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Honour the soldier: India must never forget its armed forces

The Tribune Saturday, December 18, 2010, Chandigarh, India
Thirtynine years ago, India recorded a spectacular military victory over Pakistan which has since been closely studied and analysed by several military forces the world over. The military victory, which involved considerable planning, evoked the largest surrender after World War-II, a record that was later broken by Saddam Hussein’s mother of all surrenders during the 1991 Gulf war. The most significant consequence of India’s military victory was that it rendered irrelevant Jinnah’s two-nation theory – East Pakistan broke away from West Pakistan to build a national identity based on (Bengali) ethnicity and language rather than on the commonality of religion.

Indeed, the record of the Indian soldier has been among the most glorious. From conducting nation-consolidation operations starting with Junagadh, Kashmir, Hyderabad and later Goa to nation-preservation against attacks from Pakistan and China, the Indian military has also been wantonly misused if not abused as evident from its involvement in Operation Bluestar in Punjab, Operation Pawan in Sri Lanka and internal security operations in Kashmir and in the Northeast due to a long history of gross political and administrative mismanagement.

Yet, the stoic and apolitical Indian soldier has performed uncomplainingly and with aplomb even as some governments in our neighbourhood succumbed to military interference or coups. His sacrifice remains mostly unheralded. In April this year the Supreme Court observed that our soldiers were being shabbily treated by the government. Disgustingly, successive governments have failed even to build a national war memorial. The India Gate, where our President ritualistically lays a wreath every Republic Day and which we treat as a war memorial, was, ironically, built by the British colonialists to commemorate the 90,000 Indian soldiers who died fighting in World War-I and in the Third Anglo-Afghan war. It is a national shame that ex-servicemen have been returning their gallantry medals to the indifference of our politicians. Unlike the US where successive presidents starting from US Army Colonel Harry Truman to Air Force First Lieutenant George W. Bush or the present British Royal family starting from Queen Elizabeth-II to her grandson, Royal Army Lieutenant Prince Harry, all of who have a distinguished record of military service and of seeing action in wars, the Indian politician ranks among the most corrupt and self-seeking with rare examples of either he or his son serving in the military. India cannot afford to forget that all books of statecraft starting with Sun Tzu’s Art of War, Kautilya’s Arthashastra, Niccolo Machiavelli’s Prince warn against neglecting the soldier. We can risk this only to our own peril.
Honour the soldier: India must never forget its armed forces

Friday, December 17, 2010

Ex Servicemen reduced to danda wielding chowkidars

1. Dr T C Rao called on Dr M M Pallam Raju, Rajya Raksha Mantri (RRM) on 10 Dec 2010, to discuss various points of Welfare and Rehabilitation of Ex-Servicemen. He also stressed the difficulties faced by Ex-Servicemen by DGR office. Following points of discussion with him are enumerated below for your information:-
Dr Rao mentioned to RRM that this test was introduced by DGR about three years back, without the knowledge of Ministry of Defence. Dr Rao apprised the RRM that officers are made to do 10 weeks of Officers Security Course, where all issues related to run the security agencies are discussed and taught. Hence, the logic of another exam by DGR is not understood hopefully this test will be scrapped.
As per latest policy, NHAI is not going to offer the operation of Toll Plazas by Retired officers. Some of the officers are on waiting list for the last 2-3 years for the sponsorship of Toll Plaza by DGR. The DGR is not accepting their names for the empanelment of Security Companies those who have crossed the age of 59. It was suggested that such officers should be given a relaxation of one year e.g. up to age of 60 to register themselves for Security Agency. Orders on this aspect are being issued very soon.
On 18 Nov 2010, 51 Retired Officers were not permitted to sit for exam with an excuse that they had not taken prior sanction of DGR office to sit for exam. This adhoc rule / system were intimated on internet in first week of November 2010. Officers who were denied by the DGR made a request to Maj Gen Pramod Behl, Director General, to permit them to write for exam as provisional candidates. This strong argument of officers was not understood by Maj Gen Behl. Hence, officers were denied permission. Director General of Directorate General Resettlement did not appreciate that officers came from all over the country spending huge amount of expenditure on transportation and lodging and boarding at Delhi. RRM was apprised that he should convey to DG of DGR to be sympathetic towards Retired officers and not to show negative attitude.
2. Dr Rao made a request to RRM that a war memorial be constructed at Delhi Cantt for the Martyrs of Delhi State.
3. A request was also made to construct a Sainik Rest House at Delhi Cantt for Ex-Servicemen visiting Delhi as lodging and boarding at Delhi is very costly.
4. Numerous problems faced by Delhi Cantt residents were also discussed. RRM assured Dr Rao that he will ask GOC Delhi Area & CEO of Cantonment Board to do the needful.
5. I am hopeful that our problems will be solved.
Always at your service.
Comment: Wish Dr Rao's hopes are translated to concrete action on ground!

