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COAS mutates MNS Officers Pensions

COAS Objections on Selective Upgradation
After the submission of 6th CPC Recommendations, the Chief of Army Staff (COAS- in connivance with DGAFMS- this dubious act alone has doubled his Pension) as an after thought had vide letter no. C170211V1-PCC (Army) dated 20 Jun 2008 written to the Cabinet Secretary that, "selective upgradation of Basic Pay, Grade Pay and hence the status of Nurses only in the Armed Forces to equate them with Doctors will seriously impact on the functional relationship and command and control in the Military Hospitals, which would adversely affect patient care in the long run. Hence, there is a need of reconsidering those aspects and keeping the Pay and Grade Pay of MNS officers distinct from the Service Officers". The COAS letter was a quick turnaround from the Armed Forces established stand of demanding 'same pay scales to MNS Officers as for other Service Officers' made to the previous pay commissions. The 6th CPC observed that the starting pay scales of MNS cadre is equal to group A civilian starting pay scales, and is only slightly lower than the pay scales other service officers. The slight upgradation recommended by the 6th CPC was in line with the Armed Forces own pending demands. Opposing the upgradation of MNS cadre fearing an impact on the patient care is illogical.
Armed Forces Tribunal Order
In Maj Gen Mrs. Usha Sikdar Vs. Union of India & Ors (TA. No. 211/2010) the Hon'ble Principal Bench of AFT held that, "she is a regular commissioned officer of the Indian Armed Forces and she is authorised to all entitlements and benefits which a regular officer entitled under the Army Act, 1950 and rules framed thereunder and regulations issued from time to time. Therefore, we have no hesitation to declare that the petitioner is entitled to be treated as a commissioned officer and as a part of the regular force, and she is authorised to all entitlements which are authorised to the regular recruited army officers of the Indian Army." The AFT further directed the Government to "to treat all the commissioned officers of Military Nursing Service as a part of the regular force of the Indian Armed Forces and extend all entitlements which are commensurate with the rank as equal to commissioned officers of Indian Army to her". It is brought out here that, post 6th CPC implementation, the entitlements of a rank is based on the Grade Pay attached to the rank.
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Comment: Will the AHQ right the wrong? Do the powers at hand have the spine to stand up for the Juniors. The Chetwode message seems blown to the winds! Interesting parallel Army gets hit by clubs- click here to read more

Appeal for Grant of Approved Pension for Majors and Equivalents

From: Lt Cdr(Retd) Avtar Singh
To: Her Excellency, Smt Pratibha Patil, The President of India
SUB: Please give us what sixth CPC has recommended and what Government has approved
Your Excellency,
1. For a moment I drop the just demand of ex servicemen regarding One Rank One pension
2. I am also willing to swallow the unjust difference of Rs 12000 in six cpc as against Rs 2000 per month in fifth cpc between the rank of major and Lt Col.
3. All that I am projecting to you is that I should be paid what six cpc has recommended and what the government has approved under a resolution.
4. The sixth cpc has recommended that under the modified parity agreed to by the government the pension of a retired individual should not be less than 50% of the minimum of pay in pay band corresponding to the rank that an individual had retired provided the individual has served for 33 yrs
5. As per above the pension of an officer of the rank of Major/equivalent should not be less than Rs 18205 provided he has completed 33 yrs of service.
6. As against above my pension has been fixed Rs 14464 (Rs 3741 pm less)
7. Your Excellency, in this case:
(a) The six cpc is not at fault and also
(b) The government has done its job but
(c) The Bureaucrats at the helm of the affairs have become a road block
8. Aggrieved and Cases Instituted
(a) About 200 officers
(b) Under sixteen petitions
(c) At Principal Bench of AFT Delhi and two benches at Chandigarh have petitioned against the injustice meted out to them.
(d) All the above petitions have been heard and admitted under three different judgments.
(e) None of the petition has been disallowed and
(f) As against three months given to the government six months have past and yet
(g) The orders have not been implemented
9. I humbly request your honour to direct the concerned official to see reasons and implement the decision without further delay
10. Finally I wish to state that I am 78 yrs old and number of my colleagues older than me are awaiting justice in their fag end of life
11. I am enclosing list of litigants along with this submission
Yours truly,

