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IESM meeting held on 06 Feb 2009

Dear All,

The meeting of IESM held at JVCC at 3PM on 06 Feb 2009 was a big success and was attended by over a hundred Veterans from the 3 services amidst a lot of media personnel.

An interactive session was held by the main speaker Maj Gen Satbir Singh, Vice Chairman IESM who emphasised the need to be united against the injustices done to the Veterans by the Govt wrt 6PC.

A special thanks to the office bearers Wg Cdr Virinder Singh Secy/ Hony Lt SP Singh, Vice President/ Wg Cdr Atul Kumar/ Wg Cdr Bakshi and all the other members of JVCC for the hospitility shown to the IESM in organising the venue and the tea.

Cdr Sharan Ahuja (Retd)
Member Core Group IESM

SCPC: PCDA issues circular to demystify the Pension Tables

Implementation of Government’s decision on the recommendations of the Sixth Central Pay Commission – Revision of Pension of Pre 2006 Armed Forces Pensioners/ Family Pensioners.
Reference:-GOI, MOD letter No. 17(4)/2008(1)/D(Pen/Policy) dated 11.11.2008 and this Office Circulars No. 397 dated 18.11.2008, 398 dated 18.11.2008 and No. 401 dated 18.12.2008

It has come to the notice that some of the PDAs while consolidating the pension/ family pension under Annexure –I to MOD letter dated 11.11.2008 are not stepping up the pension/ family pension vide Annexure –II and Annexure-III to MOD letter where it is beneficial than the pension under Annexure-I in respect of the commissioned officers/ PBOR. They are resorting only to the consolidation of pension as per the Annexure –I. Such action on the part of the PDAs, in particular to Banks, is not in accordance to the Government Orders, leads to complaints from the Pensioners/ Family Pensioners and has been viewed seriously by the Government as it is affecting the morale of the Ex Service men. Detailed instructions in this regard already exist in Para 6 of this office circular No. 397 dated 18.11.2008.
PCDA: Most Important Circular

Comment: A typical Red Tape Bureaucracy in action. Clarifications to multitude of Pension anomalies will only further frustrate the Banking Authorities in deciphering the Annexures, Circulars and Tables. All that is required is a simple comprehensive table so that an ordinary pensioner does not require extraordinary skills to calculate his pension entitlement.

IESM: Fast for Justice Jantar Mantar- fifty first day

Date: Friday, 6 February, 2009, 9:02 PM

Dear Colleagues,
The fast continues. ESM from Uttar Pradesh have taken over charge of Jantar Mantar site.
Core Gp members – Wg Cdr CK Sharma, Commander Sharan Ahuja, Maj Gen Satbir Singh, Gp Capt VK Gandhi and Maj gen Parvesh Ranjan - visited NOIDA this afternoon. They interacted with about 80 ESM, mostly officers. 30-40 ESM became members on the spot; others collected the forms. Mrs Promilla Bhagat (w/o Maj Bhagat, ENGRS) wields influence on the media and offered to herd them for the 8 Feb rally. She also became a member of the IESM. Our deep gratitude.
Rally 08 Feb 2009
Preparations are continuing as per schedule. Calls are pouring in from various States of ESM coming to attend. Details of depositing the medals have been buttoned up with Rashtrapati Bhawan. Deputy Secretary Rana with others would receive the medals at 1530 hours on 8 Feb 2009. A small delegation of 3 or 4 ESM officers and PBOR would proceed there in a police vehicle and hand over the medals. We should ensure our medals are kept in a small polythene bag along with our personal particulars on a piece of paper. I intend to send along a letter to the Supreme Commander that we would take the medals back once our demand for OROP is met.
Three TV channels– NDTV, CNN-IBN and Aaj Tak have confirmed they would be covering the rally– this is kind courtesy ESM Maj Gen Sheroo Thaplial. Dainik Jagran and Hari Bhoomi have confirmed to me that they would cover. We all should use all possible contacts and ensure maximum coverage by the print as well as the visual media.

Best regards,
Lt Gen (Emeritus) Raj Kadyan, PVSM, AVSM, VSM
Chairman IESM

Friday, February 6, 2009

IESM: Fast for Justice Rally on 08 Feb 2009 at Jantar Mantar

Dear Friends,
Jai Hind.
The Core Group Members and I are getting lot of calls and emails to say that some one has informed them that the Ex Servicemen Rally on 08 Feb 09, has been called off all over India. These are dirty rumours being spread by some rogue elements.


In Service of Indian Military Veterans
Chander Kamboj.

PS- All ESM Organisations and ESM Blogs are requested to give widest possible publicity to the contents of this notice and ensure that all attempts to thwart the Rally are defeated. ESM in large numbers are essential to lodge our Public Protest against injustices.

The spam mail in your inbox could be a terrorist's handiwork

Press Trust of India
Friday, February 06, 2009, (New Delhi)
Watch out! The spam mail that just hit your inbox could be a encrypted information from a terrorist to his companions.

With terrorists using Internet and other communication technologies to plan, plot and carry out their subversive activities, intelligence agencies reckon that some of the millions of spam mails that are sent out daily, could be the handiwork of these groups.

"Numerous software's and websites are now available through which one can easily send spam to numerous e-mail account holders. Terrorists, who are now more tech savvy than before are sending out encrypted messages to millions including the one actually it is meant for," a senior Home Ministry official said.

Explaining the rationale behind sending out a secret message to millions to avoid any risks, the official said, "99 per cent of the people don't even bother to check spam mails which usually get delivered in the spam box because of strong firewall of e-mail service providers. Usually people just delete them. Moreover, the message is in encrypted form and hence any ordinary person would not be able to decipher it."

