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Cabinet nod to cadre restructuring of Military Nursing Service

Cabinet nod to cadre restructuring of Military Nursing Service
Press Trust Of India
New Delhi, August 26, 2010
Cabinet on Thursday approved the cadre restructuring of the Military Nursing Service (MNS) officers, aiming to reduce stagnation and providing adequate career opportunities to officers. "The decision will reduce stagnation in the various ranks of MNS by increasing the number of select appointments
and will also help in retaining competent and qualified officers in service by providing adequate opportunities for career progression," a government release said.

Under this, the number of vacancies in senior ranks in the service have been increased by the government.

"74 posts of Lieutenant Colonels (time scale) have been upgraded to Lt Col (Select) and above. Now, there will be two Major Generals, 18 Brigadiers, 58 Colonels and 157 Colonels (Select) in MNS," the release said.

After this decision, the number of officers under selection grade has been increased from 161 to 309 in the 3,860 officer-strong cadre to further improve the quality of leadership in the service.

"To retain qualified and trained nursing officers, it was considered necessary to improve promotional avenues at all levels to mitigate the hardship of nursing officers by increasing the number of posts in select grade appointments within the overall strength of cadre," the statement said.

The time scale promotion of MNS officers up to the rank of Lt Cols has also been reviewed; as an officer will become a Captain from Lieutenant after three years of service from existing five years, become Major after eight years and a Lt Col (time scale) in 16 years from the present 20 years.

The qualifying service for Lt Col (Select) rank by the Selection Board has also been revised from the existing 18 years to 14 years. The last cadre review of Military Nursing Service was carried out in 1986.
Cabinet nod to cadre restructuring of Military Nursing Service
Press Trust Of India

Adopt carrot and stick policy against naxals: expert

Respected Sir,
The following report-- released by the United News of India news agency on August 27, 2010 -- is for your kind perusal and the fourth in a series.
With regards
Adopt carrot and stick policy against naxals: expert by Abhijit C Chandra
Bhopal, Aug 27 (UNI) An Indian Army veteran with extensive combat experience against Northeast rebels advocates adoption of a carrot and stick policy for tackling the naxalism menace.
"There is always the human element that simply cannot be ignored. Besides, the Maoists are Indian citizens with a divergent ideology and certainly not imported terrorists to be crushed with an iron heel," Indian Ex-Servicemen Movement Vice-Chairman Major-General (Retd) Satbir Singh, Sena Medal, told UNI over telephone.
Reminiscing his tenure as Brigadier in Assam (now Asom), the veteran narrated an example to prove his point that struggle-truce-struggle is the golden mean for eventually terminating the scourge of militancy.
"In 1997, I was stationed at Tezpur performing duties as Administrator of the Unified Command in a heavily insurgency-affected area. It was well past midnight when the telephone rang," he narrated.
The man on the line mentioned that he was calling from a village about 40 km away where an acute shortage of water was the root cause of misery. "Please supply water Sir. There are women and children here," the caller lamented.
"Though I was well aware that the village was a den of ultras I did not reject the request right away. I informed the caller that I will arrange for the water but if a single shot was fired at my boys I will give the order to massacre the entire village," the Maj-General recalled.
In the succeeding minutes, 15 tankers were mobilised and filled prior to undertaking the hazardous journey. Atop the tankers were positioned soldiers cradling light machine-guns.
"My officers and men were in constant radio contact with me. They reached the village, supplied the water and returned sans incident," the veteran said. What happened the following day seems to prove the Maj-General's point.
"A speeding motorbike carrying two masked youths shot past my camp and one of them lobbed a stone with a piece of paper wrapped around it. On reading the message we found the words 'Thank you Brigadier Singh'. When I was eventually sent to a new posting, a teeming multitude saw me off at the airport," he said.
Emphasising that the Armed Forces Special Powers Act must not be diluted under any circumstance, the veteran went on to state that as the Army is authorised to employ deadly force in achieving its objectives, collateral damage is inevitable.

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‘Operation Samosa’ unearths Indian link to terror plot in Canada

Toronto: An al-Qaeda-linked terror plot was unearthed by Canadian security agencies on Wednesday, with one of the suspects reportedly hailing from India.
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) force. Photo Courtesy: Reuters

Under what is curiously called "Operation Samosa", the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) arrested two suspects early Wednesday. One of them said to be named Misbahuddin Ahmed who reportedly comes from India. Search for more suspects is on.

It is the second al-Qaeda-linked terror plot to be unearthed in Canada after the Toronto-18 plot of 2006 in which 18 Toronto area Muslims were arrested for plotting to blow up Canadian targets, storm Parliament, take leaders hostage and behead the Prime Minister. Eleven of these plotters were convicted.

Terror suspects arrested on Wednesday were under watch of the national security task force of the RCMP for months. Authorities said the ringleader of the terror plot had travelled to the region between Pakistan and Afghanistan for training in weapons. Arrests were made when one of the suspects was about to travel abroad as part of the alleged plot, they said.

Though police didn't name the suspects, one of them is said to be 36-year-old Misbahuddin Ahmed who worked as an X-ray technologist at an Ottawa hospital. Reports quoted sources as saying that Mr. Ahmed comes from India.

Robert Farrell, a former Canadian diplomat who rented his place to Mr. Ahmed, told the Ottawa Citizen newspaper that the suspect told him that he was born in India but had lived for a time in Saudi Arabia.

"We met his wife at the time (of renting). She seemed quite nice. She wore an Iranian-style head covering (hijab). They seemed to be more of a traditional Muslim family," Mr. Farrell said.

Five kilometre away from Ahmed's residence, police arrested another suspect who has been named Ahmed Ehsan in the media. Reacting to the unearthing of the terror plot, a spokesman for Public Safety Minister Vic Toews said, "It is clear that Canada is not immune from international or home grown radicalisation. The government continues to participate in activities to better understand extremism throughout the world and the motivations of individuals who engage in terrorism."

According to security experts here, home grown terrorist cells are plotting to target Canadian power plants and transmission lines which carry electricity to the U.S.

"There are ways of attacking the U.S. through Canada. The whole energy for New York comes from Quebec (province), for example," security research expert Anthony Seaboyer was quoted as saying.

In fact, the famous Millennium Bomber Ahmed Ressam, an al-Qaeda-linked Algerian who lived illegally in Canada and had plotted to blow up Los Angeles in December 199, had entered the U.S. from Vancouver.

Though Canada has tightened anti-terror laws after 9/11, Americans still find the response of its northern neighbour inadequate.
Source: IANS
‘Operation Samosa’ unearths Indian link to terror plot in Canada

China in damage-control mode after stopping Indian General's visit

NDTV Correspondent, Updated: August 27, 2010 18:04 IST
New Delhi: India is fuming over China rejecting a proposal by the Ministry of Defence to send a top Indian Army officer on a visit to that country. China said he was unwelcome because he is serving in Jammu and Kashmir, and now Beijing seems to be in damage-control mode.

New Delhi has made clear that China saying Lt-General B S Jaswal, the Army's General Officer Commander-in-Chief, Northern Command, was not welcome is unacceptable, government sources said.

Ministry of Defence sources said Beijing had refused to allow Gen Jaswal's visit because he "controlled" Jammu & Kashmir, a state that China maintains is disputed. Gen Jaswal's visit was to have been a regular high-level exchange trip to China this August.

The Chinese ambassador to India was summoned to the Ministry of External Affairs. He had a 25-minute meeting with the Joint Secretary in charge of China.

China is now sending a senior Colonel (equivalent to a Brigadier in the Indian Army) to sort out the matter in the first week of September. He will meet a Joint Secretary in the Ministry of Defence in charge of international cooperation.

Government sources also said three Chinese army officers had been denied visa after the Jaswal incident and pointed out that J&K was as important to India as Tibet was to China. The sources also said that China's linkages with Pakistan occupied Kashmir were worrying.

The sources said Beijing possibly did not expect India to react strongly. India is waiting and watching. Defence ties are on hold, but have not been cancelled, the sources said.

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has said dialogue with China on these issues is on. India, the ministry said, valued its exchanges with China and there must be sensitivity to each other's concerns.

While the MEA is inclined to cautiously downplay the row, the Army and the Ministry of Defence are furious, letting the Chinese know bluntly that this is unacceptable.

