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Honour in Uniform

General K.S. Thimayya resigned in 1958 over differences with the then defence minister, V.K. Krishna Menon, on a promotion case. He was a charismatic, very respected and popular Army Chief with a brilliant war record. Pandit Nehru persuaded him to withdraw his resignation and thereafter castigated him in Parliament. General Thimayya ignored this reproach and continued to serve. He became a lame duck Army Chief during his remaining tenure. Had he chosen to resign on a more substantive issue, like neglect of defences in the Himalayas, and stuck to his resignation, he could have gone out a hero, setting the right pattern for civil-military relations. The nation would have been saved the humiliation of 1962. Nehru need not have died broken-hearted. By 1962, the institution of service chief had been so degraded that the then Army Chief, General P.N. Thapar, seems to have had little say in the decision to go to war with China. On his way to Sri Lanka, Nehru told the press at Chennai that he had given orders to the Army to evict the Chinese from the Himalayas. A joint secretary at Tezpur conveyed this order on a chit of paper to Gen. Thapar. Fortunately the position of the Army Chief was redeemed by General J.N. Chaudhuri during the 1965 war, and more so by Manekshaw in 1971.
The Bofors scam ushered in an era of ongoing rampant corruption and the most blatant coverups. Hardly any of the numerous tainted political leaders have been convicted. Corruption, like a galloping malignant cancer, has been spreading to all departments of the government and to all sections of civil society. The Army has also been affected and a few general officers got involved in corruption. This has badly tarnished the Army’s image. A redeeming feature has been that unlike in the case of civilians, the tainted generals were promptly dealt with and punishment meted out to them.

* The author SK Sinha, a retired lieutenant-general, was Vice-Chief of Army Staff and has served as governor of Assam and Jammu and Kashmir
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Honour in uniform

Applaud, don't shoot the chief

Colonel (Dr) Anil Athale (Retd) is Chhatrapati Shivaji Fellow of the USI studying insurgency, and the co-ordinator of Inpad, a Pune-based think tank.

With US breathing down its neck to close down the Jihadi factories and India deciding to forge instruments to punish proxy attacks, there is natural disquiet in Pakistan over the loss of leverage obtained through patronising terror organisations like the Lashkar-e-Toiba..

But what is surprising that even some Indians found this new strategy objectionable. Do they want India to suffer another Mumbai-style attack?

Ayaz Amir in the ‘News’ (of Pakistan) and Mr K Subrahmanyam, former convener of India’s National Security Council, have made more or less the same points as I have made above. But the real ‘Elephant in the room’ is the distance that we seem to have covered in acquiring the needed capability.

Thanks to the inefficiencies of the DRDO, the Indian armed forces have fought all wars with technology inferior to the enemy. This was true of 1962, 1965 and even 1971, be it the artillery, tanks, radars or even infantry weapons. Not just our adversaries, but even terrorists have had better weapons than our own soldiers. That we still held our own is a tribute to the valour and leadership of our forces.

This is not mere bellyaching, or a bad carpenter blaming his tools syndrome. We were in a situation that we did not have the necessary tools at all . The fact that we are in a position to now think of a ‘flexible response’ strategy as opposed to ‘all or nothing’ means that we have now the means to carry out the required tasks. This would not be possible without the support of the US, the leading country as far as military technology is concerned.

Perhaps wisdom has finally dawned on the West that India –not Pakistan-- is the frontline state as far as the war on terror is concerned. Strategically, with the Americans building up in Afghanistan and the Pakistanis on the backfoot, there was a possibility that the Jihadis would mount attacks on India to derail the US operations by diverting the Pakistan army to check India. It is to counter such an eventuality that the new ‘cold start’ strategy has been initiated.

Hope for peace, or `Aman ki Aasha` for the subcontinent depends squarely on the Pakistani state giving up terror as a state policy.

That being the case, this is an occasion to celebrate, not castigate the messenger.
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Applaud, don't shoot the chief

Dear Friends,
I have received this article titled "Peace with Pakistan: Chasing a mirage" click here from a friend and am passing it on to you all. It deals with a situation that affects us all, in fact even our children and grandchildren.
Cdr K K Punchhi (Retd)

CNN- IBN to felicitate individuals working towards rehabilitation of war widows

Dear Friends,
1. CNN IBN wishes to felicitate individuals who are working towards rehabilitation of War Widows. The Channel has contacted IESM to assist them in identifying such individual, who have been silently working in the rehabilitation of War Widows and their services have not drawn the attention of the people of India. Mail received from CNN IBN is appended below.
2. All ESM are requested to please let us know the particulars (name, full address, tele number, email etc) of such individuals at the earliest for onward submission. A brief description of the work done by such individuals towards the above objective may also be given.
3. Please circulate the mail to the maximum individuals. With Kind Regards, Jai Hind Yours Sincerely,
Maj Gen (Retd) Satbir Singh,
SM Vice Chairman Indian ESM Movement

From: "Srishti Shanker"
Sir, As a follow up to our conversation, here is the write up on the concept of Real Heroes on CNN-IBN. Ordinary People, extra ordinary stories. People who decided to work towards a cause larger than personal ambitions. They are making a difference to the lives of people around them in their own unique ways. India's Real Heroes straddle many different areas of work; education, public service, healthcare, saving the environment and women's welfare. The series culminates at an awards ceremony where Mukesh and Nita Ambani joined hands with CNN IBN to felicitate these real heroes and provide them financial assistance to take their good work forward. We are looking for individuals working towards rehabilitation of war widows. Please share details of unrecognised people who have been working selflessly in this field. Looking forward to a speedy response.
Regards Srishti

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MoD employs double standards on Land Scams

Gymkhana Club Chennai owes 33 crores as rent arrears on occupation of Military assets
The prestigious Gymkhana Club, situated close to the TN area headquarters, was an exclusive facility for military officers. Until 1920, its membership was restricted to garrison officers only and, even today, the club grounds belong to the armed services. This club is now hijacked by Civilians, Industrialists and Bureaucrats and Garrison Officers reduced to personae non gratae (literally non entities) without voting rights. This is height of bureaucratic arrogance subjected on the defence forces! The Area Commander is made a dummy Patron of the Club to hoodwink the Garrison Officer- Members serving and retired.

The then Madras Gymkhana Club was in occupation of 44.13 acres of Defence land in a prime part of the city from December 1977 to November 1986 on payment of annual rent of Rs 3,526. Though a formal lease agreement had not been entered into with the Club till then, the Ministry of Defence sanctioned, in October 1990, the continuance of the lease only in respect of 8.608 acres of land retrospectively from November 1986 onwards at the increased annual rent of Rs.8,608 based on agricultural rates. No lease agreement was concluded even thereafter. Gymkhana Club, Chennai in occupation of 44.13 acres has an outstanding dues Rs 33.10 crores, which has not been recovered over the years.

The DEO, Chennai, recovered rent from the Club up to November 1991. Thereafter, he stopped accepting rent from the Club on the ground that it had resorted to unauthorised construction on the leased land and had also made alterations to the building thereon without the prior permission of the lessor and in violation of the lease agreement.

