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Veteran Community Please Wake Up

Dear Friends,
Gp Captain Anant Bewoor, the fearless warrior flying the Il-76 into the Maldives as given out by Sidharth Mishra, former Chief Gen VN Sharma and ACM Nimmi Suri has done it again. His fearless defence of the Chief Gen VK Singh needs emulating by us all. The Veteran community needs to wake up to our own good. Just because you get called to show your face on the TV does not give you the right to go beserk and say all what the anchor puts in your mouth, or hold to that old silly attitude of "Resign" as if that would ever solve any problem except to set another example of capitulation, which we accuse all the earlier Chiefs of.
I enclose his letter below
Wake up Veterans and Gaurav Sainani (Please don't use this term ex servicemen and poorv sainik) you have nothing to lose except your old ideas
Niranjan Malik

1. There has been abundant wisdom and vitriol floating on the internet about COAS ever since the age issue and now this letter, bribes, etc. The TV as usual has gone for him hammer and tongs, politicians making full use of the TV time to make inane political speeches, but all wanting a kill. That KC Singh, Foreign Service it looks, another fraud, pontificatiing, notwithstanding that the IFS has covered itself with ignomy since 1947, making more enemies than friends. But what is most astounding and tragic is that we retired fellows have joined the band wagon against the Chief.
2. The most vehement writers are the very people who have castigated previous chiefs of sychophancy and not standing up to the bureaucracy and politician. These very critics have damned previous chiefs for not resigning in the face of non-cooperation and callousness by the civilain powers. Many of us, incl Jaswant Singh are invoking Chetewode, " The Safety Honour---" and damning COAS for maligning the fauj. What standards are we maintaning? We want a Chief to stand up to civilians, take them on face to face, give them a taste of our capability to fight back, and when it is done, we cry foul? How else does a Chief fight the civilan? He can do it only on paper. The only reason why VK Singh is branded a villain, is because we ex-faujis have made him look like one.
3. Many are talking about Gen Timmy, and his resignation in 1959. That was 53 years back, the environment was different. Timmy was a young man comparatively in his 50s, VK Singh is 62. Media coverage was pitiable. India was an infant nation. What really did Timmy achieve by rsigning and then withdrawing? What will be achieved by VK resigning? The civilian wins, thats all. We want a Chief who fights, stands up against babus/netas, and when he does it we castigate him? No one in this group or on TV has come up with any suggestion of how COAS will tell the country that defence preparedness is bad. Every Chief writes his own letter to the PM & RM. Because it has to be on record that the current incumbent has apprised the Govt of the correct ground position. The PM / RM and their babus file the letter, send a reply that it is being looked at and return to politicking and chamchagiri to stay politically and bureaucratically alive. These fact never come out into the open, Indians never know. Now they know, because someone has leaked the letter. How has India become weaker by this leak? Does anyone think that the enemies dont know we are weak in many sectors? The babu/neta never want this info in the Indian public domain, because he does not wish to remedy it. 126 Rafaels will do nothing for India's air defence unless all other eqpt comes in.
4. We faujis are behaving exactly as the babu/neta want us to behave, COAS has done the only thing available to him to corner the babu/neta, but we ex faujis have let him down. What he has done is placed the country before himself, even though he will get brickbats yet he has told it the way it actually is. Is there another way? The ESM cannot do anything, serving officers nothing, Hazare can do nothing, DRDO will never do anything, arms dealers with their senior retired faujis will want the system to continue. Imagine, the Army budget paying 60 lakhs margin for each Tatra, whats left for guns and butter? What the COAS has shown is that most of the inflated Defence Budget is going for margins and profits. If 30 COAS's have kept quiet, is it not time for this one to say it? And we ex-faujis disagree Amazing. Lets not split hair about the methodologies. VK must have looked at many options, many scenarios, many repercussions, many exits, many opinions from colleagues. If he had shut up, retired in May, and then had we come to know through Wikileaks, all of us would have said why did not VK tell us, bad chief, just like all his predecessors, gutless wonder. Damned if you do, damned if you dont.
5. I humbly suggest that we now hold our comments, let the combatants fight it out, we should watch, wait and then win. After all Satya Me Vijayate, who dares wins, fortune favours the brave.
Anant Bewoor
Lt Gen NS Malik, PVSM (Veteran)

Adarsh Scam: Will the Ex Military Chiefs be Investigated?

Adarsh scam: Gidwani remanded in CBI custody till April 3
Published: Saturday, Mar 31, 2012, 1:17 IST
Place: Mumbai | Agency: PTI

A special CBI court in Mumbai on Friday remanded KL Gidwani, former Congress MLC and one of the main accused in Adarsh Housing Society case, in CBI custody till April 3.

The court had earlier refused to give the CBI Gidwani's fresh custody in the case. But earlier today, Bombay High Court quashed the lower court's order.

Allowing an application filed by CBI challenging the March 26 order of the special CBI court which had remanded Gidwani in judicial custody, Justice R C Chavan of the high court directed the lower court to decide the agency's request for further custody afresh.

