Monday, April 12, 2010

IESM: Completes 2 years on 27 April 2010

Dear Veterans,
1. The Indian Ex Servicemen Movement (IESM) was formally launched on 27 Apr 2008 by placing a wreath at Amar Jawan Jyoti at India Gate. IESM is apolitical Movement with an aim of getting Justice for the Defence Forces. The event on 27 Apr 2008 at India Gate was replicated on the same day at other cities throughout the country. It is to our credit that inspite of the deep resentment within the Military Veterans, the Movement has been peaceful and dignified, this inspite of provocations by some mischievous elements. It is with some satisfaction to note that we have been able to achieve reasonable success by highlighting the Injustices done to the Defence Forces to the public at large and also the powers that be in the Govt.

2. The focus of our Movement is not only confined to rallies and holding meetings, but we are taking the fight for justice to the legal recourse and we have achieved a degree of success for which we should pat ourselves on the back. Certain AFTs and SC judgements have not only been favourable to us but the courts have passed strong strictures against the Govt and have given time bound judgements. It will be befitting the event if we go all out to commemorate the start of the Movement on 27 Apr 2010. The following suggestions are made:
(a) On 27 April 2010, ESM across the country to hold meetings/ rallies /discussions/ seminars at village, block, tehsil, city, district and state levels as per the local situation and as decided by the local IESM convenors and motivators. These events be given maximum publicity through extensive media coverage. All ESM organizations across the country are requested to join in to create the desired intensity and visibility throughout the country.

(b) I have requested the NDTV to replay the coverage of the event on 27 April 2010 a number of times during the day and hold panel discussion on the Movement, its events and outcomes. We will write to other media both print and electronic to cover the event. Let us hope the media plays up. All ESM who have contacts with the media, to please chip in and assist in organizing discussions and publishing articles.

(c) Veterans who have flare for writing to please write articles on Defence Forces, OROP, treatment of military over the years, current security scenario both external and internal, Indian military strength, security challenges, military leadership and challenges, making Military carrier attractive, civil military relations at its nadir causes and retrieval strategy, military pensions and any other contemporary topic. Maximum articles may please be published in National media to draw attention of the people of India. These articles should also be put on the internet on various blogs operating in the country.

(d) ESM organizations and individual ESM to interact with MPs, CMs and MLAs throughout the country and solicit their support to our cause. OROP must be sanctioned at the earliest. Separate Pay Commission which has already been accepted by the Govt, should be set up now and all anomalies of earlier Pay Commissions be tasked to it to resolve in a given time frame say one year.

(e) Writing letters and seeking audience with PM, UPA Chairperson, RM and Supreme Commander. Impressing upon these functionaries the need to grant Justice to the Defence Forces. The Govt should be magnanimous enough to accept all the judgements passed by the Armed Forces Tribunals and the Supreme Court and implement at the earliest.

(f) Effecting Unity amongst all ESM Organisations and ESM. ESM Cells of various political parties to shed their baggage and join with the Movement to get our demands met.

(g) All out efforts be made to get signatures in blood and medals from volunteer ESM. Irrespective of the ESM organizations, we belong to, every one should join for the common cause of getting Justice to the Defence Forces. A very large numbers of signatures and medals should be deposited with the Supreme Commander the next time. Gen Raj Kadyan our Chariman has written a letter to the Supreme Commander today.

4. Let us rise to the occasion and All together Heave to get our demands met.
With kind regards,
Jai Hind
Yours Sincerely,
Maj Gen (Retd) Satbir Singh, SM
Vice Chairman Indian ESM Movement

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