Stating firmly that India did not accept China's stand on Jaswal, government sources said India-China relations were very complex and there were mechanisms in place to overcome obstacles. This issue had added another complex dimension.

The sources said fair resolution of this issue would be achieved if the Chinese stopped issuing stapled visas.

Meanwhile, both Congress and BJP have reacted to this controversy.

"I am sure the MEA will take cognizance of this matter. Both India and China must respect the sensitivities of each other," said Congress spokesperson Manish Tewari.

The BJP wants India to take it up at the highest level. "The MEA should urgently take up this issue with China. It is a very serious matter. India should express displeasure," said BJP's Prakash Jawadekar.

  • The India-China annual defence dialogue held in January 2010 approved high-level delegation visits.
  • In June 2010, India proposed a visit to China by Gen Jaswal.
  • India's Defence Attache in Beijing met a senior official of China's Ministry of National Defence.
  • In the third week of July, India again reminded the Chinese about the scheduled visit.
    China rejected the visit and cited the following reasons:
  • Northern Command location is sensitive
  • People from Jammu and Kashmir are given different type of visa (stapled visa)
  • Visit will lead to unnecessary trouble thereby lead to adverse impact on Sino-India relations
  • Visit will lead to possible media hype.
    China in damage-control mode after stopping Indian General's visit
  • Tax Exemption Limit to go up to Rs 2 Lakhs

    Outlook India New Delhi | Aug 26, 2010
    In a move that could leave more money in the hands of people, the Government today proposed to raise exemption limit on income tax from the present Rs 1.6 lakh to Rs 2 lakh.

    The Cabinet approved the much-awaited Direct Taxes Code (DTC) Bill, which is likely to be tabled in Parliament during the ongoing Monsoon session and thereafter it may be referred to a select committee of members of both houses of Parliament.

    The bill also seeks to remove surcharge and cesses on corporate tax, which could provide relief to business houses.

    When asked what will be the limit of exemptions for income tax, Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee told reporters after the Cabinet meeting that it is proposed to be raised to Rs 2 lakh from the current Rs 1.6 lakh.

    "The whole objective is that a plethora of exemptions will be limited. (Income) tax slabs will be three. Rate of taxes will be taken in the schedule so that they need not be changed every year," he said.

    On the corporate tax, he said it is sought to be retained at the present level of 30 per cent, but there will not be any surcharge or cesses on it.

    According to sources, the DTC bill is likely to be tabled in Parliament on Monday. Thereafter, it will be referred to the select committee, they added.

    When asked what the new income tax slabs would be, Mukherjee said, "that will be discussed in Parliament."

    Sources, however, said income between Rs 2-5 lakh is likely to attract a rate of 10 per cent, 20 per cent for Rs 5 -10 lakh bracket and 30 per cent above Rs 10 lakh.

    For senior citizens and females, the tax slabs are likely to be relaxed further, they added

    When contacted, senior officials in the Finance Ministry declined to comment on the slabs.

    At present, income between Rs 1.65 lakh and Rs 5 lakh attracts 10 per cent tax, while the rate is 20 per cent for the Rs 5-8 lakh bracket and 30 per cent for income above Rs 8 lakh.

    The first draft of the bill had suggested 10 per cent tax on income between Rs 1.60 lakh and Rs 10 lakh, 20 per cent on income between Rs 10 and Rs 25 lakh and 30 per cent beyond that.

    However, finance ministry officials had later said those slabs were just illustrative.

    The Bill, approved by Cabinet today, also seeks to impose minimum alternate tax (MAT) at 20 per cent of the book profit, compared to 18 per cent at present.

    The first draft had proposed to impose MAT on assets, which drew strong criticism from the industry. The MAT on book profit has been maintained in the revised draft as well.

    The first draft had also proposed to tax long-term savings like provident funds at the time of withdrawal. However, the revised draft exempted them, after the first draft drew flak.

    "Concerns were expressed for shifting from EEE (exempt, exempt, exempt) to EET (exempt, exempt, tax)," the Finance Minister said.

    This would also address the issue of taxing surplus funds of charitable institutions, he added.

    When enacted, the DTC will replace the archaic Income Tax Act and simplify the direct tax regime in the country.

    Finance Ministry officials exuded confidence that the Bill will come into force by the deadline of April 1, 2011.

    The code aims at reducing tax rates, but expanding the tax base by minimising exemptions.

    "DTC will help in streamlining various tax exemptions, deductions and thereby bring in moderate tax rates. DTC would address most of the issues raised by corporate India, like, not imposing tax on gross assets, clarifying EEE, introducing graded deduction for capital gains among others," Ernst & Young Tax Market Leader Sudhir Kapadia said.
    Tax Exemption Limit to go up to Rs 2 Lakhs

    Ahead of CWG, Kiran Bedi's Book on Civic Sense

    Outlook India New Delhi | Aug 26, 2010
    Moved by the 'not so good' image of civic sense of Indians among foreigners, India's first woman IPS officer Kiran Bedi has brought out suggestions for laymen to improve their civic behaviour ahead of the Commonwealth Games.

    "There are article after article in foreign nations calling Indians unhygienic and dirty. Being a true Indian, I wanted to change the scenario," says Kiran Bedi who has collaborated with socio-political thinker, Pavan Chaudary for the book Broom and Groom.

    With an introduction by former President APJ Abdul Kalam, the hardbound book suggests globally accepted manners and etiquette and features a muppet and other illustrations on its pages.

    "Foreigners hug and hold hands in public. We should not stand and start staring at them, else they will carry a bad impression of us back home," Bedi told PTI while releasing the book here last evening.

    Co-author Pavan Chaudary says the government should stop tweaking and wake up before the games to provide good sanitation and hygiene conditions.

    "India was the first cradle of civic virtue in the world as Indus and Mohanjodaro civilisations had irrefutable evidence of good sanitation and code of conduct," he says.

    Invoking Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, he said,"Gandhi ji said our Swaraj will stink if we do not clean our backyards. But, post-independence our governments have failed to provide education and infrastructure for good hygiene."

    According to the authors, the idea to write the book came due to the appalling living conditions in our country and from their desire of not seeing India lag behind other nations in terms of civility.

    "The book tells that we are not giving up. We are starting a revival and revolution of civility. The book is for civil responsibility," says Bedi.

    The book focusses on civic sense issues such as not spitting paan at public places, ogling at female co-passengers in an elevator or quarrelling in front of a guest at home.

    Catering to a variety of sections ranging from the elite to government servants and domestic help, the book covers such issues such as restaurant and banquet manners, auditoria or airplanes must dos, gymnasium and sports field behaviour, greeting properly as well as being a good host or house guest.

    Anu Anand, publisher, Wisdom Village(Publication Division) says, "We are happy to introduce the book just before CWG. We hope our readers will learn and put their best foot forward before our guests from 54 countries during the Delhi CWG."

    The publisher has started a website and blog to get feedback from readers whose suggestions will be included in the next edition of the book. The book would also be released in Hindi and other regional languages soon.

    "Keeping a good hygiene has been brought out very nicely. Each page in the book is useful to improve the way of life," says Kalam in his foreword.
    Ahead of CWG, Kiran Bedi's Book on Civic Sense

    Military Veterans plea for One Rank One Pension

    Throughout the history of Independent India, our country has faced many threats and challenges both external and internal. Through all these years and these challenges, the men and women of our armed forces and their families have consistently and unflinchingly defended and protected our country and its people - selflessly and completely. The Armed forces today remain the most professional group of people committed to our country. The retired veterans of the forces have long been given a raw deal and treated indifferently by the bureaucratic and political establishment - treating them thus in times of peace and often rushing to them in times of crisis. The veterans have recently broken their many years of dignified silence and started voicing their demand for Pride and Dignity in various issues including the issue of One Rank One Pension (OROP). Rajeev Chandrasekhar has vigourously pursued this with Government and met many times the Prime Minister, Defence Minister. Many in the media have written in support of this well. This is not an demand for money. This is a request for dignity and Pride - principles that have been eroded away by many years of callous bureaucrats and politicians. But principles that are dear to the men and women of the armed forces. Recently the veterans decided to surrender their medals as a sign of their protest- for a veteran his or her medals are the most precious symbols of his or her years of service.
    Military Veterans plea for One Rank One Pension

    Thursday, August 26, 2010

    IESM: Appeal to Supreme Commander

    Shrimati Pratibha Devisingh Patil,
    Her Excellency, the President of India
    and the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces
    New Delhi – 110 011

    Your Excellency,
    Jai Hind.
    1. With extreme anguish, we the former soldiers of India express our deeply hurt feelings to our Supreme Commander on the neglect and an indifferent attitude of the Govt towards our genuine demands.

