Friday, November 5, 2010

IESM Gen Secretary writes to Shree Rajiv Chandrasekhar, MP

Dear Friends,
Jai Hind.
An email received from Maj Gen Satbir Singh and its enclosures click here.
The letter of Shree Satpal Maharaj addressed to the RM, was received as a large PDF file, which could not be used for mass circulation. Therefore, I have typed the relevant portions of that letter in MS Word format.
The printed letter heads of both the letters had to be excluded to reduce the size of the email.
I also take this opportunity to add that whenever any one says that “ If we give OROP to the Indian Defence Services, other government services will also demand the same”, please educate them about the following important things which differentiate the Defence Services from others:
I. The Three Defence Services are the only services, which are denied “Fundamental Rights” granted by the Constitution of India to all its citizens. The serving soldiers cannot even form associations to represent their grievances.
II. Defence Services are the only services, where the personnel retire much before reaching the age of 60 years, the prescribed age of retirement for all other Government Services.
III. The Defence Services suffer the maximum casualties when defending the nation externally or internally.
IV. The Defence Services are the last hope of the Indian Nation, when everyone else fails miserably. CWG is the lastest example.

Therefore, the usual excuses given by the bureaucrats that if OROP is granted to Defence Services, other services will demand the same – are deliberate attempts to mislead the political leaders. Other issues which need attention are:
A. Ex-servicemen Welfare Commission. This was strongly recommended by the High Level Committee headed by Shree KP Singhdeo and is essential for the redressal of our problems besides protecting us from the wrath of the hostile bureaucracy. This needs to be put in place at the earliest. The Ex-servicemen Commission should consist of Armed Forces Veterans, including war wounded, and the Defence Widows.
B. Staffing of ESW Department of MoD. At present, the ESW Department of MoD has no representation of the Defence Services. The present staff of ESW Department, who do not know even the fundamentals of the functioning and working conditions of the Armed Forces, how they can understand our problems and look after our welfare. The entire staff of the ESW Department of MoD should be from among the serving and retired Defence personnel.
Another issue, which Col Inderjit Singh, Chairman All India Ex-Services Welfare Association, is pursuing with the Government since long (he is the eldest veteran who started the struggle of OROP) is (these are extracts from one of the letters of Col Inderjit sent to RM) –
Representation at the MOD. Every uniformed service other than the Armed Forces is represented at all levels of decision-making processes, which affect the functioning or welfare of that service. However, for the various committees appointed for Defence, whether it pertains to functioning of Defence Services or the welfare of serving and retired Defence personnel, no representatives of the Defence Services are included. This sidelining of the Armed Forces has created a feeling that they are suspect in the eyes of
their own leadership and, therefore, that of the Nation too. This has resulted in demoralisation and humiliation among the serving and retired Defence Forces personnel. Such demoralisation of the Defence personnel can be disastrous for the Nation itself. We, therefore, appeal to you to kindly set this aberration right, which is existing inspite of sixty-three years since we got Independence.
Friends, it is time that All ESM and ESM Organisations stand shoulder to shoulder and speak in one language. All ESM Organisations are doing very well in their own way to get Justice for Defence Services. We need to continue that multi pronged approach to achieve our aim.
I once again appeal to all ESM and ESM Organisations, not to criticise each other but support each other so that the pressure on the Government multiplies many fold and it is compelled to yield to our justified demands.
In service of Indian Military Veterans
Chander Kamboj.

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