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A year ago 'Should Implement One Rank One Pension Soon'

A year ago 'Govt Should Implement One Rank One Pension Soon'
PTI | New Delhi | May 07, 2010
A Parliamentary committee has asked the Defence Ministry to soon implement 'One Rank One Pension' (OROP) for armed forces veterans, noting that a demand for this has not been accepted by it.

"The committee concludes that 'OROP' has not been accepted by the government. However, the pensionary benefits of ex-servicemen including disabled ex-servicemen have considerably been improved by implementation of the seven recommendations of a committee (headed by Cabinet Secretary K M Chandrasekhar)," the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Defence said in its report tabled in Lok Sabha today.

The panel, headed by Satpal Maharaj (Congress) had considered the government replies to its earlier report submitted to Parliament in December last year.

"The committee still recommend that the government should implement OROP in a holistic manner so that large number of ex-servicemen can be benefited. The government should also ensure that the various benefits provided to the ex-servicemen due to implementation of the recommendation of the Cabinet Secretary-headed committee, along with arrears if any, are paid expeditiously," it said.

OROP implied that uniform pension should be paid to armed forces personnel retiring in the same rank with same length of service irrespective of their date of retirement and any future enhancement in the rates of pension should be automatically passed on to the past pensioners.

After the veterans had organised events to return their service and gallantry medals to the President in protest, the government had, on the directions of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, set up the committee to consider the demand made in the wake of implementation of the Sixth Central Pay Commission (CPC) recommendations in September 2008.

The committee recommended a plan under which the pensions would be as close to OROP, but this was being accepted by the ex-servicemen. However, the government decided to implement it.

On the issue of lateral entry for ex-servicemen into central paramilitary forces, which the government was yet to implement, the Parliamentary panel said though it had highlighted the advantage of recruiting them in CPMF, it had not been implemented despite a CPC recommendation in this regard.

"The committee desires that the Ministry expedite the matter to resolve the lateral induction of ex-servicemen in CPMF, PSUs and state police," which was the highlight of the Group of Ministers' recommendation for 'Reforming National Security System' made in 2001, it said.
Outlook: 'Govt Should Implement One Rank One Pension Soon'
Comment: How serious is the Governement in Reforming the National Security System? Goof up on Terrorists Lists speaks volumes about National Security Status?

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John Hislop's reminiscences of the Jat Regiment- 1933 to 1947

Review for the Sandhurst Foundation
ln the summer of 1956, Field Marshal Sir Claude Auchinleck opened the R.M.A Sandhurst's Indian Army Memorial Room with its fine stained glass commemorative windows. Before a large gathering of forrner lndian Army officers, with one of whom I was staying as a guest, "the Auk" gave a message which few present will ever have forgotten, a message telling us to look back on the lndian Army with pride for its splendid achievements, but that its era was now over, history, and nostalgia would serve no purpose.

John Hislop's reminiscences, edited by his daughter Penny Kocher, follow "the Auk's" counsel excellently. After passing out from Sandhurst in 1933 Hislop served in lndia with the 9th Jat Regiment and in staff appointments until the end of British rule in 1947. His various chapters cover service in the golden years before 1939, operations on the North-West Frontier and in Burma in the Second World War, and the turmoil of the final two years before independence.

Readers will leam much interesting detail about operations in Waziristan and Baluchistan before the outbreak of war, tactics needed for protection on long marches - an officer in charge of a flanking picquet might find himself moving over thirty miles per day over mountainous ground for several consecutive days, and all the problems of food supply and water. ln 1942-43, as protection as much because of anxiety over a possible German invasion via a defeated Soviet Union as of local insurgents, the equivalent of five divisions were engaged in operations in the North-West Frontier provinces. Hislop was then moved to the even more dfficult conditions of Burma, fighting the Japanese in the unfamiliar conditions of sticky heat, only a few roads and these very poor, rain, lush jungle and leeches.

Perhaps most interesting of all, though, is the author's description of how the lndian Army actually worked; the Jat Regiment battalions, for example, were structured around two companies of Hindu Jats, one company of Punjabi Moslems and one company of Musulman Rajputs, a mix requiring not only good purely military leadership to ensure the respect of all but sensitivity for different cultures and beliefs. Hislop's long service revealed many examples of good leadership. Sadly there were also examples of bad command by others; lessons for officers in any army at any time.

A valuable addition to the history of the lndian Army, written with pride and no nostalgia.
Dr Anthony Clayton, Academic Staff RMA Sandhurst 1965-1993
More Reviews- Order your copy
A Soldier's Story- John Hislop, Indian Army officer of The Jat Regiment
More about the life of John Hislop click here

Britain converts Military covenant into Law

Dear Brig Kamboj:
As I had anticipated, not it's official. The British PM has made a statement seeking to convert a military covenant into law, so affected members of the armed forces can take legal action, if government fails to abide by the law, that is, look after them and their families adequately. If you have time, please visit the following link.
click here
I would have gladly written a critique, but have inadequate knowledge of the functioning of the AFT. Thanks.
Maj Gen K Bhimaya, 10th JSW Course

Dear Brig Kamboj,
The news of the United Kingdom officially recognising her duties and obligations towards the Armed Forces personnel has implications for all of us, not only the servicemen and the ex-servicemen in the United Kingdom.
Following on from the statement, “If you fight for your country, your country will look after you,” new homes will be built for ex servicemen, there will be free use of gym and leisure centres and priority in getting medical treatment. Please see the full news published in the "Sunday Telegraph", London, today. (Sunday, May 15, 2011): click here
RS Rajput
Veteran (UK)

