Tuesday, August 31, 2010

IESM: Rally brings OROP to center stage

Dear Brig Kamboj,
Sending you pic album (worth seeing by every Veteran) of 22 Aug Rally. it is now 5 days since the Rally is over and the ripple effects are being seen and felt in the country on OROP.
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There are 3 types of Veterans today
  • Type I those who have volunturally become members of IESM since its inception + do take some interest in what is happening and then go to sleep.....why should i go to Jantar Mantar...?? Let the IESM Governing Body sweat it out....
  • Type II those who are wavering in their mind and body whether to become members now or later ...( by the time one is 80+ when wisdom will dawn)..they may not be able to sign a cheque since they would have forgotten where the cheque book is lying..
  • Type III the ones who want to know everything happening about OROP but would not shell a part of their mind or belongings (means Rs. 500.00) to become members... mostly belong to this category... seen all around us...

    What has given some jolt to everyone last week is The Times News debate and Marshall of the Air Arjun Singh also giving Thumbs Up to OROP and discussion in the Raja Sabha during zero hours where the RM says some thing other than what the Minister of State says.something else... all confusion in the govt camp... Is OROP coming of age?

    To cap it all the MP from Karnataka Mr Rajeev Chandrashekhar has shot a letter worth Gold to the PM and not accepting the increase in his salary till OROP is granted.

    No one (Veterans Type III) knows who is this MP and how dear is he to the IESM... it has not happened over night....the sweat of the IESM is probably not know to Type III veterans....IGNORANCE IS BLISS... and better they stay in their slumber... but for those who know some of the Veterans in the Album you can view like Col Papa Sekhri/ Col Kewal Malhotra and Maj Gen Praveen Janmeja giving blood on 22 Aug 2010 (incidentally Gen Janmeja had got his daughter and grand children with him to probably witness the once in life time scene enacted) it is some chemical coming out of the veins of these Veterans...? Capt P Davar knows that Veterans fight the war with chemicals since he left the field/ uniform after a short stint... how many years he served he only knows?

    Now coming to each and every picture of 22 Aug 2010... Look at the grit and honour written on every Veterans face... how come all are not Officers and still they have travelled from 100/200/300 odd KM from Punjab and Haryana... but what about the Officer cadre from NCR... Noida/ Delhi and Gurgaon... oh I forgot they are happy within their 4 walls... why waste a sunday morning at Jantar Mantar... well "All is Well" as per 3 Idiots movie... life moves on... let us see what next and the next Rally brings... OROP or no OROP... do we deserve it with thousand fence sitters... Type III Veterans?
    Regards to one and All and Malice to none,
    Cdr Sharan Ahuja (Retd)
    Member Governing Body IESM
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