Steady decline of Military status will erode morale and combat effectiveness

Respected Sir/Madam,
The following report -- released by the United News of India news agency on December 17, 2010 -- is for your kind perusal.
With regards,

Anti-India strategy part of Pak mindset: IESM Chairman
By Abhijit C Chandra

Bhopal, Dec 17 (UNI) An anti-India strategy is an indelible part of the Pakistani mindset and generations of that country's military officers and civilians alike have been raised with it, opines Indian Ex-Servicemen Movement Chairman Lieutenant-General (Emeritus) Raj Kadyan, Param Vishisht Seva Medal, AVSM, VSM.
"At any point in the future, Pakistan will never stop short of exploiting any chink in the Indian armour to stage a Kargil-type offensive," the veteran told UNI on the sidelines of yesterday's celebrations commemorating Vijay Diwas, the anniversary of the 1971 Bangladesh War.
Regretting the lack of enthusiasm among youngsters to enlist in the Indian Armed Forces, Lt-Gen Kadyan pointed out that society is becoming increasingly consumerist.
"At the juncture when I joined the Army, opportunities were limited and chiefly comprised the engineering profession, the medical stream and the military. Today, the Government and the Armed Forces simply cannot match the private sector mainly in terms of financial returns," he explained.
Soldiers are being increasingly deployed in insurgency-affected areas but that is not the Army's 'primary' role -- defending the nation against external aggression.
"Earlier, the general public simply had no idea of the hardships of a military existence but now television journalists have given them more than a peek into what it takes to be an officer or even a jawan," the veteran said.
Limited avenues for promotion also form a key factor that keep youth away from the olive green uniform.
"Respect is what one can earn even in society by being an ideal citizen but status is something that the Government accords. Unfortunately, the status of the military hierarchy has been constantly declining. In 1947, the Chief of Army Staff was the third position in the country but has now been relegated to 12th place," he lamented.
The spectre of leading a life of separation from families and in isolation from the social mainstream also haunts those shying away from a military career.

Pension of Majors Stonewalled?

Dear Brigadier Kamboj,
Please promulgate the folowing in RMS Blog
The AFT principal Bench Delhi in open court on 14 Sep 2010 passed judgement on our petition OA 24/2010.
The honourable Tribunal was pleased to admit our petition and had directed to the respondent to pay us a minimum of Rs 18205 per month as pension. The honourable court has also stated that this exercise should be completed in as far as possible in three months.
The period of three months has passed and the government has not issued order till date,
I propose to wait till end December 2010 and shall then start my further action.
I shall keep you all in loop.
Feel free if you have suggession to guide me.
Avtar Singh

Do we honour our Soldiers? Government apathy is apalling and painful

Dear Friends,
Jai Hind.
An email and article received from Lt Gen Vijay Oberoi, Former VCOAS, is linked here. When will we honour our soldiers?
It is a matter of great shame for the Indian Nation that The President – The Supreme Commander of Armed Forces of India and the Prime Minister of India, have no time to pay homage to those who laid their lives in the past for the honour, safety and security of India and they have no time to remember and honour the greatest victory of Indian Armed Forces of 16 Dec 1971 (and the Kargil Diwas).
And why blame only the President and Prime Minister of India?
Why don’t our three Chiefs ensure that The President and the Prime Minister are made to visit the India Gate on 16 Dec, and respectfully advised to lay the wreaths there on Vijay Diwas and Kargil Diwas???
Why are they shy of giving this proposal to the Supreme Commander and through her to the Government of India and the PM???
The three Chiefs should know that as per the Constitution of India Armed Forces do not fall in the list of Government servants. They are directly under the President of India and operate through the Government for better management and simplicity of coordination of all Government resources for the safety and security of India.
Further, the so called the control of Armed Forces on behalf of the President is to be done by the political leaders and not by the ‘Babus’. And our senior Armed Forces officers keep lumping all nonsense the Babus tell them.
What a shame that every response, veterans receive from the RM for their representations, are drafted by the Babus and RM quotes the Committee of Secretaries for all problems??? The Babus are deliberately misleading the Government and there is no one who can detect what damage these Babus are doing to our nation.
For the PM and RM the Committee of Secretaries is more important than the Standing Committee for Defence, which consists of representatives of all political parties. Any numbers of Defence Committees have recommended OROP but the few Babus have successfully bluffed the Government and made the Government take decision to the contrary. There is also a clear cut case of Rank Pay, where the Babus have deliberately cheated the Armed Forces officers. These are the ways of our Government of India!!!
Will our Chiefs forever continue to bear this insult to the Armed Forces and the Military Veterans of India??? Don’t the three Chiefs have the responsibility that the Armed Forces of India get their due respect and their serving subordinates and the Military Veterans of India get justice from Government of India in terms of their financial dues and order of Protocol???

The Three Chiefs and other senior military officers should realise that tomorrow they will also be in the list of “retired” and then - it will be too late for them to do anything. Is it the carrot of becoming a Governor, Ambassador, High Commissioner, MP or being given other high chairs of Government of India, which is keeping them away from looking after their Military Veterans, who helped them to reach those high ranks in the Armed Forces??? How they expect us and serving soldiers to respect them if they do not respect our sentiments and know our expectations??? The Government and the Three Chiefs should appreciate that a fairly large number of serving personnel are the sons, grandsons, daughters and granddaughters of the retired military veterans. What the veterans are undergoing is now well known to these serving soldiers and through them the entire serving soldiers know it now.

How can these serving soldiers remain faithful to the Government of India if their grandfathers and fathers are being insulted and humiliated daily??? During various rallies and TV programmes, the media persons ask the IESM members and other veterans – “If the demands of the Indian Military veterans are just than why don’t the three Chiefs openly support your demands?” – and on hearing this simple question - the veterans become speechless. If the veterans tell the truth the serving senior officers of the three Services will be humiliated, therefore, they keep mum!!!