Defence Correspondent 15 May 2011 The Sunday Telegraph by SEAN RAYMENT
BRITISH troops and their families will receive priority access to school places, NHS treatment and housing under new Military Covenant laws.
Details of the package to help services personnel will be unveiled to Parliament tomorrow in a statement by Dr Liam Fox, the Defence Secretary, after government lawyers and officials spent the weekend finalising them.
It is understood the measures will include an offer of free cycles of IVF treatment to military families where a soldier has suffered injuries which make it difficult to conceive – a common occurrence in Afghanistan, where many have been hurt by improvised explosive devices.
Troops serving overseas will no longer be required to pay full council tax, while a new chief coroner will be put in charge of conducting the inquests of war dead.
Service personnel posted to different parts of Britain will be promoted to the top of health service waiting lists if they fall ill. It is also understood that Ministry of Defence working committees are looking at ways of striking a deal with banks to offer troops low interest “military mortgages”.
The Military Covenant has, until now, been an unwritten agreement under which the state pledges a duty of care toward military personnel who may be called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice in the service of their country. It has never been enshrined in law and there has been increasing concern that Britain’s soldiers aren’t getting the health care, housing or pay they deserve.
Following the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, it has been argued by both David Cameron and Dr Fox that the Covenant was broken by the then Labour government when it failed properly to equip troops for combat. Earlier this month, Mr Cameron was accused of backtracking on plans to “write the Covenant into law” when the third reading of the Armed Forces Bill was delayed.
The shelving of the Bill was understood to have been ordered afterTreasury lawyers warned that enshrining the Covenant in law could cost millions and would be beset by legal problems.
Under the latest proposals, while the Covenant measures will be written into law based on broad principles rather than specific statements of entitlement, there will be room for service personnel and veterans to ensure they have not been disadvantaged through military service.
Andrew Robathan, the defence minister overseeing the Armed Forces Bill, said the Coalition would “ensure the best possible treatment for all our service personnel, serving and retired”. He added: “We are putting the Military Covenant on a statutory basis for the first time.”
Last night Jim Murphy, the shadow defence secretary, said: “The Prime Minister appears to have finally done the right thing. I hope this marks the beginnings of a real reassessment of how the Government is treating our Armed Forces.
“We will now wait to hear the detail and will want to ensure that the principles of the Covenant are being properly set out in law,” he added. See page 23

ECHS: If a system is working don't touch it

I went to Noida polyclinic this morning. It is today, by far one of the best in the country. This transition has come about with the untiring efforts of Col Bhardwaj, the OC Polyclinic, over the past two years. Comfortable sheltered waiting areas, TVs, helpful staff emulating the OC who insists we come inside and sit down, before giving everyone a patient hearing. Waiting time everywhere has come down considerably. Things move smoothly. Really good. I learnt today that the Colonel leaves this assignment over next fortnight, since he has finished his contract of two years. I wonder if he would consider staying on. He tells me that is against policy. Really? I know for one, I and a lot many Noida ESM will be sorry to see him go. AND his successor has a tough task cutout for him to match the standards of courtesy, efficiency and administrative acumen of Col Bhardwaj.I saw a large crowd waiting to see Medical Specialist. L-O-N-G queues of impatient patients waiting for Darshan of the sole Medical Specialist. Earlier not too long we had two/ three.

Dr (Mrs) Agarwal, the other medical specialist had left some time ago, on superannuation at age 65. When Brig Tiwari expired soon after, she was reappointed and moved in. Queues could now progress faster. Now, moved in the Line of Communication Hqs. We all know the appointment of Doctors is 'Area Hq' Turf. SO, how could MD ECHS make this appointment, Area Hq wanted to know. They asserted their power and could prevail. Dr Agarwal is now out. We are back to the one medical specialist.

The above narrations point to a sad lack of development of the 'service industry' ethos in Fauji organizations that need to be more supportive of the needs of the USER, rather than the insistence on protocol, processes and of course egos. It is nobody's case that the present OC OR Dr Agarwal are indispensable. Only that a 'case by case' study of the situation needs doing. Shortly, we would be expanding the Polyclinic, the erstwhile MI room building has already been vacated and adjustments seem to have started. In the event, having the OC continue the good work would have been a good idea. I don't find it necessary, but must state that Col Bhardwaj is neither known to me earlier than my association with him after I started functioning as Coordinator of the IESM ECHS Division, nor is he going to pay me to write this.

Dr Agarwal. Ditto. If she was a surgeon I would perhaps feel her hand may quiver during a serious stage of an operation. But as Medical specialist, age 65 does not sound too high. Maybe she should have served us another year or two, till we found adequately skilled replacement. Why should there be a gap in the service. And I believe the GOC Delhi Area needs to be requested to review the decision. Again, I can't recall meeting Mrs Agarwal. I don't know her.
Would someone be able to take this forward? Thanks.
I am reminded of an advise I received from my Director when I joined the corporate the first time. "If something is working, Don't touch it".
With Warm Regards,
Col RP Chaturvedi

Dear Friends,
Jai Hind.
We the ESM at Noida, request your help in ensuring that the contents of this email reach the authorities concerned.
Thank you.
Vande Matram
In service of Indian Military Veterans
Chander Kamboj

Feedback on Presentation to Petition Committee on OROP

Congratulations and compliments to Gens Kadyan , Satbir and their dedicated Team as also All other Veteran Leaders who have made such forceful presentations on our behalf- truly inspiring and selfless service to Servicemen.
Inspired feedback from Hony Lt Pandey- his write-up is brilliant.
May their example bring the ideal of Veterans Unity/harmony closer to 'being'.
Pray for your success and to the cause of Justice for Veterans.
Best wishes and warm regards
Yoginder Sharma
Lt Gen YN Sharma
Former Army Commander

