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Indian Citizens Move Against Cancerous Corruption

Dear Friends,
Jai Hind,
I have sent you many emails about “March Against Corruption”.
The eminent citizens of NCR, from almost every walk of life, are holding a rally on 30 Jan 2011, at Ram Lila Grounds, near Delhi Gate, New Delhi.
The Rally will commence at 1300 hours, at Ram Lila Grounds. After a few speeches by eminent citizens of India, we all will have a very peaceful march from Ram Lila Ground to Jantar Mantar, New Delhi.
The function will end at 1600 hours, at Jantar Mantar.
We the Military Veterans, our families and friends, in NCR, should join in this march and make it a grand success to tell the Government –
All Military Veterans, whether a member of IESM, IESL, NAVAL FOUNDATION OR AIR FORCE ASSOCIATION or from none of these, we all must join in and show our sincerity to the well being of our Mother Land – “MERA BHARAT MAHAN”.
Please also read the two emails appended below.
Vande Matram
In service of Indian Military Veterans
Chander Kamboj.

Dear All
India Against Corruption: 30 Jan Rally
1. “India Against Corruption”; a movement by the enlightened people of India, is holding a rally at Ram Lila Ground on 30 Jan 2011 from 1PM to 4 PM. After approx 1hour of programme at the Rally site, the participants will march up to Jantar Mantar, New Delhi.
2. This is the time when, we the veterans should Join other segments of society who are also conducting movements and activities against injustices and against the greatest evil of our nation i.e. Corruption. IESM has decided to support the movement against Corruption and take part in the above Rally and the March.
3. All Defence Veterans residing in NCR area are requested to join the above Rally and the March from Ram Lila Ground to Jantar Mantar. All veterans along with their members of the family and supporters are requested to reach Ram Lila Ground near DELHI Gate by 1 PM on 30 Jan 2011. All are requested to wear Winter Mufti and Regt Cap. All those who do not have in the Winter Mufti, may wear any other suitable winter dress with their Regt Cap.
4. Please participate in large number.
With Regards,
Jai Hind
Yours Sincerely,
Maj Gen (Retd) Satbir Singh, SM
Vice Chairman Indian ESM Movement

TO REMIND-30 January: March Against Corruption
Corruption today ranks as the Biggest curse on our country. Personally, we suffer. Nationally, we suffer.
We often talk about it. Hoping 'someone' would do something. Is that 'someone', we ourselves?
'India Against Corruption' is a movement that is working towards eradication of corruption in India. Its holding a rally on 30th- starting at Ramlila ground 1300 hrs, it would culminate at Jantar Mantar around 1600 or so.
Please India against corruption: click here
Whether IESM member or not, PLEASE be there. Such movements deserve backing. I have received some confirmations but we need larger participation. Its something that WE all feel strongly about. So, why not back up these thoughts by action?
ESM ARE REQUESTED TO BE IN MUFTI, WITH BLAZER AND REGT CAPS. Let it be known that the Defence veteran community is very much concerned.
See you at Ram Lila Ground, 1245 hrs 30 Jan 2011.
With Warm Regards,
Col RP Chaturvedi,

Family Pension Certificate

Family Pension Certificate
Many serving Officers are not aware that the request for the inclusion of their wives in the PPO is required to be forwarded to CGDA through the MP5 Directorate of the AHQ.
Links for the two forms that required to be filled are given below.
1. Endorsement of Family Pension entitlement of the Pension PPO of Living AF Pensioners required to be submitted in triplicate with attestation by Pensioners bankers and a joint photograph. Two individual photographs are not acceptable.
2. Notification of Date of Birth in PPO
Please give it wide publicity.
Col H N Handa

Family Pension Certificate
Family Pension Certificate: click here

Family Pension of Lt Col and Equivalent Ranks

Lt Gen Raj Kadyan, PVSM, AVSM, VSM
262, Sector-17A, Gurgaon – 122 001
Dated: 17 January 2011

Mrs Sushma Nath, IAS
Secretary Ex Servicemen Welfare Department
Ministry of Defence
South Block, New Delhi – 110 011

Family Pension: Lt Col and Equivalent Ranks
Widows of Lt Cols and their equivalent ranks had been drawing a monthly pension of Rs 15,420.00 after implementation of the Sixth Pay Commission and after the Lt Cols were upgraded to Pay Band 4. This had been correctly worked out based on 30% of the sum of the minimum of pay band (Rs 37,400) + Grade Pay (Rs 8000) + Military Service Pay (Rs 6000). Widows have accordingly been getting their pension and have also received the arrears. However, an assumed error has now been introduced in the pension tables issued by the Ministry of Defence vide their circular dated 15.11.2010. According to these tables, the family pension of a Lt Col is fixed at Rs 8,760.00. It seems the Lt Col and equivalents have again been brought down to Pay Band 3 by those that prepared these tables.
The figure of Rs 8,760.00 as monthly family pension of Lt Col is beyond comprehension and this has caused avoidable consternation in the Ex Servicemen community, who are already edgy at their still pending demand of ‘one rank one pension’. I do sincerely hope this is only an error. May I request you to have it kindly rectified at the earliest.
A confirmation will be much appreciated.
With best regards,
Yours sincerely,
Raj Kadyan