Adding to spam mails, multimedia files like pictures, audio and video files are another source of sending coded information.
The spam mail in your inbox could be a terrorist's handiwork

Caution: One should not indulge in transmitting forwarded messages (Fwd). These messages constitute bulk of spam messages to hit our mailboxes daily. Unknown messages in the inbox should be treated as spam and deleted. Kindly have an updated mailing list and scrutinise every week as some spam addresses crawl into the mailing list, which in turn detects hundreds of addresses for spamming. My mailbox is filled with same mail from several sources. We need to exercise caution before hitting a send button. One must delete chain messages, which are real spam multipliers.
Blog Moderator

Corps of Signals: Info Warriors

Corps of Signals will be celebrating its 99th Raising Day on 15 Feb 2009

Corps of Signals webpage: Click here

The aim and objective of Signals Corps is to make the Indian Army Network Enabled Force by 2012 and Network Centric Force by 2017. This will entail consolidation of all networks so as to provide the Indian Army with an optimal, secure, reliable and robust infrastructure that can meet both operational and peacetime requirements and one that is capable of withstanding technical and physical degradation. The Corps remains the lead agency and nodal centre for information and cyber security both within the Defence Services and at the National level.

The momentous strides made by the Corps in the last few decades have truly been stupendous and without parallel. It has transited to a network enabled force, propelled by the intellect, sustained hard work and the inherent urge to excel which have been so vividly displayed by all officers and men. The domain of enhancing communication in the Tactical Battle Area and the facilitation of synergy of C4I2 elements are going to be the major thrust areas for the future. The Corps is forward looking, with finely honed procedures and exacting standards for execution of tasks. The Corps has always had an abiding and strong ethical foundation. With character comes reputation, and the esteem that the Corps enjoys today stems from the value system and ethos which need to be continually preserved and nurtured. The Corps has also evolved drills and procedures that ensure the provision of reliable and responsive communications to the Army under harsh terrain and tough battle field conditions and is living up to the motto of the Corps - "TEEVRA CHAUKAS" or "Swift and Secure".
Corps of Signals

Criminal justice system has collapsed: Supreme Court

Criminal Justice: Do we need immediate Police Reforms or continued Police Political Patronage?

6 Feb 2009, 0102 hrs IST, Dhananjay Mahapatra, TNN

NEW DELHI: Supreme Court on Thursday sounded the grim warning that the criminal justice system had been subverted, with witnesses being manipulated and trials being hijacked with judges and lawyers remaining "handicapped witnesses".

Making the chilling observation, which to many only confirmed the widely held perception of the erosion of the system, a Bench comprising Justices B N Agrawal, G S Singhvi and Aftab Alam also said that the lower judiciary had decayed.

"The courts of magistrate and munsif have ceased to be an option for the common man," the Bench said and compared the lower courts to ill-equipped and ill-staffed public health centres (PHCs) in rural areas.

"Only those people go there who have no other option," said the Bench as an apparent indicator of the low measure of public faith in these courts, which are the first points of dispute settlement for the masses.

The comment, perhaps the sharpest-ever from the apex court on the health of the country's judicial administration system, came in a case arising from the appeal filed by two senior advocates — R K Anand and I U Khan — against Delhi High Court's order hauling them up for criminal contempt for influencing a key witness in a hit-and-run case.

Salve said not only the judicial system, but there was a general tendency in all quarters to disregard the majesty of law and the judgments passed by the judiciary. "The apex court has repeatedly told the lawyer community not to go on strike. But we do not seem to care. The SC has told the police not to handcuff accused, but they have scant regard for it. The single directive principle protecting bureaucrats has been struck down repeatedly, but it still holds good. SC has ordered police reforms, but few states have implemented it," he said.

"I belong to a fraternity which has a lot to answer to society," the leading lawyer, appearing for NDTV, told the Bench in response to its caustic comments on the obnoxious manipulations happening in trials.
Criminal justice system has collapsed: SC

Comment: Every form of Justice not Criminal alone, is thwarted by the Government and Bureaucracy. The Pension anomalies created by successive Pay Panels have been given clear rulings by the Judiciary for immediate resolution by adopting One Rank One Pension. The Bureaucrats have slapped SLP's to bury the issue in Judicial Jargon, delaying tactics and Judicial irrelevance and imprudence! The Government is party to criminalisation in not implementing the Police Reforms. Notorious states like UP, Bihar, Orissa, Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka are dubious players in criminalistion of the Police and Judiciary in tandem- Criminals prefer no Police Reforms.

IESM: Fast for Justice Rally- fiftieth day

Date: Thursday, 5 February, 2009, 10:15 PM

Dear Colleagues,
The fast continues. ESM from NOIDA and other NCR areas are in charge of the Jantar Mantar site.

Over the last two days, I have received queries from two places in Haryana (Panipat and Bhondsi) wanting to know whether the 8 Feb rally is still on. It transpires that someone posing as a Colonel from our Core Group has been calling up various places to say that the rally is called off. It is clarified, and may please be disseminated to all, that this is just misinformation and that the rally at Jantar mantar is very much on schedule, starting at 1100 hours on 08 Feb 2009. Someone indulging in such acts is not only acting against ESM interests but is also obviously jealous, and if jealousy is any indicator of success, the IESM is doing fine.

Rally Preparations
The preparations are in place. Every member of the core Gp, as well as the others, are fully involved in their respective fields. Gens Satbir and Renjen, Col Kanwar Bhardwaj, Sub Maj Dahiya and some others visited Mahendra Garh (Haryana) today and met a very enthusiastic response. Calls have been coming from various parts of the country giving details of busloads of ESM that may be expected.

Meeting with MOD Officials
In response to my complaint (vide letter dt 21 Jan 09) that there are problems in receiving correct pension entitlements, I had a routine meeting today with Secretary (EWS), FADS, CGDA rep and Joint Secy + Dir(EWS). Some of the points that were agreed upon are:

1. The MOD will issue fresh instructions to the banks. It might be of interest to know that the banks are being paid (Rs 60 per head I think) for disbursing pensions. Out of the total 21 lac pensioners, the SBI is servicing 8 lacs and have already been instructed to do the needful. Nearly 6 lac pensioners are still sticking on to receiving pension from the Treasury– we may advise them to switch to banks where efficiency is relatively better.
2. It was agreed that the banks would be instructed to accept as proof of date of birth, voter ID/ driving licence/ ECHS card etc. This point is more applicable to veterans who are over 80 years and are entitled extra pension.
3. On being told that it is impractical to produce qualifying service proof from Records offices or Service HQ, they clarified that the banks are supposed to have complete details of each dependent pensioner and that we should insist on them providing it. Please pass on the information to all.
4. They emphasised that the Principal CDA Allahabad (Mr Chopra) is doing a good job and is even carrying out a spot audit by visiting banks unannounced. They suggested that I could visit Allahabad to satisfy myself. I told them we would depute someone more knowledgeable for the task. Any Volunteer who can go well prepared with some constructive suggestions to improve the efficiency?
5. My thrust was that the success of the scheme has to be seen in the results and not the efforts. In our case majority of the PBOR are not even aware of their correct entitlement and will accept whatever the banks give. It is, therefore, crucial that they are paid correctly. The point was well taken.