    2. Madam President, our delegation had met you more than a year ago regarding non acceptance of our demands of One Rank One Pension (OROP), Assured Career to all Defence Personnel till the age of 60 years through an Act of Parliament, constitution of Ex - Servicemen (ESM) Commission consisting of members from Ex Servicemen, having members from ESM for any committee/commission set up for the ESM, setting up of separate Pay Commission without waiting for the next Pay Commission and resolution of all anomalies of Pay and Pension of Defence Personnel within a time frame of one year. You had given a patient hearing and assured the delegation of sympathetic consideration.

    3. We have been representing to all authorities of the Govt including your goodself, our Supreme Commander, for the past two years. Instead of sincerely considering our demands, the Govt seems to have further hardened its attitude towards the Veterans. Not only that, they have not yet accepted the recommendations of the All Party Standing Committee on Defence tabled in the Lok Sabha on 07 May 2010 strongly recommending the grant of One Rank One Pension (OROP) to the Defence Personnel. The vehemence with which the Govt continues to contest the court rulings that are in favour of Defence Personnel should shock even the die-hard supporters of the Govt.

    4. Why is the Govt not giving their due to its veterans, who have devoted their all and have demonstrated their patriotism, bravery, valour, courage and have in great measure assisted the country in strengthening its sovereignty and integrity? The Service widows being left out of the recent enhancement of pensions of JCOs and Jawans, no enhancements in pension to the aged and old reservists, senior officers, JCOs, Jawan getting less pension than their three to four rank juniors, the superannuated disabled old soldiers not being included in the policy of broad banding for Disability and War injury, the non grant of third Assured Career Progression (ACP) to the Sepoy, ACP award of 6th CPC not been notionally applied while fixing the pensions of pre 01 Jan 2006 retirees… and the list of grievances and injustices goes on. Mostly the sons and wards of Defence veterans are serving in the Defence Forces. The ill treatment of their elders will certainly adversely affect their morale and motivation.

    5. In order to draw the attention of the Govt. of India for the amelioration of their problems relating to pension and resettlement; Ex Servicemen in large numbers, led by retired Generals, Admirals and Air Marshals have undertaken several actions albeit in a disciplined manner. They have even had to deposit their medals with their Supreme Commander.

    6. A gallantry medal of a soldier is his most cherished possession, which he wishes to be put on his chest even on his death. To part with a gallantry medal is like parting with oneself, but we have been forced to do so as all our efforts to get justice have fallen on deaf ears or are buried in bureaucratic procedures. Madam President, on 14 Mar 2010, in order to express deep anguish, 6000 Ex Servicemen had submitted a memorandum signed in blood to your goodself. Even that fell on deaf ears. Today a very large number of , Ex Servicemen from across the country have signed this Memorandum in Blood to express our grievously hurt feelings .

    7. We are depositing our medals for the seventh time today and are submitting a memorandum signed in blood to lodge our protest with our Supreme Commander and to seek justice. We request you yet again to impress on the government to resolve our problems.
    With Regards,
    Jai Hind
    Yours Sincerely,
    Lt Gen (Retd) Raj Kadyan, PVSM, AVSM, VSM
    Chairman Indian ESM Movement
    Maj Gen(Retd) Satbir Singh, SM,
    Vice Chairman Indian ESM Movement

    Copy to :-
    Dr. Manmohan Singh
    Shri A.K. Antony
    Gen Vijay Kumar Singh, PVSM, AVSM, YSM, ADC
    Admiral Nirmal Kumar Verma, PVSM, AVSM, ADC
    Air Chief Marshal P V Naik, PVSM, VSM, ADC

    Government attempt to scale down cancerous corruption

    26 Aug 2010 19:13 IST
    The Public Interest Disclosure and Protection to Persons making the Disclosure Bill, 2010, was tabled in the Lok Sabha today by Sh. Prithviraj Chavan, Minister of State for Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions. The Bill is a stand alone legislation to, inter-alia, provide-
    (a) for bringing within the scope of the Bill, public servants being the employees of the Central government or the State Government or any corporation established by or under any Central Act or any State Act, Government Companies, Societies or local authorities owned or controlled by the Central Government or the State Government and such other categories of employees as may be notified by the Central Government, or as the case may be, the State Government, from time to time, in the Official Gazette;
    (b) adequate protection to the persons reporting corruption or wilful misuse of power or wilful misuse of discretion which causes demonstrable loss to the Government or commission of a criminal offence by a public servant;
    (c) a regular mechanism to encourage such person to disclose the information on corruption or wilful misuse of power or wilful misuse of discretion by public servants or commission of a criminal offence;
    (d) the procedure to inquire or cause to inquire into such disclosure and to provide adequate safeguards against victimisation of the whistler-blower, that is the person making such disclosure;
    (e) safeguards against victimisation of the person reporting matters regarding the corruption by a public servant;
    (f) punishment for revealing the identity of a complainant, negligently or malafidely;
    (g) punishment for false or frivolous complaints.
    The details of the contents of the Bill will be available on the DOPT website shortly (

    Background of this legislation:
    Corruption is a social evil and one of the impediments felt in eliminating corruption in the Government and the public sector undertakings is lack of adequate protection to the complainants reporting the corruption or wilful misuse of power or wilful misuse of discretion which causes demonstrable loss to the Government or commission of a criminal offence by a public servant.

    The Law Commission of India had in its 179th Report, inter-alia, had recommended formulation of a specific legislation to encourage disclosure of information regarding corruption or mal-administration by public servants and to provide protection to such complainants. The Second Administrative Reforms Commission in its 4th Report on “Ethics in Governance” also recommended formulation of a legislation for providing protection to whistle blowers.

    The Government of India had issued a Resolution No. 89, dated the 21st April, 2004 authorising the Central Vigilance Commission as the designated agency to receive written complaints from whistle-blowers. The said Resolution also, inter alia, provides for the protection to the whistle-blowers from harassment, and keeping the identity of whistle blowers concealed. It has been felt that the persons who report the corruption or wilful misuse of power or wilful misuse of discretion which causes demonstrable loss to the Government or commission of a criminal offence by a public servant need statutory protection as protection given to them by the said Resolution of the Government of India would not suffice. It was decided by the Government to enact a stand alone legislation. ***** RS/-
    "Public Interest Disclosure and Protection to Persons Making the Disclosure Bill, 2010” Tabled in Lok Sabha
    Comment: IPL and CWG are recnt test cases. Will the culprits and conmen ever be brought to book?

