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Can the CBI cope with the large scale scams? Bringing culprits to book seems beyond their scope

Arms dealer Abhishek Verma, wife to be produced before court
New Delhi, June 09, 2012

Arms dealer Abhishek Verma and his wife, arrested for allegedly receiving money from a Swiss arms company to delist them from the companies blacklisted by Indian government would be produced before a designated court today. Verma and his wife Ancia Neascu were placed under arrest on Friday by CBI after they failed to give convincing answers to the investigation agency which registered a fresh case against him on Friday.
Verma, who had been earlier arrested by CBI in connection with alleged fake passport and leaking of secret commercial information from Naval war room to foreign companies, was called to the agency headquarters in the morning along with his wife.
The duo were extensively questioned by the sleuths regarding transactions of funds between Ganton India and Ganton USA, which are claimed to be his front companies, and about his business relationships with estranged associate C Edmon Allen who has leveled series of allegations against him with the US Federal Bureau of Investigation.
CBI had booked Verma in a fresh case alleging that he took $530,000 from Rheinmetall Air Defence AG (RAD) on the promise that he would use his influence to stall blacklisting proceedings initiated by the government against it after the Ordnance Factory Board scam had surfaced.
The two would be produced before a designated court on Saturday when CBI would seek their custody.
CBI also questioned the then Director of the Swiss defence company Mohinder Sahni and Arjun Arora whose houses were searched on Thursday.
After registering the case, 10 CBI teams, which were later joined by the criminal investigation unit of I-T, swooped down at 10 locations in Delhi and Gurgaon which included four premises of Verma, offices of RAD in Vasant Vihar and Satya Niketan and a farm house of its Director Mohinder Sahni in Kishangarh and three associates of Verma, they said.
CBI booked the company, Verma and unnamed persons under relevant sections the Prevention of Corruption Act which relate to taking bribe to influence public servants and carries a punishment of six months to five year.
Recently, Verma had moved a Delhi court with a complaint against his former partner Allen accusing him of cheating him of Rs. 55 crore and forging documents and emails to defame him.
Allen had filed the complaint with the CBI Director and other top officials alleging Verma received funds from RAD for bailing it out.
The court had taken cognisance of the complaint of Verma, and posted the matter for recording of his pre-summoning evidence on July 21.
Verma is an accused in the Naval War Room leak case in which commercial naval secrets were leaked to foreign companies. Ravi Shankaran, kin of former naval chief Arun Prakash, is also an accused in this case.
Arms dealer Abhishek Verma and his wife
Over 800 posts lying vacant in CBI: Government
May 9, 2012 | PTI
NEW DELHI: Over 800 posts at different levels are lying vacant in the country's premier investigating agency, CBI, the Government said today. Of the total of 838 vacancies, a highest of 609 are of executive cadre following 60 in legal, 40 in technical, 102 in ministerial and 27 canteen posts, Minister of State for Personnel and Public Grievances V Narayanasamy told Lok Sabha in a written reply. The sanctioned strength of the CBI is 6,591. "The occurrence and filling... (can understaffed CBI unravel the Multi Crore Scams hitting the Nation on daily basis?)
CBI Handiacapped
Comment: Who is his Political Godfather is a mystery? He will cent percent be convicted for life if investigatecd by FBI- CBI's task is to obliterate his tracks! So many cases against the arms dealer he will certainly escape with his Polish wife. With MEA he will obtain couple of more passports. CBI's case against fake passport will stand no scrutiny because many fakes go as real and the real goes as fake (CBI will produce real as fake and case will be squashed!

China is not an enemy, just a competitor: Lt Gen Bikram Singh

Ref: China is not an enemy, just a competitor
Mahavir (udaipur)
China is not an enemy, just a competitor: Lt Gen Bikram Singh

First COAS who has not participated in any war. He ought to have read post independence India's military history. It is never too late for COAS to study 'Himalayan Blunder' , before blundering to speak in public about China. It is a different ball game in a command HQ and all together a different one, in South Block. Gen Bikram Singh, will serve nation well, if he can follow foot steps of SAM BAHADUR, whose sacred office is now for him to occupy (already occupied) and bring home more glory. Those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat follies of past. Saving grace is that, committed Indians know fully well that war is too serious, to be left to Generals alone. Last Sikh Li officer in COAS chair had fully grasped (hard way, as Brig,) the tact to use veteran Regiments to turn tide and rise high. Call upon deeds of past warriers, from chapters of history, to tread uncertain path of future.
China is not an enemy
Comment: Perfect political statement to please PMO and MEA. Ghosh... Let us vacate Himalaya's and start trading in earnest. Indian Army should source all weapons from China as it is cheap reliable and it works (save Billions of $)... no kickbacks and bribes (remember Chinese shoot the corrupt first and then discuss the case in the court of law). Already Indian Traders are buying Chinese Goods and palming it off to Indian Ordnance as India Made... Now let us make it Official. For a start some traders already are facing heat for corruption in China.

We pray that the accuser does not become the accused

9 Jun, 2012, 02.18AM IST, ET Bureau
Criminal defamation case: Delhi court summons Gen VK Singh, four others

NEW DELHI: A Delhi court has summoned former Army Chief VK Singh and four top-serving officers in a criminal defamation case filed by retired Lt Gen Tejinder Singh.
Metropolitan Magistrate Jay Thareja ordered VK Singh, Vice-Chief of Army Staff SK Singh, Lt Gen BS Thakur (DGMI), Major General SL Narshiman (Additional Director General of Public Information) and Lt Col Hitten Sawhney to appear in court on July 20.
Tejinder Singh filed the defamation case after VK Singh had alleged in an interview in March that he was offered a 14-crore bribe by the former to clear the purchase of 600 Tatra trucks from BEML. Tejinder Singh accused the five officers of misusing their official positions, power and authority to level false charges against him. He had filed the complaint alleging he was defamed by the Army through its press release issued on March 5.
The court said on Friday the summons were only for the alleged offence of defamation. "However, it is made clear that the accused are not being summoned qua the allegation of hatching a criminal conspiracy against the complainant (Tejinder Singh).
Upon appreciating the entire evidence and material produced before this court, the allegation regarding hatching of a criminal conspiracy by respondents appears to be absurd and without any foundation. The accused are only being summoned qua offence as described under Section 499 (defamation) read with Section 35 (act done with criminal knowledge or intention) of the IPC," the magistrate said.
The court directed Tejinder Singh to file a process fee along with copies of the complaint and documents within a week of the re-opening of the court on June 21. "Upon filing of the process fee, copies of the complaints and the documents, the accused shall be summoned for July 20," the court said.
The court had earlier directed the defence ministry to place before it the file related to the issuance of the March 5 press release to ascertain whether or not the five persons accused of defaming Tejinder Singh had any role in it.
The press release blamed Tejinder Singh, former chief of the Defence Intelligence Agency, and some 'disgruntled' serving officers of the Military Intelligence for 'planting' a report in the media relating to purported tapping of some sensitive phones in the capital. The file pertaining to the press release was submitted to the court by defence ministry's under secretary R Sunder. The court had also recorded his statement during an in-camera proceeding in which he said some of the documents placed were "privileged."
Criminal defamation case: Delhi court summons Gen VK Singh, four others
In India, 95% of the criminal cases are dismissed. Even if this case is not dismissed, it wont hurt the statistics. When we see the definition of defamation, it is any statement made, which is defamatory. A criminal complaint is a statement, certainly a defamatory statement. Off course the accused has certain exception as defence- truth of the complaint or information to authority. However, as per Section 104 of the Evidence Act, the court shall presume against existence of any such cisrcumstances. Further, onus is on the accused to prove that his case falls under any of the exceptions. So at the time of filing complaint process must be issued and trial should be conducted, so that the accused can prove his innocence by proving some exception. Generally in India most of the Political Criminals file for defamation. This increases their chances of getting elected again- calling it Political Vendetta. Readers footage
Himanshu • 13 hours ago•
There was story of discussion between people of hell and heaven... hell got the best lawyers to defend them by paying best bribes and kickbacks and heaven guys were struggling just for their basic rights by true means... Countries last hope was judiciary but even these seems to have gone to dogs and likes of Abhishek Manu Singhvi who get paid to proof right to wrong (UTube footage).... All honest guys just watch it.. Corrupts have started ruling this country... God save us... GOD has already retired from india, realising that no one can cure corruption plaguing this country...

