Monday, July 26, 2010

IESL Objectives: WWII Veterans financially neglected

Ref: World War veterans to get financial aid by Vijay Mohan: Tribune News Service: click here

IESL Objectives
While we all should be very happy with the decision of AFT given above, and we hope that the Government of India does wake up to the injustice it is doing to the Indian Military Veterans, I wish to inform all Indian Military Veterans that Indian Ex Services League (IESL), besides its own huge annual earnings from property in prime areas and other sources every year- it gets crores of rupees every year from England to look after the veterans of World Wars. As per the existing brochure of IESL, its main activities are supposed to be as under:
1. Indian Ex-Services League assists Ex-Servicemen, widows and their children by disbursing financial help under following schemes:-
  • Distress Grant
  • Education Stipends
  • RCEL Grant (to II War Veterans)
  • RCEL Medical Grant (to II War Veterans)
    2. IESL is also extends financial help to Word War-II Veterans on behalf of Royal Commonwealth Ex-Services Leagues, London UK, (RCEL), (Ex British Commonwealth Ex Services League) and is also granting them medical grants.
    3. Financial Assistance is disbursed for the following: -
  • RCEL GRANT - Approximately Rs. 2 Crores are disbursed to World War II veterans and their widows.
  • ONE TIME GRANTS - For natural calamities/unforeseen situations to individuals and states.
    4. WWII Veterans may get in touch with IESL for financial assistance.
    The President of IESL is Brig RKS Gulia. His contact details are as under:
    Email ID - brigrksguliaatgmaildotcom
    The postal address of IESL is– 9, Nayaya Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi.
    For further information of ALL Indian Military Veterans the Aims of Objectives of IESL are:
  • To assist Ex-Servicemen and their dependents in matters relating to pensions, allowances, grants, war gratuities, resettlement and rehabilitation in close co-operation with the Government of India, Governments of States and other official and Non-Official Agencies and Organisations and render financial and other assistance to them in distressed circumstances.
  • To support the United Nations Organisation and all other agencies, which have the cause of world peace, based on justice, freedom, secularism and democracy and to support the country in the time of National Emergency in every possible way.
  • To educate people and build up a Public Opinion with a view that maintenance of disabled Ex-Servicemen and women and their welfare and that of their families is a National Duty.
  • To endeavour to obtain public support to get to the Ex-Servicemen and their ladies a fair treatment in all matters relating to finding or provisioning of employment.
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