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sinking of INS Khukri

9th December 1971 was the saddest day in the history of Indian Navy as on this day Indian Navy suffered largest wartime causality loosing 178 sailors and 18 officers including Capt. Mahendra Nath Mulla who chose to go down along with ship as an old tradition,-“captains don’t abandon their ships”
One of the survivors COMMANDER Manu Sharma hasn’t forgotten the night ofDecember. Speaking to The Indian Express correspondent he said, “I remember when the ship was sinking after being hit by a Pakistani submarine PNS Hangor, there was a small hatch escape from where we were puling the sailors and everyone was trying to save his life. There was a moment which even made a person like me cry. My captain M N Mulla pushed me and Lieutenant Kundan Mall from the ship and said you go ahead, do not worry about me. When Kundan Mall and I started swimming under water, after a while I lost track of Mall. And I as looked around for him I saw Captain Mulla holding the top of the ship’s railing with a cigar in his mouth. Those were the last minutes for INS Khukri and Captain Mulla, who choose not to abandon the ship,” His daughter Ameeta Mulla Wattal speaking to The Hindu correspondent during release of book The sinking of INS Khukri - Survivors' stories, by Maj.Gen. (retd.) Ian Cardozo, recently, wondered, "I suppose he saw himself as nurtured by the traditions of the sea that required him to stay with his vessel. One such man is enough to bring honour to an entire nation for a life time."

Two ships of the Indian Navy under the command of Captain M.N.Mulla, senior officer of frigates squadron, were assigned the task of locating and destroying a Pakistani submarine in North Arabian Sea. During these operations on the night of 9 December 1971,INS “Khukri” was hit by torpedoes fired by enemy submarine and sank. Having decided to abandon the ship, Captain Mulla without regard to his personal safety, supervised the arrangements for rescue of his ship’s company in very cool, calm and methodical manner. Even at later stage whilst the ship was sinking, Capt Mulla showed presence of mind and continued to direct rescue operations and refused to save himself by giving his own life-saving gear to a sailor. Having directed as many of his men as possible to leave the ship, Captain Mulla went back to bridge to see what further rescue operations could be performed. In doing so, Captain Mulla was last seen going down the ship. His action and behavior and the example he set have been in keeping with highest tradition of the services. Captain Mulla displayed conspicuous gallantry and dedication.
Capt Mulla and sinking of Khukri: click here to read comments
Sinking of INS Khukri

Most Shocking- Why blame the Babus and the Government

Dear Friends,
Jai Hind.
I am sure some of you can reach the serving Chiefs, Vice Chiefs and Deputy Chiefs and some of the Former Chiefs.
For the sake of larger interest of all the Veterans, please do have the moral courage and do send a copy of the email below to them.
Please do tell them that so far Veterans were vaguely blaming the Former Chiefs and serving Chiefs for the constantly deteriorating status of the Armed Forces and constantly loosing on the financial entitlements – the email below clarifies the situation completely and no doubts are left in our mind.
I had received similar emails giving stories of 4th and 5th CPC, but those were stories received through third persons and thus not circulated.
I feel those stories also must have been true, in particular, I am told that the Rank Pay case was knowingly ruined by one of the Pay Cells of the three services for personal benefits.
Vande Matram
In service of Indian Military Veterans
Chander Kamboj.

Dear Sir,
It's some time since I communicated with you. But I am glad that I am able to do so now. Incidentally I retired form the Navy on 31 July 2010 in the rank of Rear Adm. I stay in Bangalore and am still settling some family issues before I pen down my experiences of the Sixth Pay Commission. I will try to mask my contempt for those in the highest echelons for conniving with the powers in Delhi quite obviously for personal benefit.
I was baffled how suddenly when we were winning through, due to the hard work of the Pay Cells, that suddenly the established system was bypassed and the Army started calling the cards from the DG PS Office. Grade Pay that was my first priority where Cdr's who should have been getting Rs 8700 was watered down to two lines and the fourth priority, in a missive signed by the then CNS, Admiral Sureesh Mehta. Since, I as Chairman PARC, should have been consulted, before this letter was signed, I did what I believed was honourable and asked to be replaced, which did happen.
Secondly, while we talk about OROP, I see that one particular aspect has been completely ignored. A young Lt Cdr in my Naval team observed that the Sixth Pay Commission had created Pay promotions for the Group A Services up to the rank of Addl Secy. This has now been implemented. At that time I explained this to the CNS and the Air Chief in end July 2008. It was subsequently put up to the Defence Minister as the 15th Anomaly in July itself. We wanted to ensure that the Services were not left out of this largesse.
Suddenly all went quiet on that front and nothing more was heard. This non functional promotion means that in case an Officer in a particular Batch in the Cival Services is promoted over his batchmates, they would automatically move up and get a pay promotion on a non-functional basis, two years later. This means that our Officers too, not being lower than the organised Group A Services should also have been treated the same. Why was this glaring loophole covered up by the Armed Forces hierarchy? If this is also given to us, all Officers retiring from Service would automatically move up to the Addl Secy scale. I believe that we ourselves and by that I mean our hierarchy, do not want this. But is this fair?
Another aspect that I think I need to raise is that I have often heard some of our veterans stating that all IAS Officers are assured of promotions to the post of Joint Secy. I would like to clarify that this is not true. They now will all reach Secretary level without exception, unless they are implicated in some crime. Don't we at least have a case to strive for non functional promotions to the Addl Secy level like all other Group A services?
Lastly Sir, I must also say that you have hit the nail on the head, so far as some of our brethren in the Technical Services are concerned. Middlemen are not being discouraged and this is a sad reflection on our honour. Again we need to introspect ourselves.
Warm regards,
Rear Adm Alan O'Leary (Retd)

