Saturday, September 10, 2011

Rank mismatch: Overall deterioration of Rank and Status

Saturday, September 10, 2011
Rank mismatch: some relief!
"About the only thing that comes to us without effort is old age." - Gloria Pitzer

Since the last two years, Central Armed Police Forces (CAPFs – formerly known as CPOs) had been issuing advertisements for recruitment of Ex-Servicemen on a skewed rank equation. CAPFs were seeking Naib Subedars (GP 4200) to join at GP 2800 level and also Havildars (GP 2800) to join at GP 2000 level. The same was pointed out on this blog and also strongly taken up by me separately with the MHA as well as the AG’s Branch.

It seems that collective efforts have borne fruit to an extent. The CRPF is soon going to undertake a massive recruitment drive for ex-servicemen. I have been informed that a decision has been taken to rectify the rank equation as far as re-employment is concerned. Henceforth all JCOs, including Naib Subedars, would be recruited as Inspectors (GP 4600) while other ranks (including Sepoys) shall be recruited as Head Constables (GP 2400). Further, JCOs would be entitled to a handsome fixed compensation package of Rs 54000/- per month while other ranks would be entitled to a fixed package of Rs 34,000/- per month. Recruitment would be offered to those who have done courses related to explosives, field engineering and IEDs and the deployment would probably primarily be in naxal affected areas.

Goes to show that most of our problems emanate from the reason that we do not even want to try. There are people willing to listen but nothing shall move till we speak. Let us not just watch the show, let us engage ourselves with the problems that stare us in our face, and that includes the overall deterioration of our status and standing in the official hierarchy. We need to keep our eyes open, and most importantly it is the people currently in service who need to play a greater role, rather than people like us who are occupied in other professions and can at best maintain a hawk-eye but only from the side of the ring, rather than from bang in the middle of it!
Posted by Navdeep / Maj Navdeep Singh at 5:12 AM
Rank mismatch

Age Controversy sullies image of Armed Forces

‘Army Chief got promotions on basis of 1950 DoB’
7 September 2011

NEW DELHI, 7 SEPT: Amid the raging controversy over the age of Gen V K Singh, defence minister Mr AK Antony today said the Army Chief has a little over eight months in office as per his 10 May, 1950 date of birth on the basis of which he got his last two promotions.
In reply to a Parliamentary query, Mr Antony said the Army Chief has two different sets of dates of birth in official documents and has filed a statutory complaint on his age issue. “The date of birth of Gen Singh has been maintained as 10 May, 1950 at the time of his selection as Corps Commander in 2006 as well his subsequent promotions as Army Commander in 2008 and the Chief of Army Staff in 2010. “However, a different date of birth finds mention in certain documents and the Army Chief has filed a statutory complaint in this matter,” he said. In the statutory complaint, Gen Singh has petitioned the defence minister against Ministry's 21 July decision rejecting his contention of treating 10 May , 1951 as his date of birth. The minister said as per his date of birth on 10 May, 1950, “he is left with eight months and 23 days of service as on date.” In the age controversy, on 25 May, the Army Chief had filed a petition before the ministry to treat 10 May, 1951 as his date of birth but this was rejected. While the military secretary branch records his date of birth as 10 May, 1950, the adjutant general's branch has 10 May, 1951 in its documents. sns
‘Army Chief got promotions on basis of 1950 DoB’
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Debate over Gen Singh's age sullying Army's image
Messier and messier

India's war on terrorism lacks teeth and direction

By Manoj Joshi, Mail Today, 10/09/2011
India's war on terrorism lacks teeth and direction
In the ten years since Nine Eleven, the war against terrorism has changed the United States a great deal. In comparison, 26/11 has only had a superficial effect in India.

New Delhi: India has been unable to get its counter-terrorism strategy going from ground up. Terrorist incidents take place often, because the local police simply lacks any concept of modern policing. This is evident in Delhi every time there is a security alert.

To show the people that they are doing something, the police put half-barriers across the road to slow the traffic. It is a moot point as to whether they have ever detected a suspect person or vehicle this way.

All it does is to slow the traffic and provide an illusion for policing. What the police ought to be doing active patrolling and effectively meshing their intelligence networks to their daily operations.

