Sunday, November 20, 2011

Officer Crisis: Amusing comments on public domain

For what the officers will fight. For the corrupt, power hungry politicians, sycophant bureaucrats and corrupt police... will they deserve to be protected.
I remember a case when the wife of a Major in Indian Army died because of electtocution in the home they were given in the army area. The child a toddler touched her poor mother & died on the spot. Such is the poor condition of homes given to our officers. Will any parent want their children to join the Armed forces? Never.

The officers join the IIM or other B-Schools, and they enmerge as Toppers. Others are welcomed by the Top companies. So there is no incentive to join Indian army. When the filthy politicians are making Lakhs of crores of rupees and sending them abroad, don’t expect the people to join army and die for them

Fully agree with you frnd. I, myself is serving officer and can vouch for this. See the condition of accn in Cariappa Vihar or any where in Delhi Cantt and I am sure that now a days in Civil a fresher from any B school will live in better accn than ours.

Here nobody listen to junior offrs (Lt to Major), for adm and welfare they are on last priority but when it come to work in peace or ops in fd than every f…. col and above want that these junior offr should go and earn bread n butter for these red collar’s one.

India’s strength, my dear Sir lies in it’s utter chaos, corruption and lack of nationalistic feeling! I ask you, has any invader been able to successfully rule India, while retaining his own identity? In a few generations, all invaders from the Greeks to the Mughals fell prey to the Great Indian Mentality….became ensnared in our corrupt, venal ways…and therefore uniquely Indian! Only the British had the sense to retreat back to their Island shores….did they succeed? No, never. For we have followed them back to their lair, and today the national dish of the UK is a bastard version of our tandoori chicken and the stiff upper lip Englishman a fast disappearing species!
So revel in India... the unconquerable, the unruly, where Might is Right and never shall Truth Prevail!
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