Can some of you kindly make sure that the contents of this email reach the three serving Chiefs and the Senior Armed Forces Officers occupying chairs of Governors, Ambassadors, High Commissioners, members of parliament and members of state legislative assemblies and other senior posts of Government of India. All these retired senior Armed Forces officers need to realise that they are occupying those high chairs because their subordinates helped them to rise to those heights!!! And all these gentlemen are now sitting as silent spectators – with earplugs and blindfolded – as if they reached those high posts by their own efforts only.

The Chiefs should be informed that the Indian Military Veterans are now at the verge of losing their patience. In the recent past, thousands of cases have been decided by AFT and other courts in favour of the Veterans but no action is being taken by Government of India to implement these court orders. Don’t the three Chiefs know about it?
Is the information system of our Service HQs’ is so useless that they do not get any information about the welfare and injustice to Indian military veterans??? If you can - PLEASE do try and convey the contents of this email to the Three Chiefs and retired Senior Armed Forces officers, occupying high chairs of Government of India.
The Indian Military Veterans are a highly disciplined force, but even the most disciplined soldier has a limit to his patience. The Government of India and The Three Service HQs should act before it is too late.
The IESM is trying its best to ensure that all rallies organised by it remain peaceful but, the opposition to its peaceful ways is gradually rising among the veterans. IESM Governing Body and its conveners at state, district and lower levels are hopeful that at least the IESM rallies will continue to follow the ethos of Indian Military – but for how long???
The Veterans are fed up of the shameless silence of the Government of India on the thousands of Court cases, which have been decided in favour of the Veterans – there are no indications of the implementation of these court orders.
Those of you who have contacts with the media – do forward this complete email to them also.
In service of Indian Military Veterans
Chander Kamboj.
PS – Kindly do try your utmost and give widest possible publicity to the contents of this entire email. THANK YOU

When will we honour our soldiers?

Thursday, December 16, 2010, Chandigarh, India
Today is the 39th anniversary of the greatest victory India has won, not just since Independence but also in the last hundreds of years. It was on this day in 1971 that the Indian Military won resounding victories in all theatres of that war, with the crowning glory being the capture of East Pakistan; the birth of Bangladesh; and taking more than 93,000 Pakistani soldiers as prisoners of war. It is on this date that the victory is celebrated as Vijay Diwas, but sadly only by our armed forces.

On this day, in military stations, onboard ships and at airbases, military personnel remember the officers and jawans who had fought wars for the nation, some sacrificing themselves and others their limbs. It is a day of rejoicing and jubilation, as also of reflection and remembrance. Yet only 1.3 million souls who don the uniform, nearly three million veterans and their families commemorate this important day. The rest, comprising over a billion Indians, are not even aware of it, thanks to the government that has no time to even commend the soldiers for their sacrifices. What a monumental shame!

Most European and Commonwealth countries, celebrate November 11 as Remembrance Day, while in the US it is Veterans Day. On November 11, 1918, an armistice (truce) was signed that ended World War I. On this day these countries honour their men and women in uniform. Grateful nations, led by the governing elite, recall the gallantry, sacrifices and the selfless spirit of their soldiers.

Similarly, most nations have days or weeks earmarked for felicitating their soldiers and veterans. All military personnel who had fought, died and lost limbs in wars and battles for their nations are honoured. It is a treat to see how proudly nations place their military men and women on pedestals, recall their exploits and honour them. There are parades with heads of states presiding, where the populace cheer and express their gratitude for the soldiers of yore. There are memorial services; visits to the sites where great battles were fought; escorted tours for the veterans still living, where much is made of them; and speeches extolling the bravery of soldiers and how the nation is beholden to them.

What do we do in India? Practically nothing, because our leaders are not bothered with such niceties as honour, sacrifice and national pride as it distracts them from their favourite pastimes, which are too well known to be reiterated. The Commander-in-Chief of our republic, the President, remains ensconced in the hallowed precincts of Rashtrapati Bhawan, instead of meeting a selection of military personnel at an "At Home"; the Prime Minister does not visit jawans guarding our inhospitable borders, or meets and discuss the problems of the war disabled; and governors and chief ministers do not even know it is a special day for the nation, not just for the military. A few years ago, political leaders stooped to the lowest levels possible when they dubbed the two recent wars as the "Congress War" and the "BJP War"!

Then there are the bureaucrats, the intimate advisors to political leaders. They are past masters at ignoring or playing down sentiments and coming up with ingenious arguments as to why there is nothing to celebrate! At one stage, they stated that any such celebration may upset the dialogue we were then having with Pakistan. They also had the temerity to question the need to celebrate something that happened decades back!

On Vijay Diwas, the defence minister makes an appearance at the Amar Jawan Jyoti at India Gate to lay a wreath. He does so oblivious of the fact that he is laying a wreath at a place constructed by the British when India was a colony. He does not even feel the incongruity of having no war memorial for soldiers who have made sacrifices in the wars fought bitterly in the post-Independence era, even after six decades of Independence. What a monumental shame!