Audit scrutiny disclosed the following:
The Club had constructed 14 air-conditioned guest rooms, in respect of which rent ranging from Rs 900 to Rs 1,950 per day was levied, a beauty parlour, a Chinese kitchen, ice-cream parlour, etc. It had also sub-let a portion of the land to a bank without the prior permission of the lessor.
Keeping in view the Club’s commercial activities, the DEO had assessed that rent amounting to Rs 33.10 crore was recoverable for the period from November 1991 to June 2001, based on only 2.5 per cent of the land value, as against 5 per cent adopted for determining the rent payable by another club in the same station, that was also involved in similar commercial activities. Government’s approval for revision of rent as proposed by the DEO had not been obtained even after the lapse of over 4 years as of March 2002. The Directorate General of Defence Estates informed Audit in September 2002 that the draft lease for the period from December 1977 onwards and rate at which damages were to be recovered from the Club had not yet been finalised by Ministry.
MINISTRY OF DEFENCE: Status of encroached lands
Exploitation of Defence Lands and listed scams

The MoD in connivance with Politicians have hijacked the prestigious and Exclusive Military Club. The present Committee Members of the club are spinning and reeking in crores of Rupees from membership fees from Industrialists, Bureaucrats and Civilians. The Bye- laws suitably framed by the Governing Body is a farce and passed by proxy to ensure the outstanding rentals are not paid to the Military. The Military Officers are made joker members divested of any honour or dignity in the club! When the Military is fighting for upholding Warrant of Precedence of Military ranks, here we see slew of dishonour bestowed on Military Officers and Retired Officers. Defence Minister should intervene and ensure that dignity of Military Officers are upheld at all forums.
Gymkhana Club Chennai- hijacked? Military made a scapegoat!

Sukhna Land Scam
Kolkata: Indian Army will begin trials in the Sukhna land scam case against Lt Gen PK Rath and Lt Gen Avadesh Prakash in Kolkata.

Lt Gen P Goel will be the presiding officer for the proceedings. The Army is going ahead with the proceedings even as a case is going on at the Armed Forces Tribunal where Lt Gen Prakash is seeking a stay. The tribunal has reserved its verdict in the land scam case.

Sources in Army Headquarters say the trials cannot be treated as contempt since the tribunal did not ask for stay of disciplinary proceedings.

Army's Eastern Command in Kolkata will carry out disciplinary proceedings which start on Wednesday and will begin with "hearing of the charge" - that is the charge will be read out to accused officers.

Lt Gen Prakash was the military secretary and responsible for the promotions and postings of army officers. He is among the army's most senior officers to face court martial on charges of corruption.
Top generals to be charged in Sukhna land scam

All Lt Cols authorised residential telephone

Wednesday, February 10, 2010
All Lt Cols across the board have now been authorised residential telephone at home as per orders issued by the MoD.

The facility would be provided through military network as far as possible and if not so provided then a re-imbursement of Rs 1500/- per month can be claimed through contingency grants.

The authorisation would be read in conjunction with the earlier letters issued on the subject by the Ministry of Finance.
The govt letter on the subject can be downloaded here.
Posted by Navdeep / Maj Navdeep Singh

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Avalanche near Gulmarg kills 18 Indian soldiers in Kashmir

A heavy weekend of snow led to deadly destruction on Monday. Three miles from Gulmarg, the Himalayan ski area, an avalanche plowed over and through an indian Army high-altitude training camp. The massive slide killed 18, injuring 25 of the 350 Indian soldiers who were conducting a skiing test.

Storm totals approaching 135cm at the elevation of Gulmarg village. Estimates at 3 meters in the start zone of the Chooti Nali avalanche path. Our speculation is that this path produced the avalanche which hit the military group training in a forested area near treeline. Sadly this tragedy was caused by a natural avalanche which exceeded previously known runout limits. Due to ongoing storming conditions, it is difficult to determine the exact characteristics of this avalanche. The exception is the deposition zone whose devastation was evident in 100 year old trees broken 50 feet above the ground by the air blast. The dimensions of the deposition extended 300 meters in length, 100 meters width and averaged 4 meters depth. All imaginable configurations were present at the initial response with 7 partially buried victims, all with serious injuries, being stabilized and evacuated. Then a wave of dead victims were found in typical locations, a probe strike near a ski, 4 deep burials in front of trees. 3 more partially buried men were found together and alive, covered by broken tree branches. Ski patrollers assisting in the search later found a victim by probe line near the one of the flanks of the debris area. A snow groomer was used to excavate 4 more victims, all over 4 meters deep prior to the search being postponed at nightfall. None of the victims were reported as wearing avalanche transceivers.
Avalanche near Gulmarg kills 18 Indian soldiers in Kashmir

Report My Signal Forum and Readers extend their condolences to the members of HAWS staff, trainees and their families.

Veteran Maj T C Rao discusses ESM welfare measures with the Defence Minister

Maj (Dr) T C Rao, Chairman, Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee, Ex-servicemen Deptt headed a delegation of Ex-servicemen and met Sh A K Antony, Hon’ble Minister of Defence on 09 Feb 2010 to put forward the problems faced by Ex-servicemen of the country and also discussed the following welfare points:

1. Maj (Dr) T C Rao mentioned to Hon’ble Defence Minister that Gazette Notification on “One Rank One Pension” for PBOR is still pending though it was announced by the President of India on 15 Aug 2009 & subsequently by Finance Minister in the parliament. He stressed that delay in implementation may cause disgruntlement among the PBOR of the country.

2. Maj Rao again apprised him about the rehabilitation of Ex-servicemen as officers and PBOR retire at yo ung are when their social and family obligations are at peak.He suggested that parallel absorption be done in civil Jobs till the age of 60.if this is not feasible then enhanced rate of pension be granted.

3. He further suggested that it should become mandatory that public sector, state corporation should absorbed at least 25 % Ex-servicemen in their organization. Any MNC supplying goods material to govt. should also absorb at least 25 % ex-servicemen on their roll.

4. Rajya Sabha, Vidhan Sabha, Municipal Corporation should have nomination by President/ Governor for Ex-servicemen in the parliament and in the respective states.

5. Maj Rao also mentioned to Hon’ble Defence Minister that contract for Railway platform Security and cleaning should be awarded to Ex-servicemen. This suggestion was earlier accepted by then Hon’ble Railway Minister Sh Lalu Prasad Yadav in year 2008 but till date this has not been implemented.

6. Some concession should be offered for Rail travel and Air travel to Ex-servicemen as it is done in other countries.

7. He also hinted that Ex-servicemen are most suitable to be employed for various task for the forth coming common wealth game 2010.

8. Maj Rao also put forwarded few suggestion for to increase the revenue for Delhi State, if the projects are handed by ex-servicemen.

9. Managing of Parking lots: Presently all parking lots in Delhi are being managed by Civilian contractors and governed by three different agencies i.e., MCD, NDMC and DDA. In addition to above, the parking lots are also available with Delhi Metro, Railway Station, ISBT, Bus Depots and Air Port. Hence, there would be approximately 500 parking lots available in Delhi. MCD has approx. 250 Parking lots, out of which 70% have gone into litigation and the MCD is losing lot of revenue.

10. Traffic Marshals: Considering the strength of Delhi Police due to constraints, the Traffic Marshaling can be augmented through the Ex-Servicemen with the Military Police for the effective management of Traffic.

