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One Rank One Pension scheme for Defence Personnel

Congress Defends Budget, Says Aam Admi Is The Focus
06 Jul 2009, 06:46:30
Describing the Union budget as "progressive, inclusive, growth oriented and balanced", the Congress on Monday hoped it would give a fillip and stimulus to the current recessionary economic scenario.

"There are a lot of things for a lot of sectors for a lot of people. It is progressive, inclusive, growth oriented and balanced," party spokesman Abhishek Singhvi told reporters.

He said that the first budget of the new government reflects the policies and approach of the UPA with greater move towards transparency -- an equitable approach which will give a fillip and stimulus in the current economic scenario.

Referring to the key provisions of the Budget, Singhvi said it has kept 'Aam Aadmi' common man in focus with strengthening of schemes like NREGA, Rural Insurance Scheme, extension of farm loan waiver for another six months and the proposed legislation on food security for poor.

Lauding the taxation proposals of the budget, particularly extending the income tax exemption limit, he said only the UPA government has given substantial relief to the people while others BJP simply talk.

He also pointed to the other significant aspects of the budget like the one-rank-one-pension scheme for Defence personnel, increase in the funds for urban renewal, scrapping of the FBT and starting a new national literacy programme for the women.

"UPA's budgets will always harmonise Congress led UPA's conceptions and perceptions of inclusive growth and commitment to marginalised sections," Singhvi said.

Singhvi said that this was the beginning of a new mandate, new thinking, new arithmetic...which will provide a momentum to growth.
Congress Defends Budget, Says Aam Admi Is The Focus

Question: If Ex servicemen are "Aam Admi" then why the discrimination in pension for the last three decades. The Pay Commissions seem to treat the Ex- Servicemen with contempt and scant respect for the services they have rendered for safeguarding the Nation from aggression and internal dissention.

Indo- China war 1962

A cautionary note, to the prospective and budding authors of the perils of treading the path traveled by me. An Extract from the address by me on the occasion of the book release function of my Book “Letters from the Border and Other Less Told Stories”, published in 2003 and now nearly out of print

Being a first time author and also a first time publisher I was besieged by many misgivings and a plethora of problems. My advice, based on my experience, to budding authors/ publishers would be to think before leaping in to the unknown.

Speaking first about the book as author. Why I wrote this after such a long gap and where did I find material for the same? These are oft asked questions. I had always felt peeved about the fact that the official channels both Signals and Staff were, though quick to declare me missing; the AG's Branch even sent 'Pension Papers' to my wife providing her a life long support of Rs 250 per month. However, no one bothered to inform her of my safe arrival in India despite the information being available at all levels prolonging her agony till she got the news through other channels. I wanted to do some thing to redeem what she must have suffered at that time, in my small and symbolic way.
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Brig Lakshman Singh (Retd)

IESM: Chairman's Desk- OROP not in Government's Crosshair

Date: Friday, 17 July, 2009, 10:34 PM
Dear Colleagues,
On 16 July 2009 the Government have issued an amendment to SAI/2/08 and entries at Ser 8 of the Table in Para 4 (a) (i) have been replaced by new entries. A new pay band HAG “Rs 67000 – (annual increment @ 3%) – 79000” has been created. There is a rider “The benefit of MSP, notional, in pay fixation will be given to existing Lt Generals.” Pre-2006 Lt Gens would now get a pension of Rs 33500 pm.
Two comments can be made:
  • It is unfortunate that the first benefit announced is for the highest rank This is jarring to the Service ethos and norms.
  • As expected, ‘one rank one pension’ is nowhere in the government’s crosshair. One wonders why they even made the President use this term in her address to the Parliament.
    Further similar amendments should be awaited.
    Best regards,
    Lt Gen (Emeritus) Raj Kadyan, PVSM, AVSM, VSM
    Chairman IESM
  • Friday, July 17, 2009

    IESM: Chairman's Desk

    Date: Thursday, 16 July, 2009, 10:35 PM
    Dear Colleagues,
    It is not understood why the government is taking so long in disseminating details related to the pension benefits. Replying to a question in the Parliament on 13 Jul 2009, the Defence Minister had given an exact figure of Rs 2144 Crore as the expenditure involved in what they plan to implement. This could be possible only after specifics of the proposal are worked out. Prima facie therefore, reasons for withholding information appear to be other than simple arithmetic.
    Best regards,
    Lt Gen (Emeritus) Raj Kadyan, PVSM, AVSM, VSM
    Chairman IESM

    Strength is Strategy: Pangs of Pension Parity

    Date: Thursday, 16 July, 2009, 8:20 PM
    We want justice for Services. It has been denied all along and diabolically. Recent announcement on the substantial increase in the pension for the Personnel other than the Commissioned Officers and the implication towards OROP is proof enough, in my opinion.

    We want parity in pension. Parity means ‘equality’. (I wonder how one can modify parity.) We want the grant of pension as proof of ‘equality’ between two soldiers (the word soldier includes all ranks in all the three Services). If there are two soldiers equal in rank and length of service, there pension has to be equal. This is parity. This interpretation is not just ours; even the learned judges of the Supreme Courts have said, so time and again. Of course, it is, again, a matter of interpretation. The Government does not accept this interpretation.

    Hence, the question is how we can make the Government to accept this interpretation. Do we by any chance plan to compromise by making some contingent plan to get some substantial increase in the pension for the ESM and call it modified ‘Parity’?

    The tables I have drawn are based on absolute parity within the framework of the pay revision and the pension rules. But these tables are meaningless till the attitude of the Government changes to see logic. Hence we have to work out a strategy to coerce the Government. One effective coercive force is strength. Thus strength is strategy.

    We have to focus not on various tables for pension but how to prove our strength that supports whatever our proposal is. There can, of course, not be two opinions on the table being on the basis of Absolute Parity in Pension.

    Let us focus on a single point of action; action to build and prove solidarity of the Servicemen on the issue of Parity of not only the pension but all other matters, as well.
    RN Radhakrishnan (Retd Major General)

    Indian Military: Securing and Safeguarding National Boundaries

    Dear Brigadier Kamboj,
    I read the account sent my Sunil Arya. There is still some doubt about when (25 or 26 October?) and where (Srinagar or Jammu?) the Instrument of Accession was signed by Maharaja Hari Singh.

    I am giving below a link from the draft Chapter 2 of the Corps History, dealing with the 1947-48 operations. I would welcome clarifications or comments.

    The anecdote concerning Manekshaw and Indira Gandhi during 1971 has been related many times. I am giving an extract from Manekshaw's biography that forms part of my book LEADERSHIP IN THE INDIAN A RMY- BIOGRAPHIES OF TWELVE SODLIERS. The draft was vetted by the Field Marshal in 1996.
    VK Singh (Maj Gen, Veteran)
    Extract from History of Corps of Signals: Click Me

    Kargil Diwas: India does not deserve its heros

    Friday, July 10, 2009
    I have just finished speaking to Col VK Thapar, father of Kargil hero, late Capt Vijyant Thapar, Vir Chakra. It is the 10th anniversary of Kargil. Today, Indian Express has published the letter Vijyant wrote just before leaving for his last mission, in which he said to his mom and dad, ‘ By the time you get this letter, I’ll be dead and watching you from the sky, surrounded by apsaras’. Can you believe it? It is true.

    Being an infantry officer of 27 years standing, I have seen many brave soldiers but never one as this. Here is a young man, all of 22 years, going to meet certain death in such a lighthearted manner. All for a purpose called India. You can see the full letter on his site click me. Even enlightened yogis do not achieve such detachment.