After Independence the government decided that instead of following the Commonwealth, India will have its own day for commending soldiers. On August 28, 1949, a committee chose December 7 and christened it as the Armed Forces Flag Day. However, the significance of the day, viz. "commemorating the sacrifices of the soldiers" was soon forgotten. It became just a day for collecting funds, ostensibly for the welfare of the soldiers. The status today is that state governments are unable to collect even the small targets laid down and the bulk of the funds are contributed by soldiers, seemingly for their own welfare! How ironical in an era when nine percent rate of growth of the GDP is announced with much fanfare every other day. Is the nation still in penury that collections are needed to provide some welfare to the soldiers?

Over six years ago, a Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare (ESW) was created to give focused attention to welfare programmes for ex-servicemen and their dependants. In reality it was a cosmetic exercise as three existing entities of the Ministry of Defence merely started reporting to another set of bureaucrats. Even after six years, except for garnering additional vacancies for their cadre, the department is yet to come out with a single programme for the welfare of veterans. They also commenced looking after the pensions of veterans and the mess they have made post--Sixth Pay Commission is too well known.

Here is a department tailor-made to make much of the soldiers' sacrifices by conceiving a comprehensive and long-term plan to commemorate their valiant deeds, not only on Vijay Diwas, but also on other such occasions. The need is for vision, empathy and dedication, which requires staffing this department by military personnel. They know what soldiers want and how best to meet their needs. The incongruity of welfare of soldiers by the bureaucracy needs immediate burial. Let us do so without delay and start honouring our soldiers.
Lt Gen Vijay Oberoi (Retd)
The writer is a former Vice Chief of the Indian Army

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bangalore: Free sites and passes for State’s ex-servicemen

Army Welfare Committee asked to identify the eligible- Bangalore, December 7, DHNS:

Salute to Bravehearts: Students of Army School sing patriotic songs at the Armed Forces Flag Day programme in Bangalore on Tuesday. Home Minister R Ashoka, Governor H R Bhardwaj and Air Chief Marshal (Rtd) F H Major are seen.

The State government would allot free sites to retired Army personnel from Karnataka, who wish to settle down in the City.
Minister for Home and Transport R Ashoka said here on Tuesday that the Army Welfare Committee had been asked to furnish a list of the eligible. The condition is that the applicants must have provided a residential address (of any place in Karnataka) while joining the Armed Forces.
Furthermore, the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation would issue free passes to the families of soldiers who have participated in war or anti-terror operations.

For 15 families
The passes, valid for 10 years, have already been issued to 15 families so far. The facility will be extended to the buses of the State Transport Corporation in future, the minister said. He was speaking at a function to mark Armed Forces Flag Day at Raj Bhavan. “It’s a way of saying thank you to military personnel who put their lives at stake to protect us,” Ashoka said. He urged the youth to join Armed Forces in the service of the nation.

Donation to Welfare Fund
It was declared that the Transport Department would donate Rs one lakh to the Army Welfare Fund. The Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation handed over the money collected from the sale of Armed Forces Flag Day stickers, on the occasion.

Governor Bhardwaj, who spoke on the occasion, underscored the need to provide financial security to war widows. “I know personally how difficult it is to serve in Armed Forces under tough conditions. We cannot pay them back for their services, but certainly can take steps to improve their lives,” he said.

‘No shielding’
Meanwhile, speaking to presspersons, Ashoka refuted the allegation that the Monday’s notification delineating the probe into land scam cases was aimed at ‘shielding’ tainted former minister Katta Subramanya Naidu. “There is no such intention. The Constitution empowers a State government to order judicial inquiry into any matter. The Lokayukta has been investigating a lot of other cases and let him continue with it,” he said. He also denied the charge that there were attempts to withdraw the FIR filed against Katta on December 2. Ashoka said it was a wrong notion that only the present Government has ordered a judicial probe bypassing the Lokayukta. “Previous governments have ordered far more number of judicial inquiries,” he said.

When visibly unconvinced journalists persisted with more questions, Ashoka said he would comment at ‘an appropriate time’ as the matter was sub judice.

Citizens fears
By: Vision
On: 08 Dec 2010 05:44 pm
It is only the matter of time. Bogus Ex-service Man claim these benifits. Look at Adarsh & Sukhna. After 10 years scheme will be scapped. A scam will be unearthed.

By: LimcaRecords
On: 08 Dec 2010 07:32 am
One more excuse to loot State land amongst relatives and friends. Politicians, you are untouched, unquestioned. So please dont state reasons to look after our Motherland. JUST DO IT. We need to beat the 1.6 Lakh Crore Scam with something bigger. How about selling India to UK or Osama ?
Free sites, BMTC passes for State’s ex-servicemen

Two defence welfare societies under cloud

Sandeep Ashar, TNN, Dec 8, 2010, 05.12am IST
MUMBAI: Even as the CBI probes the role of retired generals and politicians in the Adarsh housing society scam, two more complexes set up originally for the welfare of defence personnel and war widows in Navi Mumbai have now courted controversy.

The two societies- Raghunath Vihar Army Welfare Society (RVAWS), which has 534 flats in 13 multi-storey buildings in Kharghar's Sector 14; and the Army Welfare Society (AWS) Dara Enclave, which has 518 flats in 11 buildings and 38 row houses in Nerul's Sector 9—are housed on Cidco plots allotted at concessional rates. Their occupation certificates were granted in 2002 and 1995, respectively.

The Army Welfare Housing Organisation (AWHO) —a Delhi-based welfare society formed by serving defence personnel which constructed the complexes to provide low-cost housing to servicemen and war widows— has served legal notices on the managing committees of the two societies, asking them to refrain from violating regulations laid down by AWHO at the time of allotment.