11. MCD Toll Plazas: There are approximately 35 Toll Plazas at entry points to Delhi border. These are presently being taken care of by deploying people like mafias. Therefore, the services of Ex-Servicemen can be taken at all these entry points. The management of Toll Plazas at National Highways being taken care of by Ex-Servicemen. They have the expertise to run the Toll Plazas put up good show at the border entry points.

12. Tourist Guide: The maximum number of tourists can be approached to use the services of Ex-Servicemen to their respective destinations during the Games.

13. Security of Hospitals: The security of all Government Hospitals can also be entrusted to the services of Ex-Servicemen who are presently taking care of all Public Sector Undertakings.

14. Security of ISBT/ Bus Depots: The security of these can be entrusted to Ex-Servicemen run agencies. Also the security of important Institutions, Schools, the offices of NDMC, DDA and MCD etc. can also be taken care of by Ex-Servicemen.

15. Sports Complex and Gymnasium: There are good number of sports complex and Gymnasium run by MCD in the Delhi state. These are giving shabby look, not maintained properly, staff employed is often not present, Ex-Servicemen should be employed to take care of these, so that these institution should give healthy look.

16. Parks/Banquet Hall: There are certain parks and Banquet Halls run by MCD for the purpose of hiring to public for various functions. Most of the revenue collection is not being deposited. Hence MCD is losing lot of revenue. Let this be under the care of Ex-Servicemen.

17. Preservation of Ecology: Due to pollution, changing of weather, global heat, cutting of trees environment of the area have undergone being change. The ecology of the area is not being preserved. The greenery is vanishing all over. It is suggested that Ex-servicemen knowledge be utilized to preserve ecology, grow more trees, preserve areas and beautify areas around flyovers and other public places including parks.

18. Hon’ble Defence Minister assured the delegation that he would look into our problems and further mentioned that UPA Govt is seriously considering the other demands of Ex-servicemen welfare.

Military personnel victims of chain snatching and daylight robbery in Tamilnadu

Retired Major relieved of cash
Special Correspondent
CHENNAI: A retired Army Major was relieved of Rs.5 lakh by a two-member gang in Thiruvanmiyur on Monday.

According to police, Major L.K. Kutty withdrew the money from a nationalised bank in Shastri Nagar around noon. When he was about to open the main gate on reaching home, the suspects snatched his bag containing the cash and escaped. The Thiruvanmiyur police are investigating.
Retired Major relieved of cash

Tiruchy, Feb. 5: An army major was murdered by an unidentified miscreant on Thursday evening when he prevented the culprit from snatching the jewels of his wife at knife-point at Mukkombu, near here.
Brave Major dies fighting chain-snatcher

Comment: Military Personnel and Ex Servicemen are victims of chain snatching and daylight robbery in Tamilnadu. The Military needs to take up issue with the state government on recent trend of Military personnel being murdered and robbed. The state government is bound to look after the security of citizens and the Military the security of its serving and retired personnel. Lawlessness in Tamilnadu is growing by heaps and bounds and a great concern to everyone. Common citizens are unsafe as Police lack the means and powers to check goondas and Political Criminals let loose on the society.

NDA: How "HOTEL" Squadron became "HUNTER"

Dear Brig Kamboj and Friends,
The immediate impetus for 'shooting out' this mail is a message which has come from brother, Kulbir Suri (of the King Sqn)to inform us that all the three four-star officers in our country will be from Hunter squadron of the NDA. I was in that squadron in my final term. But there is a story to tell. I think it must be placed on record for the benefit of the posterity. Here is what happened.
When the JSW was established in 1949, there were two squadrons: A and B. Then they raised two more in the second Bn, C and D. The next two were E and F. The next three were added on, one each to the three Bns. So we had A, B and G in first Bn C, D and H in second Bn and E, F and I in the third Bn. The phonetic pronunciations at that time were: Able, Baker, Charlie, Dog, Easy, Fox, George, How, Item, Juliet and King.
At this stage, a tenth squadron was raised. "Juliet" was not acceptable to the academy as the name for a Sqn. So it was skipped. The 10th Sqn, in No. 1 Bn was named King Sqn.
So far so good. Then in 1958 we got a new Commandant, Rear Admiral BA Samson. He decided to "rationalize" the squadrons. And so the names were changed. By that time, the phonetic pronunciations had also undergone a change. The new ones were, Alfa, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, Golf, Hotel, India, Juliet, Kilo etc. I was in Easy Sqn. The new name given to us was 'Hotel' The cadet appointed the SCC in our course was an enterprising fellow; and the undisputed topper in academics. (He had stood first in our entrance order of merit and retained his position all through the six terms) The squadron commander was also an Air Force officer. The SCC was able to prevail upon the Academy bosses to designate our Sqn as "HUNTER" Sqn. We got that name, and it has stuck! Thus while the famous "King" Sqn was reduced to "Kilo" we got a martial designation, "Hunter".
Our Squadron produced two successive gold medalists and two successive silver medalists. And now all the three chiefs are from that Sqn. I wonder if that could have happened if the name of the Sqn was "Hotel"! The name of the SCC who made the difference is JOSEPH THOMAS.
Three cheers for the HUNTER Squadron. Long live the Squadron spirit. In all humility, I must hasten to confess that as a cadet, I was never able to do anything worth the mention. But when the likes of KD were running on the field, I was never wanting in cheering them up. I shouted my throat hoarse, on more than one occasion.
God Bless the cadets of the Hunter Squadron.
Maj Gen Surjit Singh (Retd)
Thomas, Please correct me where I am wrong and join the dots to create the line. You have helped me all these 52 years. And so, please hold my hand as ever before! Raj Kadyan, You are the other one on whom I am banking to put the record straight wherever I am wrong. KD You have crossed seven seas. But in spirit you are with us!

Dear Surjit,
Thanks for the small historical note. And I'm delighted and honoured that all three chiefs will soon be from Hunter squadron. A few small clarifications and corrections:
Maybe Juliet was not acceptable to the academy as the name for a Sqn in the early days. However, I remember visiting NDA to see the 28th Course brother of my dear friend and course mate. At that time he was in Juliet sqn. But I'm glad to say that when we visited the academy in 2007, it was called Jaguar squadron. As far as I know, the squadron names were "rationalized" at the instigation of Wg Cdr MD "Macy" Khanna, then a Battalion Commander. He convinced the Commandant that "squadron spirit" should be replaced by "battalion spirit". Renaming the squadrons was part of this exercise. We also started having more inter battalion competitions.
It was bad enough being called 'Easy' squadron or 'Echo' squadron. But I couldn't imagine a squadron being called 'Hotel' squadron. ur squadron commander was from the air force only in the first term. After that the incumbents were Major Kothavalla and Major Khader Ahmed. And no, I did not ask anybody for permission to change the name to Hunter. I just used it while commanding the squadron on parade. Nobody objected.
At that time Hunter aircraft were new in India and there were two squadrons in Pune. They used to fly past at our POP and also break the sound barrier. I had the good fortune to fly the Hunter aircraft 11 years later. Three cheers for HUNTER squadron.
J Thomas