One Rank One Pension: an obligation to be fulfilled

Extracts from IDR By Gp Capt AG Bewoor
Issue: Vol 26.1 Jan-Mar 2011 | Date: 21 March, 2011
The disdain for Indian Armed Forces, consistently demonstrated by the politico-bureaucratic-extra constitutional combine, is translated into negation of a justified demand for One Rank One Pension.
Disregard & Disinterest. The so called upper classes, elite, bureaucrats/technocrats/business entrepreneurs/rich professionals couldn’t care less about what the faujis do, what they get, how they manage their affairs and such tiresome issues. When they are safe, secure and successful, the fauj is irrelevant. Whether the material and emotional wherewithal given to the fauji and his family is adequate for maintenance of national security and safety, is far from their minds. They pay taxes and expect the Govt to ensure their security to generate wealth for themselves and India. They are not to be blamed for this indifference, because our politico/bureaucratic/extra-constitutional power centres have encouraged disinterest about matters military.
A Quick Perspective. Till the 60s, OROP was in vogue as Military Pension, and faujis got 65 percent of last pay because most had to retire in their late 40s/early 50s while civilians got 33 percent since all served up to 58 years. The 3rd PC abolished Military Pensions, reduced it to 50 percent, increased civil pensions to 50 percent, and added a proviso that to earn full pension a govt servant must serve for 33 years. Thus most military men seldom got full pension because very few could serve for 33 years, but the civil servants invariably got full pension because they served till the age of 58, getting them at least 33 years of service.
Look at the perfidy of this rule and the shabby treatment meted out to the Armed Forces? The Supreme Court has already declared that pension is, “delayed wages for services already rendered”. But look at it this way, Colonel Kapur who retired with 24 years of service at the age of 48 years in 1989, must get the same pension as Colonel Ghosh who retires today at the age of 50 years with 24 years of service. Why must Colonel Kapur have to beg for this, he is only seeking justice because he had to retire at a much younger age than his civilian contemporary who joined the IAS at the same time.
The civilian does not retire with only 24 years service at the age of 50 years, he carries on till the age of 60, and crosses that 33 year barrier. Recently the Supreme Court was constrained to rebuke the Govt for “treating soldiers like beggars”. Regrettably our media, so fond of sensationalism, has not cared to take up cudgels for the military, which provides and preserves that freedom of expression the media clamour for.
What Justifies the Military Demanding One Rank One Pension?
Does Honour, Izzat, Life Threatening Occupation Matter? It has been said that izzat, honour, life threatening occupation are irrelevant to pension. Let’s accept it. A recent comment on TV equated the danger to a fire-fighter to that of a soldier fighting terrorists. Ridiculous as it is, one fact is indisputable; the fire does not shoot bullets nor lobs grenades, at the fire-fighter. Further comparison is unnecessary. Notwithstanding the truth that a fauji’s occupational hazard is far severe than all other’s, and he braves those hazards for izzat, camaraderie, and honour of his unit, let’s not consider this factor for granting OROP. It is incomprehensible by non-military persons.
One Rank One Pension: an obligation to be fulfilled- By Gp Capt AG Bewoor

Let us join hands with Hazare to wipe out the scourge of corruption

Dear Colleagues,
The IESM newsletter ‘Khabar Nama’ click here has been put on the net. Hard copies are being distributed. It is hoped it will reach out to all remote areas and will help make the ESM aware of the IESM activities. I compliment the IESM Governing Body team, of Rakesh Chaturvedi, CK Sharma and Vinod Gandhi in particular, in knitting it up and reaching it out to all. As is known Veteran Anna Hazare is to sit on fast at Jantar Mantar on 5 April 2011. His is a clarion call against corruption in the country. The scourge of corruption is affecting each one of us who have contributed in India’s rise to her present position in the world order. Anna’s cause is dear to us and the IESM is extending full support to his movement. IESM will set up a tent close to the venue of Anna’s fast. All veterans in the NCR are requested to visit Jantar Mantar on 5 April 2011 from 10:00 am onwards and on all following days to express our solidarity with the cause of ‘India against Corruption’. Veterans in other cities are requested to join and support related events being held in other cities. Best regards, Lt Gen (Emeritus) Raj Kadyan, PVSM, AVSM, VSM Chairman IESM

A mahatma announces fast unto death- Get in touch
Anna Hazare has given an ultimatum to the Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh to enact stringent anti-corruption law – the peoples “Jan Lokpal Bill”! Jail to the corrupt must become a reality! We have been betrayed by those that are leading us!
When and Where? From 5th April at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi and hundreds of cities in India and Abroad. Get in touch with your city leaders.

click here for contact numbers in respective cities- India and Abroad

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Supreme Court pulls up Defence Ministry

NDTV Correspondent, Updated: April 01, 2011 15:03 IST
New Delhi: The government was once again criticised by the Supreme Court, this time the court pulled up the Defence Ministry for not filing a status report on the sale of illegal weapons by the Army.
The court said," It seems that we are heading for another racket."
The Ministry told court that there are aberrations and a status report on how to deal with the issue will be submitted to court within six weeks. The court was hearing a plea seeking CBI probe in the issue.
Read more at: Supreme Court pulls up Defence Ministry
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PM assures industry of corruption-free environment