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IESL is a Registered Society

Eligibilty for Membership
  • Persons (including ladies) who have served in any Branch of the Indian Army, the Indian Navy the Indian Airforce and the former Indian State Forces, including the enrolled non combatants.
  • Territorial Force, NCC, Mercantile Marine, Merchant Navy, Red Cross & St. John Ambulance Brigade, provided he or she has service on whole time Military duties for a minimum period of six months during and time of National Emergency.
  • Any branch of the Nursing Services.
  • Hony Commissioned Officer those who have a rank in the Army, Navy or Indian Air Force
  • Any of the Forces of the Commonwealth and other countries provided that their corresponding organizations give similar benefits and relief to classes of Ex-Services persons specified above who may be within their territories.
  • Individual not to be an Office Bearer of any Political Party/ other unrecognized ESM Org.
    Individual to have been honorably discharged from service.
  • If the application is submitted online it should be followed by hard copy of document and payment of membership fee by DD/MO/Local cheque Delhi –eg i.e. Discharge Certificate, PPO, ESM Identity Card.
  • Two stamp size photo preferably in colour.
  • IESL Life Membership which is utilized for welfare activities is a nominal amount as under:
    (a) Officers Rs 200/-
    (b) JCOs Rs 100/-
    (c) ORs Rs 50/-
  • Army Chief overturns Gen V K Singh's decision

    Friday 08 June, 2012.
    Army Chief overturns Gen V K Singh's decision

    Overturning the decision of his predecessor Gen V K Singh, Army Chief Gen Bikram Singh has lifted the ban on promotion of Lt Gen Dalbir Singh Suhag clearing the way for his appointment as Eastern Army Commander.
    The 3 Corps Commander, who can head the army in 2014, was put under a Discipline and Vigilance Ban by Gen V K Singh on charges of "abdicating responsibility" in handling an intelligence and surveillance unit under his command after a failed operation in Assam.
    The decision to lift the DV ban on Lt Gen Suhag was taken by the Army Chief and the officer can now be promoted, sources said in New Delhi on Thursday.
    The post of Eastern Commander is lying vacant since Gen Bikram Singh took over as the Army Chief. The DV Ban resulted in the holding up the promotion of the officer as Eastern Army Commander. The promotion had been already approved by the Defence Ministry and was being considered by the Appointments Committee of Cabinet (ACC) for the elevation.
    Gen V K Singh had issued a show cause notice to the officer on 19th May and subsequently imposed the DV Ban on him.
    Lt Gen Suhag filed his reply on 31st May, the same day Gen V K Singh retired and the new incumbent took over.
    Lt Gen Suhag was earlier given only seven days to respond to the notice but was later given ten more days to do so after the Defence Ministry intervened and sought a detailed reply form the Army Headquarters about the entire episode.
    Army Chief overturns Gen V K Singh's decision
    This makes it clear that Lt Gen Suhag has been cleared of any serious lapse in the matter after reportedly facing allegations of abdication of responsibility with regard to the alleged failed operation. In fact, when Gen VK Singh had ordered the DV ban recently, it had stalled his promotion to the post of General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Eastern Command. It sounds like the MOD, MHA amd PMO succession plan has taken the right route. We are once again reminded of Nidhi's... refrain "We must look at the bigger picture". This spat between Senior Officers, Arms lobbyists and Politicians will linger on for a long time. With 2014 Elections looming large the Arms Lobbyists are positioning their loyalists for the Big Loot- in the name of Modernisation- the Laundered money goes down the drain as election expenses for the dubious Politicians to get elected again and again and loot repeatedly!

    OROP: Government counsel misleading the Supreme Court

    Read in conjuction with:
  • OROP twists, turns and twirls
  • Raw deal to the Armed Forces by Lt Gen SK Bahri
    Subject: IESM Gov Body 07 Jun evening
    Dear Colleagues,
    I had a meeting with Mr Salman Khurshid, the Minister of Law & Justice today. I apprised him of the unfortunate fact of the government challenging each and every judgment of the lower courts that go in favour of the ESM. I explained details of the disability broad banding case where a judgment of the AFT has been challenged despite instructions of the Defence Minister (issued on 06 Mar 2012) to the contrary. He was also apprised of the government counsel misleading the SC in many cases, such as in the case of Hony Naib Sub (leading to a judgment that only those pre 1.1.2006 Hony Naib Sub be given the pension of a regular Nb Sub, who get the Hony rank while being in service).
    On the point of the goverment dragging its feet in not implementing the SC judgment, I gave a concrete example in the form of a written handout on the ongoing rank pay case, with a request that either the government withdraw its appeal and implements the SC judgment of 08.03.2010 or the solicitor General be made to attend the next hearing on 04.09.2012 so that the case is finally disposed of. He promised to look into all these points.
    Making use of the opportunity, I also sought his help as a Cabinet Minister in prevailing upon the government in sanctioning OROP. He wanted to understand the various nuances of OROP which I explained. I mentioned to him about my letter to the Congress President in Oct 2011 where I had said non-grant of OROP may affect the ESM voting pattern in Assembly and Parliamentary elections, further underscoring the fact that this may have happened in the recent elections in UP and Punjab. I also mentioned that anti Congress sentiments of the ESM may be even stronger during the 2014 Parliamentary elections. He promised to do what he can.
    Best regards,
    Lt Gen Raj Kadyan
    Chairman IESM
    Comment: All ESM organisations need to be apolitical. The Politicians know that the armed forces and their families just constitute 1% of the total population. Even out of this percentage Serving and Veterans do not bother to vote. Even if 50% vote, it is meagre and well under 0.5% of total Voters. The impact will be near negligible except for the states like Punjab, Himachal, Haryana and Rajastan where perhaps the voters percentage may exceed marginally by a percent. "Service before Self" must be the motto of all ESMs and being balanced will pay dividends in the long run. The Government intent is to make monkey of the Armed Forces. All Political Parties (except for few Independents) treat Armed Forces like the Nation's super Police Force and not as a Professional Army. The long Battle with insurgency is a quid pro arrangement between Government and Military- former reducing the sheen of the professional army and later to ensure the selected Officers are annointed for gallantry awards with decorations for guaranteed promotions (in most cases fakes go as real). This arrangement suits the Political Community as it constantly diminishes the image of the Military. The Officer Shortage will continue to haunt till the Glamour of Professional Army is restored. This is not likely to happen in the near future. Incidently Pandit Nehru trusted the Malabar Police more than the Military during the 1962 conflict (Krishna Menon propped up the calibre of Malabar Police). Nothing has changed... MOD, MHA, PMO, MEA have more trust on the PMF's than on the Indian Military... their scope and range is enlarging much more than their mandate... here we are reminded of Nidhi Razdan's Left Right and Centre refrain... "Let us look at the Bigger Picture".... maybe we will get the true reflection!
  • Governance at the Centre and wide spread corruption

    Swamy targets Sonia, says she’s fostering corruption
    Wednesday, 06 June 2012 00:24 Shireen Farhat | Dhanbad