Best regards,
Lt Gen (Emeritus) Raj Kadyan, PVSM, AVSM, VSM
Chairman IESM

Dear All,
We are meeting at 3 PM today 06 Feb 2009 at Jal Vayu Vihar Sec 21, Noida community Centre (JVCC) lawns to ensure some more new Veterans of the three services joining the expanding family of the IESM, which has gathered momentum all over the country as well as abroad.

Kindly send this mail/ SMS to all your friends about this meeting which would be addressed by Gen Raj Kadyan & Gen Satbir Singh. Don't forget the D Day of 08 Feb 2009 Sunday at 1100 hrs at Jantar mantar....also.

Cdr Sharan Ahuja (Retd)
Member Core Group IESM

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Death is humbling but not synonymous with bravery

Date: Wednesday, 4 February, 2009, 5:22 PM
Dear All,
My article relating to the largesse in awarding Ashoka Chakras this year, titled "BRAVERY AND DEATH" is attached.

I had sent this article to the Indian Express on 26 Jan 09, but they did not publish it. I then sent it to the Hindustan Times last week and it has been published today (04 Feb 2009) in the Chandigarh Edition. Last para and a half of my piece has not been published. My original article is appended below.

The analyst I have quoted is Col Kharab, who had written a piece soon after the Mumbai Mahem.

Vijay Oberoi

Lt Gen Vijay Oberoi

An unprecedented eleven Ashoka Chakras were presented by the Rashtrapati on the 60th anniversary of the Republic. That the numbers are exceptionally high may not be an issue, as bravery of the most exceptional order cannot and must not be constrained by numbers. However, the highest peace-time award must only be bestowed for exceptional bravery and for no other reason. There is a question mark on whether the awards this year were given only to the exceptionally brave.

In writing this piece I am aware that I am touching a sensitive issue, especially as it is about the death of four highly regarded police officers. To that extent, I am guilty of being politically incorrect, but there are times when one has to speak one’s mind, however unpalatable it may be. This is one of those exceptional occasions. My aim in doing so is not to denigrate the sacrifices made by these officers but to caution the national leadership not to succumb to political expediency when considering such weighty issues as conferring of the highest bravery awards.

We Indians are highly emotional when it comes to death, but emotions have no place when it is a question of recognising valour. The highest recognition for exceptional bravery is the award of Ashoka Chakra in peace time and that of the Param Vir Chakra in the face of the enemy during war. These are the only two awards that are bestowed publicly at the Republic Day Parade and for good reason, so that the bravery of the awardees is fully appreciated by the entire nation. All other awards, for bravery as well as for distinguished service, are presented by the Rashtrapati on investiture parades held at Rashtrapati Bhavan.

In accordance with the official website, Ashoka Chakra is awarded for most conspicuous bravery, or some act of daring or pre-eminent act of valour or self-sacrifice otherwise than in the face of the enemy. All ranks of the army, the navy and the air force, members of the nursing services of the armed forces or of any of the reserve forces, the territorial army, militia and of any other lawfully constituted forces are eligible to receive this medal. Civilian citizens of either sex in all walks of life, other than members of police forces and of recognised fire services are also eligible.

Soon after the terrorist attack in Mumbai, where a number of senior police officers had lost their lives within a few hours of the terrorist strike, an analyst had termed them “Innocent Casualties”. In amplification he had stated that these three officers, along with a few policemen had been surprised, waylaid and butchered without getting a chance to use their weapons. Perhaps their lack of training did not permit them to anticipate and react with operational swiftness. Their dear ones do deserve our deep sympathy and heartfelt condolences, as well as care and compassion, but do they meet the criteria of “the most conspicuous bravery”? The same applies to another police officer who was unfortunately killed in an earlier incident in Delhi.

By all accounts, all four police officers were highly efficient, dedicated and exemplary officers. Their devotion to duty needs to be recognised and honoured, but this is not the way of doing so. There is a vast difference between gallantry awards and awards for distinguished service. A large number of military personnel, especially from the army, lay down their lives or lose limbs fighting terrorists in various parts of the country, nearly on a daily basis. Their sacrifices are for the country. Yet most of them do not qualify for earning gallantry awards, even of a lesser category. Let me cite my own example. I lost my leg during the 1965 Indo-Pak War and became permanently disabled, but I did not get any award. Neither did I ever think that I should have been given one. The same is the case with the large number of soldiers and officers who are killed or disabled in wars or warlike situations. That is how it should be.

In the army, grant of gallantry awards is an elaborate process, where commanders at successive levels give their recommendations after evaluating all facts. Eventually, a committee presided over by the Vice Chief takes the final decision. During this process, the operational staff briefs the committee about all facets of the relevant operations. It is only when all members of the committee are fully satisfied that the award is approved. In the case of higher level of awards, the cases also need the Chief’s approval and later that of the Minister of Defence.

The trend of bestowing gallantry awards merely because officers had lost their lives in terror-related incidents goes back to the death of two senior officers in Afghanistan in a terrorist incident, who were awarded Kirti Chakras, the second highest gallantry award not in the face of the enemy. The two, one a brigadier from the army and the other an officer of the foreign service, lost their lives as they were driving in when an explosive device was exploded by terrorists at the embassy gate. Surely there was no bravery there. The government must take all actions to help the next of kin monetarily and for subsequent rehabilitation, but it must not be done by bestowing high level gallantry awards. Such hasty and irrational decisions taken by the Government devalue the awards, besides creating embarrassment.