Dear General Surjit and Veteral Thomas,
Thank you for your fill-up on historicity. I join you in saying ;cheers' for the Hunter Squadron. Frankly, we inherited the word Hunter when we reached final term. I was not aware that Thomas had done it. He richly deserves the credit for this very inspiring change of name.
I agree with Thomas on the names of the Sqn Commanders. Throughout my six terms we had an Army Major head the Sqn. In my Division (14 with 'E' and 23 when name changed to 'H') we stared with a Naval DO but had an Air Force officer from our III term on. Flt Lts Mehta, Sandhu and Jog were there.
In our final term Brig Hoshiar Singh took over as Deputy Commandant. In camp Torna he tried a new experiment. In five days (the duration got reduced by a day due to visit of PM Nehru on 14 Mar 1961) we had to cover 125 miles with exercises and many competitions thrown in. It was so tiring that on return on Saturday we had a heavy lunch and slept through to Monday morning. The 'Hunters' proudly picked up the Torna championship banner.
Best regards,
Lt Gen (Emeritus) Raj Kadyan, PVSM, AVSM, VSM
Chairman IESM

Indian armed forces release joint warfare doctrines

New Delhi, Feb 9 : The Indian armed forces, in a major step towards synergising their fighting capabilities, Tuesday released three joint doctrines -- on sub-conventional operations, electronic warfare and maritime air operations -- that also redefine the battlefield of the future as battle space.

"The joint doctrines collectively aver that it may be more appropriate to call the battlefield of the future as battle space, since wars would be fought not only in air, on land and sea but also in cyberspace, on electronic fronts, along information highways and media fronts," a defence ministry statement said.

"Success in such a battle space depends on joint teamwork by maritime, ground and air forces operating effectively, individually and together in support of shared military objectives," it added.

"Considering the prevailing security environment in the country and its neighbourhood, it is mandatory to ensure that the thrust of all agencies involved in combating terrorism is focussed towards the common enemy and the synergised endeavour produces best results.

"Taking the lead from the operational imperatives, these doctrines would fundamentally shape the way armed forces plan, think and train for military operations," statement said, adding: "The Indian armed forces are one of the few militaries in the world which have joint operational doctrines for optimising their capabilities."

The doctrines were released by Indian Army chief General Deepak Kapoor, who is also the chairman of the chiefs of staff committee. Indian Navy chief Admiral Nirmal Verma and Indian Air Force chief Air Chief Marshal P.V. Naik were also present on the occasion. --IANS
India armed forces release joint warfare doctrines

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

ECHS: Acute shortage of Medicines in Polyclinic

Dear Sirs,
I wish to bring to your notice that there is an acute shortage of medicines at Loddhi Road Polyclinic. The notice board depicting NA medicines is getting bigger and bigger every time. The ESM at East Delhi has to travel about 14 kms to reach Polyclinic and to incur an expenditure of Rs 150 by auto. NA medicines are given only for ten days. Making three trips to get medicine means spending Rs 450 per month. The medicine prescribed on 1-8-2010 wee not available till 8-1-2010.

I request you to take up matter telephonically with concerned authority to ease the situation and subsequently at monthly meeting with following considerations:
  • CGHS has an arrangement whereby NA MEDICINES CAN BE OBTAINED THROUGH CERTAIN DESIGNATED CHEMIST SHOPS. This is a great relief to the individuals and avoids undue rush at the Poly clinic. Can ECHS have similar arrangements?
  • Further at Poly clinic individuals are asked to shuttle around various doctors to get Local Purchase medicines approved for purchase.
  • In my opinion this job should be entrusted to Nursing assistant at dispensary who should get the consolidated approval and purchase the medicines.
    Lt Cdr Avtar Singh (Retd)
  • Armed Forces need to revisit the philosophy of soldiering sans corrupt influences

    One needs to see through the democratic loot of meagre resources of our nation by combination of politicians with the active help from IAS and Police. I had rare opportunity of working closely with very senior IAS, IFS, Police, Defence and Paramilitary officers. Of all, I found IAS officers lacking in commitment to their job. Their single focus was personal affairs. Official work was for distribution and files rotation. Patriotism was a funny state of dilution to be possessed by some. They felt senior ranking defence officers were at their mercy for career advancement. In fact that was somewhat true. I found a one star defence officer standing in early morning Que for visa making for an IAS officer. Promotion Board was missed. But on petition, and presumably help from THAT quarter, promotion did happen. Another defence officer got his posting to field area cancelled with the active help.

    Let us not blame IAS solely. Practicality of life conveys all together a different picture. If defence officers at decision making levels make un-soldier-like liaison with decision making IAS officers, what best could be expected. On top of all this, corruption and scams do add fuel. Country men would loose interest and respect for soldier. The essence of democracy is public opinion. Public opinion brings pressure on politicians. And the politicians only can get things delivered in favour of soldiers. Beating the chest for injustice has limited application. What must be done is:
  • Image buildup by Armed Forces.
  • Elimination of corruption along with the corrupt from Armed Forces.
  • Promotions begging environment at senior level is removed.
  • Total ban on recommendatory liaison from civilian quarters. Beneficiary be punished severely.

    I believe and do think our well wisher is the common Indian and none else.
    He/she is one who changes the fortunes of the rulers. He/she is who through out previously elected governments. Let us be professional soldiers in common Indians' eye: be his/her protector from external enemies. Begging and blaming has limited application.

    A stage has arrived when the Armed Forces need to revisit the philosophy of soldiering.
    Jai Hind
    Mahabir Singh Saunriyal
  • ECHS: ESM experience at R & R

    A sad, self explanatory mail from Veteran Jawahar Kaul is forwarded herein. To say the least, the negative, arrogant attitude of the the Senior Advisor Surg & Ortho needs to be condemned in the strongest terms. That having been said, clarifications about WHO is to look after the ESM needs to be clearly spelt out. If cost constraints compel directionalizing ESM to R&R, then this high brow attitude needs to be checked. IF NOT, ideally I would recommend retention of the option with ESM as to whether he wishes to be referred to RR or to an empanelled hospital. BOTH in Delhi and in NCR polyclinics. Shuttling between Polyclinic, R&R, empanelled hospital etc seems CRUEL.
    With Warm Regards,
    Col RP Chaturvedi
    Coordinator, IESM ECHS Division,

    From: Jawahar Kaul
    Date: Sun, Jan 31, 2010 at 9:53 AM
    Subject: Fwd: ECHS
    My dear Colonel Chaturvedi,
    I must express my deep sense of gratitude to you for the selfless service that you have been rendering to entire community of veterans. Your contribution in strengthening the IESM movement, arranging blood donation camps and organ donation are praise worthy.

    As always it was pleasure talking to you on the phone yesterday. I wish to share with you my personal experience for the treatment of my wife. The aim is to sensitise the environment so that the system improves for the good of all concerned.

    My wife Mrs Asha Kaul, aged 64 has been having a chronic knee problem for the last few years. She was refereed to R & R on 14 oct 08 and Col (Now Brig), Senior Advisor (Surg & Ortho) then advised total knee replacement of both knees. My wife was not prepared for the major surgery and opted to keep trying other options. The problem over a period time got aggravated and she is not able to bear the pain any longer. She was referred again to R & R on 27th Jan 2010. Since my wife was unable to move, I proceeded to R&R on 28th jan 2010 after fixing an appointment with Brig EDITED, the same specialist who had earlier examined my wife and recommended total knee replacement.

