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Adarsh Housing Society Scam- Know the facts

What is Adarsh Housing Society Scam?
The Adarsh Housing Society is a cooperative society in the city of Mumbai in India. Adarsh Housing Society in Colaba (Mumbai), was originally meant to be a six-storey structure to house Kargil war heroes and widows, got converted into a 31-storey and allotted to bureaucrats, top defence officers, a former environment minister and legislators.
The scandal over the allotment of flats in the Adarsh housing society in Mumbai, originally meant for families of Kargil war heroes, exposes the rank corruption that exists at the heart of our political system Questions were raised on the manner in which apartments in the building were allocated to bureaucrats, politicians and army personnel who had nothing to do with Kargil War.
How Much money involved in Adarsh Housing Society Scam?
The total value of the scam is not known yet. According to the market rate in the Colaba area in year 2010, an average two-to three-bedroom-hall-kitchen (BHK) flat in Adarsh society could cost between Rs 6 crore and Rs 8.5 crore. However, members of the society paid Rs 60-85 lakh for each flat.
When did Adarsh Housing Society Scam happen?
In 2010, the Indian media brought to public the alleged violations of rules at various phases of construction in the Adarsh Society.
Who are involved in Adarsh Housing Society Scam?
Players in this scam were bureaucrats, politicians. For a change it included men from the armed forces too.
Politicians Involved:
  • Ashok Chavan, Chief minister of Maharashtra: His relative Seema Vinod Sharma; mother in law Bhagwati Manoharlal Sharma; relative Madanlal Milkiram Sharma owns flats in Adarsh
  • Kanhaiyalal Gidwani, Congress Member of Legislature, Maharasthra: He along with his sons Kailash K Gidwani and Amit K Gidwani owns flats in Adarsh. Also a relative Kavita S Godbole owns a flat.
  • Jitendra S Awhad, Nationalist Congress Party Member of Laegislature, Maharashtra: Owns flat
  • Pradeep Vyas, Mumbai district collector: His wife Seema Vyas owns a flat
  • PV Deshmukh, Secretary in Urban Development department: Owns a flat
    Armed Forces
  • Lieutenant General NC Vij, former Chief of Indian army staff
  • General Deepak Kapoor, Chief of Indian army staff
    Whistleblowers/ Law enforcers
  • Medha Patkar
  • Media
  • RTI activists
    Adarsh Scam: Know the facts
    Comment: How did all these scamsters get interest free loans? This is height of India's benami, black money and money laundering route. Why are these scamsters still not booked? It looks these looters are seeking reprieve from Sonia Gandhi in the name of sullying the name of UPA- which is already in dumps (The Society is directly writing letters to UPA Chairperxon). Will Mr Shinde succumb to pressure tactics of Adarsh society members- who are really scumbags and have very powerful leverage in Raisna HILL? We need to watch out for the outcome... very demoralising episode for the Military Community!
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