The bone of contention is the transfer of land and ownership of the plots. The AWHO has opposed steps taken by the societies to register themselves under the Maharashtra Cooperative Housing Society Act, 1960 (MCHSA, 1960). The move is being seen as an attempt to acquire conveyance of the plots. While AWS has already processed an application to be registered as a cooperative housing society (CHS) with the registrar of societies after getting a go-ahead from Cidco, the general body of RVAWS has also approved a proposal along similar lines.

AWHO advocate A K Tewari has threatened legal action against the societies.
In a legal notice, Tewari has said these were already registered as welfare societies under the Society Registration Act XXI, 1860, and therefore could not be re-registered under the MCHSA, 1960. The notice was sent to RVAWS on November 22, 2010; it was issued to AWS on September 30. Colonel P R Sirohi, secretary for managing director of the AWHO, has also written to the registrar of societies, asking it to refuse any registration request from the societies. The societies, though, insist the CHS formation was vital to overcome "practical difficulties in the day-to-day maintenance of the complexes". Both have decided to oppose the notice.

Umesh Sharma, chairman, AWS, said their current registration— that of a welfare society under the Bombay Public Trusts Act— did not permit maintenance of housing societies.

Even colonel (retd) Shashidharan, secretary, RVAWS, said no specific rules were laid out for housing maintenance in the case of a welfare society. Refuting this, a senior AWHO official said, "Tasks pertaining to maintenance of a society and its development could easily be performed using provisions of the 1860 Act." A few members of both the societies hold this opinion too. Col (retd) T S Tanwar, a resident of AWS, said the original transfer deed stated that the society was completely owned by AWHO and that society members could only maintain it. "No transfer of interest can take place."

A RVAWS member alleged the re-registration was aimed at acquiring rights to sell additional FSI and TDR rights to private developers, a charge refuted by office bearers of both societies.

It is AWHO's decision to allow civilians to purchase flats in the societies which is being blamed for the mess. As AWHO has collected charges for the flat transfers, its claim of being a "welfare organization functioning on no profit basis" is being questioned.
Read more: Two defence welfare societies under cloud - The Times of India
AWHO Demystified

India has no war memorial even 6 decades after independence

Respected Sir/Madam,
The following report -- released by the United News of India news agency on December 16, 2010 -- is for your kind perusal. I request you to further publicise the issue.
With regards,

India has no war memorial even 6 decades after freedom: IESM
Bhopal, Dec 16 (UNI) As the nation observes the anniversary of the 1971 Bangladesh War, the Indian Ex-Servicemen Movement (IESM) today described as "a monumental shame" the fact that -- even six decades after Independence -- the country does not have a war memorial in honour of those who made the supreme sacrifice in bitter conflicts since 1947.
"It is a day of rejoicing and jubilation, as also reflection and remembrance. Yet only 1.3 million souls who don the uniform, nearly three million veterans and their families commemorate this day. The rest, comprising over a billion Indians, are not even aware of it, thanks to the Government that has no time to even commend the soldiers for their sacrifices," IESM Vice-Chairman Major-General (Retd) Satbir Singh, Sena Medal, said in a release.
Most nations have days or weeks earmarked for felicitating their soldiers and veterans.
"What do we do in India? Not only we do nothing but also our governments continue to be oblivious to the need and welfare of soldiers. In the name of civilian control of defence forces, which really means control by elected representatives, the bureaucrats continue to ill-treat the military," the veteran alleged.
"Two years back, political leaders stooped to the lowest level possible when they dubbed two conflicts as the Congress war and the Bharatiya Janata Party war. There is a need for people to join in creating ethos and traditions to give due respect and honour to soldiers," the release said.
On Vijay Diwas, the Defence Minister makes an appearance at the India Gate's Amar Jawan Jyoti to lay a wreath 'oblivious' of the fact that he is laying a wreath at a place constructed by the British when India was a colony. An IESM delegation laid a wreath at Amar Jawan Jyoti at noon today.
On this day in 1971 the Indian military won resounding victories in all theatres of that war with the crowning glory being the capture of East Pakistan; the birth of Bangladesh and taking more than 93,000 Pakistani soldiers as prisoners of war. At 1631 hrs, Lt-Gen Amir Abdullah Khan Naizi signed the surrender document offered by Indian Lt-Gen Jagjit Singh Arora. He also surrendered his pistol in a symbolic gesture.
This great victory was achieved at a price. A total of 68 officers, 60 junior commissioned officers (JCOs) and 1,293 other ranks sacrificed their lives. As many as 211 officers, 160 JCOs and more than 3,500 other ranks were wounded. The Indian Armed Forces took merely 14 days to liberate Bangladesh, in a lighting campaign to the surprise of the entire world.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

OROP: Response from Integrated HQ of MOD

Dear Friends,
Jai Hind.
An email and its enclosure received from Maj Gen Satbir Singh, SM, Vice Chairman IESM is reproduced below.
The attachment was received as a pdf file. It is not convenient to send attachments with email. Therefore, the letter has been typed in MS Word format and reproduced below the email of Vice Chairman IESM.
Although care has been taken in typing the Army HQ letter some minor error cannot be ruled out.
In service of Indian Military Veterans
Chander Kamboj.