    Brig EDITED expressed his reservations in recommending the surgery at an empanelled hospital. The discourse with Brig EDITED lasted nearly one and half hours. Most of the time I was at the listening end. He expressed his distress in dealing with veterans, their requirement for special treatment, and for over riding priority. He felt that ESM community is not loyal to the institution of service, has more expectations from the system than they deserve and having contributed a very paltry sum towards group insurance and expecting too much in return and so on. He felt that retired officers were exploiting the system at the cost of retired PBOR and so on. The last straw was that in case my wife opted to be treated at an empanelled hospital, quoting Brig (NName witheld) "Gates of R & R would be closed to us for ever" and he repeated this three times during the conversation. This in my opinion is a very harsh statement to be made and deserves appropriate response. There was no provocation from me what so ever to hear so much. It is an indication of attitude towards the community of ESM.

    I did my best to dispel the wrong impressions from the mind of Brig EDITED. I tried to explain to him the concept behind the launch of ECHS, need for empannelment of private hospitals , the views expressed by DGAFMS at various forums of how the system has been over stretched by the extra load of Veterans, the deliberations of IESM on this subject and so on and the need for him to think very objectively.

    I thought I must share my experience for the larger good of the veterans community.
    Warm regards,
    Brig J L Kaul (Veteran)

    Indians have succeeded in other countries but failed in India

  • Silicon Valley alone contains over one lakh Indians

  • To sum up our performance in the 20th century in one sentence: Indians have succeeded in countries ruled by whites, but failed in their own ...

  • This outcome would have astonished leaders of our independence movement. They declared Indians were kept down by white rule and could flourish only under self-rule. This seemed self-evident. The harsh reality today is that Indians are succeeding brilliantly in countries ruled by whites, but failing in India. They are flourishing every where specifically in the USA and Britain.

  • But those that stay in India are pulled down by an outrageous system that fails to reward merit or talent. Fails to allow people and businesses to grow, and keeps real power with netas, babus, and assorted manipulators. Once Indians go to white-ruled countries, they soar and conquer summits once occupied only by whites.

  • Rono Dutta has become head of United Airlines, the biggest airline in the world. Had he stayed in India, he would have no chance in Indian Airlines. Even if the top job there was given to him by some godfather, a myriad netas, babus and trade unionists would have ensured that he could never run it like United Airlines.

  • Rana Talwar has become head of Standard Chartered Bank Plc, one of the biggest multinational banks in Britain , while still in his 40s. Had he been in India , he would perhaps be a local manager in the State Bank, taking orders from=2 0babus to give loans to politically favoured clients.

  • Rajat Gupta is head of Mckinsey, the biggest management consultancy firm in the world. He now advises the biggest multinationals on how to run their business. Had he remained in India he would probably be taking orders from some sethji with no qualification save that of being born in a rich family.

  • Lakhsmi Mittal has become the biggest steel baron in the world, with steel plants in the US , Kazakhstan , Germany , Mexico , Trinidad and Indonesia . India 's socialist policies reserved the domestic steel industry for the public sector. So Lakhsmi Mittal went to Indonesia to run his family's first steel plant there. Once freed from the shackles of India , he conquered the world.

  • Subhash Chandra of Zee TV has become a global media king, one of the few to beat Rupert Murdoch. He could never have risen had he been limited to India , which decreed a TV monopoly for Doordarshan. But technology came to his aid: satellite TV made it possible for him to target India from Hong Kong . Once he escaped Indian rules and soil, he soared.

  • 48-year old Gururaj Deshpande. His communications company, Sycamore, is currently valued by the US stock market at over $ 30 billion, making him perhaps one of the richest Indians in the world. Had he remained in India, he would probably be a babu in the Department of Telecommunications.

  • Arun Netravali has become president of Bell Labs, one of the biggest research and development centres in the world with 30,000 inventions and several Nobel Prizes to its credit. Had he been in India, he would probably be struggling in the middle cadre of Indian Telephone Industries. Silicon Valley alone contains over one lac Indian millionaires.

  • And to add more to the list: Sabeer Bhatia invented Hotmail and sold it to Microsoft for $ 400 million. Victor Menezes is number two in Citibank. Shailesh Mehta is CEO of Providian, a top US financial services company. Also at or near the top are Rakesh Gangwal of US Air, Jamshd Wadia of Arthur Andersen, and Aman Mehta of Hong Kong & amp; Shanghai Banking Corp.

  • In Washington DC, the Indian CEO High Tech Council has no less than 200 members, all high tech-chiefs. While Indians have soared, India has stagnated. At independence India was the most advanced of all colonies, with the best prospects.

  • Today with a GNP per head of $370, it occupies a lowly 177th position among 209 countries of the world. But poverty is by no means the only or main problem. India ranks near the bottom in the UNDP's Human Development Index, but high up in Transparency International' s Corruption Index.

  • The neta-babu raj brought in by socialist policies is only one reason for India 's failure. The more sordid reason is the rule-based society we inherited from the British Raj is today in tatters. Instead money, muscle and influence matter most.

  • At independence we were justly proud of our politicians. Today we regard them as scoundrels and criminals. They have created jungle laws in the holy name of socialism, and used these to line their pockets and create patronage networks. No influential crook suffers. The Mafia flourish unhindered because of political links.

  • The sons of police officers believe they have a licence to rape and kill (ask the Mattoo family). Talent cannot take you far amidst such rank misgovernance. We are reverting to our ancient feudal system where no rules applied to the powerful. The British Raj brought in abstract concepts of justice for all, equality before the law. These were maintained in the early years of independence. But fifty years later, citizens wail that India is a lawless land where no rules are obeyed.

  • An IAS probationer at the Mussorie training academy points out that in India before the British came, making money and distributing favours to relatives was not considered a perversion of power, it was the very rationale of power. Why not revert!

  • A feudal official had a duty to enrich his family and caste. Then the British came and imposed a new ethical code on officials. But, why should we continue to choose British customs over desi ones now that we were independent?

  • The lack of transparent rules, properly enforced, is a major reason why talented Indians cannot rise in India. There's no Brain Drain - Brain in the Drain here otherwise!

  • The neta-babu raj remains intact despite supposed liberalisation. But once talented Indians go to rule-based societies in the west, they take off. In those societies all people play by the same rules, all have freedom to innovate without being strangled by regulations. Now, you know the reason!

  • This, then, is why Indians succeed in countries ruled by whites, and fail home. It is the saddest story of the last and current century.

    Inputs: Ravi Shankar Jayaram, Research associate, Council on Hemispheric Affairs, The Hague
    Indians succeed in countries ruled by whites
    Indians have succeeded in other countries but failed in India ..?
  • 17 armymen dead, scores missing as avalanche sweeps away 350 men in J&K

    Srinagar: As many as 17 army personnel, including an officer, were killed and 15 seriously injured when a group of about 350 men were swept away by a snow avalanche. They were setting up a winter warfare camp at Khilanmarg, 70 kms from here.

    An army spokesman, Colonel J S Brar, said scores more were still missing and rescuers were searching for them in deep snow. Seventy personnel have been rescued, he said.

    The dead included an officer, Lt Prateek, and twelve other ranks from the Army's prestigious High Altitude Warfare School, he said.

