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OROP: Sampling of Readers Comments

Ref: Taking steps for one-rank, one-pension demand: Govt
TNN | Sep 27, 2012, 02.02AM IST
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Readers Comments
  • J.Rajagopalan (Coonoor) 2 days ago
    By means of a constitutional amendment Defence Secretary and defence minister of our country should be nominated by the president among the serving/retired defence officers.Only then true representation and redressal of grievances of the forces can be achieved. As for OROP is concerned, we have no other way than continue struggling till we achieve our goal.
  • S N (Secunderabad)
    2 days ago
    The so-called improvement in pension is to avoid being castigated by the supreme Court and being asked to pay interest on the arrears. Even now ex-servicemen should fight for the arrears with interest. During the implementation of the 6th CPC the Babus twisted the recommendation of the Pay Commission and gave a pension equal to the minimum of the Pay Band instead of minimum of the pay fixed in the Pay Band. This is is similar to the cheating of the award of the 4th Pay Commission. To avoid paying arrears and interest therein they have quietly tried to palm this off as OROP or a step towards it. Ex servicemen should fight for the arrears and any delaying tactic by UOI should be punished by a higher rate of interest on these arrears. What has been announced is a lame attempt to fool people and to close the gates for a judicial solution. How Mr.Anthony and the PM got fooled by these crooked and cunning Babus beats one hollow. All these recent incidents prove that the Government is not serious about the Defence of this country. This is what will happen if we have an Italian waitress heading a Party who acts as an extra-constitutional centre of power. All in all this, country needs a bitter war to set matters right and our poor voters who are still in the 19th Century wake up to the reality when they vote. The people should not join the Armed Forces until an assurance is given that there will be no more cheating of this sort by bureaucrats.
  • Ex-Sgt Ravindran Nair (Nagercoil) 2 days ago
    The central government has finally concurred OROP issue, a big thanks goes to them for their efforts, but no way it’s acceptable to Ex-servicemen as the core issue has not been looked into. Our bureaucrats, Defense minister and Prime minister are jointly misleading the entire nation on the issue by giving wide propaganda that Rs 2,300 crore pension package has been announced for ex-servicemen. I strongly have a doubt maybe it could be an advance election campaign foreseeing the political situation which will happen in near future. The treatment is just like throwing bones to barking dogs. The long plea for justice that is going on for more than two decades has been totally ignored and they say it will be done phase by phase. When the next phase comes how many will be alive and how many in the graveyard? It would be great if you could account for this query raised? (Ex-Sgt Ravindran Nair)
  • C Mohan Sharma (Panchkula) 2 days ago
    Lt Col Shourie To win over the Ex-Service Men votes the UPA II has enacted a drama which is going to prove very counter-productive. It is not understood as to why the RM, FM and PM are easily taken for a ride by shrewd Babus and make fool of them ( politicians ). The struggle for justice will continue and may be the next Govt ( without Congress ) may understand the real issues, the OROP and take the credit and win over the armed forces including Ex-Service-Men. Good luck Manmohan Singh Ji
  • Balbir Singh Sooch-Sikh Vichar Manch (Ludhiana) 3 days ago
    Government tried to boast wrongly and misleadingly on the issue: However, no-doubt, the Ex-servicemen will be benefited, but not at all to their satisfaction as being projected the matter more politically and not realistically without giving the details in earlier reports. It is clear that fight of ex-servicemen for ‘one rank, one pension’ is not over and their frustration for the reason has to remain intact against political ruling class as well as against bureaucrats. Balbir Singh Sooch, (Ex-Sgt. Indian Air Force)
  • kumar (ggn) 3 days ago
    I do not understand why people have a tendency to put themselves in knots for no reason is there a deliberate attempt to demean the retired armed forces officers and men , you do not call it a joke it is downright insult to the braves of yesteryears.
  • Col G I Balakrishnan (Hyderabad) 3 days ago
    They think that they can joke away the issue by this step. It is only going to add to the dissatisfaction of the servicemen and prove to be counter productive .
  • Qamrul Hasan (Ex-IN) (Siwan) 3 days ago
    The government (any party) response towards the serving of retired defence personnel is doubtful. They promise and when they come to power forget it. It will demoralized our defence to perform their duties faithfully and honestly. I think this govt. is dump & deaf and most of the ministers are busy to find the way to make big Ghotala.
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