From: Dhanesh Chandra Goyal
Sent: 18 May 2011 16:18
To: Brig Kamboj
Dear Brig,
It is really heartening that some of are fighting our cause. We are bound to be successful one day. Presently the Govt is concentrating only to face saving against corruption, hence delay.
Regards to those senior officers who are representing us.
Lt Col D C Goyal

From: kameswararao gadepally []
Sent: 17 May 2011 20:05
To: Report My Signal (Chander Kamboj)
Dear Brig Kamboj
Congratulations to IESM and its governing body for the illuminating presentation to the Committee on Petitions of the Parliament. It is good that almost all the various groups of Veterans have been involved in the presentation. The qoute by Gen Raj Kadyan is very appropriate and let us hope that it will open the eyes of the bureaucracy and the government to the realities leading to the success of our efforts and grant of OROP. May The Almighty add HIS Blessings for the success of the endeavours in this regard by all Veterans.
yours sincerely
Lt Col (retd) Dr G Kameswara rao

From: Hirak Nag
Sent: 17 May 2011 19:29
To: "Report My Signal" (Chander Kamboj)
Very encouraging and all due to the continious, dedicated and tireless efforts of Gen Kadyan, Gen Satbir, Lt. Kameshwar Pandey, Col RP Chaturvedi, Hav Devi Lal, Brig Kamboj and all the selfless staff of IESM. I am proud to be a member.
Hirak Nag.

From: RDOA India
Sent: 18 May 2011 18:54
To: CS.Kamboj
Subject: Presentation on OROP to the Rajya Sabha Petition Commitee under the Chairmanship of Shri Bhagat Singh Koshyari
Dear Sir,
It is intimated that:
A Presentation was given on One Rank One Pension (OROP) to the Rajya Sabha Petition Commitee under the Chairmanship of Shri Bhagat Singh Koshyari, Member Rajya Sabha on 16 May 2011, 3 PM onwards. There were other associations present also. The presentation given by RDOA was very well appreciated. One of the Committee members remarked as 'Best Explanation' and asked for additional inputs which will be given by RDOA in a few days time. RDOA was represented by the President: Lt Col BK Sharma (Retd) & the Secretary: Lt Col Satwant Singh (Retd)
It is requested that the info be put on RMS for info of all concerned
With best wishes

OROP: Presentation to Rajya Sabha Committee on Petitions by IESL
Dear colleagues,
1. A presentation was made to Rajya Sabha Committee on Petitions under the Chairmanship of Shri Bhagat Singh Koshyari, Member Rajya Sabha on 16 May 2011 by team of IESL headed by Brig R K S Gulia, President, to include Brig Kartar Singh, AVM R P Mishra, Cdr B D Sharma and Col Sukhbir Singh on OROP. The thrust of the Presentation was to press home the long outstanding demand of Ex-Servicemen of the
Armed Forces for OROP. Shri Bhagat Singh Koshyari Chairman of the Committee and other members of the Committee gave a pateint hearing and appeared to be convinced of the grievances as regards to OROP put forward by the IESL delegation.
2. The IESL delegation was asked to make its presentation first amongst a total of 8 delegations/ individuals who had petitioned to the Committee. The salient details of the presentations were
(a) Indian Ex-Services League
(i) Only organisation recognised by Govt of India- for tri services.
(ii) Status also confirmed by Lok Sabha through a resolution.
(iii) Largest tri services all India based apolitical organisation.
(iv) Objective of the League- Welfare
(b) Salient features:-
(i) Military Rank Oriented
(ii) Degradation of Military Service
(iii) Origin of OROP
(iv) What is OROP
(c) Uniqueness of Military Service
(i) 50% of the Military strength remains 80% of the time away from families.
(ii) Leave is not a right.
(iii) Service Conditions- Roughest weather and toughest terrain.
(iv) Early retirement.
(v) Fundamental rights curtailed.
(vi) Being called in all calamities to include natural and man made.
(vii) Unlike other services a soldier is employed for
24X7 duties.
(d) Early retirement
(i) 85% retire below 38 years of age, 10% retire below 46 and 5% retire at 56.
(ii) Benefits of 1-2 pay commissions denied due to early retirement.
(iii) Second career not guaranteed.
(iv) Exploited by various agencies as welfare is not on
concurrent list.
(v) ACP (Assured career progression) and promotions denied due to early retirement and steep pyramidical structure.
(e) Why OROP to Military Veterans
(i) Pension is compensation for services rendered.
(ii) Right of equality for compensation.
(iii) Constitutional law of equal compensation for equal and same work.
(iv) Natural Justice- case of father, son and grand son in the same rank.
(v) Honour and pride.
(vi) Economic world.
3. For information please.
with regards,
Col Sukhbir Singh
Gen Secretary IESL

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Army Nurses Rank, Status and Honour Degraded?

Army nurses not at par with officers’ by Vijay Mohan/ TNS
Chandigarh, May 12, 2011
Holding that the Military Nursing Service (MNS) is an auxiliary force, the Armed Forces Tribunal has ruled that MNS officers cannot be granted parity with Army officers.

Disposing of a bunch of petitions filed by MNS officers seeking a higher pay-band and associated benefits at par with Army officers of equivalent rank, the Tribunal observed that the recruitment process and nature of duties of the MNS and Army officers is different and simply because the MNS officers are being granted ranks and perks admissible to combatant soldiers and officers, the position of MNS officers cannot be elevated to that of regular troops.

The MNS officers contended that making a distinction on the basis of being a combat and non-combat force and thereby placing them in a lower pay-band was discriminatory. They also contended that some other branches like education, postal and JAG were also non-combatant, but were granted higher scales. Observing that it was clear from the Army ordinance that the MNS was an auxiliary force and not the main combat force, the Tribunal ruled that the difference between the two is right from the induction into service and this distinction has been kept in view by the government while fixing their pay-band.