The next link in the chain the shoddy manner in which the investigations are usually carried out. The handling the 2002-2006 bomb blast cases by the Mumbai police a story of botched investigations, custodial killings and frame-ups. Many of those arrested withdrew their confessional statements at trial stage and some of cases collapsed because their own weight of police manufactured falsehood. The story is no different elsewhere.

The next level of the problem relates to the slow movement the criminal justice system that often keeps people incarcerated for years on end and then releases them for the want evidence. There are other cases in which people have spent more time in jail than they would have if they had been convicted, their trials have not even begun.

In the ten years since Nine Eleven, the war against terrorism has changed the United States a great deal. In comparison, 26/11 has only had a superficial effect in India. The most obvious one to the citizens the intense screening of air passengers where the US invested some $ 50 billion equipment and training of personnel.
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Friday, September 9, 2011

Is the Army physically fit for warfare?

Unfit Army? Survey finds 30% overweight
Durgesh Nandan Jha, TNN Sep 5, 2011, 01.07am IST

NEW DELHI: A study on the health of Indian Army personnel has thrown up worrying results. Four out of five personnel surveyed, including officers, were found suffering from pre-hypertension, about a third were overweight and two-thirds had low levels of good cholesterol (HDL), caused by lack of exercise.
The sample survey was conducted by the defence ministry and Indian Council of Medical Research on 767 'healthy' personnel including 130 officers. Their ages ranged from 18 to 50 years.
The study also found a majority of the personnel had bad eating habits. Most of them added salt or pickle to their food and used ghee/butter regularly.
Unfit Army

Letter to Times of India by Brig Lakshman Singh (Retd)
UNFIT ARMY –screamed the headline from the front page of the Monday Times of India.
The second or the third larges standing Army in the World discredited based on a sample survey of 767. How many of the sample were from Arms and how many from Services, how many of the surveyed were deployed in field and how many in peace stations how many married and staying with the family, was the ethnic background also taken into consideration.
I retired long back from the army, there used to tests for physical fitness like BPET and PPT, annual medical examinations both for officers and the men. The nature of job, as such, created stress and to relieve it that were regular games and sports, music on radio and magazines newspapers, books and also Sanik Sammelans, where the Commanding Officer addressed the unit personnel once a month.
Has everything changed in the present day army, I do wonder: not possible to my mind.
If Army is unfit, the reason has to be found some where else. In September of 1962 we, of Seven Brigade ocated at Tawang, ill-equipped and ill clothed for winter, with no snow clothing available, in woollen jersey and angora shirt, for fighting at the heights of 16000 feet plus, for personal arms the troops had the, World War Two, 303 Le-Enfield rifle with 50 rounds of ammunition and the units without digging tools, barbed -wire, mines and no Artillery support, were told to take on the Chinese.
Possibly equipment wise with modernising lagging behind for one reason or other, things are no batter even now. If Army is unfit one has to seek the reason somewhere else.
I would also suggest your copywriter to be slightly more discreet ‘Eye Catching’ head lines look good but can be damaging to the institutions in the eyes of the Nation,

Thursday, September 8, 2011

DRDO’s herbal care product

Weekday levity: India’s top defence laboratory produces a herbal product for Leucoderma
Here is from Government of India’s press release on the subject:
Lukoskin, a herbal product for Leucoderma developed by DRDO, was launched by Dr. W. Selvamurthy, Distinguished Scientist & Chief Controller Research & Development (Life Science & International Cooperation) in New Delhi, yesterday. The product will be a boon for the patients of Leucoderma and is backed by extensive R&D work by the scientists of Defence Institute of Bio-energy Research (DIBER) (formerly Defence Agricultural Research Laboratory), Haldwani. DIBER, a DRDO laboratory has carried out extensive work in the area of medicinal plant and is also engaged in R&D in generating bio-energy solutions for energy security.[PIB] click here for more

Is this for real? Earlier DRDO had developed a mosquito-repellent cream and handed it over to a private firm for mass production. No one is denying the efficacy of these products or the need in India for such solutions. The question that begs attention is: should the DRDO not restrict itself to areas of strategic importance or high-tech weapon systems?

