ESM and ESM Organisations, not to criticise each other but support each other so that the pressure on the Government multiplies many fold and it is compelled to yield to our justified demands.
    In service of Indian Military Veterans
    Chander Kamboj.

    Sample swanky Santushti shopping complex: Troops Welfare?

    Rajat Pandit, TNN, Oct 31, 2010, 04.14am IST
    With 7,000 sq km, defence ministry owns land equal to 5 Delhis - The Times of India
    NEW DELHI: Land scams and defence often go together. The defence ministry, after all, owns a staggering 17.3 lakh acres of land around the country. That is little over 7,000 sq km. Or, about the size of five Delhis (new, old and rural) put together.

    Defence, railways and ports, in fact, are the largest landowners in India. Yes, the defence land includes airbases, firing ranges, dockyards and other crucial military establishments.

    But, from the famous sprawling maidan in front of Victoria Memorial in Kolkata, the huge Delhi Cantonment and the Navy Nagar in tony south Mumbai to hill stations like Dalhousie, Lansdowne and Kasauli, MoD also owns some pretty prime property across the country.

    So, it's no wonder that all this land attracts gleeful unscrupulous elements, both from within and outside, who are eager to grab, misappropriate or encroach some chunks of this precious commodity.

    In fact, a defence minister not so long ago had send shivers down the military ranks by obliquely suggesting the sale of large parts of defence land, with the unstated intention of raking in the moolah.

    While the 17.3 lakh acres of defence land is managed by the three Services and other organisations like Ordnance Factory Board, Defence Research and Development Organisation and others, the 1.13-million strong Army is by far the biggest land-holder.

    The Army has 13.79 lakh acres under its control and management, while the much smaller IAF has 1.51 lakh acres and Navy 0.37 lakh acres. Of the total 17.3 lakh acres, around 2 lakh acres lie within the 62 cantonments in 19 states. There is even a big Directorate General of Defence Estates for "advisory and executive functions" in matters relating to defence lands and civic administration in cantonments.

    Apart from huge land holdings, the armed forces also have veto powers (NOC Syndrome- a tutorial from AWHO spreading its wings) on land sale or construction activities near their stations on grounds of security. Take, for instance, the recent infamous Sukna land scam case, in which four generals were indicted. The case revolved around the alleged conspiracy to aid the transfer of a 71-acre tea estate adjacent to the Sukna military station in Darjeeling district to a real estate developer, who was a family friend of one of the generals.

    Then, there are several instances of defence land being misused. The continuing saga of the swanky Santushti shopping complex, the haunt of the rich and the famous just down the road from the PM's official residence in the Capital, is one of the examples.

    The latest CAG report slams MoD and IAF for blatantly violating all rules and regulations in managing Santushti, with its 43 shops, which was established by the Air Force Wives Welfare Association (AWWA) on defence land in 1985 with the ostensible purpose to help needy military personnel and their families.

    But the "irregular allotment" of many shops to fashion designers, businesswomen and other gliterrati has "defeated the welfare objectives of providing assistance to ex-servicemen, war widows, disabled military pensioners and the like", said CAG. Shades of the Adarsh scam?
    With 7,000 sq km, defence ministry owns land equal to 5 Delhis - The Times of India

    Thursday, November 4, 2010

    Jihad against India: Is Al- Qaeda messing up POK?

    Foreigners are being trained in PoK militant camps: Report
    London: Hundreds of university students, including foreigners are being trained in militant camps in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, which have become active again, to wage 'jihad' against India.

    After a lull, several militant outfits have now again raised their heads and increased their activities in and around Muzaffarabad, capital of PoK, and pro-Jihad slogans can be seen on the walls of the city, BBC Urdu Service reported.

    A 25-year-old engineering student from Lahore, fresh from a training stint in one of camps told BBC from PoK capital Muzzaffarabad, said:"A large number of youths from Pakistani universities and abroad are undergoing training in PoK under supervision of a militant group to wage jihad against India."

    The student, who identified himself as a Kashmiri, said he received two-month training in PoK after finishing his engineering course this year.