    Just after I put the phone down on Col Thapar, I switched on the TV and was taken to the NDTV reporter graphically covering details of how a bootlegger in Ahmedabad had been openly selling hooch from a Hanuman Mandir for years, in a state where prohibition is in force. The reporter then showed shots of how branded liquor too was available in all of Gujarat, on a home delivery basis.

    The reality of what Indian state has become is not new to me. Day in and day out, I see a failed state and a capricious, money-minded society. I am pretty used to all this and have lost all sensitivity and pain on this account. But somehow the way both these incidents were played to my conscience this morning, back to back, shook me. It actually made me feel sick. Here is a young man with such dedication to the state, and here also is the state and society for which he so willingly dies. And all that at age 22, when most people are still frolicking in their college canteens.

    It is not about the one bootlegger. Today, poisonous hooch is in news, yesterday adulterated ghee and milk across 3 states was news. It is what our entire Indian entity– bureaucrats, politicians, and police– has become. The society and the people have not fared any better. The cruelty that Indians are capable of inflicting on other fellow Indians is limitless. And if you happen to be an Indian with some official status, even sky is not the limit.

    If our freedom fighters occasionally ask, ‘Is this what we fought for?’, the soldier also asks– ‘Is this what I died for?’ He secures the external boundaries for the people and national institutions to feel unhampered in building the nation, not in ravishing it. When all this happens rampantly, and that too by willful design, he questions. If he presently does not, he should. There is no need to be defensive about it. The price that he pays qualifies him to inspect the goods purchased.

    I sincerely feel we have no right to ask people like Vijyant to die for us. We don’t deserve their sacrifice.
    Col Alok Asthana (Retd)
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    India does not deserve its heros
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    Jawaharlal, do you want Kashmir, or do you want to give it away?
    When Field Marshal Maneckshaw faced the Indian Cabinet

    Thursday, July 16, 2009

    Greed and Corruption is a erupting volcano in India in comparison to dormant USA

    Will Bharka Dutt of NDTV fame come out with a similar video as applicable to "We the People" of India who are objects subject to Political Terror?

    Dear Sir,
    Your Post July 16 "We the people stimulus package" is superb. I played and watched it more than ten times. In fact I want to take down the text and convert it to our situation and publish it on the Kargil Diwas day. Let me see whether I can do it or not. But I will try. Thank u very much for enlightening the readers of your blog.

    When Americans can do it. We can also do. But it will take min 50 years. We must make our children to make a new India. Because India is in their hands. But unfortunately most our children fly out to USA and apply for green card, and creating more and more Classic Homes in India. Anyhow let us see what happens. I wish our dream for a corruption free new India should emerge soon.
    Jai Hind.
    With kind regards,
    C Muthukrishnan

    IESM: Chairman's Desk

    Date: Wednesday, 15 July, 2009, 10:52 PM
    Dear Colleagues,
    Confusing media reports are fuelling speculation. The growing number of queries regarding what is in store vis-a-vis OROP betrays a sense of restless anxiety in the ESM community. We urge patience. One does hope the government makes the necessary announcement without delay.
    Best regards,
    Lt Gen (Emeritus) Raj Kadyan, PVSM, AVSM, VSM
    Chairman IESM

    Afterthoughts- Pay Commissions & Omissions

    It was about central pay scales, not about military and its personnel.
    The debate on the Civil vs Military aspects of the VI CPC report, it seems, will continue to simmer, but, to me, the most interesting development on the debate this time around has been the Cabinet Secretary’s public admission that the Military will not be paid at the same levels as the Civil Services (parity was the term used). Some years ago, when it was suggested that India was probably the only democracy in the world that paid less to its military than the civil services, there were many denials, even in the military. The tragedy of the Indian Armed Forces has been that they seem to pick up these very nay-sayers to project their pay proposals to the government/ CPCs. Little wonder then, that military has a relative reduction in pay/ status with every CPC.

    The bureaucracy of course had found a simple, ingenuous way of showing that the armed forces were paid more. Unilaterally declare equivalence between the military and the civil services personnel by issuing a memo elevating the junior civil service guy two steps above his logical military counterpart and ergo, the claim that level for level, the military is paid higher seems right. This was the argument followed so far, but when the debate turned nasty this time, the Cabinet Secretary has let the cat out of the bag.

    While completely disagreeing with the logic of the Cabinet Secretary, I must appreciate this rare honesty (I think for the first time on the subject) on the part of the bureaucracy. Shorn of the niceties, he has merely reiterated the factual position that the armed forces in India will continue to be discriminated against, in matters of pay and allowances. I hope the armed forces take this candidness forward and highlight it in their advertisements asking youngsters to don uniform. As important, allow those who are not happy with their situation, to leave when they choose. Thereafter, it becomes an informed choice by those joining and they would have little reason to complain.
    Read the full article:
    Pay Commissions and Omissions: click me
    For those who do not know, BeeCee the author of the article is a senior retired Naval Officer who was intimately involved in status and pay issues during the time he was serving.

    Defence budget: The hike is not as big as it appears by Air Marshal RS Bedi
    Tribune india article: click me

    The Kargil War

    Copy of Kargil Divas pamphlet for circulation to whoever you wish to, is as above. Click on images for readable and print versions. These are being printed for wider circulation mainly to civilians when they participate with us in the various events in NCR. CDs of same are being despatched for local printing at other stations where events are being organized. For the artistic layout, I wish to acknowledge the tremendous hard work put in by Wg Cdr CK Sharma. Thanks CKS.
    With Warm Regards,
    Col RP Chaturvedi (Retd)

    Wednesday, July 15, 2009

    Armed Forces faces shortage of nearly 15,000 officers

    July 15th, 2009
    NEW DELHI - The Indian Armed Forces is facing an acute shortage of nearly 15000 officers, specially at the level of captain, major and Lt Colonel who actually lead the soldiers in the field.

    Defense Minister A. K. Antony in a written reply to Lalit Kishore Chaturvedi and Dr. Gyan Prakash Pilania in the Rajya Sabha today disclosed that, the Army is in need of 11,387officers, Navy required 1512 and the Air Force needs 1400 officers.

    Antony also informed members that during the last five years, 4300 officers of Army, 1177 officers of Air Force and 1096 officers of Navy had sought premature retirement or had resigned for various reasons. Antony said the Ministry is taking various steps to motivate personnel to continue in service and to also attract talented youths to join the Armed Forces.

    All officers, including those in Short Service Commission (SSC) are now eligible to hold substantive rank of Captain, Major and Lieutenant Colonel after 2, 6 and 13 years of service respectively. The tenure of SSC officers has also been increased from 10 years to 14 years Antony informed the house.

    A total of 750 posts of Lt. Colonel have been upgraded to Colonel towards implementation of A.V. Singh Committee Report (Phase-I).

    Further, 1896 additional posts in the ranks of Colonel, Brigadier, Major General and Lieutenant General and their equivalent in the other two Services have been upgraded towards implementation of A.V. Singh Committee Report (Phase-II).

    The implementation of the recommendations of the Sixth Pay Commission with substantial improvements, in the pay structure of officers of Armed Forces will also go a long way in making the services more attractive, Antony said. (ANI)
    Armed forces faces shortage of nearly 15000 officers

    Inference: Are we heading for a top heavy inflated Army deflated of Junior Officers who lead men in battle? The bureaucrats scheme of degrading the command and control structure of the Armed Forces is truly bearing fruits by implementation of AV Singh Committee recommendations.