One Rank One Pension

Click on each of the three images for reading...

Courtesy: Peoples Post January 31, 2011

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Honest IAS Officer murdered by Mafia

Burning of Malegaon official to be probed; compensation announced January 26th, 2011(IANS)
The Maharashtra Chief Minister, Mr Prithviraj Chavan, has announced a Rs 25 lakh compensation for the family of Malegoan additional district collector Yeshwant Sonawane, who was burnt alive by the oil mafia while on a raid on Tuesday.

The Chief Minister has also ordered a probe into the gruesome killing.

The Chief Minister on Tuesday night also announced other benefits including a government job to one dependent family member, salary till Sonawane's retirement date, free education for his two children till graduation and a residence from the government quota.

Sonawane, 44, was doused with kerosene and burnt alive in Panewadi, near Manmad in Nashik district on Tuesday, when he went to conduct a raid on the local oil mafia for pilferage from kerosene tankers.

Four people have been arrested and charged with murder.

The main accused Popat Shinde, who also sustained 60-65 per cent burn injuries, has been admitted to a hospital in Malegaon. His condition is reported to be serious.

A 1994-batch Maharashtra cadre officer, Sonawane was posted at Malegaon since over a year. He is survived by his wife and two children.

The Chief Minister expressed his condolences to Sonawane's family.

Nashik's guardian minister, Mr Chhagan Bhujbal, on Wednesday chaired a meeting of top officials of the district, including the collector, divisional commissioner and other senior officials from the police and revenue departments.

Meanwhile, the Maharashtra Gazetted Officers Federation has called for a day-long strike on Thursday to protest against Sonawane's murder.
Burning of Malegaon official to be probed; compensation announced

62nd Republic Day: Gallantry Awards and Honorary Commissions

Army Gallantry Award Winners and their Acts of Gallantry
Colonel Neeraj Sood Commanding Officer 18 Rashtriya Rifles devised and effected judicious surveillance and ambush plan from 13 June 10 which subsequently resulted in contact with terrorists at 2105 hours on 22 June 2010 in the area of Kupwara (J&K).

440 Republic Day Gallantry and other Defence Decorations Announced
The President has approved awards of 440 gallantry and other Defence decorations to Armed Forces personnel and others on the eve of the 62nd Republic Day Celebrations.

Republic Day 2011 – A Curtain Raiser
A strong and resurgent India will be celebrating its 62nd Republic Day tomorrow. This year’s parade will highlight the nation’s achievements in various fields,

President to Confer Ashoka Chakra on Major Laishram Jyotin Singh (Posthumous)
The President Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil will confer the Ashoka Chakra on Major Laishram Jyotin Singh (posthumous) at the start of the Republic Day Parade 2011 here tomorrow.

Honorary Commissions for Army Personnel
The list of Army personnel who have been honoured with honorary commissions on the occasion of Republic Day - 2011 is given below.

One Shaurya Chakra, Three Vayu Sena Medals for Gallant Air Force Pilots
Safe recovery of a fighter jet despite having sustained critical injuries on the face after a canopy burst while cruising at near supersonic speed at an altitude of 10.5 Kms, has earned Flight Lieutenant Manish Arora, a Shaurya Chakra, for his act of conspicuous courage. The incident happened on February 4, 2010 in a fighter base in the eastern sector.

62nd Republic Day

A strong and resurgent India is celebrating its 62nd Republic Day today. The main parade will held at Rajpath in the capital which will showcase the country’s cultural diversity and military might.

Country’s military might, economic progress and its rich culture will be on show at the Republic day parade at the Rajpath in the national capital.

The Amar Jawan, the immortal soldier, is symbolised by a reversed rifle topped by a helmet. As per tradition, after unfurling of the National Flag, the National Anthem will be played. The President Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil will confer the Ashoka Chakra on Major Laishram Jyotin Singh (posthumous) of the Army Medical Corps. The parade will then commence and the President will take the salute.

Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono will be the chief guest at the parade.

President Pratibha Devi Singh Patil will take salute of the marching contingents.

President will also present Gallantry awards to security personnel.
While the Indian Navy will display scaled down models of the aircraft carrier INS Viraat, Talwar kilo class submarine and the Mig-29K, the 4th Generation fighter jet inducted last year, the Indian Air Force tableau will focus on Network Centric Operations based on the AFNET, the state-of-the-art gigabyte digital information grid, also dedicated to the nation last year. However, the IAF will not hold any static-display of any of its aircrafts.