The special CBI court had refused to extend Gidwani's CBI custody after accepting the defence lawyer's argument that the accused had already been in CBI's custody for 10 days in a bribery case related to the Adarsh scam.

So the agency had moved the high court.

In the special court this afternoon, CBI prosecutor Ejaz Khan argued that all the transactions (for the Society) were done through "six to seven layers" and the CBI had to get to the bottom of them.

Gidwani was the chief promoter of Adarsh Society in south Mumbai and was instrumental in securing crucial clearances from different government departments.

The Society allegedly stands on Defence Ministry's land, and has breached a host of environmental and civic laws.
Adarsh scam: Gidwani remanded in CBI custody
BMEL and Tatra Vectra under CBI Investigation
CBI Investigates BEML- Tatra Vectra Nexsus

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bribe row: Army chief targeted for not toeing govt line, says Team Anna

Bribe row: Army chief targeted for not toeing govt line, says Team Anna
Published: Thursday, Mar 29, 2012, 18:22 IST
Place: New Delhi | Agency: PTI

Team Anna on Thursday extended full support to Army Chief VK Singh, alleging that he was targeted for not "toeing" the government line on issues.
Activist Arvind Kejriwal alleged government has killed almost every institution by "planting its loyals".
"Those who refuse to toe govt line, like army chief and CAG, are targeted. We fully support army chief's struggle. We are proud of him," Kejriwal wrote on micro-blogging site 'Twitter'.
He said government appeared to be at war with the armed forces and the people of India.
Referring to the remarks against the army chief, he said, "Politicians, rather than discussing precarious security preparedness of India, are playing politics."
Another Team Anna member Kiran Bedi said it appeared that the Army Chief was surrounded by "senior officials with doubtful integrity".
"Had evidence but did not know how to fix it? Now he has! Laws of nature work when nothing else does. Trust in nature. Those riding on corruption and abuse of power will see their end sooner than later," she tweeted.
The comments came following Singh's remarks about him being offered a Rs14 crore bribe by a lobbyist to clear the sale of a tranche of 600 'substandard' Tatra trucks for the Army and his letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh giving a grim picture of the country's military preparedness.
Bribe row: Army chief targeted for not toeing govt line, says Team Anna

Gen VK Singh is a hero for fighting the Enemy Within
by Venky Vembu Mar 29, 2012
For sure, Gen VK Singh has gone rogue. But I say: more power to you, Gen Singh. Even if, as some have suggested, you are doing it only for megalomaniacal reasons — or out of a sense of pettiness. Even though I can’t quite understand why you waited until now to say these things, I’m just plain glad you are saying them at least now.

Any self-respecting civilian government or military force or civil society ought to be celebrating Gen VK Singh for being a true warrior and taking on the Enemy Within. The problems that he highlights are our collective problems. Those problems have turned us into a banana republic far more than anything Gen Singh has done in severing the cosy, comfortable, clubby relationship between the military and the civilian administration.

If what it takes to get us even talk about the colossal mess we are in is for him to shake the government and our civil society out of our stupor, more power to you, Gen Singh.
Click here to read more

Babudom holds back pay scale upgrade for armed forces

Babudom holds back pay scale upgrade for armed forces
Ajay Banerjee/TNS
New Delhi, March 28
Away from the media spotlight, the three armed forces — the Army, the Navy and the IAF — are fighting a tough “battle” to get their personnel’s status and pay structure restored that were wrongly lowered in 2008.
The paramilitary forces and civilian officers were pegged at a higher perch than armed forces’ men. This, in government parlance, translates into lower status for the armed forces, lower allowances and a direct impact on the hierarchy with other services.
The “battle” to correct the status for the entire officer cadre, around 70,000 in the three forces, is being “fought” in files amidst mountains of paperwork that moves back and forth between the Finance Ministry, the Defence Ministry, the Cabinet Secretariat and the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO). There have been no tangible results over the past three years.
The Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff Committee (COSC), who is the senior-most among the three Chiefs, has been sporadically reminding the government how the Prime Minister had, in December 2008, approved that the matter needed to be addressed by setting up a high-powered committee. No committee has been set up so far. The three Chiefs, who jointly command more than 15 lakh troops and officers, have been reduced to sending “reminders” to the government. The latest reminder was sent by Admiral Nirmal Verma on February 21 “requesting intervention” of Cabinet Secretary Ajit Seth.
Documents accessed by The Tribune show how it all started when the Sixth Central Pay Commission (CPC) recommendations were out in October 2008. The sequence panned out this way: The IAS in the post of Joint Secretary (JS) to the Government of India was made eligible for a grade pay of Rs 10,000 a month on completing 22 years of service. The same was extended to IPS and the Indian Foreign Services.
There was a protest from other group “A” services - paramilitary and other civilian services. The government said it could not have so many posts of Joint Secretary but allowed “non-functional scale upgradation” and placed the protesters on same scale as a Joint Secretary, but after 24 years of service. The grade pay is crucial when matters of status are to be decided. Apart from the money, it sets the status of an officer in the government.
Strangely, the Armed forces are neither classified as group “A” services nor are they termed as “central services” like the IAS or the IPS. In case of the armed forces, Colonels languish at Rs 8,700 grade pay and Brigadiers at Rs 8,900. Only Major-Generals or their equivalent in the IAF and the Navy get the grade pay of Rs 10,000. Only 3 per cent of officers reach that rank and that too after 33-34 years of service.
Status and pay structure were ‘wrongly’ lowered in 2008
  • In Dec 2008, the PM wanted a high-powered committee to consider the case, but nothing has happened so far.
  • Forces say it was affecting the morale of their personnel
  • Files keep on shuttling between one ministry to the other
  • Services chiefs reduced to sending reminders, seeking justice for their officers
    Babudom holds back pay scale upgrade for armed forces
  • Veteran Voice: Is our National Security Imperiled?