    The corroded frame: Bureaucrats must be more accountable

    Officers belonging to the All India Services like the IAS and the IPS have always been powerful, privileged and pampered. But increasingly many among them seem to be becoming a law unto themselves. What is even more disturbing is that reports of officers grabbing prime land, getting arrested while accepting bribes or defying rules while withdrawing public money have ceased to shock the common man, who is resigned to their inevitability.

    There has indeed been an alarming increase in the number of officers found misusing their authority and allowing greed to dictate their action. While the decline of the All India Services has been a matter of concern for some time, recent reports have once again drawn attention to the urgency of making the officers more accountable.

    A seemingly helpless Additional Director General of Police is reported to have informed the Punjab and Haryana High Court that 42 IAS officers and 10 IPS officers have been refusing to submit details of their property. An IAS officer was arrested in Himachal Pradesh last week while accepting a bribe.
    The Comptroller and Auditor General of India has pulled up the Director General of Police in Jharkhand for withdrawing a whopping Rs. 6 crore on a single day from the ‘secret fund’ without following financial rules. It is a paradox that some of the best and the brightest of the land, carefully chosen to serve the nation, should end up as virtual parasites. It is time the black sheep in the elite services are dealt with severely.

    They have subverted the system and slowed down the government’s ability to deliver but successive governments have been far too lenient, reinstating most of them after a period of suspension. Service conditions need to be changed, if necessary, and rules made more stringent so that public money can be recovered and officers compulsorily retired or dismissed from service.
    The corroded frame: Bureaucrats must be more accountable

    After India terrorists train guns at China

    July 14, 2009
    Urumqi retaliation: Qaeda warns attack on Chinese interests
    The Al Qaeda has warned vengeance against China. The terror group has reportedly threatened Chinese interests in Africa in retaliation to the deaths of Muslims in the riot-hit Urumqi recently, according to a risk analysis firm, reports South China Morning Post.
    London-based risk analysis firm Stirling Assynt has warned its clients that Al-Qaeda's Algerian-based offshoot, Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, has issued the call for vengeance, the report stated.

    Although the AQIM appears to be the first arm of Qaeda to officially announce their intentions to target Chinese interests, others are likely to follow, the assessment notes.

    Osama bin Laden's outfit has never previously threatened China, but the Stirling report said that vengeance over Beijing's supression in Xinjiang was spreading fast over the global jihadist community.

    The trouble began last week when an initially peaceful Muslim demonstration of Uighur exile groups went out of control with violent protesters smashing vehicles and clashing with the police.

    The exile groups alleged that the violence started only after the police launched a violent crackdown.

    Even as China's riot-hit Urumqi was showing signs of normalcy on Monday, the death toll in the weeklong clashes between the Han Chinese and the Uighur communities touched 180, with the figures most likely to go up.
    Urumqi retaliation: Qaeda warns attack on Chinese interests

    OROP succumbs to mutations in the files of Bureaucracy

    Hi All,
    This is in continuation of the media news Government accepts 'One Rank One Pension' recommendation: Antony- click me that I sent you last evening, immediately on receipt of news of Anthony's statement in the parliament. I am using this opportunity to share my thoughts on the subject with you, even though some may consider it too early (I am writing this even before today's papers, which may carry more news on the subject, are recd).

    Firstly, as I wrote on the evening of 5 Jul , after the Budget speech, our netas and babus may be cheats; but they are not fools. Once the Supreme Court gave its rulings in the Maj Gen's case in favour of OROP (without specifying OROP in so many words, even though the counsel kept using this word throughout), the Govt knew that they had to give in. They did not do so gracefully. But, they have been forced to give something. Only PBOR were mentioned in the budget speech because of the Govt requirement to explain the scheme first at the SC, in view of the legal requirement when the SC charged the Govt for contempt for not implementing its earlier orders to give eqaul pensions in the Maj Gen's case. Even now, Anthony has only said that Offrs too are covered in the new scheme without specifying anything. We have to wait for the SC hearing date to know the specifics.

    Secondly, let us be clear that for the last 25 years or so, the Govt was fooling us and taking us for granted on this issue of OROP. Now that something akin to it (how much similar, we do not yet know) has been given, we should appreciate it is not anyone's " Meharbani" or the largess of the babus or the present Govt. Remember, the statement of the Minister of State for Def, Pallam Raju, in March this year in Parliament that " Anything like OROP is NOT feasible or desirable due to legal, administrative and financial reasons" or words to that effect? They have been forced to the corner by the SC ruling. Also, by the agitational steps taken by IESM in recent months. This helped to bring the issue to the public forum instead of keeping it firmly tied with red strings in some Jt Secy's file. There were many who criticised the agitational approach as being unethical/ unbecoming/ political etc. But, I think it was an action whose time had come.

    Thirdly, we do not yet know how much benefits the various ranks will be getting at the end of the day. I think the prudent action will be to wait for the Govt orders to appear. Any speculation on the quantum/ methodology will be an exercise in futility and self defeating. It will only create more energy wasting confusion and "I- Told - You - So" statements without achieving any substantial results. If what Govt will be giving us does not measure upto our expectations, then the correct thing will be to take them to courts again.

    I doubt whether SC will accept our case directly (Even though we can try to take this step by linking it up with the Maj Gen's case). If not, we have to go to the SC through the new Armed Forces Tribunal. So be it. If we have to take this route, let us be mentally be prepared for it and be ready to foot the bill collectively. LET US ALL STAND TOGETHER ON THIS ISSUE AND STRENGTHEN THE HANDS OF PERSONS WHO ARE NOW AT THE HELM OF IESM , WHO HAVE LED US TO THIS STAGE OF (PARTIAL?) VICTORY TILL DATE. LET US NOT QUARREL ON THIS ISSUE, WHATEVER ONE'S PERSONAL VIEWS MAY BE. GREATER GOOD OF THE MAJORITY SHOULD TAKE PRECEDENCE OVER ONE'S PERSONAL OPINIONS AND PREJUDICES ON THIS ISSUE. Of course, the point is taken that since we all are now in the civil street, none is under the " Hukum" of anyone!

    Lastly, I think every org of ESM should get an equal "Sabash" for having forced the Govt to do something on the issue of enhancing pensions (I will not call it OROP till the details are known ). For example, there is no doubt that Lt Col Inderjit has been after the powers that be during the last two decades for this. Let us publically say that we have reached this stage only because of the cumulative efforts of many individuals and organisations over the last many years and NOT take or give credit to any particular org/ individual. If anyone of us strongly feel otherwise, my humble request is that such personal opinions be expressed and shared with buddies over drinks, in the exclusive ambience of one's privacy. The need of the hour is for all ESMs to come together on this issue at least now (one hears that something akin to this is happening now. Amen!). If, unfortunately this does not happen, we should stand together and strengthen the hands of the men, who are presently at the helm of the effective ESMs of the day.
    Colonel (Retd) N K Balakrishnan

    Divide and rule
    The British left long back the legacy of 'Divide and Rule' behind but still survives. One wonders if the, so called, OROP announced in the budget speech by the FM is not an effort to create a chasm between the Officers and the PBORs, if so a trick has been missed had the announcement been for Officers only, leaving the PBOR high and dry the abyss would have been complete. Defence Minister confirms acceptance ot OROP recommendations in the Lok Sabha. Long live Bureaucracy.
    The Supreme Commander (President while addressing the joint session) Proposes, the FM Disposes and RM Confirms: So who is supreme?
    Brig Lakshman Singh(Retd)

    IESM: Chairman's Desk

    Date: Tuesday, 14 July, 2009, 10:23 PM
    Dear Colleagues,
    The Statement made in the Parliament by the Defence Minister on 13 July does little to clear the fog. In fact it further adds to the confusion prevailing on the issue of pension benefits. It is clear that although they all have been using the term ‘one rank one pension’, that is not what they apparently intend to sanction.
    The ESM are advised to wait for government orders to be issued in black and white. Circulating individual interpretations in the form of speculative tables might not do us any good. In fact it might even shock and stun the gullible when the reality does not match with the hyped hopes that get built up.
    Best regards,
    Lt Gen (Emeritus) Raj Kadyan, PVSM, AVSM, VSM
    Chairman IESM

    Tuesday, July 14, 2009

    Army officer under scanner over misconduct

    TNN 14 July 2009, 08:55am IST
    NEW DELHI: The bad news for the 1.13-million strong Army shows no sign of stopping. After a series of meat, cereal, liquor and fuel scandals,

    Lucknow-based Central Army Command chief Lt-General J K Mohanty has now ordered a court of inquiry (CoI) against a Brigadier posted in Uttarakhand after charges of misuse of funds and misbehaviour with a woman were levelled against him.

