Wednesday, October 29, 2008

SCPC: War of Wages

Today, the governance in this country has gone to the abyss of incompetence where the bureaucracy is just serving its interests. The Sixth Pay Commission is just another example of the blatant exhibition of greed by the IAS lobby. But their game plan has been exposed this time. Now they are using the media to divert the attention of the government and the general public by raising the issue of the protests by the armed forces.

The strength of any organisation is judged by the morale of its men. While bureaucracy has become one of the most corrupt services in the country and the cause of all bad governance, the armed forces have epitomised what a true nation- building organisation should be. Unable to repair itself, the bureaucracy is now trying its best to bring down the morale of the armed forces by attacking at the "perceived" foundations of the Forces. They have degraded the armed forces status over the last few decades.

This time, their bluff has been caught and it is out in the public domain as to how the IAS lobby misguided even the Cabinet and the Defence Minister. The logic that the job profile of Lt Cols has changed over a period of time is nothing short of hilarious. Today, the IAS and IPS are even resorting to manipulating the appointment nomenclatures, deputations, and even grossly interfering in the functioning of so- called autonomous and Quasi- autonomous organisations by occupying slots and postings in them.

The armed forces have presented their reservations in the most dignified way while carrying out their duties diligently. The fact that enough merit was found in their demands to establish a "Group of Ministers" by the Prime Minister speaks volumes of the evil designs of some groups to demoralise the armed forces.

Veterans' Voice

In case, the government doesn't wish to pay the armed forces' officers their legitimate dues, why doesn't it allow them to leave the service? Time and again, it has ignored the just demands of the Forces at the behest of the bureaucracy. So, let the bureaucrats defend the country. Let the nation also know that whereas the defence officers are tested for their IQ, positive bent of mind (psychology tests), leadership traits, group activities at the entry level, our bureaucrats are coached and tested only for their retention (mugging) power. Therefore, in what way are we inferior to them? The performance of ex- army officers who joined the civil services and carved a niche for themselves is there for all to see. Why should a Jawan make the supreme sacrifice when the nation, instead of giving him dignity, grudges his mere existence and takes pride in belittling him at every opportunity?

Col Krishan Yadava (Retd)

Armed forces are the last hope for our country in order to thwart the growing terror, and the political, religious and regional divide. Be it external threats or internal law and order problems, the armed forces have always done their task most dutifully. Is this the way the government should act through its bureaucracy to push down the services', feigning ignorance? Let the last hope not be extinguished by being pushed to the wall.

Air Commodore Raghubir Singh (Retd)

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