    "Around 20 per cent youths in the training camps are from Kashmir and 10 per cent are from other countries... Majority of those receiving training are from Pakistan's Punjab province," he claimed.

    He also said that many other students from his university have joined the militant training programme run by a tanzeem (group) located near Lahore, an apparent reference to Jamaat-ud-Dawa, which is headquartered at Murdike on the outskirts of the city.

    He said a decision to send them to Kashmir will be taken by the Tanzeem's Amir.

    "We could be sent to Kashmir or we could be stationed in Pakistan itself for propagating Islam," he said in response to a question.

    He claimed that his family approved his association with the jihadi group. However, when contacted his mother was upset over her son's decision.

    "My son asked permission for propagating Islam which I gave him. But I was not aware that he associated himself with the jihadi group," she said.

    "After returning home, he told me that he has received militant training and wants to join jihad. I was disappointed and i told him you cannot go to Kashmir to fight till I'm alive," she said.

    The claims made by the student contradicts Pakistan's Interior Minister Rehman Malik who had recently denied reports of existence of militant camps in PoK. Source: PTI
    Foreigners are being trained in PoK militant camps

    Happy Diwali 2010

    RMS Team and Forum wish all its Readers a very happy, prosperous and safe Diwali. Let us perceive brightness in all walks of life. On this Festival of Lights, let us pray that all the dark forces of terrorism, corruption, Adulteration Inflation be eliminated from our lives. Let the good prevail over the evil... This be our wish this Diwali.

    Army chief warns brass against Adarsh-like scams

    Josy Joseph, TNN, Oct 29, 2010, 02.28am IST
    NEW DELHI: The multi-crore Adarsh Society scam reverberated at the Army commanders' conference on Thursday, with Army chief Gen V K Singh asking his top brass to guard against such controversies in areas under their jurisdiction and ensure the image of the Army is not further tarred.

    The scam over senior officers and influential persons owning apartments in the controversial Adarsh Housing Society in Colaba saw Gen Singh departing from his scripted interaction and underlining that the Army cannot afford more such debacles that would erode public trust in the institution.

    The Army chief told senior commanders that "they have to ensure no such controversies erupt in their respective areas", sources said. The heads of the army commands and principal staff officers - who are the senior most Lt Generals of the Army - are attending the biannual commanders' conference.
    Read more: Click here
    Adarsh scam: Defence probe points to criminal conspiracy
    Read more: click here

    Gen Deepak Kapoor in the dock- in Colaba seafront?
    The ministry of defence is collating all the relevant information from the three reports and is contemplating “punitive action” against its retired and serving personnel and the housing society. The options being considered included probes by CBI and by Income Tax on the money trail for the housing project. It will also ask the Army and Navy to initiate a court of inquiry into the serving personnel’s role in the episode to find out who transferred the land to the society, how they did it and when it was carried out.
    Adarsh Society: Former Army chief seeks meeting with Antony: The Hindu

    General Deepak Kapoor's greed surpasses his hearing disability?
    Kapoor has been accused of owning a total of six properties in Mumbai, Gurgaon and Delhi's Dwarka district. In August, Ambica Banerjee, who is an MP of Mamata Banerjee's Trinamool Congress, wrote to the Prime Minister and the Defence Minister, asking how the General afforded these assets. Sources in the Defence Ministry say Kapoor has told Antony that he welcomes a formal investigation. Banerjee's formal letter of complaint states that in addition to the now-returned Adarsh flat, Kapoor owns a flat in Dwarka (a Delhi suburb), three houses in Gurgaon, and a penthouse in Lokhandwala in Mumbai. (Read: Does General Kapoor own five houses) Banerjee states that he has no documents to back these allegations, but that the information was given to him by a source he describes as a reliable government officer.
    Read more at:
    Does he own 5 houses? General Kapoor meets Antony
    Adarsh Society Scam Members List

    Tweaking Officers ACRs to guard against corruption and laundering black money
    The Yearly Property Return of Officers should be indexed or attached alongwith the ACR Forms like the Annual Medical Report.