    Addressing a Press conference on Tuesday, Swamy said: “She can’t escape from taking responsibility of ill governance at the Centre and wide spread corruption.”
    Commenting over Team Anna that questioned credibility and integrity of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Swami said that the Prime Minister alone is not responsible for this. “Don’t forget Sonia Gandhi. She is one who is fostering corruption. I have credible evidences of corruption by Sonia Gandhi which I will make available to all the people fighting against corruption including Team Anna.”
    Swami also pilloried Sonia Gandhi for conspiring against the Prime Minister by letting him to become sole target of anti-corruption crusade. “Gandhi seems to be in hurry for anointment of her son Rahul Gandhi as PM by replacing Singh. She wants it to be done under the tenure of President Pratibha Patil, who is Congress’ rubber stamp,” he alleged.
    The Janata Party president, who had once blocked the way of Sonia Gandhi’s path to Prime Ministership, is adamant to block Rahul in the same way if such a situation arises.
    “When Rahul was born his mother Sonia Gandhi was holding Italian citizenship. She took Indian citizenship in 1983…hence according to the Italian Law, Rahul is born to an Italain Mother and he is not considered to be an Indian citizen. He can’t become the Prime Minister of India,” Swamy said.
    As the election for new President of India is scheduled to be held soon, Swamy urged political parties not to support one like Patil. He said that former President APJ Kalam would be the fittest candidate for the country. “Presidential election is very important. We need to elect honest person like Kalam,” he added.
    Swamy did not forget to target his enemy number one — Home Minister P Chidambaram. “Chidambaram is liable to be imprisoned for his role in 2G Spectrum Scam.
    Holding an ambivalent view towards news report that some of known Naxal sympathisers have joined the Team Anna wagon Swamy accepted that the charges are true. “I will speak over this issue at the right moment.
    Swamy targets Sonia, says she’s fostering corruption
    Corruption India Updates
  • A new twist in the Rs 4,000 crore scam as Madhu Koda's key man, the missing link in the scam, revealed for the first time ever ED claims he is missing but TIMES NOW tracks down Madhu Koda's key man in Indonesia, living the life of a tycoon All three investigating agencies swings into action after TIMES NOW investigation rush their teams to Indonesia to track down Koda's key man A massive political fight breaks out after TIMES NOW's investigative report, Opposition questions CBI inaction, Govt distances itself. Times Now tracks down Anil Bastawade, former Jharkhand Chief Minister Madhu Koda's key aide in the Rs 4000 crore mining scam, in a remote town in Indonesia. Though the CBI said it was unable to track him, Bastawade aide Ashish Tuli says he has been doing business with top Indian firms.
  • Ravi Rishi's youngest brother now accuses him of fraud
  • Warning not to deal with Ravi Rishi co withdrawn mysteriously- (after payment of bribes)
    Reasons for increasing poverty and declining quality of life in India
    In 40 major scams since 1948, India suffers more than 25 trillion US dollars: Where has it all gone?
  • The 6th Sikh Battalion leaves permanent footprints in Congo

    Only conclusive proof to validate UN Report will be the Paternity and DNA tests. Why the Court of Inquiry has skirted this positive proof to identify the fathers?
    Indian Army probes reports of its UN peacekeepers fathering kids in Congo
    VARINDER BHATIA : Chandigarh, Tue Jun 07 2011, 02:36 hrs
    An entire battalion of the Indian Army is in the dock after allegations in Congo that Indian peacekeepers fathered around a dozen children while posted there on a United Nations peacekeeping mission in 2008.
    Based on the allegations, the Army has ordered a Court of Inquiry against the 6th Sikh Battalion, which comprises 12 officers and 39 jawans. A UN probe into the matter had been inconclusive.
    The CoI is being conducted at Meerut, where the 9th Infantry Division is based. The 6th Sikh Battalion is part of the 37th Infantry Brigade, which comes under the 9th Infantry Division. The CoI is being presided over by Brig. M M Masur, Cdr, 9 Artillery Brigade, and includes Col. Sunil, Deputy Commander, 32 Infantry Brigade and Col. P V Ramakrishnan, Commanding Officer, 299 Fd Regt. as members.
    The allegations surfaced after DNA tests commissioned by the UN in Durla, Congo, showed that the children were born with “distinctive Indian features”. The UN wrote to Army Headquarters, requesting further investigation. The latest reminder for action was sent in August 2010.
    Following the UN letters, Army Headquarters wrote to Western Command in January this year asking it to inquire into the matter. The CoI was ordered on May 24.
    An Army official at HQ confirmed that an inquiry has been ordered. “There are some allegations and we are investigating into the issue,” the official said. “We have received a report from UN. Their inquiry into the allegations was inconclusive, that is why we are investigating the matter here.”
    The 6th Sikh Battalion was posted in Congo in 2008. After allegations that soldiers had sexually exploited local women, the Battalion was sent back to India and stationed at Chandimandir. In 2009, the alleged victims of the exploitation started giving birth, and the UN ordered an inquiry.
    Earlier, in March 2008, allegations surfaced that three Indian officers posted at the UN Mission in Congo had sexually exploited a local woman while holidaying in South Africa. Before that, in 2007, there were allegations that Indian blue berets had exchanged food and information for gold with Rwandan rebels in Congo’s North Kivu. There were separate allegations that Indian soldiers had paid minor Congolese girls in North Kivu for sex. In most of these cases, the Army has given a clean chit to its personnel.
    Indian Army probes reports of its UN peacekeepers fathering kids in Congo

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    Suvigya Pension Calculation for All Ranks

    click on images for readability

    ‘Suvigya’ a software developed after great research by the Controller General of Defence Accounts (CGDA) to provide exact calculation of pension for various categories of defence pensioners.
    Since the canvas of defence pension is very vast with pension varying with each rank, year of release and trade/category, effectively compiling and effectuating the software was an enormous task for CGDA. To complicate matters, orders issued from time to time had resulted in confusing even the pension disbursing authorities in this regard.
    The said system is now online and can be accessed through the following link: Suvigya: Click here
    Pensioners / family pensioners have to enter basic details on the website for obtaining the correct amount of pension admissible to them under various orders issued from time to time.
    There is however a disclaimer on the website that the amount calculated therein cannot be quoted as authority.
    Posted by Maj Navdeep Singh; Click here
  • I tried the Suvigya Software for Officer pre- 2006 category. It did not work on IE8. I found it working on Mozilla Firefox latest version 12.0
  • You need to fill in all the service details as per PPO.
  • Don't forget to enter your Pension entitlement from your Original PPO (this field is missing in IE8 and hence the error).
  • The above screen shots will enable and assist you in filling all the fields in Mozilla Firefox.
  • The present DA is 65% add this to your full pension for your total pension credits. (In case commutation is in vogue that much needs to be subtracted).
  • Cross check and tally with your bank credits. Raise alarm with the bankers if it does not tally!
  • Wednesday, June 6, 2012

    With economy plummeting Planning Commission enhances its peeing ambiance

    New Delhi: The Planning Commission has issued a statement in an attempt to explain why it spent 35 lakh rupees on renovating two toilets in its office.
    Montek Singh Ahluwalia, the Deputy Chairman of the Commission, avoided questions on Wednesday morning about the controversy. The expenditure was revealed by a Right to Information application filed by activist Subhash Agarwal who points out, "Cost of installation of Door Access Control System is Rs. 5,19,426 for two toilets. Cost of renovation of two toilets where door access control system is installed is Rs. 30,00,305."
    Social activist Nikhil Dey links that controversial statement to the swanky toilet plan. "There is almost everything that is wrong with what was done and with the justification for it. The Planning Commission represents planning for whom, the poor of the country. And there has been a dispute with their figures because there has been a perception with everyone that within the planning commission they have one standard for the poor and another for the rich. They were placing smart cards for entry into those toilets. That privatizes, reduces the number of those who can use's a huge amount of money and it's that same planning commission that not only decides what the poverty line is but also decides on how much money can be spent on a toilet across the country," he says.
    Apart from the poverty line estimates issue, Mr Ahluwalia was also criticized recently after a newspaper reported, based on an RTI reply, that Rs. 2.02 lakh a day was spent by him on foreign travel between May and October, 2011. Another report said that he undertook 42 official trips (between June 2004-January 2011) of 274 days at a cost of Rs. 2.34 crore.
    Planning Commission renovates its Rest Rooms for Rs 35 lakhs
    Comment: What an irony? An American Bill Gates trying to build cheap toilets for Indian masses and sample Planning Commission's wasteful expenditure of Rs 35 lakhs on one single toilet...
    Reinventing a toilet that has an operational cost of $0.05 per user, per day, that does not rely on water to flush waste and does not discharge pollutants is Bill Gates' latest mission. "One of my ultimate dreams now is to reinvent the toilet - find a cheaper alternative to the flush toilet that does not require running water, has smell characteristics better than the flush toilet and is cheap."
    Reinventing the toilet is Bill Gates's new mission: click here

    Can we fix corruption in defence deals?

