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Witnessing power of people: Army chief

Press Trust Of India Mumbai, August 25, 2011
Indian Army Chief General V K Singh feels that the support the anti-corruption movement is getting in the country is an indication of 'the power of democracy and power of the people'. "We are passing through an interesting and turbulent period. Interesting in terms of how we are witnessing the power of democracy, the power of the people.. Interesting in terms of how we are seeing our leadership cope up with these things..," he said.

The Army chief was speaking at an interaction with members of the entertainment industry, organised by former MP Santosh Bhartiya in suburban Juhu last night.

"A lot of things are happening, from Kashmir to Kanyamkumari and from Gujarat to the most north-eastern part. There is a certain amount of unrest in the country, for various reasons -- some sponsored, some genuine (and) some which started with genuine thing and then got into something else.

"The theme is only one -- how do we take the nation forward from the morass, the 'daldal' that we are in.... It is not who is leading the movement but it is why it has come to this stage," he said.

The Army chief equated corruption to a hydra-headed monster. "Because we all are involved in its thriving. If we introspect, we will see that at one point or another, we are all involved in it," he said.

"When the Naxalite movement (issue) was presented to us, we were very clear in our minds that it is a socio-economic problem, a problem created by bad governance," he said.
Witnessing power of people: Army chief
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Ram Gulrajani 19 hours ago
I am glad to see the comment of Army Chief on peoples' movement led by Anna Hazare. I wish the Chief will also comment on many other things going wrong in the country through a nexus between politicians and babus. It is this nexus which is responsbile for most of the ills in the country. It is a pity that because Defence Forces have acepted to serve under the civil rule and have renounced their right to descent/retort, that they have been discriminated against, their dignity trampled, their emoluments curtailed, their heroes, veterans, widows shabbly treated. All because our Chiefs have kept their mouth shut. I think it is time the Army Chief periodically gave a statement on the State Of The Nation to make sure politicians and babus know the mind of the Defence Forces and accept them as the strongest pillar in the democracy because of which we enjoy internal and external security coupled with freedom.

Lalrohit 1 day ago
The Army chief should first be cleaning up his area of operation.In the Indian Army itself there is widespread corruption in the procurement of medicines. The jawan's don't treated with the best quality of medicines, but with medicines of generic type....which are next to garbage. There is wide spread corruption of Army postings in the J&K area. Posting's are sold to the higest bidder. Army Chief shud be aware of his area of jurisdiction. Same type of corruptions are still found in the appts made in Public Sector enterprise like SAIL,Coal India, ONGC etc. There 3 dept are heavy corrupted area of the federal govt. Mines area are filled up with people who's main intentions are to grab the post by hook or crook. CBI is a useless govt entity. Only excellant in cleaning up the corrupt acts of our USELESS/ CORRUPT/ IRRESPONSIBLE minsiters. The P.M shud first clean up those dept's first....then talk about the other aspects.In India the gap between high & poor people is just too huge....THANKS CORRUPTION IN INDIA.

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