Friday, June 11, 2010

Bhopal mass gas murder: Warren Anderson should stand trial in India- Frank Pallone

Press Trust of India, Updated: June 11, 2010 07:07 IST, Washington
Influential New Jersey Congressman Frank Pallone has said former Union Carbide chief Warren Anderson deserves to be extradited from the US and stand trial in India in connection with the Bhopal gas tragedy case.

"All those responsible for this disaster, including the former chairman of Union Carbide Warren Anderson, should stand trial in India and receive punishment that reflects the devastation and pain they have caused for thousands of people," Pallone said in a statement.

"Warren Anderson absolutely deserves to be extradited from the US and punished for the full extent of his crimes. As chairman of Union Carbide at the time of the Bhopal gas disaster, Anderson was ultimately responsible for his company's actions," said Pallone, who is a powerful member of the India Caucus in the Congress.

Noting that this court ruling is long overdue, Pallone said the executives of Union Carbide and its Indian subsidiary deserve to be criminally prosecuted.

"The court's sentence of merely two years for those responsible for the world's worst chemical disaster is outrageous," he said.

Pallone commended the Indian government on swift action to reconstitute the Group of Ministers (GoM) to review the circumstances surrounding the Bhopal disaster and pursue rehabilitation efforts.

"As the GoM recommended in 2008, I encourage the Indian government to establish an Empowered Commission on Bhopal which will have adequate authority and funds to ensure that rehabilitation efforts are pursued and care is offered for survivors of the disaster," he added.

The State Department, however, has remained silent on the issue. State Department spokesman P J Crowley had earlier said the US does not comment on extradition related issue. But, he said the United States has an extradition treaty with India.
Warren Anderson should stand trial in India: Frank Pallone
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Comment: If Warren Anderson has a conscience- as he is being construed and portrayed as a gentleman- he should volunteer to surrender to honest Indian Officials at Bhopal and offer an apology to the Gas Victims. This act will not only shame and expose the Indian corrupt Bureaucracy, deceitful Politicians and obliging Judiciary who have taken the victims through a two decade Judicial ride, but will also put the cog wheels of Indian Democracy on the right track. He is bound ultimately to be extradited if India so desires. However India may not find it convenient to face the truth of who bribed whom! The citizens and media should fight till the truth is out and culprits punished. This will placate the 20 year suffering of Victims in a small measure.

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