    Address issue of one rank one pension, Govt told

    Ref: Address issue of one rank one pension, Govt told: Pioneer News Service | New Delhi- click here
    Today I saw an encouraging piece of news one on page 5 of 'The Pioneer' and the other on page 12 of hindi daily 'Amar Ujala'. In both the write- up the RM has stated in Rajya Sabha that Govt. is in agreement with OROP and is working on it which is going to cost addl 2200 Crores to exchequer. He has requested veterans to have little more patience, as the Govt proposes to tackle this issue step by step. I thought I wlll share tis news with you and others woh may have missed out on this.
    Maj Gen GS Srivastava AVSM (Retd)

    Channelise manpower from Armed Forces to PMF: expert

    Respected Sir,
    The following report-- released by the United News of India news agency on August 26, 2010 -- is for your kind perusal and the third in a series.
    With regards,

    Channelise manpower from Armed Forces to PMF: expert By Abhijit C Chandra
    Bhopal, Aug 26 (UNI) The ideal solution to naxal violence lies in channelising of manpower from the Armed Forces to the Para-Military Forces (PMF), opines an Indian Army veteran who took part in the Kargil conflict and superannuated after becoming a combat casualty while commanding a brigade on the Line of Control during Operation Rakshak-II.
    "Such channelising must be in terms of short service officers and people leaving after completion of the colour service period," Brigadier (Retd) PT Gangadharan – who served in the Brigade of Guards (Infantry)– told UNI.
    Pointing out that a sizable number of short service officers and approximately 50,000 men leave the service every year, the veteran– who possesses a doctorate in Strategic Studies– added that the measure will bring in an Armed Forces culture and ethos in the PMF and at the same time add teeth to the organisation, thus making them an effective tool in the hands of the nation.
    "The induction will be the most cost-effective means available. Additionally, it will ensure employment to all ranks up to 60 years; a recommendation even made by the Sixth Pay Commission. Guaranteed employment up to 60 will ensure that people volunteer for the Armed Forces particularly in the officers' cadre where there is acute shortage. It is a win-win situation for both," said the Brigadier who was Staff Officer, Army, in the Military Wing of the Cabinet Secretariat.
    Till such time "we create a force" of that nature, the Army can continue to provide help for training in Army institutions, he said while alleging that the major weaknesses of the PMF are poor leadership and lack of training.
    "All other issues are attendant problems like psychological conditioning, equipment, intelligence etc, which will readily be addressed if the major issues are attended to," felt Brig Gangadharan who was an instructor at the Indian Military Academy, Dehradun.
    The Army is not meant for deployment against internal disturbances, he said while adding that, "we already have committed over 3 lakh troops for internal security tasks in Jammu and Kashmir and the Northeast and now stand overstretched. The officers' strength at the unit level is less than 50 per cent. The present state is not healthy at all."

    Salary hike to MPs, One Rank, One Pension

    Rajeev Chandrasekhar Member of Parliament Rajya Sabha
    Member of Consultative Committee on Finance
    Member of Parliamentary Forum on Youth
    Co- Chairman, Vigilance and monitoring, Bangalore Urban District
    Writes to Prime Minister on Salary hike to MPs, One Rank, One Pension on 25 August 2010. Extract:
    ... The lack of objectivity and independence of process relates to the fact that in this case, the Government has accepted the recommendations of a Parliamentary Committee comprising MPs on this issue, whilst in other cases like One Rank, One Pension- the Government has chosen to use bureaucratic committees to evaluate and decide. As you would agree, this leads to the perception that when Government wishes to deny a clain, you rely on committees of beauucrats, who by now have developed a fine tuned reputation of obstructive conduct- as demonstrated recently in questioning the citizenship of one of the finest sons- Vishwanathan Anand...
    Read the complete letter by clicking on the images below:

    IESM thanks MP Rajeev Chandrasekhar Dated : 26 August 2010SALARY HIKE TO MPS AND ONE RANK ONE PENSION
    Dear Shri Rajeev Chandrasekhar,
    1. Thanks a million for your sincere and honest support to the cause of Defence Forces. We salute you for your conviction and decision to deny pay hike of MPs to yourself till such time One Rank One Pension demand is accepted. God Bless you. Please accept our gratitude and sincere appreciations for the bold and forthright letter you have written to the PM. We sincerely hope the PM also does soul searching within and the OROP is granted to the Defence Forces sooner than what Mr AK Antony the Hon’ble RM had stated in the Rajy Sabha yesterday.
    2. We look forward to your continued support to our cause. We wish a few more MPs join you in projecting the cause of Defence Forces.
    With Regards,
    Jai Hind
    Yours Sincerely,
    Maj Gen (Retd) Satbir Singh, SM
    Vice Chairman Indian ESM Movement

    One-rank One-pension will take time: Antony

    New Delhi: Even as ex-servicemen take the extreme step of returning their medals demanding one-rank-one-pension, the government on Wednesday clarified that it may not come very soon.

    Replying to a zero hour mention by Leader of Opposition in the Rajya Sabha Arun Jaitley (Bharatiya Janata Party) and supported by members across party lines including the Congress, Defence Minister A.K. Antony said that the implementation of one-rank-one-pension is an ongoing process.

    "At the time we cannot implement one-rank-one-pension, but we are nearing the goal. It is a long process," Antony added.

    Raising the issue, Jaitley said that though it was mentioned in the budget speech of Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee, no steps have been taken so far for implementing the one-rank-one-pension system.

    "Neither the 5th nor the 6th Pay Commission addressed the issue. The finance minister also indicated in his budget speech that a committee will be formed but nothing happened," Jaitley pointed out.

    He also said that ex-servicemen should not take extreme steps like returning their medals.

    "The medal is an honour given to them by the nation. I therefore appeal to them not to return the medals," Jaitley said.

    He was supported by Communist Party of India-Marxist member Sitaram Yechury and Congress member P.J. Kurien, among others.

    "I would also request the Government to look in the issue of thousands of jawans who retire before the age of 40," Kurien said.

    The Defence minister, however, said that though one-rank-one-pension was still far, a number of steps have been taken by the government to ensure that ex-servicemen are benefitted.

    "The Prime Minister appointed a committee to look into the issues of the ex-servicemen. The committee gave recommendations in five areas and all have been accepted," Antony said.

    "Government has increased the pension of nearly 12 lakh ex-servicemen. We are also starting 197 additional polyclinics for them across the country," he pointed out.

    The opposition, however, remained unsatisfied with the reply as BJP member S.S. Ahluwalia urged the government to talk to the ex-servicemen and settle the issue.

    Over 5,000 ex-servicemen on Sunday returned their medals to protest the government's reluctance to accept their one-rank-one-pension demand. They also submitted a memorandum on the issue to President Pratibha Patil, the supreme commander of the armed forces.
    Source: IANS
    One-rank One-pension will take time: Antony

    Wednesday, August 25, 2010

    Support grows for 'one rank, one pension': Times Now exclusive

    Support grows for 'one rank, one pension'
    Two days after ex-servicmen began protesting, demanding one basic right, one rank, one pension, one of the highest ranking officers has now backed their demand. Speaking exclusively to your channel, Marshal of the Air Force Arjan Singh said that the demands of the ex-servicemen were legitimate. Around 5000 ex-servicemen held protests in the capital on Sunday, demanding the implementation of one rank, one pension scheme.
    Times Now Video: click here

    Debate: Should they have returned the medals?
    TIMES NOW's Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami debates the issue of ex-servicemen protesting and asking for implementation of one-rank one-pension issue with Lt Gen (Retd) Raj Kadyan, Former Deputy Chief of Army Staff; Lt Colonel Inderjit Singh, Chairman All India Ex Services Welfare Association; Harish Salve, Former Solicitor General; Dr Amit Mitra, Secretary General FICCI and Lt General J F R Jacob.

    Over 2000 ex-servicemen held a protest in the capital on August 22 demanding "one-rank one-pension" and submitted a memorandum to President Pratibha Patil in this regard.

    "We have been demanding one-rank one-pension for the last 26 years. Constitution of Ex-servicemen Commission having ex-servicemen as its members and separate Pay Commission are some of our other demands for consideration," said retired Lt Gen Raj Kadyan, Chairman of Indian ESM Movement.

    He said the demonstrators, including the family of the ex-servicemen, also submitted over one lakh signatures inblood to lodge their protest. "We have been representing to all authorities but they have not yet accepted the recommendations of the All Party Standing Committee on Defence tabled in the Lok Sabha on May 7 strongly recommending the grant of one-rank one-pension to the defence personnel," he added.
    Video- Debate: Should they have returned the medals? Click here

    Boeing Seattle Plant under Camouflage in WW II

    The person I received this from said she got back an interesting story about someone's mother who worked at Lockheed, and she as a younger child, remembers all this. And to this day, it is the first pictures of it she's seen... Another person who lived in the area talked about as being a boy, watching it all be set up like a movie studio production. They had fake houses, trees, etc. and moved parked cars around so it looked like a residential area from the skies overhead.

    Hiding in Plain Sight
    The idea of deceiving the enemy as to what you are doing is not new. Trying to hide individual items from observation is not new, trying to hide whole factories from aerial bombing during The Second World War was new.