Friday 01 April 2011
Is PM Blinded by Corruption?
Amid corporate honchos being questioned in connection with 2G scam case by agencies, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Thursday assured a "nervous industry" that the government is committed to creating a corruption-free environment to ensure the industry moved ahead without fear.
"I am aware of the nervousness in some sections of the corporate sector arising out of some recent unfortunate developments. We stand committed to ensuring that our industry moves ahead with confidence and without fear or apprehensions," Dr. Singh said addressing a meeting of the Council on Industry and Trade.
The government is mulling all measures, administrative and legislative, to tackle corruption and better transparency, he said at the meeting which was attended by Ratan Tata, Rahul Bajaj, Azim Premji, Sunil Bharti Mittal, Deepak Parekh, Swati Piramal and Kumarmangalam Birla, among others.
CBI has recently questioned various industry leaders in connection with the 2G spectrum allocation scam. The Public Accounts Committee of Parliament has also called them for questioning on the issue. In January this year, a group of prominent personalities, including industrialists Azim Premji, Keshub Mahindra and Deepak Parekh, had expressed concern over a series of scams leading to "governance deficit". They had asked the government to deal with burning issues like corruption immediately. In an 'open letter' addressed to the leaders, they had said: "We are alarmed at the widespread governance deficit almost in every sphere of national activity covering the government, the business and the institutions. Widespread discretionary decision-making have been routinely subjected to extraneous influences.
Singh also assured the industry on continuation of economic reforms." "Whenever I meet representatives from our industry and businesses, the question I am most often asked is whether economic reforms will continue."
"You should have no doubt on this score. The economic reforms of the past have brought us advantageous and I can assure you that we will continue traveling on this path. We might do it gradually and in a manner which builds a consensus for economic and social change", he said. (SP-31/03)
PM assures industry of corruption-free environment
Comment: An Absolutely Honest Dr Manmohan Singh is totally confused by corruption and economics. Blinded by Black Money, Hawala Transanctions, Money Launderers, Terror financing, Swiss Secret Accounts- Blinded can he perceive Transparency? Why is Jan Lok Pal Bill not being passed to put the criminals and corrupt behind bars and ensure accelerated GDP Growth- Is that not simple mathematics and economics?

Thursday, March 31, 2011

IESM News Letter

Chairman IESM ka Sandesh

Mere Fauji Saathiyon,
Fauji zindagi sab se alag hai. Is mein ham apni jaan ki baazi laga kar desh ki sewa karte hain. Senaon ko yuva rakhneke liye ham faujion ko kam umar mein ghar bhej diya jata hai. Us waqt hamari salary kam hoti hai jis ki wajah sehamari pension bhi kam hoti hai. Is ke ilawa jab bhi vetan aayog pension mein badhotri karte hain, is ka laabhpurane pensioners ko nahin diya jaata. Purane pensioners ko guzara karna mushkil padta hai.Retirement ke baad hamein aur bahut samasyaon ka saamna karna padta hai. Sankshep mein, ham ko nyaya nahinmilta hai. Hamare paas koi aisa channel bhi nahin tha jo hamari awaz ko aage tak pahuncha sake. Isi zaroorat kodhyan mein rakhte huye 2008 mein Indian Ex Servicemen Movement (IESM) ki shurooat ki gayee. Yeh ek aisa platformhai jis se ham apni awaz desh-wasion tak pahuncha sakte hain. Pichhle do saalon mein IESM ham sab ki maangon kosarkar ke saamne aur janta ke saamne rakhne mein kamyaab hua hai. Hamari sab se pehli maang ‘One Rank OnePension’ (OROP) hai. Is ka adhaar hai ki do fauzi jin ki service barabar hai aur jin ka rank bhi ek hai, unko ek samaanpension milni chahiye. Aisa abhi nahin ho raha hai. Aap sab ne jo abhiyaan chalaya hai us ki wajah se aaj desh meinsab ko OROP ka gyaan hai aur hamare saath hamdardi bhi hai. Dabaav mein aakar Sarkar ne purane aur naye pen-sioners ke beech ka gap kam to kiya hai lekin ham chahte hain ki gap ho hi nahin. Hamari maang barabari ke liye hai. Badkismati se ham purane faujion mein ekta ki kami hai. Ham ne alag alag sangathan bana rakhe hain. Achhi baat yeh hai ke OROP ke maamlemein sab ki manzil ek hai; kewal raaste alag hain. IESM ek aasman ki tarah hai jis ke neeche har rang ki chhatri sama sakti hai. Meri yeh sabsaathiyon se vinti hai ke ham ikatthe ho jaayen. Prajatantra mein nafri hi sab se bara hathiyar hai. Agar ham ek-jut ho kar aage badhen to koi bhisarkar hamari awaz ko nahin daba sake gi.Mein sabhi saathyon se sahyaog aur sabar ki request karta hoon. Ham apna abhiyaan kanoon aur discipline ke andar rahte huye chalaayenge. Jai Hind
Lt Gen Raj Kadyan
Chairman IESM
Indian Ex Servicemen Movement Newsletter March 2011 Khabarnama
IESM Newsletter- click here
Ēḍajuṭēṇṭa janarala śākhā mēṁ vayōvrd'dha sēla
Yaha batāyā gayā hai ki ēka bujurga sēla kisī bhī muddē kē sambandha mēṁ ēka saba diggajōṁ kē li'ē ēka bindu samparka kē rūpa mēṁ kiyā gayā hai ējī śākhā mēṁ sthāpita aura kaśmīra sabhā mēṁ kāryātmaka hai. Samparka vivaraṇa - 153, kaśmīra hā'usa, rājājī mārga, na'ī dillī 110011.
Īmēla: Armyveteranscell@gmail.Com yā armyveterans-cell@nic.In
Ṭōla phrī nambara (Toll Free Number): 6644 1800 11.
Kisī samparka mēṁ kisī bhī muddē para unakē sātha, mila sakatī hai.
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  • My Army Life 1977-2006. Posting at AHQ ends Military Career
  • Chandigarh Bench of the AFT had rendered separate judgements. In Lt Gen Vijay Oberoi Vs UOI, it was held by the AFT that superannuated or discharged personnel would also be entitled to broad-banding at par with invalided personnel. And in yet another judgement pronounced just yesterday, the AFT had held that pre-96 retirees were also entitled to broad-banding benefits as granted to post-96 retirees... click here to read more
  • News from IESL

