Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Service to the Veterans in Remote Regions of Garhwal

Our second trip to the last village en route to ROOPKUND to meet the ESM, widows & dependents. It may be of some general interest for the pensioner fraternity. You may consider accepting it for your widely read Blog.
Our next trip will be to Mandoli-Wan, another last village on the Aali - Beduni Bugyal Axis.
In these remote areas they are totally illiterate, ignorant & neglected. So, our interaction is highly valuable.
The detailed report click here
The slideshow of photos are as above with caption titles which are in the report.
Big RS Rawat (Retd)

Readers Responses
Dear Rajender Rawat and like -minded Veteran Leaders,
Thanks for a fascinating account- what an awesome adventure and such an inspiring story of your 'service to the veterans' of a remote region. My humble compliments and admiration. May God bless you to undertake many more such 'missions'. The photographs are amazing.
Some thoughts below to ponder over- for Management and Members:-
  • Ar'nt such contributions as rewarding as a unifocal struggle for OROP and will such deprivations/ injustices vanish when 'that' is sanctioned - failure is and will remain in the implementation System?
  • Wonder how many more such deprived Veterans, widows/dependants?
  • Should IESM energies/objectives, therefore, be more 'inclusively' re-cast and re-directed in pursuing a comprehensive concept of JUSTICE for the Veterans?
    The priority area being resolving systemic flaws and synergising with allied agencies such as Regtl networks/RSB/ZSB etc, rather than setting up stand-alone IESM 'helplines'.
    My congrats once again to Brig Rawat and his Team.
    Yoginder Sharma
    Lt Gen YN Sharma, Former Army Commander

    Thanks very much sir for this very interesting update. We need more such efforts, but preferably as part of the system. The challenge is how to get updated information and action to reach ESM at grassroots level/ remote areas. Though organizationally we may have a process for the above, but obviously it is not working. May need to be taken up as agenda item for next meeting.
    Cdr NA Mohan (Retd)

    k\Kudos to the team. We need more Rawats to keep the service and spirit of ESMS going
    Brig SK Mehta, AVSM

    Kudos to the initiative of Brig Rawat. I am sure that it will motivate others.
    Maj BBL Narang (Retd)

    IESM Advocacy Opportunity
    One of our primary goals is to provide a voice for Ex Servicemen and their families. We can accomplish this by working with government to promote forward- looking policy, organizing calls-to-action, and keeping our brethren informed about changes in laws and regulations. We need to create, advocate, and lobby for legislation that will support ESM and their families long into the future. OROP is not the only issue- We should continue to focus our legislative and government efforts in areas that positively impact an ESM's quality of life, including policy and legislative improvements to provide high-quality healthcare (ECHS), age- appropriate rehabilitation options, and community- based and peer- supported care specifically for the war wounded- we all must support Gen Vijay Oberoi in his selfless service to the Physically Challenged Veterans. Lt Gen YN Sharma's call to quote "The priority area being resolving systemic flaws and synergising with allied agencies such as Regtl networks/RSB/ZSB etc, rather than setting up stand-alone IESM 'helplines'." is of paramount importance and most appropriate.
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