My concern in this piece is that if we persist in this type of populous largesse, the sanctity and aura attached to these highest level gallantry awards that the nation bestows on the bravest of the brave would disappear. Surely, the nation does not want this, even if some political leaders desire it for extraneous reasons.

SCPC: Restore Status, Pay and Pension of a Soldier

Punjab cooperation minister Capt Kanwaljit Singh with Union Defence minister A K Antony

Baljinder Walia on January 7th, 2009
Capt Kanwaljit Singh, Cooperation and Defence Services Welfare Minister Punjab while addressing the 28th meeting of Kendrya Saink Board held here today in Vigyan Bhawan raised the various welfare issues for the Defense services welfare like One Rank one Pension, anomalies in Pay Commission Employment opportunities, Exemption of Toll Tax, Central Funding for ESM, increase the quota for recruitment for Punjab in Defence forces etc. in the National level meeting presided over by Mr AK Antony. Union Defence Minister.

He demanded the immediate implementation of the announcement made by Mr George Fernades the then Union Defence Minister in April 1999 at Anandpur Sahib for one rank one pension to the Ex-Servicemen. He said that this issue has been agreed in principle by the NDA Government but has not been implemented appropriately. While the cost of living is constantly raising. He also demanded to remove the anomalies immediately in the 6th Pay Commission for the Defence Services and also Ex-Servicemen. He said that a repeated effort to down grade the status of the soldier was being made. It is the responsibility of the Government to protect the interest of the soldiers. However it transpires that anomalies and misrepresentation of provisions of 4th Pay Commission regarding Soldiers are yet to be addressed. The full benefit of the ‘Rank Pay’ for the Armed Forces as approved by the Cabinet is yet to be passed on to the soldiers. This resulted in the wrong fixation of Pay & Pension and disadvantages the Soldiers in the Inter-Services relatively.
Punjab should get additional quota in defence: Capt Kanwaljit Singh

Ex-servicemen want pension anomalies rectified

Patiala, February 4
The Punjab Ex-Servicemen Welfare Association said its “one rank, one pension” demand, had only been accepted in principle by various governments. In April 1999, the association claimed, the Defence Minister had assured the ex-servicemen the demand would be implemented the moment he reached Delhi but nothing was done.

The Sixth Pay Commission, it said, had complicated the issue by introducing stretched pay bands for serving soldiers, thus creating huge gap in the pensions of veterans and newly retired or soon-to-retire soldiers.

Association general secretary, Col Kuldeep Singh Grewal, asserted a sepoy at present with seven years of service was getting Rs 10,640 as pay. Even if he retired with the same pay without earning any increment, he was likely to get 70 per cent of this pay as basic pension i.e. Rs. 7448 plus 16 per cent dearness allowance as applicable today raising the entitlement to Rs 9464. But, a sepoy who retired in 2006 was entitled to basic pension of Rs 4667. Similarly, among the officer cadre there would be huge gap in the pension of those who retired before and after 2006.

Grewal demanded separate pay commission to carry out revision of pay and pensions and look into the anomalies pointed out.
Ex-servicemen want pension anomalies rectified

IESM: Fast for Justice Rally- forty ninth day

Date: Wednesday, 4 February, 2009, 7:51 PM

Dear Colleagues,
The Jantar Mantar effort continues unabated.
New members
We extend a hearty welcome to the following new members from Punjab and thank them for contributing to the cause:
1. Nk Jarnail Singh
2. Brig HS Sandhu
3. Col SJ Singh
4. Brig RS Sidhu
5. Sep Rajinder Pal Singh
6. Sub Dharampal Singh
7. L/Nk Tarsem Singh
8. Sep Ranjit Singh
9. H/Capt Amrik S Bhatti
10. Hav Shamsher Singh
11. Hav Ranjit Singh
12. Sep Mohan Singh
13. Nk Harchand Singh
14. Harjit Kaur Bhullar
15. Lt Col SC Bali
16. Gp Capt PR Singh
17. Lt Col DS Verma
18. Lt Col AK Vij
19. Nk Harbans Singh
20. Spr RR Bhardwaj
21. H/Capt Makhan Singh
22. Lt Col Sohan Singh
23. Lt Col Dr SS Randhawa
24. Lt Col HS Mann
25. CPO Parkash Singh
26. Cpl KS Baidwan
27. Brig HS Sachdeva SM, VSM
28. Lt Col SS Bajwa
29. Wg Cdr Gurbachan Singh
30. Col SS Chhatwal
31. Lt Col Joginder Singh
32. Sangita Saini
33. Sqn Ldr AS Virdi
34. Lt Col Joginder Singh
35. Col SPS Garcha
36. Lt Col PS Randhawa
8 Feb Rally
Preparations are continuing for the Rally. Veteran Thaplial from Tehri Garhwal called up to inform that a bus load from his area would be joining the Rally. I have also spoken to Lt Gen SPM Tripathi in Gorakhpur, head of the ‘Poorva Sainik Seva Parishad’. Though he himself will be away, he has promised that his local/ NCR members would join in. Our grateful thanks.
On 8th Feb there is also a huge rally being planned by the Indian National Congress at Ram Lila Ground, Delhi. The Press unfortunately will get divided.

Best regards,
Lt Gen (Emeritus) Raj Kadyan, PVSM, AVSM, VSM
Chairman IESM

Genesis Of Pakistan Higher Command: Evolving to a State of World Terror

State Sponsored Terror

Excerpts of NJ Barrington letter (British High Commission Rawalpindi) addressed to MK Evans Esq, Commonwealth Relations office, SW1 dated 5 May 1966.

