Monday, January 31, 2011

PBOR an acronym that spells `KALYUGA’

Respected Sirs,
PBOR: Yes! An abbreviation with an unknown, yet, not so unknown origin. Here from Acronym Attic it means:
  • Personnel Below Officer Rank (US DoD)
  • Patients Bill of Rights
  • Programmable Brown Out Reset (hardware)

    PBOR stands for personal below officer’s ranks. A acronym that represents `KALYUGA’ in Indian Military fraternity. A word that is a matter of pride to some intelligent destructive brains. And while most soldiers are too naive to understand these petty schemes of the schemers, some of us do.

    A divide is being created, and on purpose, between officers and the JCOs, NCOs and ORs. If we look at our military history, even before independence and after it both serving and retired soldiers have been referred to as officers, JCOs, NCOs and ORs. Suddenly a new term is coined. A monster is born. Not a person, just a tiny little abbreviation -- PBOR.

    I clearly remember bringing this point to the foreground regarding the devaluation of JCOs, NCOs and equivalent ranks of all arms at the All India Veterans Meet organized by IESM held on Sept 30, 2009. We are all aware of the fact that JCOs are commissioned by President of India and that it is a Class II Gazetted rank. It has now been replaced by this monster of a term -- PBOR. I have asked this question in the past and I'm asking again, where did this term come from? How is it that the service chiefs have so easily accepted it? The same point has also been raised earlier by Sgt. Prabhjot Singh PIS (Retd.), President, Indian Ex-Services League, Punjab and Chandigarh and other ESM also. However there has been no action taken on ground by anyone.

    Today the entrants to the forces at soldier level are more literate and aware than before. This is a result of increased awareness and availability of information to everyone. Fortunately, “BOSS IS ALWAYS RIGHT” slogan is now outdated. Today right is right and wrong is wrong, and surprisingly for many, this can be well identified by our soldiers. By way of highlighting this again, I humbly request our COAS, the other service chiefs and the rest of the top brass to wake these elements up and quit using such petty tactics to devalue JCOs, NCOs and ORs. These elements need to be stopped in order to maintain respect and discipline in the forces. Educated brains should not be compelled, forced to become rebellious.

    JCOs have always been called the back bone of the forces. Although the recent developments suggest that they are a burden, an unimportant, redundant part of the the military. If that is the case, it'd be best to simply abolish these ranks instead humiliating them and thus weakening the forces. In the recent past, few other indirect humiliating actions have been observed. One such example is the placement of Honorary Ranks from pay band 3 to JCO’s Band. It is known that honorary rank is not merely a routine promotion based on seniority but is an extra ordinary promotion based on one's exemplary performance during the entire military career. It is granted by the President of India only on two prestigious national days i.e. 15th Aug and 26th Jan every year and is called “President Commission”. Thanks to IESM Chairman and some other ESM organization that raised this point seriously with COAS and QMG Br and this order was revoked. We all are thankful to CAOS who has taken serious view of this situation and revoked the order issued by QMG Br.

    This monster 'PBOR' is frequently visible on signboards at places like CSD canteen, MH, ECHS and other similar places. This further reflects discriminatory attitude towards our soldiers. My heart sank when I saw a 'PBOR' board in a Unit run CSD Canteen in Delhi Canteen. The same must be the story of so many other canteens that I have not visited. It is shocking to see such rampant humiliation and that it has penetrated so deep into the system. What is even more disturbing is that no one chooses to react! Well that, sirs, has to stop and stop it must. One way or another. Boil the water long enough and the pressure cooker blasts. We all know that and its not a very pleasant thing to happen.

    It is painful that instead of utilizing their brains to safeguard the nation's boundaries and safeguard the interests of their subordinates, some officers at senior posts utilize their time and energy creating a rift between the brave soldiers of this nation.

    I will like to quote here the lines of a remarkable naval officer, "As I pen down my experiences of the Sixth Pay Commission, I will try to mask my contempt for those in the highest echelons for conniving with the powers in Delhi quite obviously for personal benefit." And this clearly shows how power is misused by some.

    Therefore in the interest of the nation, on behalf of the JCOs, NCOs and ORs of all arms, I once again request all ESM organizations to take up the above mentioned objections with the concerned authorities and urge them to completely and comprehensively abolish the term “PBOR” from the dictionary of the forces. I thank you all in advance for this service to the nation.
    Warm regards,
    Kameshwar Pandey
    Sub/Maj Hony Lt (Veteran)
    Governing Body Member
    Indian ESM Movement
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