Wednesday, February 23, 2011

ECHS: IESM addresses pressing teething problems

Maj Gen A Srivastava, VSM Dated: 10th Feb 2011
Central Organisation ECHS, Opposite
AFMSD, Maude Line, Delhi Cantt

1. This has reference to our tele conversation on the improvements required to make the ECHS more effective. Some of the issues are discussed in succeeding paras.
2. Empanelment of Suitable Super Superspeciality Hospitals. As part of their social responsibility, Superspeciality Hospitals of repute across the country need to be asked by the Govt to offer themselves to be empanelled to the ECHS to enable the ESM to avail cashless health Care facility. A recent case came to our notice, where in, wife of Hony Capt S N Sharma residing at Kanpur suffered two severe Heart attacks. To his surprise, he found that there was no superspeciality hospital empanelled at Kanpur where Cardiac Health Care was available. The Hony Officer did not have the necessary funds with him to clear the hospital bills. I had personally spoken to you about this case. He is running from pillar to post to get the advance to pay the hospital dues. Many more such cases are likely to occur. There is therefore, immediate requirement to take up this issue on priority and to empanel such superspeciality Hospital across the country. A compendium of empanelled Hospitals may please be put on website and also made available at various ECHS, Distt Soldier Board HQs and all India ESM organizations like IESM for further dissemination.
3. Construction of ECHS Polyclinic Buildings. There is requirement to construct suitable buildings catering for all modern healthcare facilities.The existing arrangements are inadequate and at many places ECHS are located at unsuitable rented accommodation. This is an important requirement for provision of efficient healthcare.
4. Authorization of Additional medical Specialist and Medical Officers. This point has been put up a number of times and deliberated upon. However, on ground very little has improved. Regional Commanders of ECHS need to be authorized to sanction additional doctors based on the accepted scale of authorization. Not more than 40 and 25 patients can be effectively seen by one RMO and a specialist doctor in a day. The scale needs to be strictly adhered to.
5. Availability of Medicines. There is need to expedite availability of prescribed medicines to the ESM. The existing system of the availability of medicines is unsatisfactory. We were informed that system of supply of medicines through empanelled civil pharmacies will be put in place. The same needs to be expedited.
6. Local Purchase of Medicines. The enhancement of local purchase powers of various types of ECHS has not yet been carried out. There is need to expedite the same. In addition, provision needs to be made to reimburse the cost of medicines which are NA in the ECHS and the ESM be allowed to buy from the market.
7. Processing of Hospital Bills. This has reference to the Govt plan to outsource processing of the Hospital Bills to ensure speedy clearance of bills. The same needs to be expedited.
8. Authorisation of Private Wards to Hony Rank Officers. Govt of India Min of Health and Family Welfare Department of Health and Family vide their letter No. S.11011/23/2009-CGHS D.I/Hospital Cell (Part I) dated 17th August 2010 Para 4.1, has authorized Private Wards in the hospitals for Civilian Govt employees with Basic Pay (without grade pay) of Rs 19540/- and above. However all Hony rank officers whose basic pay (without grade pay) is Rs 19540/- per month are auth semi private ward. This disparity needs to be removed forthwith.
9. Additional Servicing Points at the Reception and Registration and issue of Medicines in various ECHS. Over 500 ESM are visiting as OPD patients in Class ‘A’ ECHS. There is need to increase the servicing points for reception, Registration and issue of medicines. Two counters for other ranks and their families, One counter for JCOs and their families, one for officers and their families, one for Hony Officers and their families and for JCO/OR senior citizens and their families and one for senior citizens officers and their families are suggested.
10. May we have regular meetings, updates and early actions please.
With Regards,
Jai Hind
Yours Sincerely,
Maj Gen (Retd) Satbir Singh, SM
Vice Chairman Indian ESM Movement

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