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Curtains on Kargil Divas week ending 30 July 2010

Dear Friends,
Jai Hind.
Good number of states and cities organised the Kargil Divas– each one did their best– they all deserve our congratulations. Many of the organisers spent weeks of sleepless nights to organise the functions on Kargil Divas.

I feel the major credit to set the ball rolling for Kargil Divas celebrations, well in time, goes to Col RP Chaturvedi, Member Governing Body IESM and Chief Coordinator of Kargil Divas functions.

On behalf of YOU ALL, ‘i’ congratulate Colonel RP Chaturvedi for this grand success of Kargil Divas in India and abroad.

With cooperation from YOU ALL, we will do still better in the coming years to educate Indian public about the sacrifices being done by the Indian Armed Forces and to make them realise the injustice the nation is doing to us all.

Two emails received from Col Chaturvedi are reproduced below.

I strongly recommend that all the veterans who spoke in schools, or gave speeches on Kargil Divas anywhere else, forward their lecture scripts and further suggestions to Col Chaturvedi rpchaturvediatgmaildotcom, for keeping records which will be shared with all future organisers of Kargil Divas.
Please do oblige.
In service of Indian Military Veterans
Chander Kamboj.

We have just returned from the function organized by Delhi Poetree at the American Centre, KG Marg, New Delhi.
A one and half hour of sheer listening joy.
Performed jointly by "Delhi Poetree" and "The Drum Circle", the alternating poetry, patriotic songs and captivating Drum beats kept the 200 audience enthralled. The finale' - ''Kargil' - a composition of mesmerizing drum beats and poetry narrating the scenes of the bloodiest battles during Kargil 99 had the audience join the drums with claps for at least 8-10 minutes. Deeply inspiring. It earned a standing ovation. What Magic.
Gen Satbir (Vice Chairman IESM) was requested on stage, to felicitate a fauji poet, Col Puran SIngh, who recited some of his very inspiring and interesting poems.
We thank Delhi Poetree, and the Drum Circle to have associated with the Kargil Divas activities, and above all, to the ever energetic and dynamic Mr Amit Dahiyabadshah, who made this possible.
This then brings down the curtains on Kargil Divas 2010. Auf Wiedersehen!!
With Warm Regards,
Col RP Chaturvedi,

Heartiest Congratulations General (Maj Gen RS Mehta, Mohali), on the ISR. I read your mail reproduced in Report My Signal. Deeply encouraging.

Such 'Continuous Education Programs' are indeed the right way, for spreading a larger awareness about intrinsic qualities of discipline, perseverance, initiative etc, so ingrained, and the reason for successful military functioning.

Through the base we have built up in schools during our interaction during the Kargil Divas, it is likely we would be able to organize more such periodic interactions, but at the very least these could be focussed around the Vijay and Kargil Divas commemorations. Its just as well that these events fall six months apart. Regularly done, it would be fruitful in bringing independent India's military history into the public psyche.
All the best in your ( OUR) future endeavors.
With Warm Regards,
Col RP Chaturvedi,

Congratulations for the tremendous success of Kargil Divas celebrations in India and abroad thanks to your own personal selfless devotion to the cause and unrelenting hardwork. Of course everyone helped to make the event memorable. But as the main organiser / coordinator, the bouquets are yours as would have been the brickbats.
My personal salaams and gratitude sir to you and to the rest of the IESM community.
(Cdr Arun Saigal)

Thanks to the hearts and souls behind Delhi Poetree for remembering the martyrs and to Col Chaturvedi and Brig Kamboj for letting us know that there are people outside the military fraternity who still have their sense of gratitude in tact.
regards n bw
Maj Ravindran

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