    Incidentally, the accused infantry officer was recently approved to become a Major-General. ‘‘If he is guilty, he will be punished. But till now, there are just some charges against him, the veracity of which have to be inquired into,’’ said an officer.

    ‘‘Only after the CoI will we be able to say if there is a preliminary case for him to be tried through a summary of evidence and subsequent court martial,’’ he added.

    Though the case is yet to be established, it is another indicator of the declining standards of probity and discipline in the armed forces.

    The court martial against Maj-Gen A K Lal, removed as commander of the strategically-located 3 Infantry Division at Leh in September 2007 after a woman officer accused him of ‘‘misconduct’’ and ‘‘misbehaviour’’, held that he should be dismissed from service.

    Incidentally, the names of two Lt-Gens, four Maj-Gens, nine Brigadiers, a Navy Commodore, two Commanders, a Lt-Commander, an IAF Group Captain and a Coast Guard DIG had figured in an earlier list of 21 senior officers facing corruption charges.
    Army officer under scanner over misconduct

    Moily says more than 2.6 crore cases pending in subordinate courts

    Moily says more than 2.6 crore cases pending in subordinate courts
    Mon, Jul 13 09:40 PM
    New Delhi, July 13(ANI): Union Minister of Law and Justice, Veerappa Moily, on Monday said that more than 2.6 crore cases were pending in the subordinate courts and over 39 lakh cases were pending in high courts across the country.

    "As per the reports received from the Registries of the High Courts, 39,10,858 cases were pending in the High Courts and 2,66,50,467 cases were pending in the Subordinate Courts as on December 31, 2008," Moily said.

    Moily also said that according to information received from the Registry of the Supreme Court, 50,659 matters (31,363 admission matters and 19,296 regular hearing matters) were pending in the Supreme Court as on 1st June 2009.

    He further added that government has taken several measures to smooth the progress of cases in courts.

    Earlier, government had introduced 'Fast Track Courts' to speed up trials in various courts. About 25.07 lakh cases have been disposed of by these courts out of 31.01 lakh cases transferred to them, Moily said.

    The minister also informed that the government periodically monitors the strength of judges in high courts and ensures timely filing up of vacancies so that courts does not undergo scarcity of judges.

    Moily emphasised that on the basis of reviews, the strength of judges in the Supreme Court has been increased from 26 to 31 and 163 posts of judges have been created in various high courts. (ANI)
    Moily says more than 2.6 crore cases pending in subordinate courts

    Comment: Will Justice ever be meted out to criminals of our Nation?

    Indian soldiers join Bastille Day parade

    Members of the Maratha Light Infantry (Photo: France 24)

    Indian soldiers, sailors and airmen will take part for the first time in Tuesday’s Bastille Day celebrations in Paris, where their Prime Minister is the guest of honour.

    A 400-strong detachment, led by a section from the Maratha Light Infantry, one of the oldest regiments of the Indian army, will march down the Champs Elysées under the eyes of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh who is the guest of honour.

    "When the Indian soldiers will take part in the military parade in Paris on 14 July, it will remind the French of the sacrifice of the numerous Indian soldiers who were killed or maimed in France during World War I," said Jerome Bonnafont, the French ambassador to New Delhi.

    French President Nicolas Sarkozy will again host Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh (Photo: Reuters)

    The Maratha Light Infantry, from the Deccan and Konkan regions in the south-west of India, dates back to 1768.

    During World War I, the regiment fought in Persia, Palestine, Afghanistan and Mesopotamia. In the World War II, it took part in campaigns in Europe, south-east Asia and north Africa, including the battles of Tobruk and Monte Cassino.

    The invitation, which follows French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s presence at India’s Republic Day celebrations in January 2008, marks another step in the ever-warming economic and military alliance between the two countries.

    Military and armaments co-operation are a key element in those relations, according to Delhi correspondent Vikram Roy.

    "Joint military exercises are very important, transfer of sophisticated armaments technology and now they are working on counter-mechanism to thwart international terrorism," he told RFI.
    Indian soldiers join Bastille Day parade

    ‘One rank, one pension’ for officers, too

    Big Thanks to Congress

    Tribune News Service/PTI New Delhi, July 13
    Defence Minister A K Antony today clarified in the Lok Sabha that "one rank, one pension" recommendation of the Cabinet Secretary-led panel had been accepted by the government for jawans as well as officers.

    The government has accepted recommendations of the panel on "one rank, one pension" and other related matters concerning the armed forces, the Lok Sabha was informed today.

    The decision is now nearer to the goal of “one rank, one pension” demand of nearly 1.5 million personnel, Antony said during question hour.

    The total financial implications on account of benefits to the personnel would be Rs 2,144 crore, the minister said.

    The committee has recommended inclusion of Classification Allowance for the Personnel Below Officer Rank (PBOR) from January 1, 2006, and removal of linkage of full pensions with 33 years from the same date, he said.

    The committee also recommended revision of pension of Lt Generals after carrying out a separate pay scale for them, bringing parity between pension pre and post October 10, 1997, for PBOR pensioners and further improving PBOR pensions based on award of Group of Ministers in 2006.

    With regard to the separate pay commission, the minister said it had been agreed, and as and when necessary it would be set up in the future.

    Antony said the government had also accepted the committee's recommendations regarding raising the pension amount for those disabled or injured in war.

    "After considering all aspects of the issue, the committee made several recommendations to substantially improve pensionary benefits of Personnel Below Officer Rank and Commissioned Officers, which have been accepted by the government," the minister added.
    ‘One rank, one pension’ for officers, too: Tribune News Service/PTI

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    Ex-servicemen hail improved pension

    Defence Pensioners Awareness Meet at Tirunelveli

    Dated: 26 June 2009

    Maj V Jayakumar (Retd) addresses the pensioners

    The aggrieved Defence family pensioners at the meeting. Sincere efforts of the young Major (Retd) was highly appreciated by all. The ESM Canteen Manager Lt Col Shyam Prasad Paliath helped in arranging the meeting.

    Asst Director of ESM Welfare Maj V Jayakumar (Retd) handing over arrears claim letter to a Widow. Sgt S Kandiah (Retd) explains the situation to the AD.

    IESM: Chairman's Desk- OROP continues to tax ESM curiosity

    Date: Monday, 13 July, 2009, 10:37 PM
    Dear Colleagues,
    The solidarity calls from the ESM are flowing in. This Chetwode-in-reverse phenomenon, though accepted by some of us with cautious reluctance, is greatly edifying.
    Meanwhile, the government’s enigmatic silence on details continues to tax our curiosity.
    Best regards,
    Lt Gen (Emeritus) Raj Kadyan, PVSM, AVSM, VSM
    Chairman IESM

    Letter to Raksha Mantri AK Anthony

    Veterans organisations: Is OROP the only Goal?