Dear Kamboj Sir,
Letter received from Integrated HQ of MOD (Army) Adjutant General Branch (Regarding (OROP) dated 30 Nov 10 is forwarded for information and circulation please.
With Regards,
Jai Hind
Yours Sincerely,
Maj Gen (Retd) Satbir Singh, SM
Vice Chairman Indian ESM Movement

Tele – 23792557
Integrated HQ of MOD (Army)
Adjutant General Branch
Addl Dte Gen Personnel Services
‘A’ Wing, Sena Bhawan
New Delhi 110105
B/3907/29(5)/COAS/AG/PS-5 of 30 Nov 10

Maj Gen (Retd) Satbir Singh, SM
Vice Chairman Indian ESM Movement
543, Sector 23,
Gurgaon – 122017

1. Please refer to your petition dated 08 Nov 10, addressed to the Chiefs of the three Services on the subject.
2. The demand for One Rank One Pension has not been agreed to by the Govt. The Govt letter No PC 10(1)/2009-D(Pen/Pol) dated 08 Mar 10 (click here) implementing recommendations of the Cabinet Secretary’s Committee has granted modified parity to all pre 2006 retired PBOR pensioners at notional maximum in the post 01 Jan 2006 revised pay structure corresponding to maximum of pre VI CPC pay scale as per fitment table of each rank. The ibid Govt letter has brought uniformity in pension to all pre 2006 PBOR pensioners besides bridging the gap vis-a-vis post 2006 peensioners. In addition, the decision of the the Govt to grant the benefit of broadbanding to pre 96 invalided personnel and removal of cap on War Injury Pesion wef 01 Jul 2009 has brought some succour to the past pensioners.
3. A case has also been taken up with the Ministry of Defence for a review of pension of pre 2006 retired Commissioned Officers also and grant them modified parity at par with 31 Jan 2006 retirees.
Sd xxx
(RR Kumar)
For Adjutant General

2G scam case: Tamilnadu numero uno for world wide Hawala operations

In a crackdown and in several places in Tamil Nadu in connection with the 2G spectrum scam, the CBI searched the office and residential premises of corporate lobbyist Niira Radia, former TRAI Chairman Pradip Baijal and a Chennai NGO with which DMK MP Kanimozhi is linked.

Radia's office -Vaishnavi Corporate Communications in Central Delhi and her farm house in South Delhi were among the first of the premises to be searched by the CBI on Wednesday morning, sources said, adding some of the persons who had been closely associated with the handling of accounts and funds of former Telecom Minister A Raja were also been searched by the agency.

Radia, Baijal and alleged hawala dealers - brothers Mahesh Jain and Alok Jain alias Bobby - were questioned during the raids, the sources said.

The raids come a week after the searches in the residences of Raja in Delhi and in his native place Perambalur and a number of others.

The residence of Baijal, who retired in 2006 after serving as TRAI chairman for nearly three years, was being also searched in connection with the scam in which CBI has registered a case of loss of Rs 22,000 crore.

An IAS officer of Madhya Pradesh cadre, Baijal is currently working with Radia's firm Noesis.

The allegation against him was that as the chairman of the regulatory body, which makes recommendations to government, he had helped some telecom firms.

Apart from Radia, the searches were carried out in the premises of Baijal in nearby Noida, Kamaraj, Associate Editor of Tamil magazine in Chennai 'Nakkeran', Raja's brother and sister near Tiruchirappalli and Tamil Maiyam, an NGO in which Kanimozhi is on the Board of Directors.

Tamil Maiyam, which describes itself as a registered Indian non-profit organization, is headed by Rev.Jegath Gasper Raj.

Sources said the searches were carried out to find out the probable links between alleged hawala operators and former Telecom Minister A Raja, whose premises were being searched in Perambalur on Wednesday.

Kamraj and the Jain brothers have been under the scanner of the CBI for some time in connection with the investigations into the scam.

An export office in Chawri Bazar in Delhi was also searched by the CBI, the sources said, adding the firm is alleged to have been used for transfer of funds.

About 150 sleuths of the investigating agency swooped down at 27 places in Tamil Nadu and seven in Delhi in the wee hours and began searches which included some auditors and accountants of Raja.

A former IAS officer of 1966 batch, Baijal was the first Disinvestment Secretary after the ministry was formed.

These searches come exactly a week after the 8th December searches at the residence of Raja and his four close associates including his personal secretary R K Chandolia in connection with the scam.

47-year-old Raja was forced to resign as minister on 14th November in the wake of the CAG's report that the rates at which 2G spectrum was allotted resulted in a possible loss to the exchequer to the tune of Rs 1.76 lakh crore.

Raids were also conducted at the residences of former Telecom Secretary Siddarth Behura, Chandolia, Member Telecom Commission K Sridhar and Deputy Director General in the Department of Telecom A K Srivastava.

Raja has been maintaining that he was ready for questioning by the CBI any time. The CBI had registered a case on 21st October 2009 against unknown Department of Telecom officials and private persons and companies for allegedly causing loss of Rs 22,000 crore to the exchequer.

The figure of the loses mentioned in the agency's FIR were based on the findings of Central Vigilance Commission which had referred the case to the CBI.

The CBI has earlier searched offices of Wireless Planning Cell (WPC), the department responsible for allocating Spectrum, and the office of Deputy Director General (Access Services) of the Telecom Ministry to probe the allegations of connivance of officials with private companies in allocation of Spectrum.