Ruling that it was a “total misnomer” to say that the nursing staff are same in status as the regular combat force, the Tribunal also observed that there would be functional and command difficulties in hospitals. Nurses have to work under the directions of doctors and have to follow their command. Directions given by doctors to persons of the same rank and status may cause difficulty in functioning.
Army nurses not at par with officers’
Vijay Mohan/ TNS
Related reading
New Delhi, May 12, 2011
The government is planning to recruit 20,000 more armed women personnel in paramilitary forces in the next three years. According to the new plan formulated by the Home Ministry, all paramilitary forces, the CRPF, BSF, CISF, ITBP, SSB and the NSG, will essentially have 5 per cent of their total force strength as women personnel in three to five years and 10 per cent in the subsequent five years. These women will be hired and deployed for general guard duties, patrolling, frisking suspects and other normal policing activities undertaken by their male counterparts. The government also plans to enhance the facilities being offered to women security personnel
Plan to recruit 20,000 women in paramilitary

Defence Secretary A.V. Singh, who chaired the committee which submitted its report in March 2003 said, "The cumulative effect of its implementation will be, we hope, a younger force".
What we have in reality is a top heavy bloated ageing Army Command Chain enhancing and encouraging Corruption and diluting decision making- Ideal for a Defensive Military. Thanks to AV Singh's Vision!
Degradation of Rank and Honour- In footsteps of AV Singh Committee
A military nurse holds rank in his or her respective service the same as other officers. A brand new nurse is commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Military Nursing Service corps they are commissioned in. They work up through the ranks by completing career milestones and through a competitive process called a promotion board. Nurses have a long and remarkable history of serving and aiding the military from the Wars of early history to modern day conflicts. Nurses have served bravely and with great personal sacrifice in and out of uniform. Nursing has contributed to significant strides in improving medical care in the military and in civilian practice. Nurses participate in research, advanced medical care, and technology. But, the thing nurses are best known for is their caring compassionate expertise in treating sick and wounded military personnel.

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OROP IESM Presentation to Parliamentary Committee

IESM: OROP: Presentation to Petition Committee
Dear Friends,
Jai Hind.
Please read the link above and email reproduced below.
I am sure this will give you lot of confidence in the efforts being put in by your humble supporters IESM, who are spending sleepless nights to get justice to YOU ALL INDIAN MILITARY VETERANS.
होंगे कामयाब हम एक दिन - एक दिनIt is time for all of us to support IESM.
Would you please–
Become member of IESM and give them whole hearted support.
You know and we all know – you cannot get very rich by saving those few hundred rupees, which are required to support IESM.
More support you can gather – better are chances of success of IESM.
We need much more momentum to move the political leaders away from the clutches of the Babus, who are bent upon cheating the Defence Services Veterans.
Please help and support IESM.
Vande Matram
In service of Indian Military Veterans
Chander Kamboj.

Dear Gen Kadyan,
I am still recovering from the awe-effect of the presentation you made yesterday. To say that it was an outstanding presentation that you made in front of the petition committee would be a huge understatement. IESM is both lucky and proud to have you as our Chairman and I feel privileged to be able to work closely with you. Even the chairman and the other members of the petition committee had no option but to appreciate your presentation. The effect that the presentation had on the committee can be gauged by the remark that they made, "we would like to meet you again during the course of finalization of the committee recommendations." On behalf of our team and as an 'eye-witness' I would like to congratulate you on a remarkable presentation yesterday.
The beauty of presentation lay in the fact that all our claims, our points and our apprehensions were backed by solid, water-tight facts and figures. What was even more outstanding was that these were issues mostly related to war widows, JCOs, NCOs and other ranks - something that was missing from most of the other presentations made before the committee. It was, thus, proven one more time that Gen Kadyan follows the 'subordinates first' rule which so many senior veterans have forgotten.
Some points of the presentation that I want to highlight that Gen Kadyan stressed on:
  • The main focus of the presentation was, of course, on One Rank One Pension, its need and its justification.
  • Intended and subtle pun on the cunning efforts of bureaucrats for the planned and tactical down-gradation of the military.
  • Loved this quote, "mera qatil hi mera munsif hai, kya mere haq mein faisla dega..." which was delivered in an extremely emotional way by Gen Satbir which moved everyone sitting in the room.
  • I salute the herculean effort put in by Gen Satbir as well as Col R P Chaturvedi who worked behind the scenes tirelessly which made this presentation a grand success that it was. We must also thank to Hav Devi Lal sahib who is always in the thick of every IESM activity. Hav Devi Lal sahib is an asset for IESM.
    Finally, I apologize for taking the microphone without your permission to support the points of Shri SS Ramachandran. The chairman, Mr Koshiyari, tried to interrupt him but I was in full agreement with the point raised by Mr SS Ramachandran, that the young lot of firearms trained soldiers, if left dissatisfied, can be misguided by anti national elements and that can be mighty dangerous.
    The question before us, therefore, is whether these committees have any vested powers or are they merely an eye-wash and a governments gimmick to buy more time and further delay the issue. A member of the committee was saying that we are here to give you a hearing and that there are many committees above them that might or might not listen to their recommendations. What, then, is the use of all this lao-lashkar? And what should be our course of action?
    I once again appreciate the collective efforts of IESM as a unit because of which such presentations and meetings are suddenly happening and everybody is talking about ESM and OROP. What is notable is the fact that IESM was called separately for making the presentation! That said,
    लड़ाई लम्बी है. हमें शांति, धीरज और हिम्मत से आगे बढ़ाना है.
    Thank you.
    Yours truly,
    Kameshwar Pandey
    Sub/Maj Hony Lt (Veteran)
    Governing Body Member Indian ESM Movement