    How we can fix corruption in defence deals by By: G R Gopinath
    (The author is founder of Air Deccan) Extracts...
    Apr 23, 2012, 06.18AM IST

    Let's salute General VK Singh for telling the bitter truth: the Indian Army is alarmingly ill-equipped. That the cause of inordinate delay has been due to vested interests: from ignorant or rapacious politicians to bureaucrats, and retired Generals to arms dealers, conniving to divide the spoils from the kickbacks of the deal is not in doubt.
    Competing bidders scuttle the deal when they discover they are likely to lose it. An arms dealer is like any salesman. He doesn't care which weapon you buy as long as he pockets his commission. But as the General said, it is a different matter if those awarding the contract compromise with the middlemen and recommend substandard equipment, then he has committed 'high treason'.
    Similarly, defence officers posted within the procurement directorate of the three forces must have knowledge and minimum qualifications with a tenure of at least five years. And internally, the organisation must be restructured, and rules framed to ensure that technical evaluation and shortlisting is completed in time.
    It is well known that while 'something is rotten' in the defence ministry, all is not well within the three forces either. The arms dealers worm their way through retired Generals to senior officers who are in charge of technical evaluation and user trials, to get better rating for their own arms and fudge those of their competitors. And they use all means: gifts, Swiss accounts and honey traps.
    All officials must be vetted by intelligence agencies and the best with impeachable integrity must be appointed and strict vigil kept on them at all times.
    Corruption in defence procurement should be treated as treason and Indian Penal Code should be suitably amended.
    We have many extremely capable, honest and eminent people who can be picked up to not only formulate a defence procurement policy and enact a robust framework to plug loopholes but also knowledgeable men to fill those posts for procurement on a revolving basis.
    May be a separate directorate for procurement is created with stringent qualifications and minimum tenure so that we don't have IAS officers, howsoever brilliant (and most are), who have spent all their life in Jharkhand or Uttar Pradesh in animal husbandry presiding over purchase of crucial high-technology weapon systems.
    Systemic changes can be brought about if there's a will and urgency.
    Political leadership need not necessarily have expertise in weapons or fighter jets to be able to lead the forces in deciding what armament to acquire, but we can ill-afford lame-duck ministers who are manipulated by an apathetic bureaucracy, who are indecisive and out of depth for the portfolio they hold. In times of crisis, we need political leaders who can galvanise the defence forces and lead from the front.
    And the buck stops with the Prime Minister. He can take inspiration and courage from his own life when his mentor P V Narasimha Rao brought him in, a rank outsider and novice to politics, to rescue the country from financial disaster. It may be a good idea to do the same in the defence ministry now, to clean up the Augean stables and lay down sound policies and strengthen the country's defence before it is too late.
    How we can fix corruption in defence deals by By: G R Gopinath
    Comment: Reforming the MOD is like straightening a curved dogs tail. Can we learn a lesson or two from US... US Defence Secretary unveils blueprint for Defence Reform... click here

    How will MOD Reward BEML Chief VRS Natarajan? Extended Tenure?

    Tatra probe: CBI team to visit Czech Republic
    Neeraj Chauhan, TNN Jun 5, 2012, 03.55AM IST

    NEW DELHI: Suspecting that Ravi Rishi may have received elaborate assistance from Army insiders over the past 25 years, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has sought all inspection records and related files on the all-terrain truck from the Directorate General of Quality Assurance (DGQA) since 1997. CBI has also summoned a former DGQA, Lt Gen Amarjit Singh, who had joined Rishi after his retirement.
    CBI sources said the agency would also summon some senior retired military officers who went on to work for Rishi after handling Tatra acquisition, while they were still in service.
    DGQA looks after quality assurance for arms, ammunitions, equipment and stores supplied to the Army. The agency has also asked DGQA if it received any complaints regarding spare-parts of Tatra trucks.
    Agency sources said they have summoned Lt Gen Amarjit Singh for questioning to know more about the DGQA inspection procedures that were followed for Tatra trucks during his tenure.
    CBI suspects that several officials from different units of the ministry of defence (MoD) and the Army, who had joined Rishi's company after retirement, could have played a vital role in ensuring that the Tatra acquisition went on smoothly for the past 25 years. The agency is likely to question two former MGOs (Master General of Ordnance) of the Army, who, too, had joined Rishi's Vectra group after their retirement.
    Sources said that a CBI team will soon visit Czech Republic for probe, including ascertaining why the Army was supplied with Tatra vehicles based on an older technology. The agency would also be sending a Letter Rogatory (LR) to Czech Republic seeking information.
    So far, CBI probe has revealed that despite stringent clause for indigenization and upgrade of technology in the original agreement signed with Czech based Tatra a.s, the indigenization by defence PSU BEML remained far behind the target levels.
    "The Czech Republic based company would be able to give us specifications of parts which were coming here. Also, it would give us a clear picture on Venus Projects, one of the companies run by Ravi Rishi and involved in the Tatra deal, and prices quoted and taken for the parts," added the CBI source.
    In another development, which may land BEML chief V R S Natarajan in trouble, the agency probe has established that India had enough technical knowhow in 2002-03 for manufacturing most parts of Tatra trucks, a claim contradicted by Natarajan during his interrogation.
    Sources said that 100% indigenization of Tatra trucks had not happened till 2002, when Natarajan signed a fresh contract despite the previous contract of 1997 being valid till 2006-07. "He (Natarajan) has been claiming that we did not have technical expertise, but our records show that we had enough technical expertise in manufacturing the parts, which were mostly being imported," a source said.
    Sources said trucks, which are now assembled by BEML and supplied to the Army, have not performed well in high altitude. Though the Army flagged its poor performance on several occasions, the PSU didn't go for technology upgrade.
    Tatra probe: CBI team to visit Czech Republic
    Comment: Will CBI find anything in the Czech Republic? Could this be a delaying tactic (a witch hunt) employed by Ravi Rishi, MOD, MHA and VRS Natarajan? This scam is taking the same BOFORS gun route... though all its tracks have been obliterated by the CBI. The Gun was Swedish the Truck now is of Czech but the laundered money goes to same similar secret accounts in tax havens. Beneficiaries will never come to surface- the hidden Indian Scamsters will remain incognito forever- forget Indian rope trick this is for real a trick which will beat any world record for invisibility. Truly the Military Milked Doubly!

    Gen VK Singh takes a beating

    Indian Media Watch.... Crooks and Liars in the Indian media are the greatest danger to our democracy. Bias, outright lies, paid news, plagiarism and political leanings characterize much of our media.
    Poll - India's Worst Journalists - 2012
    Arnab Goswami 302 (32%)
    Ashutosh (IBN7) 181 (19%)
    Barkha Dutt 705 (75%)
    Karan Thapar 350 (37%)
    Kumar Ketkar 268 (28%)
    Nidhi Razdan 247 (26%)
    Nikhil Wagle 237 (25%)
    Rahul Kanwal 163 (17%)
    Rajdeep Sardesai 436 (46%)
    Sagarika Ghose 540 (57%)
    Shekhar Gupta 419 (44%)
    Shiv Aroor 142 (15%)
    Sonia Singh 195 (20%)
    Vinod Sharma 414 (44%)
    Vir Sanghvi 333 (35%)