    SIR WINSTON CHURCHILL- We Proved You Right (Interned in a Grave- he is smiling!)
    I hope we can prove him wrong ultimately...
    Have we proved him wrong or right?
    Read what he wrote 64 years ago...
    He wrote ...
    "Power will go to the hands of rascals, rogues, freebooters; all Indian leaders will be of low calibre & men of straw. They will have sweet tongues & silly hearts. They will fight amongst themselves for power & India will be lost in political squabbles. A day would come when even air & water would be taxed in India."
    Incredible Man; we proved him right ...
    Corrupt Indians; we proved him right ...

    Wednesday, November 3, 2010

    OROP under suspended animation?

    Bureaucrats will deploy delaying tactics: A committee to tire out the ESM
    Dear Colleagues,
    In about a week’s time the government (govt) is to get the final chance to argue before the Supreme Court its case related to rank pay. In the last hearing the govt had been cornered with the SC asking the govt even to constitute a separate pay commission for the defence forces right now, without waiting for the formal VII Pay Commission, to resolve all anomalies of pay and pensions.
    When in a tight spot, the govt is known to obfuscate the issue and buy time. A favourite stratagem is to constitute a committee and give it a long timeline of a few years. This is usually done in the hope inter alia of tiring the protestors out. Though the current court mood seems against giving any wriggle room to the govt, one has to keep one’s mind open. Even if the whole scenario is a mere surmise, having brought the OROP issue thus far we must guard against any temptation to accept such a ploy. There have been numerous committees already convened in the past. Some of these had strongly recommended OROP but to no avail. Yet another committee is unlikely to break any fresh ground. It is time for the govt to do something concrete rather than keep dithering.

    Wishing all veterans and their families a happy Diwali.

    Best regards,
    Lt Gen (Emeritus) Raj Kadyan, PVSM, AVSM, VSM
    Chairman IESM

    Tuesday, November 2, 2010

    OROP: RM replies to point raised by MPs

    Dear Friends,
    Jai Hind.

    On 21 Aug 10, Shree Pratap Singh Bajwa, Cogress MP from Gurdaspur, had raised the question on OROP in the Parliament. Recently Shree Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Independent MP from Karnataka, also raised the issue of OROP, followed with a letter to RM.

    The RM sent a letter to Shree Chandrasekhar on 18 Oct 2010, and almost identical letter to Shree Bajwa on 21 Oct 10. The letter sent by RM to Shree Chandrasekhar, was received by me through his office but was not very legible.

    The letter sent to Shree Bajwa, was received by me today, through Col Dharam Singh, in JPG format, as a large file, not suitable for mass emailing. It is a well scanned copy. Therefore, I have typed the letter of RM in MS Word. It is reproduced click here.

    Due care has been taken in typing RM’s letter, but an odd insignificant typographical error cannot be ruled out.

    Below RM’s letter I am reproducing an email of Air Cmde Murugan, received by me through Wg Cdr CK Sharma click here. Air Cmde Murugan has carried out an apt analysis of the RM’s letter.

    Through proper channel, I have forwarded the analysis of Air Cmde Murugan to Shree Rajiv Chandrasekhar and Shree Pratap Singh Bajwa, who wanted to know the reaction of ESM on RM’s letter.

    A few ESM have sent their views to Shree Rajiv Chandrasekhar.

    If more of you wish to send your comments, please send them directly to the MPs:
  • For Shree Rajeev Chandrasekhar – to Shree Vidya Narayanan, Office of Shree Rajeev Chandrasekhar, MP –
  • For Shree Bajwa, MP – to Col Dharam Singh -
    होंगे कामयाब हम एक दिन
    In service of Indian Military Veterans
    Chander Kamboj.
  • Can we safeguard our Territorial Integrity?