The parade ceremony will commence at the Amar Jawan Jyoti at India Gate where the Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh will lead the nation in paying homage to the martyrs by laying wreath. An eternal flame burns at the Amar Jawan Jyoti to commemorate the indomitable courage of our Armed Forces personnel who have made the supreme sacrifice in the service of the motherland.

The marching contingents of paramilitary and other auxiliary civil forces will include contingents from the Border Security Force, Assam Rifles, Coast Guard, Central Reserve Police Force, Indo-Tibetan Border Police, Central Industrial Security Force, Sashastra Seema Bal, Railway Protection Force, Delhi Police, National Cadet Corps and National Service Scheme.

Twenty-one of the 23 children selected for the National Bravery Award – 2010 will also participate in the parade. Two children have got the award posthumously. 686 children of different schools from Delhi and Regional Cultural Centres will present a fiesta of the varied folk and modern dances.

This year’s Chief Guest at the parade is president of Indonesia Dr. Haji Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono . The parade will be commanded by Major General Manvender Singh, General Officer Commanding Delhi area, The marching contingents of Army include the horse-mounted columns of the 61st Cavalry, Punjab Regiment, Grenadiers Regiment, Rajputana Rifles Regiment, Rajput Regiment, Sikh Light Infantry Regiment, Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry, 3 Gorkha Rifles and the Territorial Army. Another interesting feature of the Parade will be the Ex-Servicemen Marching Contingent led by 87-year-old Flying Officer MM Shukla, a veteran of the 2nd World War.

The Camel-mounted band of the BSF will be another major attraction. Tableaux from 23 states and Central Ministries and Departments will present the varied historical, architectural and cultural heritage of the country. They will also showcase country’s progress in different fields.

Dare Devils, the motorcycle display by the Army’s Corps of Signals, will perform breathtaking stunts the grand finale of the parade will be as usual a spectacular fly-past by the IAF, the Mi-25 attack helicopter participating for the first time.
62nd Republic Day

India is most over-regulated country in the world: Survey

Singapore, Jan 26 (PTI) India has topped a list of the most "over-regulated countries in the world" in a survey on Asian business and politics by Hong Kong-based Political and Economic Risk Consultancy Ltd (PERC).
The survey used responses from American executives about regulatory conditions in the United States to provide a benchmark against which to assess the Asian scores.
India was rated worst in terms of over-regulation, scoring 9.16 points out of 10, followed by China with 9.04 points, Japan in third position with 3.28 points and the US at fourth with 1.51 points.
Hong Kong received the best score in the survey of 0.98 point, while Singapore was second with 1.08 points, according to the survey done in the last quarter of 2010, based on responses from 1,370 executives.
In general, regulations were complex and non-transparent, while standards and certifications procedures were onerous in India, according to the PERC survey findings.
Foreign exchange, capital transactions and some credit operations were subject to approvals, restrictions and additional requirements that went far beyond what most other countries require, concluded the survey.
Even procedures for something as simple as getting a tourist visa were more cumbersome in India than was typical elsewhere, it pointed out.
It also cited specific examples from the World Bank''s Doing Business Survey of why India''s regulatory system deserves to be graded as poorly as it was. It can take a month-and-a-half to register property, almost 200 days to obtain a construction permit, over 1,400 days to enforce a contract and seven years to close a business.
"Documentation requirements for both exports and imports are onerous," the PERC survey pointed out.
"Labor requirements are strict and companies lack flexibility on hiring and firing workers," it concluded.
Regulations in the country were frequently not enforced, which raised the question of why they were on the books at all, noted the survey.
"In a recent scandal involving the telecommunications ministry''s mishandling of a landmark allocation of mobile telephone spectrum, as many as 85 of 122 new licences which were bundled with the bandwidth allocation were issued to companies that did not have the required capital to seek bandwidth," the survey pointed out.
These companies "suppressed facts, disclosed incomplete information and submitted fictitious documents", according to the survey.
"Of course they could not have done so without the complicity of bureaucrats at the ministry, who overlooked qualification shortcomings and arbitrarily moved forward the cut-off date for applying by one week to favor some companies that had applied earlier, while leaving others out," it said.
India is most over-regulated country in the world: Survey

Happy Republic Day

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General Harwant's Blog

Dear All,
I am experimenting with a blog on the internet. Please visit when you get a chance and provide your comments / feedback. There are a lot more articles that i'm bringing onto the blog shortly. I will also send you a link directly from the blog, to make it easier to connect. The link is General Harwant's Blog- click here
Look forward to hearing from you
Harwant (Lt Gen Harwant Singh, Former DCOAS)

Dehradun Ex Services League celebrates its 10th Annual Day.

