Sunday, June 6, 2010

CDS: Is India going to follow Pakistan footsteps?

Pakistan bids for CDS. Interesting If Pakistan gets a CDS, our politicians might follow a few years later!

Read how Pakistan is thinking of changing the Command and Control gear of its Military as suggested by General Retd Mirza Aslam Beg | Published: May 28, 2010.

Three steps are needed to set the fundamental direction right:
  • Step One: Defuse the ongoing controversy between the judiciary and the government. Independence of judiciary is sacrosanct, as much as is the sovereignty of the parliament. There are enlightened people on both sides of the fence and they will find the answer. Justice Jawad Khawaja’s recent comment is very reassuring indeed: “We don’t claim any right beyond the will of the people.” A better understanding is developing between the two prime institutions.
  • Step Two: Give a meaning to the decision of the three services chiefs of 17th August 1988, by establishing the post of Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) as recommended by General Muhammad Sharif Committee in 1975. Mr Bhutto ignored this recommendation and suffered. Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto and Mr Nawaz Sharif both ignored my pleadings, to create the post of CDS. Nawaz Sharif ultimately had to bear the brunt. Why one may suffer any more?
  • Step Three: Having created the post of Chief of Defence Staff, it would be proper to appoint General Kayani as the first CDS, for a three years’ tenure. His credentials are well established. And a new Chief of Army Staff may be appointed in his place.
    With these steps taken, better harmony would prevail between civil-military relations and understanding would develop to safeguard the independence of judiciary and the sovereignty of the parliament. And from military point of view also, the appointment of CDS is as important, if we care to learn from history. The ’65 and ’71 wars were started without due coordination with the other two services and we suffered. The Kargil operation was a bad example. Now is the time to take this well-considered decision, as the bedrock of harmonious civil-military relations.
    The writer is a former COAS, Pakistan
    Read more: Civil-Military Relations in Pakistan: Article by General Mirza Aslam Beg

    Indian response- Integrated Defence Staff
    A decision regarding the recommendation of the Group of Ministers for creation of the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) has not been taken by the Government as yet pending consultation with political parties. However, with a view to ensure higher degree of jointness amongst the Services and attempt inter-service and intra-service prioritization, the Government has set up the Integrated Defence Staff, headed by the Chief of Integrated Staff to Chairman, Chiefs of Staff Committee (CISC), to support the Chiefs of Staff Committee and its Chairman in the optimal performance of their roles and functions. The CISC supervises the Integrated Defence Staff, chairs all multi-Service bodies and the Defence Crisis Management Group (DCMG) and is also responsible for the coordination of long-range plans, five year plans and annual budgetary proposals of the three Services in consultation and co-ordination with the Integrated Services Headquarters.
    Integrated Defence Staff: India
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