Tuesday, June 12, 2012

OROP: Let us unite to beat the inflation

Dear Mahendru,
Very laudable thoughts, but who is going to listen. You know how an attempt made by me in 2010 to work out a common Memorandum was literally butchered by our self proclaimed messiahs? Before this initiative i got all the organizations to form Confederations twice, for working together on common cause without in any way intruding into each others areas of influence. A true Confederation unlike the one that is being flaunted about by our friends. A proper Confederation does not enroll members directly. this is done by member organizations. A Confederation has only Organizations as members This basic rule is being flouted by this so called confederation, revealing their dishonest intentions. By this method they first used other organizations and got a foot hold. After getting a foot hold moved around and swallowed them up. Unity is always good and I have always worked for it. Actually we started the Association by pledging ourselves for the following:
a) To solve the problems of Veterans and their families. To begin with we took up five basic problems ie OROP, employment up to 58 years of age, proper pension for pre -1964 widows, restoration of commuted pension and vacation of lands and houses of Veterans on retirement.
b) Bring all organizations under one flag.
c) To fight corruption and communalism the greatest enemies of the Nation.
My thirty years experience is that Unity is not attainable due to personal ambitions and interests of us all. Nobody joins in to serve their brethren. They only take up this cause to ensure for themselves position and perks from the powers that be. I have never objected to it, actually I have always offered to help them achieve their ambitions as long as they did not barter away the cause of Veterans.
Having said this I want to very emphatically state that more than Unity the need of the hour now is that, in our desperation to take the credit for achieving the ultimate, we do not indulge in anything that may upset the leadership again and we are thrown once again back to square one. Can anybody ensure that? I will be the first one to go and bow in front of him.
Finally before I end I wish to thank you for your more than kind words.
With warm regards,
Inderjit Singh

Dear Sirs,
The history of OROP will always be remembered by the incredible fast by and return from the after land by our most respected col Inderjit Singh . This was a rare feat never before or after heard. There is no dispute sir, you are the symbol for the fight and just struggle for OROP. We all agree that the pension, for all veterans for same rank and length of time must be the same irrespective of the date of retirement and whenever it changes it must change equally for all by the same criteria .The family, the widows,disabled all are awaiting for our struggle to get us justice.
Let us keep together and push or at least have one target now that we are almost there. The only tragedy of veterans is that time is at the premium. we are heading for our destination fast. The cost of living is so exorbitant and time running out making us more feeble by the day that we cannot do anything to give a chance to babus to start anything to nullify our efforts. The unique case of officers who took pension after 20 years of service as majors then and lt col being the rank now is another unsolved misery. It has put the group of effected officers in a strange dilemma with not enough to even meet regularly increasing medical needs.
My humble prayer is for all of us to our shoulders to the wheel and heave. IESA/ IESL at Chankyapuri may also be asked to help.
With best regards,

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