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How to honour Veterans

Appeal for the oldest living ex-serviceman or woman
Released: Wednesday October 12, 2011
Organisers of Wolverhampton’s annual Festival of Remembrance are searching for the oldest living serviceman or woman.
The traditional service, part of a number of events in Wolverhampton that honour those who served in the armed forces during conflicts, will take place at the Wulfrun Hall in North Street on Sunday November 6, 2011, from 2pm.
This year, the Festival of Remembrance working committee wants to find the oldest ex-serviceman or woman living in Wolverhampton.
Once established, that person will be a VIP guest at the festival and invited to sit with the Mayoral party.
Councillor Linda Leach, who is the chair of the committee, said: “This is my first year as chair of the working committee for what is a very important and poignant event in the city.
“We want to honour those who have served in all conflicts. As well as looking for the oldest ex-serviceman or woman living in Wolverhampton, we also want to encourage more younger people to join the working committee and take part every year.
“We would urge anyone interested to contact us and help us continue to make the Festival of Remembrance a fitting tribute to our armed forces.”
Mary Davies, aged 88, is a founder member of the committee and has served for 36 years. She was an army secretary with the Auxiliary Territorial Service during the Second World War.
She said: “During the war I made so many good friends who remained friends for life. I also remember the first Festival of Remembrance in the mid 1970s – there were so many more veterans still alive back then, including some from the First World War.
“The festival is very important to us and it is vital we keep remembering all those who were left behind and those who came back injured.”
Fellow committee member Keith Sutton, aged 72, served with the Royal Signals from 1958-63 and said: “I have carried the Union Standard in Wolverhampton for nine years.
“We need to encourage younger service personnel to join the committee and keep this wonderful event going.
“The festival, like Remembrance Sunday and other events, is about paying tribute to those who served in all conflicts, not just the two World Wars.”
And Tony Callaghan, aged 77, who served the Royal Engineers from 1952-59, added: “We have given talks in schools about what it was like to be children during the Second World War.
“The children were so intrigued to hear about what life was like back then and it was a pleasure to help them learn about a very important part of our history.”
Appeal for the oldest living ex-serviceman or woman

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