    IESM Presentation of OROP to Petition Committee

    MOD Committee to stall the issue!
    ARMED FORCES PENSIONERS By Ex-Servicemen Members of the Committee Appointed by MoD
  • OROP: Presentation to Petition Committee

    Dear Colleagues,
    The presentation to the Rajya Sabha Petitions Committee took place as scheduled. It was heard by the Chairman Shri Bhagat Singh Koshiari, and many other members including Shri Ram Vilas Paswan and Shri Rajiv Shukla. Our team included, Hony Lt Kameshwar Pande, Col Rakesh Chaturvedi, Maj Gen Satbir Singh and self. Our 25-minute power point projection was heard with rapt attention. Body language of the Committee members betrayed a very positive response.
    Best regards,
    Lt Gen (Emeritus) Raj Kadyan, PVSM, AVSM, VSM
    Chairman IESM

    Dear Veterans,
    1. The Petition Committee of Rajya Sabha on One Rank One Pension (OROP) invited a number of veteran organizations and a few veterans for the presentation on 16 May 2011. We had requested the Petition Committee to grant us sufficient time to make the presentation to enable us to do justice to the cause. You will be glad to know that our request was accepted. Alongwith us, the Navy Foundation Delhi Chapter and Brig Mahalingam an IESM veteran also made their presentations.
    2. Gen Kadyan, Col R P Chaturvedi, Hony Lt Kameshwar Pandey and self represented the IESM. Gen Kadyan made a gripping, impressive, forceful and excellent presentation bringing out all the relevant facts, logic and analysis for the grant of OROP. The members of the committee which comprised Shri Bhagat Singh Koshyari, Chairman Petition Committee and Members of Rajya Sabha, Shri Avinash Pande, Shri Rajeev Shukla, Shri Ram Vilas Paswan, Shri Nandi Yellaiah, heard our presentation fully engrossed and their body language demonstrated their compassion for the soldier. Col RP Chaturvedi, Hoy Lt Kameshwar Pandy made brief forceful comments. I was privileged to add a few points with a couplet commenting on the bureaucracy-
    “Mera Katil hi Mera Munsif Hai, Mere Haq Mein Kiya Faisla Dega” (My Murderer is the Judge, How will he give Judgement in my Favour?)
    I appealed to the Hon’ble Members of the petition Committee that Injustice to the Defence Forces must end at the earliest in the interest of the Nation”.
    3. The Navy Foundation led by Admiral Harinder made an equally strong presentation highlighting the issue of Non functional upgrades and other promotional avenues and benefits which the bureaucracy has given to itself.
    4. We were also privileged to listen to Brig V Mahalingam to a very captivating, factually backed and emotionally charged presentation which was heard by the Committee members in rapt silence nodding in obvious agreement. They commented that during the day’s proceedings they had indeed been exposed to the facts hither to fore unknown to them.
    5. We also take the privilege to release IESM Memorandum and Memorandum sent by self with related documents to the Petition Committee. Friends, we are thankful to other veteran organizations ie IESL, All India Ex Services Welfare Association, Naval foundation, IESL Uttrakhand and veterans Gen HB Kala, Gen Vijay Oberoi, Gen Radhakrishnan, AVM R P Mishra, Admiral Alan O’Leary, Admiral Arun Saxena, Brig V Mahalingam for forcefully presenting the case for OROP in their respective memorandums. During our presentation, we were also privileged to hear Mr. Ramachandran Gen Secretary of All India Central Confederation of Pensioners Association speaking in favour of the Defence Personnel. He remarked that if the Defence Personnel are Govt employees, they have to be given employment till the age of 60. In case they are being compulsorily retired earlier, suitable compensation for them is the bounden duty of the Government.
    6. Dear veterans, the time has come for the OROP to be sanctioned. Let us hope the Govt (read bureaucracy) does not derail it any more. As announced earlier, if the OROP is not granted by September 2011, the IESM has planned to carryout “Fauji Gaurav Yatras” in all states of the country starting first with Punjab. The Yatras will cover all the districts of the state. Defence veterans, their members of the families and supporters in large number are likely to take part in Yatras. The aim is to draw attention of the people of India about the illtreatement of military by successive Govts for the last 62 years. We also plan to collect maximum medals and blood signatures on the memorandum to be deposited with the President of India and inform veterans across the country that those political parties who do not support or work to get us OROP have NO RIGHT TO ask for our votes in any election. Forgetting differences if any, all veteran organizations and individual veterans are requested to join in our crusade to get justice for Defence Forces.
    7. We will conduct the Yatras in a peaceful and dignified manner keeping in view the democratic norms and discipline.
    “We will succeed”. “God Bless God Speed”.
    With Regards,
    Jai Hind
    Yours Sincerely,
    Maj Gen (Retd) Satbir Singh, SM
    Vice Chairman, IESM

    Monday, May 16, 2011

    Suggestions for Streamlining functioning of ECHS Polyclinics

    I am forwarding this shocking mail for knowledge of the ESM community about the devil within. Pls share this with maximum people so it can perhaps reach the villains in this story through their friends. Names in this mail should identify who is who; and who did what.
    For some of us the Sarkari Custodian attitude never goes away. We LIKE to sit on what is actually entrusted to us for others to benefit from. It is little wonder that origin of most of our problems lies in internecine rivalries/ perceived rankings/ priorities etc, forgetting that at the end of the game, the King and the Pawn go back to the same box. And the 'box' IS indeed the future destination of even the chess pieces in play.