    Date: Monday, 13 July, 2009, 12:10 PM
    May I congratulate Satish Kumar Bahri on making a beginning in trying to bring the warring ESMs together?

    While on the subject may I, veteran of 69 years of age and who retired in 1986, make a suggestion? In those times a retired person was left to fend for himself. At least now we have some active veterans organisations spurred in by the injustice meted out by the 6thCPC and the politicians/babu combine.

    All ESMs are now concentrating on the OROP goal. And nobody would have any objection to that. But at the same time shouldn't the ESMs also make a beginning to work on other matters too? I have pointed this out to IESM but my views have been ignored. And IESL, too, is not at all visible in cities like Mumbai. Isn't it a strategy of the Armed Forces to launch an attack from all sides to achieve your goal? If an impression is given to the public that the Armed Forces are fighting only for "money" how much sympathy and support can we expect? We must also show that we are fighting for our 'Dignity'.

    What I want to say is that there is very little or no exposure to the general public for Armed Forces and the services they render to the nation, their tough life, difficulties, sacrifices, neglect of their families, affecting the education of their offspring etc. Only in times of war/border conflicts do the media take notice of the Armed Forces when they are glorified. But public memory being short, they are forgotten till something like 26/11 jolts them into realising that it is the Armed Forces (NSG, MARCOS) who come to their aid and not the Police/babus/politicians. It is essential to put pressure on the government/ politicians not only at the Centre but also government/politicians at the states also, who, too, desire to come to power and rule. This is true of local administrations also like Municipalities. Unless they feel that their rule is threatened at all levels, the politicians will not take notice of any protest. The protest at Jantar Mantar by IESM did make the Congress party sit up and take notice. But this had no effect in the other areas/states. In most of India, the agitation went un- noticed by the public as it was Delhi-centric. Moreover, the fight must continue whether we get OROP or no OROP.

    Therefore, I feel it is necessary that the Armed Forces and veterans remain in the public eye all the time like in countries like the UK, the USA. where the veterans are revered and get exceptional treatment in all walks of life. In India, they are not only ignored but denigrated. Perhaps this is not the case in Northern states which are close to the border,where the Armed Forces are omnipresent.

    In states like Maharashtra, Gujarat the lay public have the vaguest idea about the Military because they rarely see uniformed personnel who are confined to the cantonment (Colaba) area. They feel Air Force and Air India are the same organisations! The other day I was introduced to a retired Dy. Dir. of Doordarshan in Mumbai, an engineer, who when told that I am a Wing Commander (Retd of course), looked blank and was frank enough to admit that he has no idea of the rank structure of the Defence Services and that this was because of the fact that there is hardly any exposure for them. I do not blame him.

    So it is time we veterans made ourselves visible by wearing something distinctive attire, like a side cap and preferably T shirts etc displaying slogans like " Do not Forget Kargil martyrs", "Army/Air Force/Navy to the Rescue", "Remember the Jawan" etc. Also it is necessary to have a constant contact with the Defence establishments in the local areas and the serving personnel to instill confidence in the minds of veterans that they are not left to their own fate and will get all help and support from the Army/Navy/Air Force Commanders in their area. There should be more functions apart from Army Day or Air Force Day or Navy day which come once a year. The agitation and visibility should encompass whole of India and not only Delhi and al year round. The task is a big one.
    How to go about is a challenge for people like you and your organisations.
    Wg Cdr Shashank Bendre (Retd)

    Memorandum of Association: INDIAN EX SERVICEMEN MOVEMENT

    Aims & Objectives. In general the IESM will aim to bind the ESM fraternity together and use the talent and experience of the ESM towards nation building. In specific the aims and objectives will be, but not limited to, as follows:-

    (a) To promote, support and organize suitable occupational opportunities for ESM.
    (b) To provide assistance to ESM and their widows in their resettlement.
    (c) To provide assistance to ESM in setting up own small scale ventures for livelihood.
    (d) To provide assistance to all ESM in matters concerning medical, pension, grants etc.
    (e) To organize social, cultural, educational and recreational events for the benefit of ESM and their wards.
    (f) To periodically hold conferences, meetings, seminars, lectures and visual shows on topics of interest to the ESM.
    (g) To pursue with the Centre and State governments for removal of any discriminatory rules and provisions adversely affecting the interests of ESM.
    (h) To pursue establishment of Just & Fair place of Defence services in the country i.e. functioning of Defence services in a democracy.
    (j) To undertake any other task considered appropriate by the Governing Body.

    Areas of Immediate Concern. To strongly take up important issues/ problems affecting the ESM like:
  • Constitution of Ex Servicemen Commission at the National level to look after welfare measures of the ESM. The ESM commission should be headed by an ESM and to have members from the ESM including ESM Widows.
  • Guaranteed Re-settlement/ Reemployment of servicemen on retirement until the age of 60 years or in the alternative, suitable enhanced compensation till attainment of 60 years of age.
  • To restore status, respect and self esteem which has been eroded in the past 60 years.
  • Revamping of ECHS Scheme so as to make it user friendly for all types of medical care, including super specialized care thereby improving the health care of ESM.
  • Representation of the ESM on all committees and other such bodies constituted for the purpose of looking into matters affecting the interests of the ESM.
  • Single window service to be established in all Civil/Govt. offices to avoid difficulty and delay of ESM problems.
  • Once a year a free railway warrant of the class authorized to be given to every ESM and his/her spouse of the life time.
  • Taking up case for Defence Constituency like graduate constituency for the serving & retired defence personnel to safeguard their interests in the Parliament & state legislatures. Till this is accepted asking for nominated members?
  • Taking up with state governments for allotment of residential plots & industrial sheds for the ESM’s.
  • Taking up cases collectively for removal of injustice through legal means
  • Building up funds by voluntary contributions as prescribed to have resources for building, office & legal aid.
  • To liaise with the services to help the PBOR’s in resettlement..
    Memorandum of Association: INDIAN EX SERVICEMEN MOVEMENT(IESM)
  • The games the government plays and what ESM can do to avoid getting bowled out!

    Date: Monday, 13 July, 2009, 6:03 PM
    Dear Sir,
    Right at the beginning I must will congratulate and thank Sergeant Vasudevan for putting across his points of view so clearly and sincerely.

    In my earlier email dated May 04, 2009 I had mentioned that the babus and the politicians have already divided the country in the name of cast, creed, religion, state, and this list is endless. They now want to play the same dirty game of divide and rule with the ESM community also. A game they learnt from the British and a game they have mastered. This has indeed been proven by the false and confused announcements made by the Finance Minister. As rightly said by our Chairman in a SITREP, we have been forever waiting for the detailed letter to come out from the Ministry of Finance. But that detailed official letter cum announcement has been as elusive as the rains this summer. All parts of the ESM community, officers and PBOR alike, are condemning this partial, ad hoc announcement made by the FM. I am of the strong opinion that all arms and all ranks of the Indian Military be it the Army, the Air Force or the Nave, be it officers or PBOR, be it serving or retired – we are all united and we will continue this mission until the victory is ours.