Ayub is going through a difficult time at the moment with opposition in both Wings and with critics inside the regime's "establishment". He still ultimately depends upon the Army to stay in power. The loyalty of Yahya is unquestioned but it might have been thought that Ayub would not at this juncture (despite the precedent of eight-year terms) dispensed with the services of Musa who is physically perfectly fit and has proved his loyalty so convincingly. The same applies to Riaz. The fact that the President has been prepared to make these changes is a sign of great confidence on his part in the general loyalty of the Army. It is still our view that although some colonels and below are discontented with the conduct of the recent war and subsequent policy the brigadiers and above are completely loyal to the President.

There remains the question of the attitude of the new appointees to India and Kashmir. As younger officers are promoted those reared in the artificially nationalistic atmosphere of post-Partition Pakistan are gradually reaching the higher posts. But they are not yet in sensitive posts, and despite reports in the Delhi press that Yahya "has long been known to be an advocate of a tough line towards India" the new team at G.H.Q., being more westernised and more intelligent than their predecessors, seem on the face of it much less likely to be led by the nose, as Musa must have been, into harebrained escapades in Kashmir without counting the cost.

A Pathan of Afghan descent he was born in 1917 in Peshawar. Having obtained his B.A. at the Punjab University, he attended a course at the Indian Military Academy, Dehra Dun, and was commissioned in 1939, was attached to the 2 Battalion The Worcester Regiment for one year and then joined the Baluch Regiment.

Prior to World War 11, Major-General Yahya Khan took part in operation on the North-West Frontier and during the war went overseas with his regiment and was active in Egypt, Sudan, Eritrea, Libya, Cyprus, Iraq and Italy. Whilst in Italy he was captured but successfully escaped from his POW camp.

He returned to India in 1945 and attended the 13th Staff College course in 1946, thereafter holding an appointment at GHQ before returning as an Instructor at the Staff College, Quetta. He was promoted T/Lt-Colonel in May 1949 and subsequently commanded a battalion of his regiment. After that, he was GSO I of a Division before his promotion to T/Brigadier in 1951.

With Abdul Hamid and Peerzada he was responsible for the planning of the operation by which Martial Law was imposed on the country. He "vas also probably in the small ring which planned and executed the take-over of the Government by Ayub in 1957.

A heavy drinker, womanizer, intriguer and possible anti-British. He is said to be a strong favourite as the next C-in-C of the Pakistan Army.

His tenure of appointment in 15 Division has been even shorter but he was GOC during the mobilization of the Army at the Rann of Kutch affair in 1965 and command this key division when it was deployed in battle positions on the Indo-Pakistan border. As he took the place of Lt-General Altaf Qadir in 7 division this may be looked upon as promotion. During the Indo-Pakistan conflict of September 1965 he seems to have commanded in the Chamb Sector. He was awarded an immediate HJ.

Brigadier P.H.D. Panton, CBE
January, 1966

One of the Princely Pataudi family. Born 23 Dec 1920 in Rampur, U.P. Educated in England and Prince of Wales Royal Indian Military College, and Indian Military Academy, Dehra Dun. He was commissioned in 1940 into the 18th Cavalry after a year with a British Infantry Regiment. The same year he went to the Middle East and served in 3 Ind Motor Brigade. Took part in the battle of MCHILI, withdrawal to TOBRUK and the siege of TOBRUK. He was later employed on security duties in Syria. He was taken prisoner by the Germans in 1942 and released in 1945. He returned to 18th Cavalry and was later appointed Adjutant of the Viceroy's Bodyguard. In 1948 he commanded the Governor General's Bodyguard. He later commanded an Inf Bn of the 1 st Punjab Regiment. In 1949 he graduated from the Command and Staff College Quetta. He also attended the War College, France. He commanded a number of Cavalry Regiments and 4 Armoured Brigade, he then served as Deputy Commandant Staff College Quetta. He was VCGS before taking over command of I Armoured Division early in 1961. In 1962 he became Commandant of the Command and Staff College, Quetta. During the Indo-Pakistan conflict of September 1965 he took over I Armoured Division after its Commander had led it to disaster.

Major-General Yaqub is an interpreter in French, Russian, German and Italian, most of which languages he learnt as a POW. A deep thinking intelligent and rather intellectual General who has the potential to reach the highest rank. He is however of a rather shy nature and one cannot see him inspiring his officers by the force of his personality though he might inspire admiration for his integrity and intellect. He always appears cool and collected but on the polo field can become emotional and excited, but then, so do so many polo players.

He was married to Lt-General Sher Ali Khan's sister, but in 1960 divorced her and married a girl who had been brought up in Calcutta. She is charming and sophisticated, having defied convention and gone, on her own, to seek education in England. She is shy until one gets to know her when she becomes an entertaining conversationalist. Yaqub is a first class polo player and always has good ponies.

Brigadier P.H.D. Panton, CBE
January, 1966

Full Letter Click Link:

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Kargil Conflict: Pakistan Air Force Perspective

Soldiers fly the Tricolour on a peak in Dras after it was recaptured during the Kargil war

Pakistani writings on Kargil conflict have been few; those that did come out were largely irrelevant and in a few cases, were clearly sponsored. The role of the PAF has been discussed off and on, but mostly disparagingly, particularly in some uninformed quarters. Here is an airman’s perspective, focusing on the IAF’s air operations and the PAF’s position.

Come change-over time of the Chief of Air Staff in 2001, President Musharraf struck at PAF’s top leadership in what can only be described as implacable action: he passed over all five Air Marshals and appointed the sixth-in-line who was practically an Air Vice Marshal till a few weeks before. While disregarding of seniority in the appointment of service chiefs has historically been endemic in the country, the practice has been seen as breeding nepotism and partiality, besides leaving a trail of conjecture and gossip in the ranks. Given Air Chief Marshal Mehdi’s rather straight-faced and forthright dealings with a somewhat junior General Musharraf particularly during Kargil conflict, there is good reason to believe that the latter decided to appoint a not-very-senior Air Chief whom he could order around like one of his Corps Commanders. (As it turned out, Air Chief Marshal Mus’haf was as solid as his predecessor and gave no quarter when it came to PAF’s interests.) Whatever the reason of bypassing seniority, it was unfortunate that PAF’s precious corporate experience was thrown out so crassly and several careers destroyed. Lives and honour lost in Kargil is another matter.
Full article click link:
Kargil conflict and Pakistan Air Force

Kaiser Tufail: Brief Biography
I was commissioned as a pilot in 1975 after my training at PAF Academy, Risalpur. Earlier, I completed my schooling from Cadet College, Hasanabdal. I have had the opportunity of flying several classic fighters including F-6 (MiG-19), F-7P (MiG-21 variant), F-7PG (MiG-21 double-delta variant), Mirage-5, Mirage F-1E and the venerable F-16 Fighting Falcon. I commanded a fighter squadron, a fighter wing and PAF's largest fighter Base at Masroor. When out of the cockpit, I found time to pursue literary activities. 'Great Air Battles of Pakistan Air Force', a book written by me, is a manifestation of my interest in aviation history. I also write for various military journals and newspapers. I retired as an Air Commodore in 2005, after thirty memorable years of service.