    Dear Veterans,
    1. On 29th March 2011 a Veterans Seminar was held in Manekhsaw Centre. Due to last minute changes the Hon’ble Raksha Mantri could not be present, however, COAS with all the PSOs gave detailed briefing to the Veterans during the interaction session. All the question asked by the Veterans were replied exhaustively. From IESL the President along with State President Rajasthan and Punjab Leagues attended the Seminar. The points raised by IESL Team and their replies given by COAS are given below:
    Point Anomaly in Pension of Majors.
    Response Case is with Anomaly Committee under active consideration.
    Point No increase in pension of pre 06 widows of Ex-Servicemen post Sixth CPC
    Response Under consideration of the Govt.
    Point Widows of deceased Ex-servicemen not getting both pension of their late husband.
    Response COAS agreed with case and the same is being pursued with the Govt strongly.
    Point MOD is going in appeal against each of decisions of Courts/ AFT going in favour of Ex-servicemen. This is giving a perceived feeling that the Service HQ and Govt is against the Military Veterans and their widows.
    Response COAS stressed that there is no disconnect between the veterans and Service HQs and all the issues concerning Veterans and their kins are being supported by the Services.
    Point Rank Pay Case decision (Maj Dhanapalan) given by Supreme Court not being implemented.
    Response Service HQs are supporting the case for early resolution.
    Point Serious anomaly in pensions of pre 06 retired officers be addressed.
    Response This point is also under active consideration of Anomaly Committee.
    2. It was a very fruitful Interaction Seminar where Chief of Army Staff expressed his absolute support for the welfare of Military Veterans and their widows. In fact this year has been declared by COAS as Disabled Military Veterans Year and various welfare schemes had been launched by Army HQ.
    Col Akhil Sharma
    Gen Secy IESL
    Veteran Cell at AG's Branch
    It was informed that a Veterans Cell has been established in the AG's Branch as a single point contact for all Veterans with regard to any issue and is functional in Kashmir House. Contact details- 153, Kashmir House, Rajaji Marg, New Delhi 110011.
    EMail: or
    Toll Free number: 1800 11 6644.
    Anyone can get in touch on any issue, with them.

    Giant step in Delhi- Metro Rail at your doorsteps

    THE BIG LEAP: Over 70 stations will bring Metro closer to everyone in Delhi.
    NEW DELHI: If you live in Panchsheel Park, Vasant Vihar, RK Puram, Shalimar Bagh, South Extension, Sarojini Nagar or IP Extension and have been waiting for the Delhi Metro to come to your doorstep, here's some good news. The detailed project report (DPR) of Phase III of the Metro network, submitted by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) to the Delhi government, has been finalized. It covers 103.05km of the city, with over 70 stations dotting the alignment. From Mukundpur in North Delhi to Azad Nagar and Yamuna Vihar in east Delhi, and from Punjabi Bagh (west) in west Delhi to Panchsheel Park and Jasola in South Delhi, the alignment interconnects the city forming two rings around it.

    Transport Minister Arvinder Singh says, "The DPR will be sent to the Centre soon. We have added another corridor to the existing alignment, from Dwarka Morh to Najafgarh. DMRC has been asked to prepare the detailed project report for this corridor as well." The corridors that have been drawn up in the present DPR are final, says Singh. According to the minister, the primary criterion for the third phase of the Delhi Metro was connection to the large tracts of the city in the west and east that had been left out in the two previous Metro phases. South Delhi also needed better connectivity. "The alignment is quite long, perhaps one of the longest in Delhi but it addresses the transport needs of a large section of the capital," adds Singh. It also provides a connection to the domestic airport, an alternative to the present Airport Express Metro line that connects directly to the international airport.

    The alignment is certainly extensive. The present alignment has four major corridors - one from Mukundpur to Rajouri Garden via Dhaula Kuan and all the way to Anand Vihar and thereafter, Yamuna Vihar via Azad Nagar in East Delhi. This corridor, which is the longest in the third phase, is 55.69km in length and has 10 interchange stations on the way. It covers a large demography, from the far-flung localities in Mukundpur and Shalimar Bagh to Moti Nagar and Nariana, ultimately connecting it to the business district of Bhikaji Cama Place and commercial hubs such as South Extension and Lajpat Nagar. From here, the line twists towards Hazrat Nizamuddin and then on to Mayur Vihar. Here, it goes through the congested colonies of Trilokpuri and Vinod Nagar before winding to the middle-class IP Extension. The line then again takes a turn and moves towards Anand Vihar, Jagatpuri, Azad Nagar, and on to Welcome, Jaffrabad and Maujpur to end in Yamuna Vihar.