    From: rajeeve lochan
    Date: Thu, May 12, 2011 at 8:51 AM
    Subject: ECHS
    Cc: Col RP Chaturvedi

    Dear Brigadier,
    As I am proceeding to USA to be with my son on the night of 19th May, yesterday (11.05.11) I visited ECHS Polyclinic Meerut and approached the seniormost medical officer (Maj Ambuj Goel) and requested for 90 days medicines, he informed that though the orders have been received but they have not been implemented and I should contact the O I/C polyclinic (Col D V Singh). He informed me that medicines for the purpose of going abroad are not authorised/permitted.
    He mentioned that medicines for 90 days can only be given to patients of T B, Hypertension and Diabetes and that it has to be approved by the Commandant.
    The medical officer made out a prescription and I went to the Commandant (Brig Pareek), I sent the prescription through his P A for counter signatures, first he called for the book and after that he called me and explained to me his financial difficulties and then he informed me that since I was residing locally why I need medicines for 90 days, I informed him that I was proceeding to USA for 6 monthe but I am requesting medicines only for 90 days which is permitted under the rules. Of course he did not take a minute and signed the prescription.
    I request confirmation if for proceeding abroad the medicines are authorised or not.
    We keep criticising babus and the bureaucracy but I think we in the Armed Forces have more bureaucracy than any where else.
    May I have your reply pl. With warm regards.
    Wg Cdr Rajeeve Lochan (Retd)

    Payment of Medical Allowance
    Dear sir,
    I ex mwo holding ECHS card face lot of problems as the nearest ECHS centre is aproximately 110km from my native and the nearest city Ajamgarh which is hardly 30km has good hospitals where i can have the benefit of medical services privately. But to avail the facility from ECHS Faizabad i have to spend rupees 150 as a bus fare and minimum Rs.100 for lodging and boarding. Also, I have to waste two days for my normal treatments at the age of 65 this all becomes problem some to me. Hence, i am compelled to take the treatment from local doctors. I request you sir that my medical allowance may please be paid to me.
    Thanking you,
    RA Shukla.

    Streamlining of functioning of ECHS Polyclinics
    Some Suggestions
  • There is a need for officers and staff in ECHS Polyclinics to further improve the delivery of service to ESM beneficiaries. There should be a constant and conscious effort to redress most of the grievances and problems of these beneficiaries at the Polyclinic level so that there is no inconvenience caused to them forcing them to approach higher authorities for redressal of their grievances. The entire staff at the dispensary level have to ensure a polite, positive and responsible attitude to make the service delivery better. The Officer In-charge must make every effort to ensure this user friendly environment. Complaints of rude/ impolite behavior need to be checked and stern action taken by OIC.

  • It is well established that ECHS ESM beneficiaries need to be provided better service. Senior Veterans among the beneficiaries deserve special attention and response. It is re-iterated that senior pensioners need to be given out of queue treatment and service at each activity level. This system is generally not being enforced at the Polyclinic level. OIC's must ensure compliance of these instructions. All seniors of above 60 years need to be given this special privilege.

  • OIC's should personally make rounds of the dispensary particularly during peak hours to ensure that there is proper environment and ESM beneficiaries particularly seniors are being treated promptly.

  • The Station HQ responsible should convene the meetings of ESM Associations/ Organisations once in two months along with OIC Polyclinic for feedback and initiating remedial measures without fail.

  • A complaint/suggestion/feedback Box with details like number of complaints received and disposed etc. under a seal and lock will be kept at each Polyclinic and will be opened by the Officer In-charge in the presence of at least two members of the Advisory Committee when the Advisory Committee meeting is being held and necessary action taken by the Advisory Committee with regard to complaints/ suggestions/ feedback thus received and, wherever required, the matter will be referred to higher authorities for necessary action.

  • Stn HQ staff/ duty officers should conduct at least five surprise inspections of the Polyclinics in cities in a month and report the outcome of the inspection indicating the areas such as punctuality, availability and behavior of officers/ staff, special care for ESM/ Seniors, deficit areas/ complaints and also the good work done in each of the dispensaries inspected, by way of a confidential monthly d.o. letter to DG ECHS without fail on or before 10th of the succeeding month;

  • It is seen that a large number of beneficiaries go to the Polyclinics for taking repeat medicines. Authorization of repeat medicines should be done by any of the Medical Officers, apart from the Officer In-charge. Preferably the OIC must be the senior most Medical Officer. Non medical officers must be designated as Administrative Officers.

  • Stn Cdr should personally monitor and ensure that the empanelled hospitals etc. do adhere to the terms & conditions. They should also supervise the services, if any, being provided by the private parties in their zones such as dialysis, dental services etc.

  • Militry Hospitals must be requisitioned for all assistance and services for treatment of ESM by the respective Polyclinics before seeking civilian assistance.
  • Sunday, May 15, 2011

    Why Journalists support corrupt Politicians?

    Reference: Jantar, Chhu Mantar
    A letter written by our daughter in response to Shekhar Gupta's middle in Indian Express. Says it all.
    Satish Bahri