Defence ministry had constituted a study committe under P Rama Rao to suggest measures for improving the functioning of DRDO. It had submitted its report in 2008, which was then studied by another committee chaired by the defence secretary in June 2009. While Rama Rao Committee had suggested hiving away dozen or so laboratories working on non-critical technology areas, the recommendations of the committee which were accepted by the government in May 2010 resulted in hiving off only three of its 51 labs, two to CSIR and one to ICAR. This was then hailed as a major restructuring and revamp of the DRDO.

If the proof is in the pudding, after all the restructuring and revamp of the DRDO, this is what we have ended up with: a herbal product for Leucoderma!

And for Christ’s sake, let us never again talk about DRDO and DARPA in the same breath again.
Pragmatic Euphony

Delhi HC blast: Investigators still grappling for clues

8 Sep, 2011, 06.23PM IST, IANS
NEW DELHI: Investigators probing the Delhi High Court bombing were on Thursday grappling for clues to identify the perpetrators, a day after a powerful explosion outside the complex killed 12 people.

"Investigation teams of the NIA ( National Investigation Agency) are vigorously pursuing various leads with the cooperation of Delhi Police," U.K. Bansal, secretary (internal security) in the home ministry, told reporters.
He said forensic experts summoned from Gujarat and Hyderabad to assist in the investigation again scanned the scene of the crime Thursday.
"They have found some more material which may have relevance to the investigation," Bansal said, indicating that there was no concrete evidence related to the explosives used in the bomb.
He, however, said traces of a mixture of nitrate and PETN, (pentaerythritol trinitrate), have been found but that was not conlcusive.
"We will let you know about the forenic report when it comes," he said.

The NIA has also detained some suspects related to the bombing, including three in Jammu and Kashmir.
Those detained include two owners of a cyber cafe in Kishtwar district of the state who were questioned about the person who had sent an email claiming responsibility for the blast.
The email, attributed to the Harkat-ul Jehadi Islami, was found to have been been sent from Global Internet Cafe at Malik Market in Kishtwar, once a militancy hub in Jammu region.
On questioning the owners of the cafe, investigators garnered some information about how the sender of the email looked.
"We have got some details about the physical features of the person. Police parties have been deputed to trace him," a senior police officer working on the investigations told IANS.
Bansal also said that "some information pointing to a Kashmir connection with the email received" was being pursued with the help of the Kashmir police.
The email theory got a new twist on the day after the blast as another email attributed to the 'Indian Muzahiddin' claimed responsibility for the bombing.
Written in Hindi, it said the outfit had timed the blast on the day when the crowd outside the court was huge.
"We have done it," it said and threatened to carry out another blast at a shopping mall in Delhi next Tuesday.
The email remains unverified, even as Bansal said it was being studied by the intelligence agencies.
Meanwhile, teams of anti-terrorism squads from the neighbouring states have also reached Delhi "for discussions and consultations with NIA and Delhi Police in connection with the investigation", said Bansal.
Struggling for any concrete clue, the NIA also announced a reward of Rs.500,000 for anyone providing clues about the suspects.
"The NIA has announced a reward of Rs.5 lakh for anyone giving any information to follow up the case. As far as investigation is concerned, it is going on. Delhi Police and NIA are coordinating," Home Secretary R.K. Singh told reporters.
Police also junked the theory that a missing car may hold a clue to solving the blast puzzle after the vehicle was found in Faridabad, on the outskirts of the capital.
The car -- a silver Santro with registration number DL9CA 6034) -- was seen by eyewitnesses near the blast site just before the explosion.
The car, owned by National Insurance Company employee Inshu Minocha, was stolen in 2009.
"The car has nothing to do with the bomb blast," said a police officer.
The NIA also detained a suspect from Uttar Pradesh. He was identified with his first name Shehzad only. Source said he resembled with the sketch of the suspects prepared by police.
The agency also ruled out the possibility that the attackers may have been among the 12 people who died in the blast, after all the victims were identified.
It has also carried out background checks on the over 91 injured and confirmed that none were suspects.
Delhi HC blast: Investigators still grappling for clues

Additional dearness allowance hike today

Cabinet Committee to decide on additional dearness allowance hike tomorrow, 8th September 2011
The Union Cabinet Committee tomorrow may decide on raising additional dearness allowance to central government employees, official sources said.
The Union Cabinet Committee likely to approve the second additional instalment of 7% dearness allowance for this year to Central Government employees and dearness relief to Central Government pensioners due from 1.7.2011. More than 50 lakh serving employees and 38 lakh pensioners are expecting eagerly for this announcement to compensate the price hike in essential commodities and other goods.
DA Increase July 2011

