Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bhopal Gas Tragedy: Chorus from Whispers in the Corridor

Aaj Ki Aawaz
  • Bhopal Gas victims’ records tampered. Now there is news that with Bhopal Gas victims’ medical records tampering was done! Really does stun! Medical records tampered and justice is delayed and denied….what does this shout?
  • Main accused is set free and has tea with the Nation’s President before flying out!
  • India is a Banana Republic! India does not stand up for the Indian Public!!
  • You can aid and abet genocide here and then not only get away but become a Minister! Isn’t all this very sinister?
  • An ex CJI watered down the charges against the UCC accused! And the next year he showed he was used! Because he was appointed as the Chairman for life of a UCC trust! CJI made justice go bust!
  • A fortnight before he retired he dismissed a review petition in just one line!Did he break the nib of his pen after order kiya uss ne sign?
  • The Hospital (BMHRC) the Trust runs is run in a ‘cavalier’ way! Chairman for Life has in everything a ‘say’!
  • Though this ex CJI says he took up the Chairmanship to do 'social work'! I'm sure you too would be saying 'what a jerk'?
  • They say Arjun Singh is pained by the allegations being made! Fact is only a ‘minion's’ role he played!
  • He got the orders from Delhi and he did as was ordered! Though on sheer ludicrousness this order bordered!
  • By the way in his rule as MP CM what did Diggy do for the victims of this tragedy? Fact is to alleviate pain and suffering he did not even have a strategy!
  • Congress Bhonpu Janaki Natrajan says 'we should move on'! Remorse in Congress ..... none!
  • And Congress is rubbing salt by pushing for the Nuke Civil Liability Bill!Hasn't it had it's fill?
  • BJP cannot point a finger at Congress! Because it too went along with 'Mission Suppress'!
  • BJP Government's in MP and Center did not try to bring those responsible to the book! To get the victims and their families justice or relief no steps BJP took!
  • Confucius says.... hamaam mein Congress and BJP are nangaa! Be it the Bhopal tragedy or the 1984 dangaa!!
  • Flash.... from his Hospital bed Pawar has been 'praising the Lord'! People forgot about his misdeeds as info into the public domain on Bhopal poured!
  • He's now off to USA and he hopes that by the time he returns! 'Some Bhopal continues or some other controversy in Indian Media burns'!
    Bharat Kumar
    Courtesy; Whispers in the Corridor: click here
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