    Massager or messenger?
  • Karan Thapar (2010 #4): Readers must remember that every journo looks tall in the studio but not in actual life. KT is not blessed with stature and the same goes for his journalism. One can say he has improved a bit but still retains the unwanted scowl and growl when interviewing people. Madhu Trehan in her NewsLaundry interview showed up KT for the little puppy he was. Like the ones who just need a hug and a cuddle once in a while. And if you thought you knew nothing about KT, never mind. All you have to do is hear his signature line on his promo for his show on CNN-IBN: “I don’t want to go into the facts, the facts are disputed”. LOL! Facts are disputed? You have to undo a lot of learning to understand that facts aren’t facts and can be disputed. The worst job KT did in 2011 was massaging Kapil Sibal’s brazen attempt at pre-screening content on the internet. As if that wasn’t enough he pulled out Brajesh Mishra, former NSA, out of nowhere to call serving army chief, Gen. VKSingh, the worst ever chief of army in history. My prediction: As long as he is in the business, KT will be on this list.
    Wheres the smirk? Congress spokesman- Seperated by Birth
  • Vinod Sharma (New entry): For those who don’t know, Vinod Sharma is the political editor of Hindustan Times. That’s right, ‘Political’ is the key word – less of an editor and more of a politician. It’s not very hard to recognise VS on a friendly channel. He has made the ‘smirk’ more popular than child-molester DGP Rathore on television. Sharma has also been acknowledged by many political spokespersons and viewers as the most loyal spokesperson of the Congress party. No matter what the scam or what the scandal you can expect him to staunchly defend even the worst misdeeds of the Congress by blaming it on the opposition or anyone else he can lay his hands on. The one chance to get him off TV for longer periods was a Rajya Sabha ticket, when Shobana Bhartiya, his boss at HT exited, but that unfortunately didn’t happen. So we’re going to be stuck with VS for quite a while. His best moment in recent times was during the debate over Gen. VK Singh and the Tatra trucks scam. He was angry that the debate was going one way (in favour of Gen. Singh) so had to somehow twist it against the tide. In his business time VS writes a blog titled ‘Separated at birth’. I guess that refers to some Pakistani connection or maybe his journalistic independence was separated at birth. Someday we’ll find out.
    He's no Egghead
  • Shekhar Gupta (2010 #10): When he appeared on the last list, a fan of Gupta wrote in stating he will email my post to SG for his response. I was wondering whether that fan objected to SG being at #10 and wanted him to be lower on the list. I guess that fan’s prayers are answered. SG has sunk further in the rankings and his Indian Express is almost on doles from the govt. His senseless programme ‘Walk the talk’ , the equivalent of ‘Koffee with Karan’ or ‘On the couch with Koel’, continues on NDTV but what sunk SG the most is his misadventure with an article on Army troop movements. In his quest to please SG’s UPA, this SG splashed a headline in IE that nearly implied the army, led by Gen.VK Singh, may have dreamt of a coup. Worse, there have been reports that the troop movement story was stale and SG’s version was actually a plant by a union minister. SG laid an egg alright but ended up with more on his face. He will forever be credited with reducing a fiercely independent newspaper like IE to a mouthpiece of a political party. His permanent place on this list is forever assured.
    Nidhi captures the Larger Picture- Left Right and Centre- Marching Up
  • Nidhi Razdan, NDTV (New entry): She has come to prominence more for many reasons other than journalistic skills. ‘Left, right, centre’ is her signature programme and happens to be one of those mindless debates on every topic under the sun. She is proof that you can be an expert on everything with specialisation in nothing. The best part of Nidhi? Now, don’t get me wrong, she likes everything large. Whenever confounded by a brilliant argument or point by a panellist she quickly jumps to her favourite line “let’s look at the LARGER picture”. One would have thought that debates are meant to look at the finer small details. No, not with Nidhi, the larger picture is a convenient exit. Training from NDTV helps. My prediction for this debutant is that she is likely to go higher up in the list in the future. (She lined up with arms lobbyists doing "Panel Discussion on Gen VK Singh's tenure".)
    So there you are. Let’s also not forget that are many journalists who now increasingly seem to be anti-nationals. Their ties to Ghulam Nabi Fai aren’t even being investigated by the govt. Industry leaders usually raise the standards of performance of the industry as a whole. The opposite seems to be true in the media. Systematically, many of India’s journalists have brought the profession to rock bottom over the years. I continue to maintain, they are the greatest threat to our democracy.
    Click here to read hilarious resume of more Journalists
  • Monday, June 4, 2012

    Anti corruption movements are for country's honour

    Anna, Ramdev's movements are for country's honour: Gen VK Singh The writer has posted comments on this articleAshish TripathiAshish Tripathi, TNN | Jun 4, 2012
    LUCKNOW: Citing corruption as the biggest problem of the country, former army chief general VK Singh has said that there is nothing wrong in the movement launched by social activist Anna Hazare and Yoga guru Baba Ramdev. He also said that the issues of corruption and black money raised by Anna and Baba are related to the development and honour of the country. Corruption hits the common man the most and should be tackled in an appropriate manner, he said.
    According to reports appearing in a section of local media in Uttar Pradesh, General Singh said he thought the government should find a way to tackle corruption and black money issues. The general, who is known for fighting against corruption in the armed forces, however, said that he has no plans to join politics. He was also non-committal on joining the Anna movement. Tema Anna had invited General Singh, who retired on May 31 to join the Lokpal movement.
    The general had come to Vrindavan on Sunday to offer prayers at the Banke Bihari Temple. Later, he was felicitated by a local institution and after the ceremony, he spoke to media-persons.
    On the question of joining politics, General Singh said that he has no immediate plan to join politics. He also said that it will not be in the interests of the country's security to talk about `army issues' in public. He said that the army should be kept out of politics. He said that army is the most dependable and reliable agency in the country and can deliver in most adverse circumstances. He also refused to comment on his age row.
    General Singh has been one of the most vocal Army chiefs the country has witnessed since Independence. In one of his interviews, he disclosed he was offered a bribe for a defence deal. He had also said openly that a few retired army officers and insiders were hobnobbing with a section of media to defame him.
    Anna, Ramdev's movements are for country's honour: Gen VK Singh
    Readers Comments
    Krishna (Pune)
    33 mins ago Well said Mr. Gen. This should boost the people of our country. More and more powerful people should come out and surely insecure people will follow. The congress is not worried about the growth, inflation or corruption. Ms. Gandhi is aiming for the next election. Elected leaders spend 3 yrs for making money for the next election and 2 yrs start working for the election and bribing the peoples and their local leaders. Let's follow Team Anna. Start the local group in the villages to support Anna and support yourself. Jai Hind !!
    akurpin (Slg)
    Spot On general Singh. Fight against Corruption is fight for honour for our country. honour is greatly tarnished by these corrupt ministers who have looted our country fr their own gains and now are opposing lokpal bill tooth and nail.
    Bharat Lal (Delhi)
    40 mins ago Gen VK Singh is our hero and very brave and couragious and selfless person. He was a social activist, even when in Army. It is obvious that our politicians will never like him, as no traitor likes a loyal and patriotic person. Long Live Gen Singh. Whole of Infdia is with you, in all good causes for the country. In fact You deserve to be our President, a most honoured person.

    Looking back on the genesis of Adarsh Scam

    A look at the Adarsh Land Scam and the Army’s involvement
    Tuesday, November 30, 2010, 22:09