    The government is fully aware of the fact that the planning and execution of IESM is way beyond their control and that IESM is growing faster than they could ever imagine. The only resort left for them was to divide us as officers and PBORs. The GoI should recognize and be grateful to the officer community especially the chairman IESM, for it is because of them this mission is still peaceful. The PBOR community is so full of anguish that if left uncontrolled/unguided they will not refrain from resorting to other means of making the deaf hear our voice. That said, I must underline the fact that this is a rather dangerous game the GoI is playing and it better be aware of the consequences of this.
    In my opinion the very reason behind the fact that OROP has not been implanted in its true nature and spirit is the fact that each and every action/decision/step taken by the IESM leadership is being debated. This is a clear sign for the GoI that the ESM community is not united. The proverb “Too many cooks spoil the food” is so truly applicable to this situation. We must all understand that this too is like a war for justice and no war can ever be won if there are more than one orders given at the same time or if, on every decision, a committee or a consensus must be formed. Therefore my request to the entire ESM community is this:

  • Let us all be united in our thoughts, actions and words. That is the only way we can become a force strong enough to shake the high offices in New Delhi.
  • Let us all have faith in the IESM leadership. The chairman and the steering committee is what the Captain is to a boat or a Pilot to an airplane.
  • Let us not criticize others. Instead, do the best we can in our own capacities to help the mission become successful.
  • Once a decision has been taken, let us all own it– for better or for worse– understanding that the intent behind taking that decision was the success of the entire mission.

    I thank you for taking the time to read this email message.
    Yours truly,
    Kameshwar Pandey
    Sub Maj Hony Lt (Retd)
  • Women PBORs in Indian Military

    The earliest corps/ service allowed women in Indian Army (or Armed Forces) was Nursing Service. It all started with the formation of Indian Army Nursing Service (IANS) in 1888 [Imperial Nursing Service for India ] The Military Nursing Service (MNS) traces its origins from this IANS. The MNS was constituted in 1943 as an auxiliary force of Army from the elements of Nursing Services then existed, has only Commissioned Ranks (Officers).

    Why not to re-designate MNS in to a full-fledged corps of regular army and allow women PBORs as Nurses and Nursing Assistants. Almost every army (US, UK, Pakistan, Singapore, Thailand etc.) has Army Nursing Corps part of its army. Men are also permitted in such Corps as Commissioned Officer Nurses and PBORs. [ Commissioned Officer Nurses and PBORs ]

    By maintaining the present promotion policy of MNS Officers (Capt-5 yrs, Maj-12 yrs, Lt Col-20 yrs) or even any higher period; every doctor will be a Lt Col or above (senior in rank to any nurse in wards), by the time he/ she does a specialization and gets posted to a Military Hospital. A possible solution, for our AMC doctors reluctance to serve with or accept equal ranking nurses.

    As the Nursing Service was the oldest force to allow women, the Government should reorganize it along lines in which changes had taken place in other Nations and form an Army Nursing Corps. Let the first women PBOR be enrolled in such Army Nursing Corps.
    Jasbeer Kaur

    Monday, July 13, 2009

    On Budget and One Rank One Pension

    Dear Veterans,
    Some us have promptly converted the 2100 crores given by the FM to the net average increase in pension @ Rs1460/= pm for the personnel other than the Commissioned Officers. My interaction with many reveals that this increase has delighted all and they are of the view that it is OROP for them. Delighted they are because initial pension revision got 25% more and now another 20% is likely to be added. Handsome is it not!

    Let us take the case of a Naik of ‘Y’ Group.
    He gets a pension of 4850 as on today
    His revised basic pension is therefore 4850/1.22 = 3980
    His basic pension before revision is therefore 3980/2.26 = 1770
    His revised basic pension was fixed as 1770 * 2.26 = 4001 ie. 4010
    This 1770 is @50% and not 70%. If it was at 70% the basic pension would have been 1770 * 1.4 = 2480
    His revised basic pension would have been 2480 * 2.26 = 5610. A net increase in the raised basic pension to the extent of 5610 – 4010 = 1600
    He would be drawing today a total of 5610 * 1.22 = 6850
    Hence the net increase by this budget proposal is 6850-4850 = 2000 ie. 41% increase as on 01 July 2009.

    The above illustration is more or less a true picture, subject to some fine tuning. I am given to understand that prior to the Vth CPC, pension was @70%, which was changed to 50% by the Vth CPC. If that is the case, you will agree that the Government has just restored 70%, which was one of the demands after Vth CPC recommendation was implemented.

    Similar is the logic for those whose pension has been fixed as per Annexure iii. Thus all pre 2006 pensioners of a particular rank other than those of Commissioned Officers draw same pension if their pension is fixed as per Annexure iii and not as per Annexure i.

    Now let us talk on OROP. The basic pension for all the pensioners today is at the bottom of the pay band as per annexure ii & iii, provided they have completed a total service 33 years including the grace period. Thus talking of a colonel with 26 years and another of 35 years of service, you find that they get the same pension 26050. Similar is the case with respect to all others. Is it not OROP? Except that those whose pension fixed as per Annexure i being higher than that of Annexure iii, get different pension though of the same rank.

    Hence the claim by the Government that OROP has been granted for all the ESM (pre 2006 pensioners) can be interpreted as correct at its intrinsic and not implied meaning. The phrase ‘One Rank One Pension’ means to the Government and many of the ESM that the pension for two persons holding the same rank is the same. This was the case pre 1970.

    Now Brig Rangachari correctly highlighted another paragraph from the speech of the FM which talks of rank based pension with no regard to the year of retirement. A few proposals have been put forward by various people claiming the same. Some chose the notional pay as the mean of the minimum of the pay scale as per the fitment tables of SAI and the maximum of the corresponding Pay Band. Some chose the maximum of the pay scale as per the fitment tables of the SAI as the notional pay. In any case the proposals are not in tune with OROP as propounded by ESM. “No two soldiers holding the same rank and same total length of service to their credit shall draw different pensions.” By this it is implied that more years of service entitles higher pension even if the rank is the same.

    By these proposals referred to above some, who drew pay less than the notional pay at the time of retirement benefit and the some who drew more pay stand to lose. Government may choose to oblige us because by the law of average the financial implications may work out to be advantageous to the Government. The seniors suffer a loss in their pension which goes to the junior. Is it want intended by seeking ‘OROP’.

    This is the precise reason why I was harping on Absolute Parity in Pension, the parity in pension between two soldiers holding the same rank and same length of service, the date of retirement being immaterial.
    Let us see what happens!
    RN Radhakrishnan (Retired Major General)

    IESM: Officers off the OROP Loop?

    Dear Brig Kamboj,
    I am forwarding a very sensible and thoughtful mail (reproduced below) from an ex-Sgt Vasudevan received by me through a friend. You may like to put it on the net for wide circulation for creating a healthy effect on the minds.
    On Fri, Jul 10, 2009 at 11:38 AM, Vasudevan S wrote:

    Venerable Veterans,
    It is really heartening to know that the struggle of the ESM has borne fruit in the form of announcement of OROP, albeit for the JCOs and the PBORs. It is a true example of what a united fight for justice can yield. While it is a welcome windfall for the JCOs and the PBORs that the Govt of India has partially announced implememtation of OROP with effect from July 2009, it is really disgusting that the Govt has utterly disappointed by leaving out the Officers under the scheme. The immense contribution of all the officers to the Services is thereby totally neglected. It is stated that about 12 Lakh JCOs and PBORs would be the
    beneficiaries of the scheme. As already known, the JCOs and the PBORs form about 98% of the veterans. Hence, leaving out only 2% of the Officers out of the scheme of OROP is totally not justified. Financially, it would not have been a burden on the exchequer also. May be some veteran statician could work out the financial implications.
    It is very well known fact as to how much struggle the officers from all the defence forces have put in to motivate the ESM and bringing them all under one roof and taking to the streets, conducting peaceful dharnas, meeting the Hon'ble President and returning the Medals of Honours rightfully earned by them all. They have all really led from the front, in true spirits. The nation-wide movement was highly succesful. Therefore, as an Ex-Sergeant of the Indian Air Force, I believe that it is time for us, the JCOs and the PBORs that we support the Officers in fighting back with the powers that be, to include them also under the Scheme of highly deserving OROP. Till such time, we could give a wake up call to all the JCOs and PBORs to defer/ forego the benefits of the recently announced OROP, which may fetch us only about Rs.2000/- per month or so. But the support which we may extend to the officers in their further course of action is much more valuable.
    S Vasudevan (Ex-Sergeant)

    IESM: One Rank One Pension

    A skilfully crafted statement of the Union Finance Minister, Mr Pranab Mukherjee, on the long-standing demand of the defence forces for one rank, one pension has created a wholly erroneous impression that the demand has finally been granted by the government. In fact, the available information indicates that the issue has not been even remotely addressed.

