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Army shoots itself in the foot

Personnel policies: Army shoots itself in the foot
Military officers are quick to blame bureaucrats, but it is their own arbitrary and parochial attitude and policies, without any understanding or training for administration, that are to be blamed. In the bargain, the military becomes its own greatest enemy by Maj Navdeep Singh
Gentleman cadets during their passing-out parade at the Indian Military Academy, Dehradun. The obstructive, inward-looking conservative approach has to go, times are such. Camaraderie has been the hallmark of defence services but the same is not just meant for the battlefield but for normal day-to-day life too which actually and practically affects personnel and their families
Humans are alike. Wearing a uniform may suppress, but not fully insulate them from corruption, greed, power-play et al, vices inherent to human race. But besides grit and courage, what sets military personnel apart from the others is the sharp ability to self-destruct and to invent self-defeatist masterstrokes as far as welfare, manpower and personnel policies are concerned.
Whichever side one may be, what the Army Chief's age row has brought fore is that there is a belief doing the rounds, factual or fictional, that meticulous, surgically incisive processes are constantly at play where careers of those who may pose a future threat are played with crudely and ruthlessly and all this happens behind closed doors under a cloak of secrecy marked 'national security', which is not actually in consonance with the age of transparency we live in. The lucky few in key appointments have their way and others can only pull their hair in despair. The number of cases pending before Benches of the Armed Forces Tribunal and other Courts, and the kind of strictures passed on such matters bear testimony to the chaos at work. It is yet another matter that even in well-rounded verdicts, the system, out of egotism, tries its best to wear out its own personnel by litigating till the highest court.
Arbitrary attitude and policies
While military officers are quick to point fingers at the bureaucrat, it is their own arbitrary and parochial attitude and policies, without any basic understanding or training for administration, that are to be blamed. In the bargain, the military becomes the military's own greatest enemy.
The examples are many. Recently the Supreme Court reportedly reprimanded the Army for creating artificial hurdles for its own officers when an appeal was filed against a lady officer of the Judge Advocate General's Department whose case had been allowed by the AFT granting her promotions and permanent commission. Till date, the Army, based on an internal artificial interpretation by the Military Secretary's Branch, is promoting Short Service Officers commissioned prior to 2006 as Captains in nine years of service while those commissioned after 2006 are being promoted to the same rank in two years. The impediment was not created by with the Ministry of Defence, but by the Army. When the Military's medical establishment was directed by Courts to grant medical facilities to its elderly retired Emergency Commissioned Officers based on an already existing Government Order, the Army itself was quick to challenge it before the Supreme Court. Imagine, the Army approaching the Supreme Court with a prayer that the same Army may be directed to withdraw medical facilities from its own officers, some of them in their 80s.
When the Navy and Air Force vouched for implementation of the Non-Functional Upgradation for the defence services, as already applicable to civil services, which guarantees the pay of a Lieutenant General in a time-bound manner to superseded officers, the Army was the first to oppose putting across the banal argument that if implemented there would be 'no charm for higher ranks'. When all Doctors of the Central Government were granted a 'Dynamic Assured Progression Scheme', the Army itself tooth and nail opposed its implementation for its own doctors on the pretext that doctors would then start getting higher salaries than other officers.
Faulty interpretation of rules
While the civilian establishment is constantly blamed for degradation of status of military officers, the Army, in the Military Engineering Services (MES) itself places senior promotee military officers of the rank of Major and lady officers of similar rank as Assistant Garrison Engineers, an appointment tenable by Subedar-equivalent civilian officers, while directly commissioned officers of the rank of Major with much lesser length of service are posted on higher appointments such as Garrison Engineers, all again based on an artificial, faulty and forced interpretation of existing rules.