    Archit Bhatnagar, II Semester student of Nalsar, gets you this write-up. Archit was the 14th ranker in last year’s CLAT so his word carries some weight around here. Thank him and pester him for more. Happy Reading!
    Adarsh Housing society soaring over Mumbai’s skyline was conceived and planned as a six storey housing society in South Mumbai’s upscale Colaba area set up with the aim of “accommodating and rewarding the heroes of the Kargil operation and those who had laid down their lives for the protection of the motherland,”. The building was constructed on a 4- acre plot at a place where there used to be Khukri Park, inaugurated by Field Marshal Cariappa which was defence land.
    ‘Adarsh’ Group Housing Society is 31-storey high building built on a controversial piece of defence land as it violates many laws, is without clearances and NOCs (No Objection Certificates) occupied by corrupt politicians, bureaucrats and former top brass of the Army and Navy. If you look at the initial list of society members of the Adarsh Co-operative Housing Society, it comprised 40 members and included mostly defence personnel. At the moment the list stands at 103, out of which only 37 members belong to the army and just three members have anything to do with the Kargil war. Among the hall of shame whose kin are proxies for the ownership of the flats here are Ashok Chavan , Vilasrao Deshmkh and Sushilkumar Shinde and Narayan Rane all of whom have been the chief minister of Maharashtra and been at some stage the sanctioning authority for the project. Other ilLUSTrious owners include former army chiefs Gen. N.C Vij (during whose term the ‘Adarsh’ Society started the construction) and Gen. Deepak Kapoor both of whom ensured that there would be no objections from the army to the building despite it being a very sensitive location.
    Was the actually ‘Adarsh’ building society built for a noble cause? (Well it continues to puzzle me – how was a soldier supposed to purchase a flat costing Rs 60 lakh whose yearly income was ` Rs 96,000. Or was the ‘kargil war heroes’ appeal intended just to obtain the necessary clearances and concession for a piece of land that otherwise would never have been sanctioned?
    How did ‘Adarsh’ obtain the highly sensitive and highly priced land? The aforementioned land being defence land, Maharashtra Government Revenue Department issued an order in 2003, which stated that the government has decided to hand over this land occupied by the army to the housing society at a fixed government rate (even though it was not mentioned anywhere that the land was being transferred to the ‘Adarsh’). And well who was the revenue minister when the Adarsh Files were being processed and the land was allotted? And who was also the chief minister when the project got its final clearance by the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA)? Any guesses? ASHOK CHAVAN – the very same man who (on the recommendation of a committee comprising Pranab Mukherjee and Defence Minister A.K. Antony) was forced to resign from his comfortable chief minister’s seat after unsuccessfully trying his best to deny his involvement.
    Does it have all the clearances and NOC’s required? And how did it get the clearances that it did? Time and again there were requests made to the Army to withdraw the initial NOC given by the Defence Estates Officer to the Mumbai Collector for Developing Adarsh Housing Society, but the colluding army top brass ensured that the voices were subdued. Recent probes have revealed that the building never procured any clearances under the Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) of the environment ministry. In fact, CRZ clearances were not even obtained for the original proposed six-storeys. Also, it has been found that Adarsh Society flouted the fire safety norms including the presence of refuge area, which is a non-negotiable for high-rises. The Navy claims that Adarsh never obtained any clearance or NOC from it. Anybody who threatened to scuttle the project was allotted one of these priceless apartments. Media disclosures have shown that virtually every bureaucrat involved in the clearances got flats in the name of their kin. As the club of privileged flat owners of the Housing Society expanded, so did the size of the building and the list of big wigs involved. That accounts for how a modest six storey project became a mega condominium 31 stories high.
    Why did the two preceding army chiefs maintain stoic silence on the sensitive nature of the Adarsh housing society which was built on the most important naval base in the western region of the country when the current army (Gen. V.K. Singh) and navy chiefs (Admiral Nirmal Verma) have clearly termed it as a ‘Security threat’? Very simple: “A flat for a nod!” How else did army officers whose monthly income even after the 6th Central Pay Commission did not exceed 90,000 manage to purchase flats worth 8-10 crores? When Gen. Deepak Kapoor applied for the Adarsh flat in 2005, the membership rules were clear: an applicant should have lived in Mumbai for 15 years. To get this waived, he wrote to then CM Vilasrao Deshmukh, who obliged him with a domicile certificate. His salary slip submitted with the application showed an income of only Rs. 23,450 per month while his actual income even according to the 5th pay commission exceeded ` 50,000!!
    Shockingly, some of the persons involved claim that the entire episode is a frame up to tar the state’s political leadership. If promoters of Adarsh are to be believed, the scam is a creation of the media and there is nothing illegal about the building. In other words, they are daring the system to pin them down and prosecute them.
    This speaks of a systemic breakdown. No system can endure when the custodians of institutional propriety themselves become the perpetrators of improprieties. The Indian armed forces today are tainted by the same malaise that has become so apparent in civil life.
    A complicated enquiry is being conducted. The Ministry of Environment has served a show cause notice to Adarsh Housing society. If Adarsh fails to file a reply by the 3rd December, the process of demolition is likely to begin. The Central Government ordered an investigation by the CBI. The CBI is likely to question the ex-Chief Minister of Maharashtra Ashok Chavan in connection with Mumbai’s Adarsh Society scam next month.
    One positive aspect of the Adarsh scam is the stand taken by the current Army chief, General V. K. Singh, who is clearly furious at the involvement of his predecessors. “I am extremely sad and as an institution we have taken a beating,” he admitted on national television. He is on record as having pledged to punish everybody involved no matter how high a position someone might have held.
    General Singh has also ordered a probe into the status of all the land that the army holds. This promises to be a huge undertaking, the military being one of the country’s largest land owners with about 17.3 lakh acres under its control. Of this, the Army has the biggest share amounting to about 13.4 lakh acres. In the case of the Adarsh scam, wrongdoing will be investigated by the Army and those found transgressing legal limits will be punished.
    Adarsh Land Scam and the Army’s involvement Comment: The Adarsh Scamsters are happy that Gen VK Singh has retired. Will the law take its course or will CBI and MHA scuttle the issue? Veterans need to keep a close watch on the next move of the scamsters.

    Curbs on military canteen booze flow

    Curbs on military canteen booze flow
    Rajat Pandit, TNN Mar 21, 2012, 01.50AM IST

    The move comes in the backdrop of CAG reports and parliamentary committees criticizing the widespread irregularities in the working of the 35 CSD ( canteen stores department) depots, which have a retail network of 3,600 URCs (unit-run canteens) and a turnover of over Rs 8,500 crore.
    The new measures include restricting the number of Scotch bottles an officer can draw to 50% of his monthly liquor quota. Major-generals and lieutenant generals will get only seven to eight Scotch bottles in their existing monthly quota of 14-16 bottles.
    Similarly, colonels and below will get five to six Scotch bottles in their 10-12 bottle quota. Field Marshals and equivalents and serving and retired Service chiefs, of course, can draw all the liquor they want since they have "no limit".
    More importantly, there is a move to "limit" the liquor quota under the "bronze cards" that are used by URCs and others for bulk purchases. "This is the main source of misuse. If the ceiling limit in a bronze card was earlier 10,000 bottles a month, it will be brought down to 1,000," said the source.
    Several cases of widespread diversion of the much-cheaper military quota liquor secretly reaching the open market have come to the fore, leading to the court-martial of several senior officers, including a major-general, in recent years.
    A performance audit of CSD by CAG had also found that several units were drawing liquor far in excess of what was authorized based on the number of soldiers and ex-servicemen connected with those units.
    There is also the move to restrict the sale of cars through CSD, which are about 10%-15% cheaper than market prices. "I recently bought a Honda City through CSD since it cost Rs 1.25 lakh less," said an officer.
    If earlier an officer could buy a car through CSD every two years, the new policy restricts it to once in five years. Similarly, JCOs (junior commissioned officers) will be able to buy a car once every 10 years that earlier could be done every five years.
    Curbs on military canteen booze flow
    Unit Run Canteens management will ensure attractive items are sold only toauthorised personnel as on required basis on not in excess quantity. Strict watch bemaintained where there is large difference in CSD and market rates such as suitcases,watches, pressure cookers, fans and other attractive toiletry and cosmetic items. Profile of customers be strictly watched for spending beyond means.
    Monetary limit for all ranks- Purchase of CSD items
    Comment: This is a welcome measure. There is gross misuse of CSD facility and the items find its way into the civilian market. Liquor is being openly sold in metro cities. Culprits make around Rs 5000/- (families too get involved in the racket) and more a month profit on one individual canteen card. Liquor is traded and bartared for services. Officers serving and retired must set an example. "Just buy quantum of liquor/ grocery one consumes" only must be the mantra. All Officers who draw their full quota in one go need to be monitored as it is certain that they are selling or bartaring the liquor. Once Officers set an example than JCO's and Jawans will follow the good example. Military personnel and families who have multiple canteen cards and posted in the same station are more prone to misuse the facility. Chennai and Punjab leads in misuse of canteen facilities. Ingenious methods have been evolved to cheat the system. Items are openly traded in civilian shops... and liquor more clandestinely and surreptiously smuggled. In the digital era software can be designed to give the correct picture of those who misuse canteen facility and warnings issued to the offenders electronically with the usage of smart card. This automation will deter offenders from malpractise (no email id no smart card- initially this can be done for Officers and then extended to JCOs and Jawans)). It is important to embed email of all users in the smart card. Once this is done be rest assured that the misuse will reduce tenfold and will vanish in year or so.

