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Fakes take Flight at Srinagar Airport

Srinagar land scam: Over hundred acres of airfield sold
NDTV Correspondent, Updated: July 23, 2011 12:32 IST

Srinagar: Shocking as it may sound, India's most security-sensitive airfield the Srinagar Air Force Station and International Airport has been on sale for four years, and till recently nobody knew about it!

NDTV has exclusive documents that show bit by bit more than 100 acres of the 2,300-acre airfield has been sold to private players by land sharks who bribed their way through the Defence Estates Office and the government's Revenue Department.

These corrupt officials cleared sale agreements in such a zone that could easily fall prey to cross-border terror; selling off pieces of an area, ironically, we are not even allowed to enter.

A R Hanjura, a lawyer, bought 1.5 acres of this land in Naaru Village in 2008. He bought it from Mrs. Fazi, who claimed to be the previous landlord, and had the papers to show for it.

Mr Hanjura says these were Revenue Department records that confirmed the land was still in Mrs Fazi's name, even though the area was being used by the Defence.

Mr Hanjura was told once the plot is his he could claim rent from the Defence.

The sale was cleared by the Defence Estates Office in Srinagar, whose permission was mandatory, since the plot fell in an area under its use.

It was also verified by the Revenue Department that it belonged to Mrs Fazi and not the Defence Ministry. Mr Hanjura bought the plot at a pittance for Rs. 20,000 which he thought to be a bargain, till he was told it was a fraudulent sale of Defence land.

According to documents with NDTV, at least 60 buyers like Mr Hanjura risked purchasing village land, right inside the airfield since 2008, hoping for a rent from the Defence.

They drew assurance from the fact that a Defence Office okayed the purchases.

"I have been deceived. I have obtained a no-objection certificate from the Defence Estates Office. That way it was perfect for me to purchase this land," said A. R. Hanjura, man who bought plot in Srinagar airfield.

NDTV has accessed many of these No-Objection Certificates, issued by the previous Defence Estates Officer Ajay Chowdhary.

It claims that the plots were neither acquired nor requisitioned nor hired by the Defence Ministry.

Blatantly contradicting these documents that show the Defence Ministry acquired this whole area, all 2,300 acres, way back in the 50s and the 60s.

The catch: Only 500 acres of these acquisitions have been updated in the revenue records of the state till today because of red tape and inefficiency in both the Defence and Revenue offices.

"The Revenue Department does not give any documents required unless they get no-objection, requisite clearance from the Defence Estates Office. Once they give no objection, that means all encumbrances are ruled out," said Rafi Ahmad Deputy Commissioner and Collector, Budgam District.

The Srinagar Defence Estates now under a new officer has challenged petitions of five buyers who demanded rent. Alternately they were asked to vacate the land.

The Defence has argued these petitions be dismissed, since the purchase of these plots is a scam. It has also stopped issuing NOCs pertaining to any land sale in the area.

This is along the lines of the Adarsh Scam in Mumbai, which exposed the collusion between Defence and government officials, trying to make a profit from sale of properties occupied by the Defence. Only in this case the stakes and dangers of such a sale are much higher.
Srinagar land scam: Over hundred acres of airfield sold

Shaurya Chakra awardee PV Manesh feels let down by nation

Splurging on Madani, crumbs for 26/11 hero!
July 20, 2011 Ashadh Krushna Panchami,Kaliyug Varsha 5112

Shame on Congress Government which can not spend money on the treatment of brave soldiers who fight for country and Indian citizens with risk of losing their own life! This same Congress Govt. is spending crores of rupees on 'security' of terrorist like Ajmal Kasab, but at the same time can't reimburse some thousand rupees to the soldier who is paralysed while fighting with the same terrorist. O Indians, now there is no other option than to oust the Nation-traitor Congress and elect righteous and patriotic rulers to change this situation! By: J Gopikrishnan
Shaurya Chakra awardee PV Manesh feels let down by nation
The Karnataka Government is forced to cough up huge sums on spa treatment of Bangalore blast accused Abdul Nasser Madani, but the authorities are not ready to reimburse a paltry 4,000 a month on Ayurvedic treatment of a NSG commando, who was paralysed in the Mumbai 26/11 operations.