Recently, based on a decision taken by the Prime Minister, young army officers, both Permanent and Short Service Commissioned, up to 35 years of age with 5 years of service and in fit medical category, were sought for lateral induction into the Indian Police Service through a statutory gazette notification. But rather than moving with the times, the Army Headquarters, based on an outdated policy promulgated in 1987, issued a circular pointing out that only those Permanent Commissioned Officers would be permitted to apply for the IPS who had only two years of service left (that is, who were 50 years old), or who were in low medical category, or who had completed 18 years of service but had not passed their promotion exams. Needless to say, it's a no-brainer that all such categories 'allowed' by the Army HQ were actually ineligible to be inducted into the IPS as per the notification.
Whenever there is a welfare oriented proposal or proactive personnel policy under consideration of the Government which elements in the bureaucracy would not like to see implemented, they simply throw it in the court of the defence services for a consultative process for they know that first the Army, Navy and the Air Force would start struggling between themselves, and then the fight would shift inter-se between the fighting Arms, then it would be fighting arms versus support arms and finally arms versus services. The end product would be zilch resulting in sniggers from the ringside.
Shedding obstructive approach
So where does the fault lie? Is it because of the stiff competition and ACR oriented 'smile up - kick down' culture or is it because of plain lack of understanding of finer aspects of personnel management and lack of administrative acumen or downright foolhardiness? The answer is hard to find. It seems that in a nation with the psyche of public servants deriving power by imposing obstacles, red-tape and impediments in the ordinary life of a common citizen, officers holding key appointments in the military feel powerless when they compare themselves with their civilian counterparts. Hence the only way to feel powerful is by posing hindrances in areas of policy where the pen can be used as an authoritative instrument of damage, and that damage unfortunately is restricted to within the uniformed services. As a sequel, creation of restrictive clauses and provisos becomes a tool of ego empowerment through which the policy writer feels potent. Liberal construal is abandoned for sadism and a sub-culture emerges where cribbing is rampant and peer happiness is not tolerated.
The Army has to wake up and smell the coffee. The obstructive, inward-looking conservative approach has to go, times are such. Camaraderie has been the hallmark of defence services but the same is not just meant for the battle field but for normal day to day life too which actually and practically affects personnel and their families. A recent positive example would be the strong efforts of the Army's Personnel Services Directorate in reducing litigation and convincing the Defence Ministry to withdraw appeals filed against its disabled soldiers bringing succour and kudos to the organisation. The positivity must spread and must spread fast to other spheres, otherwise the self-inflicted injury to the heretofore seemingly strong foundation would make the organisation a laughing stock leading to a spectacular derailment of the only institution every Indian has been unconditionally proud of.
Bare facts
  • Supreme Court recently rapped the Army for creating artificial hurdles for its own officers in a case related to the promotion and grant of permanent commission to a woman officer.
  • The Navy and the Air Force vouched for non-functional upgradation,as applicable to civil services, that would grant pay of Lt Gen to superseded officers, but the Army opposed it.
  • When all central government doctors were granted Dynamic Assured Progression Scheme, Army opposed it for its own officers.
  • In MES, the Army places Majors and Lt Cols in appointments tenable by Subedar-equivalent civilian MES cadre.
  • On the PM’s directives, military officers below 35 years were sought for lateral induction into the IPS, but the Army, citing an outdated circular of 1987, put a spanner in the works. The writer practises in the Punjab and Haryana High Court Click here for the Tribune article
  • Wednesday, June 27, 2012