    Dear Friends,
    I was aghast at the TV debate that I heard yesterday. I feel differently and aware of the powerful lobbies operating, having been a Deputy Chief. I am told they are even more powerful today, influencing serious decisions of promotions and appointments. Some of you may know more. My take on this whole controversy is given below for whatever it is worth.
    Niranjan Malik

    NATIONAL SECURITY IMPERILED (The Chief of Army Staff Controversy) By
    Lt Gen NS Malik, PVSM (Veteran)

    Army is fighting a proxy war with the Pakistani infiltrators across our Western border, at Siachin, the highest battlefield and insurgents in the North East. That was not sufficient to keep the army in good shape or under control, and a war within the Ministry of Defence (MOD) has been waging between the mandarins in the MOD and the Army Chief, now escalating to open war between the government and the Army. It is most unfortunate and directly impinges on our nation’s security.
    National security comprises of many facets, but the principal ones are the national economy, social harmony and the Defence Forces, the executive arm that is to remain ever ready to take to the field to defend the nation. To govern all this and to maintain the requisite command and control, the most important element of national security is the national leadership that harmonises all these. It is thus rightly said that National security is the first and most important function of any government. The person responsible for nation’s security is the Prime Minister as head of the Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS), where the Raksha Mantri is the important Minister, besides other ministers. The three Service Chiefs are not members of this august body, and are only on invitation. So if at anytime national security is threatened, the person to answer must be the CCS in general, and Prime Minister and Raksha Mantri in particular
    Having said that, now let us look at the controversy that has evolved around the Army Chief, General VK Singh. Three issues came up in a short period of time; Chief’s age controversy, Bribe case and the Letter written to the PM on state of the Army’s preparedness. Looking at these holistically establishes a certain pattern of sinister magnitude that has shaken the nation, jeopardizing its core values.
    Age controversy was a non-issue that got blown out of proportion. A man can be born only once and hence cannot have two dates of birth. Such heavy baggage was made of it that it had to go to the Supreme Court, who also failed to deliver a verdict that would settle the issue once for all. But why the controversy? Gen VK Singh had set himself the aim of ridding the army of corruption, which flows through the unbridled arms mafia, and its breeding ground in the South Block, where decisions of immense proportions are made. This lobby is very powerful, reaching to the very top of government machinery and the army brass. Arms mafia continuously strives to buy off decision makers in one form or the other, by bribing or threatening. Bribe was tried earlier, but it did not work and hence the other method of the DOB controversy. Who lost or won is not the point, but in this murky war, the nation lost, saddled with a lame duck Chief.
    Bribe bomb as it is called in the media is another one of the same. In this the point to note is that the bribe case was brought to the notice of the RM, who did nothing on it. Was it carelessness, total abdication of duty, or on purpose. A CBI enquiry has been ordered after the story broke. why not then when it was reported. Why the Chief did nothing is a fallout of the army ethos, which is a little different, in that once matter reported to superior authority, its duty is done and do not question the decision of the superior to take action or not. The non action by the RM has been highlighted by the Chief when he gave an interview to a news media. This is perhaps a part of his war on corruption continuing after realizing that no action is materializing even after his having apprised the RM of the arms lobby approaching him. Another factor in this episode is the intimate connection between the MOD and the Def PSU BEML. All purchases of Tatra vehicles are from BEML after they procure them through a UK based firm. The booking price set by the MOD is not only different but vastly different from the actual price. The question CBI should be probing is “Where does this spin-off go?”
    The Letter bomb that is supposed to have jeopardized national security. A few pertinent questions arise...
    1. Was this state of the army equipment in the know of the PM and the RM? If not why not? Isn’t National security, of which the preparedness of the armed forces is the most important factor, the direct responsibility of the RM and the PM. Were they made aware of this, and if so, what action was taken by them? In this context it is necessary to understand the functioning of the armed forces, where army commanders of all three services meet every six months and the complete preparedness of the armed forces is discussed and the RM and PM briefed.
    2. SunTzu, the famed strategist of China had said that “If you know your enemy and yourself, you need not fear the outcome of a thousand battles, but if you know neither, you will be defeated” Are we in the terrible state of not knowing even our own selves?
    3. The leak is bad and must be investigated and the guilty punished, but insinuations must stop till the facts are established. Though incorrect, yet the leak has brought to the nation’s notice the state of our armed forces, and hopefully it will spur the government to do something to mend the utterly unacceptable situation as pointed out by the Chief. Another point to be remembered is that it is not these leaks that give away the state of the armed forces to the enemy, all these details are available in any open publications like SIPRI and others where all import, export, equipment held and state is given in great detail
    4. The most important thing that flows out of this leak is for the government to seriously undertake modernization of the armed forces and not get cowed down by the mafia. Though a whispering bird tells me that this leak is also organized by one of its minions to force the government hand in
  • expediting imports (perhaps good for the nation) and
  • force the government to sack the Chief, achieving its ultimate aim and showing to those that occupy that high office in future that the mafia can be ruthless
    Let me now take you to the Hallowed grounds of the Indian Military Academy Dehradun, where the Gentleman Cadet becomes an officer and takes the final step into Chetwode Hall to imbibe the words of Field Marshal Chetwode that “ The Honour, safety, and Security of your country comes first always and every time”…” of the men that you command next and your own safety and comfort come last always and every time” But even more important is the last step over the “Antim Pug”, which signifies that this is your last step for your own self, thereafter you are for the nation and nothing but the nation. How many thousands have sacrificed their lives for the nation’s security keeping these laudable principles in mind.
    Final question is “has General VK Singh lived by this motto?” The answer lies in his zeal to clean the system and fight the mafia, staking his all for it, even to the extent where there is talk of his being dismissed. Could a country ask for more of its Army Chief?
    Lt Gen NS Malik, PVSM (Veteran)
  • General VK Singh strikes back