    The second corridor, meanwhile, measuring 33.49km, encircles all the major south Delhi localities. Starting from Janakpuri West, an interchange station, it goes through Dabri Morh, Palam and stops at Indira Gandhi domestic airport. Thereafter, it goes on to Vasant Vihar, Munirka, RK Puram, IIT and Panchsheel Park before connecting Chirag Delhi, GK Enclave and Kalkaji to Okhla, Jamia Nagar, Jasola and Kalindi Kunj. The line finally stops at Botanical Garden (part of line 3: Dwarka sector 21 to Noida City Centre) after a station at Amity Noida.

    The shortest alignment is perhaps the Jehangirpuri-Badli line at 4.48km in the third phase. The stations on the way include Badli, Rohini Sector 18 and Jehangirpuri in the present DPR, which then connects to Adarsh Nagar station on line 2 (HUDA City Centre-Jehangirpuri).

    While the majority of the alignment is elevated under the present DPR, several parts also go underground. Only the Central Secretariat-Kashmere Gate corridor is completely underground. Of the 103.05km, around 41km is underground track.

    According to Singh, work on the third phase is expected to start soon. Singh said, "Part of the funds have already been released by both the Centre and Delhi government. As the work continues, more funds will be made available." As per the funding pattern drawn up by planning commission, part of the funds will be raised from international agencies while around 50% will be put up by the Centre and the Delhi government for the third phase. Singh says that funds are not a problem. "Like the first two phases, the third phase, too, will be funded by JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency). We have received positive response from them," he adds. However, no formal agreements have been signed yet, admits Singh.

    Officials say work on the third phase will start with the Central Secretariat-Kashmere Gate and the Yamuna Vihar-Anand Vihar stretches. "The funds made available so far by the Centre and state government will be utilized at present," said an official from DMRC.
    Metro Rail is coming to your doorstep

    Cash for Votes Morphs to Goods for Votes

    TN polls: DMK, AIADMK lure voters with freebies
    Srirangam/Tiruvarur: The DMK-AIADMK rivalry has determined Tamil Nadu politics for over two decades. And both J Jayalalithaa and M Karunanidhi filed their nominations on the same day - the AIADMK chief from Srirangam, and the DMK patriarch from Thiruvarur. Moreover, the duo has sparked off a battle of freebies. In her election manifesto on Thursday, Jayalalithaa matched the DMK promise for promise.The DMK, in its manifesto, has promised free laptops to all 11th and 12th standard students, 20 kg of free rice to all ration card holders and for all women, a fan, mixer and grinder free of charge.
    "No doubt this government has left the state in debt. I have specifically mentioned in the manifesto. DMK government has pulled Tamil Nadu into a debt of Rs 1 lakh crore. Our election manifesto has all the schemes that will retrieve the state from the debts and once again make Tamil Nadu a prosperous state. I only promise what I can deliver," said Jayalalithaa.
    The DMK, which began the practice of promising free colour TVs for votes in 2006, said Jayalalithaa has just copied their strategy.
    "People will trust only what we have said because we have given what we promised in 2006 and they won't trust Jayalalithaa," DMK leader MK Stalin.
    So it's a laptop for a laptop, rice for rice between the AIADMK and the DMK. And these elections will perhaps prove if Tamil Nadu's voter will deliver their mandate based on the promise of freebies.
    TN polls: DMK, AIADMK lure voters with freebies
    Comment: Cash for Votes Morphs to Goods for Votes

    Battle against Corruption: Why we need the Jan Lokpal Bill

    Adarsh scam accused moves HC, wants bank accounts defreezed
    PTI, Mar 28, 2011, 04.51pm IST
    MUMBAI: Former Deputy Secretary in Maharashtra government and an accused in the Adarsh Society scam, P V Deshmukh, today approached the Bombay High Court seeking for CBI to defreeze his bank accounts.
    Deshmukh and his family's bank accounts in Vijaya Bank and Bank of Maharashtra were attached by CBI after it registered a case on January 29 in the Adarsh Housing Society scam.
    During searches, CBI had recovered incriminating documents and Rs 23 lakh in cash from his residence in the neighbouring Thane district. Apart from defreezing of the bank accounts, Deshmukh in his petition has also sought for CBI to release cash of Rs 23 lakh recovered from his residence. "The cash recovered is accounted for. Some of it belongs to my son Harshvardhan and his wife Veera," the petition stated.
    A division bench of Justices P V Hardas and M N Gilani directed CBI to file its reply to the petition in two weeks. CBI in its FIR had accused Deshmukh of having abused his official power by fraudulently communicating to the BMC (local civic body) that the Ministry of Environment and Forest had given No Objection Certificate to Adarsh Society for constructing a residential building. Apart from Deshmukh, the FIR had also named former Maharashtra Chief Minister Ashok Chavan, retired army officials, government officials on charges of criminal conspiracy, fraud and misuse of their official powers.
    Adarsh scam accused moves HC, wants bank accounts defreezed
    Comment: With present laws the conviction rate for corrupt bureaucrats is hardly 2%. In fact all corrupt officials caught red handed for the last two decades are free birds and never endure a jail term!