    Indian Army hit by Contagious Viral Corruption

    The Indian Army is hit by twin cases of corruption maligning the uniform. In one of the cases shocking revelations by a firm alleging that National Defence Academy (NDA) is asking for cash for sponsoring an event. In the other case a Major General reportedly getting caught red handed while accepting a bribe from a local contractor. The Indian Army meanwhile has told TIMES NOW that permission has been granted to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to approach the NDA on these allegations. In another scam, Major General in charge of Army Supplies in Northern Command is under scanner. Major General has reportedly been caught red handed while accepting bribe from a contractor. The ASC is meant for all type of supplies, food and other items to troops of Northern Command, including the Siachen Glacier sector.
    Indian Army hit by twin scams

    Indian Army: Cash for Jobs and Cash for ACR's

    Another job-for-cash scam hits ArmyJune 26, 2012A JCO, Naib Subedar Hasnuddin Chan Sheikh, was caught on cameras as he openly ran a job-for-cash racket, luring young men into his trap.

    'Cash for promotion' scam hits army June 19, 2012
    An inquiry has been initiated against a Brigadier for accepting money in return for recommending promotions
    Army orders probe against Brig LI Singh for 'demanding cash' from subordinate officers
    Court of Inquiry ordered post discreet inquiry
    Source: The Sangai Express / Courtesy: Headlines Today (Gaurav C Sawant)
    New Delhi, June 21 2012: A high profile Brigadier, recently posted as the Deputy Director General, Discipline and Vigilance (DDG, DV) at the Army Headquarters, has come under scanner for the alleged abuse of power and demanding money from subordinate officers and contractors in a cash scandal.
    Brigadier Laiphrakpam Ibotombi Singh of 13th Battalion Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry (JAKLI), who was till March 2012 commanding the Watershed Brigade in Sikkim, has been accused of compelling officers under his command to "loan him money for urgent family requirement" and then not returning it.
    The general officer commanding (GOC) of the Striking Lion Division conducted a discreet inquiry before the official Court of Inquiry (CoI) was ordered on June 15, army sources told Headlines Today on Tuesday.
    "A rather grim picture emerges from the pattern of complaints.
    There are serious allegations that need to be probed.
    The discreet inquiry findings will be a part of the material for the court of inquiry to proceed," a senior officer in the Eastern Command told Headlines Today.
    The timing of the "loan" allegedly coincided with the time of writing of annual confidential reports (ACRs) of the subordinate officers has brought the brigadier under suspicion.
    Both the Eastern Command and Army Headquarters refused to share details of the discreet inquiry.
    Only officers with unimpeachable integrity and spoken reputation are posted to the DV directorate, which is responsible for keeping a hawk eye on army's internal health and integrity.
    "Brig L.I.Singh was handpicked by the former chief of army staff General V.K.Singh in April this year and brought to the DV directorate.
    He was probing the botched-up Jorhat intelligence operation.
    Now he himself is under the scanner for alleged extortion," an officer said.
    As a DDG in the DV directorate, Brig Singh had asked the Eastern Command and the Dimapur based 3 Corps to explain inaction of officers in taking disciplinary action against those involved in the botched Jorhat intelligence operation where a team of 3 Corps Intelligence and Surveillance Unit was found to have broken into the house of an MES contractor and stolen a pistol, mobile phone and cash.
    "He himself is now being summoned for a court of inquiry to explain complaints filed by serving officers directly under his command of illegally demanding money.
    This is a conduct unbecoming of an officer," sources said.
    An army spokesperson confirmed that an investigation had indeed been ordered.
    "A Court of Inquiry has been ordered to probe the allegations.
    As soon as the inquiry is completed we shall reveal the facts," the spokesperson said.
    Army sources said borrowing and lending money is strictly prohibited in the army according to defence services regulation.
    In the past, a two-star general was court martialled and punished for a similar offence.
    "Brig Singh is an alumnus of Sainik School, Imphal, Manipur.
    He is a bright and hard working officer.
    He excelled in Staff College and Higher Command Course.
    He commanded his battalion in Drass and was awarded a Yudh Sewa Medal for exemplary leadership after Operation Parakram.
    He had a bright future and these complaints need to be probed speedily and in a transparent manner," a senior JAKLI officer told Headlines Today.
    Brig Singh has proceeded on leave and the inquiry would begin as soon as he rejoins.

    NDA Commandant is answerable to Corruption Charges of his Staff officer

    Brief Bio
    IC- 27793X LIEUTENANT GENERAL JATINDER SINGH, AVSM**, SM, INFANTRY (The gallantry awards are more or less fair, some suspicion arose with Siachen fake killings and Ketchup Colonel scams but that is over, the distinguished service awards can make one laugh by their very predictable nature.)
    The General Officer has had his schooling in Sainik School, Trivandrum and is an alumni of NDA 42nd course. He was commissioned into the prestigious Brigade of The Guards on 17 June 1973 after having graduated from IMA (he has seen no war service). The General Officer has had a balanced command and staff experience in the service. The General now commands the Prestigious National Defence Academy. Colonel Kulbir Singh, who is the staff officer of NDA Commandant Lt Gen Jatinder was found spinning money to the tune of Rs 2 Crores in recruitment scam unearthed by CBI (Well done CBI- get to the root please...)
    NDA job racket busted; colonel among 6 held Rs 1.76 cr seized in raids; CBI suspects cash to be bribe taken from job-seekers
    Busting a major recruitment process scam in the National Defence Academy (NDA), the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) arrested six people, including a serving colonel, for taking large sums of money from job candidates and promising them confirmed appointments to the posts of lower division clerks and Group C employees.
    Colonel Kulbir Singh (left), who was arrested by the CBI for taking bribes from candidates seeking jobs with the National Defence Academy, at the Shivajinagar court yesterday
    The questions that Lt Gen Jatinder Singh needs to answer honestly regarding Civilian Recruitment scam involving Rs 2 crores in bribes.
    1. Why are you overweight and phyically unfit? Do you embody physical standards of recruits?
    2. Are you really medically fit or have you fudged the Medical results?
    3. Are you 9 pointer with 9 points for honesty in all your ACR's?
    4. Are you a sychophant?
    5. Why have you selected your SO from your own Regiment and from the same region?
    6. The bribe involving Rs 2 crores was transacted by your SO and hence you are aware of it?
    7. Do you know about your subordinates? Are they living within their means?
    8. Are you advocating five star culture in the NDA?
    9. What ethos is being imbibed to cadets through your selected staff?
    10. Do you influence postings through MS branch and MOD?