Shyampur Shakha of Dehradun Ex-Services League, situated beyond Prem Nagar, celebrated its 10th Annual Day on 20th January 2011 with great pomp and show at the premises of Sangam Public School. Brig(Retd) K.G.BEHL, President DESLwas the chief guest on the occasion and Brig P.S.Gurung, vice President State Minority Commission was the Guest of Honour , Smt.Manju , Gram Pradhan Arcadia,was special guest besides Shri D.S.Batola, Principal Sangam School, Lt Cols B.S.Chettri, Lt Col R.K.Arya, and Lt Col B.M.Thapa, Secy. DESL, Lt Col R.P.Jairath, the Treasurer. Vir Naries of the area. were especially invited.
The programme started with the lighting of lamp by the chief guest and others followed by Saraswati Vandana and welcome song by students and ESM ,especially composed by CPO C. B.Gurung.
The President of Shakha H/Capt. B.S.Thapa, welcomed the guests and the audience and reported about all welfare activities carried out during the year. He expressed his gratitude to Brig K G Behl for attending the function as a Chief Guest in spite his ill health.
In his address Brig Behl, President DESL congratulated the members of the shakha on their raising Day and wished them a very happy and prosperous New Year 2011. He was glad that the day was a Sunny Day and a large number of ex-Servicemen have assembled in colourful dresses. He expressed satisfaction that the Shakha is carrying on various activities and taking up cases for the welfare of the Ex Servicemen residing in that area. He said that DESL keeps on publishing relevant orders in their Annual Pamphlet published at the time of AGM, copies of which are supplied to all those who attend besides some copies to Shakha HQ . He expressed his happiness on govt. agreeing to resolve some of the anomalies pointed out earlier but final orders are not yet out specially raising pension at the time of retirement from 50% to about 80%, which has to be maximum, to get One Rank One Pension. We have taken up the case with the PCDA and all others concerned for fixing pension on the basis of Pay as arrived by multiplying what one was drawing before 1.1.2006, as being done for fixing regular officers Pay and not the minimum of the scale as done now. It makes a big difference in pension.
Regarding ‘One Rank One Pension’ for which a large number of ESM have returned their medals and the agitation is going on at Delhi we have expressed our full support and a large number of ESM from Dehradun have become members there also. He pointed out that for OROP two factors are required viz. to retire at the highest of the scale and must have completed 33 years of service to earn full pension. In case of Jawans and Jcos the service has been brought to 30 years by giving different weightage and can be brought to 33 years by the method given by the 5TH CPC, due to raising age in civil to 58 years then which has later been raised to 60 years.

As you all know, during 3rd CPC, all ranks including officers were being retired at the maximum of the scale which can be revived. If the above two factors are fulfilled it automatically becomes OROP. This will be in consonance with the civil where most of the employees retire after completing maximum of the service required to earn full pension and automatically retire at the maximum of the scale they draw at that time due to length of service. Govt. should think on this line. Since in case of JCOs and Ors, they have already brought them nearer to the desired amounts it will not require much of funds to grant OROP to all and the problem can be solved once for all. Brig Behl also explained about the progress being made in the working of ECHS and efforts being made to start shortly two Dispensaries sanctioned at Vikasnagar and Haridwar Road. Keeping the strength of Ex Servicemen at Clement Town, a case for a full fledged dispensary is being mooted. It will lessen the load at ECHS Dehradun.

Regarding CSD he appreciated the efforts and improvements being done by the GOC, Uttarakhand Sub Area and how Vikasnagar problem has been saved. He hoped that soon the facilities will improve. He pointed out that though the state Govt. has issued orders regarding granting same concession on purchase of vehicles through CSD, as by adjoining states but they have put certain limits which are not in order and need to be removed. He had discussed the matter with the State Chief Secretary Shri Subash Kumar and also pointed out to the Hon’ble Chief Minister who agreed to get those right but the fresh orders are yet to come and the system needs to be streamlined . We hope it will be done soon. Regarding other points announced by the CM, for War Memorial and House Tax, the matter is being pursued and data being collected.

He later replied to the queries made by the members regarding various problems being faced and promised to take up the issues with the concerned authorities. He announced the sanction of Rs. 2000/- for the welfare activities. It was followed by a colourful cultural programme which included songs and dances by the youngsters, mostly students of the Sangam School, in Hindi, Gorkhali, Garhwali, Kumaoni and Punjabi which were very much appreciated by the large gathering there.

Brig PS Gurung was honored and so also 95 years old Major Narian Singh Thapa with Shawl and Wall clock. These were compered by Hon Lt Hari Singh Gurung, which was highly appreciated by all. It was organized very well by Capt B.S.Thapa and his team. Lt GB Gurung proposed the vote of thanks. It was followed by delicious lunch.
Lt Col B M Thapa, Veteran
General Secretary
Dehradun Ex-Services League
IESM Member

March against corruption

Dear Chander,
When IAC had invited all of us to send suggestions for inclusion in the proposed Lok Pal Bill I had responded as below. If my response appeals to RMS readers they may also write to organizers, DIRECTLY please without copies to Report My Signals.