    Tuesday, March 29, 2011

    Battle Against Corruption- Hazare's indefinite fast from 05 April, 2011

    Mumbai City activists garner support for Jan Lokpal bill
    Pooja Domadia, Hindustan Times, Mumbai, March 14, 2011
    Dissatisfied by the meeting with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, representatives of India Against Corruption (IAC) movement are chalking out strategies to gather more people in support of the Jan Lokpal Bill. Activists such as Kiran Bedi, Justice Suresh Hegde and others drafted the Bill to curb corruption.
    Hazare will start his indefinite fast in Delhi from April 5.
    Volunteers including people from groups such as Art of Living, Bombay Catholic Sabha will distribute leaflets at stations from March 23 asking people to fast on April 5 along with Hazare.
    “Volunteers will wear badges that say, ‘I am going to fast on April 5th. Are you?’ We need of more people to support the initiative to curb corruption,” said Mayank Gandhi, secretary, Remaking of Mumbai Federation.
    Representatives of IAC who met PM last week demanded to have a committee to consider the Jan Lokpal bill.
    “PM said he didn’t have time till May 13 because of elections. We asked for our participation in the committee to consider the bill but the PM refused and said a sub-committee of Group of Ministers will be constituted which will have two meetings with representatives of IAC,” said activist Arvind Kejriwal.
    While the Lokpal Bill drafted by the government is pending to be passed in the Rajya Sabha since 42 years, the activists have prepared a draft for the bill that is called Jan Lokpal Bill.
    Citizens would start fasting at Azad Maidan on April 5 along with Hazare in Delhi. Hazare is also touring the state to alert people about the Jan Lokpal bill and ask for their participation
    Mumbai City activists garner support for Jan Lokpal bill

    IESM Supports "India Against Corruption" movement by Hazare
    Dear All,
    You are all aware about the state of corruption in India. The situation has become so bad that it is not possible to get any work done in any Government office without giving a bribe. This situation is unacceptable and citizen of India are now waking up to oppose this state of affairs. Some eminent citizens have got together and made a forum called India against Corruption. The main plank of this forum and its members is that we will not give bribe for any work. The forum is led by prominent citizens of India like veteran Anna Hazare, Swami Ramdev Bharat vikas munch, Shri shri Ravi Shankar of art of living, Arun Kejriwal, retired bureaucrats, judges and veterans and citizen of India.
    Under pressure of the people of India the Government has decided to bring in Lok Pal Bill in Parliament. The bill drafted by the law ministry does not give any powers to Lok Pal. Veteran Anna Hazare and other prominent citizens have decided to fight against this draft and have proposed more powers to the Lok Pal so that he/she can investigate any office including that of Prime Minister.
    Sh Anna Hazare veteran of 1965 war and a Padma Bhushan awardee, supported by all Indians (small write up about veteran Anna Hazare is given at the end of this), has decided to sit on fast unto death on 5 April 2011 at Jantar Mantar New Delhi to convince the Government to consult citizens of India and incorporate changes suggested by the citizens and make the LokPal bill more effective. Please see the call given by Veteran Anna Hazare in linked video clip. Click here for the Video link
    It is the moral duty of all veterans to support the agitation spearheaded by veteran Anna Hazare and supported by other prominent citizens of India. IESM fully supports the agitation of Veteran Anna Hazare and will ensure that the voice of the people of India against corruption will be heard and heeded by the Government and the LokPal bill will be brought by the Government after incorporating the amendments suggested by the veteran Anna Hazare and other prominent citizens.
    Governing Body of IESM will be present on 5 April 2011 at Jantar Mantar on behalf of veterans of India to lend full support to veteran Anna Hazare in his fight against Corruption on behalf of all veterans of India. Thereafter three veterans and members of IESM would be present every day at Jantar Mantar in support of the agitation of Veteran Anna Hazare. All veterans are requested to reach Jantar Mantar at 1100h on 5 April 11 to support the fight against corruption.
    Similar actions are likely to be taken in different parts of India. State conveners are requested to coordinate participation in respective States.
    Gp Capt VK Gandhi VSM (Retd)
    Gen Sec IESM
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    Corruption –The New Lethal War by Col Karan Kharb Click here
    Veteran Voice
    Political Criminals, Terrorists and Anti- Nationals have practically taken over the Country. We need the Jan Lok Pal Bill to be passed to arrest the trend and put the criminals behind bars. The present scams CWG, 2G, Adarsh, Real Estate/ Military lands, Hasan Ali, Corporate Frauds, Swiss Secret Accounts, Black Money, Cash for Votes, Fakes of every kind- Medicines, Passports, Pilot Licenses, Degrees... (you name it all) are few of the samples that is making our Country a Fake Democracy/ Banana Republic. Veterans who are witness to the declining Governance need to fall in line to stop the all- pervading National Loot.