    Tuesday, June 26, 2012

    NDA Commandant responsible for selecting corrupt Staff Officer

    Colonel held for recruitment scam in NDA
    Published: Monday, Jun 25, 2012, 9:07 IST
    By DNA Correspondent | Place: Pune | Agency: DNA

    An army officer of the rank of Colonel along with five civilians was arrested by anti-corruption bureau of the CBI on Saturday for allegedly receiving bribe from candidates during recruitment drive at National Defence Academy. The Colonel is deployed as staff officer to commandant of NDA, Lt Gen Jatinder Singh.
    Besides Col Kulbir Singh (45), others arrested are Balkishan Charan Lal Kanojia (35), Vishnu Prasad Sharma (42), Ramesh Dilip Gaikwad (32), Dattaraya Eknath Shitkal (52) and his cousin Manoj Maruti Shitkal (32). The civilians are local residents.
    The CBI has registered a case under the relevant sections of the IPC and Prevention of Corruption Act.
    Acting on a tip off, CBI officials raided 14 places in Pune, Mumbai, Gurgaon and Sonepat, and recovered huge cash, which was allegedly taken by officials and their touts for recruiting subordinate staff like cook, gardener, library and laboratory attendants, cadet orderly and lower division clerks.
    During the CBI raids, huge cash and documents like leaked question papers and list of candidates were seized.
    As per the complainant, examination for recruitinglower division clerk, others was held on June 15. During investigation it was revealed that suspects entered into a criminal conspiracy to cheat the government and obtain illegal gratification from job aspirants for which the Colonel misused his position.
    “Singh and Kanojia asked the candidates to only sign the answer sheets and leave them blank which could be filled in with correct answers by suspects so that the candidates could be recuited by the NDA.”
    The team by Rajpal Singh, deputy superintendent of police (CBI-ACB), informed the court that, “the arrested persons are in possession of lists of persons who were to be appointed on account of gratification obtained from them. They also have fake answer sheets of such candidates.”
    On Sunday, the six accused were produced before the court of special judge DR Mahajan who remanded them to police custody till July 2. Special public prosecutors of CBI Vivek Saxena and Ayub Pathan said the CBI has recovered cash to the tune to Rs83 lakh from Singh’s house and Rs92 lakh from other suspects.
    Meanwhile, NDA has said that it has not received any official communication from the CBI on this issue. NDA maintained that Col Singh was detained by CBI when he was in Mumbai and was being questioned for certain irregularities during the recruitment of lower division clerks and Group C employees.
    NDA has made it clear that it has not received any complaint about the recruitment process but was investigating the chain of events that led to detainment of Col Singh.