"I have only one humble suggestion for the proposed Anti Corruption Bill or the Lokpal Bill. Can these bills have the same provisions as in the Anti Dowry or Anti-terrorism laws (TADA, PATA ETC), where a mere complaint or suspicion should be enough to arrest and proceed against the corrupt individual. It is true that some innocent people have suffered due to strong provisions in antidowry and anti-terrorism laws but dowry is no different from bribe or extortion. It is worth noting that dowry system or terrorism victimizes only a finite number of brides/individuals whereas the corruption victimizes the whole population of the country on account of loss of public revenue and inefficient/illegal actions of corrupt officials. Anti corruption bill should have even stronger provisions than anti dowry or anti terrorism laws."
Col SK Paranjape, Retd

Sukhna Scamsters get away lightly

Dear Brig Kamboj,
I was analysing the sentence pronounced by the General Court Martial in the case of Lt Gen Rath. Lt Gen Rath has been found 'Guilty' on three counts and has been sentenced to:
  • two years loss of seniority.
  • 15 years loss of service for the purposes of pension.
  • reprimand or perhaps 'Severe Reprimand' as different media reports have reported differently.
    If one analyses the first punishment, it means nothing, as loss of two years seniority at the fag end of his career really means nothing. The second punishment too is an eye wash. Considering that those retiring after 1.9.2008 are entitled to full pension after rendering 20 years of qualifying service, Rath would have still more than 20 years even after loss of 15 years service for the purpose of pension and thus eligible for full pension in the rank of Lt Gen.
    Even in terms of the earlier Rules he would have been eligible to full or almost full pension. Considering Rath renders 40-41 years service by the time he retires, with such punishment his service for pension would be reduced to 25-26 years. With seven years of weightage that all officers get he would have got 32-33 years of service for pension, thus making him eligible for full pension in the rank of Lt Gen.
    The third punishment at this stage of his career means nothing as 'Reprimand' does not come in any manner in one's promotion. Only 'Severe Reprimand' dis entitles one for consideration for next promotion for two years and I don't think Rath was in reckoning for promotion to COAS post. Yes, he would not be eligible to be considered for Army Cmdr's post. But then the present Chief in any case, GCM or no GCM, would not have taken him to be one of his Army Cmdr's. It is purely COAS prerogative as to who all he elects to be his Army Cmdr's. (Apex Court in Sham Kumar's case has ruled so. Col Sham Kumar was selected by the Selection Board for Brig rank. But the COAS then did not approve him for Brig rank. Apex Court held that it is COAS prerogative to select his team as he is answerable for Country's defence). Another case in sight is of Lt Gen Kadyan. Lt Gen Kadyan though senior to Kalkat, yet was denied Army Cdr's post and Kalkat being junior was selected as GOC-in-C Eastern Command.
    Armed Forces want to set example of sorts to enforce discipline. A sepoy is court martialled and dismissed from service on overstaying leave, even if he has reasons top explain. I fought for one such Jawan who was dismissed from service for overstaying leave although the overstayal was due to his having fallen into a ditch and fracturing his leg. He was admitted in a nearby Civil Hospital. He had duly kept his Unit informed and had produced medical certificates from the Civil Surgeon of the Hospital. Even then he was dismissed. I had to file three petitions to have his punishment set aside and to get him his pensionary benefits.
    The question I put to myself is "Is setting example only applicable at the lower levels or lower ranks?" Or is it the camaraderie that helped him as the members of the Court martial were all Lt Gens, perhaps comrade-in-arms to Rath.
    I am reminded of the case way back in 1985 of Major General DSC Rai whom I defended and when he could not be court-martialled he was dismissed from service under Army Act Section 18. The charge 'His wife exhibited her paintings in a five star hotel which the Unit commanders under General Rai purchased from Unit funds' and Unit Commanders giving gifts to General Rai on his being posted out, in the form of souvenirs of Rs. 250/- that was in excess of RS.25/- prescribed in the Defence Services Regulations - both acts considered 'prejudicial to good order and military discipline'!
    I ask myself "Hasn't Rath been dealt with leniently". Or was it only for the General Public consumption who are not aware that such punishments to Lt General Rath mean nothing and have no repercussions? In my view 'Setting Example' must come from the top.
    With best regards,
    MG (Lt Col MG Kapoor, Practising Law in Delhi High Court)
  • Monday, January 24, 2011

    5th Netaji Subhash Memorial Lecture

    Dear Chander,
    This is to remind all friends in IESM and more particularly 16NDA/ 25 DE and 14 OST friends.
    The 5th Netaji Subhash Memorial Lecture commences at 2-30 PM, on 24 January at FICCI Auditorium , Tansen Marg- Barakhamba Road Crossing close to Mandi House and Barakhamba Rd Metro Stations. Programme will be followed by informal interaction over High Tea.
    The Theme is Nation Building An Appraisal of acheivements & Challeges. Hard copies of invitation cards is not required. Just come and we will be there to receive you. An E Card is attached as above.
    Will be grateful if this can be sent out on RMS.