    'Cynical approach to tar my reputation': Army Chief strikes back on leaked letter
    NDTV Correspondent, Updated: March 29, 2012 11:30 IST

    New Delhi: Army Chief General VK Singh has today rejected allegations that he is responsible for the leak of a confidential letter written by him to the Prime Minister, warning that India's security is at risk because the army's equipment is obsolete. 'This is an outrage! Official communication with the PM, RM or anybody for that matter with the COAS (chief of army staff) is privileged information. The leaking of the letter should be treated as high treason. This cynical approach to tar my reputation has to stop. The source of the leak has to be found and dealt with ruthlessly," said the army chief today via a mailed statement.
    Read more at: click here

    Corruption Charges
    In his letter to the Army Chief, the Trinamool MP has made a series of allegations of a procurement scam, alleging payoffs for the purchase of night-vision devices, communication systems, weapons as well as parachutes, according to the Indian Express report. The MP has also named Army officers, including a former Army Chief, who he alleged received crores in kickbacks for defence procurements and amassed huge disproportionate assets.
    Read more at: Click here

    Comment: It is obvious that leakages of Secret Letters are resorted to by bureaucrats to shift the focus of bribery, kickbacks and corruption. The MOD, MHA and PMO are in unison in protecting the political scamsters. Gen Deepak Kapoor the former chief is one who can spill the beans if tackled intelligently.

    Wednesday, March 28, 2012

    MHA and MOD working in tandem in the bribe bombs?

    Who is Lt-Gen Tejinder Singh? by MADHAV NALAPAT NEW DELHI | 6th Mar
    The Sunday Guardian

    Lt General Tejinder Singh the MOD's Munitions lobbyist and a Adarsh Scamster...
    Those involved in the making of purchases for security agencies under the Home Ministry or the PMO say that retired Lt-General Tejinder Singh, who has been explicitly accused by the Army of having floated reports that Chief of Army Staff General V K Singh spied on Defense Minister A K Antony, is not an unknown figure within the world of suppliers of equipment. One source said that Tejinder Singh "operates in tandem with a Major Hooda (retd) and his son, both of whom are well known to Karthik Chidambaram, the influential son of Home Minister P Chidambaram". The younger Hooda, a presumed relative of the Haryana Chief Minister, is alleged to be "active in promoting the products of certain agencies, including foreign entities". These sources claim that Tejinder Singh was very close to a former Chief of Army Staff and that he "knows the incoming Chief of Army Staff, Lt-General Bikramjit Singh, very well". None of these claims could be verified, especially suggestions that a such link "could influence procurement decisions by the Army in the future". General V K Singh is known to have had a series of battles with established cartels involved in military procurement,unlike some of his predecessors,who "played along with such elements". That the incoming Chief of Army Staff has very powerful support within the UPA was made clear by the government's decision to announce that he would succeed General V K Singh, even if the latter were to quit prematurely. It needs to be said that Lt-General Bikramjit Singh is widely regarded as a capable officer, with an excellent record in counter-insurgency operations.
    Surprisingly, the CBI has thus far not shown any interest in investigating the many allegations that Lt-General Tejinder Singh, Major Hooda and others are involved in efforts to influence procurement decisions in the Home and Defense Ministries, besides those in NTRO, RAW and the Aviation Research Service. Reports of suspicious transactions in these agencies have been buried under a carpet of official indifference. By avoiding an enquiry, what has happened is that the miasma of suspicion that is hovering over the head of Karthik Chidambaram is continuing. Numerous sources allege "undue attention and interest" by the young politician in matters relating to equipment suggested as being needed for national security. There is every likelihood that such charges against Karthik are false, and motivated by jealously at his swift rise in business and politics. However, given the clout of the Home Minister in matters relating to promotions of IPS officers,the inaction of the CBI has given rise to speculation about the agency's motivation in rejecting an enquiry. Interestingly,a source claims that "one of the national security agencies of the Government of India recently asked for an enquiry into Hooda and Singh by both CBI and IB",but to no avail, "as high-level circles shield the two" . The Army has finally come out in the open about the mysterious retired armyman,who moves in very influential circles in Delhi,and directly tied him to the ongoing - and vicious - campaign against General Singh. It needs to be added that Defense Minister A K Antony has thus far kept himself scrupulously away from this campaign,although he has endorsed the view that Lt-General Bikramjit Singh is the fittest officer to be the new COAS.

