Sunday, May 20, 2012

Loud Mouth Brajesh Mishra Brags

More Dope on Loud Mouth Brajesh Mishra
by K. Gajendra Singh
An extract from my article
Decrepit Publicity Hog BC Mishra Spouts Nonsense

Now former National Security Advisor, a decrepit Brajesh Mishra has been brought out of the dead cobwebs. He told Karan Thapar on TV that he held both the minister and the general responsible for not taking action on the bribery allegation but wanted Gen V K Singh to be sent on forced leave. "My view is that both the minister and the Army chief are responsible for not taking action," he said commenting on the allegations by Gen Singh that he was offered a bribe of Rs. 14 crore for clearing a contract for trucks and had informed the Defense Minister about it.

Asked whether the army chief should be sacked or sent on compulsory leave, Mishra told Karan Thapar on the Devil's Advocate programme that "If he is sacked, then something more may happen. If he is sent on compulsory leave, he is not being sacked. He should be told that enjoy your two months’ vacation with government salary and then take pension and go home."

How very considerate but trite of Mishraji. A former Indian diplomat Mishra was removed in 1980 as Indian Envoy from his New York post for not following the policy on Afghanistan of the newly elected Indira Gandhi govt in1980. He was adopted by Washington and given a cushy job in UN.

Son of formidable senior Congress leader late DP Mishra, Brajesh soon came close to AB Vajpayee and became his evening companion. Power and publicity hungry, he was National Security Advisor and defacto PM as Principal Sec to PM Vajpayee. He tried to run MEA too. He was stopped from hogging publicity by his detractors in BJP. The job of Principal Sec to PM is rightfully for a senior IAS officer. An expert on multilateral diplomacy i.e. fighting over commas and full stops, Mishra had little experience or expertise in administration and finance. IAS officers in PMO ran circles around him, enriching themselves and letting their friends and patrons, India’s emerging robber barons loot the exchequer. This was later described as India Shining era. The BJP was ousted from power. How the corporate robber barons thrived when Mishra was de facto PM needs investigation and a serious case study. But similar policies have continued.

Karan Thapar’s TV interview was a trite. It was pathetic and unbecoming performance by Mishraji brought out from the cobwebs to tarnish an upright and honest Army chief.

Sometime ago Mishra had rightly opposed the Indo-US Nuclear agreement, from which India has gained little and lost very much. But Mishra soon changed sides merely to remain in limelight and be on the US high table (dinner!).

I am disappointed that anchor Karan Thapar has changed sides. He should know how his own father the Army Chief was humiliated and removed for mistakes committed by those appointed to senior command posts by interfering and scheming politicians and self-serving civil servants.

On Mishra’s connection with Zionist lobby and Neo-Cons, who planned and executed US led illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003, which strategically and historically can be compared with Nazi Germany‘s invasion of the Soviet Union in WWII .The sacrifice of Israeli resistance and people has destroyed the US army, i.e. its ground forces leading to US hyper power’s decline and likely fall sooner than later.
More Dope on Loud Mouth Brajesh Mishra
Comment: A pathetic interview indeed. Will go down in history as to what type of Scumbags a few bureaucrats are... truly are after retirement- what limelight for their misdeeds?

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