Shaurya Chakra awardee PV Manesh from Kannur was paralysed after he was hit by a grenade in his head during the terror attack on Oberoi Hotel in Mumbai. But before a grenade fell on his helmet, he shot dead a terrorist. A splinter is still lodged in his brain.

Manesh recalls that his commando team was airdropped on the roof of Hotel Oberoi in the early morning hours of November 28, 2008.

“We started from the top and raided each room. We rescued around 40 people who were trapped inside their rooms. When I reached Room No 203, I sensed the presence of terrorists. After blasting the doors when I first entered, I saw the tip of an AK47 rifle behind a curtain.

In a split second, I fired and killed that terrorist. Then I saw the second man hurl grenade at me. Shooting him, I dived to catch the grenade. But it fell on my helmet,” he narrated his near-death experience.

His Shaurya Chakra citation says: “For his undaunted valour, resolute determination and dedication towards the mission beyond the call of duty, Naik PV Manesh was awarded ‘Shaurya Chakra.”

But now Manesh has been forgotten by the nation. His employers will not reimburse his treatment cost citing “blind rules” and he can’t even get a confirmed train ticket. All because, like Madani, he can’t hire top lawyers to argue his case for Ayurvedic treatment.

Manesh says his doctors have advised that Ayurveda was his last hope. “I have to travel by train every fortnight to a hospital 300 km away in Ottapalam in Palakkad district for treatment, which costs Rs. 2,000 every time,” he said.

Enhanced Pension for Majors and Equivalents with over 20 years service

Major with 21 yrs service Pension of Time Scale Lt Col Para 5 (a) (iv) of Special Army Instruction (SAI) 2/S/98
Dear Kamboj Sir,
The SAI/2/S/98 was issued and officers of the Rank of Major who had 21 years service were to get Lt Col Pension. Many have not got it and hence the letter below may be sent by them to the AG Branch.

Officers of equivalent ranks from Navy and Airforce may also write to inquire if such provision was there for them too and if so why it was not implemented in an individual case.
Cdr Ravindra Waman Pathak
Member Governing Body and Pension Cell IESM
From: IC-___ Major ____ (Retd)Address
1. Additional Director General Personnel Services, PS Directorate, Army HQrs, DHQ PO, New Delhi – 110 011
2. Controller of Defence Accounts (Officers), Golibar Maidan, Pune, Maharashtra
3. Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Pensions), Draupadi Ghat, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh 20th October 2010 Non-grant of Pay Scale and Pension of Time Scale Lt Col till date as per the provisions of Para 5 (a) (iv) of Special Army Instruction (SAI) 2/S/98

1. I, IC-_____, Maj ______, retired from .......... ..... after approximately __ years of service in the rank of substantive Major on 31-01-1998. As per Para 5 (a) (iv) of SAI 2/S/98, officers who were substantive Majors prior to 01-01-1996 and who could not be promoted as Time Scale or Selection Grade Lt Cols were to be automatically granted the pay scale of time scale Lt Col (without promotion to the actual rank of TS Lt Col) on completion of 21 years of service with effect from 01-01-1996. I was commissioned on 15-03-1970 and was a substantive Major with more than 21 years of service as on 01-01-1996. The said scale as per the SAI was not granted to me and I was retired in the pay and pension of a Major and not of a Lt Col. It seems that all of my similarly placed fellow officers have been granted the benefit except me.
2. In view of the above, you are requested to kindly initiate the process of granting me the pay-scale and pension of time scale Lt Col with effect from 01-01-1996 as per the provisions of the ibid SAI which has not been done till date probably due to some oversight at your end.
3. An early action with intimation to the undersigned is requested please. Thanking You
Maj ____(Retd)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Why OROP for Senior Ranks?