    Sources tracking procurement within the services are,in the words of a senior officer, afraid that "once the new Chief of Army Staff takes office,enquiries initiated by General Singh may get discontinued",thereby enabling officers guilty of graft and worse to escape. Hopefully,such a suspicion will be shown to be unfounded,come June 1,2012,and that the new Chief of Army Staff will continue the house-cleaning initiated by his predecessor. General Bikramjit Singh needs to show that he is in the tradition of those fighting graft,rather than in that of certain predecessors who are known to have done the opposite.
    Click here for the original expose
    Comment: From media reports a high powered cartel under aegis of MHA is presumably working overtime for bribing MOD officials in all defence deals. Mr Antony seems ignorant about the kickbacks obtained by Chidambaram's own son through the back door. Incidently Mr P Chidambaram, Oxford educated and a eminent lawyer, remains numero uno in the list of India's most corrupt Ministers. Anna Hazare has been campaigning to rein in the corrupt- his face is also evident in the 2G Spectrum Scam- incidently the opposition in the Parliament has nailed Chidambaram as the author, generator and perpetuator of black money and holder of numerous Swiss Secret Accounts where black money is siphoned off. He also heads the CBI- all investigations are brought to a mathematical zero. click here for more
    Chidambaram cannot get black money out of his blood. Now his son has taken after his Father's Footsteps. His performance in the Lok Sabha needs to be watched! click here for the original expose
    This blog does not subscribe to these charges...

    BEML a front for kick backs? A MOD created company- conspired by babus?

    Exposed! The Rs750 crore Tatra scam a year ago
    Published: Friday, Jul 22, 2011, 10:00 IST | Updated: Friday, Jul 22, 2011, 1:36 IST
    By DNA Investigations Bureau | Place: Mumbai | Agency: DNA
    Top officials of BEML Limited, a Bangalore-based company, and the defence ministry have siphoned off at least Rs750 crore in bribes and commissions over the past 14 years in the purchase of components for Tatra trucks, backbone of the army’s artillery and transportation wings.
    The Indian Army uses Tatra all-terrain vehicles to mount guided missile launchers and haul heavy artillery. It also uses these vehicles to transport personnel, supplies, tanks, ammunition, bailey bridges, and the like.
    Flouting defence ministry guidelines, BEML, formerly Bharat Earth Movers Limited, a Rs3,500 crore company in which the government of India is the majority shareholder, has been buying components for the 6x6 and 8x8 trucks from a middleman in London.
    The defence procurement guidelines clearly say all purchases should be made only from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). But DNA’s investigations show that BEML, nodal production agency for the family of Tatra trucks, has been dealing with Tatra Sipox (UK) Ltd, which is neither the OEM nor a subsidiary of the OEM.
    This racket has been in operation since 1997, according to documents in DNA’s possession. A former employee who held a senior position in BEML said that so far the company has completed transactions worth Rs5,000 crore with Tatra Sipox (UK) Limited, purported British subsidiary of Tatra Sipox a s (Slovakia), with at least Rs750 crore having been paid as kickbacks to BEML and defence ministry officials.
    Senior advocate KS Periyaswamy, a shareholder of BEML, who sought the intervention of the president and a CBI probe into the Tatra deals, said: “At least 15% of the money sanctioned for the purchase of Tatra trucks is siphoned off as commission. Everyone from top to bottom gets their share. In my capacity as shareholder, I had highlighted this issue in the 2002 annual general meeting, but it wasn’t taken up.”
    The deal worked so well for the officials involved that BEML signed another 10-year agreement with Tatra Sipox (UK) in 2003, four years before the first agreement ended, to increase the scope of the relationship. Since BEML doesn’t have the know-how to manufacture these trucks even 14 years after the deal was first struck, it sources components from Tatra Sipox (UK) and uses them for assembling the trucks.
    A DNA exclusive explosive report a year back
    Comment: Why is Mr Antony sleeping for almost one year since the publication of this report about MOD babus reaping a harvest of bribes? Army Chief's bribe bomb relevations are not new...
    Too late but never late
    The CBI official said the agency had received a tip-off about the alleged irregularities in the middle of last year “but it was not pursued for unknown reasons”. (The reasons for delay needs to be examined)
    CBI lodges Tatra case by IMRAN AHMED SIDDIQUI
    Chennai : Heavy truck maker Kamaz Vectra Motors Ltd's plant at Hosur has been shut down by the Tamil Nadu Factories Inspectorate for operating without a proper licence, an official said Monday. "We found workers were listed under the names of two companies in the same premises. This is not as per the law. Further, the company does not have a licence to operate," the inspectorate official told IANS on condition of anonymity. click here for the report

