Saturday, March 12, 2011

National Disaster Management Agency- Can it manage Tsunami's?

To build a safer and disaster resilient India by developing a holistic, pro-active, multi-disaster and technology-driven strategy for disaster management through collective efforts of all Government Agencies and Non-Governmental Organisations
NDMA as the apex body is mandated to lay down the policies, plans and guidelines for Disaster Management to ensure timely and effective response to disasters. Towards this, it has the following responsibilities:-
  • Lay down policies on disaster management
  • Approve the National Plan;
  • Approve plans prepared by the Ministries or Departments of the Government of India in accordance with the National Plan
  • Lay down guidelines to be followed by the State Authorities in drawing up the State Plan
  • Lay down guidelines to be followed by the different Ministries or Departments of the Government of India for the Purpose of integrating the measures for prevention of disaster or the mitigation of its effects in their development plans and projects
  • Coordinate the enforcement and implementation of the policy and plan for disaster management
  • Recommend provision of funds for the purpose of mitigation
  • Provide such support to other countries affected by major disasters as may be determined by the Central Government
  • Take such other measures for the prevention of disaster, or the mitigation, or preparedness and capacity building for dealing with the threatening disaster situation or disaster as it may consider necessary
  • Lay down broad policies and guidelines for the functioning of the National Institute of Disaster Management.

    Friday, 11 Mar 2011
    After seeing the news reports of today’s devastating Tsunami in Japan, people were reminded of the worst memories of 2004 Tsunami that hit the Indian Ocean and there have been apprehensions and constant enquires about today’s Tsunamis’ impact in the Indian Coast.
    The Indian Tsunami Early Warning Centre located in INCOIS, Hyderabad generated a bulletin within 8 minutes of the occurrence of a devastating tsunami that hit the coast of northeast Japan today in the aftermath of an 8.6 magnitude earthquake about 80 miles offshore and its location was off Honshu, Japan's most populous island. The quake's epicenter was 373 kilometers (231 miles) away from Tokyo, as per United States Geological Survey.
    Based on the bulletin issued by INCOIS, Shri M.Shashidhar Reddy, Hon’ble Vice Chairman, National Disaster Management Authority, speaking to the media outside Andhra Pradesh Assembly in Hyderabad today, said that there is no threat for the Indian Ocean in the aftermath of this Tsunami. He further said that he has appraised the Prime Minister’s Office and also personally spoke to the Union Home Minister about the present situation.
    He also stated that NDMA Control Room is constantly monitoring the situation.
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