IESM: Fast for Justice Rally- forty eighth day

Date: Tuesday, 3 February, 2009, 7:10 PM
Dear Colleagues,
Jantar Mantar is under the charge of local Gurgaon ESM today. Satbir, Renjen and I met Rahul Gandhi this morning. He was pressed for time and it was a hurried meeting. We did make the following points:
1. Explained OROP. He seemed to have been very unaware of it.
2. Pointed out major differences between military service and other civilian government employment.
3. The Parliamentary Committee having recommended OROP.
4. Inclusion of the OROP in the Congress manifesto and Congress President’s public endorsement of it, and that the credibility of the entire establishment being at stake.
5. The likely adverse effect of the ongoing ESM fast/ campaign on the serving soldiers.

His Reaction/Response
1. He sympathised with our cause.
2. Said he would not jump the queue and speak to the PM.

In Sum
1. All our communications addressed to the political leaders are being blocked by the bureaucracy. Most politicians are unaware of the ESM demands and even of the Jantar Mantar fast; at least he was.
2. The decision makers in the government are unlikey to have realised the seriousness of the whole problem.
3. The meeting yielded no positive results; it did no harm either. One does hope he reads the few pages that we had submitted.
4. If I were to personally quantify the satisfaction level from the interaction, my pen would hover around 20%.

Best regards,
Lt Gen (Emeritus) Raj Kadyan, PVSM, AVSM, VSM
Chairman IESM

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Single window agency and exemption of property tax for ex-servicemen.

Bangalore, DHNS: Saturday, December 8, 2007
Governor Rameshwar Thakur on Friday announced the establishment of single window agency for the benefit of ex-servicemen.

Addressing a gathering of ex-servicemen on the occasion of ‘Armed Forces Flag Day’, Mr Thakur said, the Government will in a month’s time set-up the agency - for addressing the grievances and also for providing job avenues to the sainiks post-retirement. “We will establish the centre within a month which will exclusively cater to the needs of the sainiks. Their demand for exemption from property tax will also be looked into,” he added.
Earlier Chief Secretary P B Mahishi said, the gap between corporate world and Armed Forces has reduced, as the Armed Forces is now being considered as a good career alternative. “The Government is contemplating to introduce welfare schemes for ex-servicemen who continue to be our national assets,” Mr Mahishi said.

Later, the Governor released the Flag Day souvenir and Armed Forces flags, on the occasion. Four ex-servicemen Dr M P Ganesh from the Corps of Signals, Capt S Raja Rao, an ex-army engineer, Capt S Ravi from the Artillery Regiment and M R Jain from the IAF were honoured for their contribution to the Forces in various fields by the Governor.
Single window agency for the benefit of ex-servicemen

No property tax for all ex-servicemen in Kerala
Wednesday, Jul 30, 2008
THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The government has restored property tax exemption to residential houses of all ex-servicemen and their widows.

The government had earlier limited the benefit to ex-servicemen who had been injured while in service or widows of servicemen who died in action.

The government decided to withdraw the limitation after Minister for Local Self Government Paloli Mohamedkutty held discussions with the representatives of ex-service men. —Special Correspondent
No property tax for all ex-servicemen in Kerala

Comments: Tall promises year after year- The single window system for redressal of ESM grievances is a pipe dream. Kerala is the only state to exempt Property Tax to all Ex Servicemen. All other states should emulate at least this gesture towards those who served to protect the nation. Property tax of states like Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Delhi are relatively high and the slab is increased by 20% every five years. There should be uniform policy of exemption of property tax for all ESM. The MOD (Secretary Welfare of ESM) should ensure a a uniform policy to be followed by all the State Governments to exempt property tax for all ESM, as a legitimate welfare measure. All ESM welfare organisations will do well to take up this noble cause as genuine welfare measure in its charter of duties.

IESM: Fast for Justice Rally- forty seventh day

Front Row- Left to Right- Hav Mohinder Singh Tomar, Mrs Santosh Kamboj, Mrs Roma Ahuja, Cdr Sharan Ahuja. Rear Row - Left to Right - Nb Sub Isher Singh, Sub KS Guleria, Sep Bant Singh, Hony Capt Jagdish Lal

Date: Monday, 2 February, 2009, 10:51 PM
Dear Colleagues,
The battlefront is under the charge of a mixed force from HP and Haryana.
We heartily welcome the following new members and thank them for their generous contribution to the cause:
Lt Gen RK Sawhney
Lt Gen VK Sharma

Best regards,
Lt Gen (Emeritus) Raj Kadyan, PVSM, AVSM, VSM
Chairman IESM

Undermining the morale of the armed forces
The Sixth Central Pay Commission (as concocted by the IAS) has caused discontentment among the armed Forces due to various disparities and discrepancies.

OROP was favoured by MOS (Min of Defence) in 1985 and in principle the then Prime Minister was also in favour. When the same was asked to be examined by the then IAS officers (both in the Ministry of Defence and Finance), they raised all sorts of questions. Till date they are lobbying that defence forces be kept subservient to IAS the rusted steel frame of bureaucracy an offshoot of erstwhile ICS established to serve the British and mainly to make the people of India subservient to the alien rulers.