    Boeing Seattle Plant under Camouflage in WW II
    B-29s under construction inside - and under- camouflage on
    the Seattle production line in late 1945(?).
    Dozens of B-29s are lined up on the tarmac.
    After December 7, 1941 the Lockheed and Boeing aircraft factories along the West Coast were put under netting to try and hide them from Japanese aircraft attack. The Boeing plant went even further with fake houses and trees over the factory. The effectiveness of this was never tested - no Japanese aircraft got anywhere near these factories, but it did instill the sense of the war, the collective threat, to the people not on the front lines in those areas.

    The Germans went to elaborate lengths to hide factories with netting and smoke screens - even so far as to build dummy oil refineries with similar reference points to fool bombardiers trying to hit it instead of the real factory a few mile further on - it actually known to have worked once.

    However, asides from that rare case, hiding a factory would ONLY work if no aerial - or any type of images - of the factory was in possession by the enemy before the pre-mission photo-recon picture had been taken. Hiding a SINGLE item this big never worked - the bridges, rivers, prominent intersections etc would all still be there to allow a proper bomb drop on the factory. You have to hide everything around it within a mile so that the person toggling the bombs could not be sure exactly where it is. Off by 10 seconds means you miss the whole target. Thus you need to fake the scale in the camouflage or shift it over by 1/2 mile by making a new complete factory along with roads, intersections etc to match the original.

    Oblique view of Seattle Boeing Plant in World War Two
    Looking East from around 1500 feet at the production plant.
    A B-29 is on the tarmac, one on the runway a B-17
    on the other side of the field.
    Early in the war they may not have helped - 60% of American bombs dropped often missed the real target aiming point (a 1000 foot circle) and hit everywhere around it so doing the camouflage work then may have actually caused more damage. By late 1943 it had changed so that 60% of bombs dropped usually hit within the 1000 foot radius of the aiming point.

    Early in the war a typical mission would have between 250 to 350 B-17s hitting a single target - which means anywhere from 3,000 to 4,200 individual 500 pound bombs exploding within 1000 feet of the aiming point - which would utterly destroy any target. This never happened. The longer the distance flown the less bombs carried. So a deep raid would have only eight 500 lb bombs in the bombay and the 1/2 filled with extra fuel tanks. With the accuracy so poor higher numbers of aircraft had to be sent so that statistics would ensure enough actually hit the target. By late 1944 they would send a single group - 56 a/c, to hit a single target and it would be destroyed. The accuracy had gone up due to better ballistic calculations and training of the bombardiers plus better bombing formation tactics employed.

    Workers walking over the camouflaged Boeing plant
    Under this detailed walkable camouflage roof of fake housing, Boeing B-17F Flying Fortresses were being produced in 1942-1945. The two women show the detailing done to make it look real.
    John Stewart Detlie, a Hollywood set designer, helped "hide" Boeing's Seattle plant using his Hollywood design techniques with this camouflage. The fake housing development covered nearly 26 acres with netting, plywood and other material over the Seattle plant.

    Boeing plant aerial photo taken from around 5000 feet.
    This was taken in either 1944 or 1945. You can see the
    B-29s on the tarmac and other aircraft around the field.
    As bombing became more accurate deception techniques actually worked better since every second of flying meant at least a 227 foot error. A person at 25,000 feet looking through a scope cannot see both ahead to see what is coming up and the immediate view of the traversing ground at the same time. A bombardier had just 120 seconds to line up and drop after the IP. Thus if the target comes into view just 10 seconds earlier than he thought it would and he drops - and at this time of the war the whole group dropped on the signal of the lead plane's smoke marker - so the whole group drops early and you can save the real target.

    B-17 Flying Fortress at Seattle on the tarmac
    G model Flying Fortresses just off the production line in Seattle await delivery to the combat modification center in Kansas. You can easily read the B-17G tail numbers 297385, 297386, 297387 on these natural finish Flying Fortresses so an exact date can be obtained of the picture with a little research.
    In January of 1944 a change in policy stated that all aircraft were to be left in a natural metal finish. This cut down the production time (no painting) plus it saved weight - which meant either more fuel or bombs could be carried. The weight of paint could reach 500 lbs or more on a Flying Fortress. Modern pigment paint weights up to 10 pounds per gallon and it takes only 2 mil of coverage at the high end to cover the surface. The primer that goes on first weights about the same. The real high tech modern paint (see ) weights 1/2 as much at 4.89 pounds / gal with a coverage 530 sq ft / gallon. This is the Endura paint which is a two-component polyamine primer. A B-17 has 1420 square feet of wing area on top, and for the bottom, about the same for the rest of the a/c so that puts it around 4200 square feet of surface. Modern paint would add around 100 lbs of extra weight if the $300 gallon type is used.

    I have not been able to find an authoritative source as to the weight of paint used during WW II, though I have crewman reports anywhere from 65 to 500 lbs of paint. but if it was 20 lbs/ gal at around 200 sq feet a gallon, that would add in around 500 pounds of paint.
    Hiding in Plain Sight

    IESM fires broadside at Congress ESM Welfare Cell on Fake Medals Issue

    Ref: Ex-servicemen returned fake medals: Express news service: Posted: Tue Aug 24 2010, 02:51 hrs New Delhi- click here

    From: Satish Kumar Bahri, 24 August 2010 08:25
    To: Indian Express.
    Subject: Ex servicemen Returning Fake Medals

    Dear Sir,
    I was shocked to read the unfounded allegations by Mr Praveen Davar of the AICC ( IE, 24 Aug 2010) that members of Indian Ex Servicemen Movement (IESM) were returning fake medals and signing the memorandum with some red coloured chemical and not blood. I think Mr Davar is an ex- Captain of the Army himself. By making such allegations he has proven that he was not fit to remain in the Army.

    I have myself returned my genuine Param Vashist Seva Medal (PVSM), unless I was given a fake one at the Investiture Ceremony by the Supreme Commander. He is forgetting that a father not only returned his own Sena Medal but also returned his son's Shaurya Chakra, awarded posthumously. Many others have returned their Vir Chakras, Sena Medals,PVSM, AVSM and VSM along with their service medals. As regards the fake blood allegation he forgets that the blood was drawn by the para medics of Delhi's well known, Dr Lal's Path Lab. I assume that he has got the backing of the in house detective agency of the AICC ie, CBI, to make such wild allegations. AICC may be inviting legal action from ESM who have been hurt by Mr Davar's sycophantic statements.

    I doubt Mr Davar has a medal he can claim as his own, otherwise he would not dare make such preposterous statements and hurt the feelings of the ESM community. They have already been hurt enough by the President and so called Supreme Commander, who has no time or feelings for her ESM.
    Veteran Lt Gen SK Bahri PVSM (1st JSW Course, Former MGO)

    Dear All,
    After reading the news item on line about an hour back, I was very upset. I went to AICC website and looked for contact details of Capt Praveen Davar. The same is given below:

    I called his residence number and ascertained that he was on line. I gave my identity (Capt Davar also wanted to know which course I belong to seniority, Regular commission IMA etc) and asked him whether the news item and the statement ascribed to him by ENS are correct or they have misquoted him. He confirmed that the statement is correct and he has made the same.

    Then I asked him whether he has first hand knowledge of the matter. He said that he has got information from reliable sources. I asked him when he recived the info did he check up the same with any IESM Office bearer. He said that there was no need since the information is from reliable source. Then he blurted out that the info was given by some people who left IESM.

    I told him that I am one of the veterans who deposited the medals way back in Feb 2009 and my medals are not fake. I also told him that I have attended most of the rallies and seen the collection of medals, signed the memorandum with blood (Real) and have also given blood which was collected by the phlebotomist from renowned Dr Lal's Pathological Lab. I told him that it is unfortunate that he in his important position made a statement based on information fed to him by some disgruntled elements, without verifying the truth.

    Then he wanted to know whether I am member of IESM and I replied that I am member of both IESM and IESL in addition to another organisation. He sounded surprised with a"Han". I asked him is it illegal to be member of more than one organisation. He mumbled No,No.

    Sensing his discomfort in his voice and also I am speaking to him at his home, I told him that I would like to meet him in his office and discuss this further. I thought I must apprise all of you of what transpired.
    Best Regards,
    (Col TN Baba, Gurgaon)

    Dirty tricks dept at it again!
    This refers to the report ‘Ex-servicemen returned fake medals’
    Thank God, Davar has exposed how the Congress party functions! Unfortunately for the congress party and fortunately for the nation, the soldiers, past and present, are too honourable and upright to think in terms of collecting fake medals and signing petitions in fake blood. Well, one doesn't know whether the Govt at the Centre, headed by the Congress for most years after 15 Aug 1947, has been/ is presenting fake medals to the soldiers.