Dear Veterans,
1. History has repeated itself again where the seniors have not put their foot down for the welfare of their junior officers. The point two percent of the senior officers have taken the booty of OROP home along with the hundred percent of the JCOs and other ranks leaving the rest of the junior block of officers in lurch. Selfish……? Self centered……!!
Then why to hit the time with an iron rod and bleed it to get the OROP? The high and the mighty are not pleased with the loyalty, sincerity and service of the juniors rendered for the reasons of their own. They have ignored the officers block by sitting the reason that the problem is very complex to decide the deal. Then why the same rule does not apply for the point two percent? why they did not deny the benefits for the sake of their junior officers? And why the punishment is matted out to those who are not guilty at any count?
2. The rotten rats sitting on the higher posts are stinking and lowering the prestige of the armed forces. Don’t blame the babus for their crafty tactics to deny the benefits coming to the soldiers but curse those who are sitting on the top of the pyramid and ruling the roost in their own favor. And there is no point to hit the wall hard and draw the blood out for the sake of OROP ! Don’t press the bubble to burst! Don’t ask any body to submit. Rather gently prey and gradually succumb! Tell them to see beyond the mentality of the babus and the bosses who have played the trick on the soldiers.
3. Who fights less or more in the battlefield is a totally guess work of those who have never seen the face of the battlefield and do not know that ‘fight’ is a totally team work. Also they do not know that soldiers don’t beg. Soldiers don’t care and crawl for the things like OROP. They game it like a war and face the consequences squarely. The time is the only factor and its a great healer! Let the time come the same babus and the same seniors would prey, pamper and please them with many more OROPs because the soldiers are supreme!!
Maj Gen Harbhajan Singh (Retd)

Pension Mela Helps Veterans and Widows

Dear All,
IESM members in Tirunelveli have conducted a Pension mela with the help of ESM helpline Chennai. It has proved to be helpful to many veterans. This could be repeated in all districts of India to help veterans to find their actual entitlements. Kindly come forward and arrange similar melas. I congratulate Sgt Kondiah and team for such an informative mela.
Gp Capt VK Gandhi VSM
Gen Sec IESM
Pls see IESM latest NEWS on

From: Kandiah S
To: vk_gandhi
Sent: Wednesday, 20 July 2011 7:12 PM
Subject: Hony Lt and Capts case.

Dear Sir,
We have conducted a Pension Mela in our District in cooperation with ESM Help Line Centre Chennai. There was good attendance, participation. The Help Line centre came with Mobile Suvigya programe so that the Entitlement pension was infromed on the spot. The discrepancies were noticed on the spot by our Trust and guided them for the remedial action.
Please visit our both the blogs www, and
We conducted the Mela at 5 places, Tirunelveli CSD Canteen, Srivilliputur
Canteen, Tenkasi, Kadayam and Radhapurm. This mela has created an awareness among the veterans to know their own entitled pension. Particularly the Family pensioners. There were many short payments, like Special family pensioners getting ordinary pension, JCOs widows getting Sepoys pension. Now we are receiving lot of feedback to hold such melas in regular intervals. It is also heard from many veterans that the problems of ESMs have come to light after the formation of IESM.
We have watched the TV programe on IBN CNN, it is really wonderful, the widow pensioners are given more attention. Thank you Sir.
We sincerely thank you and our organisation for untiring efforts to improve in all the areas of ESM problems, latest being the Hony Officers.
Thank you.
With best regards
Yours Sincerely,
Exwel Trust, Tirunelveli-Dist TN

