Monday, September 20, 2010

Kalmadi from Indian Air Force what a disgrace

Financial crunch? CWG asks Army to work for free
New Delhi: Faced with a financial crunch, the Commonwealth Games Organising Committee has asked the Indian armed forces to provide all services for the October 3-14 Games in New Delhi free of cost. The SOS from the Commonwealth Games Organising Committee says 'help us, work for us but please don't ask for money from us'. The Organising Committee wants Indian Army to contribute to a successful conduct of Games "free of cost". "Yes, we have asked for waiver from the Army," says Organising Committee Chairman Suresh Kalmadi.
Already, PSUs like Power Grid Corporation and NTPC have backed off from their sponsorship commitments. Within the private sector, too, stories of large scale corruption in the Games have dented the enthusiasm.
With the Organising Committee's target of Rs 1800 crore now looking like a distant dream, it is a little surprise that it has been looking for freebies.Read more click here...

Citizens Voice
  • from ashish_pai at 08:59, Aug 21, 2010
    Only a shameless Kalmadi can make such a request. The army is already over burdened in protecting us while these crooks like Kalmadi continue to loot us. Why cannot Kalmadi work for free? Even after bleeding the nation for decades he cannot stop himself from embezzling money. Now he wants the army to work for free. Hope his request is instantly rejected. I sincerely request the army to help us Indian citizens from these monsters like Kalmadi by putting them behind bars.
  • from raomeister at 09:58, Aug 21, 2010
    Recover all the money stashed away by Kalmadi, Mohindroo and Darbari and pay the Army. Make Kalmadi pay the difference between the market price and the price the OC CWG has paid for toilet paper, soap dispensers, unbrellas, tread mills, etc., If all this money is recovered there will probably be a surplus on the OC CWG's balance sheet.

    We are focused on delivering a great Games says Kalmadi
    Yes, we can do it. It is the firm belief of the Organising Committee Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi that we will conduct the Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi so well that all of India comes together as one and echoes this sentiment with pride. Yes, we are committed to realising the Indian dream of delivering the best Commonwealth Games.

    My faith in the people of Delhi and India is immense. I believe
    they will understand that the budget of the Organising Committee Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi is just Rs 1620 crore, including salaries, taxes and rent. The responsibility of my team is to run the Games with this budget. People are well aware that the sports and city infrastructure development have been handled by the Central and State Governments directly.

    Sadly, those who mould public opinion seem to make little effort to present facts as they are. Let me cite the example of the case of a toilet roll being ‘bought’ for Rs 3751 each when the truth is that this is the price for a carton of 100 rolls. Such exaggerations were the order of the day and the media would not even carry the correct version...

    Talking of pride, I am a former Indian Air Force pilot. I would not do anything to dent that pride. Let me leave you with one assurance: the Organising Committee will leave no stone unturned to ensure the smooth conduct of the Games and to make you proud of the biggest celebrations of sport ever in India. Indeed, the people of Delhi must participate in the Games and encourage the athletes to deliver their best. Delhi has been a wonderful sport all along and there is no reason for it to change now.
    (This article first appeared in Hindustan Times on August 26, 2010)
    click here to hear what Kalmadi says as a Politician and not as an Airforce Pilot
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