    Sunday, March 27, 2011

    Rajeev Chandrasekhar, MP Rajya Sabha Petitions GOI for One Rank One Pension

    Excerpts from the speech by Mr. Rajeev Chandrasekhar on the Union Budget, March 10, 2011
    Lastly, the issue of One Rank, One Pension for our Veterans. I feel disappointed that as a nation that we are seeing a need to have this discussed in Parliament at all. These proud men and their families have served our nation selflessly, with a certain belief that the nation and their people will look after them, when it comes to their turn to be looked after. At a time, when there are visible signs of crony capitalism and hundreds of thousands of crores of largesse and benefits being given to vested interests, how can we look into the eyes of these veterans and deny them their legitimate demand quoting budgetary constraints. Let not a few hundred crores come in the way of our duty to these men and their families.
    Read more: Four Point Strategy to tackle Corruption in Government caused by Declining Governance
    Disabled Soldier Pension
    Take action against Defence Ministry for misleading Court about a disabled soldier. Rajeev writes to Defence Minister, A.K.Antony - March 22, 2011- click here to read the letter
    One Rank One Pension- Why Delay?
    Petition to GOI for One Rank One Pension by Rajeev Chandrasekhar, MP, Rajya Sabha
    Visit Webpage
    Rajeev Chandrasekhar, MP, Rajya Sabha- click here to read his blogs/ tweets/ Letters/ Messages
    Articles of Interest
    A ship about to sink
    Off with his head
    Self Help is the best help
    The 30-year-old Rajawat, India's youngest and the only MBA to become a village head - the position mostly occupied by elders, quit her senior management position with Bharti-Tele Ventures of Airtel Group to serve her beloved villagers as sarpanch. Read the inspiring story... Indian sarpanch dazzles at UN meet