Against the advice of 6th Pay Commission, these IAS officers in the Department of Pension and Pensioners Welfare have modified the report in favour of IAS officers and to the disadvantage of others. This is nothing short of mischief by the baboos in the Government.

Demoralised armed forces can be dangerous to the country especially at this juncture. Will the IAS Baboos understand?

Group Captain H Rajagopal (Retd)
Undermining the morale of the armed forces: Deccan Herald

MK Gandhi Father of the Nation a Valiant Soldier

Gandhi with the stretcher-bearers of the Indian Ambulance Corps during the Boer War, South-Africa.
Standing: H Kitchen, L Panday, R Panday, J Royeppen, RK Khan, L Gabriel, MK Kotharee, E Peters, D Vinden, V Madanjit.
Middle: W Jonathan, V Lawrence, MH Nazar, Dr LP Booth, M.K. Gandhi, PK Naidoo, M Royeppen.
Front: S Shadrach, "Professor" Dhundee, SD Moddley, A David, AA Gandhi.

Driven by passion: Visitors enjoying a ride on Ajay during the 'Know Your Army' exhibition in Ranchi.

Amid all eccentricities, the Indian soldier lives to serve, dies serving
By R. Prasannan
Name the only national leader who had some experience of war. The name would surprise many. Mahatma Gandhi. He was an ambulance assistant in the Boer War.
Gandhi is associated with peace, non-violence, non-aggression and passive resistance.

But few know that days before independent India's first war broke out over Kashmir, Gandhi, fed up by Pakistan's aggressive postures, observed at one of his prayer meetings: "At this rate, I think we would have to go to war with Pakistan."
Indeed, the Father of the Nation was not advocating war. All the same, he was not a woolly-eyed pacifist as often made out to be when compared with his more 'pragmatist' contemporaries. On the other hand, even as he denounced violence, Gandhi acknowledged, rather hailed, soldierly courage, soldierly bondage and soldierly determination. Said Gandhi in another context: "A small body of determined spirits, fired by an unshakeable faith in their mission, can alter the course of history." Was he talking of the Indian soldier?

The first shots for free India were fired by Lieutenant Colonel Ranjit Rai, within days of Gandhi's 'war talk'. The long forgotten commanding officer of 1 Sikh was the first to jump ahead with a firearm into hostile territory after India became independent.
Read more: The Valiant

Lt Cols rank and status restored to Pay Band 4

Dear Friends,
Well, there is good news for Lt Cols.
ALL Lt Cols and equivalents have been placed in PB-4 barring less than 30 or so, who are on deputation to NHAI, Pawan Hans etc.
There is reason to believe that the pension of pre-96 retired Lt Col (incl TS) will be stepped up to Rs 25,700. As per my feed back, the Service Instruction is likely to be issued within this week.

Maj Gen Surjit Singh (Retd)

Pay Band-4 orders for Lt Colonels have been issued. All Lt Cols are now placed in Pay Band-4. Only those officers who are on depuation to organisations such as NHAI, IRCON, Pawan Hans, State Govts etc would not be placed in PB-4 till they revert back to the defence services. Hence, only about 30 Lt Cols in total are expected to be kept outside the purview of PB-4. Orders on PB-4 dated 30 Jan 2009 issued by the MoD to this effect can be viewed by clicking here.

Posted by Navdeep / Maj Navdeep
Uplifting News for Lt Cols

Monday, February 2, 2009

Lehron ke Sartaj: National Geographic Channel showcases Indian Navy premiering 02 Feb 2009 at 9PM

Express Features First Published : 27 Jan 2009 NATIONAL Geographic Channel will showcase the uncharted world of the Indian Navy, replete with warships, submarines, missiles and much more. Premiering February 2, Monday nights at 9 pm, Nat Geo's Mission Navy: Lehron Ke Sartaj is all set to take viewers on a fascinating journey inside the Indian Navy.

The series will have seven visually stunning episodes which give an insight into the lives of the brave men who patrol and protect the country. With this initiative, Nat Geo provided five civilians including three women, the unique opportunity to be a part of the Navy, training and imbuing them with the courage, grit and determination synonymous with the Indian Navy.

With over 50,000 entries from across India, only fifteen semi-finalists were selected after a series of physical and mental tests conducted by the Navy. The semi-finalists then underwent grueling selection tests in Mumbai to reach the final five, including 23-year old Arjun R Shetty from Bengaluru; 21-year old Sudhanshu Budakoty from Mysore; 20-year old Sakshi Havanoor from Pune; 28-year old Chaitanya Datla and 25-year old Suranjani H R from Bengaluru.

They will be a part of the Indian Navy for over a month. After basic training, they set foot for the first time on a Naval vessel. Some of them not only got to learn the science behind submarines, but also a chance to train in one. They were also trained in beaching operations and the difficult jack stay amongst other tasks.

At the end of the series, the most resilient, deserving and valiant of these five finalists will have the honour of sailing with the Indian Navy's Lehron Ke Sartaj on an international tour.

The decision by the Indian Navy would be based on various exercises, tests and experiences the participants went through during the month long training period. Presented by Samsung Mobile and powered by Idea, the series is being extensively promoted on-air, on-ground, on-line and through print, outdoor, radio and SMS campaign.

Lehron ke Sartaj
Navy joins hands with Nat Geo to open its world for people
NGC to premiere 'Mission Navy' on 2 February

IESM: Fast for Justice Rally- forty sixth day and Program for 08 Feb Rally

Date: Sunday, 1 February, 2009, 6:34 PM

Dear Colleagues,
The Jantar Mantar battlefront is under the able charge of our stalwards from Himachal Pradesh. Our thanks to them for their support to the cause.

The Core Group formed teams today and visited four different locations in Haryana. Everywhere the attendance of officers and PBOR was good and the enthusiasm encouraging. They all promised to carry on with the struggle. In return they only wanted that we continue to show them the way and provide the lead. There was also unanimity that we issue an advisory before the elections on the collective voting choice and that they will heed.

Tally-ho. We are already into February. The date of our reckoning– 8 February– is closing in. We must show strength, which is the only effective weapon in a democracy.

