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AIESWA in the forefront of welfare for Veterans


The All India Ex Services Welfare Association became THIRTY YEARS old on 21 Nov 2011. To mark this huge milestone they organized a Sainik Sammelan at Netaji Nagar New Delhi on 16 June 2012. The second one in the on going Celebrations. The first one having already been assembled at Charkhi Dadri on 22 Jan 2012.
Smt Sheila Dikshit, the Chief Minister of Delhi, very kindly graced the occasion as the Chief Guest.
Right from early morning the Veterans started pouring in by various means of transportation. On arrival at the Netaji Nagar they were served tea. By the time the program started the entire premises were full.
  • Remembering Stalwarts Who Are No more
    Before starting the proceedings Brig Bhagwan Singh, the Secretary General requested all to rise and observe two minutes silence in the memory of those who were not with us.
  • Our Stalwarts Honoured
    Smt Sheila Dikshit, the Chief Minister honored their Stalwart members for their past services in making the Association what it is today, with a shawl, mommento and a citation . The names of Stalwarts are Capt Gurcharan Singh, Capt Inder Singh Mokha, Capt Laxman Singh, Sub Subhash Chand, Hav Maan Singh, Capt Chattar Singh, Sgt Manohar Bhatkulkar, Hav Ram Karan and Hav Shri Ram.
  • Tailoring Centres Donated
    The Association Chairman Lt Col Inderjit Singh donated two Tailoring Centers for initiating the families to look after themselves by doing tailoring work in their villages. Of these one each was given to Vil Sundhana and Kheri Khatiwas. The letters of intent were presented to the District Presidents/ representatives by Smt Sheila Dikshit, the Chief Minister.
  • Maharashtra Chapter
    Capt Udaji Nikam the President of Maharashtra who is also the Chairman of the Col RD Nikam Sainik Sahkari Bank stated that he is running 17 Branches of his bank in Maharashtra. Now two more have been sanctioned. He proposed that it could be started in Delhi too if the Veterans desire.
    Memorandum Presented
    The Chairman Lt Col Inderjit Singh then presented the Memorandum to the Hon'ble Chief Minister about the problems of Veterans both at State and Central level and appealed to her for her kind indulgence to have those solved.
  • Delhi Problems
    a) Sainik Boards should be set up for all five Districts. All appointments should be made regular.
    b) Ten per cent seats for employment should be reserved for Veterans.
    c) House Tax rebate of 30 % is too inadequate. No house tax should be charged from Veterans for one house as is the practice in most of the States.
    d) Electricity rebate of 75 units allowed earlier to war widows and disabled should be restored.
    e)Free travel by State transport should be allowed to war widows and disabled Veterans.
    f) Accommodation in one of the Palika Bhawans at concessional rates be allotted to the Association.
  • National Problems
    a) OROP: The Chief Ministers help was sought to have the matter expedited.
    b) The Sixth CPC was a disaster. To sort out the mess created by the CPC and the Cabinet Scretary's Committee an Interim Ex Servicemen Commission be appointed.
    c) Ex servicemen Deptt should be fully manned by Veterans and serving soldiers.
    d) Standing Committee of Voluntary Agencies be appointed for Defense Ministry as well on the same lines as the one we have in Pension Ministry.
    e) The ECHS is a basically flawed Scheme. It should therefore be scrapped and Medicare Policy scheme brought in.
    f) Representation of Armed Forces personnel should be ensured at all levels of decision making in the MOD.
    g) Ex Servicemen Commission with full powers be appointed.
  • Chief Minister Speaks
    The Chief Minster then addressed the huge gathering. She assured the Veterans that she would do whatever is possible to solve their problems both at State and National level.
    The Sammelan ended with the Secretary General Brigadier Bhagwan Singh thanking the Hon'ble Chief Minister for her generosity to come and grace the occasion and all the gathering for coming and participating in our Celebrations.
    Brig Bhagwan Singh
    Secretary General
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