    On Sat, 14/5/11, Nandini Bahri-Dhanda wrote:
    From: Nandini Bahri-Dhanda
    Subject: Jantar, Chhu Mantar
    Date: Saturday, 14 May, 2011, 4:06 PM
    Dear Mr Gupta,
    This is in reference to your article- Jantar, Chhu Mantar in IE 14 May 2011.
    Frankly I was initially quite bewildered at the hostility from newspapers and its editors, sociologists and intellectuals at Anna Hazare's fast, his demands for modifications and changes etc in the Lokpal Bill, his drawing attention and articulating the general public anger at corruption.
    I read article after article of regular contributors and columnists of your newspaper whose writings I had over the years read and enjoyed. Whose opinions I had respected and if I had for some reason disagreed, it had atleast opened my mind to another perspective.
    However this time round I have seen the pettiness, the vindictiveness, the disdain, the cynicism of these writers and contributors, including you Mr Gupta.
    “The Lokpal Bill is not going to end corruption” one claimed it would. It was only a first step in the right direction.
    “Who chose these members from the civil society?”... these people volunteered, came forward and offered their services and expertise. Was anybody of stature and repute not allowed to participate?
    “This Committee would by-pass the Parliament”... yes it would in the Bill formulating stage but it had to be eventually passed by the Parliament.In most developed democracies citizens do push and articulate bills and laws which are then eventually passed by their Senates, Congress or Parliaments after further debate and discussion.
    And then the most hypocritical, inverse snobbery where one of your contributor’s mocked Hazare’s statement that he would never be able to win an election because he did not have the power of money to give TV’s, alcohol or sarees to buy his vote. Hazare’s disain for the Indian voter was dangerous she said, almost fascist!
    The gloating that we are a democracy that has thrown out non performing governments 4 times in 64 years is pathetic! It seems most of our intellectuals, sociologists, writers, journalists, editors, industralists are cynical, hardened and a part of the system.
    They “enjoy” proximity to the powers that be.
    They “enjoy” their largesse, a Rajya Sabha seat perhaps?
    They “socialise” with this lot. Some write little bits to keep their worth and value and some offer favours in a quid pro quo.
    They are cynical to believe that this is how it is and will remain so.
    Mr. Gupta your Jantar- Chhu Mantar is a misplaced piece of writing.
    This election did not prove anything except the Indian voter just carries on and on the cycle- exchanging one lot for the other.
    We are to put it mildly, a passive democracy. We exercise our vote every 5 years and throw one lot out for the other.DMK this time and the AIDMK last time. In the next elections DMK will be back. Is this a mature, thinking, aware voter? The DMK has looted enough to feed Tamil Nadu 20 times over for seven generations. They have not been punished- they are being “rested” in Karunnidhi’s own words. Did your mature voter ever demand what happens to our money? Where is it being spent? Why aren’t thieving people in prison? No- we simply vote them out. Then allow this lot to loot and plunder and bring the old lot back... ”vibrant” democracy indeed. Are we perhaps mistaking “noisy” for “vibrant”?
    I was given to believe that a vibrant democracy is where citizens demand accountability from the people who have been voted in to administer and govern. Where they question and deserve a response. Where citizen groups and pressure groups see that the government “works”. Where the citizen expects justice as a right and not a favour. Where citizens do not have to grovel for what is basically theirs.
    An aged man of another era from some remote part of the country, who cannot by any defintion be called cool, came to the Capital and drew the middle class out... and that is what has worried everybody. These were not Jimmy Choo and Armani clad glitterati that could be smirked at. These weren’t your Great Unwashed who could be talked down to. This was the Indian Middle Class Mr. Gupta which has so far been ignored.
    I know because I was there.
    I met a young man from Badarpur. He had recently filed his tax returns- for the first time he said with some pride. His two brothers were still looking for jobs. He worked 10-12 hours a day, drove back and forth his motor cycle on pot holed roads, returned home to electric outages and no water. He wanted to add a floor to his house but the MCD and police were harassing him... the same old story Mr Gupta... Ghar ghar ki kahani. The MLA of his locality spent 50 lakhs on his daughter’s shamiana and Kalmadi made those crores and crores, Raja made more... his anger was palpable.
    I walked alongside a 45 year old single woman with 2 children who ran an export unit in Okhla. There was stinking garbage on her street which was not picked in weeks, electric outages, inspectors who demanded hafta, MCD would not let her raise her boundary wall despite 2 break-ins, no police patrolling. She paid her taxes but what was she getting in return?... Sheila Dixit had made millions, substandard material was used in flyovers, there were 23000 MCD ghost workers... she was angry.
    The word on the street is- Sharad Pawar, why is that man in every cabinet? Who does not know that he could buy India twice over? In another country, another democracy he would be serving a prison sentence. Any scam and his name is there! About Sonia Gandhi, the less said the better. Her son-in law, a costume jewellery businessman can buy The Aman...??! Who will punish these people? Where is justice?
    My parents, in their 70’s walked from Jantar Mantar to India Gate. My father, an ex soldier who has served in the army for 38 years and fought in 4 wars, believes the enemy is within. But then you don’t have much time for ex serviceman either, do you Mr. Gupta? You feel these chaps are paid to lay down their lives and they have no right to ask for higher salaries. Your opinion as been articulated in article after article that they should be there for patriotism and glory. I wonder if you have such advice for Karunanidhi’s brood or Sharad Pawar’s offspring?
    This was not Tahrir Square. This was Jantar Mantar swarming with Middle Class India. Not with Anil Ambani and his pals, not with Rahul’s convenient Kalavati. But Jantar Mantar with educated, hardworking Indians who pay their taxes and try everyday- everyday to be honest. Listen to their voice. They are no pushover... otherwise we may live to regret it.
    Incidentally, I don’t recall anyone in Jimmy Choos.
    Best regards,
    Nandini Bahri-Dhanda

    Regarding Jantar, Chhu Mantar
    Like father like daughter. Afterall the genes. Its a powerful exposition and I have to agree with Nandini. Incidentally, Satish I didn’t know Shama did the route march too with you from the JM to the IG. Jai ho.