Expected Dearness Allowance from July-2011
Apart from annual increment, which falls in 1st July every year, all the Government Employees are very much excited to know the rate of Dearness Allowance from 1st July 2011. The reason for their excitement to know the D.A from July 2011 is quite simple. Though the Annual Increment also brings some adequate amount of money to their pay package, they feel no excitement in it. Because every body knows and is sure that they will get 3% of their Pay in the pay band and Grade Pay as the Increment of every year and they make it counted. But as for as D.A is concerned nobody knows what will be the rate of increase in Dearness Allowance, as the AICPI Number for the Industrial Workers for the month of June 2011 will be announced probably on 31st July 2011.The amount of increase in Dearness Allowance will make their pay packet big. Unexpected increase in salary will decrease their expected financial burdens. This is the reason many of us curiously searching for the prediction over Dearness Allowance.
AICPIN-IW for the past three months have been already announced by Labour Bureau, Department Statistics, Government of India in its Web site. According to it AICPIN-IW for the month of January 2011 is 188, Febraury 2011-185 and March 2011 is 185. AICPIN-IW for the remaining three months ie April, May and June 2011 have yet to be announced. So this is not the right time to answer correctly to the question of what will be the Dearness Allowance from July 2011? But as per the past 9 months average of monthly All India Consumer Price Index (IW) with the base year 2001=100, we can expect that the hike in Dearness Allowance from July 2011 will be around 6% to 7%.
Many of our viewers who wish to know about the rate of Dearness Allowance for the particular year from 1996 to 2011. The rates of Dearness Allowance from the year 1996 to 2011 has been given below:
After 6CPC
1st Jan 2011 – 51%
1st Jul 2010 – 45%
1st Jan 2010 – 35%
1st Jul 2009 – 27%
1st Jan 2009 – 22%
1st Jul 2008 – 16%
1st Jan 2008 – 12%
1st Jul 2007 – 9%
1st Jan 2007 – 6%
1st Jul 2006 – 2%
1st Jan 2006 – 0
Before 6CPC
1st Jan 2009
1st Jul 2008 – 54%
1st Jan 2008 – 47%
1st Jul 2007 – 41%
1st Jan 2007 – 35%
1st Jul 2006 – 29%
1st Jan 2006 – 24%
1st Jul 2005 – 21%
1st Jan 2005 – 17%
1st Jul 2004 – 14%
1st Apr 2004 - 11% (DA Merger)
1st Jan 2004 – 61%
1st Jul 2003 – 59%
1st Jan 2003 – 55%
1st Jul 2002 – 52%
1st Jan 2002 – 49%
1st Jul 2001 – 45%
1st Jan 2001 – 43%
1st Jul 2000 – 41%
1st Jan 2000 – 38%
1st Jul 1999 – 37%
1st Jan 1999 – 32%
1st Jul 1998 – 22%
1st Jan 1998 – 16%
1st Jul 1997 – 13%
1st Jan 1997 – 8%
1st Jul 1996 – 4%
1st Jan 1996 – 0%
Original Post

Pension of Honorary Naib Subedars

08 September 2011
IESM/Pension/ Hony Nb Sub
Shri AK Antony
Hon’ble Defence Minister
South Block, New Delhi – 110 011
Pension of Honorary Naib Subedars: Non Implementation of Court Orders
Dear Hon’ble minister,
I would like to bring to your kind notice that in accordance with GOI, Dept Ex Servicemen Welfare letter No. 1(8)2008-D (Pen/Policy) dated 12.06.2009 and recommendations of the Sixth Central Pay Commission contained in Para 5.1.62 of their report, Havildars who are granted Honorary rank of Naib Subedars are entitled to get the same pension as a Naib Subedar promoted in the regular stream. This is also in accordance with the judgments of Armed Forces Tribunal and Supreme Court. However, this is not happening and legitimate claims of the affected pensioners are being denied on the specious plea that the provisions of parity of pension between Naib Subedar and Hony Naib Subedar is applicable to only those Hon Naib Subedars who retired on or after 01.01.2006.