    NDA Staff officer in civilian recruitment scandal

    India's premier defence academy reports recruitment scam
    Reported by Rashmi Rajput, Imtiaz Jaleel, Written by Amit Chaturvedi | Updated: June 25, 2012 16:09 IST
    Mumbai: A serving Colonel was arrested by the Central Bureau of Investigation in Mumbai on Saturday after allegations of certain irregularities in the recruitment process for the post of Lower Division Clerks (LDC) and Group C employees in the National Defence Academy (NDA), Pune.
    However, the NDA officials say that they were still awaiting details from the CBI.
    Apart from Colonel Kulbir Singh, Staff Officer to the NDA Commandant, five other persons have also been named in the complaint regarding the recruitment which took place during the months of May and June 2012.
    Colonel Singh has been charged under 120B, 420, 468 and 471 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and Section 13(1)(d) of Prevention of Corruption Act.
    Reports say that the officer allegedly took Rs. 3-4 lakh from each person for a guaranteed appointment. He has also been accused of committing fraud in the examinations conducted for these posts.
    The five civilians who worked as links between the candidates and the army officer include Balkrishna Charanlal Kanojia who runs a laundry at NDA and also owns two restaurants, Vishnu Prasad Sharma, Dattatrey Eknath Shitkal, Manoj Maruti Shiktkal and Ramesh Dilip Gaikwad.
    According to the CBI, its officials conducted raids at 14 places in Pune and one each in Mumbai, Gurgaon and Sonepat and recovered Rs. 1.71 crore and some incriminating documents.
    NDA Staff officer in civilian recruitment scandal

    Sting Operation Traps Major General in Supply of Rations to Troops in High Altitude

    Shiv Aroor | Headlines Today | New Delhi, June 25, 2012 | UPDATED 21:51 IST
    Now, army probes bribe charge against ASC major general in Jammu and Kashmir A senior army officer, attached to a Northern Command unit, has come under investigation over the allegation of corruption for contracts that deal with the supply of rations to soldiers in India's most hostile zone, Jammu and Kashmir.
    Sources told Headlines Today that the Major General at Army Supply Corp (ASC) in Udhampur, V.K. Sharma, who oversees the procurement and supply of rations for soldiers in the north, has come under the scanner for corrupt collusion with private contractors to manipulate supplies.
    There have been multiple complaints against Maj Gen Sharma, but it was understood that he was caught red handed in a sting operation after he allegedly demanded bribes for contracts.
    The shameful allegation comes as yet another big embarrassment for the army, which has received various kinds of accusations against some its top officers in the recent past.
    The reason why the army has been taking the case seriously was that there have been many high profile cases in the past when even a chief of the ASC was caught in shameful acts of corruption. Cheating soldiers out of their very basic due has always been seen as the lowest, most condemnable form of corruption.
    It clearly shows that the soldiers guarding India's northern frontiers along the Line of Control (LoC) and in the Ladakh region have more than just the enemy to look out for.
    Investigations were still on and there were no indictments yet, but the army once again faces the terrible prospect of the enemy being one of its own.
    Read more at: Bribe charge against ASC major general in Jammu and Kashmir
    Sources said the Northern Command received several complaints against the officer, mostly from contractors who accused him of demanding favours in return for awarding contracts. Given the serious nature of the complaints and the senior rank of the officer, an operation was carried out by Army authorities to probe the matter.
    According to reports, the officer was caught red-handed in a possible “sting operation” involving a contractor. “A court of inquiry has been ordered into allegations of financial impropriety against Maj Gen Sharma,” confirmed a senior Army HQ officer, denying that the officer has been placed under detention.
    Maj Gen Sharma was in charge of supplies for the vital Northern Command, which has the largest number of soldiers deployed for counter insurgency and border duties. The command procures crores worth of rations and supplies for soldiers posted at the Siachen glacier, Kargil, the Kashmir valley and along the Line of Control.
    Comment: Traitors in Army Supply Corps need to be got rid off expeditiously and ruthlessly. These guys are the enemy within supplying Gasoline adulterated with water to the forward troops and contaminated Rations. Indian Army mobility severely compromised by Corruption in forward Areas. Chinese laws must be implemented here- SHOOT the Traitors.

