Wednesday, June 23, 2010

IESM: Neglect of Armed Forces at Nation’s Peril

IESM: Press Release 22 June 2010
“Neglect of Armed Forces at Nation’s Peril”
Dear members of the Media,
1. One is at loss to know why the Defence Forces, the strongest pillar of our democracy are being neglected? Why are they not been given their entitlements even after the courts have given judgments in their favour? Why there is total lack of understanding both by the political system as well as the bureaucracy of the most difficult task of keeping the country united being performed by the Defence Forces, demonstrating true patriotism, valor, bravery, facing all odds against external and internal threats. The Defence Forces belong to the country and they need to be treated fairly, justifiably and with due respect. Where the civil administration fails which happens more often, the Military is called to face the situation. It has been a record that the military under all circumstances has delivered and saved the country from serious damages. It is totally illogical and illegal to withdraw or amend AFSPA. The military is running out of patience. At first stage the Govt deploys the military to deal with insurgences/ other internal threats and then expects them to face the bullets with their hands tied at the back. This is highly inhuman. Where are the proponents of Human rights? Is a soldier not human? And therefore, has no rights? Why thousands of soldiers have been used as cannon fodder due to reasons of the apathy of the bureaucracy- politicians nexuses for not providing them the wherewithal- equipment, weapon systems, clothing etc. to appropriately deal with the internal and external threats. Military leadership by and large has been exemplary. It is the political leadership supported by bureaucracy which has failed the country. While the principal’s knock on knuckles of the errant students grab the national headlines for days, the death of a soldiers laying down his life for the Security of the nation does not get even half a line in the media. He dies unsung and unrewarded.

2. The numerous letters written by our very senior military leaders and former chiefs high lighting the malaise setting in the Armed Forces due to gross and criminal neglect of the forces both in service and retired to the Govt functionaries ie PM, RM, Home Minister, Law Minister, UPA Chairperson have not been even acknowledged, leave alone taking any action to address the serious malaise. Even the media has not yet highlighted the serious drawbacks of military bashing.

3. We are making open to the Press a few letters written to Mrs Sonia Gandhi, Mr Moily, PM and RM by Lt Gen SK Bahri. We humbly request the press, in the interest of the safety, security and integrity of the Nation, to publish these letters (click here) suitably and bring before the nation the true facts of the issues.
With kind regards,
Jai Hind
Yours Sincerely,
Maj Gen (Retd) Satbir Singh, SM
Vice Chairman Indian ESM Movement
Recent ESM letters to Ms Sonia Gandhi, Prime Minister, Home and Law Ministers

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