It needs to be noted that this contention does not stand ground as the DESW letter No. 1(8)2008-D(Pen/Policy) dated 12.06.2009 does not speak in that spirit. This matter has been also been adjudicated at AFT Chandigarh on 08.02.2010, which ruled that those provisions apply to both pre and post 01.01.2006 retirees. The GOI appeal against this judgment has also been dismissed by the Honorable Supreme Court by upholding the verdict of the AFT Chandigarh on 20.12.2010. On 11.01.2011, AFT Jaipur also gave similar ruling and directed that the arrears be paid with 6 % penal interest to the litigants. It, therefore, leaves no doubt that the GOI has to sanction the pension of a Naib Subedar also to all those Honorary Naib Subedars who retired prior to 2006.

May I request you to kindly look into the anomaly and have the orders of the court implemented at the earliest.
With best regards,
Yours sincerely,
Lt Gen (Emeritus) Raj Kadyan, PVSM, AVSM, VSM
Chairman IESM

Copy to:
General V K Singh, PVSM, AVSM, YSM, ADCChief of Army Staff
Integrated Headquarters of MoD (Army)
South Block
New Delhi- 110011

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Grant of OROP- Continued delibrations by the Petition Committee

Dear Colleagues,
The latest interaction with Shri Bhagat Singh Kothari, Chairman Rajya Sabha Petitions Committee on OROP reveals that that they are still working on the petition and expect to submit it to the government in November 2011. He assured me that he wants to make it a thorough job and is putting in it whatever ideas he himself has on the issue. Among other things he mentioned that the expenditure on OROP is not around Rs 3,000 Crore as earlier estimated. According to him it should be only 1200 to 1300 Crore. This is good news for us.
Having assured me that they would submit a convincing report he added the perpetually worrying clincher; ‘it is up to the government whether to accept it or not’.
You would recollect I had written a letter to the COAS on 19 August suggesting telecasting of Heroes-like programmes in Hindi too. (‘Heroes’ was an English language programme telecast by Times Now on 15 August for our gallantry awards winners). Some days ago I received a positive reply from the Army PIO- confirming similar broadcast in Hindi.
Best regards,
Lt Gen (Emeritus) Raj Kadyan, PVSM, AVSM, VSM
Chairman IESM

Lt Gen Kochhar is new Signal Officer-in-chief

Zee News Friday, September 02, 2011
New Delhi: Lieutenant General S P Kochhar Thursday took over as the Signal Officer-in-Chief of the Indian Army following the retirement of Lt Gen P Mohapatra on August 31 here. Lt General Kochhar has held several important posts in his 38-year career.
As an Additional Director General (ADG) of Personnel Services at Army Headquarters, he also headed the Tri-Services Anomalies Resolution Committee to address anomalies of the Sixth Central Pay Commission.
The General Officer holds two M.Phil degrees and is an M.Tech from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and has undergone several in-service professional courses including the National Defence College (NDC) Course and the Army’s Higher Command Course (HCC).
He is a recipient of with the Ati-Vishisht Seva Medal (AVSM), Sena Medal (SM) and the Vishisht Seva Medal (VSM). PTI
Lt Gen Kochhar is new Signal Officer-in-chief

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Reservation for Ex-Servicemen

Reservation of Government Posts for Ex-Servicemen- September 6, 2011
There is no provision for earmarking of posts exclusively for ex- servicemen therefore the data on the actual number of reserved posts and unfilled vacancies earmarked for the Ex-servicemen are not maintained. However, percentagewise reservations ranging from 10 to 24.5% of the total available vacancies in Group C & D posts in Government jobs and Public Sector Undertakings have been provided for the willing and eligible Ex- servicemen.

It is the responsibility of concerned organization to fill the vacant posts. However the government endeavours to explore every possible avenue for increasing employment opportunities for the Ex-servicemen through various initiatives including trainings and awareness programmes. Moreover, the State Governments have also been advised to fill up the vacancies reserved for Ex-servicemen expeditiously. Since the Department of Ex-servicemen Welfare has no mandate to monitor the job reservations for Ex-servicemen, the matter has been taken up with Cabinet Secretariat in consultation with Department of Personnel & Training to empower Department of Ex-servicemen Welfare to monitor the same through appropriate changes in relevant rules.