    Monday, June 25, 2012

    NDA in recruitment scandal: Army corruption seeps into training establishments

    Army colonel arrested in NDA recruitment ‘scam’
    Rajshri Mehta, TNN Jun 24, 2012, 02.49AM IST
    MUMBAI: The CBI on Saturday arrested Col Kulwinder Singh, staff officer (SO) to Lt Gen Jatinder Singh, National Defence Academy commandant, in connection with complaints of graft over the appointment of 40 lower-division clerks in the NDA.
    Singh, who belongs to the Guards regiment, was arrested from a friend's residence in the Colaba military station.
    The SO is like a personal secretary responsible for smooth functioning of the commandant's office.
    The NDA's spokesperson confirmed the arrest but said they were still awaiting details from the CBI. Rishiraj Singh, CBI joint director, refused to comment saying investigations were on in the recruitment scam. "We will cooperate with the CBI," a senior officer in the Army headquarters said.
    The NDA had in February invited applications to appoint 40 clerks. According to information, the anti-corruption bureau of the CBI received a complaint of a scam in which people were allegedly being promised the job of a clerk in the NDA on the payment of over Rs 50,000, though they did not fulfil the eligibility criteria. Singh's name was mentioned as one of the alleged beneficiaries of the bribe being paid through a middleman. It is, however, not yet clear what role Singh has played in the alleged scam.
    This is probably the first time a graft charge has been leveled against an officer attached to the prestigious academy in Khadakwasla, Pune. "Not everyone gets an opportunity to work as an SO. It depends a lot on whether the officer seeking appointment hails from the same regiment and shared a rapport with the commandant or similar high-ranking officer in a previous tenure,'' said an officer.
    The NDA spokesperson said: "The CBI asked for some documents Singh was handling. We have provided the same."
    In June 2010, the CBI had arrested an army officer and his accomplice for allegedly running a job racket, in which lakhs of rupees were collected from youngsters after promising them jobs in the army. The same month, Maj Dependra Bhushan, a medical officer at the Army Recruitment Office in Colaba, was arrested for allegedly taking bribe to clear candidates in the medical test.
    "The episode does not surprise me, but makes me sad as it confirms how deep the rot is in the army,'' said a high-ranking officer.
    Comment: The Commandant is the real culprit who is using the SO. The CBI should investigate from the top as there is more to this dubious racket than what meets the eye. This is also another CBI diversionary tactics and initiative to delay the ongoing Adarsh and Tatra scams.

    President Patil’s granddaughter fails to identify United States on world map

    President Patil’s granddaughter fails to identify United States on world map Published On: Fri, Jun 22nd, 2012
    New Delhi. In a shocking development, outgoing President Mrs. Pratibha Patil’s granddaughter Divya failed to identify the United States of America on the world map. Her failure has shocked her teachers and the Presidential staff alike.
    Her Geography teacher Mrs. Sonia Gupta was unable to control her surprise and disappointment, “Divya has been brilliant in Geography. She could otherwise identify even a rice grain-sized country on the world map and give complete description of its beautiful beaches geographical features having accompanied her grandmother President Patil to every known place on the world map. I don’t know what happened this time.”
    Faking News spoke to some of her friends to get their reaction. “Divya often shared the taxpayers’ money souvenirs which she used to get from the countries she used to visit while accompanying her grandmother. She even gifted me exotic wines from France on my birthday! Seems like this time she lost her American goodies which could have reminded her of her visit to that country,” said Reeta, her bench-mate.
    A pal of gloom descended inside the Rashtrapati Bhavan as soon as the news spread inside. Mr. Sifarishi Lal, Divya’s personal tutor was more candid in his views, “Whenever we accompanied Pratibha madam to her foreign vacations overseas diplomatic missions, I always made sure that I explained every detail of that country to Divya. She, in return was always eager to go on sightseeing expeditions learn more about the country’s geography. As a result she has always been a topper in Geography in her class. So it is beyond reason to my why she should fail to spot a particular country on the map.”
    Similar views were echoed by other officials of the Rashtrapati Bhavan.
    “Divya could even point to a country while blindfolded which was yet to feature on the world map. For instance we accompanied madam President to this island which was inhabited by only 100 people. It was a diplomatic mission where she signed the ‘hijack treaty’ to deny a safe haven to airplane hijackers on that island. We even got an airport constructed over there for madam’s jet to land as they did not have one! Ask Divya and she can provide you with every detail of that island’s geography be it the beaches or snow covered mountains,” said one of the officials.
    President Patil could not be reached for her views as she was reportedly busy watching MasterChef India on TV, which is said to be her favorite show.
    Unconfirmed reports say that Madam Patil is even preparing to file for a re-nomination to the President’s post as she is keen to go on space missions this time and teach Divya the intricacies of the outer space, as Divya wants to become a scientist like APJ Abdul Kalam when she grows up.
    President Patil’s granddaughter fails to identify United States on world map


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