    Sunday, June 3, 2012

    Anna Hazare motivates the citizens towards a civilized nation

    I will fight till the end: Highlights of Anna Hazare's speech
    NDTV Correspondent | Updated: June 03, 2012 16:59 IST

    New Delhi: Gandhian activist Anna Hazare and Yoga guru Baba Ramdev are holding a day-long fast in Delhi today as a mark of their protest against corruption and black money. Here are the highlights of what Anna Hazare said:
    •The whole country is my family. We will fight the goondas in India.
    •I do not ask anyone to emulate me.
    •Sacrifices have to be made to achieve a great goal.
    •I do not even know the names of my brother's children.
    •We are talking of changing the country; that is not impossible.
    •I will fight till the end (against corruption).
    •Be part of a larger family, give a few hours to social service.
    •Words will not suffice, Words have to match deeds.
    •Development based on exploitation is not correct.
    •If there are eight candidates and all of them are goondas, then voters should have the right to say we do not like any of them.
    I will fight till the end: Highlights of Anna Hazare's speech

    Powerful Arms Lobby Target Veterans especially those who have served in Int Agencies

    Jeet- The Cloak And Dagger Operative
    If one was in position to select, shortlist or influence the decision making process in equipment acquisition, tempting offers, of diverse kind, if not actual bribes were always there: sometimes direct at others subtle. Sadly tempting offers made3 by friends who are in employ of the interested parties. More amazingly by the colleagues and surprisingly, at times, by the same superiors whilst in service.
    Even after retirement, my phone continued ringing incessantly, with juicy offers, from different individuals offering handsome salary (maximum permissible those days), house with a car at disposal. With me trying not to be rude, evasive in response, the callers, becoming desperate and more persistent by the day, with remarks such as ‘Your value is diminishing every day.’ Lodge an FIR! Easier said than done, one does not jump in the unknown just like that, what proof could be produced to support some fleeting remark, interspersed in a casual conversations, that transpired, in the office, on the staircase, in the car park or even during dinner at a friends place.
    When even assertions made by the Chief of Army Staff can challenged and contested by the so called perpetrator, what chance a mere Brigadier would have stood and to what purpose. These things happen and will continue to do so. How to tackle the situation depends on the individuals: discipline inculcated during training and service, strength of character and moral courage, the value system inherited from the family background and more importantly the support from your wife.
    With me under threats along with the offers, she would be looking back at the rear-view mirror, when were out driving, if some suspicious looking car was following us., no doubt quite thrilled in the process by becoming part of the Cloak and Dagger thrills and challenges.
    Brig Lakshman Singh

    OROP twists, turns and twirls

    Inderjit Singh letter dated Jun 2, 2012 (1 day ago) to Satbir SM- IESM

    Dear Gen Satbir Sir,
    To begin with I must apologize for not responding to your fascinating mail educating me about the definition of OROP You know it is not even funny you guiding the author of OROP about what he has been fighting for for the last 30 years. Even if late i will try to salvage the OROP from the damage you people have done to the very cause of the VETERANS and OROP by your great deeds you have indulged in for achieving your political ambitions. Any way I must congratulate you for achieving great successes towards your political ambitions. You managed to get Congress defeated in Punjab and elected in Utrakhand. If OROP goes to Hell who cares. Now I must tell you it is not me who is messing up the matter, on the contrary it is your team of worldly wise friends who messed up the matter three years ago, by meddling into OROP without being able to comprehend what it actually is and continue to do so even now.
    Definition of OROP
    I am glad that you have repeated the definition of OROP. The OROP means same pension for same rank for same length of service irrespective of date of retirement. This also covers the perpetuity aspect which means that any future increases in pension are automatically passed on to the past pensioners, a matter that you have been misinterpreting as annual increments in Pensions.This is what my definition also says with add ons to ensure that the bureaucrats are not in a position to have our submissions rejected summarily on account of the bloated figures of expenditure involved on account of these issues. These add ons have evolved over a period of time to respond to every new invention of the bureaucrats in their attempts to have our submissions rejected.
    This however does not cover your desperate desire to get us annual increments on pensions as per the annual increments of salary given to the serving soldier of the same rank, Nor does it cover increase in pension of a Maj Gen or for that matter any rank even if the present is getting less than an individual of lower rank.
    It means that first we achieve the objective of same rank same pension irrespective of date of retirement and irrespective of what he is getting. Whether it is less than lower rank or more is not the concern yet. Once OROP is achieved then we see whether what we got is right or it needs a change for the better. Not before that.
    As you well understand, I hope, that the pensions are dependent upon the salary and unless the salaries are increased the pensions can not be increased. Getting the salaries increased does not fall within the domain of Veterans, whosoever it may be and whatever rank he may have held. This is the prerogative of the Chiefs to take it up and not that of the Veterans. You people have assumed unto yourself the duties of a serving Chief under the pretext of OROP. Please leave something for them to do also.
    The first thing you have gone wrong is that you have exceeded your brief as a Veteran. Please do course correction expeditiously and before you do any more damage. Talk only about same rank same pension and not increase in the pension of a major general because it effects you personally. I do however appreciate your hurt feelings for getting less pension than a Brigadier. I assure you that we have got tis point on our agenda and will work to sort your problem out too, but after we have got you all OROP. OK? My humble request please do not confuse the matter for now.
    Click here for the complete article Lt Col (Retd) Inderjit Singh
    All India Ex-services Welfare Association

    Adarsh scamster confident of clean chit from CBI and court

    Confident of coming out clean in Adarsh scam probe: Sushilkumar Shinde
    Published: Saturday, Jun 2, 2012, 21:46 IST
    Place: Solapur | Agency: PTI

    Union Power Minister and former Maharashtra Chief Minister Sushilkumar Shinde on Saturday expressed confidence that he would come out clean in the ongoing investigations into the Adarsh Housing Society scam.
    He was questioned by the CBI last year in connection with the approval given to the scam-tainted multi-storeyed housing complex in Mumbai.
    Both Shinde and Vilasrao Deshmukh, another former Chief Ministers, dealt with files and passed proposals pertaining to the 31-storeyed building in a posh south Mumbai locality, which was granted permission after allegedly flouting rules and regulations.
    Talking to reporters here in Western Maharashtra, Shinde said he had done no wrong whatsoever. "I had only performed my duty as the Chief Minister of Maharashtra (in 2003-04) while sanctioning the permission for Adarsh building. That was a routine work," he said.
    The CBI has registered a case against 14 persons, including former Chief Minister Ashok Chavan, who had to resign when the scandal broke out in 2010, some retired Army officers and Government officials on charges of criminal conspiracy, fraud and misuse of official power.
    "I am clean and clear in my mind. There is no mental tension," the Congress leader said when asked about being summoned to appear before a judicial panel, which is also looking into the scam, later this month.
    Confident of coming out clean in Adarsh scam probe: Sushilkumar Shinde
    Military Officers are 100% more cleaner than Politicians. It means all scamsters will be declared clean by the CBI and the Court. Indian Laws are mind boggling as all powerful lawyers who make laws are tainted. We need the intervention of the Almighty to steer us on the right course.

    Have we reached the bottom? Inflation is hurting the salaried class especially the Veterans

    We have reached the bottom: C Rangarajan
    Interview with Chairman, Prime Minister's Economic Advisory Council
    Karan Thapar / Jun 03, 2012, 00:55 IST