    Cobra CSD Jabalpur stings Veterans

    Because of a strange but true TUGLAQI FARMAN issued by HQ Madhya Bharat Area Jabalpur to all Station units The ESM community of this station have been debarred from drawing general stores from any other canteen but from the Station Canteen known as Cobra Canteen.
    The unfortunate and mindless order has put the ESM community to uncalled for hardship as they are being forced to travel longer distances to draw the grocery stores. The said unethical order has been issued on the pretax that unit canteens are not depositing the share of ex service men generated profit with the concerned authority.
    The said order has debarred the ESM community of their right rather then tightening the system so that the orders on sharing the profit generated by sales to ESM are properly accounted for. All the URC are making sales through computerized billing that can be suitably modified to cater for proper accounting of ESM generated profit.
    The said oral order has been issued in contravention of the Army HQ policy on the subject that any serving or retired defence personnel can draw the grocery stores from any canteen in India by producing the smart card.
    Through the medium of IESM I wish to apprise the concerned authority in higher echelon of army that subordinate HQ must be instructed to follow the instruction in letter and spirit and refrain from issuing such Tuglaqi Farmans which effects the ESM Community
    ...from ESM Google Group.

    ESM Welfare and Politics

    Dear Veterans,
    I write this email with reference to a recent email by a senior veteran from another ESM organization discounting the efforts and achievements of IESM in the past three years. I would like to begin with my opening statement that 'IESM' does not need any certification or approval from any ESM Organization.
    It is rather outstanding and remarkable that despite having said it a thousand times, we at IESM have to continuously and repeatedly draw everyone’s attention to the cause behind the formation of IESM. If the other ESM Organizations were as effective, potent and efficient as they claim to be, all of us at IESM would have gladly become active members of them and by now OROP and other demands of the ESM would have already been fulfilled. The sad truth remains that they are not. And it is because of that that IESM was formed. IESM was formed because the Government chose to totally ignore the ESM of the country till the point they were forced to initiate civil action and civil movements like the dharna at Jantar Mantar and various other IESM rallies.
    At this point I must again mention that IESM is by its very definition and remains completely apolitical. Our interests are the interests of ESM and that only. Nothing more and nothing less. Formed by selfless volunteers from all ranks, all arms with no objective but the welfare of ESM and a personal satisfaction of doing good work, IESM remains committed to the good of each ESM and ESM family in the country. IESM is answerable to every ESM of the country but NOT to any vested interest driven outfit/organization.
    The IESM mission is a movement headed by some of the most efficient and driven personnel to have ever served the Indian military. And to make it even more effective our mission is further fortified by a remarkable set of officers, JCOs and Other Ranks that form the state, district and city/village level conveners, coordinators and representatives. If the IESM HQ is the Brains, this potent team of wonderful men is the ‘Heart and Lungs’ of IESM.
    The insensitivity towards the ESM of the country is, as I have mentioned in the past, a dangerous game. That said, it is also a game that is about to finish. And the ESM of India will win this battle for justice. I do not say that IESM and IESM alone will take the credit for this victory but we do take the credit for organizing and mobilizing lakhs of ESM and ESM organizations across the country to spur into action and move this mission forward. The love and faith that ESM across the country have shown in IESM and its people speaks for itself and needs no proof. After all this love, affection and faith of millions of ESM is the very fuel that powers the IESM turbofan engine.
    Any person or organization that goes about changing things is resisted, mocked at, ridiculed and countered. That is why IESM remains the only ESM Welfare Organization that receives all sorts of comments. But in the words of the Great Mahatma, “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” And make no mistake, we are winning.
    IESM as a part of its mission has written tens of hundreds of letters to all dignitaries irrespective of party/affiliation. IESM representatives have also had meetings with state and centre MPs and MLAs regardless of their political affiliation to any party. The letter to Shri LK advani was a part of the same strategy to sensitize the entire Indian political system regarding the challenges of the IESM.
    The ESM of the country are not begging the country for something that is not justified. The ESM of the country are demanding what is rightful and justified. It is not a matter of ‘if’ it’s merely a matter of ‘when’…
    With warm regards,
    Kameshwar Pandey
    Sub/ Maj Hony Lt (Veteran)
    Governing Body Member Indian ESM Movement

    Homage and Tributes to Lt Gen RIS Kahlon

    I attended the cremation of Gen RIS Kahlon on 18 Jan 11. Including the presence of a Former Naval Chief a Former COAS, it was a mamoth gathering of military veterans and civilians. A very large number of serving senior serving officers of all three services were also present.
    Col ARS Kahlon, son of Gen Kahlon lit the pyre.
    Some tributes of Gen Kahlon, which I received are reproduced below.
    I had also taken some photographs at the cremation site. 19 selected photographs are being circulated. As the total size is of files too large, I am sending these photos attached with three different emails.
    Chander Kamboj

    I met Kahlon first time when I was promoted as Maj Gen and took over Director Armament and went to call on him as MGO in his office in the S/Block. Apart from various issues of concern which we discussed in the meeting, he told me that his son was a major in Armoured Corps and he said that the young lad doesn't know whether he should be inside or outside the tank. Obviously, looking at my face the expression of question mark as to what he was talking about, after a brief pause, addressing me by my first name Ashok which he probably read from my name tab, he said that he was refering to the problem of bursting of large number of barrells of T-72 Gun resulting in fatal casualties and requesting my personal attention for resolution of the problem.