    By bringing pre-1996 pensioners on a par with the post-1996 pensioners, the Finance Minister has only removed a 13-year-old anomaly, which should have been done long ago. Revised pensions announced after the Sixth Pay Commission had created three distinct classes of pensioners. As a result, similar personnel in each class received widely differing pensions. Equity and natural justice demanded that these artificial distinctions should have been removed whenever pensions were revised. Importantly, the distinction between pre-and post-2006 pensioners remains un-addressed. It needs reminding that the demand of the defence forces and defence pensioners for one rank, one pension was, in fact, only for the removal of this distinction. Such indifference of the government for the defence forces and veterans is galling.
    Maj Gen SATBIR SINGH (Retd), Vice-Chairman, Indian ESM Movement
    One rank, one pension: Tribune India

    The A to Z Pay Groups: MOD Marathon
    Date: Saturday, 11 July, 2009, 11:44 AM
    The MOD is really smart. Oct 1997 was till when the 5th CPC recommended A B C D pay groups were effective. Immediately thereafter the Group of Officers accepted our original proposal of revising pay based on educational qualifications and the X Y Z came into being. Since some PBORs had retired on the old ABCD scales, they were given pension on the scales of these groups.

    A case was taken up with MOD to bring these retirees on par with XYZ retirees. It is understood that the case was approved in 2004 but before implementation the 6th CPC was announced. Now the Govt accepts and announces this parity and scores points.
    Vice Admiral Barin Ghose (Retired)
    Member Core Group IESM

    Additional Secretary, Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare
    Sunday, July 12, 2009 10:38 PM
    Shekhar Agarwal presently Financial Adviser (Acquisition) & Member (Defence Procurement Board) and Additional Secretary, Ministry of Defence has been appointed as Additional Secretary, Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare, Ministry of Defence in the vacancy of Ms. Neelam Nath. He is 1977 batch IAS officer of Uttar Pradesh cadre.
    With Warm Regards,
    Col RP Chaturvedi (Retd)

    BSF to induct 1,000 women in combat duties for the first time

    Monday 13 July, 2009.
    Setting a milestone, the Border Security Force will induct about 1,000 women personnel for combat duties for the first time by the end of this month. The women, who are currently undergoing training at the BSF establishment in Khatka, Punjab, will participate in the passing out parade on 29th July, which will be attended by Union Home Minister P Chidambaram.

    "It would be a proud day for us when women will work shoulder-to-shoulder with men," BSF Director General M L Kumawat told a news agency. These personnel have been imparted training in weapon handling, intelligence, border management, sports, unarmed combat frisking and guard duties.

    The women, along with their male counterparts, will carry out search and frisking at check posts, immigration points and trade routes along the borders with the force guards.

    "The women component is essentially needed for the force as our duty of guarding borders involves frisking women travellers besides other relevant duties," Kumawat said. The first batch will be deployed in Punjab sector.

    The newly trained personnel will be inducted for the posts of constables and the BSF also expects to get women officers in the post of assistant commandants and higher ranks. The women battalion will be part of the 29 battalions sanctioned by the Ministry of Home Affairs for the BSF as part of its expansion plan.

    Women personnel in central forces like CRPF, CISF and SSB are already performing ground duties, this is for the first time that BSF will deploy women on ground.(AJ-12/07)
    BSF to induct 1,000 women in combat duties for the first time: DD News

    One Rank One Pension an emotive issue for Ex- Servicemen

    Jun 10th, 2009
    The Supreme Commander of Armed Forces Mrs. Pratibha Patil on 04 June 2009 announced that long pending demand of One Rank One Pension (OROP) of the Defence Forces will be reexamined and decision arrived at by 30 June 2009. The announcement has been widely welcomed by the Defence personnel specially the Ex-Servicemen who have been agitating for the past one year to press for their demands specially the One Rank One Pension. Deeply hurt and anguished at the apathy shown by the Govt in not accepting their main demand of OROP, they on four occasions deposited over 15000 gallantry and distinguished service medals with the President.

    The Indian Ex-servicemen Movement (IESM,) an umbrella organization for all Ex Servicemen of India appeals to the Govt that the committee headed by Mr Chandrasekhar must not dilute the Definition of OROP ie irrespective of the date of retirement, the Defence Personnel who have rendered same years of service and holding same rank must get same pension. Only the grant of Full Parity with the new pensioners will meet the ends of justice.

    We appeal to the Govt to accept the concept of One Rank One Pension with full Parity and make it the policy for grant of pensions to the Defence Personnel. Any other thoughts/proposal of One Time increase/ modified parity/ near parity will not be in line with the “Just and Fair” solution to the emotive issue of OROP. We are hopeful that the Govt will give due consideration to this important aspect of Defence Forces.
    One Rank One Pension: OROP

    Under the one-rank one-pension scheme, a retired defence personnel of a particular rank would be entitled to same amount of pension irrespective of the year of retirement.

    Comments Submitted by Dr Mahendra Azad (not verified) on Tue, 07/07/2009 - 6:20pm.
    It is shameful and shows the scant disregard the politicians in this country have for the sacrifices made by the defense personal. How much the government is going to save by not giving the benefit to the officers? The officers who retired before 1996 got so meager pay during their service that most of them could not even buy an apartment from their savings and are either living in hired accommodation or living as dependent on their children. Financially they are in a miserable condition.
    Sometimes, I wonder why people in this country join the defense forces. Day in and day out, young officers and men die or get disabled in insurgency operations. Defense persons remain separated for years from their loved ones and serve in most inhospitable environment. Nobody remembers and cares. The old timers were worst off, because the pays were meager, living conditions i.e., transportation, accommodation, food, and clothing were hopeless. There was nothing like entertainment and still the successive government have neglected their welfare. I hope better sense will prevail on these politicians and they will learn to take care of the serving and retired defense personal. It is high time that one rank one pension rule is implemented for all ranks with immediate effect so that the morale of the forces do not get adversely effected and citizens of this country get encouragement to serve in defense services.
    Pension for defence personnel increased July 7th, 2009

    Elusive OROP

    Dear Friend,
    Asadullah Khan was granted a pension by the Mughal Empire. But the British Resident curtailed its remission. He was told that 'his case had been referred to the Court of the Company bahadur in Calcutta' Khan was forced to undertake a long and arduous journey to Calcutta, during which he fell sick.
    He returned to Delhi after six months, with no success. Driven to penury he was imprisoned for gambling and unpaid debts. But what he received in return for all his misery was the inspiration to write words of profound wisdom and lasting value. I quote one which I like.
    Ranj se khungar hua insaan to mit jaata hai ranj
    Mushkilen mujh par padi itni ki aasaan ho gayin

