Thursday, May 20, 2010

Veteran Voice: Why struggle must continue for One Rank One Pension

134.Ajay Thapa, SC - Ex-Marcos IN - CPOAF(SD) Says:
May 4th, 2010 at 2:42 am
Dear All,
Money which comes to us is always welcome. You all know Defence Force Service has no respect in our country. Who will listen to you instantly. The struggle must continue of OROP. If not us the future pensioners will benefit, let them be OR’s, JCO’s or Officers. Please understand that hardly any one of our politician has actually served in military. Our Defence Minister are dhoti party who actually have no vision or understanding of military operations or requirements. They are dumb and follow what bureaucrat's tell them. How they will understand our way of life. Tell me one neta who comes out in the street and sits through out on the road to protest against government for us. In J&K, Assam, Manipur- each day our uniform men are dying, okay few claps, cheers and award for few and that is it. This is our country where actors and cricket players are better respected than a military jawan or officer. This because we all in uniform gave our youth, honesty, duty to the nation. Had we not joined, I am sure these Neta, Actors, Cricketers, businessmen would not be enjoying the terms of life they are enjoying today. This has been a routine in Indian society. NO UNITY-DIVIDE AND RULE. This is being followed since ages in India.

Think about it- India is Bharat or Hindustan? Where did this India came from? Name has changed on it’s own. Had we’ve been united, Mogul's would not have entered India neither English. We were the leader of this world, had everything till 1720. We were world leader and today we are in shambles, and more so our corrupt netas, lawmakers are further degrading us. There convoy drives through the bumpy road, disfigured path but they never take any heed. I hope they have eyes and brain to see but they see the money which will follow on order of road building project, which happens in paperwork, hardly in reality. They are sending staggering amount to Swiss Banks and feeding the Swiss with interest of our common Bhariya money, Swiss per capita income is about USD 55000. Our neta so crippled that they talk big but can;t get this public money back to India. No one will be poor if this money comes back. Who will do that? I think Baba Ramdev has a point- Swabhimaan Bhaarat. 3 months fast track court and hang the corrupt person till death. So folks…it is time to think about yourself while support the OROP movement, but please do no rely on it and find, create or do something to benefit your life and your family.

I must tell you that I retired after 15 years of meritorious service in the Nausena. In service I completed BA, 2 years before retirement. I started hunting for job opportunities, result-the very next day I retired, I was working in Dubai as diver. I hunted for better options and I became Security Officer in cruise lines. Here I completed M.Sc and at age 49years, I am pursuing Ph.d. and presently working in Carnival Cruise Lines as a Senior Officer drawing a salary of over 5 lacs per month. The message I want to send to all my colleagues and Jawans that education matters and effort with result matters. Support the OROP movement BUT do not rely and wait for it. Help yourself, look for opportunity or develop your own work space. Therefore, it does not matter one was officer in Defence, yes that is good, but PBOR’s can be officer after retirement and shape the future. The time has to be right of making decision. So all of you, as your age has surpassed the hiring age. I can help your children to get into Cruise Lines. They should be graduate, Good English (speaking, reading, writing and understanding)-I can guide them to join as Security Officers. As Cruise lines is a hospitality industry, direct management level is hard to crack. The easiest way is to get in as Security Officer/Guard and than rise from there once they are in. Salary of Security Officer/Guard is between USD 1300 to USD 1000. Food & Accommodation free. 6 months renewable, performance based contract, two way air ticket free. See the world. I want to say that let us create job or guide our colleague jawans sons and daughters to the job which can change their future. What is respect of military men, I learnt that in USA. With my Ex- Servicemen Identity Card, I am greatly respected here in USA when ever my identity is asked, I produce Passport and Ex-Servicemen ID- its a great feeling when American authorities pay respect for the military service done. I wish in India it would happen. So cheers to all, be positive, optimistic as life goes on, bring change to your life by thinking beyond OROP, once approved you will get it. Do not loose the life which is in your hand, today exchange your life for a better tomorrow. With Total Respect to all my Jawan brothers.. Thapa Ajay
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