    Coming to the question of availabiltiy of fake medals in the market, doesn't the ruling party's spokesperson find anything illegal in it that needs investigation? If such medals were available in the open market then why should young soldiers sacrifice their lives for the non- existant glory attached to such medals? Those aspiring to joining the armed forces may also give this a thought!

    Better still, in an attempt to discredit the leadership of IESM, by mentioning that Gen Kadyan is a senior member of the CommonWealth Games Organising Committee (CWG OC- a name that is uttered with utmost repulsion by every knowledgeable Indian!) , Davar has unwittingly added fuel to the scandal that the Govt, headed by his party, has been trying to cover up!

    It is also regrettable that a media of IE's standing has published this baseless allegation without verifying the facts which it could have done easily. After all Jantar Mantar- the scene of all rights related activities- where the returning of medals and signing of the petition took place was never inaccessible to the journos who should be following the foot steps of the great Goenka, the one and only media person who had stood up to the Emergency!
    Yours truly
    Maj PM Ravindran (Retd)

    Respected Sir,
    The following report – released by the United News of India news agency on August 24, 2010 – is for your kind perusal.
    With regards,
    By Abhijit C Chandra

    Bhopal, Aug 24 (UNI)
    The Indian Ex-Servicemen Movement has taken exception to the Congress ESM Welfare Cell alleging that veterans carried fake medals for depositing to President Pratibha Devisingh Patil in protest against the Centre not looking after its defence forces that have been ''pillars of strength'' for Indian democracy.

    The President did not receive the delegation, which returned with the medals. "The statement is dangerous and is sending a wrong signal to the nation. Just imagine how it would have hurt a Shaurya Chakra recipient martyr's mother who was part of the delegation. We were carrying 6,000 medals including those with which war heroes were decorated," IESM Vice-Chairman Major-General (Retd) Satbir Singh, Sena Medal, told UNI over telephone.

    IESM Chairman Lieutenant-General (Retd) Raj Kadyan, Param Vishisht Seva Medal, led a delegation to Rashtrapati Bhavan on Sunday to deposit the medals and submit a memorandum signed in blood.

    In a letter to the President, the veteran said, "it is earnestly hoped that the Supreme Commander would relent and receive the delegation in person. However, should that unfortunately not happen... the delegation would return without depositing the medals and the memorandum."

    "The Cell also alleged that fake blood was utilised to ink the memorandum while the truth is I was among the first to donate and a prestigious laboratory's employees were also present on the scene to supervise the blood donation. I beseech the collective conscience of the nation not to berate the services," Maj-Gen Singh appealed.

    The recent judgements of the Supreme Court, high courts and Armed Forces tribunals clearly reveal the "grave injustice, apathetic attitude and arrogance of the Government and the bureaucracy," Maj-Gen Singh said.

    The fact that the all-party Standing Committee on Defence-- after taking into consideration the reasons given by the Centre for not accepting veterans' main demand of One Rank One Pension -- has strongly recommended grant of OROP to defence personnel holistically in its report tabled in Parliament on May 7, proves the genuineness of their demand, he added.

    The collection of medals and signing of the memorandum took place at Jantar Mantar from 1100 to 1400 hrs.

    Monday, August 23, 2010

    Denigrating the Armed Forces: A Dangerous Agenda

    (Published in Indian Defence Review Sep 2010). Need to subscribe to read the full article: click here
    Denigrating the Armed Forces: A Dangerous Agenda
    While watching TV on 03 June 2010, viewers were shocked to read breaking news – “Army shamed by sex scandal.” Another channel informed viewers that a serving Lieutenant General had been forced to resign for molesting another officer’s wife while on an official tour to Israel. Every channel tried to outdo each other by sensational headlines. Reputation of the military leadership in general and that of the General Officer concerned was torn to shreds. Most e-papers reproduced the news item released by PTI. The furor got somewhat dampened when the Army Headquarters (AHQ) issued a denial. It said that preliminary investigations had shown that there were a number of loopholes in the account of allegations and that further investigations were in progress. It also clarified that the General Officer had neither resigned nor had been asked to submit his resignation.

    It is learnt that the high level Court of Inquiry (C of I) convened by the Army Headquarters has found the allegations to be totally baseless. Apparently, either the concerned PTI correspondent had erred in not confirming the veracity of the report with AHQ or was a willing party to the slander campaign. It is doubtful if he would ever be taken to task for his transgression. Predictably, PTI did not consider it necessary to apologise for its senseless blunder. Similarly, it is unlikely that other over-enthusiastic media players can muster enough moral courage to regret their mistake publically.

    Similarly, media coverage of the Sukhna land case is characterised by unrelenting campaign to tarnish the image of the armed forces by targeting its senior officers. Facts of the case were totally and intentionally ignored to justify allegation of gross misappropriation. The case was nonchalantly termed as a scam despite the fact that the land in question was privately owned and did not belong to the Army; no transfer took place and no money ever exchanged hands. The civilian owner wanted a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Army before investing resources in the construction of a school on the said land, lest there be objections subsequently. The total case revolved around an act of indiscretion by a General Officer when he recommended issuance of NOC to the incumbent Corps Commander. Incidentally, no pressure can be exerted by a Military Secretary as Corps Commanders do not report to him.

    Not one media personality cared to find out as to what the scam was. The coverage dealt with the case as if it were another fodder scam or Chhattisgarh loot. As most TV channels thrive on sensationalism, speakers from various fields were invited to air their views. Without understanding the real nature of the case, they took stands as per their own prejudices and mindset. A rare sane voice was invariably silenced by an aggressive anchor carrying the mandate to steer discussion as per the channel’s agenda. Objectivity was the inevitable casualty. One self-proclaimed military writer of suspect credentials went to the extent of stating that the accused officers should be publically shot dead. He forgot that Indian governance works purely on recommendations – every political leader and bureaucrat issues numerous letters of recommendations every day. Should they all be shot dead or is the law of the land different for the services?... subscribe to IDR to read full article...
    Major General Mrinal Suman, AVSM, VSM, PhD (Retd)

    Ex-servicemen submit memo to President on One Rank, One Pension

    Ex-Servicemen protesting against the non acceptance of their demands in New Delhi on Sunday. The protesters deposited their medals to be returned to President Pratibha Patil demanding better pension. Photo: Rajeev Bhatt

    THE HINDU, NEW DELHI, August 22, 2010
    Ex-servicemen submit memo to President on One Rank, One Pension
    ‘Grant of unequal pay in the same rank is a violation of Article 14 of the Constitution'
    Highlighting the plight of ex-servicemen, especially wives of deceased personnel, several hundreds former soldiers and officers on Sunday collected medals and submitted a memorandum to the President seeking ‘One Rank, One Pension (OROP)'.
    Under the Chairmanship of Lt. Gen. (retd.) Raj Kadyan of Indian Ex-Servicemen Movement (IESM), former soldiers and over 300 women assembled at Jantar Mantar here in support of the demand.
    “Some 6,000 medals have been collected to be returned to the President of India, the supreme commander of the Armed Forces, and we submitted a memorandum containing 1.25 lakh signatures in blood at the Rashtrapati Bhavan on Sunday,” IESM vice-chairman Major General (retd.) Satbir Singh told The Hindu.
    Plight of women
    Expressing anguish over the plight of wives of deceased jawans who have not got the benefits of an earlier raise given by the government, he asked how a woman can take care of the needs of a family with a pension of Rs.3,500.
    He said the IESM Chairman had sought personal audience from the President to meet a delegation on Sunday; but since that did not happen, it was decided to hand over the memorandum at the Rashtrapati Bhavan and not the boxes of medals.
    Gen. Satbir Singh said the ex-servicemen are also hurt that despite the recommendation by the Parliamentary Defence Standing Committee in May 2010, asking the government to consider afresh the OROP issue, nothing has been done.
    On the other hand, he said, reports suggest the government is considering raising further the salaries and allowances of Members of Parliament in the light of recommendations of a Joint Parliamentary Committee, all in a matter of few days.
    Congress MP from Punjab Pratap Singh Bajwa told The Hindu that he had raised the issue in the Lok Sabha last week stating that unequal pension exists even after the “so-called parity” in pension to Personnel Below Officers Rank.
    He said a soldier who retired before December 31, 2005, with parity in pension with effect from January 1, 2006 gets Rs.5,523 a month while a solider who retired after January 1, 2006 with same length of service gets Rs.8,700 a month.
    Citing the Babu Ram Dhiman versus Union of India case, he said the Chandigarh bench of the Armed Forces Tribunal ruled that the grant of unequal pay in the same rank was a violation of Article 14 of the Constitution and that the State cannot lay down different criteria for grant of pension for same rank of officers on the basis of the cut-off date of retirement.
    He urged the Defence Minister to reconsider the OROP issue and not compare them to civilian counterparts since their terms of service and risk the armed forces personnel face, in discharge of their duties with pride and honour, are different.
    Ex-servicemen submit memo to President on One Rank, One Pension

