Monday, May 10, 2010

Indian Military: Medicines purchased from unregistered sources

‘Tainted’ Brigadier asks for promotion
He is facing trial for procuring medicines worth Rs 9 cr illegally
Vijay Mohan
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 1
While the Army has convened a general court martial (GCM) to try the commandant of a military hospital on charges of corruption, the accused Brigadier in turn has moved the Armed Forces Tribunal challenging his trial and demanding that he be promoted to the rank of major general as approved by a selection board earlier.

Brig Anil Kayastha, who was head of the Military Hospital, Jalandhar, is facing six charges, including three involving moral turpitude. He is alleged to have purchased medical supplies worth more than Rs 9 crore from the unregistered dealers with intent to defraud during November 2006 and January 2008.

The trial, presided by Maj Gen T.K. Das, Chief Signal Officer, Western Command, commenced at Ferozepur on April 29. Brigadier Kayastha has submitted a plea before the GCM, challenging its jurisdiction on the grounds that no charges are made out against him and there is no due application of mind by the authorities concerned while deciding his case.

As per rules, medicines are to be procured through local purchase only from registered dealers selected by a board of officers. According to sources, when board proceedings containing names of 60 dealers was put up to him for approval, he allegedly asked the board’s head to include the names of 20 more dealers. He is also alleged to have cancelled, with intent to defraud, the rate inquiries prepared by the officer in charge of the hospital’s medical store to be issued to vendors for procurement.

In his petition before the Tribunal, he has claimed that he was screened for promotion in 2008-09 and had reasons to believe that he was approved for promotion to the rank of Major General. He was expecting formal orders to this effect in May 2009 but those junior to him were promoted in June 2009. He has contended that he was denied promotion due to pendency of disciplinary proceedings whereas there were no disciplinary proceedings against him at the time he was approved for promotion.

He has claimed that he was due to pick up his rank on May 1, 2009, while the tentative charge-sheet following the court of inquiry was issued only on June 23, 2009. He had taken up the matter of denial of promotion with the Director General Medical Services, but got no response.
Tainted Brigadier asks for promotion
Local Purchase Scam
Brigadier Under Scanner In Jalandhar Medicine ‘Scam’

Comment: Local Purchase of sub- standard products for the soldiers is a common phenomenon. Commission in the range of 10% to 20% as bribes exchange hands and travel up the ladder. The local purchase syndrome should be curbed as Junior Officers too get involved in commissions even on minor purchases- (A vendor in Chennai confirmed an Officer from the Army wanted 20% commission for purchase of dry fruits- the vendor wondered how such an officer is going to defend the Nation?) The disease is cancerous and soon bound to degrade Military Profession in general. Promotions of Officers are based on ACR's which are generally biased and skewed. How come corrupt and tainted officers are recommended for promotion? Is the MS branch also in the corruption loop one wonders!

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