    1962 redux?
    The Asian Age Oct 19th, 2010
    All wars commence in the mind, and escalate with words. “Zhang Nan” or “Southern Tibet”, the designation bestowed by the People’s Republic of China on India’s state of Arunachal Pradesh bordering Tibet, is one such example. China now claims Arunachal Pradesh as its historic territory comprising the three southern districts of the Tawang Tract unilaterally acquired by the then British Empire after the Treaty of Simla in 1913. New demands, which were first articulated around 2005, initially concerned Tawang as a traditional tributary region of Lhasa, being the birthplace of the Sixth Dalai Lama (Tsangyang Gyatso, enthroned 1697, probably murdered 1706 by Mongol guards who were escorting him to Beijing under arrest). Subsequently, a day prior to the visit of China’s President Hu Jintao to India in 2006, Sun Yuxi, the then Chinese ambassador to India, stridently reiterated in public China’s claims to the entire state of Arunachal Pradesh in a deliberately provocative gesture designed to put New Delhi on notice of Beijing’s intention to dominate the agenda of interaction according to its own priorities. In a longer-term perspective, these needlessly provocative claims could escalate to a flash point with the potential to provoke a major confrontation between the two countries, and create an existential crisis for the entire region, a contingency for which India has to prepare itself adequately.
    Indian reaction has been characteristically muted, constantly choosing to soft pedal and play down the issue — a unilateral gesture of restraint regardless of the degree of blatant provocation, which exasperated many in this country. It is seen as making a virtue out of necessity, because India has neglected to build up the requisite capabilities to adopt stronger alternatives. This is surely an unenviable position for a country seeking to promote itself as a major power for a permanent seat on the Security Council.
    The present Sino-Indian equation is almost irresistibly reminiscent of the run-up to the Sino-Indian border war of 1962, and provides a fascinating playback of China’s postures at that time with its disconcertingly similar sequence of claims along the McMahon Line in North East Frontier Agency (Nefa), as well as along the Uttar Pradesh-Tibet border and in Ladakh, as relics of historic injustices perpetrated in earlier days by British imperialists. A naive and militarily ill-prepared India, with an exaggerated self image of its own international relevance as a leader of the Non-Aligned Movement, had sought to dissuade a determined China with platitudinous Nehruvian philosophies of anti-colonial solidarity, all of which were contemptuously disposed of by “a whiff of grapeshot” on the desolate slopes of the Namkha Chu and Rezang La. India’s collapse and comprehensive downsizing in short order in 1962 was primarily because it lacked military capability vis-a-vis China, a fatal flaw which has a disconcerting tendency of repeating itself when lessons of earlier debacles wear off from the country, as they seem to be doing now. “1962 redux” is slowly grinding into gear again, with end results unforeseeable, except that an enhanced replay at some stage (2020?) can never be totally discounted. India must not repeat its follies of the past because this time around it has been adequately forewarned.
    Gen. Shankar Roychowdhury is a former Chief of Army Staff and a former Member of Parliament.
    click here to read more
    Thought provoking articles
  • 'Are we going to fight Pakistan with the US'
  • India can do more in Central Asia
  • Australia to Prod China on Defense
  • Obama’s visit, India’s hopes
  • Khukri Eco Park Converted to High Rise Scam posing a Security Risk

    Adarsh Co-operative Housing Society
    Land was under uninterrupted in continuous possession of the Army for over 40 years. The said plot was a garden known as ‘Khukri Eco Park’ with 135 grown up trees and was under the management of local military authorities. The GOC M&G Area Maj Gen B A Cariappa inaugurated the said park on 27th October, 1996 on the Infantry Day. The park was surrounded by a wall constructed by the Military Engineering Services and the same was adjacent and contiguous to other Army units located in the Zone VI. The said Eco Park continued to remain under control and management of Army till 2004 where army personnel were detailed round the clock regularly for guarding it like any other army establishment. View Khukri Eco Park images.