Report from Dehradun Ex Services League

22 July 2011 11:15
Subject: Dehradun Ex Services League Governing Council quarterly meet held

A meeting of Dehradun Ex Services League (DESL) governing Council was held on 21 July 2011 at 61F Subash Road(Opposite CMI- Haridwar Road
Dehradun) under Brig K.G.Behl, President DESL and was attended by the following:
Lt Col B.S,Chhetri- Senior Vice President, Lt Col R.K.Arya- Vice President, Lt Col B.M. Thapa- Secretary, Lt Col R.P.Jairath - Treasurer, Col G.R.Bharadwaj, Lt Col U.S.Thakur, Sub B S Thakur, H/B S Thapa, H/Capt Neel Kumar Thapa Harrawala, H/Capt S S Thapa, Jaitanwala, H/Capts B.S.Thapa, Sub Maj P S Gurung, Hav R.S.Gurung, and Hav B P Sharma.
Lt Col B.M. Thapa welcomed the members and read the salient features of last meeting report. Lt Col Thapa told members about the writings of the President Brig K.G.Behl on different topics and how the hasbeen honoured by the Intellectuals and Technocrats guild of India affiliated with UNESCO, appreciating hid association with a number of social societies and his work of projecting various social topics with solutions to create awareness in public and prompting concerned officials to take action. This was appreciated by one and all and gave him a standing ovation and presented a flower bouquet in their appreciation.
Brig Behl welcomed the participants and thanked them for their gesture. He said that he had been working on social uplift from 1993, when he retired and it gives him lot of satisfaction. Through out our lives we take help from society but we must try to pay back, after retirement, in whatever way we can.
Brig Behl told about the coming Kargil Day on 26th July, which is being elebrated by the Govt. of Uttarakhand as Shauriya Divas. Acultural Programme is being is being arranged by their cultural Directorate in the Auditorium of Survey of India, Hathibarkala on 25th July from 6 to 8 PM. The entry is through pass due to limited accommodation and those who are keen should give their names. On 26TH July wreaths will be places at the Kargil War memorial by the CM and other senior dignitaries only between 1000 hrs to 1100 hrs. in a solemn ceremony with full Military Honours. However the main function will start at 1100 hrs at Venkateshwara wedding Hall where the Kargil War Heroes/ Veer Naaries and other Gallantry award winners will be honoured by the Chief Minister. It will be followed by lunch.
Those who wish to participate must give the numbers attending to the secretary so that necessary arrangements could be made for their
seating and transport.
Brig Behl pointed out that we are celebrating AGM on 31st July at 0930 hours at Gurkhali Sabha Hall, Garhi Cantt. Transport is being arranged for which necessary data be provided to officers concerned. We will be honouring one person from each Shakha and the name be give by the president of Shakha. Desired material for publication of Annual News letter be supplied in time.
Brig Behl gave salient features of their presentation made before the Rajya Sabha Petitions Committee on ‘One Rank One Pension’ where he was called to make a presentation. He was accompanied by Brig R.S.Rawat and Col MMP Kala.
Brig Behl said that our Sr Vice President had resigned when he was to fight election to the post of chairman of Gorkha Sudhar Sabha. He congratulated him on his election but asked him to continue till next election, if it does not interfere with his duties.
Lt Col B M Thapa,
Gen Secy DESL

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

‘SANGAM’ for Defence Pensioners Launched

Project ‘SANGAM’ for Defence Pensioners Launched- An Automated Software Tool for Pension Payment Orders.
Controller General of Defenc Accounts (CGDA) Shri Nand Kishore recently launched a software project ‘SANGAM’ for defence pensioners in a function at its headquarters at Delhi Cantonment. Speaking on this occasion, Controller General of Defence Accounts mentioned that the project ‘SANGAM’ will provide useful Management Information System (MIS) to the financial planners in the Ministry of Defence.

Project ‘SANGAM’ is a software which will facilitate issuance of corrigendum pension payment orders. This will address the demand from the ex-servicemen for issue of individual corrigendum pension payment order consequent to implementation of recommendations of Sixth Central Pay Commission (6th CPC).

This software project is one step forward from the project ‘SUVIGYA’ which was launched in October last year on the occasion of Defence Account Department Day and is very popular among defence pensioners.

The pension payment orders to be issued using ‘SANGAM’ software will be a special corrigendum pension payment system which will contain all the basic details of original pension payment order. It will also have details of family pension, disability pension and any other type of pension available to a pensioner. The new corrigendum pension payment order is unique in the sense that it gives new ID to each pensioner which will be helpful in readily accessing all data relating to a pensioner.

There are about 18 lakh defence pensioners who will be benefitted with the launch of project ‘SANGAM’ in the long run. It will also help in grievance redressal of pensioners with regard to the correctness of payment of pension.

The software has been developed in house by a team of officers from IT wing of Controller General of Defence Accounts, headed by Shri Murli Krishnan, Sr ACGDA (IT). DM/NN (Release ID :73367)
New software to handle defence pensions by Huma Siddiqui Posted: Thursday, Jul 21, 2011 at 0257 hrs IST

AFT Judgement on Major's Pension

Dear Brigadier,
I am sending the judgement of the AFT dated 14 sep 2010. The Govt letters have been attached with the judgement. All the addressees who wanted the judgement and the letters click link below.
With regards
Major KP Sreedharan (Retd)
AFT Judgement and GOI Letters

Veteran Welfare- Are we being cheated and then dishonoured?