    In an interview with Karan Thapar on CNN-IBN’s Devil’s Advocate show, Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Council Chairman C Rangarajan admits that the Budget target of 7.6 per cent GDP growth looks too ambitious at present, but does not rule out seven per cent. Edited excerpts: How serious is the economic situation facing the country?
    The economy has slowed down. The growth rate for last year is now estimated to be about 6.5 per cent. This is a steep climb-down from the nine per cent growth rate in the last three years and also from the earlier estimate of 6.9 per cent. Therefore, there is a certain amount of concern, as it is accompanied by high inflation, high level of fiscal deficit and current account deficit. At the same time, we must recognise that the world economic situation is passing through a difficult time; and, even with 6.5 per cent growth rate, India will be the second-fastest-growing economy in the world.
    If you look at the core sector growth of just 2.2 per cent in April, it is about half of what it was in the same month last year. It would seem that the economy is not bottoming out. Things could get worse...
    The core sector growth is never a good indicator of how the industrial growth would behave. In my view, we have reached the bottom. I believe the growth rate for this financial year will be higher than the growth rate for last year.
    Suppose, on June 17, the Greeks vote the wrong way, revoking the bailout and exacerbating the Euro zone crisis... suppose, in July and August, El Nino has an adverse affect on the monsoon — both of these are possibilities. In such circumstances, would you accept that growth in the financial year ending March 2013 could fall below 6.5 per cent?
    Let’s first talk about what would happen in normal circumstances, and then about what would happen if things go wrong. I would say, in normal circumstances — with the monsoon being normal and the European situation not getting worse — we should see a growth rate of 6.5-7 per cent.
    You say the current financial year will be better than the previous one. But the finance minister has, in his Budget, set a target of 7.6 per cent growth. No one believes that scenario is likely, or even possible. Do you accept 7.6 per cent is going to be very high? At the moment, 7.6 per cent looks too ambitious. But, certainly, I will not rule out seven per cent.
    Doesn't the likelihood of Budget target for GDP growth being missed also raise serious questions over your fiscal deficit target of 5.1 per cent?
    The point is, fiscal deficit is calculated on the basis of what we all call nominal income… that is the real growth plus inflation. The overall nominal growth rate they have assumed is 13-14 per cent. I don't think that will go wrong very much.
    You will be saved by inflation, won't you?
    To some extent, yes. The order of inflation could be 6-7 per cent; therefore, you could. But yes, as we go along, if the growth rate of 7.6 per cent does not appear to be feasible, it requires even greater action on the part of the government to ensure the fiscal deficit remains at the Budgetary level.
    What this suggests is that two critical aspects of the Budget - the growth target and the fiscal deficit target - now look questionable. And, it's not even two months since the Budget was announced...
    I think fiscal deficit is a policy decision. I don't think fiscal deficit is something that can be left to the natural forces. Fiscal deficit is a variable and should be managed. As far as the government is concerned, the achievement of the fiscal deficit mentioned in the Budget was difficult even earlier. Therefore, I would urge, if we are not getting the kind of nominal growth rate we originally assumed in the Budget, let us take more action and get the fiscal deficit down.
    The sliding rupee is a sure indicator that inflows into the country are falling. That, in turn, is an indication that people are losing confidence in the Indian economy. Would you accept that? Well, the depreciation of the rupee is due to the mismatch between the current account deficit and the capital inflows. Our current account deficit continues to remain high. This did not cause any problem in the previous years because the capital flows were adequate to cover the current account deficit; that is, the financing of the current account deficit was not a problem, even though the current account deficit was showing signs of rising in last few years.
    Would you accept that inflation has become the Achilles' heel of this government? Inflation is a phenomenon that affects a large section of the country. So, a high level of inflation is not conducive to economic growth and prosperity of the country.
    Has the government failed to tackle it? Earlier, as governor of the Reserve Bank of India, I had taken a very strong position on that and I have always regarded that the primary objective of the central bank is to tame inflation. In the last two years, we have been confronted with a situation in which the strong action to contain inflation was also viewed by some as coming in the way of faster economic growth. The first year of inflation was really food inflation. That is a totally different kind. Come the second year, the food inflation got generalised. In addition to that, there was some food inflation because of the rise in the price of vegetables. Now, any strong action on the monetary authority was viewed by some people as coming in the way of faster economic growth.
    Let me come back to the question with which we opened this interview. Given the series of problems we have with growth, with fiscal deficit, with sliding rupee, with intractable inflation, are you sure this isn't a crisis, even a small one?
    No, I think the crisis is slightly different in some ways. If you look at 1991, even though we faced acute problem of balance of payment and the exchange rate of the rupee was also depreciating, we had no reserves. We have a different situation now. We are now in a situation in which the economy has grown at a fairly rapid rate in the previous four or five years. We have adequate reserves, but that is only a comfort.
    In which case, if the word crisis is wrong, would you accept 'serious problem' as more accurate? Yes, I think we face a critical situation. But it is not something that we cannot overcome. I think with the kind of policies we want to pursue, it should be possible to grow.
    With a large fiscal deficit that could be difficult to rein in, and a sharply falling growth, would you accept that the need of the hour is to increase diesel, LPG and kerosene prices? There is a need to raise the prices because the fiscal deficit can be contained only if we act on cutting subsidies and the most important element in subsidies is the petroleum subsidy. Therefore, I would say there is a need for action with respect to the prices of diesel and LPG. There are different ways of doing it. There are ways in which the low income groups are not affected. The methodology and modes of doing it will have to be thought through. But action is required.
    Would you say that now it is imperative that the finance minister lived up to his Budget promise of capping subsidies at two per cent?
    I think the finance minister has said it before and I am sure he believes in what he has said. Therefore, we need to move in the direction of cutting subsidies and maintaining those at a certain proportion of gross domestic product, because that is the only element in the total government expenditure that has some flexibility.
    Does the finance minister need to boost investor and entrepreneurial sentiment by pushing ahead with reforms?
    We need to push reforms. I would only say that the reform environment has not deteriorated since 2005-06.
    But it hasn't advanced either? Yes, so we need to push it further. But, certainly, if we had grown at nine per cent during earlier, we should be able to grow even now. Reform is a continuous process and, therefore, we need to take action in various fields, such as banking, insurance and pension, and get the consent of the people for these reforms.
    One of the things that is worrying investors is what is called the combination of the Vodafone amendment, the Supreme Court judgment in the 2G case and the government's proposed GAAR amendments and proposals...
    Well, the pressure we have seen on the rupee in recent times has been because of the inadequate capital flows to cover the current account deficit. There, we must encourage capital flows, and if the sentiment for that has to be created, we must do that. And, we should critically examine factors that might come in the way of the perception of investors and remove them. Some of the things that we are doing have been done by other countries too. But, perhaps they are not being viewed in the same way. So, there is some misconception there. But, certainly, we need to act to remove the impediments and encourage capital forces.
    Does this government have the courage to take tough decisions?
    I think the government has the courage. I mean, I think there are a number of problems that have come in the way of the government in taking economic decisions.
    But, it has the courage to do it?
    I think it has the willingness to do it.
    Click here for the original transcript
    How Veterans can beat the inflation?
  • Prepare For The Worst And Hope For The Best
    Stocking up on long term storage food isn't just for emergency survival. It's also your insurance against inflation and harder times. Its always a good idea to have at least a months worth of food on hand but I recommend 3 or more depending on your budget.
  • Why Prepare
    Take it from someone who as been through disasters, preparing is something everyone should be doing. Besides disasters, there is always the certainty of rising costs and real possibility of economic collapse. Preparing for these kinds of events is no different than buying insurance. We buy insurance to protect us from things we hope do not happen. Well this is no different except you get something for your money.
  • Be a realist – accept the inevitability of inflation.
    Let me reiterate: there is no going around inflation. It is the scheme of things, and even if you behave like an ostrich hiding its head in the sand, the world will continue to revolve as it does. There will be inflation, and you will feel it. The sooner that you accept this, the sooner you can take steps to deal with inflation.
  • Monitor inflation rates.
    That stark truth having been stated, there is no need to slump your shoulders and feel depressed. The good thing is that we have all the information we need at our fingertips. You can monitor inflation rates via various media. If you really want to beat inflation at its own game, you ought to keep close tabs on the rate of inflation. With this information on hand, you will be able to adjust your strategy accordingly.
  • Tips
    1. Go Green, reduce use of electricity, gas and petrol. Travel less. Recycle.
    2. Use induction cooking devices. Replace incandescent bulbs with CFL or LED lighting.
    3. Change food habits to reduce the 100% rise in cost of vegetables, meat, fish and fruits.
    4. Buy from wholesale dealers in bulk like rice, dal...
    5. Budget expenses to within your mothly pension. Do not deplete your savings. Invest wisely if you wish to do so. Declining bank interests will heighten inflation.
    6. Do away with servants as veterans can manage without them. You can save substantially.
    7. Learn plumbing repairs and simple maintenance of household gadgets and avoid costly repairs.
    8. Tools are cheap get all the handyman stuff and get working in the house.
    9. Maintain your transport vehicle and avoid costly repairs. A bicycle is a must for the Veterans. Riding improves health and reduces travel expenses. Plan ahead and limit shopping to once a week.
    Advice to Officers who have made a windfall from weapons deals and Adarsh like scams.
  • Squander the laundered black money to beat the inflation.
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