Best regards,
Lt Gen (Emeritus) Raj Kadyan, PVSM, AVSM, VSM
Chairman IESM


Dear Friends
1. You are aware that the Govt continues to ignore our most genuine demand of One Rank One Pension (same length of service + same rank= same pension). The adverse affects of non- grant of OROP are too serious and detrimental to the good morale and motivation of defence Personnel. The Govt does not seem to see the light of the Day.

2. Our Movement has gained tremendous strength and intensity. Our "Cause" is too strong. Four former Chiefs, over two hundred General Officers have already joined the Movement and the wave has caught on. We request all ESM organizations and individuals to join the Movement and work towards getting justice for the Defence Services.

3. IESM will hold a Rally at Jantar Mantar New Delhi on 08 Feb 2009 at 11 AM to support our colleagues on Relay Hunger Strike and to bring the Govt's gross injustice to the notice of the people of India. All ESM living in the Northern states are requested to join the Rally in large numbers to lodge our protest in a democratic manner. Remember, the Govt recognises only "Public Outcry" of injustice to the ESM.

4. The programme of Rally at Jantar Mantar New Delhi will be as under:
(a) Assembly of ESM at Jantar Mantar New Delhi- 11 AM.
(b) Speeches by ESM highlighing our demands- 11 AM to 1230 PM.
(c) Protest March on a specified route- 12.30 PM to 2 PM. Return to Jantar Mantar (Approx 3 Km)
(d) Surrender of Medals by all ESM- 2 PM to 3 PM.
(e) Address by Chairman IESM 3 PM– 3.30 PM. Closing of the Rally and dispersal.
(f) Presentation of Memorandum and 3.30 PM to 4 PM. Surrender of Medals to the President.

5. ESM located at various cities, who are unable to reach Jantar Mantar New Delhi, are requested to organize Rally at their respective cities/ states and may suitably modify the schedule as decided by the local IESM functionaries/ various organizations. Maximum media coverage may please be arranged for the event.

6. Brief on IESM, IESM Poster, 08 Feb 2009 Rally Posters/ Leaflets, details on One Rank One Pension, Preparation of Memorandum details are given as links below. All ESM are requested to circulate this mail to the maximum ESM and motivate them to become members of the IESM and also take part in the Rally on 08 Feb 09 at Jantar Mantar.

7. Friends, the time has come to firmly unite to fight "Injustice" which is no more bearable. The humiliation and mistreatment of Defence Personnel has reached an unacceptable limit. It is ridiculous to listen to terminologies like "Combat, Combat Ready and Deputation" for Defence Personnel employment. The bureaucrats who are suggesting such terminologies are doing the greatest harm to the security of the Nation.

God Bless God Speed
With Kind Regards & Jai Hind
Yours Sincerely,
Maj Gen (Retd) Satbir Singh, SM
Vice Chairman Indian ESM Movement

Click on Links
Write up on IESM alongwith details of Pension
IESM: Memorandum of Association
IESM Membership Form
One Rank One Pension (OROP)
Hindi Leaflet
English Leaflet
IESM Poster English

Sunday, February 1, 2009

IESM: Memorandum of Association Registered under the the Society Act

Dear Brig Kamboj,

I feel that something very important is missing on the Information Board of the Blog. This is : MOA and objectives (both short and long term) of the IESM. If this document is so placed, it will give easy and important access to everyone surfing the blog. At times I also wanted to refer to it and found its absence. I feel that it should be done.

Gp Capt I Jairath (Retd)

Memorandum of Association

An All India Federation of Military Veterans’ Organisations


1. The Indian Ex Servicemen Movement, hereafter referred to as IESM is an All India Federation of Ex Servicemen’s organisations. The term ‘Military Veterans’ means the retired personnel of the Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force. We, the Ex Servicemen of India, resolve to come under one umbrella in a unified federal structure at National, State and District levels in order to:-
  • Bring all Ex Servicemen of India of all the three services under one umbrella through spirit of camaraderie and fraternity to make them a strong and influential segment of the country.
  • Play a constructive role in nation building activities.
  • Promote intellectual and knowledge based growth of ESM fraternity.
  • Actively promote and support welfare and interest of ESM to ensure that they get a just and fair place in IESM.
  • Provide a unified voice to all ESM of India on issues of national interest.
  • Act as a forum of discussions of problems and vital needs of ESM which may arise from time to time.


    Registered Office: HOUSE NO 543, SECTOR- 23

    Area of Operation: Throughout the Union of India and support to Ex Servicemen (ESM) settled abroad.

    2. Aims & Objectives. In general the IESM will aim to bind the ESM fraternity together and use the talent and experience of the ESM towards nation building. In specific the aims and objectives will be, but not limited to, as follows:-

    (a) To promote, support and organize suitable occupational opportunities for ESM.
    (b) To provide assistance to ESM and their widows in their resettlement.
    (c) To provide assistance to ESM in setting up own small scale ventures for livelihood.
    (d) To provide assistance to all ESM in matters concerning medical, pension, grants etc.
    (e) To organize social, cultural, educational and recreational events for the benefit of ESM and their wards.
    (f) To periodically hold conferences, meetings, seminars, lectures and visual shows on topics of interest to the ESM.
    (g) To pursue with the Centre and State governments for removal of any discriminatory rules and provisions adversely affecting the interests of ESM.
    (h) To pursue establishment of Just & Fair place of Defence services in the country i.e. functioning of Defence services in a democracy.
    (j) To undertake any other task considered appropriate by the Governing Body.

    Click Link for full MOA
    IESM: Memorandum of Association
  • IESM: Fast for Justice Rally- forty sixth day

    Dear Colleagues,

    Activity at Jantar Mantar continues. Mr Arya, the Congress MLA from Haryana, spent nearly two hours at the venue today. The Core Gp has formed into teams that are visiting various places in Haryana Feb 01 to motivate ESM to join the 08 Feb rally.

    Best regards,
    Lt Gen (Emeritus) Raj Kadyan, PVSM, AVSM, VSM
    Chairman IESM


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