    IESM: Rally unifies focus on Veterans decline of status and honour

    Respected Veterans,
    Gen Raj Kadyan, Admiral Barin Ghose, Gen Satbir Singh, Gen Aditya Jaini, Gen Renjen, Gp Capt Vinod Gandhi, Wg Cdr CK Sharma, Col RP Chaturvedi, Col Kirit Joshipura, Cdr Sharan Ahuja, Hon’y Lt Kameshwar Pandey & Warrant Officer Balathilakan.
    Jai Hind.
    Well done and my heartiest Congratulations to you all.
    I compliment Col RP Chaturvedi for the caption, FORTUNE FAVORS THE BRAVE. Indeed very apt.
    Ex-Servicemen from all over the Country join me in saluting Mrs Daljit Kaur, the indomitable & spirited w/o Maj Gen Satbir Singh, who single handedly prepared packed puris & sabji for 1500 people. I have no words to express our gratitude; but to stand at attention in front of this Noble Warrior, no less than the Rani of Jhansi. Chree Cheers to DALJIT KAUR.
    Col Shaitan Singh Rajan of Jingergacha
    (Col SS Rajan, Member IESM Governing Body, Convener IESM Karnataka)

    Brig V A Subramanyam wrote:
    Heartiest Congratulations to the leaders of IESM, for having successfully carried out the scheduled programme in a befitting and eye catching manner. As I seldom watch the TV (unless forewarned), a civilian friend called me up late in the evening heaping congratulations for the excellent manner the programme was conducted, as he had just then viewed it on the TV.
    A couple of days ago, someone had sent me a note as to how Leaders should behave during failures. The article was written by Dr APJ Kalam, when he was the Project Director of one of the Rocket launches. Maybe, the present incumbent of that Rashtrapati Bhawan, needs to be reminded of the duties that is expected of that august office. = Subramanyam

    Jantar Mantar 22 Aug 10
    Dear Veterans,
    A great show! Ended with an insignificant event of our Supreme commander, as expected, not obliging to receive the medals. Never the less, the show to my mind has been modestly described by Col RPC, who estimated the strength to be around 1,500 to 1,800. Our compliments to him on his versatile coverage of the event. I watched the 'Times Now' News at 9 pm, with the following banners streaking below:-
    a. More than 5000 ESM assembled to deposit their Medals.
    b. The ESM claimed that they were treated shabbily.
    c. Angry about the Pay hike of the MsP.
    d. Demanded OROP which has been promised time & again by various parties.
    e. ESM were deprived of their legitimate rights.
    It showed Lt Gen Raj Kadyan, Maj Gen Satbir Singh, Maj Gen Jaini & a couple of other Veterans voicing their concern. Not a single instance of unruly behaviour was reported by the media. Speaks volumes about the manner in which the Members of the Governing Body conducted this event.... edited ...
    Where do we go from here is the next question. Do we have a Road Map to exploit this success? What about the other popular Channels. 'Head Lines Today' was too busy in showing Sashi Tharoor's third innings in matrimony with the lady ( I do not know the number of her innings) who was responsible ( may be mutually) for his being de- throned from his ministerial pass time.
    NDTV was busy with one of its mundane drawing room debates, about the middle class being non committal to the Nations progress. ... edited ... CNN IBN was busy with ... edited ...
    Veteran Raman

    Times Now debate on 20 Aug 2010: MPs Salaries and Veterans Pension

    Dear all,
    This TV Debate was of special interest to us veterans.
    Manu Singhvi Congress stated that he was not aware of any of the cases where verdicts were given by the Supreme Court in favour of the Armed Forces and on which the govt had appealed for review instead of graciously accepting the same. He agreed on TV that he would personally look into each of these and take them up to have them speedily resolved.

    I suggest a delegation of IESM's senior diginitaries along with our legal experts and accompaqning documents call on him within the next week along with a representative of 'TIMES NOW' and on camera request him to sort this out.
    God bless and good luck.
    Nimmi Khanna (Maj Gen NC Khanna, 4th IMA Course, Former GOC 2 Mtn Div)

    Dear Brig. Kamboj,
    I am neither shocked nor surprised, that, our (Hon?) President did not meet the delegation today. We do not elect our Presidents but have a weird way putting them in the tax payer funded Presidential Palace and my memory is very strong how she got there. I did not have slightest doubt that she would not meet the delegation. The country's power-brokers and its stakeholders are mostly sycophants and they have no principles, values and respect for the Armed forces who have been protecting the country day and night relentlessly since 15th August 1947.

    This is not the first time such efforts have failed as such is the attitude of the supreme commander. We may have to change our strategy. I am sure that there are so many generals and senior officers surely they will find a new strategy as they did in the battlefields. Our aim must be "we must not stop until we win this
    legitimate struggle".

    I am slightly taken aback, that, it is the same govt so shameless and have the cheek to ask the Army to help in the CWG preparations completely free when the same lot is responsible for plundering thousands of crores tax and rate payers money in CWG projects. How shameless they are? The job of the Army is to protect the country against any foreign aggression and not to be used as and when required for odd civilian jobs. In the west where Armed forces are
    well valued, respected and are totally bar from any such odd use even during emergency needs. Our Army need to take a stand and just need to do that.
    With warm regards,
    Amit Bhadhuri
    Former CISF Officer

    A very lively debate which I also saw on Times Now TV.The Govt (Congress) was put to shame to deny legitimate salaries to the Armed Forces even after the Supreme Court has approved the cases.But `netas & babus` have appealed again for a review by the SC.How shameless can the Govt be,especially the `clueless` PM, the `lost` RM & the `wily` FM. Only God can save this Nation - look at the `mess` of the CWG - corruption everywhere. Can the PM/ FM/ UPA Chairperson/ Congress feign ignorance- Congress is synonmous with corruption !!!
    Brig SS Jaswal, Veteran Madras Sapper, IESM

    Be fair to Defence Forces

    My dear Brigadier Kamboj,
    I am attaching herewith a letter published by Mail Today in today's paper (22 Aug 2010, Page 32). Click in the following link to see the paper.The unpublished part of the letter cab be seen in the next page.
    Brigadier V Mahalingam.

    THE CHAIRMAN of the empowered group of ministers, S Jaipal Reddy, has written a letter to the defence ministry seeking waiver of Rs 11 crore due to them for the services rendered in connection with the Commonwealth Games. The army has been singled out for providing free services while crores of rupees are being spent and a large part of it allegedly squandered.
    Why doesn’t the government seek similar free service from other government employees or those of the public sector undertakings? To say the least, the army’s discipline is being exploited by the political class and the bureaucracy.
    The defence services are called out, be it for floods, earthquakes, elections in troubled areas such as J& K, or any other crisis including the self- created ones such as the Commonwealth Games. The government, on the other hand, is on a one- way street refusing to listen to their legitimate grievances.
    This frustrates these very soldiers and the military veterans who are made to run around and approach the courts to provide them justice. Even after the highest court of the land had ordered the government to clear the rank pay dues, an anomaly created at the time of fourth pay commission, that is over two decades ago, the government has decided to go back to the Supreme Court to deny them their dues. Incidentally, the rank pay had been arbitrarily denied so as to keep their pay below that of equivalent bureaucrats.
    A large number of officers and their widows who are entitled for these dues have died. The Government is perhaps waiting for the rest also to pass away before agreeing to pay their dues. The One Rank One Pension demand of the veterans backed by various parliamentary committees and very senior leaders has remained a non starter.
    Brigadier V Mahalingam (Retd)
    Zamindars of the bygone era gave a few measures of paddy to their workers and extracted all types of services from him or her. The zamingari system has ended but it appears that the Zamindar mentality of our politicians and bureaucracy is still fresh in their minds. Otherwise how else can one explain their demand for free services? It is time that the Job description, job content and the number of hours of working per week in respect of the soldiers are clearly enunciated and they paid additional remuneration for additional work they are forced to do beyond their legitimate duty as in the case of overtime being paid to other Government employees.