It had also conducted searches in eight cities housing headquarters of various telecom firms in connection with its probe into the scam. (DD-15.12)
2G scam case: CBI raids premises of Radia, Baijal

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Who are Ex Servicemen? Indian Armed Forces Veterans

1. The eligibility of the retired Defence personnel to the status of Ex-Servicemen is governed by the definition as laid down by Department of Personnel and Training . The definition has been undergoing changes from time to time . The following is the broad categorisaton:-
(a) Those released before 01 Jul 68 : Any person who had served in any rank (whether as Combatant or not) in the Armed Forces of the Union and has been released from there other than by way of dismissal or discharge on account of misconduct of inefficiency
(b) Those released on or after 01 Jul 68 but before 01 Jul 79 : Any person who had served in any rank (whether as a combatant of not) in the Armed Forces of the Union for a continuous period of not less than six months after attestation and released from there other than by way of dismissal or discharge on account of misconduct or inefficiency.
(c) Those released on or after 01 Jul 79 but before 01 Jul 87 : An Ex-serviceman means a person who has served in any rank (whether as a combatant or as non combatant) in the Armed Forces of the Union, including the Armed Forces of the Union, including Rifles. Defence Security Corps, General Reserve Engineering Force Lok Sahayak Sena and Territorial Army for a continuous period of not less than six months after attestation and
  • has been released, otherwise than at his own request or by way of dismissal or discharge on account of misconduct or inefficiency or has been transferred to the reserve pending such release. or
  • has to serve for not more than six months for completing the period of service requisite for becoming entitled to be released or transferred to the reserve as aforesaid; or
  • has been released at his own rquest after completing five years service in the Armed Forces of the Union;
  • Those released on or after 01 Jul 07. “ An Ex-Serviceman’ means a person who has served in any rank whether as a combatant or non combatant in the Regular Army , Navy and Air Force of the Indian Union and
  • who retired from such service after earning his/her pension, or
  • who has been released from such service on medical grounds attributable to military service or circumstances beyond his control and awarded medical or other disability pension ;or
  • who has been released, otherwise than on his own request, from such service as a result of reduction in establishment ;or
  • who has been released from such service after completing the specific period of engagements, otherwise than at his own request or by way of dismissal or discharge on account of misconduct or inefficiency, and has been given a gratuity, and includes personnel of the Territorial Army of the following categories, namely:-
  • Pension holders for continuous embodied service
  • Persons with disability attributable to military service; and
  • gallantry award winners:.

    2. After careful consideration the Government has accepted the above definition recommended by the High Level Committee. However, it may be observed that in the new suggested definition certain categories of personnel which have served in the Armed Forces of the Union have been excluded for consideration as ex-servicemen, whereas certain additional categories of Territorial Army Personnel have been added in the revised definition. The Notification containing the revised defintion was issed on 27 Oct 1986 and published in the official Gazette on 15th Nov 1986. The Notification gives effect to the new definition from the date of its publication, but since some of the categories were excluded without adequate publicity. The effect of the earlier notification of 27 Oct 1986 has been stayed by issuing another Notification dated 27 Mar 87 in which the date of effect has been indicated as 1.7.87. The net effect is that the following two categories of personnel, who were included in the pre-revised definition of ‘Ex-Servicemen’ will now cease to be treated as Ex-Servicemen w.e.f. 1/7/87 as will be seen from the following provision, namely.
    “Any person who has been released:-
  • at his own request after completing five years service in the Armed Forces of the Uion;or
  • after serving for a continuous period of six months after attestation, otherwise than at his own request or by way of dismissal or discharge on account of mis-conduct or inefficiency or has been transferred to the reserve pending such release; shall also be deemed to be an Ex-Servicemen for the purpose of this clause.”
  • The Territorial Army personnel will however be treated as Ex-Servicemen w.e.f 15/11/86.

  • Persons (including ladies) who have served in any Branch of the Indian Army , the Indian Navy the Indian Airforce and the former Indian State Forces, including the enrolled noncombatants:
  • Territorial Force, NCC, Mercantile Marine, Merchant Navy, Red Cross & St. John Ambulance Brigade, provided he or she has service on whole time Military duties for a minimum period of six months during and time of National Emergency;
  • Any branch of the Nursing Services;
  • Hony Commissioned Officer those who have a rank in the Army, Navy or Indian Air Force;
  • Any of the Forces of the Commonwealth and other countries provided that their corresponding organizations give similar benefits and relief to classes of Ex-Services persons specified above who may be within their territories
  • Individual not to be an Office Bearer of any Political Party/other unrecognized ESM Org.
  • Individual to have been honorably discharged from service

  • If the application is submitted online it should be followed by hard copy of document and payment of membership fee b DD/MO/Local cheque Delhi –eg i.e. Discharge Certificate, PPO, ESM Identity Card
  • Two stamp size photo preferably in colour
  • IESL Life Membership which is utilized for welfare activities is a nominal amount as under:-
    Officers Rs 200/-
    JCOs Rs 100/-
    ORs Rs 50/-
    Definition of Ex Servicemen

    Comments: Definition of Ex Servicemen is mind boggling- Does a veteran convicted in civil court continue to be an Ex Servicemen? Do we have a simpler definition sans typographical errors and verbosity? Which has legal status- Registered under the Indian Society Act of 1860 or those Recognised by Ministry of Defence. Should all Regional ESM offshoots be Registered under the Indian Society Act if fees are collected for charitable purposes- any accountability?
  • Monday, December 13, 2010

    Nitish transforms Bihar's Corrupt Culture

    Nitish in Bihar: Yes he can
    Highlights: Right to Service Bill, Confiscation of illegal property and abolising MLA's/ MLC's One Crore Fund- Nitish a Champion Combating Corruption
    Patna: A fortnight into his overwhelming victory, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s regime is ushering in the change he promised. In two significant achievements in the battle against corruption, the state last week decided in principle to scrap the Rs 1 crore Local Area Development Fund allotted to MLAs and MLCs, and acting under his Bihar Special Courts Act, 2010, a court gave its first order to confiscate property worth Rs 44 lakh belonging to an official accused of corruption.