This information was given by Minister of State for Defence Shri MM Pallam Raju in a written reply to Shri Ananth Kumar and Shri Devji M. Patel in Lok Sabha today. pib
Reservation for Ex-Servicemen

Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare: Who is Who
1. Smt. Neelam Nath Secretary 23792914, 23792913 5-A, South Block, New Delhi
2. Shri Shekhar Agarwal Special Secretary 23011775/23017875(Fax) 109-A South Block, New Delhi
3. Shri Sanjeeva Kumar Joint Secretary (ESW) 23011804/23015933(Fax) 99-A, South Block, New Delhi
4. Shri D. K. Tyagi Director(Pension) 23015609(Fax) 213, A Wing, Sena Bhawan, New Delhi
5. Maj Gen PRAMOD BEHL Director General, Resettlement 26192351/26192350(Fax) West Block-IV, R.K. Puram, New Delhi-66
6. Brig Sudhir Uppal, VSM Secretary, Kendriya Sainik Board 26192361 26192362(Fax) West Block-IV, R.K. Puram, New Delhi-66
7. Maj Gen A Srivastava MD (ECHS) 25684846 Army Headquarters, AG's Branch Maudelines, Delhi Cantonement
Department of Ex Servicemen
Comment: The Statistical Office of ESW needs to be wound up. Their contribution to Welfare has been zilch till date. The savings incurred can be utilised elsewhere.

Government committed to welfare of armed forces: Antony

Sunday, August 14, 2011 10:33:08 AM by IANS
New Delhi, Aug 14 (IANS) Defence Minister A.K. Antony Sunday said the government was committed to the welfare of the armed forces and had taken steps to improve the quality of their rations, clothing and equipment.

Extending his heartiest greetings and best wishes to members of the Indian armed forces - uniformed and civilian - on the eve of the country’s 65th Independence day, the defence minister in a statement said: “On this occasion, I pay my tributes to all the martyrs who gave the supreme sacrifice for the nation.”

Antony said he has visited the frontiers in the northeast, Jammu and Kashmir, and seen the preparation in the desert and other areas.

“On these visits, I have come to know about the challenges that troops have to face. Keeping such challenges in mind, the government has taken several steps to improve the facilities. An improvement in the quantity and the quality of rations, clothing and equipment has been brought about,” he said.

“The government is committed to the all-round welfare of our jawans (troops) and will continue to provide them the best facilities and living conditions, especially for those living in inhospitable and difficult conditions,” said Antony.

“We have taken several steps for the welfare of our ex-servicemen. 199 new polyclinics and 15 new regional health centres have been started to provide better health care facilities to ex-servicemen. Besides, a pilot online automation scheme has been started to address pension related problems.”

Speaking on ex-servicemen, Antony said he had asked states to provide more employment opportunities to ex-servicemen at all levels.

The defence minister expressed confidence that the armed forces would “leave nothing to chance in defending our land, air and sea borders. Your vigil on the borders and commitment to the nation will enhance the prestige of the Forces and do the nation proud”.
Government committed to welfare of armed forces: Antony

Sunday, September 4, 2011

DGR: Unsettling Resettlement

An unsettling resettlement
Go no further. First take a look at the website of the Indian military’s Directorate General Resettlement. Then scour the home page of the British military’s resettlement service and their civilian partner agency.

One talks about starting the process of career transition two years before leaving and continuing for two years after leaving the military. Its primary purpose is “to help eligible personnel leaving the Armed Forces to make a successful transition to civilian employment in a suitable second career, which is appropriate to their skills, knowledge and experience and/or in accord with their aspirations.”

The other one says that “In order to maintain a youthful profile of the Armed Forces, approximately 60,000 service personnel are retired/released every year at comparatively young age. Majority of the service personnel at the time of retirement are at an age where thay [sic] have numerous unfinished domestic responsibilities, which necessitate their taking up second occupation.”

Therein lies the difference between a modern military and an archaic military. Heck, which one needs reform!
@k_ram Comments
As always, lucid, detailed and bang on the target. The tragedy is that many service officers and veterans mistake “critique” for “criticism”. It is a state of denial — believe that everything is hunky dory, just by turning a blind eye to the faults. The next step — When a wrong is invariably proved, blame it on other external entities. I agree that these aren’t the signs of a learning organisation or a professional/ modern military.
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