    Veteran Welfare Neglected Issues

    Dear Veterans,
    In the resent past major veteran issues have come up in the blogs concerning the Armed Forces Personnel and the Veterans.
    A few of them are:
    1 Non Functional Up gradation (NFU) to officers.
    2. Amending the Pension Regulations of the Armed Forces.
    3. Non Implementation of Judgments of AFTs (aboutg 2000).
    4. Payment of 100% pension to the Veterans up to the age of 60 years (age for superannuation for central Govt employees) and payment of OROP.
    5. Separate Ministry or a Defense Board (like that of Railway) for Armed Forces Personnel.
    6. Cadre Review (being done every 5 years in other Departments).
    7. Abnormal Difference of pension between two immediate Ranks to the tune of Rs.11,000/-PM
    8. Withdrawal of existing Rank Pay by 6th CPC (replacing with grade pay to give additional emoluments to civilian employees and also to create an equation of imbalance between civ and Military.)
    9. Majors with more than 15 years of service equated with cadets and Hony Lt's (PB-3).
    10. A meaningful resettlement of Armed Forces Veterans.
    11. Dignity (Izzath) of the personnel in uniform/ Protocol/ precedence vis a vis the civilian counterparts.
    The above are some of the major issues that are being reflected in emails and blogs nowadays. The blame is palmed on to the babus of MOD and the Politicians. But one must think honestly - Are they fully responsible for these omissions. What is the role of the Service HQs?
    click here for more

    Antony throws bribe bomb back at army chief

    HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times
    New Delhi, March 27, 2012

    Defence minister AK Antony said Tuesday he had asked General VK Singh to take action against the alleged middleman, a former army officer, who had offered him a bribe but the army chief did not pursue the matter for unknown reasons.
    Antony told the Rajya Sabha he was shocked
    "I was shocked…Then I told him (the chief) to take action but he said he did not want to pursue it. I don't know why…," the minister said.
    He couldn't take action as there was no written complaint, Antony said.
    Lt Gen Tejinder Singh retired as the Defence Intelligence Agency chief in July 2010. The chief was allegedly offered the money a month later.
    Antony told the House he had gone by his judgement and was ready to be punished if wrong. His track record showed that he fought for probity in public life, the minister said.
    The government Monday ordered a CBI probe into the chief's allegations that he was offered Rs 14 crore to buy 600 "sub-standard" vehicles for the army.
    Singh made the revelation in media interviews almost 18 months after the offer was made and barely two months before his retirement on May 31.
    The claim also comes weeks after the chief's confrontation with the ministry over his date of birth. The Supreme Court refused to accept Gen Singh's claim on the age issue.
    The chief has not named the person who offered him the money and referred to him as a "recently retired officer".
    Antony's comments are significant since he has spoken publicly for the first time on an issue raised by the chief. Even when Gen Singh's age row was at its peak, the minister refrained from making comments.
    Leader of the Opposition Arun Jaitley said the Opposition did not question the minister's integrity but asked why no action was taken.
    "Is this an issue on which both of them (minister and chief) should have put blinkers on their eyes and not inquired into the matter at all?" Jaitley said.
    The army chief told news channel ETV that he couldn't act against the "middleman" because it was an indirect offer that left him stunned.
    Antony throws bribe bomb back at army chief

    Tuesday, March 27, 2012

    Major Land Scams that Shamed the Army

    At the corps of land scandals: The nation's biggest landlord the army is being exploited by unscrupulous officers to make money on the sly
    By Gautam Datt UPDATED: 00:22 GMT, 7 February 2012

    The defenders of our country and its borders are fighting a secret enemy – which has threatened their dignity and integrity – greed. And at the centre of greed is the humongous amount of land that has been given to the Indian Army by the government for the purpose of establishing its cantonments, offices, residential property, etc.
    In fact, the ministry of defence is the biggest landholder in the government with a holding of 17.31 lakh acres of land across the country.
    However, in the recent years this land – thousands of acres of which has been notified as 'excess' by a CAG audit – has been utilised by some senior officers as an opportunity for corruption. And they didn't have to try hard for finding a partner and the ways to use this 'encroached' or excess land. Various land sharks always on the lookout for an opportunity to grab the defence land eagerly join hands with these unscrupulous officers to make a quick buck.
    Read more: Click here for CAG report and List of Scams

    Bribe Bomb detected in MOD's closet

    The last order for 700 Tatra trucks was cleared in 2009-2010. While Gen Singh said the vehicles were substandard, the defence ministry on Monday said there were no issues about quality.
    “We have not received any complaints from the armed forces on quality. However, there are issues of after-sales service,” Rashmi Verma, joint secretary (land systems) said.
    Army chief drops bribe bomb, government orders CBI probe- Click here to read more

