Thursday, April 7, 2011

Anna Hazare Crusade against Corruption Catapults the Youth into Action

Dear Colleagues,
Happily and expectedly, Anna Hazare’s campaign has gathered great nationwide momentum. His present aim, in the overall fight against corruption, is to have the Lokpal bill drafted through public participation. The support shown by the ESM has been encouraging. Admittedly, more could be done. Please visit Jantar Mantar any time of the day to show solidarity with the cause. The IESM enclosure is just West of Anna’s manch. Please visit it to mark your presence and support.
Best regards,
Lt Gen (Emeritus) Raj Kadyan, PVSM, AVSM, VSM
Chairman IESM

As planned, a DHARNA was organised on 5th April from 8 AM to 8 PM at BELAPUR railway station in support of Shri ANNA HAZARE in fight against corruption, at the initiative of ESM at Navi Mumbai.Over 5000 handbills were distributed, in English & Marathi containing details of inaction by the Govt and merits of proposed Jan LOKPAL & LOKAYAUKT bills at Center & State level respectively.Four registers were kept for people to sign in support of Shri Anna Hazare,around 2500 people from all walks of society affixed their signature. Over a dozen Journalists from print and electronic media were present to cover the event.Same was covered in number of local (Sama,A Plus,24 hrs News,Drishti,) and national (TV9) TV channels.Write up appeared in Time of India,Mumbai,06 April,Navi Mumbai edition. Public response was overwhelming, it exceeded our expectations.(we ran short of handbills) ESM are happy to know that IESM has pitched tent at Jantar Mantar in support of Shri Anna Hazare. Brigadier Dharam Prakash (Retd)
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Citizens Voice
Better future for you children- Jan Lokpal Bill. We have been a corrupt society since independence. And the level of corruption has been increasing exponentially over the years. By nature a corrupt society is also an incompetent society, as it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, for the meritorious to survive, let alone rise. One only needs to keep the eyes and ears open to see Peter Principle in operation in every sphere of activity and at every level. It is not the individual but the system. Everybody can see it and feel it, but is powerless to do anything about it except grin and bear it. With the advantage of English knowledge, India ought to have achieved a lot lot more in terms of garnering world investment and economic power. We are still investigating the Bofors case. 200 crore black money is under investigation and is likely to remain so (action being taken!) for quite a while 200+ crore is generated every day and taken out of circulation. In the 60+ years I doubt if there has been a single conviction for corruption. we debate in the parliament whether a case of corruption should be investigated or not. We are a country of law breakers being law makers and law enforcers. A man can with impunity go on inciting violence in Maharashtra while another in the East gets charged with sedition and imprisoned for having carried a letter. We have a law for everything but we are busy enacting more, on an average 1 every day. One can go on and on. As the saying goes, the situation is like being up shit creek without a paddle. This morning, when Anna Hazare started, there was a crowd. By evening there were thousands. Support for the cause is just not local but across the country and the world. We now have at least a paddle to do something about it and if we don't use it, we don't deserve anything better.
Regards and best wishes,
MJS Nandhu

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