    Some of those seriously injured are in a critical condition in a hospital in the scenic tourist spot of Gulmarg. Source: PTI
    17 armymen dead, scores missing as avalanche sweeps away 350 men in J&K

    Monday, February 8, 2010

    Sukhna Land Scam: Letter to Editor

    WHAT SCAM SIR AND WHERE? By Lt Gen Vijay Oberoi
    For nearly two months now, we have been bombarded with fusillades of what terrible crimes some senior officers of the Indian Army have committed, which even necessitated the worthy Raksha Mantri (RM) to interfere and compel the Army Chief to change his well considered orders. The media has had and will continue to have juicy ‘copy’, thanks to ‘very senior sources’ in the ministry of defence, who revel in one-upmanship of the worst kind when they get a chance to put down the army.

    Let me state unequivocally that no one in the Indian Military, serving or retired, countenances a military person committing a crime and getting away with it. From the time we join the forces, it is constantly drummed into us that if discipline is the bedrock of soldiering, then crime and punishment are the other essentials to maintain and sustain discipline. At the same time, only the guilty are punished. Therefore, to insinuate that persons who have committed wrongs are being shielded, is a travesty of truth. Please remember that it was the army which took cognizance of wrongs having been committed and not the ministry or the media.

    The so-called ‘scam’ is a case where a mountain has been made out of a mole hill, because it suited some vested interests to put down the army. In recent years, there has been a sustained effort to do so. It must stop before anything drastic happens. Now, a few words about the four-letter word “scam’, which has featured in every headline and breaking news. The connotations of scam in the Indian mind conjure up visions of Harshad Mehta (4000 crores); Bofors (64 crores); Fodder (950 crores); Satyam (8000 crores); Fake Stamp (171 crores) et al. The list is endless. So how does the so-called Sukhna scam compare with these? Money defrauded-nil; land ownership – not of military; land given away – nil; innuendos – thousands! I rest my case.

    Much has been made of General Prakash being ‘special’ and close to the Chief. The truth is that he is one of the seven PSO’s (Principle Staff Officers), chosen for their seniority. In a hierarchical structure like that of the army, no Chief can make a junior General a PSO. The Chief selects the senior most and gives them appointments that in his wisdom they are best suited for. There are no personal agendas but the media, possibly at the behest of their ‘sources’ in the ministry, has repeatedly used the phrase ‘favourite General’. Were all previous Military Secretary’s favourites of Chiefs? Please ask the ex- Chiefs – you will be much wiser!

    Let me now dwell on the procedure for investigating an offence in the army, which is elaborate and eminently fair, as the accused gets every chance for his defence. When a purported offence is brought to the notice of a commander and he judges that there is need for an investigation, he orders a court of inquiry (C of I) to find out whether an offence has indeed been committed and who all may be involved. On finalisation, the commander records his recommendations and forwards them to the next superior commander. The recommendations do not record what or how disciplinary action should be taken, as that is the prerogative of the next superior officer. This was correctly done by GOC-in-C Eastern Command, but the media was misinformed (another leak!) that he had recommended that the officer in question be brought before a court martial. This misinformation spiraled and made the case a ‘cause celebre’ unnecessarily.

    On receipt by the Chief, the C of I proceedings are sent to the Judge Advocate General, for legal advice. Based on this, the Chief records his orders, wherein he specifies whether the accused is (are) to be dealt with administratively or tried by a court martial. While recording his directions, the Chief weighs how best the ends of justice will be met, what kind of message will go to the environment and the impact it will have on discipline. Dealing administratively is a simpler process unlike a court martial, but it is not exoneration by any stretch of imagination, as the accused faces even dismissal and penal deductions. Thereafter, show cause notices are issued and the Chief, taking formal cognizance, orders a Summary of Evidence. However, in this case, the government interfered mid way, perhaps for emotional or electoral reasons, thus subverting the process.

    One does not like to point fingers at a senior minister, but I am constrained to do so as the venerable R M, issued an advisory to the Chief, when he had no legal authority to do so. It was a constitutionally incorrect decision and is a clear case of subverting the army’s well tested judicial system. That it was leaked to the media reflects the callous attitude of the government to the military and an attempt to interfere with ‘due process’, which is the hallmark of justice and jurisprudence. This is obviously demoralising for the military and deserves the severest condemnation.

    I see this case as one where the ministry is playing their favourite game of divide and rule, where they seem to have surpassed even the British, who were the original architects of this policy. A change of Chiefs is due in two months and here is the ministry undermining both the present incumbent as well as his successor. This will then be used against the next Chief to ‘keep him in his place’. This is not the first time the ministry has done this; it seems to have become a habit with it. Besides the institutional damage, it is clearly a case of disloyalty to the nation. The nation must not sit quiet but question the motives of these individuals who are bent on disparaging the Chiefs of our military, all honourable men, in this churlish manner.
    The writer is a former Vice Chief of Army Staff.
    Lt Gen Vijay Oberoi (Retd)

    Brave Major dies fighting chain-snatcher

    February 6th, 2010 Deccan Chronicle
    Brave Major dies fighting chain-snatcher
    Tiruchy, Feb. 5: An army major was murdered by an unidentified miscreant on Thursday evening when he prevented the culprit from snatching the jewels of his wife at knife-point at Mukkombu, near here.

    Ramesh (33), son of Rangasamy, a resident of Tumkur, in Karnataka, and serving as army doctor in Visakhapatnam, was in Tiruchy the past few days to screen aspirants who attended the army recruitment rally at Tirunelveli recently.

    Accompanied by his wife Anuradha (27), two-year-old daughter Mridhula and in-laws, he went to Mukkombu on Thursday. When they were about to leave the place around 6.45 pm an unidentified man approached Anuradha and threatened her at knife-point to part with her jewels.

    When Anuradha cried for help, Ramesh, standing a few metres away, came rushing to her rescue. Sensing that he might get caught, the culprit started to run. However, Ramesh gave chase and caught hold of his shirt. Unable to escape his clutches, the culprit stabbed him in the throat. Since Ramesh did not loosen his hold even then, the culprit wriggled out leaving his shirt behind.

    Ramesh was rushed by his relatives to a private hospital at Pettavaithalai where he was declared as brought dead. The body was then brought to the government hospital. Central zone IG Karan Singha visited the spot and conducted enquiries. Tiruchy rural district SP A. Kaliyamurthy said the duo ran till the main road and boarded a bus. Col Sanjeev Kumar, director (recruiting), Army recruitment office, Tiruchy, said the body of the ‘brave officer’ was given full army honours.
    Brave Major dies fighting chain-snatcher

    V.K. Singh is next Chief of Army Staff

    Special Correspondent The Hindu
    Lt. Gen. V.K. Singh

    NEW DELHI: Lieutenant General V.K. Singh will be the new Chief of the Army Staff. He will assume office on March 31, the day the current Chief, General Deepak Kapoor, retires from service, the Defence Ministry announced on Friday.
    Lt. Gen. Singh (59) is the seniormost infantry officer, who currently heads the Eastern Army Command. During a career spanning nearly four decades, he took part in the 1971 operations in East Pakistan and the Indian Peace Keeping operations in Sri Lanka.
    “I am grateful for this honour and the responsibility which our leaders have bestowed on me. I shall carry out my duties well to lead one of the world’s finest Army. It will be my endeavour to lead the brave men while keeping up with the best traditions of the Indian Army and upholding the Indian Constitution,” the Army Chief-designate said.Commissioned into the 2 Rajput Regiment, Lt. Gen. Singh is a graduate of the Wellington-based Defence Services Staff College.
    Besides graduating with Honours from the U.S. Army Infantry School, Georgia, he also attended the Rangers Course at Fort Benning, U.S., and the U.S. Army War College, Carlisle.
    He was awarded the Yudh Sena Medal for his distinguished service in Sri Lanka.
    PTI reports:
    V.K. Singh is next Chief of Army Staff

    MEA: Fake documents lead to Fake Indian Passports

    Ministry of External Affairs exposes its hole on the war on terror
    The Central Bureau of Investigation on Friday unearthed a major irregularity in Regional Passport Offices in Madurai and Chennai where a racket, including some officials, allegedly entertained fake documents for issuing passports. The Assistant Passport Officer of Madurai is among eight persons arrested.

