Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cyber Warfare is the New Gen Security Threat: Antony

The Defence Minister Shri AK Antony today asked the top brass of the Armed Forces to work in unison and make cyber systems 'as secure and as non-porous as possible'. Addressing the Army Commanders here, Shri Antony said cyber-warfare is becoming a serious threat to security.

"The paradigms of security in the age of Information Technology are seldom constant. The evolving security matrix is complex and calls for co-operation and coordination of the highest level. Today, no single service can work in isolation. Cyber warfare and threats to cyber security are fast becoming the next generation of threats. We need to make our cyber systems as secure and as non-porous as possible", he said.

Shri Antony made a strong plea for synergy among the three Forces and said the future security matrix calls for a high-degree of cooperation and inter-dependence among the Services. He said the primary area of focus should be to develop as a force capable of operating in joint network – centric environment. Besides these the other emerging areas that warrant synergised development are space, NBC, Cyber Warfare capabilities, Air Defence, Rotary Wing Assistance, precision munitions, standoff targeting and missiles, communication systems, logistics and joint training.

"Though significant progress has been made towards accomplishing jointness in various operational training and administrative facets among the three Services, there are a number of areas congruence that need to be strengthened further", he said.

Referring to the Modernisation Plans of the Armed Forces, the Defence Minister said it is in our long term national interest that we become self reliant in the field of critical defence equipment. He said modernisation plans of the Armed Forces encompass force modernisation and development of critical combat capabilities, not only against potential adversaries, but across the spectrum of conflict. Sitanshu Kar / RAJ
PIB: Cyber Warfare is the New Gen Security Threat: Antony

Army Commanders’ Conference
The Army Commanders’ Conference commenced at Integrated Headquarters of Ministry of Defence (Army) on 17 May 10. The five days conference, scheduled from 17 May 10 to 21 May 10 is being chaired by Army Chief General VK Singh. The Defence Minister Shri AK Antony in his inaugural address emphasised on the necessity for force modernisation to meet emerging threats. He stressed on the requirement of Tri-Services synergy across the spectrum of conflict to meet our National Security needs. The Defence Minister brought out that Cyber Security is the next generation of threat. He stressed the need to make our cyber space fully secure. He said that the Govt was taking all necessary steps to ensure that the Indian Army is kept in a high state of operational preparedness as also ensuring high morale of troops through training and welfare measures.

The Army Chief General VK Singh during his address reviewed the Regional security situation, in which he spoke of the Asymmetric means adopted by non state actors and terrorists to achieve their objectives. He also mentioned the multi spectral threats, which directly affect military doctrines and restructuring.

General Singh stressed on the need to transform the Indian Army so as to customise its operational effectiveness. Talking about training, the Army Chief emphasised on realistic, imaginative and practical training. Referring to Low Intensity Conflict he stressed on “zero tolerance” to Human Rights violations.

Army Chief also emphasised on morals, ethics and value systems in the Army. He brought out that professional commitment, loyalty, sacrifice and integrity were the need of the hour and that there would be no compromise with respect to the image of the Army. Veerendra/Rajendra
Army Commander's Conference commenced: PIB

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