Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Voice of the Indian Army: Gen VK Singh is a true Hero

Wednesday, May 30, 2012
An enemy­ that is our own..­. A Meaningful letter from Sub Maj & Hony Lt Kameshwar Pandey

Dear and Respected Sirs and Colleagues,
To concur and side with newspapers, magazines and television channels, whose own credibility is dubious and questionable, is rather unfortunate. A large part of the mainstream media is known to have shady allegiance or some sort of backstage arrangement with political parties and vested interest groups. And concordantly, more often than not, it seems, the so called experts and panelists who are called for interviews and opinions are nothing but pawns of either the government or someone powerful.
What is even more unfortunate is the fact that some of our own senior veterans have defaulted and turned over to the dark side. Knowing all along that their actions are against the very oath that they took when they first donned the uniform - to protect and serve the nation and its people.
I am not sure what honour and prestige of the institution you are talking about. What institution and what prestige? The masses of this country neither trust their government nor any other government agency. Judges, prime ministers, ministers, the CBI, the police and the list is endless. And so is the list of their infamous track records.
In these deteriorating times, Gen VK Singh is a true hero. He has shown all of us the true colours of the present government including its administrative officers, ministers, judges and even the prime minister. He has displayed the confidence and the courage to show the true state of affairs of this weakening administration, its corrupt departments and its failing systems. And that deserves respect and admiration from the military community as well as from the citizens of this great nation.
If these so called leaders, whom we are supposed to follow, are so apathetic to our emotions then its indeed unfortunate for the country. In these changing times, we will have to adjust the sails according to the winds. None of our actions or policies should reflect that we are siding with this corrupt administration. In the name of honour, dignity and code of conduct, if we are indirectly helping those who are destroying the country, we are killing our own reputation as the military being last bastion and the protectors of the sovereignty of the country.
It is a well known fact amongst military ranks that the privileges of the military have been continuously going down ever since we gained independence. And the current state of affairs is so pathetic that JCOs and ORs are meted out a treatment no more than that of labourers. The recruits that join the military now are well educated and can think for themselves. They can understand the difference between serving the country and serving corrupt politicians who do not respect their generals, let alone respect them.
What respect will the future Army Chief command if he is already amidst controversies even before taking office? Is he the only option the Army has? Is there no potential Army Chief with a clean service record and no previous controversies? Or is the government selecting a chief who will be party to their schemes and plans for god knows what evil purposes! If the service chiefs do not fight for the dignity, respect and welfare of the men and women serving the military, a time may come when they will have no control on such a large force and that can be truly dangerous. And some gentlemen who think Gen VK Singh is guilty of letting the army down are sadly mistaken. What is most important for all of us right now is our unity and awareness. Awareness is an absolute requirement for true freedom. The great martyrs like Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar and Subhash are screaming right in our faces urging us to join this second battle for freedom and justice. To not weaken this movement with undue and unwarranted negative remarks.
What Gen VK Singh started - a fight against the cancer that is eating the Army from the inside - was supposed to be followed through by the next chief but that does not seem likely. Gen VK Singh had the courage to point out what is right and what isn't and that did not go down well with the government. With him gone, we have little hope unless the military community gears up to cast out the bad fish which are rotting the whole pond.
Gen VK Singh Sir ! HATS OFF TO YOU.
This time the enemy is our own and that is why the battle is twice as hard.

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