    Army hit by clubs

    India Today report by Sandeep Unnithan
    Two army commanders allegedly colluded with a private developer to hand him seven acres of prime defence land worth Rs 25.50 crore in Pune. A confidential Comptroller & Auditor General (CAG) report, a copy of which is with india today, notes that Lt General (retd) B.S. Thakker and Lt General Nobel Thamburaj regularised unauthorised constructions on military land.
    The report also holds a director in the Directorate General of Defence Estates guilty of passing decisions that helped the developer continue commercial exploitation of defence land. Lt General Thamburaj succeeded Lt General Thakker as the General Officer Commanding-in-Chief (GOC-in-C), Southern Army Command, in 2006.
    Residency Club, formerly a residential bungalow, built on defence land.
    The Army recently court-martialled Lt General P.K. Rath for issuing a no-objection certificate to a private developer at the Sukna military station in West Bengal. There was, however, no transfer of defence land in Sukna. In the Pune cantonment, this alleged nexus between the Defence Estates department and the Army virtually gifted away prime defence land to Ramkumar Agarwal, a private developer and chairman of Citizen Sports and Recreation Club Pvt Ltd. Leased as a private residence, the plot has been turned into a commercial venture, the Residency Club, violating cantonment rules.
    The CAG report suggests, the 'old grant bungalow', or a private residence built on defence land, was built in 1940. In 1986, Zarir Cooper, the Holder of Occupancy Rights (HOR), informed the army about a proposal to transfer the land to Agarwal. This was not granted. In August 1987, the HOR once again applied for permission to start a club in the premises, which was once again rejected by the DEO. Defence land rules expressly stipulate that the bungalow can be used only for residential purposes.
    The Government can resume ownership of the land after paying the occupant the cost of the building. In 1999, however, the Director General, Defence Estates overruled the deo's objection and okayed the transfer of the property to the private party. The main condition for the transfer was that the Government would hold the title to the land and that the bungalow would be used for residential purposes only. The developer challenged the Government's title over the land in the civil court and began redeveloping the bungalow as a recreation club. The court confirmed the Ministry of Defence's (MOD) title on the land but restrained the Government from interfering with its use as a club. The case remained pending in court.
    Armed with the court order, the developer converted the bungalow into the Residency Club and made extensive alterations on the land. As none of these constructions were approved by the Cantonment Board, Pune, notices were issued on Agarwal by the board between 1992 and 2006. The builder appealed against the notices.
    In January 2005, he agreed to pay the MoD an annual lease rent. The Defence Estates Department assessed the rent at Rs 79 lakh per year. "Interestingly, no progress was made in this regard by the MoD," the report notes. This inaction cost the Government over Rs 10 crore-Rs 7.91 crore in a one-time premium and Rs 3.8 crore in annual rent since 2005.
    The case then went to the appellate authority, Ved Prakash, then director of Defence Estates. Prakash set aside all the notices and stopped the removal of unauthorised constructions. In 2006, then goc-in-c Lt General Thakker regularised the unauthorised constructions on the deposit of a meagre Rs 8.33 lakh. He did this a few days before he retired. In 2006, the Pune Cantonment Board filed a suit in the Bombay High Court against Prakash's decision stopping unauthorised constructions.
    In December the same year, a new Cantonment Act passed by Parliament came into force. The Act transferred appellate powers from the Defence Estates Officer to the goc-in-c. In 2007, a notice for unauthorised construction was served on the club. The developer filed an appeal before the goc-in-c Southern Command. This appeal was allowed by Lt General Thamburaj on December 30, 2008, a day prior to relinquishing charge. This decision taken despite the matter being subjudice, virtually regularised the club's illegal constructions.
    The report severely indicts the army and Directorate General of Defence Estates (DGDE) for failing to protect Government property. Despite being aware of the builder's intent in utilising the bungalow as a club, the DGDE sanctioned the property transfer. Defence Estates authorities failed to pursue the court case: no hearing was held since 1997. This soft-pedalling only loosened the Government's hold on the land. Despite a decade, the local military authorities failed to finalise the board proceedings that were convened in 1999.
    Defence ministry officials say the Pune case is symptomatic of the malaise afflicting cantonments in Lucknow, Delhi and Meerut. "Most of the corruption in these cantonment areas revolves around Old Grant Bungalows," says one official. "Even when leases expire, no effort is made to resume leases on these bungalows," he adds. In several cases, either the land is illegally sold or the usage is changed from residential to commercial with nobody to check.
    A CAG report says that three crucial decisions that virtually legitimised the Residency Club's occupation of defence land were issued just a few days before the incumbents either retired or moved out of office.
    Bungalow owners allege discrimination by the 'pick and choose' policy of lease renewal adopted by the local army commander, cantonment ceo and Defence Estate officer. "Frequent land scams take place because of the flawed land records kept by a single authority, the Defence Estates Department," says Raghavinder Dass, president of the All-India Cantonment Bungalow Owners' Association.
    This new scam to tumble out of the ministry's closet once again highlights the dangers to prime defence land. Last year, the Defence Estates was severely criticised by a Controller of Defence Accounts (CDA) report. The report said that the DGDE, custodian of 17,000 acres of defence land worth Rs 20 lakh crore, had failed in all its primary tasks of audit, accounting, acquisition of land and financial management.
    The department has been unable to punish its black sheep. One of its officers, A.S. Rajgopal, was promoted twice despite being chargesheeted a few years ago. He retired as principal director of Defence Estates last year. The cda recommended closing down the DGDE. The Government is yet to take any action.
    Defence Minister A.K. Antony recently told Parliament that 11,000 acres of defence land were being illegally occupied all over the country. Antony said that he had asked for computerisation of the DGDE's records. "This is preposterous. Computerisation is being held out as a panacea for corruption," says a senior Ministry of Defence official.
    Computerisation of the DGDE's land records has been on for the past five years but the organisation is nowhere near realising a central database. The DGDE has been unable to respond to even basic RTI queries on the size of defence land holdings. With no reform or accountability in sight, defence land scams will continue to stain officers of the armed forces.
    Army hit by club scam: click here to read the full story
    Related Story in Chennai
    Prestigious Chennai Clubs Cheat the Nation: Gymkhana and Cosmopolitan
    Indian Military Using Land for Golf Clubs
    97 private golf courses on more than 3,250 hectares of defense ministry-owned land- Outsourced to Army Zone Golf- Golf Carts passed off as wheelchairs or noiseless reconnaissance vehicles
    General Deepak Kapoor may seem like a terrible aberration. But BRIJESH PANDEY finds the rot runs deeper in the army. Kapoor has become an object of hatred for armymen and women, serving and retired, with good reason: it is said that he didn’t just pocket a few kickbacks, he allegedly invited the entire evil axis of corruption — politician-contractor-police-bureaucrat — into the office of the army chief. He did this by letting it be known within political circles that he is pliable and ready to use his office to share the spoils. Some officers blame his predecessor General NC Vij for starting the slide. One apsired and another manned the National Disaster Management Agency. What an irony!
    General Deepak Kapoor a Geek or a Crook- Wikileaks
    General Deepak Kapoor- incompetent combat leader and rather a geek. His war doctrine- eliminating China and Pakistan in a simultaneous war front was termed as “much far from reality”- General Kapoor was dubbed as a General who was least bothered about security challenges to the country but was more concerned about milking the system for making personal assets and strengthening his own cult in the army

    Comment and Observations
    These Club scams are perpetuated by Politicians, Bureaucrats in connivance with the MOD and AHQ. The Sukhna Scam fades into insignificance compared to revenue loss of over hundreds of Crores of Rupees to the exchequer for a period of over 2 decades as black money has been used by vested interests to evade legitimate revenue due to the Government! A closer look at the clubs under scrutiny reveals:
    The clubs have lease agreements for a period of 30 to 60 years. Defence lands— often huge tracts given to run the clubs to ensure "betterment of Members including the Garrison Officers". One needs to zero in on the terms and conditions of the lease agreements, which are grossly violated. These are restricting public entry and use, discriminatory membership practices, non-payment of dues, non-submission of audited accounts and earning illegal revenue by letting out premises for weddings, parties, guest rooms and Guest fees. The Garrison Officers are relegated as second class members without voting rights. The managements and Governing body owes an explanation to the nation for violating the Rules of the land. Even capital gains taxes are cleverly evaded. Besides, the management and Governing Body are minting money by hiring out premises without paying a dime for tax. It's nothing but a robbery of citizens' resources, If these conserves of the privileged governing body can be brought to the negotiating table to renew their leases at reasonable rates and made to follow terms, the bigger battle of fighting corruption in high places can be won!


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