Supreme Court Recalls ITS Directions to MoD in Pushpavanti Case
The Supreme Court has recalled its order given on 15 November last year in which it had directed MoD to set up a Commission to look into the grievances of serving and former soldiers of the Armed Forces. In the same order, the Apex Court had made a mention of Smt Pushpa Vanti’s case, a widow whose husband was an Army Major. The petitioner Smt Pushpa Vanti had claimed that she was getting only a meager amount of Rs.80/- per month as pension since the death of her husband in 1967 and her pension had not been revised since then. In the said order, the Supreme Court also alluded to the discontent among the serving and former members Armed Forces and their widows and family member regarding their service condition i.e. Pay Scales, anomalies regarding pension, inadequate pension etc. and directed the Central Government to set up a Commission called Armed Forces Grievances Redressal Commission to look into the grievances of serving and former members of the Armed Forces and their dependents.

Subsequently, the Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare of MoD verified the facts regarding actual pension drawn by Smt Pushpa Vanti and also considered the implications of setting up of such a Commission given the fact that an elaborate mechanism for welfare and resettlement of Ex-servicemen and their dependent already exists under the aegis of Department of Ex-servicemen Welfare.

On verification of facts it was found that Smt Pushpa Vanti is actually drawing a family pension of Rs.16360 and not Rs.80/- as incorrectly represented before the Apex Court. The factual position was brought before the Supreme Court on 05 July 2011 by the Department of Ex-servicemen Welfare through the Solicitor General of India who also submitted before the Supreme Court that for looking after the welfare and resettlement of Ex-servicemen a comprehensive mechanism is already in place.

Following this, the Supreme Court recalled its order given on 15 November 2010. SK/ (Release ID :73300)
Supreme Court Recalls ITS Directions to MoD in Pushpavanti Case
The truth is bitter to swallow
Armed Forces Tribunal Orders are mostly defied; click here
Grievances of veterans have been ignored for years even when the Supreme Court has issued favourable judgments- click here

Veteran Woes
Things have come to a dangerous pass.
Appalling already was the scheme of events in our nation, with veterans and the government in a logjam and protests related to pensionary anomalies reaching the streets.
As most of us know, the Supreme Court had recently recalled its orders related to the constitution of the Armed Forces Grievances Redressal Commission. What follows is this official press release by the Ministry of Defence almost celebrating the recalling of the orders, commemorating the victory of the Ministry of Defence over veterans and stating that the poor widow in the case had ‘incorrectly represented’ facts before the Court, while actually there was no such observation of ‘incorrect representation’ by the Hon’ble Apex Court itself in its orders.
Does an official press release such as this behove a government agency? Is the recalling of a judicial order official-news material, if that be so, then all departments should regularly issue press releases every single day on the hundreds of cases decided daily involving them, this way or that way.
While on the surface, this press release may seem to be innocuous, but lying beneath is a thought process that is thoroughly and distastefully disgusting – the thought process that defence veterans are adversaries of the MoD. It is an MoD Vs Veterans state of mind. Otherwise, why would there be a celebratory official PIB press release on the recalling of an order that was so dear to the hearts of the defence community ? Can this be expected in any developed democracy ? Can we imagine the Department of Defence of the US or the Ministry of Defence of the UK issuing a press release celebrating the recalling of a Court order favouring veterans?
Click here to read full article of Maj Navdeep Singh: Sad Sign of the Times!

Kargil Diwas- PVC Awardee Nb Sub Yoginder Singh to be honoured

Dear Members of Media,
1. Further to our Press Release Dated 15 July 2011 enclosed.
2. Indian Ex Servicemen Movement (IESM) is privileged to have Param Vir Chakra awardee of Kargil War (Tiger Hill fame) Grenadier (now Naib Subedar) Yogender Singh to be with us on 24 July 2011 at Shaheed Samarak Noida at 11 AM to commemorate the valour of our soldiers.
3. You are requested to cover the events extensively to express the gratitude of the Nation to the Nation’s brave hearts and also to motivate the youth of India towards the Noble profession of arms.
4. Our earlier press release has not yet been carried by the National media.
Today when country is facing extreme security challenges both external and internal, the commemoration of argil day across the country by the people of India will go a long way in building up the National Spirit. You are therefore requested to play a significant role in this effort by carrying this news.
With Regards,
Jai Hind.
Yours Sincerely,
Maj Gen (Retd) Satbir Singh, SM

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

50,000 Navy sailors to get faster promotions

Press Trust of India, Updated: June 05, 2011 21:07 IST
New Delhi: The government has approved an assured career progression scheme for over 50,000 sailors of the Navy, which will help them to get faster promotions and increased salaries.