    According to sources in the agency, the Anti-Corruption Branch of the CBI had received a tip-off that passports were being issued in Madurai and Chennai based on forged documents.

    Simultaneous surprise checks conducted in both the offices since early on Thursday revealed that some employees had colluded with touts to perpetrate the scam.

    At the RPO in Madurai, a random check of applications pertaining to passports issued under the tatkal scheme confirmed that documents such as birth certificate, ration card, driving licence, certificate of educational qualification, among others, were forged. A couple of employees and touts allegedly took bribe from applicants and arranged for the fake documents.

    “In cases where individuals had no address proof or educational qualification, the accused would use the documents of genuine applicants by taking photocopy after changing photographs. The staff in-charge of affixing the ‘original seen and returned’ seal were also bribed,” a senior CBI official said.

    Another official in-charge of sending applications to the police for verification of address and antecedents would not do so though he would make an entry in the register. After a month, the passport would be issued to the applicants on the grounds that there was delay in receiving police verification certificate.

    “Even the postman in an area was bribed…he would receive passports sent by registered post knowing well that the address was fake. The accused would collect the passports and issue them to the applicants later,” the official said.

    Though alerts were issued by different agencies, Assistant Passport Officer of Madurai Geetha Bai allegedly did not take action to check the irregularity.

    P. Durairaj, Assistant, and Anbalagan, Office Assistant, and touts Ibrahim Meeran and Bakruddin alias Babu have been arrested, he said.

    Searches were conducted in the office and residential premises of the passport officials and touts, which resulted in the recovery of Rs.7 lakh, fixed deposits worth Rs.13 lakh in various banks, besides documents pertaining to immovable property. All the accused were produced before a Madurai court and remanded to judicial custody.

    A surprise check at the Regional Passport Office in Chennai led to recovery of several forged documents. Upper Division Clerk P. Murugan allegedly received Rs.500 as bribe from two touts Manikandan and Loganathan for entertaining passport applications with fake documents. The three have arrested.

    “We are in the process of verifying the number of passports issued based on forged documents. Many could have gone abroad for employment or other purposes…it is not clear how long the accused were indulging in this irregularity. Special teams are investigation the two cases,” the official said.
    CBI busts racket that allowed fake documents for passports

    SM Krishna ticks off Shashi Tharoor for tweet on visa rules ... here is the reality bites and ridiculous rules... sample this!!!
    Madurai Passport Office, Tamil Nadu, India
    Date : July 2009.
    Reason for visit: Renewal after 10 yrs.

    Madurai Passport office employees are ridiculous, totally hideous, so ignorant. It is very obvious; they just don’t want to make it easy for people. They want to act SMART. For no reason, they pin-point errors in your application. Here are the sample questions you will be asked even if you go for renewal or reissue of your passport.

    Bring a proof of Old Door Number to New Door Number.
    Where the hell I can bring this? It is the postal service, who changed our door number from one to another. Who is the world can bring a proof for this?

    Signature seems to be not correct?
    Hey you Moran… don’t you see I’m here after 10 yrs for my passport renewal. Do you expect me to sign how I signed 10 years ago?

    Hoo you are married…. where is the proof?
    Hey you illiterate idiot, I’m here for renewal (or reissue). YOU issued me a passport with my spouse name 10 yrs ago. It is clearly written who is my spouse is. Why the hell you want a proof of wedding than what is written in my passport? Ok Super (smoke-smelly) hero, here it is the copy of my wedding certificate. Hooo…it is not attested, go to a green ink signee.

    Do you have a bank pass book for address verification?
    Sure, here it is Mr. All-in-All-Alahu-Raja…(there were such an ugly looking Neem-oiled Ranies too).. but I opened my bank account like 15 yrs ago which has the oldest address. No it is acceptable… go the bank and change it.

    Long list of their ridiculous questions ranges from Misspelled Ration-card to ECNR. These so-called Indian Government Passport officers (total SOBs… sorry my bad, actually DOBs) are decided (or they are told) to be rude. Hell with them.

    Some one has to train them, dictate them, lay out the process and EDUCATE them that we are proud Indians who wants to visit/work abroad to relieve our family burdens. Hope a Press or service-minded politician could help us. (Any body there???)

    An IAS Officer breaks banking records

    The IAS with 220 bank accounts attended 6 foreign courses in 4 years
    THIS set of statistics is quite unusual, and even suspicious in an IAS officer’s CV. Babulal Agrawal, a 1988 batch Chhattishgarh cadre IAS and currently the state’s agriculture secretary, attended six short-term (one to two weeks each) foreign courses in a span of just four years between 2002 and 2006. From attending a World Bank training programme in Thailand and participating in a hospital management course in Singapore, and then attending management development programmes in Denmark and US, all in four years, Mr Agrawal remained a frequent flyer to foreign destinations.
    But, as Mr Agrawal is now cornered by the Income-Tax raid revealing how he allegedly posses whopping 220 bank accounts opened in the names of his peons and maid servants, and with Rs 40 crore deposited in them, his frequent foreign junkets for attending short courses may also come under scrutiny, sources in the corridors of power said.
    An MA in political science, Mr Agrawal served as collector in districts like Sehore, Rajnandgaon and Durg, and later became Managing Director of Chhattisgarh Infrastructure Development Corporation (CIDC) between October 15, 2007 and April 14, 2008.
    After the suspension of IAS couple Arvind Kumar Joshi and Tinoo Joshi, both 1979 batch Madhya Pradesh cadre officers, post I-T raid, there are speculations that the axe may fall on Mr Agrawal too.
    The IAS with 220 bank accounts attended 6 foreign courses in 4 years

    Ex MOD Joint Secretary in CBI net
    HE WAS in George Fernandes’ team in the defence ministry during NDA’s second innings and served as a joint secretary as the fierce Kargil war was fought during the summer of 1999. And his wife served as the secretary general of Federation of Indian Export Organisation (FIEO) when Kamal Nath was the commerce minister during UPA’s first innings.
    But this power couple, Arvind Kumar Joshi and Tinoo Joshi, both 1979 batch Madhya Pradesh cadre IAS, are left with nothing in their defence now, after an Income-Tax raid in their residence on Thursday recovered a whopping Rs 3.1 crore in cash, jewellery and documents of properties disproportionate to their known sources of income. On Friday, Madhya Pradesh government suspended both of them with immediate effect.
    Cash in Hand: Suspended IAS power couple Tinoo and Arvind Joshi's date with Delhi's key ministries