    This shows his excellent method of putting accross the point in such a manner that I remember him vividly even today after more than 15 years. Needless to say that I took up the issue seriously and the issue was resolved involving the Russions, DRDO, OFB, veh factory at Avadi, Gun Carriage Factory Kanpur and of course the AHQ. The Russian team stayed in India for three weeks, went around Armed Corps units, DRDO Labs and Gun factory at Kanpur and we had many meetings.

    During the course of my tenure as Dir Armt, I used to be meeting Kahlon frequently and I always found him forthright, forceful and absolutely clear in his expression. Except for a brief meeting once when I bumbed into him in one of the exhibition about three years ago, last time I met him was in the year 1997-98. When I was DGQA and he had invited me for dinner in Hotel Continental in Delhi. Lt Gen RIS Kahlon a dynamic leader with helping attitude will be remebered by one and all who came into his contact.
    Lt Gen(Retd) Ashok Agarwal, PVSM
    Imdt Past President
    Institution of Electronics &Telecommunication Engineers

    Thank you Col Raman for the tributes paid to RISKY.
    Yes I remember him as a genial, practical soldier who handled the tricky appointment of Jaffna Town Commandant in a crucial phase of our war against the LTTE. Ever smiling he had a great compassion for the ordinary people affected by the war and took enormous risk in making continuous effort to put some sense to the people on the utter futility of fighting Indian army. I am sure many in Jaffna now will remember his acts of compassion and consideration. He took enormous risks fitting with his nickname by having nothing but CRP for protection (that too smart Mahila company who would present arms to us); LTTE knew his good work and my contacts told me they would not target him.

    Personally I have lost a friend. About two years back I met him in Delhi when CENJOWS called for a conference in which both he and I spoke (after two decades) on what really happened to the IPKF in our respective areas. He looked as fit as ever. I never imagined his life would be cut short so soon. My salute to him. May his soul RIP.
    Col R Hariharan

    Dear Veterans,
    My memory takes me to the period of end 1987 to 1988, when Lt Gen RIS Khalon, then Brigadier, took over as Town commandant, Jaffna. My very first meeting with him was in the Palali Air field. He was called up from the NDC, even before he could complete his course, which shows the calibre of the Officer, who enjoyed the complete trust of the then COAS, to take over the tricky assignment of Town Commandant Jaffna, with all its LTTE problems. He used to be on the TV frequently, to answer tricky questions by the Tamil Press. He could handle all the Militant groups (the friendly ones). But LTTE was a different kettle of fish. He took the initiative in releasing the LTTE spokesman, Kittu & handing him over to the Citizens Committee of Jaffna, to the utter dismay & discomfiture of Kittu himself, since he felt more safer with the IPKF.

    For all his talents & leadership qualities, he was most unassuming. He could enter into a friendly dialogue even with a stranger, which was the corner stone of his success as the Town Commandant Jaffna. The citizens had more faith in him than they had with the Govt of India. My dear friend Col N Viswanathan, was fortunate to serve under him as the Deputy Town Commandant, Jaffna. Another friend, Col Hariharan also had close interaction with him during that period.

    We all salute his memory. Our condolences to Mrs Gikki Kahlon. Dear 'Risky Kahlon', we will always remember you.
    With Deep Sorrow,
    Col ( Retd) TN Raman

    Combating Corruption Cancer in India

    Please Join the Protest March- India Against Corruption- Ram Lila Ground, Delhi- 30 Jan 2011.
    The decisive battle against corruption in India has begun.
    India Against Corruption is a movement created by concerned citizens from all spheres, and professions, who've come together to fight corruption in India
    Visit: India Against Corruption.
    India Against Corruption, an NGO is holding a protest rally on 30 Jan 2011 at New Delhi at Ram Lila Grounds at 1300 hrs from where protesters would march to Jantar Mantar. A candle light vigil would be organized at Jantar Mantar the same evening.
    That the average citizen is well aware and victim of rampant corruption that not only makes every day life a struggle, but impedes national progress, is too well known, to need recounting. We as (Ex) Servicemen, with deep rooted patriotic values, obviously have a concern over this all pervading malaise.
    It's time we stop just talking about it, and synergize our efforts with groups working towards eradication of corruption.

    The Indian Ex Servicemen Movement (IESM) supports the NGO INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION, and would participate in their rally and march.
    All Ex Servicemen (Particularly those in Delhi and NCR), whether IESM members or not, are requested to be present at Ramlila ground, Delhi by 1230 hrs. Closest Metro station is New Delhi Railway station, approx 1.5 Km away- 4-5 mins by auto.

    Why you should be there? Simple. Because if you don't raise your voice OR strengthen movements such as this, you would have lost YOUR right to crib about 'Something wrong with the system' OR to raise queries like ' Why doesn't SOMEONE do something about it?"
    Golf is good, so is your morning kirtan bhajan, but this does not happen every day.

    Officers in Delhi, MUST be there.............NEED to be there. Please make it. Step out and rest assured, a good walk from Ram Lila ground would not only be exhilarating, but also likely to change the way things are.
    Not only you, but get atleast 8-10 friends, family members etc along. It should be a good outing.

    Please read the piece below. It's interesting. And a GOOD backgrounder on the event.
    With Warm Regards,
    Col RP Chaturvedi, IESM


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