"As per the recommendations made by the Sixth Pay Commission, the government has approved the ACP for sailors recruited under the non-metric entry and also carried out the review of their career profile. The move will benefit over 50,000 sailors," Navy officials said.

The scheme will also result in prolonging the service tenure of these soldiers who now retire after putting in 20 years of service.

"After the implementation of the scheme, the sailors will get promoted upto the rank of Petty Officer (equivalent to Sargent in Air Force and Havaldar in Army) and retire after 26 years of service," they said.

This will also help in increasing their grade pay from Rs. 2,400 to Rs. 2,800 and would also result in an enhanced pension after retirement, the officials said. The approval was accorded to the Navy by the Defence Ministry on May 19, they said.
50,000 Navy sailors to get faster promotions

Monday, July 18, 2011

Soldier, Sailor, Rich Man, Thief

The Telegraph 21 April 2011
It is dangerous to ignore corruption in the armed forces, writes Brijesh D. Jayal

Grievances of veterans have been ignored for years even when the Supreme Court has issued favourable judgments. Today, at regular intervals, veterans are returning their medals to their Supreme Commander — who has not once thought fit to meet them. No self-respecting democracy is so callous towards the sentiments of its veterans. This lack of respect is not lost on those serving; it is also received with some glee across our borders. But to our politics and parliament this means little.

The fragility of civil-military relations has other adverse effects. Modernization will continue to be sabotaged by vested interests which will raise the bogey of wrongdoing at critical times in the process of procurement. The lack of consensus on the appointment of a chief of defence staff ensures that we cannot develop an integrated fighting capability so crucial to combating modern security challenges. Inability to set up a national defence university ensures that we are denied the opportunity to educate and train leaders, both military and civil, who will be better prepared for the emerging security challenges.

It is crucial for the nation to decide what place it wants to accord its armed forces in the national scheme of things. This writer had pleaded in these columns (“Through thick and thin”, June 3, 2009) for a Blue Ribbon Commission to make recommendations to Parliament, which could then take a final call.

Now that the debate in Parliament has shown the country how fragmented our polity is and how unreal our priorities, perhaps on the issue of national security and the role of the armed forces there is an opportunity for our polity and Parliament to redeem themselves and display that elusive unity. This is one debate that the guardians of our nation’s borders — the armed forces — will watch with great interest as will our friends and potential foes. But it will need more than poetry and innuendoes.
The author is a retired air marshal of the Indian Air Force

Officers Training Academy Inaugurated at Gaya

Second Military Officers Training Academy Inaugurated
PTI | Gaya | Jul 18, 2011
The country's second academy for training military officers for short-service commission was inaugurated today in Bihar's Gaya district as part of efforts to meet the shortage of over 12,000 officers.

General Officer Commanding-in-Chief of Army Training Command, Lt Gen K Surendra Nath, hoisted the flag to inaugurate the academy, the second after the one at Chennai, in the presence of senior military officers and other dignitaries.

The academy would mould young dynamic minds into capable future military leaders and fulfill a long felt need of the Indian Army to train and induct more officers into its ranks, Nath said in his address.

It will start with training 135 officers and would reach its capacity of over 700 Short Service Commission (SSC) officers in the next two years, they said.

The army is facing a shortage of 12,349 officers against its sanctioned strength of around 46,500. It is also looking to increase the number of officers to meet the new security requirements.

The trainees will be provided basic military training attuned with the advancements in the latest technology to enable them to serve as professionally skilled leaders of a modern army, a press release said.

A team of well qualified instructors and staff specially chosen from the Indian Army will train the first batch of gentlemen cadets.

To achieve and maintain paramount standards of physical and the mental health of the trainees, various training and sports facilities have been made available in the Academy.
Second Military Officers Training Academy Inaugurated
The Hindu: Gaya OTA to open today

The Academy situated at the picturesque Paharpur Military Station, Gaya amidst lush green surroundings is spread over an area of 863 acres. It is approximately 8 kms from Bodhgaya, a major international tourist attraction. Well connected by road and rail, the Academy is only 100 kms from the state capital, Patna.