    Image of the Armed Forces

    Image of the Armed Forces
    The image of an organisation also depends upon the confidence and satisfaction radiated by its members. Away from the spit and polish, pageantry and orderliness, what matters is the contentment of those who voluntarily preferred the service in uniform. A variety of factors leave many disillusioned about their job. Their opinions and impressions based on personal experiences, when expressed by word of mouth, may not exactly enhance the military's 'good image'. Serving members apart, the most effective ambassadors of the Armed Forces are the 23 lakh strong ex-servicemen who are spread across the panoramic mosaic of India.With about 55,000 personnel being added to this pool every year, the ex-servicemen have immense potential for shaping public opinion through their post retirement pursuits such as writing, interaction with students, training activities etc. Regrettably, the ex-servicemen themselves are not organised very cohesively, with the retirees in lower ranks almost left to restart earning a living. The long-standing demand of 'one rank one pension' remains unfulfilled till date. Many pledges and promises made by politicians regarding their resettlement are lost in the ravages of time. Ex-servicemen with little or no gratitude towards their 'uniformed past' could not be expected to further the positive image of the Armed Forces.

    Empowering the Ex-Servicemen
    The role of ex-servicemen in radiating the image of the Armed Forces has been touched upon earlier. The ex-servicemen often find themselves caught between the inconsistent responses by the State and Central governments. A number of committees have submitted recommendations towards improving their lot but many of these recommendations remain dishonoured. The government needs to view the ex-servicemen as a trained pool of skilled manpower, which is available for a second innings in the service of the nation. This large human resource can be tapped for nation building activities. Apart from technical jobs, ex-servicemen can contribute to a variety of fields like vigilance, health, education, sports, physical training, adventure activities, police and paramilitary training. The recommendations of the KP Singh Deo Committee, the Sharad Pawar Committee and more recently the Khurana Committee have to be seriously considered for implementation. The financial objections to the implementation of 'one rank - one pension' also need to be removed at the earliest. It is in the interest of the Services and also the Government that the ex-servicemen, particularly the Personnel Below Officer Rank (pbor), look back upon their yesteryears with pride and a sense of gratitude.

    The paras are only extracts. Click link below for reading the full article:
    Image of the Armed Forces – Arresting Negative Trends by Lieutenant Commander Yogesh B Athawale
    USI Journal

    Sunday, February 7, 2010

    Hindustan Times: Contributions of Army Personnel towards improving governance

    Dear All,
    1. Few days back Editor Hindustan Times had asked us for suggestions to improve upon his paper.
    2. Some of us gave few suggestions including restoring Defence Talk page which appears once a week. He was also given suggestion to highlight valueable contribution made by many Veterans towards good Governance and Nation building. It was also suggested to accept write up on many Veterans who set examples of extereme honesty while in service persons like Gen IS Gill, Gen SK Sinha, Gen PS Joshi, Gen HS Panag and many more. Such write up will motivate today's youth to emulate their examples.
    3. Editor HT has taken our suggestions very positively and has already restored Defence Talk column. Please pick your pens and contribute.
    4. I am circulating a small write up on one of the EX NCOs of Indian Army who contributed to anti- corruption drive, unearthed Telgi scam and was instrument in evolving RTI.
    Please click here to read through.
    Brig Nawab Singh (Retd)

    Hockey India

    Hockey has been our national game. All it needed to play, as I remember from my childhood days in our village was, a vacant ground, four bricks to define two goal posts a ball and sticks. We played hockey in school and as I remember huge crowds used to gather in numbers when Aligarh and Allahabd Universities teams fought battle royals on the green grass field. We played as cadets in IMA also, Cricket was boring to watch for which we were detailed on Sundays.

    Hockey seems to have fallen to bad days, especially the women's hockey, with the coffers of Hockey India become empty. Sadly the champion women are practicing in Bhopal with black band on their arms and little money in their pockets.

    They are seeking help from the Nation, have opened an account in Syndicate Bank Bhopal Account No 77052010002970 in the names of Surinder Kaur, Dipika Murty, Mamta Kharb and Subhadra Pradhan. Bank code: SYNB0007705, Syndicate Bank, TT Nagar Branch, 75, Malviya Nagar, Bhopal 462003.

    Let us all get together to help our team with what ever amount we can spare, what ever, it will all add up.

    Brig Lakshman Singh VSM (Retd)

    Corruption in Armed Forces can be reduced by outsourcing its Welfare activities to the ESM Organisations

    Indian Armed Forces commercial empire is generally termed as "welfare" activities and the main beneficiaries are the officer cadre as it it is solely controlled by them. Moreover, these types of welfare activities fall under the Indian Society Act enacted in 1860 which is itself an obsolete ACT but still in vogue. What are then the activities?

    1. Canteen Stores Department
    2. Army Welfare Housing Organisation
    3. Army Wives welfare Association
    4, Army Welfare Education Society

    The other commercial activities include agriculture, farming, dairy, manufacturing, land/ building leasing/ rentals, wet canteens, military contracts/ builders, investment of Regimental Funds in Banks and other services/ activities. These activities has growth structure from unit/ sub unit level up to the Army Headquarters.

    The Capital accrued from profits is used for the personal benefit of the military fraternity. It refers to all activities that transfer resources from the state to an individual or a group within the military. These activities do not figure in the defence budget nor are they subject to the normal accountability procedures of the state. They are either directly controlled by the AHQ or enjoy its implicit or explicit patronage. It is here that there is scope for misuse of funds, sycophancy and corruption at all levels.

    CSD Canteens
    Need to check default in services
    CSD sans consumer protection
    CSD restricts mobility of ESM
    Travails and torment of ESM on procuring CSD consumer goods

    Army deserts AWWA
    Welfare of troops: AWWA and AWHO?

    AWHO Demystified

    Quality Education at Affordable Cost

    Ex-Servicemen Population
    A total of 13,95,819 ex-Servicemen and 2,56,382 widows of the Service personnel were registered with various Zila Sainik Boards in the country in June, 1997. The ex-Servicemen population is mainly concentrated in the States of Uttar Pradesh (2,45,195), Punjab (1,78,932), Haryana (1,38,898), Maharashtra (1,20,614), Kerala (1,18,967), Tamil Nadu (96,870), Rajasthan (89,666) and Himachal Pradesh (73,163).

    Ex-Servicemen need to be rehabilitated in civil life after their release from the Services on account of their truncated career in the Armed Forces. About 55,000 service personnel are retired/released each year. (Sadly Armed Forces seldom employ Ex Servicemen in its own Welfare Organistions.)
    Resettlement and Welfare of Ex Servicemen

    Outsourcing these welfare activities to Ex- Servicemen Organisations will greatly enhance and improve the Combat Effectiveness of the Armed Forces as combat personnel are relieved from welfare related activities. ESM are well trained in welfare activities and hence are capable of providing efficient services. Employing ESM is itself the greatest welfare oriented service which the Armed Forces should implement before approaching the Government for Second Career for our Sepoys, NCOs and JCOs.


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