    Photo Link

    Photo Link

    The land was abandoned by the Army to be allotted to Adarsh Co-operative Housing Society by a conspiracy hatched by senior serving officers, bureaucrats, politicians and officers of Defence Estate. The conspiracy was hatched in the year 2000 when Maj Gen AR Kumar was the General Officer Commanding MG & G Area and Brig TK Kaul was the Sub Area Commander. Brig TK Kaul came back as GOC MG & G Area in November 2002. Since the year 2000, each of the Generals Officer Commanding, Maharashtra & Gujarat Area, Maj. Gen. A. R. Kumar, Maj Gen VS Yadav, Maj Gen TK Kaul, Maj Gen Tejinder Singh, Maj Gen RK Hooda, have become members of Adarsh Society for allotment of flat to them or their relatives as if it was a pre-requisite of the appointment of General Officer Commanding, Maharashtra & Gujarat Area and in return these General Officers remained silent on the conspiracy hatched even at the risk of the security hazard posed by construction of 30 storey building overlooking the sensitive defence area. Not only did they remain silent on this issue but provided immunity and protection to the Society in continuing their manipulation.

    The 30 storeyed building constructed completely dominates the entire Army & Navy area and sensitive installations like Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. The building causes a security concerns of great magnitude in the longer run.

    The Army and Navy in Mumbai are in great need of land to meet shortage of accommodation for its officers, JCOs, NCOs and Sepoys. Presently they are being made to share married accommodation. Sharing of married accommodation by more than one family has caused several social problems of privacy and illicit relationships.
    Extracted from: Colaba Land Scam Worth Rs. 500 Crores: Citizens Letter to COAS

    Tricolor Risk and Security Consultants PVT Ltd
    Tricolor Consultants was established in Aug 2005 by Major General Tej Krishen Kaul (Retd), recipient of the Param Vishisht Seva Medal, Ati Vishisht Seva Medal, Vishisht Seva Medal and Mrs Neelu Tej Kaul to create a niche head hunting firm focused on identifying the best talent from the Indian Armed Forces to work in the Corporate sector. The firm also has expertise in risk management and in security systems and solutions. Future plans include facility management, training and publications. In the short span of our existence, we have had the privilege of being associated with a number of leading MNCs in Core Engineering, Automobile, Power, Security Technology, IT, Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Education, Hospitality, Health Care, Media and Financial Institutions. We have successfully accomplished multifaceted placements for a large number of our candidates besides providing sound security solutions to several renowned organisations including the famous Shirdi Sai Baba Sansthan.
    Address: 58 A, The Arcade – 1st Floor, World Trade Centre, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400 005, India
    Tricolor Risk and Security Consultants PVT Ltd
    Adarsh Scam: Don't ask questions, Army was told- Nitin Gokhale NDTV
    Crackdown on Adarsh towers: Babus in the line of fire

    Commentary: It is essential to carry out an yearly audit of all Ex Servicemen Security Services so that they do not endanger the Security of the Nation. Maj Gen TK Kaul leader of Security Services has presently gone underground and another Security Service needs to be employed to locate him.

    Sunday, October 31, 2010

    China's engineering might

    Beijing’s list of triumphs is getting endless - fastest train, biggest dam, sustaining an average economic growth rate of more than 9% over the past two decades, three manned space flights, building a railway across the Tibetan plateau, the 2008 Beijing Olympics and this year's mammoth Shanghai World Expo. The world is watching as China plans more marvels in the near future.

    China rolled out its fastest train yet on Tuesday and announced that the Three Gorges Dam, the world's biggest hydroelectric project, is now generating electricity at maximum capacity -- engineering triumphs that signal the nation's growing ambitions as its economy booms. The successes demonstrate how, after decades of acquiring technology from the west, Beijing has begun to push the limits of its new capabilities, setting the bar higher on mega-projects as it seeks to promote the image of a powerful, modern China.
    China's engineering might

    The Hindu: China's supercomputer world's fastest

    Corps of Signals Centenary Celebrations at MHOW

    Corps of Signals Centenary celebrations were held at Mhow on 30 Sep and 01 Oct 2010. It was a double bonhomie because 01 Oct also happens to be the anniversary of MCTE, which completed 64 years of its existence on that day. A good number of former Commandants, Faculty Commanders and Instructors graced the occasion.