The Academy has been raised under Lt Gen Vijai Sharma from the Corps of Engineers. Lt Gen Sharma has served army for about 36 years in a variety of appointments. Prior to taking over as the first Commandant of OTA, Gaya, the General officer was serving at Army Headquarters, Delhi.

To achieve and maintain paramount standards of physical and the mental health of the trainees, various training and sports facilities have been made available in the Academy. The area is equipped with numerous training facilities for weapon training, drill, physical training, swimming, equitation and equestrian sports and adventure/hobby clubs for the all-round development of the Gentlemen Cadets. Training in soft skills like verbal and non-verbal communication, public speaking, interpersonal relationship, leadership, emotional intelligence, team building etc are an integrated part of the curriculum at the Academy. OTA, Gaya is the third Military Academy of its kind in addition to the existing ones at Dehradun and Chennai.
OTA Gaya

CNN IBN 30 Minutes: One Rank One Pension

Saturday and Sunday, CNN-IBN ran a programme on their network which is definitely worth seeing. Those of you who have seen it know why I am saying this. If you have missed it and still would like to see it, please see it here: Click
Cdr CK Sharma (Retd)

On '30 Minutes' we look at the difference in pension between pre-1969 retire and post 2006 retire in the Army
30 Minutes: one rank one pension

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Majors and Equivalents Pension

Dear Major Sreedharan,
This refers to your mail published in REPORT MY SIGNAL 254/2011 dated 15 July 2011. Along with some other clarifications, I had asked Deptt Of ESW MoD through an application under RTI Act as to where minimum of pay band has been mentioned in the VI CPC report. I had also asked why new pay scale has been created for Lt Gen for whom the difference between minimum of pay band and minimum of the pay in the pay band is about 26% but Majors, for whom such difference is also about 26%, have been left out in the recommendations of the Committee of Secretaries headed by Cabinet Secretary. They have not replied. My appeal to Central Information Commission was submitted in October 2010 but no date of hearing has yet been intimated to me. You have stated that Majors pension as per minimum of the pay band is 14100. Actually, CPC had specified that pension to be fixed as per Annexure II (based on revised pay scale) or Annexure I (PENSION PRIOR TO 2006 MULTIPLIED BY 2.26) whichever is higher. In case of Majors, pension as per Annexure I works out to 7550x2.26=14464 which is higher than 14100. If you have been getting pension of 14100, you must contact your bank to increase your pension immediately to 14464 and pay you arrears with interest @bank rate+2%. Interest will be applicable from 01 October 2008. Regards
AVM RP Mishra

Dear Brigadier,
I am sending a letter for your information. If you think it will be useful to Colonels and above, please circulate it in your RMS blog and kindly give publicity.
With regards
Major KP.Sreedharan (Retd)

Dear All,
I am a retired Major. I filed a petition along with others at the AFT Delhi for enhancement of pension and got a favourable verdict on 14 Sep 2010. So far the orders have not been implemented by the Govt. We the petitioners i.e. the affected retired Majors and their equivalents are initiating measures to ensure its implementation. In the verdict a very useful letter issued by the Government has been quoted by the AFT to differentiate between the phrases “Of the Pay Band” and “In the Pay Band“. I am mentioning this here, to draw the attention of all the retired Colonels, Brigadiers and Major Generals. I request you all to carefully go through the entire contents of the letter which is mentioned in the verdict as well as the table for calculation of the pension of retired majors given below and recalculate your pension accordingly. Presently your pension is being calculated on minimum OF the pay band and not minimum IN the pay band. The losses that accrue due to this anomaly is between Rs 2000/ to Rs 5000/ excluding DA as applicable every month Pre -2006 Majors Pension for 33 years of service was fixed as follows:
Minimum basic pay OF the pay band as taken by PCDA (P) for Major is Rs 15600/ Actual minimum basic pay IN the pay band for Major at 6 yrs service is Rs 23810/
Grade pay Rs 6600/ Grade pay Rs 6600/
MSP Rs 6000/ MSP Rs 6000/
Total Rs 28200/ Total Rs 36410/
50% of total Rs 14100/ 50% of total Rs 18205/-
Loss suffered every month = 18205 – 14100 = Rs 4105
With regards,
Major KP Sreedharan (Retd)


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