    Come April, the CM, ministers, bureaucrats and officials, down to Class III government employees, will declare their assets, while the Budget Session would see the Assembly pass a Right to Service Bill to ensure time-bound service to citizens.

    The Bihar Cabinet decided in principle on Friday to scrap the MLA/MLC annual fund, facing few objections, with even the poll-chastened RJD expressing its "full backing". The fund has been seen as a major source of corruption, with each legislator accused of cornering up to 30 per cent of the Rs 1 crore by giving contracts of development works in his/her constituency to the favoured few.

    Said a senior government officer: "MLAs will now only have powers to recommend work in their Assembly segments. The fund may be routed through the districts concerned and district magistrates alone would decide the executive agencies or contractors for the development work."

    Cabinet Secretary Afzal Amanullah said the final nod would come next week, after they had agreed on an alternative to the fund. Bihar has 243 MLAs and 75 MLCs.

    Fulfilling another promise made by Nitish -- to "convert buildings of the corrupt into schools" -- Bihar HRD Minister P K Sahi said on Saturday that the government had started the procedure to start a school in the Samastipur property of Kunwar.

    Next on Nitish's agenda is declaration of assets, and the Chief Minister has promised that he would be the first one to do so. "If my first tenure was known for conviction of 54,000 criminals, the second term might well be known for actions against the corrupt," he says.

    Cocking a snook at the Congress, which had to bite dust in the Bihar polls, Nitish adds: "Now that Bihar has tried to set the example in fighting corruption, the UPA government at the Centre must accept the demand for a JPC probe in the 2G spectrum scam."
    Read more: Click here

    Sunday, December 12, 2010

    Land Scam: Swift action by the Army

    Army orders probe into Adarsh Society scam, role of officers
    NDTV December 11, 2010 22:06 IST
    New Delhi: The Army today ordered a court of inquiry into the Adarsh Housing Society scam in Mumbai and the alleged role of senior serving and retired officers, including Major General R K Hooda, in it.

    "Yes, a court of inquiry has been ordered in the Adarsh Society episode and certainly Major General R K Hooda figures among those who will be examined," a senior officer in the Army headquarters here told PTI.

    The Army's Pune-based Southern Command headquarters ordered the probe to find out how these officers had issued a No-Objection Certificate to the private housing society to construct a 31-storeyed complex on a plot in Kolaba.

    Maj Gen Hooda was the Mumbai-based Area Commander for Maharashtra, Gujarat and Goa.

    The 104-apartment Society got embroiled in a controversy after the Navy had raised concerns over security as the building over-looked important military installations.
    NDTV Report- Read more click here
    Related Posts
    MoD employs double standards on Land Scams
    Exploitation of Defence Lands
    Panel pans defence ministry for lax land management
    Out of line: an army under fire

    Mumbai Mayhem two years ago... 28.11.2008
    "They are from across the border and perhaps from Faridkot, Pakistan. They tried to pretend that they were from Hyderabad" Major General R.K. Hooda, leading the military operation to flush out the extremists, told reporters.
    India blames Pakistan for Mumbai terrorist attacks

    Barkha Dutt Nira Radia: Shocking Relevations

    'Radia tapes threat to India's growth story' CNN-IBN
    Posted on Dec 12, 2010 at 10:40
    New Delhi: The Nira Radia tapes controversy is worrying not just corporates like Ratan Tata but other corporate as well. HDFC Chairman Deepak Parekh says they are only generating negativity which threatens to derail the India’s growth story.

    The Radia tapes threaten India's growth story, says HDFC Chairman. The HDFC Chairman has come out with his views and expressed anxieties in an interview to ‘The Indian Express’.

    Parekh said the recent slew of scandals has hit the image of brand India and could hurt business. His comments come at a time when 800 more conversations that allegedly expose a corporate-government nexus have been uncovered.
    Nigerian Spamster weans corporates of Rs 300 crore or more for lobbying
    Nira Radia a spy, says govt in affidavit to Tata
    Tamilnadu Dravidian Dynasty Dynamics Rule the Roost- Kollywood style
    Karunanidhi defends family's domination in Kollywood
    In one conversation, Niira Radia described Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) chief Karunanidhi as a "totally confused man." Radia describes his dilemma between his daughter, Rajya Sabha member Kanimozhi, and wife.In a conversation with Tarun Das, the former head of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Radia said that Congress should talk to DMK only through Kanimozhi, who has more influence on Karunanidhi. Another shocking truth was that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh also used to convey his messages through Kanimozhi rather Dayanidhi Maran.
    Karunanidhi is a totally confused man: Niira Radia


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