Friday, September 11, 2009

Restoration of Commutated Pension for PSU Officers demystified

Dear Brig Kamboj,
I am the President of a registered society, Wefare Association of Central Government Employees Absorbed in PSUs. Our members include both Armed Forces and Civilian employees who after a deputation period were absorbed in PSUs. After our absorption we have been treated as persona non grata in respect of our Government service

The letter dated 21st August, 2009 issued by the Department Of Ex-servicemen Welfare regarding restoration of pension of Armed Forces PSU absorbees is an exact replica of a similar letter issued on 15th September, 2008 regarding Civilian absorbees in PSUs as a result of which the Pension they were already drawing on 1/1/2006 was reduced. It was a cruel joke and the sole purpose was to nullify the benefits of a Supreme Court Judgment dated November 2006 against which Government filed a review petition which too dismissed in July 2007. The Department of Ex-servicemen welfare simply acted as a rubber stamp of the Department of Pensioners Welfare to extend the same injustice to us.

We have registered a strong protest to the Secretary Ex-servicemen Welfare of the Ministry of Defence against the above letter. To read the copy of protest letter dated 08 September, 2009, click here. The letter gives a step by step account of the injustice meted out to us since 1987. Since very few veterans know of our plight, I would request you to put that up on your web site for general information of all veterans and PSU Absorbees.

We have also mentioned that the following actions of the government although made applicable to Non- PSU Armed Forces Personnel also which are patently arbitrary, illegal and against the law of the land as per judgments of the Supreme Court:
  • Wrong notional fixation of pay of all Armed Forces pensioners wef 1/1/86 as up held by Hon'ble Supreme Court while dismissing Union of India SLP 14165 of 2005against the order of the Kerala High Court.
  • Not giving the benefit of full pension after a qualifying service of 20 years to Pre- 2006 Pensioners.
  • Discrimination between pre and post 2006 Disability pensioners in contravention to Hon’ble Supreme Court judgment dated 09.10.98 in the case of V Kasturi Vs MD, SBI in Civil Appeal No 5048 of 98. (1998(5) SCALE page 562) which ruled that the benefit of liberalised pension rules cannot denied to old pensioners based on the date of retirement.
    Thank you,
    Lt Col BR Malhotra (Retd)
    Protest letter to Secretary Ex Service Welfare Department
    Blog Link:
    Restoration of Commutation for PSU Employed Officers
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