    According to General Singh, it was because he had cracked down on corruption that he was targeted on his date of birth: “But things are fast unravelling and you will soon see the hand behind the drama. You will soon see who the sutradhar of the play is.”
    India needs disciplined generals like V. K. Singh as valued uncorrupt politicians. Good work general. Join Anna Hazare group. God Bless India and You.
    from: N. K. DORAISWAMY
    Posted on: Mar 26, 2012 at 07:26 IST
    Is anyone surprised? The final suthradhar is this Government, which is notorious in mudsligning any person who exposes the true nature of its governance or the final beneficiaries of under the table deals. General V.K. Singh we Indians are with you. Hope you continue your fight after retirement, as part of the Lokpal.
    from: Suresh Kumar
    Posted on: Mar 26, 2012 at 07:46 IST
    The Army Chief is perfectly right when he says 'The army should not fight its own people.' There is police to deal with the people. The army has an image of respect as people fighting or dying for the country. The army is specifically meant to deal with enemy country. Naxals are not enemies of the country. They are the aggrieved people of the country. The result of corrupt politicians. It is a social problem.
    from: J.Narasimha Rao
    Posted on: Mar 26, 2012 at 11:48 IST
    we are so so proud of you sir
    from: kumar
    Posted on: Mar 26, 2012 at 11:57 IST
    Thanks VK sir for your excellent sevice and wish u all the best for your futher.
    from: Sandeep Jadhav
    Posted on: Mar 26, 2012 at 11:57 IST
    Our country is fortunate to have such Generals who has guts to stand alone on the value system. We are proud of you sir, very soon you will see the whole country joining you and supporting you. Its rightly said the 'The Truth Prevails'. This is what it takes to be a chief of Army staff.Long live General.
    from: Surpal Singh Deora
    Posted on: Mar 26, 2012 at 12:50 IST
    Mr Tiwari says why Gen did not file complain when bribe was offered? If he would have done that than Mr. Tiwari will say ,he should have gone through proper channel. From this one can understand Tiwaris intellect
    from: Vinoo Patel
    Posted on: Mar 26, 2012 at 14:03 IST
    Till now it seemed that army was free from the grasp of political influence and dirty games, but it seem from Army chief that politician has a simple game plan that is "whether you are with us or get ready to get tainted". The roots of corruption has reached a depth that a chief is offered bribe.if these cases go unnoticed soon we will see the organisation been eaten by termites of corruption.Let the truth prevails.
    from: Anjney
    Posted on: Mar 26, 2012 at 14:07 IST
    click hear to read the full report
    Scams that rocked defence ministry since 2007: click here

    The real face of MOD
    The truth is that the Military is palmed off substandard equipment bought at exorbitant rates from dubious dealers who have lobbyists working backwards with bribes to clench the deal. The Politicians and Bureaucrats are the real culprits who do not get caught. The CBI investigations under MHA will be a farce and will be used as a cover up akin to a smoke screen to shield the corrupt including the previous Chief's who are guilty of making big bucks. The Adarsh Scam has helped in exposing few of the culprits. Thanks to the Media for taking up cudgels against the powerful, mighty rich and the corrupt. The bribe trail is difficult to trace or track (like 2G Spectrum Scam) because the handlers are Secret Swiss Bankers.

    Monday, March 26, 2012

    I was offered a bribe of Rs 14 crore, says Army Chief

    Vidya Subrahmaniam The Hindu New Delhi March 26, 2012
    The country will soon see the sutradhar of the date of birth drama

    The Army Chief, General V.K. Singh, has alleged that an equipment lobbyist offered him a bribe of Rs. 14 crore, which he reported to Union Defence Minister A.K. Antony.

    In a recent interview to The Hindu, General Singh spoke on a variety of issues, including the controversy surrounding his date of birth and the “shocking” state of affairs in the Army which had allowed the Chief to be offered a bribe.
    The General said the lobbyist offered him the bribe in order to have a tranche of 600 sub-standard vehicles of a particular make cleared for purchase. He said the vehicles, 7,000 of which were already in use in the Army, had been sold over the years at exorbitant prices with no questions asked. He said there was no proper facility where they could be serviced and maintained and yet they continued to be sold to the Army: “Just imagine, one of these men had the gumption to walk up to me and tell me that if I cleared the tranche, he would give me Rs. 14 crore. He was offering a bribe to me, to the Army Chief. He told me that people had taken money before me and they will take money after me.”
    The Army chief said the brazenness of the act shocked him out of his wits. “I was shocked. If somebody comes and tells you, you will get so much, what can you do?” He said the man had recently retired from the Army, indicating how deeply entrenched the problem was.
    The General said he went straight to Mr. Antony and reported the matter. “I told him, if you think I'm a misfit, I will walk out.”
    ‘Standards have fallen’
    Asked what had brought the Army to the state where the Chief could be offered a bribe, he said: “Obviously somewhere our standards of probity and integrity have fallen.”
    According to General Singh, it was because he had cracked down on corruption that he was targeted on his date of birth: “But things are fast unravelling and you will soon see the hand behind the drama. You will soon see who the sutradhar of the play is.”
    I was offered a bribe of Rs. 14 crore, says Army Chief
    It would have been disobedience if I had not accepted 1950, says Army Chief: Click here for the full Interview
    Related Reading
    Bring Lokpal Bill or go, Anna Hazare tells government
    NDTV Correspondent, Updated: March 25, 2012 22:15 IST
    Read more at: Bring Lokpal
    Arms wheeler Dealer
    Director General Defence Intelligence Agency(DG DIA) and not under the Military Intelligence. The present story has been put out by Lt Gen (retd) Tejinder Singh, who was the Ex DGDIA and who has been earlier questioned on the purchase of the “Of the air Monitoring System”, without sanction by the technically empowered committee. This officer has also been an allottee in Adarsh Housing Society in Mumbai and has also offered bribe on behalf of Tatra and Vectra Limited, which supplies vehicles to BEML. The Officer along with some disgruntled serving officers of the military intelligence, against whom disciplinary and administrative actions is in the pipeline has worked out this fictitious story.
    Indian Army Inadvertently Says Ex-General An Arms Agent For Tatra, Vectra: Click here to read the full story