    Ranj: This untranslatable Urdu word is a mix of pain, helplessness and anger
    Khungar: means 'getting used to' or 'becoming accustomed'

    If OROP eludes the veterans, as it has for the past 25 years, it is possible that we will be compensated by the Lord in some other way. For those who may not know, Asadullah Khan is the given name of Mirza Ghalib.
    Best wishes,
    Maj Gen Surjit Singh (Retd)

    Hello Friends,
    1. I have just received a mail giving the recommendations of the Committee Of Secretaries wrt OROP. The mail also claimed that the recommendations have been accepted by the Government.
    2. Please note that I have not verified the contents of the Pension Table given as link below. I am also not in a position to answer any queries that you may have. Treat it as a piece of information.
    Brigadier PTGangadharan, Guards, Veteran
    Revised Pension Tables recommended by Committee of Secretaries

    IESM: Chairman's Desk

    Date: Sunday, 12 July, 2009, 10:37 PM
    Dear Colleagues,
    More and more PBOR are seeing the government announcement of enhanced pension benefits for (only) PBOR as an attempt to create a divide between them and the officers. Several PBOR from different parts of the country called today expressing resolve to thwart any such perceived divisive efforts.
    The Steering Committee had their monthly meeting today and discussed issues of contemporary concern to the ESM community.
    Best regards,
    Lt Gen (Emeritus) Raj Kadyan, PVSM, AVSM, VSM
    Chairman IESM

    Sunday, July 12, 2009

    Defence Awareness Meet at Tirunelveli

    A Defence Pensioners Awareness Meet was arranged on 25.06.2009 in the Campus of the Assistant Director of Ex-servicemen Welfare office at Palayamkottai, Tirunelveli.
    A total of 140 defence pensioners and defence family pensioners attended the meet. The pension documents of all those who attended the meeting was checked to find out whether all of them are being paid the correct rate of revised pension & arrears or not. With the help of some dedicated retired ex-servicemen bank employees, a thorough scrutiny was made on 100 pension documents. It was shocking to notice that more than 50% of the pensioners were not paid the correct rate of pension for the past several years.
    Some of the common mistakes noticed are as follows:
    1. Some family pensioners were paid ordinary family pension instead of Special family pension for more than 13 years.
    2. The widows of JCOs were paid the pension of a Sepoy’s Widow.
    3. 6th CPC arrears were not paid to the widows whose husbands died during the period between 01.01.06 to 30.8.08.
    4. Lot of delay in releasing the family pension even though there was a clear PPO in favour of the widow with the bank.
    5. The LTA was not paid in many cases.

    At the end of the day, the team worked out the correct pension and arrears to be paid to more than 11 pensioners and handed over with a suitable letter to the Banks for immediate payment. For the remaining pensioners, we have requested them to come after few days. The Assistant Director of Ex-servicemen Welfare, Tirunelveli District Major V Jayakumar (Retd) addressed the pensioners. The lecture was in a simple Tamil and it was highly informative to even well informed persons. The initiative taken by the Assistant Director, the Support rendered by the Tirunelveli Ex-servicemen Canteen Manager and the sincere work done by some retired ex-servicemen bank employees were highly appreciated by all.

    The following pensioners were given complete working sheet with a letter to the bank for immediate payment of arrears:
    1. Smt.E.Subbammal, IOB, Maharajanagar, Tirunelveli-11, Rs.3,71,503.00
    W/O Late.Nk.Esakki. (Special Family Pension)
    2. Smt.Dhanalakshmi, SBI, Kovilpatti, Rs. 47,539.00
    W/O(Late)Hav Thiagarajan (Special Family Pension)
    3. Smt.Greecy Durairajan, Canara Bank, Shenkottai, Rs. 42,694.00
    W/O(Late) Hon Capt Durairajan.
    4. Smt S Bhagyalakshmi Indian Bank, Kovilpatti, Rs.1,46,148.00
    W/O (Late) Hav Sundarraj. (Special Family Pension)
    5. Smt bThangathai, Indian Bank, Tenkasi, Rs. 56,896.00
    W/O (Late) Sub S Krishnan
    6. Smt Maria Selvi Canara Bank, Arumuganeri, Rs. 18,243.00
    W/O (Late) Nk Kennedy Samuel
    7. Smt.N.Saraswathi Ammal Canara Bank, Tirunelveli Jn, Rs.2,67,084.00
    W/O (Late) Sub Narayanasamy Naidu (Special Family Pension)
    8. Hon Fg Offr Anthony Muthu IOB, Vallnadu, Rs. 67,603.00
    9. Smt.Balamurugan, SBI, Nanguneri Rs. 86,710.00
    W/O (Late) Hon Sub Lt Murugan
    10. Smt S Sujatha SBI, Arumanai, Rs. 55,418.00
    W/O (Late) Nk Vikramannair (Special Family Pension)
    11. Smt Rajeswari, SBI Tirumangalam, Rs. 55,418.00
    W/O (Late) Sukumaran

    Total arrears amount worked out to be paid -- Rs.12,15,256.00

    Comment: Tirunelveli is a non-military station in Tamilnadu with a ex-servicemen population of around 10,000. Such a small pensioners meeting could detect a short payment of Rs.12,15,256 out 100 sample pensioners, then what will be the amount of short payment if we verify all the 10,000 pensioners, the amount will run into crores. Therefore the immediate need of the hour is educating our pensioners is of paramount importance.
    Posted By Muthukrishnan to indianexserviceman at 7/12/2009 10:17:00 PM

    ESM: Unity an essential ingredient to thwart manipulative bureaucracy

    1. The scheming and manipulative Indian bureaucracy has finally succeeded in its six decade game plan of emasculating the defence services. The babus have, with finesse, manipulated the Congress led UPA government to divide the Indian armed forces into two separate blocs- Aam Aadmi (POBR) and the presumed pampered elitist (Officers). In one treacherous stroke, the one dependent firmament of the Indian nation has been both fragmented and politicized. And the stroke is the award of the benefits of OROP to PBOR and its intentional and malicious denial to Officers. Only the future can tell what the consequences of this historic decision will be.
    2. The present government perhaps assumes that their act will effectively garner them the votes of serving and retired POBR and their families. Just as their vote bank policies of polarizing civilian electorate on the basis of religion, caste and region. The resultant backlash of this blatantly partisan and unjust decision, among the serving Officers of fighting formations will cost the country dear in terms of dedication and mutual loyalties between Officers and their men. The veterans of course will be virulently against the present government. The babus and netas appear to be cocky and confident that the minuscule Officer class is in no position to retaliate and they would come back to them groveling.
    3. Having achieved nothing by appeals, requests and feeble protestations, the veterans should now unite at the national, state, district and panchayat levels all over India. We should now create a working and functional Organisation at national level and politically work out the method of bringing justice for all ESM and their dependants. Token and knee jerk actions are neither noticed nor taken account of especially by the hierarchy of the present political set-up.
    OROP– One Rank One Pension
    PBOR– Personnel Below Office Rank
    Lt Col Sushil Chilimbi (Retd)

    IESM: Chairman's Desk

    10 July 2009
    Dear Colleagues,
    It is learnt that apart from giving full parity to pre-Oct 1997 PBOR pensioners with their post Oct 1997 counterparts, the govt is likely to give modified parity between pre and post 2006 PBOR pensioners. Besides, a separate package is reportedly being worked out for officers.
    OROP is still elusive.
    Best regards,
    Lt Gen (Emeritus) Raj Kadyan, PVSM, AVSM, VSM
    Chairman IESM


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