    The first event was on 30 Sep 2010 at the famous Hema Ranges where an Air Show was held by the Army Aero Nodal Centre, Mhow. The AANC team put up a thrilling Air Show using five Microlight aircraft's and two Power Hang Gliders. The sky-diving team led by Lt Col Satyendra Verma, through their free fall and para-drops, made the event spectacular, showcasing their skills and daredevilry.

    By 10 am, everybody was seated at the Garrison ground where the Corps of Signals Kalaripayattu and Taekwondo teams, Silent Drill Contingent and DR Display Team exhibited their expertise. Lt Col Satyendra Verma and Hav Parkhe sky-dived from a helicopter flying at 5000 ft. The landing which was perfect and at the centre of the Garrison ground received a big applause from the vast gathering. Lt Gen P Mohapatra, AVSM, ADC, SO-in-C and Senior Col Comdt was the Chief host.

    Since the entire who’s who of Mhow were invited to witness the show, the Garrison ground was packed to the capacity. The spectators went home happy with their spirits heightened.

    In the evening a social was organized at Milan. This venue for most of the guests was a sweet reminder of the yesteryears, when it used to be a plunge bath, till as late as Oct 1996. The old-timers still recall visiting the pool during Holi celebrations.

    On 01 Oct, the MCTE raising day, an exhibition volleyball match was organized at the Airfield grounds. The match was played between 1 STC and Corps of Signals Team. Though the Corps team scored victory by a 3.0 margin, the sportsman spirit of the Signals was the ultimate winner.

    After the match, everyone assembled at the College HQ Complex. The officers and ladies were ushered in to the Iyappa Hall (which serves as an auditorium) for the briefing and presentations. Lt Gen VK Sharma, Comdt MCTE and Col Comdt welcomed the guests to MCTE and thanked his predecessors for having built the College, brick by brick, to the level where it stands today.

    Maj Gen GS Bisht, Dy Comdt MCTE welcoming the veterans to the College, gave out a brief presentation on the history of the Alma mater and highlighted the major milestones in its journey of 64 years. His presentation was followed by a short film on the College.

    It was indeed a blending of the past with the present at the MCTE. Since all officers and their wives had been a part of the Alma mater at some time or the other. Some of them had done three tenures as instructors and as many as five courses

    The visitors were then taken around the College so that they could correlate the past to the present through the class rooms, offices, labs, living accommodation. The old-timers were really lost in the web of time but it was an instant waking up to see the changes, so lively and so real

    A Central Barakhana for all the guests was organized at the Football Grounds. The Corps Band was in attendance. In the evening a social was held in the HQ Officers’ Mess. Senior serving and retired officers and selected high ranking civilian dignitaries of Mhow and Indore were also invited. The night of 1st Oct, at the highest point of the ridge, where

    the Lone Tree still stands strong, was charged with lot of bonhomie, fervor and esprit de corps.

    This brought down the curtain upon the Mhow chapter of the Centenary celebrations. The presence of three Cols Comdt, former MCTE Comdts, Maj Gen (Retd) BS Paintal, Maj Gen (Retd) Shyamal Ghosh, Lt Gen (Retd) SK Dovedy, AVSM, Lt Gen (Retd) MK Ghosh, PVSM, AVSM, Lt Gen (Retd) Sudhir Kumar, PVSM, Lt Gen (Retd) RL Magotra, PVSM, VSM, Lt Gen (Retd) MG Datar, VSM, Lt Gen (Retd) SP Sree Kumar, PVSM, AVSM and Lt Gen (Retd) YS Panwar, AVSM,VSM and former SO-in-C Lt Gen (Retd) PGokarn, PVSM, AVSM and other senior officers made the celebrations really a once-in-a century event.

    After the centenary year proceedings were launched at the Vigyan Bhawan by the Hon’ble President of India, on 15 Feb 2010, Mhow get-together was a major central function. The next venue is 2 STC, Goa, which hosts the Centenary events on 15 and 16 Nov 2010. Delhi would see some special events in Jan and Feb 2011, before all roads lead to and merge at 1 STC, Jabalpur to make it the grand finale and centenary REUNION from 13 to 15 Feb 2011.
    Slideshow: click here to view 41 photos


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