Friday, May 11, 2012

First President Vs Present President: Comparative Study

First President Deshratna Dr RAJENDRA PRASAD
He remained and lived in a thatched-roof house before he shifted to DELHI in 1946 & took to office as MINISTER, FOOD & AGRICULTURE, later as PRESIDENT of the CONSTITUENT ASSEMBLY (1946-1949) & still later, as the FIRST PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF INDIA (1952-1962). After relinquishing the office of the PRESIDENT OF INDIA in MAY 1962, he returned to PATNA on 14th MAY 1962 and preferred to stay in the campus of BIHAR VIDYAPEETH rather than anywhere else. He lived for some months in the old house with thatched roof, which he had occupied earlier till 1946. This house was not at all suitable for his age and the state of health. Therefore LOKNAYAK JAYPRAKASH NARAYAN volunteered and collected some funds to get a small house constructed in a corner of BIHAR VIDYAPEETH'S MANGO-GROVE. DESHRATNA Dr. RAJENDRA PRASAD lived in this house until his passing away on 28th FEBRUARY, 1963.

Present President Her Highness Pratiba Patil
Contrast this with our (Madame) Present President Pratiba Patil
Pratibha Patil has been indulging in luxurious life. Since becoming the President, Pratibha Patil made twelve trips to foreign countries with her family to 22 countries. This has cost the government a whopping Rs.205 crore. Her last visit with her family members ended yesterday with trip to South Africa before her term ends. On all her foreign trips, a chartered Boeing 747-400 was kept ready for her entourage including her family members. She also made the government incur expenditure on her luxurious accommodation in five star hotels, local travel, miscellaneous expenses and daily allowances. A life of lavish royalty. Will she be forgotten for her misdeeds? She attempted to ursurp military lands at pune for her family and build a Palace worth Rs 5 crore ... she just failed! She moved in with a dozen boxes to Rashtrapati Bhavan and she will leave with a couple of container loads of artefacts and furniture... totally denude the Presidential House! A shameful present President indeed.... Watch out for more news in the media...
India's growth story is really continous history.... slaves, feudals, political criminals, intrigue, Indian bureaucracy, Swiss secret accounts, terror, black money, money laundering, hawala transancions, benami operations and exploitation of the weak.....
A Banana Republic-
New Avatar of Democracy.... India's Growth story is worth watching... The President leads the nation in morals and ethics!

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