    IESM: Rally on 22 Aug 2010- Supreme Commander goading the Government to ensure Justice for the Veterans

    Dear Colleagues,
    As planned, an Ex Servicemen rally was held at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi today. 2,000 ESM along with some 100 Families from different parts of India participated. All the speakers that took the mike – and there were many – expressed gratitude for the IESM for getting them the pension enhancement. They expressed total solidarity and vowed to continue the struggle till we get justice. The firm resolves to continue the fight and a unanimous call for unity for ESM across the country, was indeed heart-warming.
    After the rally, 10 of us went to the Rashtrapati Bhawan to hand over the memorandum signed in blood by 1, 25,000 ESM, as well as 5,000 medals to the President. Since the President did not receive the medals in person, these were brought back as planned. The memorandum was however, submitted. The staff member that represented the Supreme Commander conveyed the latter’s concern at our having to struggle for justice and assured us that the President is regularly projecting our case to the government.
    Best regards,
    Lt Gen (Emeritus) Raj Kadyan, PVSM, AVSM, VSM
    Chairman IESM

    Media coverage
    Click here for Video interview with Lt Gen Raj Kadyan (Retd)
    5000 EX-SERVICEMEN RETURN MEDALS: Times Now exclusive

    Sunday, August 22, 2010

    Selfish MPs: Why greed is endless

    By T.J.S.George, 21/08/2010
    TJS Column:
    There are no outstanding parliamentarians in India, but there is an Outstanding Parliamentarian Award, duly conferred by the President upon a handpicked MP. At last week's award ceremony, Vice President Hamid Ansari spoke a few honest words. Lung power had replaced oratorical skills, he said, and discussions were drowned in noise and disruption. "It detracts from the dignity of Parliament and invites public scorn".

    This body of men and women whom the public of India scorns has now given unto themselves a three-fold increase in salary and allowances. They brayed for more: a five-fold increase. To describe them in English as a shameless lot will not bring out their despicableness in full. The Hindi term is slightly better: 'Besharam log'.

    It is so typical of the political class that Lalu Prasad Yadav should have been the most animated speaker demanding the pay hike. This is a man who not only got embroiled in serial misappropriation cases during his chief ministership in Bihar; he allowed kidnapping, especially of well-to-do doctors, to become the most paying industry in his state. He escaped from punishment only by bargaining with an amoral Congress. Last March, for example, he declared that he would not withdraw support from the Manmohan Singh Government over the Women's Bill. As if on cue, the CBI took measures to neutralise a pending corruption case against him.

    IESM: Fortune Favours the Brave

    Photos taken on 22 Aug 2010 at Janpath by Col TN Baba (Veteran)

    22 August 2010 06:53
    Subject: JANTAR MANTAR 22 AUG 10
    I had planned this opening line as I answered queries from some veterans and some civil sympathizers on Saturday, as to whether the medal deposit scheduled for Sunday 22nd was STILL ON, despite the heavy downpour that the NCR had been expecting. Intuition told me it won't rain Sunday forenoon, as even God would be looking down appreciatively at the IESM event.

    Sure. It did not. Cloudy. Nearly there. But not really. It was a pleasant day... some poetic sorts even sang 'kitna haseen hai mausam' as part of their speech. Rally commenced bang on at 1100, preceded by some warm up speeches by early arrivals.

    Attended by 1500-1800 veterans from Punjab, Haryana, HP and Delhi, A total of 30 speakers addressed the rally in addition to the Chairman and Vice Chairman. Their angst at the insensitivity of the GOI and the President- the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces was all too visible and audible. Also the disgust,about the GOI on the one hand manipulating a three fold increase in the legislators salaries in three days of parliamentary disruptions, and on the other offering paucity of funds as an excuse against granting OROP. Yes, disgusting indeed.

    Approximately 100 veterans signed up as members during the rally. Other interesting developments are- The IESL Yamuna Nagar joining IESM enmasse with 3500 members has joined IESM. The All India ESM Association JCO/OR led by Hav Pyara Singh, with 15000 members has joined IESM. Eleven Hundred Signatures in Blood were taken on site. Such signatures also came from other parts of the country, including one lac from Punjab. A total of 1.25 lac signatures in blood were thus available to take to the Rashtrapati Bhawan.

    The event was covered by media. TV Today has covered the event well. Including 500 medals collected during the rally, and the medals carried forward since last rally, 6000 medals were taken to the Rashtrapati Bhavan by a delegation led by the Chairman Gen Raj Kadyan, and including the Vice Chairman Gen Satbir Singh. Disappointingly, the President once again did not grant an audience.

    It is surprising that while tenets of leadership, even in corporate demand of leaders that they maintain a contact with their team/ subordinates/ people dependent on them for support, such empathy and leadership is unfortunately not displayed in the highest office in the country.

    Not one to take it JUST lying down, the Vice Chairman gave out his mind to the (poor) SO Mr Jai Ram, in attendance at the President's office. I wonder how much of that the latter could convey to Madam Prez, even after sugar coating.

    Due to vendor problem we had a situation that Lunch packets were not available for attendees, at reasonable cost till Saturday morning. With a crisis brewing, Mrs Satbir Singh organized the cooking and provisioning personally from home. Those of us who can visualize 1500 packets, each of six poories and sabzi, would gasp in appreciation. And tasty ones. We all loved the food. Thanks Maa'm.
    With Warm Regards,
    Col RP Chaturvedi (Retd)
    (Member IESM Governing Body)

    5000 Ex- Servicemen Return Medals

    TIMES NOW 22 Aug 2010, 1457 hrs IST
    5000 ex-servicemen held a massive protest in the Capital over the emotive 'one-rank one-pay' and submitted a memorandum to President Pratibha Patil in support of demand. The ex-servicemen have been demanding one rank one pay for the last 26 years. Interestingly the ex-servicemen have timed their protest to the MPs pay hike demand in a clear attempt to put more pressure on the government.

    Yashpal Rathi, Former Defence Serviceman said, "The government doesn't care about us. They are only concerned about us when we are fighting the enemy on the battlefield. But now we are considered as junk. Our protest is futile unless our demands are discussed in the Parliament."

    Meanwhile, Bhairav Singh, another ex-serviceman added, "It is unfortunate for the country that our politicians are ignoring us. Armymen and farmers are the backbone of this country. While farmers are committing suicide because of their state, we have been dismissed as used cartridge."

    Earlier this year, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had said that the demands of the ex-servicemen are being looked into. On March 5, 2010 the prime minister had said, “The factual position is that we have constituted a committee under the cabinet secretary to look in into issue of one-man-one-pension and other related matters. The committee did not recommend one-man-one-rank-pension.”

    “But whatever recommendations the committee made to substantiate and enhance the pensionary benefits of persons below officer rank and commissioned officers were accepted by the government,” added the PM.

    The Defence Minister AK Anthony, meanwhile, had said that the Cabinet Secretary initially looked at the issue and gave his recommendation after which the GoM took it up.

    “The one rank one pay demand for armed forces hasn't been totally accepted because it can't be given to Armed Forces alone. It would also have to be given to retired civilians, government officials’, paramilitary forces and policemen,” added the defence minister.
    Click here for Video conference with Lt Gen Raj Kadyan (Retd)

    Comment: Is the RM looking after the Military Forces or is he the saviour of the Bureaucracy who are instrumental in corrupting the Nation?


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