    From: jaimala gupta
    Sent: 14 May 2011 21:08
    Subject: Jantar, Chhu Mantar
    Dear Nandani,
    An extremely, well articulated, hard hitting reply to Shekher Gupta. In a limited circle of people who are actively involved in this campaign, we give his writings a cold shrug saying that he is only doing the bidding of his HANDLERS. We all know who prompts his writings. It is a pity that he has a strong platform of IE to use. You also have the the fire in you like Putsy and the courage to say so. Great work. Press on regardless. We missed you all the other day at Jantar Mantar and IG. Our whole family was there, 3 gen, which was covered in Amar Ujala.
    Love you beta
    Mala & jai gupta

    From: Murugan Subbiah
    Sent: 14 May 2011 22:57
    To: Satish Kumar Bahri
    Cc: Chander Kamboj; Satbir Singh; milvets militaryveterans
    Subject: Jantar, Chhu Mantar
    Congratulations! An excellent rejoinder to Shekhar Gupta. The middle class that assembled in Jantar Mantar are not only the real producers of wealth in this country but also the leaders of local communities. The GDP growth of the country that our Media and politicians boast every day parrot like is due to the hard work and leadership provided by the middle class.History also tells us they were the leaders of successful revolutions.
    S Murugan

    From: Krishan K Punchhi
    Sent: 15 May 2011 00:22
    To: Satish Kumar Bahri
    Subject: Jantar, Chhu Mantar
    Excellent piece.
    Apart from wining and dining these journos (read sarkari hacks) and bestowing on them the ill deserved honours + giving them seats in the RS, there is another way they are rewarded. They are given housing plots at throwaway prices. One such colony for journalists in New Delhi is known as Gulmohar Enclave. It is close to Green Park and Gautam Nagar. I'm sure there are many more such enclaves in many more cities.
    Regards... Krishan
    Kudos to Nandini. Wonderful Exposé of Greedy Journalists- like Shekar Gupta's Tribe!

    Why is Sonia Gandhi so scared of Narendra Modi?
    Sonia has achieved such terrifying power, a glance of her, a silence, just being there, is enough for her inner circle to act; she has subverted so much of the instruments of Indian democracy and she controls such huge amounts of unlisted money that sooner or later this 'karma' may come back to her under one form or the other.

    Day not far off for Political Criminals to give up!
    Egypt's ousted president Hosni Mubarak and his wife are set to make a public apology and give up their financial assets in an attempt to secure amnesty from prosecution.
    Mubarak and wife set to make public apology

    Majors Pension Anomaly under RM's Radar!

    From: Col Mohan
    Date: Fri, May 13, 2011 at 10:49 PM
    Subject: Letter to RM on Pension anomaly- Majors & Equivalent
    Please refer to my earlier mail in Apr 2011.
    A copy of the letter received from Shri Antony, RM is attached for your information. I am amazed at the quick response from the RM but have little hope that he would follow it up. This is one of the may similar responses from this gentleman called Antony; and I am not inclined to take him seriously; you may be better informed about this man than I do.

    ECHS Empanelled Hospitals

    List of Empanelled Hospital and New Empanelment procedure: Government Orders
    Dear Friends,
    1. I spoke to MD ECHS on the Empanelment of super specialty Hospitals across the country. He has informed that the procedure of empanelment has been simplified vide Govt letter No 22B(04)/2010/US (WE)/D (Res) Govt of India Min of Def New Delhi dated 18 Feb 2011 (Copy enclosed for reference Please).
    2. All NABH accredited hospitals will be considered deemed empanelment with Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme ECHS ie they will not be required to apply for NABH assessment but can directly apply to Central organization for processing the application for empanelment.
    3. Let us circulate this information to as many as possible and encourage good super specialty hospitals to get empanelled with the ECHS.
    4. The list of empanelled hospitals across the country forwarded by MD ECHS is circulated for information please.
    With Regards,
    Jai Hind
    Yours Sincerely,
    Maj Gen (Retd) Satbir Singh, SM
    Vice Chairman, IESM
    List of Empanelled Hospitals: NABH
    New Employment Procedure- Page 1
    New Employment Procedure- Page 2
    New Employment Procedure- Page 3

    ECHS Empanelment Riders
    Dear Sir,
    This new empanelment procedure looks great on paper.But it has many short comings.
    Please see the attached list of NABH hospitals country wide and you will see only 73.
    The procedure and fees for getting the accreditation are also enclosed. The fees would be from 1.6 Lakh for upto 100 bedded hospital to Rs 3.3 lakh for 301 + bedded hospitals. In addition they would have to bear the expenses of travel/lodging and boarding of the inspection team. In addition to this the hospital will have to pay ECHS Rs 100 for application fee + 1.0 Lakh as EMD+ Performance Bank Gaurantee of Rs 10 lakhs. So even a NABH hospital will have to spend additional Rs 11 lakh to be on ECHS panel.
    I wonder how many hospitals in small towns will be in a position to lock up 11 Lakh for 3 years to provide subsidized service to ECHS which has a small membership base.
    It is worth a re-look at the grand scheme with a fine comb.We do need to augment our hospitals in Smaller towns and that is where the new policy pay be an hindrance.
    Of course I am no expert but a common man's reading does not make this scheme very attractive. I as a doctor with may be 25 or 50 bed hospital common in small towns would not be willing to put away 11 lakh.
    For consideration, debate and may be a suitable reply to MD ECHS.
    Best Regards,
    Cdr Ravindra Waman Pathak
    Member Governing Body and Pension Cell IESM

    National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers: NABH
    CGHS Empanelment Scheme
    Kindly note that QCI recommendation regarding particular hospital/ diagnostic centre does not mean automatic empanelment by CGHS. QCI will keep on adding to the list as and when recommendation for individual hospital/diagnostic centre is finalised
    List of Hospitals/ Diagnostic Centres
    List of Hospitals/ Diagnostic Centres under Continuous Empanelment Scheme


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