    Sunday, March 25, 2012

    Soldiers Defrauded of Rank Pay: Present Status

    IV Pay Commission Rank Pay Anomaly Case
    In the case of Maj AK Dhanapalan Vs Union of India in OP 2448/96, The Hon’ble High Court of Kerela allowed the plea of the officer and held that the deduction of the rank pay was not correct and directed to re fix the basic pay of the officer from 1.1.1986. Appeal filed by the Union of India before the larger bench of the High Court & SLP in the Hon’ble Supreme Court against the judgment was dismissed. Although Govt sanction to pay arrears to Maj AK Dhanapalan were issued, the benefit was not extended to similarly placed officers of the three Services.
    Similar cases were filed by a large number of officers in various courts throughout the country. The Supreme Court of India directed that such of the cases be transferred to the apex court. Retired Defence Officers Association (RDOA) has been able to transfer one of the ‘lead cases’ from Kerela to the Supreme Court.
    AS ON 22 Mar 2012
    GOOGLY BY COURT!? Further to post of 21 Mar 2012 on the ibid case. The Court No 8 did not 'SIT' today ie 22 Mar 2012. In all probability another date will be given which will be posted on the blog once known. In the meantime u can start counting ur pennies @6% interest.
    'But patience to prevent the murmur soon replies' John Milton
    AS ON 21 Mar 2012
    The case was listed at item no 7 in court no 8 in the apex court for 21 Mar 2012. Item no 1 took the complete day and finished at 1530hrs. Item no 2 case took two weeks adjournment.Some discussion took place on case at item no 3 and then the case was adjourned for three weeks. Remaining cases have been rescheduled for 22 Mar 2012. We are hopeful the case will be heard on 22 Mar 12.
    Click here to read the genesis of the fraud and how soldiers remain cheated of the Rank Pay from 1986

    President Pratibha Patil's foreign trips cost record Rs. 205 cr
    New Delhi: President Pratibha Patil's foreign travel has cost the public exchequer a whopping Rs. 205 crore on her foreign visits, surpassing the record of all her predecessors.
    Read more at: click here
    Comment: The Government instead of punishing the culprits for perpetuating this fraud on Soldiers has amply rewarded them for savings accrued on the exchequer. The soldiers till date remain cheated of their Rank Pay entitlements. President Pratiba Patil's wasteful travel extravagza could have paid for the Rank Pay of soldiers.

    OROP in a time warp

    Dear Mr Rajeev,
    On behalf of the Navy Foundation, whose members are all retired officers of the Indian Navy, I would like to express our heartfelt thanks and our great admiration for your frank letter of 25th August to the Prime Minister on the subject of Salary hike for MPs and the issue of ‘one rank one pension’ or OROP for ex-servicemen.
    If I may be permitted to say so, that the letter was a brilliant piece of analysis of decision making by the government. You have put forth in such a logical and succinct manner the double standards being followed. The recourse to refer any issue to a committee of bureaucrats when the government does not want to take a decision is what is affecting many issues of governance including OROP for ex-servicemen. As you have so rightly summed up ‘the bureaucrats have acquired great abilities for obstructive conduct’.
    We are grateful to you, Sir, for repeatedly taking up with the Prime Minister and at other fora the injustices to ex-servicemen and denial of OROP. Your decision to forego your salary hike as an MP till OROP is resolved has won our hearts and deepest gratitude. It is heartening to know that there is at least one MP, who has the welfare of those who have silently and selflessly served the nation in peace and in war and who now appear to have been conveniently forgotten. We believe in the power of one and even though you are an Independent, you are on so many Standing and Consultative Committees of the Parliament and we repose full faith in you..
    We once again thank you for taking up our cause and salute you for your ideals and principles in fighting the obvious double standards in governance. There are not many like you in the country.
    With warmest and heartfelt regards,
    Vice Admiral Harinder Singh (Retd)
    click here to read more Veterans Comments


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